Story: Tales of Darkness - Everlust (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: The Seduction

“For the love of...Gods, what a fucked up day!” Adrina mumbled to herself as she went out the door of Holofilm, the largest cinema in New Terra.

“Well, it could’ve been worse, maybe-...” she continued mumbling to herself, when she suddenly saw it clearly reflecting on the Brightsteel road:

A large and dark shadow were increasing in size below her feet, making her turn around, making it to let out a small wail as two strong arms quickly picked her up with a flap of black, leathery wings.

“Congratulations, missy; you’re gonna make me feel really great tonight!” a teasing voice was heard over Adrina’s head; looking up, she saw what she had dreaded: Hyracha, the infamous succubus seductress, the reason that a dozen of girls had been abducted these last two weeks.

“HEY! Put me down! I don’t wanna-...!” Adrina began, but knowing the demon girl’s strength all too well from her readings of Terra Daily, she sighed and looked pleadingly at Hyracha.

“Why me?! I just work at the movies! I...I don’t even have a good appeal to you! Yes! That’s right! I’m flat as a board! You, you wouldn’t get a good screwing from me!”

“Tell ye what, hottie, you’re the third lass to try that one, so stop pretending you’re either straight or not up for it; don’t worry, I’m always gentle with beginners” Hyracha now teased, lifting Adrina further up and kissed her neck and throat, making Adrina struggle in an attempt to push Hyracha away.

“Feisty, huh? You know I kinda turn on those girls who fights back a bit?” Hyracha now giggled, making Adrina let out a surrendering sigh.

“Girlies, I’m ho-o-o-o-ome!” Hyracha now yelled joyfully as she landed and stepped from her balcony into her house; to no surprise of hers, she found Hunichi and Cyria to be playing and wrestling about, wildly shrieking and laughing in blissful joy.

“Oh my Gods! This...this can’t be good at all...” Adrina gasped as she saw the two girls approach her curiously, perverted smiles and bouncing breasts showing their intentions all too clearly.

“Now, now, girls; I promised Miss Adrina here to be gentle to her, so not bondage for starters, OK?” Hyracha said slightly strictly, Hunichi and Cyria backing down, mumbling their apologises to Adrina ever so innocently.

“Lemme go! I don’t wanna be fucked by some weirdo dykes!” Adrina now tried again to resist, but in this case, a sudden glow showed itself in Hunchi’s eyes.

“Oh-oh, shouldn’t have said that...” Hyracha warned, her and Cyria watching as Hunichi, with a feral purr and a joyful shriek, jumped on Adrina, touching her all the palces she could fight her way to.

“NYA-A-A-A-A-A-AH! Oh, Adrina! Yell at me more! Tell me I’m bad! I’m fucked! I wanna hear i-i-i-i-it!” Hunichi now yelled out, tearing off her thin white shirt and pressing her breasts against Adrina’s still-covered ones.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?! This is so...what the, I...I...” Adrina began barking, but suddenly found Hunichi’s licking through her shirt very nice; the drool ran down the shirt, Adrina’s one nipple extending and showing itself through the clothes.

“Hey mistress; wanna grab a bottle while Hunichi fires her up?” Cyria asked.

“Sure, water ‘is’ good for your body, after all” Hyracha nodded, the two of them heading for the kitchen.

“W-why does this...feel so...good??” Adrina panted as Hunichi had proceeded to remove her shirt, standing over Adrina and fingering herself as she looked at the girl under her.

“It’s because you love it! You love being fucked by a silver-haired whore and having your nipples sucked!” Hunichi smiling and excitedly smirked at her, sitting herself down on hook, baring her dripping pussy to Adrina.

“C’mon! Fuck and lick it all dry! I wanna cum and squirt all over you, baby!” Hunichi manically laughed and perversely made thrusting gestures with her pussy in the directions of Adrina’s mouth.

“Wha-what is happening to me? I feel so fucking...HO-O-O-OT! OH, COME HERE, PUS-S-Y-S-S-SY! I WANT MY FRESH PUSSY!” Adrina now completely gave into herself, tearing the leather skirt off, thrusting her pussy into Hunichi’s waiting and drooling mouth.

“OH, YE-E-E-E-EAH!!!” Hunichi shrieked, the first touch of Adrina’s tongue on her pussy making her use whatever strength she had left and pushed Adrina’s head into her pussy, the climaxing Hunichi spraying Adrina right in the face with her orgasm.

“And now...” Hunichi said, the panting Adrina still licking the soaking cum off her fingers and sweat-soaked hair; “...I’m gonna prepare you for when my mistress returns!”

“You know what? Maybe you dyke sluts aren’t so bad, after all” Adrina smiled, exchanging a drooling kiss with Hunichi as she began sucking on her tongue.

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