Story: Hidden from View: An Eventfull Sleepover continues. (all chapters)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: One Shot (Again)

Hidden from view: An Eventful Sleepover continuance

By Jd Wheels

Disclaimer: I do not own Disney’s Recess or any of it’s characters. I also do not make any money off of my writings in any way...this is just a way of expressing some inborn artistic pleasures and also show off my own sort of perverted mind.


Spinnelli sat in her class at school, while Miss Grotkey droned on about something pertaining to the lesson that was being taught. She was looking right at the teacher who was laying out the lesson, but it seemed that she was not even listening to the dusty skinned teacher... or anything else for that matter. Spinnelli’s mind was clearly far away from her school time things.

The knit cap wearing girl normally did not like school at the best of times, other than seeing her friends and stuff like that... but today it seemed that she was more than a little bit distracted at the moment. The young girl’s mind and thoughts were not even in the room with her body, but with another ‘body’.

It was the day after having one of those rare ‘realization’ moments that sometimes come in to everyone’s life, even when one is younger than most... and her ‘realization had a name.. Gretchen Grundler. That was the main catalyst for her apparent lack of interest in anything today, or any concentration if she had the desire in the first place. Her mind was drifting off to a different time than what it was.

After staying with the girl for the night as she had done, it was like a whole new world had simply opened up for Ashley Spinnelli, one that was still reverberating deep in her own soul. All she could do for the time being was think about the brainy girl, and just how the intelligent gal had grabbed her soul like no one else had ever done before... along with much more physically as well. She had known Gretchen for years... but now she actually had gotten to know her better than ever.

Spinnelli shuttered, as her mind wandered to the events that had happened last night when she had stayed the first night of five. She could still feel Gretchen’s nimble hands still touching her nakedness, drawing her to arch with just the lightest brush of her skin. She could still smell the natural light musk sweetness Gretchen’s skin gave off as they layed close to one another after having a period of discovery. She still could still hear how the girl breathed when she had slept.

The girl felt her whole body shiver as she relive the night before so explicitly, her mind wanting to feel that sort of thing all over again. She shuttered, as that made her tingle in every part of her body all at once, the vision that was in her head... was the most beautiful things she had ever seen. It was of Gretchen naked..

She could see the girl she thought about from where she sat at her desk, but it seemed almost like the girl was ignoring her. Since they had arrived for classes today, Gretchen had said very little to her, but it was in not a mad way she saw. Spinnelli was wondering if she had upset the girl or not, but true to who she was... had said nothing about her fears. She was a little confused with the whole thing, but last night was not confusing,,, as her memory served her with that truth.

The knit capped girl looked up after drifting off into thought for a long while, and saw that it was nearing recess time. She hoped that she could get answers to calm her inward fears she was having, seeing nothing that she had done should have caused the silence and what she perceived to be getting ignored by the brainy girl.

The bell for the morning break had gone of to let them out for the twenty or so minutes they had coming to them, and the dark haired Spinnelli hurried to meet with the others out on the playground... but was hoping to have a private chat with the brains of their group before that.

The girl just hurried herself out of the classroom, hoping that she would be able to catch Gretchen quickly to have her talk with... but saw that the girl had already vanished from the class already. She hurried to catch up with Gretchen, feeling more than just a little surprised that the girl could be so fleet of foot for one who was normally so athletically inept.

Once on the top step of the steps to the playground, Spinnelli could see perhaps the entire area from where she was. She could see that TJ, Gus, Mikey and Vince had gone off to get a game of kickball going on one of the softball diamonds at the far end of the playground. It seemed like they had been challenged by another class, by the way they were all whooping and hollering like crazy. The girl thought it might be the second class of eighth graders who had challenged them again, they usual were their kickball nemesis.

Spinnelli would have normally jumped at the chance to get herself right into such a huge grudge match like this in a heartbeat, but she was not in the mood for that today. She was needing something way more personal than to beat the living heck out of some eighth graders like they were... but she needed to find the pretty yet sport disadvantaged girl to help that part along.

Scanning the playground and softball diamond, Spinnelli noted that the brainy girl was not among the players that were out on there.... and there seemed to be not a single clue to where she was in the first place either. She scanned the whole area of the playground a second time a little more closer than the first time, and there still was no sign of the the brainy girl anywhere to be found.

That was certainly weird. Even though the brain was never a sports type of player, she always watched from the sidelines and kept score for either teams as the game would progress through. That was the part of every thing that was sports related she always played for many years, aside from being the best cheering section Third Street School ever had or probably ever would have.

Squinting hard in the direction of where the kickball game was going on, Spinnelli could see that it was Potato Chip girl who was the one recruited to keeping score for the game today, and because of that made it clear that Gretchen was absent from her normal post.

" Where could Gretchen be?" She asked herself, puzzled by this little turn of events, and by the fact that it was looking a little more like the girl was avoiding her.

Spinnelli started to walk around and ask pretty much everyone she came across who were on the playground where the brainy girl was... but every answer that came back was always exactly same way. No one had even seen the girl even come out of the school for recess. Even the school’s lowlife of a snitch, had not seen Gretchen come out today. It was like she had simply vanished.

The girl in the knit cap thought that this was way beyond strange, and got to worrying even more that Gretchen was trying to avoid her, like she had seemed to have been earlier. She hoped that there would be a very simple explanation for all of this and she was just being just overly paranoid about everything.... but that pesky thought seemed to just stick around in her head.

Not one to pass off something like this, she hurried back into the school to find the girl, as she felt like she did something wrong for the girl to be doing this. She needed to know what was going on to cause Gretchen to do this, and had a plan come to her to help... or she hoped that it would.. Turning and heading into the brick and stone confines of the school itself, she decided to take a quick look around inside the Third Street School.

No one was in Miss Grotkey’s classroom when Spinnelli poked her nose in the open door, even the teacher was not in this recess time. That was a bust to have looked into, she told herself as she hustled through the very empty hallways.

She thought of looking in the school’s library for any sign of the girl, but she remembered there had been an announcement over the intercom system that had told the school that the library had been locked up so the carpets could be cleaned this morning only. It was more than sure that Gretchen would not be in there, but that did nt help with the sense of frustration she was feeling... and to the fact that there would be very few places left to check before recess was done.

After looking a couple of other sort of unusual places around school that the girl said she liked to go from time to time, a frustrated Spinnelli could not find even a slight sign of where the girl could be. Even poking her head into the science lab on the second floor found that it was a Gretchen free area at the moment, and there was not a stitch of evidence to say if the girl had even been there yet. The girl was no where it seemed, and that was just reenforced over and over again.

It did start to seem like the girl was no where to be found... that was so strange, Ashley Spinnelli told herself. The girl stood there and got a little more perturbed by the second, as she was now completely out of ideas of where to look. None of the usal places had turned up anything, and even some far fetched ones had yeilded nothing at all.

She finally decided to give up for now... wanting to go and enjoy what little time was left of the morning recess to have a little bit fun and get her mind off of Gretchen and her constant thoughts she was having. She thought that was the only thing she could do for now... until lunch time came around.

As she headed out, Spinnelli made what seemed to have been a rather odd detour from heading right outside. It seemed that she was wanting to check on one last place before she went outside, and it seemed like that idea had been almost an afterthought.

" It’s a long shot to check there..." The girl told herself, but she felt as if she needed to check on this before heading to the kick ball game.

Spinnelli soon had stepped into the main floor bathroom, that was the place she wanted to check on her little whim. She was just going to check out this mostly out of the way bathroom, then hurry back out. Because this was so unusual of a idea to be checking, she continued to making plans to see if she could talk to Gretchen at lunch instead. She was feeling a little uneasy right now with the fact that she had not spoken to her since this morning walking to school and meeting up with the gang... and that was why she needed to speak to the girl.

The girl’s bathroom was dead silent as Spinnelli stepped in, told by the echoing of her own boots the moment she had stepped in. She could feel the coolness of the room hanging there, and the smell the disinfectant that is used to keep this place clean with was heavy in the air. The disinfectant smell seemed to lightly burnt the girl’s nose a little, which she was almost not even aware of it... because all bathrooms at school, at least the girl’s ones that she used... smelled the same.

She looked around for a second, listening and looking to see if there was anyone at all in her to begin with, almost seemingly upset with this urge to check such a place rather than being outside playing. Right off the bat, it seemed that there was no one at all in the bathroom right now. There was no sign of the brainy girl either.... and she was truly out of any other places to look now.

" This really does whomp!" Spinnelli said to herself, feeling her frustrations were peaking. " There is absolutely no one here... and I wasted an entire recess in looking for Gretchen."

The girl turned to leave and head out to see if there was time to play, but stopped. Something had caught her attention through the silence and stillness that hung in the bathroom area. Stopping in her tracks at what she had thought was a noise of movement, she just stayed there and listened as hard as shew could.

She had picked up a faint yet still audible noise that came from somewhere in the room. She listened a little more harder, wondered if she had heard something or if her imagination along with her frustration had made that happen. She heard it again, and that confirmed that there was somebody somewhere in the bathroom... and her now very peaked curiosity was not going to let her leave until she saw who ever this was.

She walked down the rows of toilet stalls quietly, wanting to find out which one was this person was hiding in. It was a little hard to pinpoint which stall was the one, but soon Spinnelli could tell that whoever it was in the very last stall in the room... the farthest point that you could go into this bathroom..

The girl took a step closer as she wanted to surprise who ever this was so she could ask on such a great day to have recess, why were they hiding here in the washrooms. She paused, so she could make sure that she was stealthy enough.

Spinnelli stood and listened for a moment or two, not venturing any closer to the stall for a moment to mask that she was closing the gap. It appeared in some odd way that she knew this person, someone who was making almost grunting like noises within that stall. She thought on who it could be for a second of two, but for the life of her... she could not put the name to the person inside that little place. She just wanted to do this, then go outside like she had already planned on doing.

With two quiet steps forward, the cap wearing girl almost had her face up against the door of the little space, and could hear the noises even better. The noises turned out to be groaning and panting that she was hearing. Taken off guard by the revelation of what these noises turned out to be, she thought at first of leaving without letting whoever was there know. For some odd reason... she did not.

Spinnelli leaned in and took peeked through the small gap between the door of the stall and the frame, before she was going to just bust in and scare the heck out of whoever it as. Spinnelli then let out a very audible gasp when she saw who it was that was inside of that particular cubical.

Gretchen was sitting on the toilet in the stall, leaning against the one wall with her eyes closed. She had one of her legs up on the paper dispenser, her dress hiked up and over her hips while one of her hands was buried deep in the off white panties that she was wearing. Spinnelli could see he girl’s fingers were moving rapidly under the plain white fabric and showing that it was very wet.

The girl was moaning softly, her hips rocking with ever movement that could be seen happening in the underwear. She seemed to be in such a blissful place at the moment, and Spinnelli could not move or make any sound at all as she watched wit a mixture of fascination and pure confusion as well.

" Oh...Spinnelli..." The girl mumbled dreamily, and then sighed as her smile flooded her face.

Spinnelli was shocked to see the girl touching herself in the school’s bathroom, and also saying her name while she was doing that. It was starting to make her feel like she had the night before, yearning so desperately to feel Gretchen sleek thin body again... and to have that girl also touching her body as she did. Watching the fingers moving around like crazy inside of Gretchen’s panties and hearing the girl panting away... made her yearn to feel those slender fingers inside of her again.

Spinnelli stood quietly, watching the sweat covered Gretchen writhe under her own touches, all the while she to feel her own panties were becoming very wet as sex tingled away like mad between her legs. She shifted on her feet, as the spot that was tingling so much was calling to her for some attention in the most insistent of ways. The more she stood and watched Gretchen putting her fingers into herself, the more Spinnelli found herself feeling so very aroused..

She was just going to enter the stall and help Gretchen out with her ‘task’ she was so involved in, but she heard the school bell go off right then. Taken off guard by the sound to the point that she jumped, Spinnelli was unsure of what to do next, as that sound told of the start of classes again in just a few minutes... and had broken the spell that she had been under. She paused where she was for a second, trying to decide what to do

She could hear the thundering feet of many kids as they piled in to the hallway just outside the bathroom doors, and knew that some would stop and come into the washroom before heading into class. She knew that her little idea of joining the girl would not be a good thing to be doing... and got sort of uneasy as she stood there in the bathroom area. It seemed like her search had been success ful, but in a very small sort of way

Spinnelli hurried off, now unsure if she should stay around and tell the girl that she knew what she was doing. Choosing not to do that for the moment, Spinnelli just made the decision to hurry back to her class before the girl even came out of the stall. She was so embarrassed now that she had been peeking and such, she just hurried to get out of there as fast as she could do. She heard the stall door opening just as she was leaving the bathroom, but she never hesitated and continued out.

All the time back in class for the rest of the morning classes, Spinnelli found it even harder to concentrate on things than it had been before the recess. She would start to do her work like she was suppose to, but her mind kept flashing back to the sight of the wonderfully pretty brainy girl as she sat on the toilet and was pleasuring herself. That was driving her totally nuts.

That image was so vivid and clear in her mind, so much so that Spinnelli was feeling her own already wet panties were becoming even more soaked while her body screamed out to be touched so badly.. Even though she was in school. Her entire body started to ache with just thinking about it, and with Gretchen only feet from her as her body did all of this stuff... she could do or say nothing about it.



The lunchroom was extremely crowded this lunch time, more than it usually was on a Thursday afternoon even with the fact they had a day off the day before for teacher’s conferences. Even though the lunch staff were serving what was being called their attempt at Meatloaf, the line to get the block of grey spongy meat was rather long.

Every table had at least five or six kids sitting at each one... most had way more than that. The whole room was alive with noises of excited children while the smells of the cafeteria food hung on the air over the din like a shroud, and Miss Finster’s voice cracked and bellowed over everything else..

Spinnelli had her lunch tray and was heading over to the table where her and her friends usually sat at on a daily basis. She did not have much piled on to the dull metal tray she carried, because her appetite was not quite on today... her mind was way too busy for even her usual wisecracks about the food. She only got a plate of a brick of mystery meat Meatloaf and chocolate milk., along with what could be described as a pasta salad.

The girl eyed the food that was layed out on the metallic tray, and still seemed very uninterested with this stuff. She hoped that piling a whole whack of ketchup or something on that block of grey looking mystery meat would help it become more appealing so she could eat even a small bit of it. She was hopeful about the ketchup thing, but she still was not quite sure that was going to really help.

Nearing the table, she saw four of her usual five friends were already gathered and sitting around the large rectangle that was their normal sitting place in the cafeteria. She eyed each of her long time friends in order as she got closer to the group. She broke a smile as she got nearer to the table, suddenly getting a real deep feeling of how so darned proud to call each and every one of them, her friends.

The unofficial leader of their group TJ and sports person Vince were talking away about something rather spirited on one side of the table, arms flailing as they talked about whatever it was. Small and shy Gus along with their large statured resident poet Mikey, seemed to be looking through some sort of book with great interest on the other side. It looked like they all were quite into whatever it was.

None of her friends had seen Spinnelli as she neared as yet, as she looked for the last member of their little clique. She could not believe what she was seeing, as she neared their mutual sitting place...the person called Gretchen Grundler was strangely absent, even now when their lunch was being served.

She felt a little sadness spread through her, she was well aware that Gretchen was not among them. She had only seen her in class all day, and in the little bathroom incident at the first recess of the day. She had not spoken one word with her since then had neared the school grounds this morning

" Is she avoiding me or somethin’?" The girl had to ask herself, as she tried not to look like she was surprised or something. Her heart just sank in her chest, even thought she fought not showing it

TJ saw the girl in the knit cap, and stopped talking to Vince the instant that she took a seat at the table. The lad in the red cap leaned on the table top and looked over at the girl with a smirk.

" Heard your staying with Gretchen fort a few days?" He asked with his usual broad smile. " That is what Gretch has said to us."

" We have termites chewin’ up our entire house like crazy... yeah I’m stayin’ with her..." Said Spinnelli, looking at the lad.

" So... how is staying with Gretchen so far?" He asked.

Spinnelli stopped as the question was being asked of her, taking a moment to make sure she never said very much, as memories of what happened last night flooded her minds’s eye. She just smirked and looked at the lad

" It is way better than stayin’ with my Aunt, lemme tell you..." She said honestly back, yet still trembling a little as she remembered the night before.

TJ blinked, then give a little nod as he broke out into his patented smirk of his.

" Are you talking about not stayin’ with that Aunt of yours that has the very weird one eyebrow thing?" He asked, with a playful sort of shutter.

" Same one, TJ..." Said Spinnelli back, amazed at her friends great memory.

" I can see why you choose to stay with Gretch..." He smiled, with a nod.

" My Mom and Dad are actually staying there for the time. I have to say that it is better them than me..."

" That would really whomp big time of you had to stay there..." Came in Vince, shaking his head when he heard what was going on. " Glad Gretchen could help you out... I have a aunt sort of like that too"

" Yeah, I am totally glad for that. It’s totally is great to stay with ol’ Gretch..." She said, smiling a little.

Spinnelli looked down at her food, and found that she had became even less hungry in the little time she had been talking with her friends. She also came to the realization that all of the ketchup in the world, would do little for this block of mystery meat... the fact that the girl she so needed to talk to was not anywhere around, did not help.

The more she had been thinking about Gretchen, and the many reasons she could think of for the brainy girl not to be here with the rest of the friends, the less hungry she was getting. She sighed and found that there was no indication of her being hungry any more..

" What do I do now?" She asked her self, now feeling revolted with just looking at the Meatloaf

Sighing, Spinnelli could see only one thing that she could do in this little situation. She looked over at the lad, and knew that she had to do what she had to do before she drove herself more crazy. She had to ask the leader here, where the girl was instead of not asking anything and being down about it

" Where is Gretchen, TJ?" She asked, trying not to seem nervous or upset as she did so.

The lad looked over and gave her this odd sort of stare. It was like the lad had not fully heard her question... but did at the same time.

" You asked ‘bout Gretchen?" He asked, almost as if he had not heard her in the first place.

" Yeah, Gretchen... you just turn deaf or something, TJ?" Said the girl, feeling just a little perturbed with her friend’s lack of concentration. " Sheesh... I asked because she ain’t here at the moment!"

The lad suddenly had a smile flood over his face, and he made a very loud gasping noise that could be heard over the noise level in the room. TJ always forgot something.

" Oh, Yeah... I have a message from her for you... we all did..." Said TJ, playfully slapping his forehead.

" Oh yeah?" She asked back, trying not to look excited at the moment.

" Yup..." He smiled, leaning on one elbow. " She had asked me to tell you somethin’..."

" What is it, TJ?"

The lad smiled and started.

" She wanted us all to meet her down in the mathematics club room next to the boiler after your done eating..." He said. " She asked us to go , but the guys and I are going to not go... we have already said we are playin’ some kick ball instead against the sixth graders. One of us should tell her that we had a prior game set up... and we were just discussing it, making sure we don’t upset her if we do."

Spinnelli thought about that for a second, then was quick to respond to her friend.

" I’ll go and tell her about that game, if ya want..." Stammered Spinnelli, trying not to look too eager to be going down to the Mathematics’s club." Your playin’ kickball, so she would understand that..."

" Your coming out to play a little kickball after you did that... you will do that?" TJ asked. " We gotta stop the other class of eighth graders right here and now...they have been going around saying that they could beat us without even tryin’."

" They said that?" Spinnelli said, playing it up a little.

" Yep..." Said TJ with a drawl of his words, apparently trying to act all cool and stuff. " They said that..."

" I will be there..." She said, with a little smirk.


The lad seemed excited as he talked about the upcoming kickball match. He looked at Spinnelli as he finished up the last little bit of his chocolate milk in the carton.

" I am sure Gretch will understand why we are not coming and all..." Said TJ, finishing up what was on his tray. "She never really has been into sports in the first place, and we are not into numbers and junk like that... Kickball is kickball, I guess."

" That ‘s our Gretch..." Spinnelli said, happy that she was going to get a chance to see what was up with the smart one herself... and without any of the others actually tagging along with her..

" Yep... it sure is..." Smirked the lad. " Well, about time that we taught ol’ Lawson a lesson here... see you later, Spinnelli.! Tell Gretch that we are sorry."

Vince, TJ and the other two lads ran off, they all had already finished wolfing down their meal with what could have been described as ‘in a blink of an eye’. The all had left Spinnelli to head down into the basement after she was done eating the lunch that still was on the try pretty much untouched.

Having another plan rather than eating this stuff on her tray, Spinnelli just left what was on her tray and headed straight downstairs, feeling a total rush of excitement flow through her entire body. She hurried to get down stairs, thinking all the way like this whole thing had been planned out to work like this... and it was not far from what the brainy girl could have cooked up.

She was excited to finally stop all of these doubts that had been badgering her. In talking to Gretch, she knew that would be resolved one way ort another.



The boiler room door swung open easily, as the knit capped girl went into the room where Gretchen was suppose to be. She strode in, feeling more than just anxious as she looked for the elusive young girl she had been wanting to talk with for awhile now. She looked around, wanting to see the girl so badly.

She found the brainy girl sitting in a chair, in the middle of a very empty room other than an old teacher’s desk next to her. She looked up and smiled at Spinnelli, motioning for her to close the door behind her and come over. She did what she was asked to do and then made her way over to Gretchen.

" I am glad you came... I sort of knew that you would in the end..." The brainy girl smirked.

" You knew I would?" The girl asked, going over to where the girl was sitting.

" I know our friends and mathematics don’t mix at the best of times, so I used that sort of ruse to make sure that you... who perhaps wanted to see me, could come down here and without the others tagging along." She smirked with a little glint in her eye. " I was right, and I am glad for that."

Spinnelli smiled, that was smart of the girl to even think of. Gretchen then got this sort of impish smirk on her face.

" Now... I hope that you like what you saw during recess today..." She said, with a dry tone.

The girl in the big boots nearly fell over. How did Gretchen know that she had been peeking in on her like that. She had been so sure that Gretchen had not seen her there, that she wanted to tell her herself. This really was a complete mystery to her. She could only look at the girl with this dumbfounded look.

" How?" She stammered.

Gretchen laughed, and it sounded so musical to the tomboy.

" I saw you watching me while I was masturbating in the girl’s washroom." She said, almost excitedly. " I knew that you were there, but I hated that the bell went when it decided to do so."

" I’m sorry.." She began to say back, a little embarrassed that she had been caught peeking in on the girl. " Did I do that... wrong?"

" No need to be sorry... I really sort of liked it, if you want the truth..." Gretchen smirked, standing up to look right at the girl. " I did not mind that it was you peeking, in fact I found it quite stimulating... but I also have to say that it did give me an idea that I found so hard to wait for."

Spinnelli looked at the girl, puzzled by what she had just said to her. She had no clue to what the girl was talking about. She was going to ask about it, but she did not even have to in the end. Quickly the answer came to the girl.

Gretchen smiled at Spinnelli, making sone serious eye contact as her gaze was filled with this intense smokiness that seemed to radiate right from her. She then leaned in and kissed her, with a very deep passion that exploded from her lips and through the girl with the knitted cap’s lips.

Spinnelli instantly kissed the girl back... already having her passions fuelled before with just thoughts and the actions of the night previous That soon rose rapidly and fully through her body, as the fires of her passion had be ignighted.

" Gretch..." Spinnelli gasped between a long flurry of kisses. " What about the janitor? Wont he walk in?"

" I told him that I needed somewhere to be alone for awhile, he said that no one would bother me, not even him... he just left and that was that." She grinned, looking right into the other girl’s eyes as she explained.. " I have until lunchtime finally is over to use this room without interruptions... which I had planed for with my idea of getting you down here in the first place..."

" Are you sure of all of this?" Spinnelli asked, her heart racing.

" Positive!" Smiled the brainy girl. " We are alone!"

With that, Gretchen knelt down and began to pull Spinnelli’s hosiery and underwear down with one sweeping motion from under the black skirt she always wore. All the knit-capped girl could do was make a little whimpering sound as the girl bared her already so awake private area. She could only continue to gasp as she was being undressed, as this was she needed to feel all day.

Spinnelli lifted her feet so her boots, hose and the underwear she had could be taken right off of her, which the brainy gal did quickly. Those clothes were just thrown to the floor in succession oif one another by the brainy girl... who only smiled as she did her work.

Soon Spinnelli was completely naked from the waist down, and she was all over quivering with excitement.

" Now..." Gretchen said as she stood up and pushed the girl back onto the top of the old desk, making sure her knees were up and open for her.. " To start my idea... we do something like this first..."

" What is your little idea, Gretch..." Asked Spinnelli looking up and between her own raised knees, shuttering a little with the sexy tone the girl had talked in..

" You will see when the time is right..." Was the only clue the brainy girl gave, but added with a smirk a mile wide on her face. " I told you that I have to ease in with it."

The smart girl knelt down beside the desk, and right in between the legs of Spinnelli. She looked at the little flower as it quivered in front of her, while it glistened with a whole lot of moisture. She started to trace around the wet opening with a slender finger as lightly as she could with out losing contact with the skin.

What Gretchen was doing, made Spinnelli raised her hips when she did that, and she smiled with that. She heard the gasps that the girl was letting out, which made her feel all tingly herself

" You... like when I do that?" She asked, hearing a long pleasing groan come from the girl on the desk.

"Oooh!" Said Spinnelli, feeling her whole body tingling and vibrating at the same time. " That makes me shiver..."

" Want me to go on?" She asked, reversing the circling she was doing with slow deliberate action as she asked.

" Oh my God... Yes!!" Gasped Spinnelli, the area the girl was teasing now was jumping and spasming with every little motion.

" I will take that as a sign for me to continue on.." Said Gretchen, her voice was filled with passionate excitement.

The brainy girl then wasted no time and plunged her forefinger deep into the girl that was legs opened for her. The girl on the desk’s opening was so wet already, that it took no effort at all to sink her finger squarely in right up the hand itself. Gretchen took great pleasure in what she was doing while revelling in watching how Spinnelli’s wetness now gripped her probing digit, not to mention thoroughly enjoying the sweet bouquet of muskiness that wafted to her nose from the girl.

Spinnelli’s hips lifted off the desktop over and over again, while letting out a few long moans, as she felt Gretchen’s digit sink itself deeply many times. She felt the nerves inside of herself jump and spasm like mad, and she could only let out a few squawking sounds out as she was thrust into another plane of pure rapture. She spread her legs open even more, hoping that the girl could get her finger even farther inside, because ever ounce of her was yearning to feel that and more.

When Gretchen started to pump her finger in and out with a real steady sort of rhythm, Spinnelli just whimpered and layed back while her hips started to move in time with the hand, and all without her doing it on purpose. Pleasures she had only known from the night before flooded back, and seemed to be ten times stronger than what they had been as Gretchen prodded her insides. She felt her whole body now was in full rapture mode, and she wanted that to be going on forever.

Gretchen was pumping away on the girl, but was not pleasing herself as yet. Her own needs had started to really build, and so she started what she had said was her ‘idea’ already. While using her finger on the girl, she had took off her shoes, socks and panties and threw them on top of Spinnelli’s clothes that were piled on the floor. Step one, she thought to herself.

Now standing on her knees, she had her own finger inside of herself while the other hand’s finger was still punping into Spinnelli. She was doing the exact same rhythm on herself as she was on the writhing form on the desk... and it seemed to connect them so much. With her sensations on the rise like a rocket on a clear day, she had to reallyt keep herself focussed on everything for the time.


The brainy girl could feel how Spinnelli was coming closer to her orgasm, and she could feel that she was rapidly getting there herself, but this was not her plan in any way. She then stopped both of her hands, much to the displeasure of the heavily panting Spinnelli.

" Why did you stop?" Said the girl, almost in a pleading tone as she was left hanging for a second

" My idea..." Was all the girl replied back.

Gretchen stood up and then hoisted her dress over her head, and revealed that she was totally naked. She looked over at the girl on the desk, and winked as she flung her dress onto the pile and then turned to look at the girl again With a steamy look, she started to crawl up on to the desk and slid herself on to Spinnelli’s body, making sure of slow yet very deliberate skin on skin contact as she did.

" This is your idea?" Asked Spinnelli through her heavy breathing while her eyes sparkling as Gretch climbed on to her.

" Yes... and much more..." She breathed back, then she planted a deep kiss on to the girl that had asked the question.

As Gretchen kissed Spinnelli deeply, she moved on top of the girl more. She placed one of her knees behind the cute roundness of the girl’s ass, and the other over the other leg and against the hip so her pelvis was almost in contact with the girl’s. The brainy gal then shuttered, as her wet flower now was right up against the soaked folds of the girl under her. She thrust her hips, and mashed their vulvas together with a smile of pure satisfaction as she continued to kiss her.

Spinnelli’s eyes flew open wide, and she moaned in to her lovers mouth. Gretchen stopped kissing and looked down at her as she continued to bump and grind on her.

" Where did you..." Gasped Spinnelli up at the girl on her, feeling the effects of what the girl was doing to her.

" I saw to girls doing this in as magazine once..." Blushed the smart girl, while never once stopping her pelvic grinding. " This looked amazing to do... and last night I dreamed about it... but we were sort of ate getting up, and I did not get a chance to try it with you..."

" I’ll say it’s amazing..." Agreed Spinnelli with a gasp, feeling herself reacting like she had never done before.

The two girl fell back into kissing on another with wild abandon, all the while they ground their pelvises into on another with unabashed euphoria... balancing kind of precariously on the slippery surface of the desk. They only made sharp moans and gasping sounds as they just let themselves be enveloped with the moment, which only made all of the sensations and emotions they were having grow without any borders to it all.

Wetness grinding up against wetness created just the right amounts of friction and slickness between the girls, helping out was the factor that they had a heavy coating of sweat over their bodies.... all of that made everything that much more explosive. They becale moving like one, meeting one another in a dance that had more sensuality that a tango.

With all of the very deepening passions that the two were engulfed in, rose the wonderful smells of two people together. That bouquet of passion and togetherness seemed to just hang in the room so wonderfully... a musky sweetness that seemed to make the emptiness of the boiler room seem bearable.

With their passions rising to all time highs, and orgasms steadily building to epic per portions, they became truly like one with each other. Each were fuelling the others rising passions, and each now was urgently yearning for that moment of each other’s release that seemed to more than just immanent. It was a quite obvious that it would be only a matter of a very short few seconds, as both girls were starting to vibrate and moaning that signaled the climax pressures were at the popping point

Almost at the exact same moment of time, it seemed like two melted into one another and became one quivering and sweaty mass. Their orgasms hit with a eruption with in each girl, rocketing themselves into another sort of dimension between them both, where the ultimate hold of the orgasm were the only occupants.

Gretchen gasped as her orgasm hit, welling up from her inner depths. She felt her muscles vibrate deliciously right through her, and felt the girl’s secret spot she had bed grinding on was vibrating as well. That sent even more orgasmic shockwaves to the point that it was rocking her very soul. She kissed the girl right as it hit her, through those lips she felt how the girl underneath her was flowing into her own orgasm... and that stoked the fire than now was lit into a towering inferno.

Spinnelli felt her climax hit, as her pelvic region slammed into the onslaught of the other girl’s area. She gasped as that orgasm gripped her inside and out, at took her over completely. The girl let out a little scream, which was stifled by a kiss from Gretchen which just made the orgasm feel that much more intense.

In the midst of all of this, Spinnelli could feel her own juices shooting out of her like waves and then mixing with the ones that were obviously from the brainy girl... the resulting sensations caused this tidal wave of pure bliss to roll through her, and heightening the building pressure inside of herself to loftier heights than what had been the night before. She could feel Gretchen was also vibrating as they mashed together, and knew that was also happening to the brainy girl as well.

The two on the desk writhed together, their mutual moans and gasps filled the empty basement room. The just held on to one another as their bodies went through countless surges of orgasmic enthralment, as they rode their pleasures as if each girl was experiencing the other one’s delights... the result was almost a uniting synergy of power that could only grow throught being together as one.

They both let out a scream at once right then, as they encountered what it was to share this unifying power called an orgasm. They shook and vibrated as the waves of ecstasy crashed through then, making their hips grinding their sexes into one another like mad and releasing it all fuelled by the other person. They then screamed loudly one last time as their bodies slapped together with a cracking sound, and then they both seemed to just lay there in a shiny sort of heap.

Panting hard, and with the orgasms now passed by, they layed on the top of that desk in a tired lump. Neither one wanted to move at the moment.

" Well... that was more than just interesting..." Said Gretchen, with a tired giggle.

" I’d say..." Chuckled back Spinnelli, who was laying there, holding the girl on top of her in a tight embrace. " Was you... um.. Idea, good?."

Gretchen rased her head a peered down at the girl she had just made love with. She blushed but nodded her head.

" It surpassed what I had expected it to be by leaps and bounds..." She sighed, looking deep into Spinnelli’s dark brown pools. " I guess I underestimated things..."

" Is that a good thing, or is it not?" Asked the girl on the bottom, with a wink.

The brainy girl nodded and gave a pleased-filled giggle as she tenderly touched Ashley Spinnelli’s cheek..

" Yes... it was... and then some, Ashley..." She said, her eyes sparkling and showing how happy that she was." And being with you was the cherry on top of the whipped cream."

" Then.. I am just happy to know that you were not mad at me." Spinnelli smirked with a impish twinkle in her facial expression.

Gretchen looked at the girl questioningly, as if Spinnelli’s remark had made no sense to her.

" You thought I was mad at you?" She asked.

" Yeah... I did..."Admitted the girl, with a sigh.

" Why did you think that?" Asked the girl, obviously blown away with this situation.

Spinnelli explained what she had bee thinking, while they layed there together on the desk. Gretchen listened to the girl intently, almost as if she was feeling every last word the knit cap wearing gal was saying, seemingly understanding every last part of it. When Spinnelli was done, was when Gretchen finally said something.

" I was not mad...." She explained.

" Then why not say anything to me?" She asked. "We walked to school together, and then you go silent and say absolutely nothing to me about last night or really anything at all..."

The brainy girl made eye contact with the girl, and touched her cheek with one hand as she seemed a little worried

" I was not mad or anything of that nature, Ashley...’ She explained, then adding. " I was in a little bit of what you might say ins a state of shock... I guess."

" You were?" Questioned the dark haired girl.

" Yeah... for reasons..." She smirked. " Shocked at how much I felt for you... and always had felt for you it seemed. I had known my feelings for awhile, but never really knew it... you know.. Never knew it."

Spinnelli blushed, as the words seemed to caressed her heart. She had been thinking something like that earlier, but not in those fancy type of words Gretchen always used. She knew that she had always loved the brain here, but it was only coming clear just how much it really had been in the end

" I think I loved you like that too..." She smirked

The two girls then giggled and kissed, holding their still sweat damp bodies against one another. They deeply kissed, giving pleased little moaning sounds to the now stillness of the basement room... punctuated by fits of giggles that were really hard to try and stop.

The two soon got off the desk and sorted out which clothes were which. They then used the old caretaker’s sink in the corner to quickly ‘spruce themselves up’, noticing there was a very distinct aroma that would tell everyone else what the had been doing. They found a bar of soap that was fairly clean, and set to work getting some of the sweat and other stuff off of their bodies... the time for letting people know about them, was not right now.

Quickly they finished cleaning up and were just finishing dressing just as the first of the warning bells bell for the afternoon classes went off overhead. They looked at one another for a moment, not really wanting this little comfort of time to be over with.

Gretchen sighed, as soon as the last of the warning bells faded off in a echo overhead.

" We need to get back to class before people start looking for us and ask the janitor..." She said.. " Would not be a good thing if they did..."

" I don’t wanna go back up..." Playfully pouted Ashley, wriggling her eyebrows at the girl.

Gretchen got what Ashley was saying and actually laughed at the girl’s humour.

" We do have all night tonight, Spinnelli..." The brainy gal said, with a little imp like giggle. " Your house will not be done being fumigated for a few day still, so we have a few more days to be together..."

" I know..." Smirked the girl, putting on her knit cap, that had fell off as they had been a little‘busy’. " But I cant wait for home time now..."

" I look forward to that myself..." Said the brainy girl, a little blissful smile crossing her face

" Sounds good to me..." Spinnelli said, agreeing with the gal..

As the two hurried to leave the room and get back to class, Spinnelli looked at the girl next to her.

" What should we tell the gang why we were not out playing kick ball?" The girl asked.

" Leave that up to me...." Gretch said, looking at the girl, knowing that her question was more than valid to ask.

The girl’s fell silent, and just hurried up the two flights of metal stairs so they could join their class mates in school again... but their minds were already thinking about when they went back to Gretchen’s place. The night seemed almost too far away for them to wait for.

The end

[End notes:

Author's notes: Hope you like it.  A friendly reminder... if I get some feedback, there just might be a third installment with a very unusual twist in it.


Enjoy, people!!


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