Story: A eventfull Sleepover. (all chapters)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: One shot

An Eventful Sleepover

By Jd Wheels

Disclaimer: I do not own Disney’s Recess or any of it’s characters. I also do I make any money off of my writings in any way...this is just a way of expressing an artistic pleasure I hold dear, and a perverted streak I love having.

Spinnelli’s Mom and Dad waited for the large man that was dressed in some very old overalls with a logo of a rather large bug on his back to say what he found, and they did not look very happy to begin with. Spinnelli was wondering herself, it did not seem very good news to her judging from the feeling she was getting from the adults around her.

"You definitely have a load ‘o’ termites living here in your house." Said the balding man that was the exterminator while looking at the rotting wood around the doorframe of the house. " They are also undermining your foundation as well..."

" We have termites?" Echoed Mr. Spinnelli, with a gasp. " Did you say that we have termites?"

" Looks like a very large colony has set up shop here in your walls, and is having a heyday eating away..." Nodded the man, with a rather odd grin.

" So what do you have to do to get rid of these pesky pests?" Asked Mr. Spinnelli cautiously.

The man looked at a clipboard in his hands for a moment, before looking at Mr. Spinnelli.

" We'll have to tent up your whole house and fumigate the little beggars right outta here." The man announced. " It'll take at least four or even five days to complete it by what I see here... you'll need somewhere else to stay while we do that.... the fumes are really toxic as all get out, so you’ll have to leave."

The exterminator man whistled loudly while he left the Spinnelli household, probably feeling more than just simply happy because of all of the money he was going to be making on this job as he went to ready his equipment to start the process of fumigating the people’s house. He was the only one that seemed to be really liking the situation here.

Mr & Mrs. Spinnelli were clearly not in any way as happy as the exterminator seemed to be. It was their money he was going to be taking to get rid of the little insect pests, and it was their house they had to leave. The young girl in the knitted cap and large boots stood watching her parents, and just knew that this was a troublesome time for their little family.

Spinelli's parents whispered between themselves with quiet urgency, they really did not like the option given them in any way. The tomboy girl, Spinnelli herself was more than pleased that they would finally be getting rid of those troublesome little pests that were gnawing away at their home. She had swore she had been hearing the little wood chompers munching away on the walls for months before they finally had found out about them... now her parents were believing her, and very much too late.

Mr. Spinnelli shook his head, as he wiped his now very sweat covered brow with a white hankie he ad pulled out. They seemed to have not resolved anything as of yet, as he turned to look at his daughter.

"Well, we can't afford to go and stay in a hotel and pay the exterminator his bill as well." Said Spinnelli’s father, in thinking out loud. "I guess... We could go stay at your Mother’s sister’s place for the time being."

Spinelli's eyes widened at the thought of staying at her Aunt Mabel’s place. The memory that was flooding back was not one she wanted. The girl still felt like she was needing some therapy from the last time they stayed with that freaky fat woman with the almost man sized moustache and equally bushy single eyebrow, and that was putting it mildly. She was one of those types of relations that could embarrass you, and all without trying. The image of her being dragged into a salon for a ‘girly’ make-over send shivers through her, considering her aunt was not quite a girly person to begin with.

Spinnelli was sure that she could not let herself be near that crazy lady one more time. She had to do something, and do it fast.

" Wait!! Hold on Mom and Dad" Spinnelli screamed with an air of protest in her voice as she leapt to her feet.

" What is it, Ashley, dear?" Asked her mother, seemingly more than a little shocked at her daughter’s sudden outburst.

Spinnelli made a small noise and wrinkled her nose, she hated to hear her real first name spoken out loud like that... even when it was only by her parents. She took a deep breath, and readied to say what she had jumped up for.

"Can I go ‘n’ stay at one of my friends instead of goin’ all the way to Aunties?" She asked, hating that she was trying to sound so very ‘girly’ to get what she needed... to the point she was going to make her own self puke.

Mr and Mrs. Spinelli looked at their only child, as the voice of the girl had a tightness in it that was unmistakably one of need. They seemed to be wanting to deal with whatever their daughter was thinking about.

" You want to go and stay with one of your friends?" Said her mother, hearing her daughter’s suggestion. " You want to stay with a friend, rather than come with us and stay with your Aunt?"

" Yes, Mom.. one of my friends." She said again, knowing that was exactly what she was needing to happen.

" Your father and I need to speak about this before we even start to give you an answer." She said to the girl, as they stepped away and began to talk lowly.

He parents seemed to be really thinking about it for a moment, stepping a little ways away from the girl... obviously debating this oddly quietly between themselves in whispers. It seemed like they were very much speaking about it very intensely, going back and forth in such a low volume that the young girl could not make out, even though she was no less that twenty feet away from them both.

Spinnelli just waited as patiently as she could, hoping that her parents would agree to this alternative she had came up with. She knew that her idea was a way better option for her own sanity, rather than going to stay with such a crazy relative like her Aunt was. She feared that she would have to resort to poking her own eyes out with a salad fork, if she had to go and stay with that Aunt.

Her father turned to his knit-cap wearing daughter with a smile that came from under his moustache. His eyes seemed to be more than sparkling in some ways, as he regarded her thoughtfully for a few seconds.

" You sure you want to do this way, Pumpkin?" He asked, eyeing his daughter’s hopeful expression..

" Yeah, Dad..." She said bobbing her head rapidly as she was wanting to make sure that her father new she was serious

Spinnelli watched her father’s face for a moment, as she could not tell if they were going to let her do this or not. She crossed her arms and waited, hoping that they would finally agree to it..

" Well, Pumpkin... your mother and I talked it over..." He said with a smile. "If your friend’s parents agree that you could stay with them for a couple of days until this termite thing is taken care of... then its alright by your mother and I."

" I’ll phone TJ then..." She said happily, thinking that would be the best thing. His family had satellite, plus the subscribed to the wrestling channel on there.

Her mother stopped her, shaking her head as she had a hand on the girl’s shoulder..

" You cant stay with him for up to five days...he’s is a boy, and you are not...." Said her mother, almost sounding horrified at this moment. " That would not be proper for that to happen..."

" But Mom!!" She said with a little bit of a whine, getting a little frustrated with her parents. " He’s one of my best friends..."

" I know that TJ is, sweety..." Began the woman calmly. " Is there a girl you could stay with instead?"

Spinnelli knew that the only girl that was in her group of friends was Gretchen Grundler, her class’s brainiest kid. She was bummed a little, as Gretchen’s parents only had basic cable and stuff, and they were never into wrestling or the monster truck things either. She sighed and realized that it was either staying with Gretchen for four days, or going to stay with her crazy Aunt. She thought over her options carefully, as her parents waited on an answer.

Spinnelli had to admit, Gretchen was one of her best friends too, and the only close friend that was a girl. It was clear as clear could be, that still would be way better than staying with her Aunt.

" I’ll call Gretchen ‘n’ ask then..." She said, finally capitulating to her mother’s wants. " She’s a girl, Mom."

" That is a wonderful idea, Sweetie." Said her mother, pleased at her daughter’s choice. " That would be a better choice."

Spinelli breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that her head would not explode because of staying with Auntie Mabel and her unibrow.... now that she could possibly stay with the Grundlers. She hurried herself to pick up the phone, wanting to be quick so her parents would not have the time to change their minds. She could not take a chance on that ever happening.

She dialed the well used number for the Grundlers, and waited for someone to answer the phone. As she heard the line pick up, Spinnelli was already just hoping that Gretchen’s parents would end up agreeing that she could stay. It was the only option she really had, except for having to listen to her fat aunt snore like a buzzsaw. That would be a fate worse than death.



Gretchen Grundler opened the door with a wide smile upon her face, as her friend stood on her front step, holding two bags. Spinnelli was smiling too at the thought of not spending those four ore possibly five days at her Aunt Mabel’s. Gretchen had saved her from those salad forks after all

"May I help you with your bags?" Gretchen said reaching out for Spinelli's suitcase.

The young tomboy pulled her suitcase out of Gretchen reach in reflex, she had never liked people touching her things ever, even her friends. She saw Gretchen had a hurt expression on her face and quickly passed her backpack to her instead.

" I'm a guest in your house, you should take the lighter bag." She said, trying to be more friendly with the girl’s hospitality.

Gretchen seemed satisfied with this compromise and walked back into the house carrying the backpack over one shoulder. Spinnelli followed close behind, carting her much larger suitcase against her side, closing the front door of the Grundler’s house behind herself with a gentle kick of her booted foot.

Gretchen walked Spinnelli through the house to her room on the second floor, after her parents welcomed her to their house. She thanked Gretchen’s parents once again, wanting to show that she really appreciated what they were doing. They seemed pleased at her politeness, and let the two go off together.

Following the girl through the little house, the tomboy could see how neat the whole place was kept in, and she snuffed. She was glad that her mother did not see how neat and organized this place was kept in. Knowing her mother just might have gotten ideas to make their place even cleaner than what it was, which drove her absolutely nuts in the first place..

Spinnelli made a note to herself never to tell her mother about how the Grundler’s home looked to her, for fear that her mother would go in a total cleaning spree on the heels of her saying something. When that happened, Spinnelli was always forced to help out, and lose an entire week end to doing the cleaning.

It was just as Spinnelli had imagine Gretchen’s room to look like, and came as no surprise to her. There were shelves all over on almost every wall and they were full of books on biology, chemistry, physics and history and all of that brainy junk. There was even a large telescope set up on a tripod by the window and a very complicated looking chemistry set was laid out all over the desk.

Gretchen set the backpack she carried on to the floor and looked at her friend.

"You can take my bed if you want... or it will just be an inflatable mattress on the floor for you?" Gretchen asked, with a smile. " Your pick which one of them you would want, it does not matter to me..."

"I'll just take the mattress on the floor." Spinnelli smiled with a nod, setting her suitcase on the floor. " That is all I need."

The two girls stood there looking at one another. Gretchen smiled broadly at her friend, and seemed to be seriously happy at the moment.

" I must say I'm glad you chose to stay here with us while your house is being fumigated." Gretchen said, seeming very happy.

Spinnelli nodded at the girl, but her mind was thinking a little too much. She had wanted to stay with TJ, but her parents wouldn't let her stay with a boy. Gretchen was the only choice she had to make, as that was the only friend she had that was a girl. She knew that this arrangement made her parents feel way better about her staying over here.

She decided Gretchen would be happier not knowing what she was thinking, but even with that, she was not to sad about staying with the brainiest girl she had ever knew. She was still one of her best friends in the entire world, and had been for a long time, all the way through to right now... which was the grade eight.

" Well I sorta knew I could depend on you." Spinnelli said, smiling happily as she nodded..

" My home is now your home. I know you would do the same for me if it was the other way around." Gretchen commented, her smile was large. " After all of these years, I sort of know that much..."

Spinnelli nodded back, as that much was true. She always helped out if a friend was in need... especially one that she had known since before she had been in kindergarten. She actually had known Gretchen since even before they were in even in pre-school, that reminded her that the girl was the longest friend she had known. She smiled, as she realized that the girl was in fact, one of the two best friends she had ever hand. It made it official, this staying her did not whomp.

Spinnelli was going to say something back to Gretchen, but she never gotten the chance to... it was interrupted.

"Dinners ready, girls!" Yelled a muffled voice from downstairs within the house, It was Mrs. Grundler calling out.

Gretchen smiled at her fried, as her mother’s calling out ended. She turned and gave a graceful gesture to the door.

" Ah, a splendid Grundler repast is upon us now..." Smiled the brainy girl, letting her words flow. " You are just going to love what my mother does with pork chops and left over baked potatoes."

"Sounds good to me." Said Spinnelli, hoping for no creamed broccoli, her mother’s favorite thing to make... and her most hated thing.

The brainy girl smiled at her friend and headed for the door to respond to the call for supper.

"We'll unpack you later, for now, lets go ‘n’ eat." Said Gretchen, leading Spinnelli out of the bedroom.

" Right behind you, Gretch..." Spinnelli said.

Spinnelli followed her friend out of the room, as she realized just how mighty hungry she was feeling right now. She reminded herself that it had been a long time since she had eaten anything other than one pack of winger-dingers while the man who was going to kill the termites had been poking around in her house She had somehow been ignoring all of the growling that her stomach had been making all of this time. Now with the thought the supper that was being served up, she was very aware that her stomach was making a noise like a motorcycle. It was definitely time to eat something



Hours passed in the Grundler house. Everyone had a nice supper together and then quietness as it slowly but surely slipped into evening time.

Soon it got to be finally time for bed. The long day was done, and even Spinnelli could not argue with the timing when Mom and Dad Grundler announce that it was the time for them both to head up to bed. The young tomboy was starting to feel very tired after the long day she had endured to get to this point, the thought of sleep was more than pleasing for her to think on.

Yawning, Spinnelli got herself up from the floor where her and Gretchen had been playing a board game together while listening to something that was on the television. Both girls said their good nights headed upstairs to Gretchen’s bedroom. Gretchen’s parents bid them a good nights sleep as the two headed off.

Upon them both entering the room, the seemed to be shuffling a little in their fatigue. Gretchen closed her bedroom door to muffle the television that was still blaring away downstairs for her parents. It seemed that Gretchen's mother had already set up the airbed mattress over the course of the evening, and even had fitted it with a large thick sheet and a multi-colored comforter. There was even a rather large and fluffy looking pillow there as well to make the bed on the floor seem very comfortable.

Spinnelli looked at the mattress that laid just a little a way from Gretchen’s bed. It looked so warm and inviting to her now very weary body. To the girl, it seemed to be a perfect place to lay her head and get some sleep. She crossed the room to get her suitcase, the pull of her temporary bed was strong.

Gretchen went over to her bed and lifted her pillow. She pulled out her pyjamas that were laying underneath, and fixed the pillow back on the bed. The pyjamas were just a small T-shirt and a pair of small dark blue shorts. They did not seem like much to be wearing to bed to Spinnelli, but her friend seemed almost anxious to put them on.

Spinnelli opened her suitcase and pulled out a long white T-shirt that had two boxing gloves printed on the front of it. The shirt was very long looking, almost seeming to be way too long for the short girl to be wearing. This was the tomboy’s favorite thing to wear to bed, as it was the most comfortable thing she actually owned to sleep in. Spinnelli looked the long shirt, and found that she was just as anxious to put on her own pyjamas as Gretchen was with her sleep set.

Spinnelli stood there, and watched as Gretchen unbuttoned her normal blue and white dress and let it fall to the ground as she readied herself for bed. Underneath the girl wore a simple white blouse and pair of rather small pinkish panties with tiny hearts and stars printed all over them. She then pulled off her blouse to revealed her bare chest and threw it over a chair.

Spinnelli looked at the half naked girl, and then noticed the two small apple sized lumps under Gretchen’s nipples, and she was surprised by it.. The girl’s breasts had already starting to grow in, they were light shade of pink with the nipples being a few shades darker of a pink even in the light of the lamp next to her. Spinnelli looked at them, and thought that they were the most beautiful breasts she had seen, even thought she had never seen naked breasts before. Unable to stop herself from looking, Spinnelli continued to watch as Gretchen then pulled off her pair of panties, and hucked them into a laundry hamper next to her nightstand.

Staring with her mouth slightly open, the tomboy could not help but notice that there was a little shadow of hair beginning to show on the outer parts of the girl’s vulva, offsetting the pinkish softness of the skin around the hairs perfectly. The tomboy found that she was fully transfixed by the sight of her friend standing fully naked right there in front of her, and she noticed that her mouth had gone suddenly dry as a bone.

For a moment, the brainy girl stood before Spinnelli in all her naked glory, seemingly unknowing that the tomboy was looking at her. Spinnelli started to feel a strange electric sort of sensation between her legs, noting that her own private parts were feeling slightly damp with moisture in her underwear. She had never felt anything like this before, but she was now all too aware of the sensations that were flooding up through her entire body, coming to her while she stared at the naked Gretchen.

Spinnelli had been so distracted by looking at Gretchen, that she hadn't noticed that she had been started to undress herself at the same time. She shook her head when she realized she had been staring at her friend for a long time, and tried to averted her gaze while she was getting herself ready for bedtime, feeling herself becoming a little uneasy with herself in the meantime.

Unknown to the tomboy herself through all of her confusion, she never noticed that Gretchen had also been watching as she herself was undressing... she was way more discreet than the girl had been.

Gretchen had been secretly watched out of the corner of her eye as Spinnelli pulled off her T-shirt, exposing her own bare chest to the air. The smartest kid at Third Street School now could see the two really small bumps that were just starting to grow there on Spinnelli’s chest, they were clearly very early prepubescent breasts that were growing on the girl. With a blush, Gretchen noted that Spinnelli’s breasts were quite a bit smaller than her’s, but she also found that she really liked how they looked.

They were this very nice flesh tone colour of pink, the nipples still were barely darker than the surrounding buds. They were very small, but to the brainy girl, the were prettier than her own ever had seemed to be, and she felt that it made her heart jump a little.

Gretchen found herself having this huge urge to walk over and touch the Spinnelli’s developing boobs for just a second, but thankfully that urge seemed to quickly pass but not completely. She could not help herself as she still continued to secretly watch as Spinnelli as she pulled off her striped stockings, and then her skirt. She did not move to continue to ready for bed, as she felt so interested in seeing a little more of the girl’s body.

Finally, Spinnelli was standing there before Gretchen, clad in only a pair of white panties with a tiny pink bow on the waist band and a small picture of a unicorn on one hip. Gretchen never knew the girl would wear something that was so feminine before, she had always suspected that the tomboy would have opted to be wearing some boys styled boxer or something along those lines, yet she now knew the truth. Spinnelli did wear girl’s panties, and they were completely girly.

Gretchen began to feel a moistness starting to be around her private area, and she felt her own outer pinkness beginning to grow almost electric. Embarrassed with noticing her body doing this, she turned her hips a little, so her friend would never see that she was actually starting to feel very aroused just from looking at her friend. Gretchen was actually quite shocked with her own self, seeing that she was actually feeling so aroused, to the point that her entire body was tingling all over. She tried to keep her mind away from such thoughts, but it was not helping any as she continued to watch.

Spinnelli pulled her panties off and simply tossed them into a little pocket just on the inside lid of her suitcase, her completely hairless treasure was now exposed. The girl seemed to smile a little brighter when she had finally taken off the little white piece of garment, obviously she was very glad to be able to take them off. The girl seemed to never once looked over at her friend, but it was rather clear that she was in no way uneasy with her nudity.

Gretchen stood there in silence, longing now for a chance to touch the perfect little hairless pinkness that she now was looking at. Her own girl part began to grow even more damper, demanding vehemently that she should be touching herself... and that made the brainy girl blush slightly. She had touched herself many times before while laying in bed, yet she now had to fight her own urges... reminding herself that she could not be doing something like that tonight. She was afraid of what Spinnelli might have ended up thinking if she did, and had caught her doing that?

She finally got herself to stop those thoughts from entering her mind, but found that she had stopped dressing herself. As she stood there still as naked as Spinnelli was, that was when she noticed that her friend had also stopped reading for bed.. The two girls stared at each other's naked bodies for what felt like centuries, but really was only a few seconds.

Each then broke out of their state of staring and began to pull on their nightclothes, their faces individually glowing with a bright red colour that came with feelings of embarrassment that the other was staring at them, while that had been each fully undressed. It might have been because they realized that they had been looking back.

Spinnelli's long shirt hung off her small form, giving the impression of someone that had shrunk in size all of a sudden. The length of the t-shirt aside, the material still seemed to hug her small form, never fully hiding the fact that the girl was starting to develop a young girl’s figure... her body would not be so tomboyish for long.

Gretchen's night time clothes however had the opposite effect on her body. They actually clung tightly to her body rather noticeably, enhancing her almost none existent curves and very small breasts. The T-shirt showed off the brainy girl’s very flat belly and it clung snugly around her rib cage and her developing breasts seemed to literally poke out through the fabric that seemed to cling to them

The shorts Gretchen ended up matching with her top seemed to be almost too small as well, but they did end up giving Spinnelli a good look at her well formed tight rear end in them. The legs of the shorts clung tightly to Gretchen’s long and very thin thighs, almost as if they were spandex bicycle shorts. The pyjama shorts really did seem to be barely big enough to be shorts, they really did look like a very unusual pair of panties.

Spinnelli looked at the tight, revealing clothes and felt that tingling feeling returning again to her now bare girl part. She shivered with her rush of sensations, as her eyes still seemed to want to be fixed on her friend. She felt that there were a few small droplets of fluid now were running slowly down her leg under the shirt she wore. She had never felt anything like this, but found it pleasing as all heck.

Spinnelli tried to focus her mind elsewhere, as it was getting a little confused with the rush of all of these new thoughts and sensations that seemed to be coming up all at once. She tried to get herself to talk about something, anything with the girl so she could get her mind back to normal.

" How can you sleep in clothes so small and tight?" Asked Spinnelli with curiosity as she sat down on the airbed and crossed her legs quickly.

Spinnelli cringed a little after she had finished her question to her friend. She had wanted to say something so completely different that what had came out of her mouth... but that was exactly had came out of her in all of its glory... and in a way that made her other less embarrassing question simply disappear from her mind.

She felt a cool breeze drift over her damp place from under the hem, and it felt so good as she waited for her friend to answer her very odd question. As she waited, Spinnelli found herself feeling like she wanted to touch herself where she was feeling so many sensations, it was like something inside of herself was actually telling her to do it. The girl had never done something like, or eve thought about it ever before. It was so strong of an urge, but she didn't want to go and try something like this the first time with Gretchen in the room.

Gretchen sat herself on the bed and folded her legs completely under herself. Her secret little folds were aching to be touched, but she knew that was not going to be alone this night. She knew she couldn't risk getting caught, she had worried about her parents finding out... now she had a guest in her room She just forced that thought out of her mind finally answering the girl’s question.

" My pyjamas just feels so comfortable for me that's all. I can't really get to sleep unless I'm wrapped up snugly in some nice tight pyjamas." She explained. " I guess that is just who I am, I guess."

" Uh... Ok!!" Was all Spinnelli could reply back to her friend, as she kicked herself mentally for actually asking such a real stupid question..

They both fell silent for a few moments, it was seeming as if the two of them at the same time had a sort of lock up in the part of the mind that controlled speech. It was as if each one of their minds were too busy at the moment to continue on... and truth be known, each on of them were.

Both girl’s heads were filled with so clear images of the other one naked while they fought these strange yet growing feelings that were making them feel so aroused. They each were really trying to not think of it as much, but that was not going even close to great. Each of the girls had their urges oozing through them, and neither one seemed to have any real idea on how to stop it from happening.

As the two individually went through the mental process of trying to stop all of this from taking over their very psyche, each of them had absolutely no idea that the other was fighting off the exact same sort of things as well. Thoughts were sort of different, yet the really were not different.

After a few minutes of not saying one word, both girl started to talk quite nervously about anything that they could think of and not about what was going on inside of the both of them at the moment. Each was fighting hard to ignore their very active young hormones that were the cause the bulk of their confusion with their bodies. For the moment at least, it seemed like they each were controlling these sort of things for the most part... but their minds were still replayed images of the other one naked... their minds could not stop it from happening.

Soon Gretchen’s aching throughout her body could not be ignored any longer, it was driving her practically crazy as she tried to stop it. She realized that she had to think of a way to satisfy her needs, that was the only way she knew of to stop it at the best of times, but the question was just how she was suppose to do that without Spinnelli finding out about her little secret?

She thought on it for a moment, her usually sharp mind now was reduced to actually going totally blank... and was no help for her. It was as if her own great intelligence, had gone clean away. She looked at the girl sitting on the airbed in the corner while she tried to think of something... anything to say or do at this point, more conscious of her body’s feelings than ever before.

"Spinnelli, can I ask you a sort of odd type of question?" Gretchen abruptly blurted out, surprising herself that she had started to talk, and actually realizing what her mind was up to.

Spinnelli nodded her head as she looked up at her friend. She was hearing this very strange tone that was held in the girl’s voice, one that she had never heard from her before. The super smart girl was silent again for a moment, almost as if her mind was trying to find words up in her head. Spinnelli, still fighting her own confusion with things, wondered just what was going to be asked of her... and thankful for the distraction that it was going to bring.

Gretchen's face grew very red with embarrassment, as her mind now was fighting an urge she had of asking a very racy sort of question.. She wanted to say something entirely different that what her mind was getting her to say, but quickly found that her first question coming out instead., and she was absolutely and completely unable to stop her mouth from actually letting it come out.

"Have you ever thought of touching yourself. Down there... between your legs...?" She said with a shaky voice, even pointing a finger in the direction of the juncture of Spinnelli's legs.

Spinnelli understood what the girl was asking her straight away, and was more than just surprised. No, she hadn't never touched herself there before, she had never really wanted to before... not until she had seen Gretchen's beautiful naked body only a few scant minutes ago. Now she felt like doing that same thing in spades, and was fighting hard to keep it hidden from Gretchen... but now here was the girl asking her about the same thing that had taken over her mind.

The girl gulped hard as her mouth had become so dry and it seemed like her mouth now was unable to work, while she sat and tried to think of what to say in reply to Gretchen’s question. She was now unable to speak, because of those two sides that were telling her different things all at the same time.

The tomboy decided to play this whole thing down, so the girl would not think her as weird for what she had been thinking.

"Where do you mean Gretch?" She said, thinking the girl would simply leave it alone if she said something like this...yet something inside of her really hoped that Gretchen would not simply pass it off either.

Gretchen broke a smile with her friends words, and never hesitated in the least. She climbed onto her knees, got right off the bed and took a seat on the floor in front of Spinnelli on the air mattress. The girl then reached under Spinnelli's long shirt and pulled her legs out of their crossed position until they were open wide to her. She softly placed one of those athletic legs on either side of her own kneeling, and looked at the girl across from her. Spinnelli just watched the girl in silence, her heart beating faster.

The young genius started to pushed up Spinnelli’s massively large night-shirt up as far as it could have gone. Spinnelli lifted her own buttocks a little, then Gretchen continued to push up the T-shirt up the tomboy’s wispy lean body. She lightly brushed Spinnelli's backside as her hands passed on either side, causing the tomboy to gasp and smile.

" That felt so darn good!" Spinnelli said to herself, as the rush of sensation had caught her off guard.

Gretchen finished by pulling the T-shirt completely free of Spinnelli's body, leaving her sitting on the floor naked and her legs wide open before her. With a light flick of her wrist, Gretchen threw the shirt near the girl’s suitcase and for a few seconds she paused to admire Spinnelli's lithe nude body... a body that was just in the beginning stages of puberty which Gretchen herself had started already months ago. Despite it being not as developed as even her’s was as yet, the young brainy girl could not help but think that the naked Spinnelli looked so beautiful.

Gretchen licked one of her fingers and pointed to Spinnelli's bared and as of yet bald vulva, obviously going to answer her friend’s last question.

" I tend to touch myself something like this here." She said, boldly.

With a slight air of nervousness, the brainy girl started to very gently rub her saliva wetted finger slowly up and down Spinnelli's already moist outer folds. She made sure that it was a very light type of touch that she used, but she instantly felt that the girl’s center was radiating a great amount of heat on to her finger... and that made her head start to feel as if it was spinning with the experience she was having.

Spinnelli let out a huge gasping noise and fell flat onto her back instantly when her friend’s finger made contact with her little treasure. Waves of pleasure rippled throughout her body, her tiny nipples on her chest instantly responded by growing instantly hard while her breathing became more rapid . She felt even her pelvic muscles started to vibrate from Gretchen’s so light touching...and reveled in the so amazing sort of electric sensation that was shooting through her. Spinnelli tried to say something to Gretchen at this moment, but only was able to let out a long quieted moan of pleasure.

Gretchen saw the reaction of her friend both in the face and the body....and she smiled. She kept on doing what she was, continuing to smile while watching how Spinnelli’s entire being was twitching and writhing in reaction to her finger being where it was.

"I see... I'm doing something right." She said as she then slowly leaned in and laid a kiss on one of Spinnelli's hardened nipples softly... something that was urging her to do from deep inside of herself.

She was so surprised when she had began to lightly suck on the hardened nipple. The feeling of this was so pleasant in her mouth, and she found the light taste of saltiness on Spinnelli’s skin was more than just simply enjoyable... it aroused her even more than what she had been. She could smell the light muskiness coming from the girl... and that just seemed to triple her pleasure all in the span of a heartbeat

Spinnelli gasped as yet another even stronger while a wave of pleasure spread through her body when the brainy girl had kissed her breasts. She could only make more of the same sighing and moaning uttering while Gretchen continued to rub her hairless treasure with her finger. Spinnelli felt her whole body now was vibrating more and more, seemingly now reaching into her very being with each second it was happening. She did not want the girl to stop any of what she was doing, and was also wanting the girl to do more to her than her own inexperience could know could be done to her.

The gifted girl felt her own private area was wide awake, and beginning to soak right through her shorts as it ached to be touched. Her own nipples had grown hard as diamonds and stuck out through the material of her T-shirt visibly. It felt so good as the cloth of her shirt rubbed against her erect nipples, but it wasn't a decent substitute for actually her touching them herself...but she had started to pant very hard, enjoying the sensation of being turned on so much that she had to do more to the girl. She then so gently pushed open the folds of Spinnelli's sex and gently began to ease in her long middle finger, her own body rising even more with arousal as she played with the girl’s body

Gretchen had been wanting to do something like this ever since she saw Spinnelli’s naked folds the first time. It already felt like forever since she had seen it the first time, but now in the moment, it seemed to be so the girl felt so soft and almost familiar. She waited for a reaction to come as she began to push her fingers deeper into the tomboy’s hole, feeling a little resistance inside had gave away as she went deeper. She knew that this would happen, as it did it had done the same the first time she tried this on herself. She pushed in a little more, knowing that she had to be careful at this point.

Spinnelli almost screamed as the waves of concupiscence mixed with a sharp pain that took over her body. Her treasure leaked with a wave of juices along with a few shades of blood that started top now flow so freely, after that split second of pain. She shuttered, as she felt her private area open wider for the invading finger, her mind screaming for that digit of Gretchen’s to go in even deeper than what it was the instant that the pain had gone. She shuttered, as it was feeling ever so good.

Her juices now were bathing Gretchen's hand to the point that it all was dripping down her thighs and buttocks, soaking the air mattress beneath herself. She did not care at this moment about anything at all, except for the amazing finger that was exploring her with such amazing sensations and feelings

"Oh God Gretch, don't stop!!" Spinnelli gasped out as quietly as she could, her eyes beginning to roll back into her head as she could feel the digit inside of her.

" I won’t..." Smiled the brainy girl, enjoying feeling Spinnelli’s inner-sanctum reacting by gripping her fingers.

Gretchen began to deliberately move her finger in and out of Spinnelli's tight virgin vulva, slowly trying to increase every sensation she was giving to the girl. She started off slowly, like she would do on her own self... and was now trying to find all f the sweet spots of pure pleasure that she knew on herself. The fun part of all of this was going to be experimenting to find those same spots in Spinnelli now. She worked hard to do that, and watched the girls ever changing reactions.

Spinnelli arched her back and began to grind her hips in rhythm to Gretchen's very calculated hand movements. She could feel herself starting to shake and vibrate even on the inside, but that was just adding so much more to the all over pleasure she was experiencing. She could feel how Gretchen kept on doing what she was to her, slowly but steadily.... and she was just loving every moment of it.

The tomboy groaned and bit her lip, as she felt a pleasurable sort of pressure building up between her legs and throughout her body as well. It was a pure and overwhelming feeling had gripped her body and all she could do right then was writhe and buck her hips around on the mattress and hope the girl kept on going. The tomboy looked down once, to watch Gretchen’s finger moving in and out of her steadily, and that sight made every sensation she was having seem to grow even larger. She closed her eyes again in response to every sensation she had, and found herself just being swept away by it all over again.

Gretchen knew Spinnelli was coming close to probably her first ever orgasm, but she was feeling like she couldn't stand her own explosive arousal anymore. Her fully awakened privates was screaming for a very urgently needed release, and she found that she couldn't wait any longer. She pulled her finger out of Spinnelli's vibrating wetness and began to wrestle off her own pyjamas in a huge fit of pure lust, her own heightened urges had now come to fully consume her.

Spinnelli let out a disappointed groan as the pleasure stopped when the finger had disappeared from inside of her. She opened her eyes and saw that Gretchen was very busy yanking off every last stitch of her clothes and was very quick to start to finger her own vulva right in front of her while letting out small satisfied groans with each insertion.

The sight of Gretchen using her finger on herself like this, quickly captivated the girl like she had never been before. Just sitting there and watching Gretchen do this now was making her own very awake treasure start to really ache and twitch even more violently as she watched her friend shutter with her own pleasure.

Spinnelli realized that while Gretchen had been pleasuring her, Gretchen herself had just been feeling like her, but had received no touches from her. Spinnelli thought about what she was about to do for a second, and only a second. Gretchen had made her feel so good, the least she could do as return the favor. That made the tomboy feel even more excited than she already had been, as she eyes the little wet fold of her friends place, perfectly framed by the little wisps of brown hair.

Impulsively, Spinnelli leaned in and began to kneed one of her hands over Gretchen's small breasts. She felt them almost jealously, as they were quite a bit bigger than her own at the moment, but that feeling quickly turned into passion as she felt the amazing warmth of the breast radiating onto the palms of her hands. She just held them, experiencing them wholly.

They were so firm and felt alive under her touch, and she noted that her friend’s very deep groans had now became even more louder and breathing became labored as she touched them. She squeezed the mounds so lightly, and took great pleasure from hearing the low vocalized response that was murmured from her friend’s chest.... it told her that Gretchen loved what she had done

Gretchen realized what was happening and her eyes snapped open and her fingers left her pussy. She could feel her friend’s hands quickly moving down to where her own hand had been moved from. She felt the girl’s fingertips now on her stimulated folds, and instantly felt a shutter wrack her... as she could honestly feel what was to come.

"Spinnelli, I-" She stammered, as she felt the fingers of her friend right at her very wet opening... waiting deliciously to go in..

"Gretch... Call me Ashley." Spinnelli said as she placed one of her non-busy fingers on Gretchen’s lips to stop her from talking.

Gretchen stared very shocked at the girl. Spinnelli had never let anyone call her by her first name ever, even after they all had discovered it back in an earlier grade. She looked into her friend’s face, which was only a short distance away from her’s, and saw there was a flash of pure heat that was flaring in those eyes. She locked her gaze with Ashley’s, and felt a closeness she had never had with the girl before.

" Ashley..." She sighed, and closed her eyes a little. " I like that..."

" Me too..." Spinnelli breathed.

Spinnelli leaned more forward and kissed Gretchen’s soft lips, showing that she liked the girl calling her Ashley. She found that those lips were soft and full, the braces that the girl had worn for a long while a few years ago had really helped with her buckteeth, now her smile had always looked perfect to her. To Spinnelli, those lips she now was kissing seemed to be full of a sparking energy that stimulated her, urging her to deeply enjoy them with ever soft brush of her own lips on Gretchen’s. She closed her eyes herself with a little cooing sound in the back of her mouth, and let herself do exactly that.

Spinnelli's one hand moved a little and she let one more of her fingers gently entered Gretchen's soaking folds. She could feel the girl’s heartbeat, as the soft insides gripped her fingers gently.

"Oh, Ashley." Moaned Gretchen loudly, feeling the digit slight easily into her wet channel. " Please... deeper!!"

Ashley leaned down and licked and began to suck on one of Gretchen's nipples with great hunger, while at the same time slowly pumping her fingers into the girl’s excited body and reveling at how softly the girl’s body gripped her fingers. When she began to hear a cooing sound emanating from the brainy girl’s throat, that made her own sex begin to twitch ten times harder, and spurred her hand on to a faster pace into Gretchen.

Instincts now leading her, Gretchen let her hand suddenly then went back to the girl’s excited vulva and then maneuvered two of her’s fingers back into Ashley's wetness. Right up to the top knuckles she put her fingers in as far in as she could reach, feeling the silky soft wetness of Spinnelli’s clamp down on her digits as she probed.

Ashley nearly collapsed as the carnal pleasures raged in her body once again, but she made sure not allow her own hand from coming out of the girl’s pussy. She let out a murmur of contentment while she pumped Gretchen's pussy more vigorously while she was so very aware of the fingers that were plunged up inside of her too. The two girls hand came into a sort of synchronicity with one another in seconds, mirroring movements stroke by stroke.

The room was alive with this feeling of energy, as the two let one another fuel each other’s lust. Even the noise of the loud television downstairs did not disturb either one of the girls, as they were both focused one the person they were with... and that really did fuel their pleasures they both gave. They were... almost one with one another.

Gretchen moaned deeply and arched her back while grinding her hips in rhythm to Spinnelli's now very active fingers as she felt her body now was dosed with a heavy coating of sweat. She had already given up all recourse to stop this... now was giving herself entirely to the amazing tomboy that was bringing her so much pleasure.

Spinnelli was also in the throws of her lusts, grinding her own hips in rhythm to Gretchen's talented fingers.... making them go as deep as they could possibly have gotten into her. They continued like this in a frenzied dance of mutual lusts, their moans were starting to resonate throughout the room even as they fought not to get any louder than they already were... but stopping them was about as impossible as anything could be.

Gretchen had never felt anything this good before, even on her own. The girl had masturbated herself many times before on her own, but actually having someone else doing it to you was a whole different experience... and made all of those sensations feel ten times stronger. She felt the pure pleasure tear its way through her body, making her groan breathlessly and her body shake and literally quiver with the pure hedonistic pleasure that she only wanted more of the same to come for her

"Oh Ashley... make me explode!!" She said a little loud, yet not even caring now if her parents were in the house. She knew she wanted the girl to get her off, and she wanted it now.

Ashley could feel the pressure and tingling begin to build up deep in her own body. She still did not quite know what it was, but every single part of her being was wanting whatever it was to come and take her over. She bit her lip, as she began to feel as if she was on the verge of exploding even as her own hand was still moving fingers frantically into the brainy girl’s private spot. Instinct told her to continue, and to let whatever was happing to her... to simply come when it wanted to.

Gretchen was now in her pre-orgasm build-up, but she was so damned close to falling over that ledge of pleasure that she could feel its power. She could feel ever movement that Spinnelli was doing, and that was making all of it feel even more intense. Those wonderful finger were buried deep inside of her and hitting spots that she only had done a few times on her own. Shuttering with her becoming more aware of her own body at the moment, she already could tell that her release was not very far off.

Spinnelli could tell by the pressure of the muscles around her fingers, from what she sort of knew, that the girl was on the brink of something. She suddenly had an idea to help her friend along, something that had suddenly came to her. she leaned over, careful not to have Gretchen's fingers slide out of her own pussy. She maneuvered herself until her face was between the brain’s long legs and placed only centimeters away from Gretchen's pretty rose colored folds.

Ashley could smell Gretchen’s sweet aroma, and this began to aroused her even more and brought her slightly closer to orgasm as Gretchen’s fingers had never stopped. She sniffed Gretchen's sweet perfume for several more seconds, and then she couldn't resist anymore. Not removing her fingers from Gretchen's love hole, Ashley leaned her head in and firmly began licking the outer folds of the girl’s mound around were her fingers were.

"Holy whomping Mother-of-Jesus!!!! Don't stop doing that, Ashley!!" Breathed Gretchen loudly as this entirely new sensation burst its way through her entire body, and took over everything inside of her. " Lick me!!!"


Gretchen had a massive body spasm and her whole body did sharply twitch under the girl’s tongue. Her violent twitching ending up ramming her fingers quite deeply into Ashley's very excited place, and Spinnelli gasped with her own sensation, but she never let her tongue once stop or even to slow down any. She continued to use her tongue and fingers with great vigor, while the girl under her tongue had started to spasm like crazy every time she did something.

Ashley’s very soul was on fire, she couldn't hold out much longer under all of this. It took all of her willpower she had not to start twitching and writhing like Gretchen was under her tongue, but she also knew that she was losing control of her own self fast. Continuing to pleasure the girl, Ashley already instinctively knew that she would not be able to stave it off this feeling for much longer..

Ashley lowered her head more and licked at Gretchen's alive rose petals, trailing it all around her fingers that were still plunged deeply in the hole. Again this caused another spasm that seemed to make Gretchen’s fingers thrust deeper into Ashley's fully awakened body. The two could hardly believe the power that their bodies were holding back, and what power could be released very soon.

This all was the start of the chain reaction that neither girl could ever have foreseen, what would be coming in only a few short seconds could be described as being biblical per portions for both of the girls.

Spinnelli’s virginity had long since been taken by Gretchen's lively fingers, but so good were the feelings that ravaged her body, she hadn't really noticed when it had happened for her. All she knew right now was how good the thin but pliable fingers of her friend’s felt probing so deep inside of her, exploring her with utter and complete abandon while making the forces that were building in her begin to reach a crescendo.

Soon a frenzy took them over, each feeling the rise of their individual orgasms that almost was mirroring one another to a tee. They both were now jamming their fingers into one another as fast as the could, the dance of the orgasms was coming to the culmination, both were on the edge of that same precipice and were teetering towards whatever explosive that begged to be released in it’s time.

Spinnelli could feel the pleasure in her pussy was becoming way too much, she couldn't hold on for more than a few seconds more... every part of her ready for just that moment to finally come. One more spasm from Gretchen wouldn't just send her over the edge, it would blast her over like out of a cannon and she knew it. She decided to go all out and rammed her face into Gretchen’s pussy and began to lick away at the soft, warm, sweet folds with everything that she had... fueled by her inner needs

Gretchen did spasm like Spinnelli knew she would, and those fingers were quickly and deliciously rammed right inside, the tips hitting a spot she never knew was even in herself. The tomboy felt her orgasm hit, and then it overtook her while her friend’s body was now vibrating as well. She shuttered, and it was now completely in charge.

She felt the folds of Gretchen's treasure grow tight around her finger for half a second, then Gretchen began to scream and vibrate, the juices then exploded all over Ashley's face and hand like a waterfall, as she had drove the girl right over the climatic edge. She smiled into Gretchen’s folds, and felt her resolve fizzle herself. The orgasm produced the biggest spasm ever and Gretchen's entire hand was almost rammed straight up Spinnelli's tight treasure.

Ashley could not stop herself from then screaming into the girl’ pussy as her own orgasm began to ravage its way through her body. Her pussy juices squirted over Gretchen's hand and dripped onto the mattress as the girl’s pussy kept drenching her with waves upon waves of sweet nectar that she happily lapped up.

The girls vibrated, mirroring one another in a orgasmic dance that seemed to linger deliciously, unabated for many minutes. The power of each one’s climax seemed to fuel the others orgasm, bringing even more waves of them out as they thrashing around, the climaxes assaulting senses and mind alike. It seemed like that went on for the longest time, orgasm for orgasm, the two were held fast by the releases.

The two girls finally collapsed in a heap of sweatiness, laboring hard to catch their breath as their orgasms finally decided to slowly ebb off. Both were now feeling thoroughly satisfied and soaked with sweat and each other’s love juices. They lay there in the stillness of Gretchen’s small room, wondering what had just hit them, yet smiling at the feeling of absolute peace cloaked them.

Spinnelli licked her lips and found she could still taste Gretchen’s sweet juices on them, as it lingered nicely on her tastebuds. She looked over at the girl as she wriggled to lay side by side with the girl, looking lovingly into those eyes..

"You know what...." Ashley asked, still panting and feeling her heart pounding away. "I wish that exterminator would take longer than just four days to finish doin’ up our house."

" We got a few days more of you stayin’ here still..." Gretchen pointed put, smiling broadly as she did so. " We can continue perhaps ‘explore’ this a little more at length, you know..."

" A few days more of this..." Ashley echoed with a swooning tone heard in her voice. " I like that thought."

" Me too..." Gretchen said, seeing the excited reaction right on Ashley’s sweat sparkling face.

Ashley beamed at the thought, as she moved a little closer into the girl with her on the mattress. Neither one of them seemed to be in any hurry of leaving the other side.

Where ever their pyjamas had either fallen or had bee thrown, it was apparent that they were going to be staying right where they were. The two tired girls just pulled the covers up over them, so as to make sure no one, especially Gretch’s parents, know what had happened between the two girls on this most magical of nights.

They seemed to have came to a silently agreement between each other. They wanted this first night of their mutual awakening be just their’s alone. Parents and anyone else never had to know about it, it seemed like that was such a gift for them both as they lay there in the grip of the afterglow they had.

They two fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms that kept them ever so close, each with extremely wide smiles on their faces. They slept soundly, their naked bodies touching until they would awaken the next morning.

They were hoping to wake up early the next day, to explore one another once more before the parents would be up and about.



The End... or is it?

[End notes: Author's Notes:  I rewrote this one, because I felt like it needed to be.  There is a second part that is going up right away.  I hope that this Recess FanFic people really like.  I had fun doing the rewrites and the new story part as well.   If I get enough feedback, there might be a third enstallment, with a twist only I could come up with.]

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