Story: Life's Worth (chapter 1)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Kim Possible and all its characters are not mine. Disney owned them

Summary: Kim is fighting the toughest fight of her life...will she be able to pull through? KIGO of course

A/N: This is an edited version of Life's worth. Only I did the editing so I do hope I could improve…whatever it is I could improve.

Life's worth

Chapter 1

Cough – cough – cough

Life sucks...Yes I'm saying it and it’s not just any life...but my life.

What? Were you asking me why I've said that? Well look here pal…

One, if you were accepted in one of the most prestigious school for college as a scholar, and then you were drafted by the university's most famous cheering leading squad. And I mean I wasn't just drafted to cheer but am also being trained to be the successor of the head cheer leader for next year. Two, if you were living in your own apartment paid fully by your parents…you would probably say that I am crazy because the life I am living would have been a dream life for any 19 year old lady. But I tell you this...

You are so wrong. My life sucks as it is.

My BF-BFF Ron just had it with me...


Hey KP...I think we need to talk...” Ronald Stoppable said, nervousness evident in his prickly face, his fingers playing with each other, his right shoulder leaned on the baluster of my room door, and his head bowed down.

Oh not that...Ron!” I was still in bed because it’s still early in the morning and I don’t think I can take a bad news already

Look KP, It's not you...It's me,”

(End Flashback)

Why do they always give that reason when they're breaking up with you? It's not you...It's me? Why not just say it upfront like: Hey KP, I just can't take being second fiddle with you so got to dumped you, wasn't that a lot easier...on me?

And then when you thought that you finally had your life all on your own...


Dad? Mom? What are you doing here in my apartment?” I said as I went inside my apartment and saw my mother vacuuming my living room carpet

Hello Kimmie-cub!” My dad greeted me and then engulfed me with his arms for a bear hug, “We missed you Kimmie-cub.”

Missed me? I was just at our house last Saturday and today's only what? Tuesday? And don't you two have work?” If my brows could go higher, it would have been waaayyyy beyond my hairline at this point

We know that Kimmie,” My mom said “And we have vacation leaves that we haven't used yet so we thought it's time for us to use some especially during this time.”

Why? What's wrong with this time?” I asked freeing myself from my mother's tight embrace and making a quote-unquote gesture in the air just broke up with Ronald and I'm sure you need a shoulder to lean on.” My mother replied and then it happened...the one thing I always dreaded that she would use...she has that puppy dog pout on her face and she is using it on me!

(End Flashback)

So did they give me any choice? NOOOO, of course they didn't.

And then here comes my life as a cheer leader. You think it was cool to be admired by everyone? Look at theses scenarios:

A boy comes smiling at me as if I knew him and he knew me, but in reality does he?

Girls would approached me like crazy fan girls and asked for my autograph...well that wasn’t cool, it was never cool when you cannot be yourself, when you live your life under the scrutinizing eyes of the people around you 24-7.

What, you think that's cool? Let's change place, I'll play you and you play me...let's see if you'll even last for a week.

And as if my college life wasn't hard enough, here was Global Justice adding pressure to my existence. Dr. Director kept me under surveillance, no, it was not for criminal activities but she wanted to tagged me because she had her eyes (alright singular form eye since she only has one) on me as her future agent.

What's the problem? The problem was...she didn't ask me if I wanted to be her agent! Sure I free lanced for her as Team Possible, but doing the hero thing was not the career I’ve wanted. It's not how I see myself 5 to 10 years from now, so it wasn't just the people from school and my family that kept their eyes on me...even the government was doing it.

But what sucked most of all?

Where the hell is SHEGO? The only woman who has seen me beyond what everybody sees. The only woman who has been my stress reliever (yeah she does relieved my stress every time we fought). The only ONE who really made me laughed...made me feel...where is she? It has been a year since we both saved the world from that memorable alien invasion and that was during my high school graduation. After they were rewarded by the government I stopped getting news or heard of her, not even from her employer Dr. Drakken. What have become of her?

Cough – cough – cough

And it sucked to go on a mission without your ever trustworthy side kick, especially a retrieval mission that would take you more than hours...days...

A group of anthropologist was reported to have been missing after they landed on the mountainous area of Tibet, and God only knew how they were able to leave a help message on my website. Wade sitched me and I decided to embark on this mission alone since Ronald was in Japan and it would take him forever to get here.

Without regard to my body's current state of health, I left for Tibet.

I thought that the mission at Tibet was something a normal mission would be, but no, a mistake on my part. I miscalculated the facts: weather, environment, length of stay. It has been three days since I came to Tibet, and a day after I found the last of the anthropologist. My body wanted to give out from exhaustion but my mind just pushed me to go on...another day and we'll be out of this mountain.

We've stayed one more day before we were rescued out of that mountain...


“Check airway!”

“Lung fields tight, I don't hear any wheezes doc,”

“Okay...shift IV to KVO, nebulize with combivent 1 ampule stat.” the nurse in charge took a nebulizer with 1 ampule of combivent and hooked it into the oxygen mask, “Can I get the partial Chest radiograph reading please!” the doctor in charge bellowed, “And get the damn CBC result!”

The people at the Emergency room scattered as they do their part of the job. The phlebotomist came in with a sheet of paper and handed it to the doctor in charge

“Shit! WBC is too high,” (1) he looked at his watch, “It's been 15 minutes, airway please?”

“Lung fields still tight doc!” (2) A male nurse came rushing towards the doctor bringing with him an x-ray film, the doctor placed the film on a film stand and turned on the lights,

“Shit!” he shook his head, “Insert urinary catheter, the lung is congested and start aminophylline drip! I want a blood culture stat then let's start with cefepime!” (3) he ordered and the nurse in charge nodded, “Keep the oxygen at 6ppm and then nebulize with combivent again.” (4) he added

20 minutes later

The doctor watched the patent lying on the E.R. bed still gasps for breath despite all measures he used, “We need to intubate! Call an anesthesiologist on duty!” he bellowed and then turned around to go to the hospital's waiting room.

At the waiting room...

“Anne?” Dr. Ramirez, the Emergency Doctor called

“Ed?” Dr. Anne Possible

“Let's sit,” The two doctors seated themselves at a corner while Mr. Dr. Possible was in another corner giving the 2 colleagues the space they needed.

“How was Kim?” she asked

Dr. Ramirez took a deep breath, “I'll be honest Anne, this is not just a simple case of pneumonia, I am considering atypical though we will know when the blood work up returns, but right now we started with a 4th generation cephalosphorin and she's not responding. Was there anything I should know about? Places she have been, exposures to biological contaminants...?”

Anne closed her eyes to dig on her memory... “She has her own apartment at Upperton but she came home to us after her last mission.”

“Where was that Anne?”

“Tibet...” Dr. Ramirez looked at Anne, “You don't think...”

“Let's hope it's not SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), anyway Anne, since Kim seemed to not respond with our drugs and she's still having difficulty of breathing, I wanted to intubate her and I need your consent for the procedure.”

Anne looked at her colleague, “Who'll do the procedure?”

“Dr. So.”

“I'll sign it.”


I feel so tired. No…actually I felt like a train ran me over. With all the things that happened at Tibet, I guess I was lucky I'm still alive. I can feel the heat of the sun on my face and I must have dozed off from over exhaustion.

I was about to open my eyes when I heard giggles...actually I thought I heard giggling girls and I could feel the bed shaking...

Bed…there’s a bed in the mountain? And giggling girls? Did one of the anthropologists brought his daughters with him?

There it is! I not only felt the bed shaking, someone is actually shaking my shoulders! What the – I opened my eyes and I've got the shock of my life! I jerked backwards when I saw two sets of deep green eyes watching me and it caused my head to hit the bed rest.

“Mommy!” My eyes widened...mommy? And then I looked around to see if there was someone else...then I got the second shock in my life, I am no longer at the mountainous area of Tibet, instead I’m in a bedroom and currently lying on a queen sized bed! “Mommy!” I looked at the red headed girl with healthy, pinkish skin who called me Mommy, “Are you really awake now?” she asked

“Mommy waky – waky!” the other girl with light brown hair and with a pale-greenish skin said grinning at me, her front teeth were missing

“Wha - “

“Kish! Shane! Leave mommy alone! You two go down here and help me make breakfast!” I heard someone shouted from downstairs

“Okay Momma!” The red headed child shouted back and then she turned her head towards the door before she returned her gaze at me, “We'll make pancakes mommy, you go downstairs okay?” she said smiling, and then tugged the smaller girl on her shirt, “Come on Shane, let's leave mommy alone, mommy is tired!”

“Mommy tired!”

“Yes, so come on,” she tugged again and the little girl followed but not after she placed a wet kiss on my right cheek.

What the heck is happening? And where am I? I asked myself as I unconsciously rubbed that cheek where the little girl's kiss landed...Oh and I do recognized that voice! I let myself fell on the bed as something new and incomprehensible happened...

-end chapter 1 -

A/N 1: A viral infection has a higher white blood cell count than a bacterial infection, hence the reason the doctor here suspected that the patient may have SARS which is a viral infection and this has a very high mortality rate

A/N 2: A very severe obstruction of the bronchial airway will not produce a wheezing sound, the lungs were mostly quiet.

A/N 3: A congested lungs contributes to a patient's difficulty of breathing, at times like this a doctor cannot infuse large amount of fluids that are usually helpful in a viral infection. Urinary catheter is inserted to check on patient's fluid out put and to relieve the patient of congestion, the patient should be given a diuretics but is withheld in some cases.

A/N 4: One cannot give a very high pressure oxygen to a patient like this, explained by positive feedback, if a very large external oxygen source is given, the brain will read it as sufficient hence the brain will not command the lungs to give out oxygen which is fatal in a hypoxic patient like our patient.

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