Story: Rebecca and Juliet (chapter 2)

Authors: Blue melons

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Chapter 2

Title: Twist'd fate

    Young,lovely princess loved playing in the Free Space between her empire and Madam Rebecca's. She recently learn'd about it in her 'school'. The young Juliet was now at age to learn alittle about the other Empire and about treaties and contracts the two made. She learn'd every continent had at least 13 miles seperating them. She learn'd how pets and friends were torn apart so the free Space was for them.

By now,the two princesses were 10. Juliet was walking through the feilds, dodging crowds of friends,small battles and even lovers as she collect'd things for a birthday present she was given. The July sun was getting hot and so the young maiden put on her large hat and drew closer to the Empire Provide's border where a special bewithc'd flower grew.

Madam Rebecca,on the other hand,was activly enjoying her last few days of childhood. She was begining to go through puberty and was just swimming in her last few days of being a small cub. A butterfly was her prey and so the two play'd a game of hide-and-seek. Juliet saw Rebecca in the grass and prepar'd herself for a fight.

Princess Juliet was train'd to have accurate timing and a firm arm. She grab'd a branch from nearby and got ready to strike but was blind'd by a butterfly and was pounce'd by a Kemonomimi. On instinct,she use'd her branch as a sheild and push'd Rebecca away from her and as the madam fell,she was pin'd by the princess.

"Foul demon,bow before me for I am the princess of Valten." Rebecca's breathe was growing short. "My dear maiden,please cease your actions for I am a princess as well. I am princess of Provide" Juliet was push'd back but was not pounce'd or attack'd in anyway. The other princess sat back.

"Let yourself die,filthy demon" Juliet jump'd up and lung'd towards Rebecca but was dodge'd. Every attack and attmpt fail'd. Juliet scream'd in frustration. "My fellow maiden,O so fairer then I. Well you not look at this situatuion much more distantly?" Jutliet look'd at Rebecca with a scowl on her face but nod'd her head,signifiying she was listening.

"If wither of us were to die,or peacful empires would go to war and our family's pain'd. Do you not see? We are alike,you and I are two sides of the same piece. Our worlds are different but our lives,love and hopes are possibly the same." Juliet was astonish'd. This person,her kind she was taught was dull and murderous,was talking just like her civilize'd people. Saying things she never consider'd before.

And so,the two met in this twist'd tie of fate.

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