Story: The Gift (chapter 9)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 9

Disclaimer: The jutsu instructions were lifted from the internet (), not mine but I did rephrase it.



Chapter 9

Everyone in the mansion gathered inside the dojo. Shizuru and Mikoto took a wooden weapon inside a wooden cabinet situated at the far corner of the rectangular room; Shizuru situated herself at the center, her wooden naginata in her right hand.

In doing a naginata kata, just like in kendo, the strength should be coming from your backhand. When your naginata makes a ‘whoosh’ sound, then it is possible that you are putting too much strength on your forehand instead of your backhand.”

Shizuru made some swings with her wooden naginata. The swings were silent, its movement graceful and relax. After her first four swings she stopped and looked at the people around her. She smiled and started making basic cutting movements

Chion, the basic learning of cuts: Learning this can help you feel your environment. Learn how you move, the length and limits of your naginata and most importantly, keep in mind where the mono uchi is.” Shizuru was mixing demonstration with instruction, and then she brought the sharp edge of the wooden naginata down making a cutting movement on the ground, “…mono uchi: The dangerous part of your naginata.”

She stopped moving again and then she made a bow. Shizuru raised her Naginata over her head and took a frontal position by bringing her rear foot near the front one. She did the cut, and brought that foot back where it was, paying attention to her shoulder lines. Her cut stopped near the ground her rear leg was a little bent. She made a cut in one line, “Try making cuts in one line and not in a zigzag fashion with your naginata. The fastness of the movement isn’t important,” she said after doing some fast cutting movements, “…but it should never come from your arm strength but instead from the movement of your body.” Then she stopped “Joge Buri.” She said.

She made a diagonal cut while moving her rear foot forward and then the other foot backward keeping her lower hand in contact with her body. “Naname Buri.” She held her sword to her right almost behind her back and the handle of her naginata was the only one visible and then she did a lateral cut like the one she did earlier, “Yoko Buri.” Hiding her naginata at her back again she did a diagonal cut from the ground to the sky while doing the same body movement she called naname buri. She relaxed her arms and shoulders and then stopped the cut when her arm can no longer naturally go further and took back waki kamae (the hiding of weapon) on the other side. The fast movement and ease of doing it made the others gasp in awe, “Naname buri shitakara ue.” At the last cut of Naname buri shitakara ue, she brought back the naginata over her head and then she change hand and did a frontal cut, “Furi kaechi.” She said then she looked at Mikoto and nodded her head.

Everyone was quietly watching the graceful Kyoto-born girl as the young HiME came at the center and smiled. “The one I just did is the eight direction swings for solo warm up also called Happo Buri.” She looked at Mikoto who was on her side and smiled, “Ready for Uchikaeshi?”

The two HiMes faced each other and started their demonstration. (A/N: From what I’ve read, uchikaeshi is a 2 form warm up exercise for naginata and kendo. It’s hard to rephrase the text, so just remember that uchikaeshi is for blocking attacks, I think?). Shizuru and Mikoto did the two form warm ups for 15 minutes before they stopped. Shizuru was panting which caused Natsuki to run to the center and support her. Mikoto was holding on to Shizuru to support the older girl right after their warm ups.

“I think Mikoto could demonstrate the basic kata tomorrow Shizuru, you’re not well yet and I don’t want you exerting so much effort.” Natsuki said softly as the blue haired girl held the older one on her waist. Shizuru looked at Natsuki and smiled.

“That was a very exciting demonstration,” Fumi said after taking the center, “Perhaps we could resume the demonstration tomorrow?” she added as she looked at the panting HiME with worried eyes, “I suggest that everyone rest for now and while resting, make sure to think of how we could efficiently transfer our HiME powers to the others.”

The people gathered around nodded at the suggestion and one by one started moving out of the dojo. Natsuki, Mikoto and Mai decided to stay behind, Natsuki still supporting Shizuru who looked pale. The chestnut haired HiME decided to sit on the floor.

“I didn’t know that demonstrating a kata will take so much effort.” Natsuki said with a frown, “If I’ve known, I wouldn’t have allowed you to do it.”

Shizuru smiled, “Ara, my Natsuki really cares for me!”

“Baka! Of course I do care for you!” Natsuki replied grumpily, then she looked at Mikoto, “So you can teach us the basic tomorrow ne?” Mikoto looked at Natsuki with wide, excited eyes and nodded her head enthusiastically.

“Hai!” she replied with a smile, “But Ani-ue can teach better!” she said proudly.

“I think you’re right Mikoto, but Reito-san isn’t here.” Mai said as she ruffles Mikoto’s black hair.

“I can show you the basics tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I can do teaching.”

“Ara, if it’s just teaching then I think I can handle that. Mikoto-chan can demonstrate while I teach right?” Shizuru said smiling at Mikoto who was slumped on the floor next to her. Natsuki was on her knees behind the chestnut haired girl, her hand stoking Shizuru’s back, “If my Natsuki continues on rubbing my back, I am afraid I might fall asleep here on the floor.” She teased causing the raven haired HiME to blush.

“Should I carry you to our room then?” Natsuki replied teasing back the ex-kaichou.

“Ara, like a newly wedded couple!” Shizuru said giggling, she looked at the red faced HiME at her back, “My Natsuki is carrying me to our honeymoon bed right?” at this, Natsuki’s blush intensified.

“Mai! I’m going to carry you to our honeymoon bed too!” Mikoto innocently declared causing Mai to match Natsuki’s face.

“Ara! Mikoto-chan, will you decide who among Natsuki and Mai blushes cutely?” Shizuru asked the youngest HiME while Mikoto made an expression as that of someone who’s concentrating well to make a right answer. This made the Kyoto-born HiME to laugh, “Mikoto-chan never fails to make me laugh!”

“Mou Shizuru! Will you never stop teasing me?” Natsuki asked, her blush subsided already.

“And you!” Mai scowled at Mikoto, her hands akimbo, “Stop mimicking Kaichou-san! Or you’ll never eat a ramen for the entire time we are living in this house!”

Mikoto made a very cute pout, “Mai?” added to that pout were tears on the young HiME’s eyes, “But I want to carry Mai on our honeymoon bed!” she wailed.

Natsuki and Shizuru laughed at Mikoto and Mai’s exchange, the fiery red haired girl now sporting a darker shade of blush. After grumbling a slightly incoherent sentence, Mai decided to leave the dojo without the young HiME. Mikoto called out and ran after the grumbling girl. When they were finally alone, Shizuru looked at Natsuki with a very mischievous smile on her face, “Aren’t my Natsuki said that she’s going to carry me back to our room?”

Natsuki smiled at Shizuru and stood up. She bent down and held the older girl in her arms; bridal style, “Mou Shizuru,” Natsuki began, she walked slowly out of the dojo with Shizuru carried in her arms, Shizuru’s arms were wound around the younger girl’s neck, “I think you should eat more Shizuru, you almost weigh nothing.” Natsuki declared then looked at the face in front of her, “You should at least weigh twice that of Mai!”

Shizuru smiled, “Ara, how come you knew of Mai’s weight? Have you been carrying Mai like this Natsuki?” Shizuru asked causing the other girl’s face to redden once again.

“Shizuru! I told you to stop teasing me already!”

“But I’m not teasing you Natsuki, I’m just asking you a question.” This was answered by silence, Shizuru smiled again, “Okay, I will stop teasing my Natsuki from now on.”

Natsuki looked at Shizuru quizzically, “Really?” Shizuru nodded. They continued on walking towards their room quietly


“As in never again?” Natsuki suddenly asked

“As in never again.” Shizuru acquiesced.


The two girls finally came to their room entrance. Shizuru unwound her arms on Natsuki and readied herself to be put down, but the younger girl didn’t let her go, “I don’t want you to stop teasing me all at once Shizuru.” Natsuki said sadly, “It’s one of the things I missed about you when you left, it’s just that…”

Shizuru looked at Natsuki’s sad face, “Kannin na Natsuki, I…”

“I know why you left without a word Shizuru, you don’t have to apologize. It’s my fault you have to leave.”

“Natsuki…” Shizuru smiled at the younger girl, “It was never your fault. I made a very bad decision without letting you know and you were not to be blamed.” She raised a hand and caressed Natsuki’s cheek, “Then a little teasing is alright with my Natsuki?” Shizuru asked which was answered by a simple nod of a head which was followed by Natsuki’s head leaning forward and catching Shizuru’s lips with hers. The older girl reciprocated and re-wound her arms on the younger girl’s neck.

“OI! Will you do that inside your room! There are minors here!!”

Shizuru and Natsuki looked at source of the voice; the two girls were both blushing as their eyes met the green orbs of Nao who has Alyssa beside her. Nao’s hand was covering Alyssa’s eyes and was snickering at the two stunned lover.

“NAO!” Natsuki screamed.

“Hehehe!” Nao laughed then looked down at Alyssa after removing her hands from her eyes, “Come on Alyssa-chan, I still need to arrange your hair!” Nao said pulling the little girl towards her and the two intruders ran up and away from the blazing ice princess.

“I don’t want you to make my hair Nao-san!” Alyssa screamed, “MIYU! Help!”

“I am going to get you NAO!” Natsuki screamed at the retreating red head.

The sound of a screaming Nao, a giggling Alyssa and a worried cyborg reverberated inside the mansion followed by the loud banging of a door and…silence.

Shizuru and Natsuki looked at each other smiling. Shizuru still being carried by Natsuki, “Ara, shall we continue what we were doing inside our room?”

Natsuki blushed again, “SHIZURU!”

“Ara? My Natsuki is screaming at me again?” Shizuru said her face now wore a saddened emotion coupled with a pout. Natsuki knew what will follow, so instead of panicking, she leaned forward and kissed the older girl’s lips finally! I solved this problem Natsuki thought as she walked towards their room without releasing Shizuru’s lips.


It wasn’t known if Kanzaki Reito purposely made the room so that it will only have one king size bed. The mansion’s butler received an instruction that the girl’s be placed two in a room. Of course these arrangement wasn’t a problem for the loving couples, it wasn’t suppose to be a problem for mother and daughter, but the long time of separation made it awkward for Nao, and even though Himeko wanted to rebuilt that relation she cannot pushed it at once especially now that her daughter is having her own problem. Nao decided to ask for another room just beside her mother’s. The red headed teen doesn’t want to sound aloof but she had been by herself for so long and she needed time to adjust to her mother’s presence as well as the presence of the other HiMEs in the house.

Nao was grooming herself in front of the mirror in her room when her door opened, she looked back to see Miyu coming in, “What is it that you want?” Nao asked coldly at the cyborg that entered her room.

“I went to your room and your mother told me you decided to ask for a separate one.” Nao didn’t answer instead she continued on brushing her hair, “Alyssa-sama is in your room right now, she’s talking with your mother.” No answer came so Miyu decided to stay quiet and stand on the corner of the room.

Nao frowned and turned herself to face Miyu, “What the hell are you doing there?” she asked angrily.

“You are not supposed to be alone. That was the reason we were all put in a room by twos.”

“I don’t care. Get out!” she screamed at Miyu but the aqua haired woman remained unfazed, “Didn’t you hear what I’ve said? I said get out!” she screamed again, but Miyu did not moved an inch. Nao sighed and slumped her shoulders, “If you’re here, then who is with Alyssa-chan?”

“Yuuki Himeko-san.” Miyu replied flatly.

“My mother cannot protect Alyssa.”

“I know. But I can hear them from here, so its not a problem.”

“And if they don’t make a sound?” Nao asked trying to elicit an angry response from the Cyborg.

“Alyssa-sama’s vital signs are connected to my mainframe, it is easy for me to detect signs of impending danger to her and person near her.”


Nao stood and prepared herself to sleep. She removed the light robe that covered her body and climbed on the bed and under the blanket

“Good night Nao-san.” Miyu said. There was no answer.

The silence kept on going for 15 minutes.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Nao asked the still standing woman, “Or do you sleep at all?”

“Even though I am half a robot, my human parts needs rest, so yes I do sleep Nao-san.”


“So why are you standing there? Find a place to sleep!”

“I am not living you alone here.”

Nao sighed, “Then hop in the bed and sleep!”

Miyu looked at Nao, “Didn’t you leave the room because you weren’t used to having someone in your bed?” she asked.

Nao looked back at the standing cyborg, “I was roomed with Aoi and most of the time, we sleep on one bed especially during over nights, it wasn’t about me sleeping with someone on my bed.” Nao cleared.

“Then you don’t like sleeping with Yuuki Himeko-san?”

Nao made an exasperated sound, “You know what? For a fucking robot, you ask too many questions!”

“Your heart rate is increasing Nao-san, please relax as it will not be good for your child.”

“Then stop asking questions and hop on the bed and sleep! I get paranoid when I sleep and someone’s standing somewhere!”

There was no answer. Nao returned to her sleep, she felt her bed move as Miyu decided to lie down beside her Nao-san always have this effect on me… Miyu thought before she shut down her human side and left her computer side on to monitor Alyssa’s vitals Alyssa-sama isn’t in danger, the enemies wanted the power of the HiMEs, they wanted the powers of their children Miyu turned her head to looked at Nao whose back was on her, Protect Nao-san, protect other HiMEs… She returned her gaze on the ceiling and rests both her hands on her chest.


Kanzaki mansion was lively the next day. Aoi, Himeko and Alyssa (who was clinging on Himeko’s clothes) were the first one to get up and started preparing breakfast for everyone. The Mansion’s butler was also lively on this particular day, he said it was the first time he actually saw the house became alive. He recalled that in his thirty years of service in the mansion, the Kanzaki’s never invited guest over nor held parties here. Most of the time, it was only Kanzaki Reito-sama who was left in the house, alone and no one to play with, so the sudden announcement of visitors excited him.

When the clock struck eight, Himeno Fumi went out of her room followed by a pouting Shiho. The graceful director greeted the butler and the other occupants of the wide kitchen.

“Benford-san,” Fumi started and the older guy looked at her smiling, “Is the mansion equipped with centralized sound?” she asked.

“Oh it is, although it hasn’t been used for a long time now.”

Fumi smiled, “I guess we could try if that sound system still works?”

“Definitely.” The butler grinned.

Ten minutes later, the whole mansion was bombarded by loud music (The music was I am sixteen going on seventeen from the movie Sound of Music). Multiple pairs of eyes started opening as their ears were assaulted by the melodious singing of a male and female with the matching orchestra as its background.

The people from the second level (Except for Nao and Miyu) of the mansion were the first one to respond to the call, Yukariko though awake was delayed by Migami’s need to be cleaned. Midori was the grumpiest among the awakened one. Shizuru and Natsuki was not to be found in the kitchen…

“Nat…su…ki!” Shizuru breathed Natsuki’s name in the younger girl’s ear, “Himeno-san is asking us to wake up now.”

“mmmrrr…” Natsuki replied with a mumble

“Ara, Himeno-san’s choice of music was great! Can’t you hear it?” there was no answer. The ex-kaichou sighed, “So my Natsuki will let me eat alone then?” Shizuru said in a very sad tone. This caused the raven haired girl to open her eyes and looked at the older girl.

“Of course not!” Natsuki replied at once.

“Then why is my Natsuki not waking up? I am hungry…”

“I’m up! I’m up!” Natsuki said hopping out of the bed, “Can you give me five minutes to at least brush my teeth?” she asked smiling.

“Ara? I think Natsuki’s breath still smells good despite her not brushing yet!” Shizuru teased.

“Mou Shizuru!” Natsuki pouted but luckily wasn’t blushing despite the tease.

“Go on Natsuki, we have to hurry. We don’t want to be the last one to arrive at the dining area.”

“Nao will be the last! She never rises up on time.”

“Ara? Doesn’t Natsuki do the same?”

Natsuki looked at Shizuru with a frown but did not contest instead she looked away and went inside their bathroom and closed the door.

“Natsuki? I’ll go ahead?!” Shizuru said loudly.

“Har Har!” (Hai-hai)


There were series of loud booming noises caused by bombs being dropped in a nearby area. I could clearly see a marine truck and a group of marines loading the truck with their things, mostly their armory. There were two men inside arranging it, one of the two were screaming “Come on! Faster, we have to vacate this place immediately! The Axis force is coming and there will be no back- up for us from the Allied!” he screamed followed by the word ‘faster’ again and again.

Permission to speak captain!” One of the soldiers that were on the land shouted.

Speak up Private Ryan!” the captain, the man screaming a while back said.

How about the civilians sir?! Aren’t we taking them with us?!” He asked loudly.

NO!” The captain replied sternly, “We don’t have orders to take them with us! So get your butt up here private and shut the hell up!”

I saw the soldiers went up the truck one by one. It was evident in their faces that this was not a good decision. One soldier caught my attention though; the soldier was the only female in the group. Her almond eyes, aqua colored hair and pale skin were familiar, the way she held herself and her usual expressionless face. But at that moment, when that female soldier turned her head, I thought she was looking at me but no, her eyes widened and her face suddenly bore that scared expression and she screamed “A girl! She’ll be stepping on a mine! Stop the damn truck!!” she screamed then without waiting for the truck to stop, the female soldier jumped out and ran as fast as her legs can towards the unsuspecting child.

GET your ass back here Private Greer! We will not be responsible if something happens to you! Get back here! That’s an order!” The captain screamed but the female soldier already made up her mind.

The child…If not for her clear green eyes, I would have thought it was Alyssa-chan, but no it wasn’t. The female soldier arrived in time; as soon as the child stepped on a mine the soldier dived and tackled the girl out of harm’s way. The girl was saved but the soldier’s legs were caught in the explosion. I was hoping her comrades will come for them, but the truck were nowhere to be found. Japanese troops (A/N: During world war II, the axis was formed by the German troops who invaded the western coast, the Asian countries were under Japanese occupation then, I think from my history) surged in and held the soldier on the ground

You’re safe now, don’t be afraid.” The female soldier said before she lost consciousness

I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid!” The girl said as she held the soldier in her arms.


Where the hell am I? I was in a war…and now…what’s this? An old laboratory? From the large computers in the room, this must be a laboratory way back in time. Couple of doctors was around an examining table. I cannot see what they were looking at, but one of them said, “We haven’t tested this kind of experiment yet, I believe we still need more time.”

Is the brain functional?”

The brain, the heart, Liver and Kidney are still functional. Spleen burst from extreme trauma. Intestines were damaged, but I don’t see how these are needed anymore, seeing that we are to convert this soldier into a fighting machine.”

SEARRs promised to fund this research and I want everyone to do their best to make this project a success. We will call this project Multiple Intelligencial (A/N: Got this from Wiki, it’s really intelligencial? Not intellectual or something…) Yggdrasil Unit or MIYU for short



What is this? Alyssa-chan? MIYU… Is this how you met? You look very different from when you were still a soldier…How come you’re in my dream Miyu? Was this just a dream? Yes…this must be a dream

The sudden loud banging of the door caused Yuuki Nao to awaken. Nao’s eyes widened when she saw herself clinging tightly at Miyu’s body funny, Miyu’s a robot yet her body’s warm…

“I am half a robot Nao-san, my body is made up of human integument and is reinforced with human’s ability to generate heat, hence the body warmth.” Miyu stated flatly, she was looking at the startled Nao.

“Wha- wha… What the heck am I doing snuggling with you?!”

“It wasn’t my fault you moved during your sleep and ends up snuggling with me.” Miyu replied flatly once again.

But even though Nao was protesting, the red headed girl did not remove her hand that was resting on Miyu’s chest. “Despite being half a robot, I am still anatomically correct Nao-san, my central and peripheral nervous systems are intact though controlled by the ygdrassil micro-compliance chip…” Miyu raised an arm and points a finger in her head, “Hence, I can still feel your hands on my chest.”

At this, Nao jerked back and hurriedly removed her hand on the other’s chest. Nao’s face now tinted with red

“Breakfast is being served as we speak Nao-san. You need to go down and eat. It will be best for you and your baby.”

Nao growled and hurriedly left the cyborg. After cleaning herself up, the red head decided to go down to eat her breakfast, but before she left the room, she said, “Don’t ever enter my fucking mind again Miyu!”

There was no response.

Once Miyu was left alone in the room the cyborg closed her eyes, was it the power of Nao’s child? My memories were long buried, Private Maya Greer was dead. Miyu Greer doesn’t have memories. But despite all these words, the cyborg suddenly felt the unusual beating of her heart. My heart is beating as if…I’m alive.


Breakfast went by without any unwanted incident. Aside from Nao and Natsuki’s perennial bickering, the gathering went well. After thirty minutes break, Himeno Fumi asked the HiME’s to gather at the dojo.

At the dojo…

“I got an idea!” Haruka said loudly, everyone’s attention now on the blond haired girl, “Look, your excrements represent something right?” She said.

“Element Haruka-chan,” Yukino corrected softly.

Haruka frowned, “That’s what I said Yukino!” she exclaimed irritably then continued, “I thought why not get a representation of them and try to summon the elements?”

“That’s worth trying!” Chie Harada agreed. So every HiME except for the three non pregnant ones took a representation of their elements. Shizuru, Midori and Fumi took a wooden replica’s of their naginata, labrys and scythe, Akira brought out a small kunai, Akane took a black tonfa on the dojo’s armory, Yukino ran to their room and brought out a large mirror, Shiho brought out her favorite flute, Nao with nothing to represent her element took a pair of gloves from Mr. Benford and Yukariko took Minagi’s bow and arrow toy.

Haruka looked at Yukino with a frown, “Yukino?! What did you bring? We don’t have any plan on grooming ourselves while everyone is busy summoning their elements!” she chastised the red faced Kaichou.

“Haruka-chan…” Yukino whimpered.

“Ara Haruka, Yukino’s element is the mirror.”

Haruka looked at Shizuru then at the flabbergasted girl in front of her and smiled, “Oh…Gomen Yukino-chan, I thought you were playing again!” at Haruka’s playful smile Yukino’s reddened face intensified.

“Ohhhh!” Nao exclaimed, “Why do I smell something kinky in the air?”

“Nao-san, you don’t smell kinky, kinky hairs are usually seen not smelled.” Miyu corrected flatly which caused the others to laugh. Miyu looked at Nao, “Is there something funny in what I’ve said?”

“No, but you look funny!” Nao said frowning.

“Okay, okay enough of that!” Natsuki shouted, “So how do you imagine we do this Suzushiro?”

“Okay!” Haruka shouted and took everyone’s attention, “We stand face to face with our HiME, we let them hold the representations, and we concentrate and call out the elements!”

“HAI!” everyone responded excitedly.

They formed a double circle with the pregnant HiMEs forming the inside circle. The outside circle was the protectors. Every HiMEs had their elements representation in their arms that were stretch out to their counter parts, “Are we supposed to concentrate too?” Akane asked Haruka.

“You think it will help if both HiME and protectors concentrate at the same time?” Haruka replied with a question.

“I think that will be more acceptable.” Akira said.

At these everyone concentrated. Himeko and Aoi were just outside the circle watching the event. Ten minutes passed and no one from the group called out their element.

“Mou! My arms are aching already! My labrys aren’t weightless as you think they are!” Midori screamed which was followed by the other HiME putting down their elements

“Midori-sensei is right! Mine is the heaviest here!” Yukino said.

“Oi Haruka!” Nao shouted, “You didn’t say when you will suppose to call out our elements!”

Haruka smiled, “Gomen!” she said scratching her head with her hand, “But I thought we’ll know when we are ready.”

“But I don’t know when I am ready!” Takumi shouted.

“Alright!” Himeno interrupted before chaos sets in, “Why don’t we count twenty after closing our eyes and then call out the elements?”

“Yes! Fumi-san is great!” Mikoto cheered.

“Eh…ano…” they were interrupted by Aoi, “How will you call the element? Were they to call out the elements form or the child’s name?”

Everyone looked at each other, “Ara, Senoh-san has a good point.”

“So how do you call out your elements?” Kazuya asked.

“We just think of them and they materialize!” Mikoto replied enthusiastically.


“That’s a problem!” Chie said sighing.

Silence again.

“Why don’t you say the word materialize?” Shiho suggested.

“Oh! Shiho is good too!” Mikoto squealed, “Let’s do that! MATERIALIZE!” Mikoto shouted and to the other’s surprise, Mikoto’s sword appeared, “WOW! Shiho is the best!”

“Ara! This might work!” Shizuru said smiling followed by everyone’s agreement. (A/N: Please be reminded that Mikoto is a HiME, hence whether she screamed materialize or not, if she wanted to materialize Miroku, it will appear. This goes for Mai and Natsuki too.)

They started concentrating again, everyone counting twenty in their head then the word MATERIALIZE was screamed.

When they open their eyes, Mikoto, Natsuki and Mai were the only one who materialized an element. And they materialized their own element, not the element of their respective partners.

“I don’t think this will work!” Nao said smirking

“We haven’t tried hard yet. This is just the beginning!” Haruka said

“YOSCH!” Mikoto screamed, “We try harder then!”

And they did this routine thirty more times with the same result

“This is not going to work!” Yukino wailed this time, slumping her shoulder and putting her large mirror on the floor, “My arms are numb already Haruka-chan! I don’t think I can carry the mirror anymore!”

Everyone dropped on their knees with a defeated sigh, “Anymore ideas?” Himeno Fumi asked, she can’t deny the fact that the scythe’s weight is heavy for her too.


Everyone was now sitting on the floor, many of the HiMEs were punching their numb arms, and some of their partners help out.

“I have an idea!!” Mikoto screamed.

Everyone’s brows started twitching.

Kami-sama, what does Mikoto thought of now? Mai asked nervously. Mikoto stood up and walked over Shiho. The two mid-schooler walked away from the group and discussed something no one can hear.

“I don’t like the way Mikoto is acting right now.” Natsuki said her eyes focused on the black haired girl.

“Ara, Mikoto-chan looks like she is demonstrating a dance to Shiho.” Shizuru added smiling, “I wonder what it is?”

“Shizuru-san, I am truly nervous since this is Mikoto-chan we are talking about.” Takumi said politely, “And when I see Shiho-chan do that evil grin? I don’t think they are thinking of something good or acceptable.”

“Ara, Tokiha-san is paranoid already? Remember Mikoto-chan is your sister’s most important person.”

“Shizuru!” Mai squealed.

“OI! Don’t tell me your denying it now Tokiha!” Nao screamed, “Takumi-kun is way better in admitting his feelings than you!” Nao added which caused the fiery haired girl to fume.

‘Ara! I think the two are finish discussing their strategy!” Shizuru interrupted.

“From the look of Shiho, I think I’m going to enjoy whatever it is she concocted!” Midori smiled and looked at Youko who is at her side. The school doctor was frowning at the cheerful teacher.

Everyone is looking at Mikoto and Shiho who stepped at the center.

“Okay!” Mikoto cheerily announced, “All HiMEs except me, Mai and Natsuki should make a circle!”

Yukino frowned, “Mikoto-chan, please don’t tell me I have to carry this heavy mirror again?”

“NO! No! no one need to carry anything!”

“Okay.” Yukino smiled.

“So HiMEs should just relax and concentrate while you sit on the floor. Shiho will demonstrate!”

Shiho sat on the floor in a yoga position. Her arms rests on her lap with her palms rose up. She then closed her eyes and concentrated. The HiMEs followed Shiho’s lead making a circle once again.

“So what are we suppose to do?” Haruka asked impatiently.

“You will follow me!” Mikoto said excitedly. She stood in front of Himeno Fumi, Mikoto stepped closer to Aoi and whispered something and then returned to her place while Aoi excused herself.

After a while, Aoi returned with a frying pan and a ladle and started banging it.

“What the hell?!” Natsuki asked and glared at the smiling girl.

“It wasn’t my idea!” Aoi defended herself.

“Ara!” Shizuru smiled as she realized Mikoto’s idea, “I think you will be calling on the elements as if you’re calling on the rain.”

“KAMI-SAMA!” Mai squealed, “Don’t tell me we are going to do that voodoo dance?! (A/N: I saw a group of people dancing like an old tribe to call forth the rain. So imagine tribal dances…and that’s it!)

“Yes! It is effective in summoning rains! It might summon our powers!” Mikoto said then she began dancing the voodoo dance along with Aoi’s banging of the frying pan.

“I am not going to do that!!” Natsuki screamed, but everyone was stunned when Miyu and Haruka started dancing with Mikoto.

“Ara Natsuki, it seems Haruka and Miyu were serious in protecting their ward!” Shizuru pouted.

“Oi Shizuru! I am serious too but…”

“But they are willing to try and you’re not?” Shizuru finished for Natsuki, “Ikezu Natsuki!”

Natsuki’s face reddened, “Okay stop moping. I’ll dance! I’ll dance!”

And soon all the other joined in Mikoto’s voodoo dance.

“Haven’t we danced long now?” Haruka asked panting from exhaustion, “I don’t think I can summon anything anymore, I’m exhausted already!” Aoi’s earlier enthusiastic banging was also dwindling down as the young girl felt her arms go numb from exhaustion as well.

“Oi Mikoto!” Kazuya shouted, “When are we going to stop?” he asked panting as well, “Suzushiro-san is correct, we are tired already!”

“And my blouse is already wet with perspiration!” Mai added.

Mikoto frowned, “Are we supposed to stop?” she asked innocently.

“MIKOTO!!” A scream, followed by a wailing Mikoto as the others started running after her.

“MAI!! HELP!!”


To summarized, all ideas of transferring their elements were a failure. So they decided that probably they can be successful in thinking a way tomorrow after resting. Since Mikoto was still high in energy, she decided to give a demonstration of the basic katas that can be used, but she decided to show the basic movements of the hand and feet first along with the right posture. The slow sure movement was beautiful and it encourages everyone to follow Mikoto’s lead.

Aside from the movement being helpful with their form, its style also made the others relax. While Mikoto stood at the center of the circle made by the participants, Shizuru decided to sit this one out, content with just watching the others do the exercises. Then her crimson orbs made way to Natsuki’s performing body, the sensuous movement of her body and the alluring sway of her arms made the ex-kaichou’s heart run faster. Seeing some flaw in Natsuki’s movement, Shizuru decided to join in.

But unlike the others, the ex-Kaichou situated herself at Natsuki’s back. Natsuki’s body leaning a bit on her “There is something wrong with your movement Nat…su…ki,” Shizuru whispered, her lips almost brushing along Natsuki’s ear lobe. The sudden feel of Shizuru at her back caused Natsuki to blush but instead of pulling away, the younger HiME let the older one guide her.

Shizuru wound an arm around Natsuki’s waist, her other arm extended parallel to that of Natsuki’s extended arm, her right leg pushed Natsuki’s right leg forward and Shizuru moved it so that Natsuki’s legs will follow. Shizuru’s movement caused the younger girl to lean back, and as the exhilarating sensation of Shizuru touching her came to mind, Natsuki closed her eyes and let Shizuru guide her movement.

“Clear your mind and let your senses move your body. Your senses will guide your movement. Let your body flow and be one with the wind, feel your strength and let them pass through your veins,” Shizuru said in a very calm voice as she guides Natsuki’s body with her own, “Think only of happy memories…”

“Shizuru…” Natsuki whispered.

“Think of a purpose…”


Like magic, Natsuki suddenly felt a strange power surging inside her body. ..kasan…

“Materialize…” Natsuki whispered.

Every pair of eyes widened as Shizuru and Natsuki were clothed with a brilliant light.

Natsuki’s own eyes widened when the moment the light dissipated, Shizuru’s naginata is already in her hand.

-end chapter 9-

A/N: This is the hardest chapter I wrote and it’s because I have to research on naginata-jutsu to make it look realistic! So there it is…no cliff hanger! Question: Who said kasan? Any guess? (answer next chapter.)

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