Story: Free Emotions (all chapters)

Authors: BatchSan

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Chapter 1

Title: One Switchblade

A/N: This story was done mainly to satisfy my own twisted, perverted mind. I wrote this fic 4 years ago when I was 17 and it was actually pretty spontaneous. Feel free to critize and flame me if you so desire. Flaming me is not going to make me un-write this fic, so deal. But if you do happen to enjoy this fic, then look forward to the second chapter, which, upon editing this chapter, I realized I wanted to do.

Warning: This fic is a PWP [Plot? What plot?] and pure lemon goodness. However, it contains blood, vampirism, and some violence. Don't say I didn't warn you. XP

Free Emotion

Starfire laid motionless on Raven's bed as she stared up at her girlfriend. In the empath's right hand she held a small switchblade knife and her lips wore a evil smirk. This wasn't the first time this week Raven had done this to the red head, and it certainly would not be the last time. She wasn't all together afraid, but Starfire's heart did beat a little faster. Star knew that Raven enjoyed the mixed emotions that flickered in her eyes. Even more so when she gently glided the blade along Starfire's skin.

Deciding not to spend all her time focusing her attention on the beauty of her lover's eyes, Raven straddled the taller young woman. Her lips brushed against the red head's, lingering long enough to taste the sweetness of her mouth. Raven then moved her lips down to Starfire's neck, licking at the warm skin and occasionally biting down gently. The taller young woman squirmed slightly at the feeling of her lover's teeth against her skin but she said nothing. Instead, she gave a low purr every now and then, enjoying it more then what was to come.

The tank top Starfire generally enjoyed wearing was pushed up, exposing her breasts to the softness of her girlfriend's tongue. Inhaling slightly, Starfire anticipated the eventual cut that was to follow. For it always did, this time would not be any exception. Raven shifted herself so she was kneeling over Starfire. Then the switchblade moved slowly against Starfire's bare stomach, forcing her to flinch like she always did. Raven took her time, enjoying her girlfriend's involuntary movements. She knew that Starfire despised letting her do this but Starfire had readily agreed before any of it to allow herself to be used as Raven's sex toy when need be. Of course, so long as things didn't go beyond a certain point. Though neither really knew what that point was yet.

Times like this, Starfire mentally scolded herself for not including cutting on the lists of things she would not let Raven do to her. Though it was getting to a point where Raven had done it so many times to her, that the red head was actually beginning to like it, in a odd kind of way. Indeed, as Raven finally dipped her head down to the first bleeding cut and lapped up blood, Starfire shuddered and allowed a soft moan to escape her. Her body arched up, almost pleading for Raven to drink more. Not wanting to pass up the offer, Raven made another cut below the first one. Each cut was roughly two inches long. Raven only cut them that small because she wasn't willing to push her luck with Starfire. Any longer and she was afraid of scaring the red head more than she already did with these smaller cuts.

Lapping up the blood from the second wound, Raven pushed off the skirt her girlfriend wore. Beneath, she found nothing to stop her from venturing further. Long since had Starfire disposed of her boots, so Raven happily enjoyed the sight of her girlfriend's body clan in nothing more than a bunched up tank top and blood. Raven brushed her finger against the still bleeding second cut. She dragged her finger down until she had left a small trail of blood along her abdomen and stopped slightly below her naval. Starfire gave her a questioning look, seeing how the empath never went this far before with the blood.

Again, Raven dipped her finger in blood. This time she brought it all the way down to the silky slit that shielded what was soon to be her next conquest. Starfire shivered at the contact yet almost cringed at the thought of her blood there. Still, the empath's tongue against her slit eased her and helped her quickly forget about the blood. Starfire's breathing became uneven as Raven moved past her slit and licked gently at her clit. Soon she could feel herself beginning to cum but she knew the great feeling that was welling up in her would be short lived. It always was when Raven was in this mood.

As expected, the purple-haired young woman pulled away, forcing a weak whimper from her lover. Then Starfire cried out in some pain as she felt the switchblade bite into the skin of her left thigh. The cut was not deep but with the speed Raven had used, she felt like it was throbbing with each tinkle of blood that fell from it. Instead of feeling her girlfriend's tongue against the wound, she felt another quick slash on the opposite thigh. Fighting back the tears, Starfire allowed her girlfriend to lap up blood from the cuts. She knew she could fight her from doing this to her every time Raven had a craving for blood but in a way, she wanted it. If it made her lover happy, why should she stop her?

When Raven had satisfied her craving, she helped Starfire into a sitting position and kissed her with the gentleness the red head perferred. It was this part of the ritual that made the rest of it durable for Starfire, the caring and appreciative nature of her girlfriend. And for the first time, tasting her blood on her lover's lips stirred something in her. It wasn't disgust, no. It felt more like. . . arousal? Suddenly, Starfire had a small thrist for blood. Pulling away, she bit her lip in awkwardness.

"What's wrong? ," Raven asked worriedly.

". . . I believe you have me used to the taste of blood on your mouth and now I . . ." Starfire stopped, unsure of how to finish her sentence.

Raven seemed to stare at her as she had two heads, then she gave a small smile. "You've developed a taste for blood, haven't you?"

Blushing, Starfire gazed up at her girlfriend, panic flashing in her eyes. "Raven, is this a bad thing?"

"Hey, I do it but I only drink yours or mine. It's not like you have to go out and kill someone if you want blood. And no, it doesn't mean you're a vampire either," Raven quickly added, knowing that question had popped into the red head's mind.

"I am not supposed to like blood, that is your job."

"I don't know whether you mean that in a good or bad way, so I'll pretend that I didn't hear it. However, there's nothing wrong with you if want a little blood. At some point or another, everyone has that craving. Why do you think people put there finger in their mouth when they cut it?" Raven removed her cape, throwing it onto the floor. "You want blood fine, but I'm going to make you work for it."

Frowning, Starfire watched Raven close the switchblade and hold it teasingly away from her. Reaching for it, Starfire missed as Raven moved it out of her reach. With a smile, the red head knew where this was going. Without delay, she pulled Raven roughly into a deep kiss. Her hands slipped down between the empath's legs to undo the clasp that held the leotard on. A small snapping sound and it was open, instantly revealing that the smaller of the two also opted not to wear panties. Starfire slipped a finger into the kneeling young woman, knowing that the torture she endured had been her girlfriend's foreplay.

The red head's fingers easily slid into Raven's wet pussy. It wasn't long after, that Raven's body was moving along with Starfire's fingers. Raven was now hugging her lover, enjoying the feeling of her lover's fingers inside of her and the rubbing of her breasts through the material of her leotard against Starfire's bare breasts. Indeed, as Raven had said before, she was going to make the red head work for the switchblade. She refused to allow herself to cum easily, finding it easy as she was use to surpressing her emotions. Yet even Raven of Azarath knew when no matter what happened, she wouldn't be able to hold back forever.

Burying her face into her girlfriend's neck, Raven screamed out as she finally fell victim to her inevidentable orgasm. Her body shuddered almost violently against Starfire as the red head's fingers were dowsed in cum. Catching her breath, Raven place a small kiss on her lover's neck before pulling away. Keeping her promise, Raven handed over the switchblade. She then removed the leotard from her sweated body.

Eyeing the switchblade worriedly, Starfire began to have second doubts. She feared that if she cut Raven, she might cut too deeply and seriously hurt her. Sensing the doubt in her girlfriend, Raven cupped Starfire's face with both her hands. "I trust you, so don't worry about hurting me. If anything happens I still have this." Placing her hand over the cuts on Starfire's belly, she healed them effortlessly. No scars were left behind, just like all the other times Raven had healed her lover.

This eased Starfire greatly. She pulled the blade out of the handle and softly pushed Raven onto her back. In essences, she was excited and scared from the thrill of what she was about to do. Her fingers glided along the pale skin of her love while she decided where to make her first cut. Finally she decided on the area an inch above Raven's naval. As she touched the blade down to the spot, she glanced up her girlfriend. In silent understanding, she nodded and closed her eyes to await the cut. "If you don't do it, I'll do it," Raven said, just in case Starfire tried to back down.

The alien princess didn't want to feel like she was a failure to her girlfriend, so she did her best to apply the same pressure Raven had first used on her to cut the area. Raven gave a small moan, obviously turned on by what Starfire had done. In amazement, Starfire stared at the how the redness of the blood contrasted brightly against Raven's pale skin. It was like a shadow appearing abruptly against a white wall - shocking and somewhat intriguing. Maybe it was this contrast that helped bring the red head's tongue down to the blood that was slowly seeping from the wound. When the coppery taste hit her lips, she was like a bear to honey.

Raven was surprised at her girlfriend's reaction but as she felt Starfire's tongue and teeth against her skin, the surprise didn't last long. Instead, the pain of Starfire biting at the cut, was turning Raven on in to no end. Once Starfire realized the cut was beginning to clot, she made another cut an inch above the first one. This time she had a plan, something that Raven had started to do to her earlier but didn't do completely. Starfire captured blood on the tip of tongue and traced the wet slit of her lover, leaving a light trail of blood behind. Raven gasped in surprised, more so when she felt Starfire's tongue lick back up the way it came, diving past her nether lips for a second then disappearing.

Grinning to herself, Starfire used one hand to spread Raven's nether lips, exposing her clit to her lover. With her other hand, Starfire wet her finger in blood before tracing small circles around Raven's clit. She dipped her finger several more times into blood, each time swirling the blood around Raven's stiffened clit. After the last time, she touched the finger to her mouth, enjoying the taste of her lover's blood. Leaning forward, Starfire wasted no time in suckling the swollen clit, tasting blood and arousal in her mouth. The two tastes mixed in her mouth, blending together deliciously.

The empath fought to control her body from thrashing about wildly under the ministrations of her girlfriend's mouth. As she felt her second orgasm begin to build deep within her, she grabbed a handful of Starfire's hair and tugged. Looking up, Starfire watched her girlfriend pant as she fought to say what was on her mind. Finally, Raven said, "I can't have another orgasm if you haven't had one yet." With a small scrowl, she added, "It wouldn't be fair to you."

While the thought hadn't really come to mind since she first began to want a taste of blood, now that Raven mentioned it, Starfire couldn't help but feel a little disappointed by the lack of attention she was getting. Making a circle in the air with her finger, Raven nodded and Starfire smiled. They rearranged themselves so that Starfire laid on the bed and her girlfriend's pussy was directly over her mouth. Since Raven was somewhat too short to be able to properly bury her tongue in her lover's pussy, she opted to prop herself up on one hand while the other dove two fingers into the red head.

Wasting no time, Starfire had somewhat of a high from the blood and it made her completely ravish Raven's pussy. It hadn't helped that while they had been rearranging themselves, more blood had slid down into the empath's pussy. Meanwhile, due to her girlfriend's savage behavior on her pussy, Raven was finding it increasingly hard to steady herself and finger fuck her girlfriend at the same time. Finally, Raven managed to hit just the right spot and Starfire cried out in pleasure below her. Starfire's actions became less frenized and more controlled. She now focused her attention solely on Raven's clit, eagered to make her girlfriend cum.

With a little use of her teeth, Starfire finally felt Raven's body spasm against her mouth and the empath's exhausted body fell on top of hers. Having managed to gather up some rest, the red head gently rolled Raven off of her [much to the empath's disappointment]. Turning, Starfire laid next to Raven, kissing her on the forehead before yawning.

"It looks like we're going to need two switchblades the next time," Raven said with a grin.

Blushing, Starfire smiled at her sleepily. "Quite possibly."

To be continued...

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