Story: Tales of Darkness - Everlust (chapter 3)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 3

Title: The Twins and the Silver Star Club

“Gods, I’m so-o-o-o-o-o bored!” Hunichi complained as she lay on a sofa in the dining room, carefully studying every single detail of her white latex boots.

“You tell me; I haven’t had any fun since that Adrina chick yesterday” Cyria replied, entering from the kitchen a glass of water in her hand.

“I still don’t get why I decided to stay; I feel kinda like a harem slave girl...” Adrina now walked in from the balcony, her pink ponytails still blowing in the silent wind.

“Because you’re hot and that the mistress likes you?” Hunichi teased; however, before Adrina could reply, a soft beep was heard from a small silvery box on the wall above the sofa.

“Ah, today’s Terra Daily’s up” Hunichi said; as she pressed a small blue bottom, a hologram appeared in the air, Hunichi reading the articles.

“Lemme see; politics, no way in Hell; entertainment, hmmm...oh my Gods! Girls! Have a look at this!” Hunichi now nearly yelled, Cyria and Adrina walking over to her.

“Oh my Gods; who are those two??” Cyria asked, seeing a small article with a picture of two completely identical blonde girls in a cuddling position, both of them wearing latex fetish outfits and smiling happily and playfully at each other.

“’Alexia and Annia are inviting you to a time of your life, only at ‘The Silver Star’; access is open to the public, but interviews and services are only open to VIPs: So come and have some fun; we’ll be waiting!’” Hunichi read from the article, Cyria, Adrina and herself exchanging giggles.

“Well, they’re kinda cute, but it’s only for VIPs at that club...” Adrina sighed in disappointment.

“Well, as luck would have it, I’ve been there often enough to have a VIP access pass” Hyracha’s voice was now heard as she stepped out from her room, holding a small, silvery trinket with the mark of an eight-tipped star up.

“Can, can we get in, as well??” Hunichi asked hopefully, knowing her mistress had indeed been to that exact club plenty of times, always returning with a huge grin on her lips.

“Surely, just as long as you behave; it’s kinda a classy place, well, that is until you get along with the girls” Hyracha said, her girls smiling expectantly at her.

“Well, whatcha waiting for? Get your coats! We’ll be leaving right away” Hyracha winked, the girls near bolting up and heading for their rooms.

“Hmm, better check if the car’s powered up...” Hyracha mumbled to herself, heading for her hover car parked at the balcony outside.

“So; you ready for tonight’s big show?” Alexia asked her sister as she helped her into her costume.

“I’m a little nervous; it’s our first time on stage, so I kinda...” Annia said uncertainly, although her sister’s touch comforted her.

“It’s not all just for show, silly; when I go crazy on you it’s not just because of the tanras we’ll be getting...” Alexia now leaned down and licked teasingly on her sister’s neck; “’s because I want you and love you, and I’m not afraid on people’s opinion on that.”

“Really? I had no idea” Annia teased back, the two sisters sharing a quick giggle.

“So don’t you worry and let’s focus on giving those girls out there a night they’ll always remember...” Alexia now nipped Annia’s right ear, her sister’s small moans and chuckles enough to start the fire that they both were to put to flame tonight.

“OK, girls; you’re on in ten minutes! The voice of the club owner, Bianca, were now heard outside the room; although she could be strict, she provided a safe haven for the two sisters as well as the other performing girls.

“Yo, girls...” a shin’saras girl now walked by outside the dressing room, smiling at them; “...good luck tonight; I hope you’ll do well.”

“We’ll do that, Zunnie!” Alexia yelled back as the black-haired shin’saras girl walked down the corridor outside.

“You saw her last night? It was really good” Alexia now asked her twin sister.

“Are you kidding?? Some upper city brat comes bragging in here, pays for her to molest her and she ends up losing her face to all her rich friends!” Annia now outright laughed; “it was priceless!”

“Yeah, but I got a little ticked off when she yelled about reporting Zunnie; talk about an attitude problem...” Alexia sighed, sitting down beside her sister, stroking her long blonde hair.

“No matter what happens on stage tonight, Annia, you must know this...” Alexia said in an honest tone, Annia listening carefully to her sister.

“I love you, and I will never love anyone else as much as I do you; let nothing separate us...ever; can you make that promise?” Alexia now asked, Annia surprised to see her otherwise so funny and happy sister so serious that tears seemed to form in her eyelids.

“Of course I can, sister; I love you, too...” Annia promised, sealing her pact by giving Alexia a deep, loving kiss, rubbing her head on her sister’s shoulder.

“Thanks, I just needed to hear it” Alexia smiled, let out a long sigh and stroke Annia’s chin slowly.

“Now we gotta find you those stockings; you really do look cute in them...” she slightly teased and flirted, Annia blushing as she opened a small drawer in the wall, taking out the folded stockings.

“Mind looking for my boots? They gotta be around here, somewhere” she asked, Alexia nodded as she began looking and crawling around in her search.

“Ihihihihih! Nice view, sissy!” Annia teased as she caught sight of her sister’s butt as she finally found her boots.

“You little brat! Is that why I was to go down there?” Alexia teased back, smiled and began moving towards her sister with a slightly perverted smile on her lips.

“Me-e-e-e-ep!” Annia yelped as Alexia began playing around with her as she fondled Annia’s breasts, the two identical girls beginning first to chuckle, then outright laugh at each other’s silliness.

“Wow; now ‘this’ is a real class club!” Adrina exclaimed in awe as she got a look at the Silver Star as Hyracha landed the car; in the form of a five-tipped star, the club’s entrance were located on each side of the star’s lowest tip.

“Welcome to the luxurious Silver Star All-Night Club; please show the tickets or VIP access passes” a drone now rolled towards them, stretching out its right claw in a gesture of waiting to receive the items it requested.

“Here’s the VIP pass, bulkhead, and the ladies are with me” Hyracha said to the drone, rather irritated with its directness.

“Forgive me Miss...Hyracha; please do come in” the drone now replied, rolling away as it returned Hyracha’s card after scanning it; stepping in, Hunichi, Adrina and Cyria first noticed and felt the softness of the floor carpet even through their boots; secondly, they witnessed a wonderful sight:

The giant circular room, all the most wondrous purple and silver-themed panels and soft techno music gave off a feeling of energy, and the pink spot lights, wildly dancing girls and soft moans from the darker areas of the room set the girls’ mood and spirits up high.

“Hiya, Zunnie; thanks for tonight!” they now saw a blue-haired girl wave and smile over her shoulders to an equally happy-looking, black-haired shin’saras girl; judging by her outfit and blindfold, they got the feeling that she might be a work girl at the Silver Star.

“Ah, Hyracha!” she now called at the succubus, storming happily towards her, pulling her into a near spine-breaking hug.

“Y-yo there, Zunnie; how are things going around here?” Hyracha now asked, smilingly loosening herself slightly from the surprisingly strong shin’saras girl.

“Meh, nothing too exciting, expect for the twins’ first performance tonight; they’re kinda nervous.”

“Who can blame them? I don’t think I’d like having to have sex with over a hundred every...move...” Cyria started, but slowly changed her mind, smiling evilly at the considered possibility for her to get a job at the club.

“Uhmm, mistress, can I have a word with you?” Adrina now asked, Hyracha nodding in reply, asking Zunnie to show Hunichi and Cyria around the club.

“I can almost smell your excitement, Adrina” Hyracha teased as they sat down by a table.

“Yeah...considered all that’s happened since you abducted me, I kinda get the feeling I know...” Adrina started, but slowed herself down, getting rather shy at the thought of what she wanted to request.

“You wanna start working here?” Hyracha asked as if she had read the pink-haired girl’s mind.

“Yes! But how did you know?” Adrina asked in complete surprise.

“I could see it in your eyes when we came in; you couldn’t keep your eyes off all those lovely ladies, could you?” Hyracha smirked at her, Adrina feeling the tip of one of Hyracha’s boots touch her panties underneath the table.

“H-hey! I’m...OK, I admit; I wanna become a stripper, like them; they’ve got it all: Cash, girls and fame” Adrina smiled, a hint of power hunger in her eyes.

“And I can’t give you that?” Hyracha giggled at her, Adrina returning it.

“I’ll always come and visit you and your girls, Hyracha; it’s the very least I can do” Adrina smiled at Hyracha, the succubus grinning at her.

“However, I’ll let you go on two conditions...” Hyracha teasingly leaned towards Adrina over the table...

“A-and those are...?” Adrina asked nervously.

“That I can molest you all I want when you’re home!” Hyracha laughed, pinching Adrina’s left nipple through her shirt.

“Hey! Ouch! That hu-u-u-urts...!” Adrina whined, although she slightly smiled in secret; she knew she would be missing Hyracha and her girls.

“When I meant ‘home’ I really meant that, Adrina; you’re welcome to stay as long as you wanna; you just gotta pay your share of the bills” Hyracha nodded, crossing her arms and leaning down in her seat.

“And this is the VIP room, girlies” Zunnie now showed Hunichi and Cyria into a dim-lit red room, with several dozens of small, red rubies inserted in the silvery steel panels; around the room were three long silver poles set on a small stage with a long catwalk out to a fourth silver pole; below the stage were a few sets of tables and chairs, all covered in luxurious red velvet and silk.

“And we’ve got free access here thanks to the mistress?! She’s the best!” Hunichi cheered, looking forward to seeing the two blonde twin sisters’ performance.

“So when are those little cuties coming on stage?” Cyria asked Zunnie.

“Hmm, in ten minutes’ time, I’d say; you can tell by the number of girlies coming in here...” Zunnie smiled, nodding in the direction of the doorway to the VIP room; quite a large group of girls were massing in, some of them carrying cold drinks or sweets, others busy groping each other.

“Better go find yourself a seat; the best ones are on the front row” Zunnie said, heading her way through the now tidal wave-like stream of girls massing in.

“I’ll be right back; I kinda think Hyracha would like to see this!” she yelled over her shoulder as she made her way out.

“Hyracha? That succubus girl??” a girl now began mumbling to a friend of hers, a girl with purple hair and wearing a police-like leather cap over a rather messy biker suit with studded boots.

“Yeah, haven’t ye heard? She’s a legend around here! Oh Gods, how I’d like to have a go at her...!” the biker girl smirked, her friend smilingly giggling at her, calling her ‘completely hopeless.’

“Mistress, can I ask something about this Zunnie girl we just meet some time ago?” Adrina asked Hyracha as they made their way for the VIP section of the club.

“Sure, go ahead” Hyracha nodded.

“Uhmmm, is she know, blind?” Adrina asked.

“No wonder you’re curious about that” Hyracha smiled to herself; “Zunnie’s a sorceress-in-training, and she claims she can better concentrate her magic when she wears that blindfold...personally I just think she likes bondage...” Hyracha chuckled.

“But who is...well, ‘training’ her then?” Adrina asked.

“Well, I heard it is her aunt, a real tough necromantrix; rumour has it she’s working for the Sharas’Car Order...” Hyracha said, a hint of bitterness in her voice.

“The Sharas’Car?? Those fanatic zealots who’s always out to protect all girls they see as victims of abuse or what’s worse?” Adrina asked in awe.

“Yeah, them; I mean, it’s a good course, but what about those girls who’d like to be molested? Like here at the Silver Star?” Hyracha asked, mostly to herself.

“Well, that order hasn’t been here yet, so why worry?” Adrina asked, clapping Hyracha encouragingly on the shoulder.

“You kinda make sense there, pinky” Hyracha teased and rustled Adrina’s hair, making her chuckle.

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