Story: Red Carnation (all chapters)

Authors: Dizzy

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Chapter 1

Title: For a Friend

[Author's notes:


This chapter is mainly smut and hentai. :] Vague hints of the storyline are echoed throughout this chapter. You have been warned. Mainly smut.



Her door had been shut, but unlocked.

The reason she was doing this? She was supposed to be in love with Rin, after all. Not Nerine. Besides, Nerine had fallen for Rin as well, and there was no doubt that the demoness hadn’t been considering having any feelings towards anyone else, and another girl, especially.

Sia twisted the wing of her right nipple. She exhaled loudly, crossing her legs desperately to relieve the tightness in her panties. Her left hand continued to weigh and grip her left breast. This desire to be with Nerine, her very own cousin, and to ravish her body… it was wrong.

Or was it?

 Sia had been confusing herself lately. The closest she had gotten to Nerine’s sex would have to be the yuri “Demoness x Goddess” porn she had been masturbating to, day after day. Her thighs ached, disturbed by the females on the screen who were now thrusting their crotches together in a frenzy of dream lust, their desires howling to Sia, who shifted her legs, rubbing her thighs against each other, in futile attempt.

 Biting her lip, the female dared to open her eyes, and behold the sights of the two girls displayed on the screen. The blue haired female’s chest was prodding persistently against the brunette goddess’s as the wailed, their bodies sticky with bodily fluids. Sia had wanted to push herself against Nerine for a while now, but had restrained herself for months.

 She had lied to herself.

To protect herself from the humiliation of being rejected, she had told everyone:

“I love Rin.”

That was the biggest lie she had ever told anyone.

Who did she really love? Was it her cousin, Nerine, or did she really just feel bicurious and horny? Was she a lesbian? Lisianthus couldn’t answer these questions. She was unsure of herself.

The temptation came to slip her fingers down her panties, but she refused to do so, stubbornly. She wrenched her legs together, as she watched the goddess suckle a tit of the demon girl, hungrily. Her heart sped in pace, but not to an extreme. The discomfort in her underwear strengthened, causing the burgundy mopped eyewitness to grunt, quietly.

The doorknob turned just as the females in the porno climaxed, sprays of cum raining all over their slick bodies in long, translucent globs. They screamed each other’s names, as the guest who had turned the doorknob stepped in, her crimson orbs taking in the scene in scrutinization.

 Of course it had been Nerine who entered.

She, too, had been home alone and had intended come to keep Lisianthus company, so that the two of them would not have to reside in boredom. It seemed she had intruded during one of those personal moments; a blush scrawled itself upon Sia’s cheeks.

The demoness’s voice leaked from her lips, “Sia? What are you…? I’m sorry to walk in on you while you’re…” she felt a light throb between her legs, overhearing the hentai movie, but dismissed it.

The redhead’s hands scrambled and exited from the media player, a yuri hentai picture gallery, and another tab of yuri movies prepared to be played one after another. Her thighs, against her will, trembled violently, as well as her whole body, not only with hormones, but now accompanied by mortification of the passing of the events, “N-No! Nerine! It’s f-fine! It really is!” she stuttered, wildly. The pain caused by her aroused love hole was slowly growing, and expanded itself, quickly like a yawn. The goddess’s frame lurched forwards in reaction to the surprise prick, and she whimpered audibly, before she found herself on the floor of her room, her hands between her legs.

 She rubbed at her core impatiently, hoping that the ache would be soothed and that she and Nerine would both be able to forget about this later. Tears were fighting their ways against the blockade of the princess’s eyelashes, and struggled to attempt to seize the girl’s face. “I’m not sure why—it… it’s… I am so sorry, Nerine, I didn’t plan for anyone to…”

The bluenette crouched next to the young goddess, and tenderly brushed strands of reddish brown from her face, “Don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly normal… I’m pretty sure nobody thinks that someone will walk in on them when they’re stimulating them self.” She smiled, warmly; though watching her cousin create friction against her own pussy caused her to get a little excited.

Sia avoided eye contact as she spoke, “You must think I’m pretty weird. Masturbating to lesbian porn.”

There was a string of silence.

Scarlet optics peered to the side as their host, Nerine, thought of how to respond, “Not nessicarily,” she replied. The pitch of her voice had laid itself out so that she could add to her answer. Thoughts scrolled through her mindstream, and she added, “This sort of thing is very common in the realm of the demons. You’re being adventurous. You’re playing against the rules… daring to be different. I think it’s kind of admirable, actually,” she had finished. She hooked blue strands of hair behind her ear as the golden eyes of the redhead peeked up at her, in slight awe.

Lisianthus held her tongue before she risked her reputation, “…Nerine…is it…normal in the demon realm for somebody to want to have sex with a cousin of the same gender?”
Her eyes cast themselves downwards again, and she waited for the demoness’s ominous reply.

Nerine, surprisingly, giggled at this question. “Ofcourse! All kinds of dirty thoughts and yearnings float around the realm of the demons. We are demons after all.” It took the bluenette a moment to grasp the concept of Sia’s proposal.

When she did decipher its meaning, her heart skipped a beat.

Sia? Was this really Sia who wanted to embrace her in intercourse?

“S-Sia? Are you trying to tell me that you want to…?” the demoness’s voice trailed, as she watched the goddess lay upon the carpeting. This indirect statement had caused Nerine’s hormones to flutter. Her hunger to sin began to pound between her inner thighs, as she stared at the female impatiently for her answer. Heat radiated lightly from the slit, the teasing of the goddess, feeding its curiousity.

The girl lying on the floor with her fingers stroking her panties desperately, didn’t answer.

This silence caused Nerine’s sex to dampen her own underwear. She watched Sia, lust filling her eyes of garnet, and she crawled atop the goddess, who watched her hungrily, sorrowfully... The bluenette’s voice spoke, quietly, “That’s a yes, then, Sia? This kind of thing is normal for demons… I can satisfy your needs, for a friend’s sake…” her voice was a promise in the goddess’s ear. 

Lisianthus provoked Nerine with a tongue drenched in sticky, hot, saliva that painted a trail along her cousin’s chin, and then passionately pushed itself through the entrance of the demon’s mouth.
She moaned, loudly, in representation of her gratitude, and pushed her body upwards, against the frame of the demon atop her.

Nerine didn’t hesitate to battle back, just as aggressive as the female she had pinned to the ground. Her tongue, also drenched in an immense amount of dripping warm saliva, circled her partner’s. The sound of their spittle colliding and lapping together turned the demon on further, and she ravenously began to work her tongue more viciously.
Both of their tongues hung out of their lips hotly, and they lolled about each other’s in frantic lust, the slaver dripping from its source, the tongues, in many long, thin strings.

Sia grunted repeatedly, as she challenged the bluenette for dominance with her tongue.  The saliva had fallen and run down the curves of the goddess’s now bare chest. The demoness had not only succeeded in freeing the redhead from her shirt, but she had also succeeded in removing her own blouse. Her hands skillfully unclasped her own bra. This undergarment, the only form of resistance from her breasts’ freedom, let itself loose, the large, previously concealed, curves bouncing forward, in relief.

As the goddess aided Nerine by reeling the bra down her cousin’s shoulders, the scarlet-eyed female helped herself by releasing the bra that had earlier rested upon the top of Sia’s perky boobs. The two girls were now both topless, their previous garments lying on the floor around them. 

This had been the sight Sia yearned for.

In sudden fetish, the redhead pushed the demoness below her, and began to grind her body into her cousin’s, specifically, their breasts. Even through their skirts, the females could feel their emotions throbbing against each other through their crotches, and the feeling of the other’s stimulation only made them wetter. Their lips parted, both of them gasping for air, as the saliva attempted to reconnect them, “Ne-Nerine… our breasts are…” there was a drop in her panties.

 Sia couldn’t keep her eyes from the grinding of their breasts; this stimulated her like nothing else, and she separated her legs, instinctively, as her hazel orbs feasted on the motion that Nerine’s and her own breasts created as they pressed  and grated violently against each other’s.  Their tits grazed against each others, and Sia felt her throat salivate. She moaned, repeatedly, as she began to thrust her upper torso frantically against Nerine’s, their nipples, erect, caressing in whatever pattern she pleased.

Nerine watched the actions, hazed with lust, and began to press her chest into that of Sia’s when she came down to grind their tits together. She was breathing heavily, and her leg raised itself, her thigh resting against the soaked panty clothed cunt of the burgundy haired female atop her. Sia began to rub her pussy desperately against the thigh of Nerine, this animal-like action turning the demoness on like nothing else. Nerine felt her clit swell, and could judge that her panties were likely no drier than Sia’s. The bluenette’s hands ventured downwards, towards her own soggy underwear , and began to stroke the opening, with heavy pressure. She whimpered repetitively as the goddess atop her cupped her boobs, and began to knead them, and rotate them in wide circles.

‘I’ve wanted this for too long. Too long… for so long I’ve wanted to fuck Nerine.’

 Nerine had never had her chest played with like this before, and she howled when Sia began to twist and tug at her nipples, as she continued to row her breasts in circles. 

“S-Sia! Th-that feels --!” Her statement was interfered with by a loud pleasured wail. 

 Juices began to leak out of the demoness’s sex, and she, compulsively, ran her fingers under her panties and began to prod at her outer folds to tame the ache, ‘I’m not sure how much longer I can handle being teased like this…’

Sia had left a slick layer of fluid coated along the skin of Nerine’s thigh, even through her panties.

 On occasion, the yearning to be satisfied would be too powerful for the goddess to handle, and her legs would buckle tightly around the leg of the bluenette, as lubrication splurted in small quantities inside of her panties.  

It was during one of these opportunities when Nerine took dominance again.

Not able to restrict herself any longer, Nerine ravenously yanked Sia’s panties from her love hole, and tugged them completely off of one leg. The panties hung, discarded, on Lisianthus’s left thigh, as Nerine pulled Sia’s upper frame from the ground and held it against her, grazing their nipples together once again. Both of the females’ tits had become swollen, and were glowing red from stimulation. The redhead grinded their tits brashly, and watched, in a painful famish. 

Sia leaned forward with a distinct husky breath, and bit onto one of the erect nubs of the female she had been ravishing. Nerine’s moans of pleasure increased in volume as the goddess began to nibble, and eventually chew on her right nipple. The demon held her own left breast up, and began to grind it against Sia’s right, their scarlet tits crushing against one another, “Sia, this is…-- is so--…” she couldn’t think of anything less blunt, “—st-stimulating..!”
 Sia aided Nerine’s eye candy by lifting her right breast upwards, and helping her with the grazing by copying her movements.  Sia was barely able to answer, due to the intensity of the moment, “—Our nipples…are so hard—it feels so…”

The cousins stared at each other, both in a heat of desire.

 This lock of eye contact caused them both to lean into lip lockage, and they engaged in passionate frenching once again, dismissing their conversation. Nerine managed to remove her panties, and now was focusing on removing their skirts. Her fingers worked nimbly, unbuttoning and unzipping, successfully removing all clothing. Sia had been too occupied in slurping the saliva from the ruby-eyed female’s tongue to notice the position that Nerine was preparing them for. The bluenette wasn’t going to deprive her clit for much longer, nor would Lisianthus’s be ignored. The demoness intertwined their legs. They were now in position to scissor fight.Nerine began to grate her pussy against Sia’s, “Fuck me, Lisianthus!” Her cousin didn’t hesitate to return the favor, by grinding hers into the bluenette’s, “I’m fucking my cousin! I’m—I’m a naughty girl! I’m a dirty slut!” she howled, horny. The two of them could feel their clits pounding in syncopation, and their pussies now heavily leaked with juice. Their excitement had been hanging all over their inner thighs, in capillaries.  The girls huffed, their clits rubbing intensely, their climaxes coming.

Both females wailed, loudly, their voices creating a strident harmony that could arouse anyone who may have happened to overhear. Sia was using Nerine’s right nipple as a release, and bit down on it with immense force when her thighs would ache.

The demoness loved it when Lisianthus resorted to suckling her tits. At one point, Nerine had bitten down on her own nipple to balance the ecstasy she gained from the feeling. They both chewed on the bluenette’s perked tits, as they mercilessly thrusted their throbbing clits together.

Sia was the first to release the aroused nipple from her teeth, as she screamed in pleasure, a string of saliva clinging from the tip of Nerine’s red tit to Sia’s lower lip. “Nerine---! I’m about to--! About to—,“ Her inner thighs quivered, convulsively, before a rapid of cum spilled from her crevice and splashed against Nerine’s. Her legs straightened as another wave came rushing out, the sticky substance now dripping from both of the girls’ thighs.

Nerine had been tugging at Lisianthus’s swollen nipples as the goddess came, and she smirked, devilishly, an action that one rarely saw, though the bluenette had ironically been dubbed the princess of demons. “…Lisianthus, you’re so sensitive, you dirty whore…” she breathed, huskily, as she thrashed her clit into Sia’s. Another torrent of cum bursted from Sia’s sex, and she wailed, erotically.

The demoness knew soon she would have no room to talk. Sia’s cries of ecstasy and lust stimulated her, and now that Sia had plotted her revenge, she was bound to bust, too.  The redhead had separated the scissor fight, and now laid herself down on her belly afront Nerine’s dripping cunt.

Her fingers trailed the innards of Nerine’s thighs, causing the demoness to gasp, and wrench her legs together,


 Sia was determined. She pried the slick thighs apart, and nosed her way towards her cousin’s pussy. The fragrance of the female’s cunt made Sia light headed, and fed her slutty actions. She caressed the demoness’s crevice with her nose, before she prodded her tongue into the inner folds of Nerine’s cunt, “We’ll see who’s sensitive…” she muttered, around the female’s pussy.

Whimpers escaped the bluenette’s lips as she occupied her hands by twisting her  own nipples which were sharp with pain. Her mouth hung open, her tongue lolling lazily to the side, still dripping with the slaver that had salivated during her frenzy.  Nerine panting heavily, and finally, she couldn’t handle anymore, “Lisianthus…! Y-you’re so wrong!” she howled, before a massive tsunami of cum splurted from her pussy, drenching the goddess’s pretty face and hair. The demoness thrusted her pussy towards Sia’s face in desperate lust.

Sia giggled darkly in response, licking the juice from her face. Her left hand occupied itself by probing her own love hole, her fingers toying with her inner folds. As for her mouth, she managed to chew on Nerine’s clit, causing another flood of lubrication to rush from the demoness’s sex.  Nerine was wailing and screaming, before her legs wrapped around Sia’s head, pulling it further into her cunt, “A-Again! Do it again, Lisianthus! Do it again…!” she begged, before howling again when the redhead proceeded into gnawing her cousin’s clit once again.

Even more honey surfed out of Nerine, and Sia smirked, ominously, as she began to lick at the bluenette’s cunt and inner thighs to clean up. The demoness’s breasts raised and lowered as she heaved for air. She watched Sia lick up her mess, and her crevice trembled, in attempt to cum again. Only a small quantity of liquid leaked out, and the golden eyed female caught it with her tongue.

Nerine was eyeing the gleam of her lubricant on Sia’s face, hair, and breasts. Her tongue wanted to taste Sia’s cum, and she stopped twisting her swollen tits and crawled beneath her cousin until they were positioned for a 69. Sia had came so heavily before that her juices had been dripping down her thighs, running down as far as to her inner knees, “You’re so nasty, Sia--! Wanting to eat out your own cousin like this--, “ she mentioned. Sia bit down on Nerine’s clit again, causing the bluenette to jolt in ecstasy with another wail.

Her crimson optics watched as Lisianthus’s fingers prodded at her own pussy, toying with herself. Nerine licked at her cousins fingers, and ultimately began to tongue at the goddess’s clit. Sia withdrew her breath in a squeal, and she feasted on Nerine’s cunt.  In response, the demoness’s thighs clenched around Sia’s neck, and pulled her down. Their fiery wet bodies lay against each other, both girls whimpering as they fed on each other’s lubrication.

Nerine began to thrust her frame against Sia’s, who began to thrust back, “Itoko-sama!!” They both howled in savage lust, before the final torrent of cum bursted from their sexes.

Their bodies were now drenched in their desire, sweat, and juices. They laid exhausted against each other, but their hormones still rushed with full energy. With their experience coming to an end, the girls lapped their tongues against each other, cleaning up the product of their sin.



“Thank you for doing this for me…”

“…Anything for a friend, Sia.”


For a friend. Anything for a friend.


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