Story: Tales of Darkness - Everlust (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: The Huntress

“A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-argh! Uhmm, yeah!” Hunichi cried out as Hyracha grinningly began licking her nipples, swallowing up the ice-cream that covered her lover.

“”Oh, mistress! Me, too!” Cyria now moaned out loud, fanatically rubbing her pussy as the gushing sounds gave away she was close to climaxing; as Hyracha now turned around, she let a suddenly appearing tentacle of black latex slide towards Hunichi, keeping her preoccupied as Hyracha turned her attention to Cyria.

“Whatcha waiting for, you little wet slut?! Keeping rubbing! Rub it hard and good! Rub as if it was my nipple!” Hyracha encouraged wildly at Cyria, the pink-haired girl feeling herself getting even more turned on.

“OH, YE-E-E-E-E-EAH! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, LICK MY CLI-I-I-I-IT!” Cyria now yelled out as she felt her orgasm and squirted in a steady stream right in Hyracha’s face, the succubus laughing in delight as she felt the womanly love juice all over her face and body.

“Keep it up, you slut; I want your cum all over me! Keep cumming! For fuck’s sake, keeping cumming!” Hyracha wildly roared in unbridled sexual lust; gladly obeying, Cyria bend Hyracha over, sitting flat on her stomach as she continuously came unto her mistress’ latex corset.

“A-A-A-A-A-ARGH! FUCK, YEAH! UHMM...!” Hunichi now appeared as well, the latex tentacle forcibly stuck into her pussy as she sat herself over Hyracha’s head, engaging in a fiery tongue-kissing duel with Cyria.

“Good girls! Keep cumming; I want all your delicious cum all over me!” Hyracha said from below, enjoying how the sweat, cum and tears ran from herself and her girls down on her.

“FU-U-U-UCK!” Hunichi now exclaimed as she came, her cum dripping with equal amount and intensity of Cyria’s into Hyracha’s open and eager mouth, slurping the swallowing the cum.

“OH, YEAH! MORE! MORE! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, I WANT MO-O-O-ORE!” Cyria let out a whorish shriek as she now dove unto Hyracha’s pussy, licking the succubus’ pink pussy and slurping with trained precision and eagerness.

“FUCK US, MISTRESS! FUCK U-U-U-US!” Hunichi now wailed, sticking her pussy into Hyracha’s mouth, where it was licked by the horny succubus.

Meanwhile, Cyria had taken a break from her pussy-licking and instead began licking Hyracha’s boots, loving it to the utmost as she began sliding her pussy up and down it like a strip pole.

“OH, YE-E-EAH! THIS IS SO...FUCKING...HOT!!!” She exclaimed, now fingering Hyracha’s pussy with her spare hand, the horny succubus letting out small wails as she enjoyed licking Hunichi’s pussy.

After what seemed like hours, Cyria finally lifted her pink-haired head, chuckled and sat herself up and began sucking on her finger; winking suggestively at Hunichi, the silver-haired girl smiled back, now towards Cyria for yet another good time.

“Whew, I’ve sure gotten my fair share today, and even more!” Hyracha now giggled, sat herself up on hook, the cum, sweat and tears still dripping from her latex skin.

“Hope you’ll behave and have a good and fair fuck, girls; I’m heading for the showers” she said as she rose up, thanking modern technology that she was not the one to clean up her bed; it looked like a regular swimming pool of cum, orgasm and all-girl sex.

“Hey, Cyria; it’s time for shower sex!” Hunichi’s eyes now lit up, soon followed by an eager grin from Cyria.

“WA-A-A-AIT FOR U-U-U-US!” they yelled as they raced after Hyracha, leaving what little they had worn for starters behind on the bed.

“Oh, not aga-a-a-a-ain...” Hyracha imitated a tired sigh, but soon caught her two closest lover under each arms, rustling their hair.

“You make this hot succubus really happy all the time, babes, but tonight I’m heading for a hunt” she said smiling at the two of them as they exchanged smiles; they could certainly go on a few hours without Hyracha, and maybe she would even bring a new, hot girl home with her.

Chapter 2

Title: The Seduction

“For the love of...Gods, what a fucked up day!” Adrina mumbled to herself as she went out the door of Holofilm, the largest cinema in New Terra.

“Well, it could’ve been worse, maybe-...” she continued mumbling to herself, when she suddenly saw it clearly reflecting on the Brightsteel road:

A large and dark shadow were increasing in size below her feet, making her turn around, making it to let out a small wail as two strong arms quickly picked her up with a flap of black, leathery wings.

“Congratulations, missy; you’re gonna make me feel really great tonight!” a teasing voice was heard over Adrina’s head; looking up, she saw what she had dreaded: Hyracha, the infamous succubus seductress, the reason that a dozen of girls had been abducted these last two weeks.

“HEY! Put me down! I don’t wanna-...!” Adrina began, but knowing the demon girl’s strength all too well from her readings of Terra Daily, she sighed and looked pleadingly at Hyracha.

“Why me?! I just work at the movies! I...I don’t even have a good appeal to you! Yes! That’s right! I’m flat as a board! You, you wouldn’t get a good screwing from me!”

“Tell ye what, hottie, you’re the third lass to try that one, so stop pretending you’re either straight or not up for it; don’t worry, I’m always gentle with beginners” Hyracha now teased, lifting Adrina further up and kissed her neck and throat, making Adrina struggle in an attempt to push Hyracha away.

“Feisty, huh? You know I kinda turn on those girls who fights back a bit?” Hyracha now giggled, making Adrina let out a surrendering sigh.

“Girlies, I’m ho-o-o-o-ome!” Hyracha now yelled joyfully as she landed and stepped from her balcony into her house; to no surprise of hers, she found Hunichi and Cyria to be playing and wrestling about, wildly shrieking and laughing in blissful joy.

“Oh my Gods! This...this can’t be good at all...” Adrina gasped as she saw the two girls approach her curiously, perverted smiles and bouncing breasts showing their intentions all too clearly.

“Now, now, girls; I promised Miss Adrina here to be gentle to her, so not bondage for starters, OK?” Hyracha said slightly strictly, Hunichi and Cyria backing down, mumbling their apologises to Adrina ever so innocently.

“Lemme go! I don’t wanna be fucked by some weirdo dykes!” Adrina now tried again to resist, but in this case, a sudden glow showed itself in Hunchi’s eyes.

“Oh-oh, shouldn’t have said that...” Hyracha warned, her and Cyria watching as Hunichi, with a feral purr and a joyful shriek, jumped on Adrina, touching her all the palces she could fight her way to.

“NYA-A-A-A-A-A-AH! Oh, Adrina! Yell at me more! Tell me I’m bad! I’m fucked! I wanna hear i-i-i-i-it!” Hunichi now yelled out, tearing off her thin white shirt and pressing her breasts against Adrina’s still-covered ones.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?! This is so...what the, I...I...” Adrina began barking, but suddenly found Hunichi’s licking through her shirt very nice; the drool ran down the shirt, Adrina’s one nipple extending and showing itself through the clothes.

“Hey mistress; wanna grab a bottle while Hunichi fires her up?” Cyria asked.

“Sure, water ‘is’ good for your body, after all” Hyracha nodded, the two of them heading for the kitchen.

“W-why does this...feel so...good??” Adrina panted as Hunichi had proceeded to remove her shirt, standing over Adrina and fingering herself as she looked at the girl under her.

“It’s because you love it! You love being fucked by a silver-haired whore and having your nipples sucked!” Hunichi smiling and excitedly smirked at her, sitting herself down on hook, baring her dripping pussy to Adrina.

“C’mon! Fuck and lick it all dry! I wanna cum and squirt all over you, baby!” Hunichi manically laughed and perversely made thrusting gestures with her pussy in the directions of Adrina’s mouth.

“Wha-what is happening to me? I feel so fucking...HO-O-O-OT! OH, COME HERE, PUS-S-Y-S-S-SY! I WANT MY FRESH PUSSY!” Adrina now completely gave into herself, tearing the leather skirt off, thrusting her pussy into Hunichi’s waiting and drooling mouth.

“OH, YE-E-E-E-EAH!!!” Hunichi shrieked, the first touch of Adrina’s tongue on her pussy making her use whatever strength she had left and pushed Adrina’s head into her pussy, the climaxing Hunichi spraying Adrina right in the face with her orgasm.

“And now...” Hunichi said, the panting Adrina still licking the soaking cum off her fingers and sweat-soaked hair; “...I’m gonna prepare you for when my mistress returns!”

“You know what? Maybe you dyke sluts aren’t so bad, after all” Adrina smiled, exchanging a drooling kiss with Hunichi as she began sucking on her tongue.

Chapter 3

Title: The Twins and the Silver Star Club

“Gods, I’m so-o-o-o-o-o bored!” Hunichi complained as she lay on a sofa in the dining room, carefully studying every single detail of her white latex boots.

“You tell me; I haven’t had any fun since that Adrina chick yesterday” Cyria replied, entering from the kitchen a glass of water in her hand.

“I still don’t get why I decided to stay; I feel kinda like a harem slave girl...” Adrina now walked in from the balcony, her pink ponytails still blowing in the silent wind.

“Because you’re hot and that the mistress likes you?” Hunichi teased; however, before Adrina could reply, a soft beep was heard from a small silvery box on the wall above the sofa.

“Ah, today’s Terra Daily’s up” Hunichi said; as she pressed a small blue bottom, a hologram appeared in the air, Hunichi reading the articles.

“Lemme see; politics, no way in Hell; entertainment, hmmm...oh my Gods! Girls! Have a look at this!” Hunichi now nearly yelled, Cyria and Adrina walking over to her.

“Oh my Gods; who are those two??” Cyria asked, seeing a small article with a picture of two completely identical blonde girls in a cuddling position, both of them wearing latex fetish outfits and smiling happily and playfully at each other.

“’Alexia and Annia are inviting you to a time of your life, only at ‘The Silver Star’; access is open to the public, but interviews and services are only open to VIPs: So come and have some fun; we’ll be waiting!’” Hunichi read from the article, Cyria, Adrina and herself exchanging giggles.

“Well, they’re kinda cute, but it’s only for VIPs at that club...” Adrina sighed in disappointment.

“Well, as luck would have it, I’ve been there often enough to have a VIP access pass” Hyracha’s voice was now heard as she stepped out from her room, holding a small, silvery trinket with the mark of an eight-tipped star up.

“Can, can we get in, as well??” Hunichi asked hopefully, knowing her mistress had indeed been to that exact club plenty of times, always returning with a huge grin on her lips.

“Surely, just as long as you behave; it’s kinda a classy place, well, that is until you get along with the girls” Hyracha said, her girls smiling expectantly at her.

“Well, whatcha waiting for? Get your coats! We’ll be leaving right away” Hyracha winked, the girls near bolting up and heading for their rooms.

“Hmm, better check if the car’s powered up...” Hyracha mumbled to herself, heading for her hover car parked at the balcony outside.

“So; you ready for tonight’s big show?” Alexia asked her sister as she helped her into her costume.

“I’m a little nervous; it’s our first time on stage, so I kinda...” Annia said uncertainly, although her sister’s touch comforted her.

“It’s not all just for show, silly; when I go crazy on you it’s not just because of the tanras we’ll be getting...” Alexia now leaned down and licked teasingly on her sister’s neck; “’s because I want you and love you, and I’m not afraid on people’s opinion on that.”

“Really? I had no idea” Annia teased back, the two sisters sharing a quick giggle.

“So don’t you worry and let’s focus on giving those girls out there a night they’ll always remember...” Alexia now nipped Annia’s right ear, her sister’s small moans and chuckles enough to start the fire that they both were to put to flame tonight.

“OK, girls; you’re on in ten minutes! The voice of the club owner, Bianca, were now heard outside the room; although she could be strict, she provided a safe haven for the two sisters as well as the other performing girls.

“Yo, girls...” a shin’saras girl now walked by outside the dressing room, smiling at them; “...good luck tonight; I hope you’ll do well.”

“We’ll do that, Zunnie!” Alexia yelled back as the black-haired shin’saras girl walked down the corridor outside.

“You saw her last night? It was really good” Alexia now asked her twin sister.

“Are you kidding?? Some upper city brat comes bragging in here, pays for her to molest her and she ends up losing her face to all her rich friends!” Annia now outright laughed; “it was priceless!”

“Yeah, but I got a little ticked off when she yelled about reporting Zunnie; talk about an attitude problem...” Alexia sighed, sitting down beside her sister, stroking her long blonde hair.

“No matter what happens on stage tonight, Annia, you must know this...” Alexia said in an honest tone, Annia listening carefully to her sister.

“I love you, and I will never love anyone else as much as I do you; let nothing separate us...ever; can you make that promise?” Alexia now asked, Annia surprised to see her otherwise so funny and happy sister so serious that tears seemed to form in her eyelids.

“Of course I can, sister; I love you, too...” Annia promised, sealing her pact by giving Alexia a deep, loving kiss, rubbing her head on her sister’s shoulder.

“Thanks, I just needed to hear it” Alexia smiled, let out a long sigh and stroke Annia’s chin slowly.

“Now we gotta find you those stockings; you really do look cute in them...” she slightly teased and flirted, Annia blushing as she opened a small drawer in the wall, taking out the folded stockings.

“Mind looking for my boots? They gotta be around here, somewhere” she asked, Alexia nodded as she began looking and crawling around in her search.

“Ihihihihih! Nice view, sissy!” Annia teased as she caught sight of her sister’s butt as she finally found her boots.

“You little brat! Is that why I was to go down there?” Alexia teased back, smiled and began moving towards her sister with a slightly perverted smile on her lips.

“Me-e-e-e-ep!” Annia yelped as Alexia began playing around with her as she fondled Annia’s breasts, the two identical girls beginning first to chuckle, then outright laugh at each other’s silliness.

“Wow; now ‘this’ is a real class club!” Adrina exclaimed in awe as she got a look at the Silver Star as Hyracha landed the car; in the form of a five-tipped star, the club’s entrance were located on each side of the star’s lowest tip.

“Welcome to the luxurious Silver Star All-Night Club; please show the tickets or VIP access passes” a drone now rolled towards them, stretching out its right claw in a gesture of waiting to receive the items it requested.

“Here’s the VIP pass, bulkhead, and the ladies are with me” Hyracha said to the drone, rather irritated with its directness.

“Forgive me Miss...Hyracha; please do come in” the drone now replied, rolling away as it returned Hyracha’s card after scanning it; stepping in, Hunichi, Adrina and Cyria first noticed and felt the softness of the floor carpet even through their boots; secondly, they witnessed a wonderful sight:

The giant circular room, all the most wondrous purple and silver-themed panels and soft techno music gave off a feeling of energy, and the pink spot lights, wildly dancing girls and soft moans from the darker areas of the room set the girls’ mood and spirits up high.

“Hiya, Zunnie; thanks for tonight!” they now saw a blue-haired girl wave and smile over her shoulders to an equally happy-looking, black-haired shin’saras girl; judging by her outfit and blindfold, they got the feeling that she might be a work girl at the Silver Star.

“Ah, Hyracha!” she now called at the succubus, storming happily towards her, pulling her into a near spine-breaking hug.

“Y-yo there, Zunnie; how are things going around here?” Hyracha now asked, smilingly loosening herself slightly from the surprisingly strong shin’saras girl.

“Meh, nothing too exciting, expect for the twins’ first performance tonight; they’re kinda nervous.”

“Who can blame them? I don’t think I’d like having to have sex with over a hundred every...move...” Cyria started, but slowly changed her mind, smiling evilly at the considered possibility for her to get a job at the club.

“Uhmm, mistress, can I have a word with you?” Adrina now asked, Hyracha nodding in reply, asking Zunnie to show Hunichi and Cyria around the club.

“I can almost smell your excitement, Adrina” Hyracha teased as they sat down by a table.

“Yeah...considered all that’s happened since you abducted me, I kinda get the feeling I know...” Adrina started, but slowed herself down, getting rather shy at the thought of what she wanted to request.

“You wanna start working here?” Hyracha asked as if she had read the pink-haired girl’s mind.

“Yes! But how did you know?” Adrina asked in complete surprise.

“I could see it in your eyes when we came in; you couldn’t keep your eyes off all those lovely ladies, could you?” Hyracha smirked at her, Adrina feeling the tip of one of Hyracha’s boots touch her panties underneath the table.

“H-hey! I’m...OK, I admit; I wanna become a stripper, like them; they’ve got it all: Cash, girls and fame” Adrina smiled, a hint of power hunger in her eyes.

“And I can’t give you that?” Hyracha giggled at her, Adrina returning it.

“I’ll always come and visit you and your girls, Hyracha; it’s the very least I can do” Adrina smiled at Hyracha, the succubus grinning at her.

“However, I’ll let you go on two conditions...” Hyracha teasingly leaned towards Adrina over the table...

“A-and those are...?” Adrina asked nervously.

“That I can molest you all I want when you’re home!” Hyracha laughed, pinching Adrina’s left nipple through her shirt.

“Hey! Ouch! That hu-u-u-urts...!” Adrina whined, although she slightly smiled in secret; she knew she would be missing Hyracha and her girls.

“When I meant ‘home’ I really meant that, Adrina; you’re welcome to stay as long as you wanna; you just gotta pay your share of the bills” Hyracha nodded, crossing her arms and leaning down in her seat.

“And this is the VIP room, girlies” Zunnie now showed Hunichi and Cyria into a dim-lit red room, with several dozens of small, red rubies inserted in the silvery steel panels; around the room were three long silver poles set on a small stage with a long catwalk out to a fourth silver pole; below the stage were a few sets of tables and chairs, all covered in luxurious red velvet and silk.

“And we’ve got free access here thanks to the mistress?! She’s the best!” Hunichi cheered, looking forward to seeing the two blonde twin sisters’ performance.

“So when are those little cuties coming on stage?” Cyria asked Zunnie.

“Hmm, in ten minutes’ time, I’d say; you can tell by the number of girlies coming in here...” Zunnie smiled, nodding in the direction of the doorway to the VIP room; quite a large group of girls were massing in, some of them carrying cold drinks or sweets, others busy groping each other.

“Better go find yourself a seat; the best ones are on the front row” Zunnie said, heading her way through the now tidal wave-like stream of girls massing in.

“I’ll be right back; I kinda think Hyracha would like to see this!” she yelled over her shoulder as she made her way out.

“Hyracha? That succubus girl??” a girl now began mumbling to a friend of hers, a girl with purple hair and wearing a police-like leather cap over a rather messy biker suit with studded boots.

“Yeah, haven’t ye heard? She’s a legend around here! Oh Gods, how I’d like to have a go at her...!” the biker girl smirked, her friend smilingly giggling at her, calling her ‘completely hopeless.’

“Mistress, can I ask something about this Zunnie girl we just meet some time ago?” Adrina asked Hyracha as they made their way for the VIP section of the club.

“Sure, go ahead” Hyracha nodded.

“Uhmmm, is she know, blind?” Adrina asked.

“No wonder you’re curious about that” Hyracha smiled to herself; “Zunnie’s a sorceress-in-training, and she claims she can better concentrate her magic when she wears that blindfold...personally I just think she likes bondage...” Hyracha chuckled.

“But who is...well, ‘training’ her then?” Adrina asked.

“Well, I heard it is her aunt, a real tough necromantrix; rumour has it she’s working for the Sharas’Car Order...” Hyracha said, a hint of bitterness in her voice.

“The Sharas’Car?? Those fanatic zealots who’s always out to protect all girls they see as victims of abuse or what’s worse?” Adrina asked in awe.

“Yeah, them; I mean, it’s a good course, but what about those girls who’d like to be molested? Like here at the Silver Star?” Hyracha asked, mostly to herself.

“Well, that order hasn’t been here yet, so why worry?” Adrina asked, clapping Hyracha encouragingly on the shoulder.

“You kinda make sense there, pinky” Hyracha teased and rustled Adrina’s hair, making her chuckle.

Chapter 4

Title: The Show Comes On

ANNIA AND ALEXIA!” an electronic emitter sounded through the red VIP room, the girls present there cheering madly in expectation.

“Alright; it’s now or never, sis” Alexia looked at her slightly nervous sister.

“We’ll do this together!” Annia overcame her fear, smiling and stretching out her hand, Alexia catching it, kissing it longingly all the way up and right to Annia’s mouth, her passionate kiss making her sister chuckle.

“You’re so mean, Alexia; you know it turns me on...” Annia chuckled, only in time to see the curtains open up to the scene; quickly recovering, the twin sisters stepped out to their audience, who cheered wildly at them.

“Good evening, girls! You came all this way for some fun??” Annia now spoke, a sonic device in her collar strengthen her voice, catching the audience’s full attention.

“YE-E-E-E-E-E-E-ES!” the united roar of approval nearly catching Annia off-guard, but she soon recovered.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s all get ready and wild!” Alexia now spoke as well, a soft female singing voice now coming from hidden panels in the room, Annia and Alexia slowly starting their strip dance, their blonde hair, deep blue eyes and black latex outfits glittering in the red light.

“This looks promising, indeed...” a woman could clearly be heard smirking; as Hyracha judged by her blue leather uniform, she was an officer in White Guardian Security Force.

“Hey, even soldiers needs some time off” she winked in reply to Hyracha’s starring, which were quickly re-focused as Annia began sliding up and down the silver pole, Alexia sitting below her with an eager smile on her lips as her fingers moved to her skimpy thong.

After some time, Annia and Alexia began dancing more closely, never once taking their eyes off each others’ bodies; there could be no mistake that the girls really were lovers, and they did nothing to hide it.

“Uhmm, Zunnie...?” Hunichi tried and make contact with the shin’saras girl sitting next to her, but it was all too late; as Zunnie had dropped the blindfold and placed it around her neck, she was rather busy openly masturbating at Annia and Alexia, the blonde sisters not even noticing.

“I’ve teased you long enough, sister; it’s time you showed those cute girls what’s under that skimpy bra!” Annia giggled at her sister, as she paused her silent love-making dance and allowed her sister to slowly remove her bra, her plumb breasts bouncing out.

A roar of approval replaced the dazed audience as Alexia now threw her bra across the rows, Cyria aware and eager enough to catch it, the following cheers making her outright beam in joy and she tightened her grab around the black latex bra, sniffing at it gleefully.

“Let me return the favour, sis!” Alexia now turned to her sister, Annia smirking as Alexia slightly tickled her under her armpits.

“Don’t worry; I’ll do even more to you later...” Alexia promised seductively, Annia tossing her bra to the audience, the biker girl catching it and eagerly smelling it before she stuffed it under her coat.

On the scene, the strip pole slowly sank into the scene, broadening the circular area for Annia and Alexia for their lovemaking; for starters, Alexia lay down, baring herself to her sister as she slowly started to verb her breasts.

“Uhmmm.....oh, my sweet Annia...uhmmm...” Alexia dreamingly moaned as she so enjoyed her sister’s molesting of her, even if it was in front of a crowd.

“Let’s get you heated up, sis...!” Annia’s voice were now heard in that teasing undertone Alexia did so love; not a second after the thought escaped her, she felt Annia’s hot, wet tongue gallantly dancing over her nipples, all the while her hands were still preoccupied by molesting the breasts.

“ naughty little girl...” Alexia smiled lovingly at Annia, who took a break from her licking to kiss Alexia deeply and passionately.

“There’s so many ways I can make you feel good in, sister...” Annia purred, pushing Alexia a little further to the scene’s edge.

“Say girls...” Annia asked as she now fully embraced the giggling Alexia, Annia’s view to the audience blocked Alexia’s breasts as they both chuckled and stuck their tongue out in tease; “...aren’t we smoking hot?”

The roar of approval reached a new limit when the audience not only cheered, but clapped in applaud as well.

“Thanks girls; we really appreciate the support...” Annia smiled to the audience, then down at her sister; “and to think, I haven’t even made you climax yet.”

“We’ll see about that...!” Alexia teased as she slowly snuck her legs up behind Annia, using the heels of her boots to silently...

“Hey! My thong!” Annia yelped in surprise, then finding out about her sister’s little prank as she allowed her to slowly pull down to skimpy thong, Annia clearly feeling herself drip in excitement over this unique chance to molesting and make love to her sister, even if it was right before the audience of equal-minded girls.

“Oh, I’m gonna getcha for that!” she purred lovingly, licking all over Alexia’s face, her sister wailing happily, loosing herself.

“Oh yeah! Oh yes, dear Gods, Annia; keep licking me-e-e-e-e...” she pleaded as Annia stopped.

“Are you in a place to demand? Hihihih, I don’t think so!” Annia joked as she sat up a moment, picking up her thong, licking it ever so lightly.

“Oh my Gods, that’s so hot!” Alexia now laughed in glee underneath her; to her surprise, Annia now first slurped on her thong, then stuffed it all into her mouth and out again, keeping the half of it outside, moving down towards Alexia.

“Oh, this is so good...!” her sister smiled broadly, snatching the out-sticking end of the black latex thong by her teeth; the smell of her sister’s womanhood tasted all too good on her tongue, though, and she soon struggled with her sister in control for more.

During the struggle, their position was changed from laying on each other to besides each other, folding their legs together as Alexia was quick to remove her own thong, proceeding in doing exactly as her sister had done, leaving two black latex thongs in the struggle.

“Not...enough...I want more!” Alexia finally felt herself consumed by her lust for her sister, as she eagerly dove in between Annia’s plumb breasts, slurping lustfully and happily on them as she all too clearly heard her sister beginning to moan in enjoyment.

“Oh...oh, yes.....just a little...oh! Why, you naughty little strumpet! No, don’t you...oh!” Annia now smirked as her sister took a small break from her slurping, pressing a tiny red-coloured bottom in the stage’s floor, a bottle of what appeared to be champagne popping up.

“How did that-...?” Hunichi asked herself, but Cyria merely smiled at her; “don’t think; just enjoy it.”

“Now, my dear little sissy sister...” Alexia now slightly teased Annia as she moved the bottle she had just opened over Annia’s breasts; “would you like this champagne? Think quickly, ‘cause it’s getting on you one way or another.”

Reaching suddenly out, Annia folded her arms around her sister’s neck, kissing her so wildly that Alexia ended up being forced to the floor from the kiss, her joyful moans and perverted grin not something to mistake.

“Who’s getting wet now, sissy??” Annia teased as she began pouring the champagne on Alexia’s breasts, the cold liquid making her wail out and laugh as she received a whole bath of the luxurious alcohol.

“Aren’t you gonna share? You bad girl!” Annia continued her teasing as she now let herself down on her sister’s naked and waiting body, the two of them laughing at each other as they both felt the champagne rub all over them, pressing themselves even more tightly together.

“So...” Alexia now grinned at her sister; “ really wanted a champagne bath with your sister? Fine, but next time it’s chocolate bathing for you, young lady.”

Annia purred lovingly, letting out a seductive meow as she now began her business on Alexia’s breasts; as her movements became more passionate and lusty, Alexia simply moaned as she enjoyed being slurped on and molested by Annia.

“Uhmm, do it harder!” she now winked at Annia, rubbing her legs slowly closer into Annia’s; seeing the sign all too clearly, Annia smirked as she knew her sister badly wanted to go into the tribadism position.

“Let’s get you what you want!” she teased, forcefully pressing her own nether lips into Alexia’s the two of them moaning loudly as they began rubbing themselves together.

“Wo-o-oho-o-o-oh! Get to it, girls!” a girl from one of the first rows cheered, soon joined by others as they began whistling and cheering to their heart’s content.

“ good! I’m, I’m horny! Fuck it, I wanna cum, already! Cum, sis! Cum with me!” Alexia chuckled between her moans, her sister now reaching up and exchanging in a fierce tongue-kissing duel with Alexia.

“I wanna...I want it so bad...!” Annia moaned lustfully, feeling good from the constant fraction between hers and her sister’s vaginas rubbing against each other.

“, sis; wait...” Alexia suddenly said, her voice sounding still filled with lustful moans; “let’s...let’s finger ourselves so the girls can watch us cum.”

“’re really getting....kinky now, aren’t you?” Annia smirked, the parting of hers and Alexia’s nether lips from each other giving off a slightly moist sound; kissing each other wildly and combing each other’s hair with their free hand, the sisters began frantically to finger each other’s vagina, both of them wanting to cum first.

“Uhmmm! Uhmm! UHMMMM! UHMMMMMMM....!” Annia finally wailed, her mouth stuck from kissing her sister; her vagina began squirting steady and quick masses of cum out, and she felt herself ready for her orgasm.

Breaking the kiss, she used her remaining strength to gently push her sister backwards, their fingers not leaving each other’s nether lips and g-spots for a nano-second; as their butts now faced the audience, an eager mumble rose amongst them, a few leaning closer to get a careful look for when the twin sisters would cum.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! Oh, yeah! Oh! Uhhh...! Oh! OH! FUCK! I’M GONNA...I’M GONNA...CU-U-UM!” both sisters yelled out at the same time, both of them cumming and squirting their orgasm out, even hitting a few of the closer girls, although it was more to their bliss than discomfort; the girly nectar running down Annia and Alexia’s legs, thighs and boots looked like a cascade of water, both of the girls still panting in excitement and blissful joy.

The roar of applause from the audience, strongly joined by Hyracha and her girls, filled the whole room; smiling at each other, Annia and Alexia could gladly admit that their first on-stage performance was a brilliant success.

“THANKS TO ANNIA AND ALEXIA! GIVE THEM A ROUND OF APPLAUSE, WHILE WE’RE PREPEARING THE NEXT, HOT STRIPPER FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE!” the electronic voice now sounded again, as Annia and Alexia received the final applauses and blown kisses from the yell mob of fangirls as they partly dragged themselves down the stage towards the locker room.


“Wow; veteran, huh?” Adrina smirked to herself, Hyracha hearing her all too clearly.

“Yep, I’ve fucked her some times; she’s a real little devil with a dildo” Hyracha chuckled at the hot memories, Adrina looking confused, yet smilingly at her mistress.

On the stage, Zunnie were making her entre by crawling seductively on it, her latex-thread dress revealing all the insight an observant fangirl would love; as she rose up at the end where Alexia and Annia had performed, she sat down on hook, touching some small remains of the sisters’ cum.

“Yo and good afternoon, girlies!” she now rose up, her collar strengthening her voice as it had done the twins; “for today’s show, I’ll need an assistant to help me get off at the view a real celebrity of a girl, sitting besides us here today!”

Smiling, Zunnie noticed all the eagerly waving hands to be picked out to molest her; walking around the outer stage, her pointed in Hyracha’s direction, who had taken the time to shapeshift into a more humane form, her latex skin, glowing red eyes and horns vanishing, being replaced with smooth, oily tan skin and feline-like red eyes.

“The celebrity I’m talking about is this girl...” Zunnie continued, winking at her now chuckling friend; “...let’s give it up for Hyracha the succubus!”

Hearing the infamous yet still adored name, the girls in the room eagerly began whispering, the girls closest to Hyracha over-eagerly reaching out towards her in hopes of getting their hands on their sex icon.

“But as for my partner, today...” Zunnie continued; “...I’ve selected a very special kind of girl, with just about as much sex appeal as I’ve got...and that’s kinda hard to beat...” she partly joked, giggles heard from the row of girls.

“And now, allow me to present to you all...” Zunnie now gestured to the back of the stage; “...Yinsia!”

As the music during the twin sisters’ show began to play, a wild-looking shin’saras girl appeared from the stage; she wore a top, pants and thigh-high boots of shining, dark-purple latex, and silvery trims around all of it; her hair was partly silver at the top of her head, but her long, wild mane that reached down to her buttocks were dyed dark-purple.

“You might not have seen Yinsia here before, so I’ll tell you why...” Zunnie said; “’s because Yinsia’s new around here, so I’d the idea to introduce her for real a world of a girl’s love for girls!” Zunnie smiled, receiving an agreeing applause from the audience.

“Girls, I’ll be happy to satisfy all your desires...” Yinsia now said, her voice strengthened by her collar; “...and I’d love to see you wet your panties for me if you find me worthy of it.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it, for we’re getting started already now!” Zunnie said, turning around to Yinsia; “ready to have the time of your life?”

As response, Yinsia gave a small chuckle, lay herself down, giving Zunnie a small smile; “come and get it, Zunnie; I’ll get you so wet you’ll need a towel afterwards!”

Giggling, Zunnie rid herself of her dress, leading to many flirty whistles and suggestions from the girls in the audience; slowly sitting down on hook over Yinsia’s thighs, Zunnie did not notice as playful grin went over Yinsia’s face.

“I’ve got a present for you, Zunnie...” she purred seductively, pressing something between her legs.

“Really? Is it a new bondage whi-...HOLY HEAVEN! That’s a BIG PRESENT!” Zunnie exclaimed in a mix of shock and laughing as she found herself sitting on a strap-on.

“I told you I’d make you wet yourself!” Yinsia laughed between her panting, grabbing hold of Zunnie’s butt, forcing her nether lips to sink deeper into the strap-on, the womanly love juice already spilling slightly from Zunnie as she loudly moaned.

“Oh, you like it?” Yinsia teased, but suddenly found a devilishly smiling Zunnie leaning down over her, pressing her breasts against Yinsia’s latex-covered ones.

“Ah, no fair; come out and play with me, boobies!” Zunnie giggled, finding the zipper of Yinsia’s top, the other shin’saras girl all but smiling at her and kissing her throat.

“You’re quite something for such a little brat, Zunnie!” Yinsia smirked, the older shin’saras girl always liking to tease her younger partner.

“Aw, c’mon; all these chicks prefer their shin’sari babes all young and innocent...” Zunnie said in a teasingly childish way, helping herself off the top of the dress, her only slightly smaller breasts falling out as she discarded the remaining dress, leaving only her gloves and platform boots left.

“No way, they like the firm and sexy way better!” Yinsia joked, pressing her breasts together and licking the nipples.

“Hey, that’s my job, sissy!” Zunnie said, her playfully struggle with Yinsia turning into a right out silly sort of wrestling.

“You surrender??” Zunnie asked panted, smiling holding Yinsia’s latex pants up in a wedgies.

“I...I don’t; never! You gotta make me cum first!” Yinsia chuckled from her face down position.

“Sure! I’d love that!” Zunnie beamed, pulling down Yinsia’s pants fully, Zunnie’s tongue already licking Yinsia’s womanhood.

“Uhmm, you taste good; all ripe and ready to eat out raw!” Zunnie mumbled as she changed her position and appeared right underneath the panting and drooling Yinsia, who looked down to see the playful shin’saras girl wink at her.

“How’s it going up there?” Zunnie teased, returning to her slurping; not able to keep herself up, Yinsia slowly sat down, her butt resting on Zunnie’s breasts as the other shin’saras girl stopped her licking.

“If I end up flat as a board I’ll kick your arse, Yinsia!” Zunnie teasingly threatened, resuming her licking.

“Oh! Uhmm...! Hihihihihih! N-no...! N-...nah-...ahahah! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahah!” Yinsia now suddenly began to laugh out loud, Zunnie’s slurping also turning her on.

“What’s the laughing matter?” Zunnie asked between a slurp, turning to fingering for a change.

“It’s’re such a prankster, you Zunnie! I can’t help but love when you fuck me!” Yinsia gasped out, smiling down at the younger shin’saras.

“What can I say? It’s a natural” Zunnie winked, resuming her licking; “hmm, how do you feel about me licking...this...?”

“Oh, shi-...! OH! NO! NA-AH! Time out, down there! OH! OH MY GODS! NO, NO PLEASE MORE!” Yinsia pleased, fondling her breasts and leaning back her head as she smiled and cried out in lust; having found her weak point, Zunnie were licking and sucking happily on Yinsia’s g-spot.

“Uhmm! For...for the love of the Gods, MORE! I’ll kick your ass if you stop now, Zunnie!” Yinsia joked, Zunnie all but laughing at her.

“You wanna know why I’m good at bondage? It’s because I get other girlies off so quickly they’ve got all the time of the world to fuck me!” she giggled, sticking her tongue deep in beneath Yinsia’s nether lips, sucking heavily and blew small gusts of wind right into her.

“OH-H-H-H! OH, YES! I’M CUM-M-M-M-M-MING!” Yinsia suddenly came, catching Zunnie off-guard, her face being hit with a near tidal wave of cum; dripping from her hair, Zunnie all but rustled her head, sucked her gloves rid of cum and jumped on Yinsia in a hug.

“Maybe I’ll skip bathing, today, hihihih! You taste very sweetly, by the way” Zunnie joked, adding the last comment while looking at Yinsia with a mix of flirtation and admiration in her eyes.

“Yes, well...sorry I came too soon; I just couldn’t hold it; the way you fucked me, licked my nipples and fondled my breasts...” Yinsia said, her voice turning into a long-drawn, pleasant sigh.

“Yeah, I’m kinda experienced; still, you lasted longer than most of the little gals I screw around with...” Zunnie smiled, sighed and chuckled; “...they’re cute, but they molest and lick like schoolgirls...”

“Sounds to me like you’ve got a challenge coming, Zunnie!” Hyracha’s voice was suddenly heard; as she stepped out from the crowd, she stood down below Zunnie, smiling eagerly at the younger girl.

“Got some spare time for a poor, sexy little succu-slut? I wouldn’t mind dildos or vibrators, either” Hyracha teased, Zunnie smirking at her.

“Maybe we can use her, Zunnie...” Yinsia commented, feeling herself getting in heat by the sight of the near stark naked, busty succubus; “...I’ve kinda always hoped from a girly threesome, someday.”

“Well, I’ve had more, but heck; three’s all good, anyway” Hyracha said, now spending the time conversing as she now flung herself over the two shin’saras girls, her skin once again turning into an organic sort of black latex, horns sprouting on her forehead.

“C’mon, girls; please fuck me first” Hyracha asked politely, Zunnie and Yinsia already over the sex-dependant skirt-chaser; as they humped her and thrust their pussies towards Hyracha’s mouth, they could truly see just about how horny Hyracha was as her nether lips began dripping at near their slightest touch.

“Uhmm, ye-e-e-e-e-e-es...there’s nothing like a good, soft little tongue in one’s pussy, is there?” Hyracha teased, suddenly pressing Zunnie’s head even further into her nether lips, wailing out in a pleasurable scream as she now also began sucking and sucking on Yinsia’s nether lips, the shin’saras girl panting and yelling out loud in pleasure as the demon girl forced her to the floor.

After almost 2 minutes of intense and non-stop molesting, Zunnie and Yinsia finally had Hyracha pinned down, the succubus girl experiencing several climaxes as she yelled on the top of her lungs, her skin assuming its humane, tan skin tone again, along with the disappearance of her horns and her feline, red eyes replacing her otherwise glowing, ruby-red eyes.

“...Can’t...stop! Girls, can’t stop fucking me now...give it to me...” Hyracha panted out, her energy fully depleted, yet she still wanted more, having entered what she called the Lust Haze.

“What say you, ladies? Anyone wanna jumpy on the succu-slut??” Yinsia spoke, the audience of girls eagerly replying ‘yes!’ in a united roar.

“...Uhm-m-m-m-m...? Oh...oh, fuck...” Hyracha bared managed to let out in a surprised voice as she saw at least a dozen of the girls from the audience approach her; feeling herself being forcefully held up, she found a strap-on stuck in her mouth and beneath her thighs, joyfully realizing that the girls intended to gangbang her.

Adding to the game, she sucked eagerly on the strap-on in her mouth, the blue-haired girl above her smiling broadly.

“This isn’t the first strappie you’ve sucked, is it?! C’mon, suck it right inside out!” the girl snarled evilly at Hyracha, thrusting the strap-on into her mouth once again, Hyracha letting it go for a moment, starring lustfully at the girl.

“I’m just imagining what I’ll do to your pussy...” she smirked, beginning to suck and drool on the strap-on in a so horny matter, that even the girl above, having had her experience with other girls over 21 times before this, felt as if she was about to drool herself for the hot, sex-crazed succubus.

“It’!” a girl behind Hyracha exclaimed happily, thrusting another strap-on into Hyracha’s nether lips; “she’s got a real nice, tight little pussy! Oh, I’m gonna fuck the Hell outta you, little succu-slut!”

“OH, YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES!” Hyracha screamed as she came, her cum falling down in a light rain from her right out soaked nether lips.

“WHO TOLD YOU TO STOP?! KEEP FUCKING ME-E-E-E!” Hyracha roared gleefully in passion and joyful lust, the girls around her at first scared by the unnaturally loud roar from Hyracha, but soon falling back to her, doing all they could to excite the succubus:

Molesting her breasts, tickling her, pressing their breasts against her face, baring their nether lips while masturbating at her, spanking her, rustle her hair, spitting on her for the fun of it, laying themselves underneath her and sucking her breasts, and even going as far as to lightly bite her skin.

“OH! OH-H-H! Here you go, you little hottie!” Hyracha grinned, pressing her breasts right into the sucking girl’s face, her confused mumbling drowning and fading into moans.

“Oh, ye-e-e-e-es! Uhmm, you like boob-jobs, huh? My huge boobies in your little, pretty face...?” Hyracha grinned, truly enjoying herself.

Through the next ten minutes, Adrina, Cinya and Hunichi watched as their mistress were gangbanged by the girls of the club, her body and latex gloves glistening with sweat in exhaustion; her red hair was messy with sweat as well, and she joyfully began returning the favour to the other girls, in one case using both her hands to finger two of them, as they had long since dropped out of their clothes.

“Oh my Gods! I...I gotta join this; this seriously is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!” Yinsia exclaimed, running towards the group, tossing herself into the action, her clothes slowly stripped off her.

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