Story: Tales of Darkness - Everlust (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: The Huntress

“A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-argh! Uhmm, yeah!” Hunichi cried out as Hyracha grinningly began licking her nipples, swallowing up the ice-cream that covered her lover.

“”Oh, mistress! Me, too!” Cyria now moaned out loud, fanatically rubbing her pussy as the gushing sounds gave away she was close to climaxing; as Hyracha now turned around, she let a suddenly appearing tentacle of black latex slide towards Hunichi, keeping her preoccupied as Hyracha turned her attention to Cyria.

“Whatcha waiting for, you little wet slut?! Keeping rubbing! Rub it hard and good! Rub as if it was my nipple!” Hyracha encouraged wildly at Cyria, the pink-haired girl feeling herself getting even more turned on.

“OH, YE-E-E-E-E-EAH! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, LICK MY CLI-I-I-I-IT!” Cyria now yelled out as she felt her orgasm and squirted in a steady stream right in Hyracha’s face, the succubus laughing in delight as she felt the womanly love juice all over her face and body.

“Keep it up, you slut; I want your cum all over me! Keep cumming! For fuck’s sake, keeping cumming!” Hyracha wildly roared in unbridled sexual lust; gladly obeying, Cyria bend Hyracha over, sitting flat on her stomach as she continuously came unto her mistress’ latex corset.

“A-A-A-A-A-ARGH! FUCK, YEAH! UHMM...!” Hunichi now appeared as well, the latex tentacle forcibly stuck into her pussy as she sat herself over Hyracha’s head, engaging in a fiery tongue-kissing duel with Cyria.

“Good girls! Keep cumming; I want all your delicious cum all over me!” Hyracha said from below, enjoying how the sweat, cum and tears ran from herself and her girls down on her.

“FU-U-U-UCK!” Hunichi now exclaimed as she came, her cum dripping with equal amount and intensity of Cyria’s into Hyracha’s open and eager mouth, slurping the swallowing the cum.

“OH, YEAH! MORE! MORE! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, I WANT MO-O-O-ORE!” Cyria let out a whorish shriek as she now dove unto Hyracha’s pussy, licking the succubus’ pink pussy and slurping with trained precision and eagerness.

“FUCK US, MISTRESS! FUCK U-U-U-US!” Hunichi now wailed, sticking her pussy into Hyracha’s mouth, where it was licked by the horny succubus.

Meanwhile, Cyria had taken a break from her pussy-licking and instead began licking Hyracha’s boots, loving it to the utmost as she began sliding her pussy up and down it like a strip pole.

“OH, YE-E-EAH! THIS IS SO...FUCKING...HOT!!!” She exclaimed, now fingering Hyracha’s pussy with her spare hand, the horny succubus letting out small wails as she enjoyed licking Hunichi’s pussy.

After what seemed like hours, Cyria finally lifted her pink-haired head, chuckled and sat herself up and began sucking on her finger; winking suggestively at Hunichi, the silver-haired girl smiled back, now towards Cyria for yet another good time.

“Whew, I’ve sure gotten my fair share today, and even more!” Hyracha now giggled, sat herself up on hook, the cum, sweat and tears still dripping from her latex skin.

“Hope you’ll behave and have a good and fair fuck, girls; I’m heading for the showers” she said as she rose up, thanking modern technology that she was not the one to clean up her bed; it looked like a regular swimming pool of cum, orgasm and all-girl sex.

“Hey, Cyria; it’s time for shower sex!” Hunichi’s eyes now lit up, soon followed by an eager grin from Cyria.

“WA-A-A-AIT FOR U-U-U-US!” they yelled as they raced after Hyracha, leaving what little they had worn for starters behind on the bed.

“Oh, not aga-a-a-a-ain...” Hyracha imitated a tired sigh, but soon caught her two closest lover under each arms, rustling their hair.

“You make this hot succubus really happy all the time, babes, but tonight I’m heading for a hunt” she said smiling at the two of them as they exchanged smiles; they could certainly go on a few hours without Hyracha, and maybe she would even bring a new, hot girl home with her.

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