Story: Rebecca and Juliet (chapter 3)

Authors: Blue melons

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Sorry]

The two met often. So often,you'd think the two lovers but yet the two were too young. For now,they set to having tea parties and playing with each-other. One day,there was a little accident in a jail and a criminal got loose. Young Juliet and Madam Rebecca were already good friends by then and were teaching each-other human and animal interacting styles.

"Oh really,so that is how you greet each-other? Oh dear,was I taught wrong!" Juliet took a nibble of her bread. Rebecca nodded "Well,yeah. We're animals but not 'animals'." The two giggled at this. All kemonomimi were taught to speak in 2 ways. Kemonomimi were taught to speak proper english first and spoke flatly only around friends and family or even enemies to show disrespect. The two had no idea of the murderous and insane criminal that had broken free but would soon have it smashed upon them.

The sun had stricken out of the hottest cycle as the princesses sat under a tree,trying to escape the sun. Juliet was fixing something for careless Rebecca while the other was play-stalking. Valten gaurds were jogging towards Young Juliet when Madam Rebecca decided to pounce. As you can guess,Rebecca was brutally attacked by the older and stronger men while Juliet was taken away. Juliet wouldn't stop crying,I felt so bad-almost everyone did.

This occurance,or course,made the hatred between the two coutries stronger. For years,the close friends didn't even have contact with each-other. For those years,the Valten princess was in a depressed slump. All means were dished out but none helped her. Unfortunatly,the 2 were seperated for about 2 years. This was enough time for the rulers of Valten to belive their daughter deserved some free time outside the castle.

Once free,her majesty ran to the free space where her fondest memories layed. Right upon the spot where her beloved Rebecca was beaten,strange red and green-grey. Juliet cried "Oh,my lovely Rebecca. Have you left me? I shall remember you here always my love." She sat crying,unable to move in her grief. Her tears watered the gay flowers until a hand lightly shook her.

Shakily,Juliet looked up at the voice. None other then Rebecca stood above her,the 2 years making her much taller. It took the young lass a second but once her brain registered this was the real deal,she pounced Rebecca in a frenzy of kisses and tears. "Juliet,my love,its alright. I'm here" Happily reunited,they chatted excitedly.

[End notes: I almost let it be much shorter but I hope you all liked it. Please review or no new chapters. D:<]

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