Story: Rebecca and Juliet (all chapters)

Authors: Blue melons

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Chapter 1

Title: Intro

Once,in a time either forgoten or maybe even yet to occur,there was a giant war. This war split each continent into two empires-the north empire was Valten and the south was Provide (Pro-ve-d). We come into this story as the 5th generation after the war,when the two Empires were at peace of sorts amongst eachother.

Music rung through-out the kingdom. Streamers were thrown about,enemies hug'd and expenise wine was bought by even paupers. "The princess was born! Her new majesty has been bless'd among us!" Similar words were yell'd. But amongst the cheering,a silence crash'd down as the princess was carry'd onto the high platform and the pale,tiny child was reflect'd on the large screen. Everyone was quiet as the squirming Juliet came on screen.

Coos and such noises silently rung out. "My good people" King Arthur 50th''s voice echo'd as he whisper'd next to his new daughter. "The child you see before you is my daughter,Juliet Victorin. Years from now,you will be serving her and her husband but for now,you will praise her as Princess Juliet. Claps silently play'd among the crowd as well as whisper'd "Hail Princess Juliet"

4 months after majesty Juliet's birth,so was another princess. Roars of triumpt and howls of glee shatter'd across the plains of another kingdom. These sounds were for more then one child though. The king and queen's first litter had 5 cubs but the one first born was Madam Rebecca.

They were each name'd before the entire kingdom, each name gaining applause. A party was held near the castle as everyone celebrate'd the arrival of their future ruler. They also celebrate'd the new strength this new generation would have. Gifts were given and blessing were as well. The cubs were inspect'd and each was given a charm to burn onto their flesh but Rebecca was given a painless tiara,signalizing her position.
A bell rung lightly in the fancy yet make-shift school room. The twenty or so children shuffled out of the classroom to the large stairways,heading towards the garden set out behind the castle. Of the many bandana wrapped heads,one child stood out. Her hair was discolor'd,a strange mix of orange and pink. Her shape was much smaller then her relatives,the students around her that is.

At that time,a little more than 65 miles away,another princess was having lunch as well. This princess though,was hunting for the first time for her first raw meal. She had just down'd a wild piglette and was sharing it with her siblings who have never eaten raw meat either. The piglette squeal'd as the family ate from it and ran from the mother as she burst through the thicket.

The students sat under finely cut trees,on comfortable blankets and play'd in the large feilds. The gardener gave tips to a few girls and the boys had races. Light was reflect'd away from beautiful white dresses and flowers sway'd in the breeze.

Again,blood glisten'd in the afternoon night and dust flew as siblings wrestle'd in the yard of their den. Milk shone and was insantly lick'd from a mother's nipple as new brothers and sisters drank heartily from the queen of Provide. Fine clothes rippe'd and a breeze signal'd a halt to play and the time to learn of the family's hardships and practice how to show their superiority amongst others.

Chapter 2

Title: Twist'd fate

    Young,lovely princess loved playing in the Free Space between her empire and Madam Rebecca's. She recently learn'd about it in her 'school'. The young Juliet was now at age to learn alittle about the other Empire and about treaties and contracts the two made. She learn'd every continent had at least 13 miles seperating them. She learn'd how pets and friends were torn apart so the free Space was for them.

By now,the two princesses were 10. Juliet was walking through the feilds, dodging crowds of friends,small battles and even lovers as she collect'd things for a birthday present she was given. The July sun was getting hot and so the young maiden put on her large hat and drew closer to the Empire Provide's border where a special bewithc'd flower grew.

Madam Rebecca,on the other hand,was activly enjoying her last few days of childhood. She was begining to go through puberty and was just swimming in her last few days of being a small cub. A butterfly was her prey and so the two play'd a game of hide-and-seek. Juliet saw Rebecca in the grass and prepar'd herself for a fight.

Princess Juliet was train'd to have accurate timing and a firm arm. She grab'd a branch from nearby and got ready to strike but was blind'd by a butterfly and was pounce'd by a Kemonomimi. On instinct,she use'd her branch as a sheild and push'd Rebecca away from her and as the madam fell,she was pin'd by the princess.

"Foul demon,bow before me for I am the princess of Valten." Rebecca's breathe was growing short. "My dear maiden,please cease your actions for I am a princess as well. I am princess of Provide" Juliet was push'd back but was not pounce'd or attack'd in anyway. The other princess sat back.

"Let yourself die,filthy demon" Juliet jump'd up and lung'd towards Rebecca but was dodge'd. Every attack and attmpt fail'd. Juliet scream'd in frustration. "My fellow maiden,O so fairer then I. Well you not look at this situatuion much more distantly?" Jutliet look'd at Rebecca with a scowl on her face but nod'd her head,signifiying she was listening.

"If wither of us were to die,or peacful empires would go to war and our family's pain'd. Do you not see? We are alike,you and I are two sides of the same piece. Our worlds are different but our lives,love and hopes are possibly the same." Juliet was astonish'd. This person,her kind she was taught was dull and murderous,was talking just like her civilize'd people. Saying things she never consider'd before.

And so,the two met in this twist'd tie of fate.

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Sorry]

The two met often. So often,you'd think the two lovers but yet the two were too young. For now,they set to having tea parties and playing with each-other. One day,there was a little accident in a jail and a criminal got loose. Young Juliet and Madam Rebecca were already good friends by then and were teaching each-other human and animal interacting styles.

"Oh really,so that is how you greet each-other? Oh dear,was I taught wrong!" Juliet took a nibble of her bread. Rebecca nodded "Well,yeah. We're animals but not 'animals'." The two giggled at this. All kemonomimi were taught to speak in 2 ways. Kemonomimi were taught to speak proper english first and spoke flatly only around friends and family or even enemies to show disrespect. The two had no idea of the murderous and insane criminal that had broken free but would soon have it smashed upon them.

The sun had stricken out of the hottest cycle as the princesses sat under a tree,trying to escape the sun. Juliet was fixing something for careless Rebecca while the other was play-stalking. Valten gaurds were jogging towards Young Juliet when Madam Rebecca decided to pounce. As you can guess,Rebecca was brutally attacked by the older and stronger men while Juliet was taken away. Juliet wouldn't stop crying,I felt so bad-almost everyone did.

This occurance,or course,made the hatred between the two coutries stronger. For years,the close friends didn't even have contact with each-other. For those years,the Valten princess was in a depressed slump. All means were dished out but none helped her. Unfortunatly,the 2 were seperated for about 2 years. This was enough time for the rulers of Valten to belive their daughter deserved some free time outside the castle.

Once free,her majesty ran to the free space where her fondest memories layed. Right upon the spot where her beloved Rebecca was beaten,strange red and green-grey. Juliet cried "Oh,my lovely Rebecca. Have you left me? I shall remember you here always my love." She sat crying,unable to move in her grief. Her tears watered the gay flowers until a hand lightly shook her.

Shakily,Juliet looked up at the voice. None other then Rebecca stood above her,the 2 years making her much taller. It took the young lass a second but once her brain registered this was the real deal,she pounced Rebecca in a frenzy of kisses and tears. "Juliet,my love,its alright. I'm here" Happily reunited,they chatted excitedly.

[End notes: I almost let it be much shorter but I hope you all liked it. Please review or no new chapters. D:<]

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