Story: The Gift (chapter 8)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 8

Aswangs are considered to be creatures of the dark, they have the ability to shape shift they preyed mostly on pregnant women and they used their long, thread like tongue to pierce a mother’s womb so the creature can eat the fetus inside killing the mother in the process. So in this story, Searr’s latest project has the ability to shape shift but not to make a copy (like kuwarimi or kage bunshin), but it does not prey on fetuses, they go for power.

Thanks to my beta Weaver



Chapter 8

The administrator’s entertainment room was rarely used by its director, Himeno Fumi. Most of her time was spent in the office doing her paper work that seemed to grow pile after pile after pile, without Fujino Shizuru there to help her, the director thought that she’ll never see her office clean and out of papers to sign, ever, Unless Fujino Shizuru-san accepts my job offer, this room will always look like a stock room instead of… she shook her head at this thought. But right now, the Fuuka Gakuen director sat comfortably in a reclining couch as she waits for the tape to play. Kanzaki-san must have unraveled something important to send a video tape instead of his promised letter.

She smiled as the fuzzy television screen started to flicker with images. Fumi relaxed more when the images cleared. The video tape wasn’t a movie, or a documentary, from what she can see, the video contains security footages and her likely guessed is that the footages were from the SEARR’s laboratory.

Images of five fluid filled glass containers were the main background. Large consoles that she figured out to be computers were scattered inside the well lit room. There were about five men wearing laboratory coats with name tags on their chest pockets. There were about six to ten technicians with them, all busy testing machines, making notes and the like. This scene gives me the creeps; most of the horror movies I’ve seen always starts with scenes as quiet and peaceful as this. She thought as she prepares herself for the worst, this is adding stress to me and my baby.

Intently, she focused her eyes on the fluid filled glass containers. One will not bother whether there was something inside it because the color of the fluid plus the reflection made by the camera lens made it cloudy, but with a trained eye like hers, the visibility was a lot better and with further concentration she could now make out a shadow of human forms submerged inside. Were they making more HIME clones? But they’ve proven that it is futile to recreate HIME. What were they up to?

A sudden scream took her from her musing. One of the scientists was yelling orders; the other four were looking while the technicians started moving faster. From her deduction, one technician must have made a mistake, a terrible mistake. This was proven true when warning sounds turned on making the people inside rattle. The video feed showed another angle where doors that would lead the people out started closing. The sudden explosion startled the director. The explosion was followed by the cracking of the glass containers and then the containers burst. The chaos was followed by the sudden darkening of the room and the creepy sound of inhuman growling. The warning sound stopped but the screaming intensified causing the director to shiver in her chair what horrible screams…

The screaming died down after about sometime and was replaced by steely silence. A single console was noticed in the video, the console has a blinking red light, and the light was visible in the surrounding darkness. Fumi jerked when a sudden force landed on the console. A human form was crouching on top of the console; its form was illuminated by the blinking light. Fumi’s eyes widened when it saw the form turn around to face the camera lens, it’s open eyes was devoid of the normal eye lid, its pupils red with slit like shape is very prominent with its surrounding black sclerae. What made it scarier was the fact that its body was bathed with red blood, the form was holding on to wires…live wires


The video ended as the figure jumped on it.


Saturday after the meeting was spent looking for Gama-chan. The HIMEs and their beloveds excluding Shizuru and Fumi decided to separate in two to look for the said cat. Mikoto was instructed to describe the said cat, Mikoto did but her description didn’t help at all, so they decided to look for a cat with a necklace. Then Mikoto described her necklace. Everyone’s face almost fell on the ground when Mikoto described a very common necklace. So they stuck to their earlier plan and decided to place their catch in a box and be inspected by Mikoto.

Sunday morning proved to be a tiring and yet entertaining one. Yukino and Haruka found 3 boxes full of stray cats inside the school’s student council room. They decided to use the said room to gather the cats. When Mikoto, Mai and Shiho arrived at the council room to identify the cat, Mikoto jumped and shouted for joy as she saw the cats, the girl started caressing each one.

“Oi Mikoto!” Natsuki said frowning, “We have no time for your antics, inspect the cats now and get your damn necklace!” Natsuki urged the younger girl.

Mikoto looked at Natsuki and the other people gathered at the council room (and again minus Shizuru and Fumi) and smiled, “Gama-chan isn’t here.” She said then she returned her focus on the cats in front of her.

“We almost caught every stray cat around the campus.” Chie said as she sighed.

“Yeah, we’ll never get that key!” Shiho added pouting, her eyes become watery.

To Mai, Mikoto, Natsuki, Miyu, Chie, Aoi and Haruka’s surprise, the rest of the people in the room started crying.

“Why the hell am I crying?” Nao asked as she wiped the tears in her face.

“Shiho’s to blame! She cried first!” Akira added.

“Why is Shiho-chan crying anyway?” Yukino asked while sniffing.

“Because I got tired looking for a cat and we still failed!” Shiho replied.

The girls wailed together causing the others to wince.

“OI!” Natsuki screamed both her hands were raised up to cover her ears. Mai was watching the scene with a smile, Chie and Aoi tried hard to contain their laughter, Haruka has her hands on Yukino trying to pacify the younger one, Miyu was watching Nao intently.

“I thought we only need the key? Do we still need Gama-chan?” Mikoto asked frowning.

The wailing stopped.

“I thought you said the necklace was at Gama-chan’s neck?” Mai asked and Mikoto nodded, “So we need Gama-chan to get the necklace so we can retrieve the key!” Mai explained patiently.

“But I took the key inside its pendant before I put the necklace on gama-chan!” Mikoto said smiling, proud of herself for doing so.

“WHAT?!” every occupant of the room screamed. Except for Mai and Miyu, everyone glared evilly at the cat-like girl.

“I kept Ani’s key in my coin purse. I never left the room without it.” She said her eyes silently asking what’s the matter?

Mikoto’s eyes widened when 11 angry girls started running after her. Mikoto ran fast she smiled as she never thought she could run that fast then she frowned, what did I do? (A/N: This scene looks like an omake material to me.)


Sunday night, every HIME and their beloveds-protectors, along with Aoi and Alyssa got a simple text message from Himeno Fumi-san. The text read: Kanzaki-mansion is ready for us. We will depart tomorrow, Monday after class to settle in. Please be advised.

The information brought mixed emotions for everyone: joy for the opportunity to create a stronger bond not only to their beloveds but to the other HIMEs and fear for this signals that once again, they are to face another challenge, another danger.

Monday morning.

Shizuru has attire, it was still early in the morning but she wanted to feel fresher as she hasn’t been out of the medical bay for a long time. She looked at the bathroom door as soon as it opened to see Natsuki, freshly bathed and sporting her school uniform, “Ara, my Natsuki really looks adorable in her uniform. Maybe Natsuki should wear that all the time!” Shizuru teased as she looked at the younger girl’s eyes.

Natsuki blushed but instead of her usual ice cold retort or angry glare, she just smiled and stepped closer to the older one, “Do you feel alright? Are you sure its okay for you to roam around the school ground right now?” Natsuki asked with a worried look.

“I am fine Natsuki,” Shizuru said smiling. Natsuki smiled at this, “Besides I might be spending most of my time at Himeno-san’s office, she told me yesterday that she needed to tell me something.”

Natsuki frowned.


Shizuru raised a hand and started stroking Natsuki’s damped hair, then she took a hair brush that was on the drawer beside her, “Can I brush my Natsuki’s hair?” she asked. Natsuki looked back at her and nodded. So Shizuru urged the younger girl to sit and then she started brushing Natsuki’s blue, soft and silky hair, “My Natsuki has a glum look on her face, what is bothering my Natsuki?

I’ll never tire hearing Shizuru say my name. She thought, catching on the last five words of Shizuru’s question she replied, “You’ll be passing by the middle school and the high school building before you get to Himeno-san’s office.” Shizuru looked at her quizzically, “You still have your fan girls at school you know! I don’t want you exerting so much effort since you’ve just regained your strength.” She added.

Shizuru smiled and stopped brushing Natsuki’s hair. She wound her arms around Natsuki’s neck and placed her chin on top of Natsuki’s head, “Ara, Is my Natsuki jealous?” Natsuki blushed a bright shade of red then frowned.

“I am not jealous!” she defended.

“I wanted to believe that my Natsuki is really worried about my health, but I think she is really jealous.” Shizuru teased which made the younger girl’s face redder.


Shizuru resumed her task then she heard Natsuki made mumbling noises, “Ara? I didn’t catch Natsuki’s words. Can you repeat it for me please?” She said in her softest, most tender Kyoto-ben voice. Natsuki repeated louder but her words were still incomprehensible, “Is my Natsuki that hungry right now? She is eating her words!”

Natsuki frowned then she raised a hand and caught Shizuru’s hand that held the hair brush and forced it down, she turned around to face the older girl, “Okay! I’m jealous. I don’t want them near you, I don’t want them surrounding you and tell you how lovely you are, or how great or how…” she stopped herself then she raised both her hands wound them around Shizuru’s waist and she rest her face on Shizuru’s slightly enlarged abdomen, “I wanted to do all that, say all that. Me, just me.” She confessed. She felt Shizuru’s hand on her hair as the older girl stroked her hair once again, “I know I sound like a selfish brat but I don’t like you paying attention to them. If I could have all your time then I want it.” Shizuru was looking down at Natsuki smiling, “And I do worry about your health, I don’t want them suffocating you and our children.”

“Natsuki knows that she can have all my time if possible right?” Shizuru asked, “My Natsuki knows that I am hers, the whole of me is hers and no one else’s, right?”

Natsuki looked up to see crimson eyes looking at her with all the love she knew Shizuru has for her, “I really regretted the time I took you for granted Shizuru. I was the luckiest among the HIMEs for I received the best gift during carnival and yet…”

Her speech was halted by a finger across her lips, “The past is past Natsuki, we can’t take it back. What matters most is that we learned through them and now we are together and if God permits, we can be together for eternity.”

Natsuki smiled, “And until our next life. You are my soul mate Shizuru, I’ll never be me without you. The Natsuki you’ve first knew years ago wasn’t the real me, that was the girl made by hate and revenge and it was you who freed me and made me real.” She said.

Shizuru looked at Natsuki, emotions overwhelming her but tried hard not to show it. She raised a hand and caressed Natsuki’s cheek. Natsuki closed her eyes and leaned her face to that hand and whispered, “Let it go Shizuru, you can bare all your emotions when you’re with me, you don’t need to hide anymore.”

Natsuki stood, tilted her head and caught Shizuru’s lips with her own.


The student council room was quiet. Yukino was busy doing her job while Haruka was sitting at a chair in front of the younger girl. Her focus was not on the girl as her eyes were focused outside the window. Yukino’s attention was caught by a knock on the council door. None from their co-leaders knocked when they wanted to get in so it was clear to them that its one of the students of Fuuka. She got up when she saw her friend-girlfriend looking lost in her own thoughts. She smiled and she got the door.

Yukino smiled when she saw the blue haired ice princess at the other side, “Ohayoo Kuga-san.” She greeted. Yukino’s greeting pulled the blond hair girl from her musing, “Is there anything I can help you?”

Natsuki did not smile but still she asked politely, “Is Suzushiro Haruka there?”

Yukino was sure that Natsuki’s presence has something to do with what happened Saturday before the meeting, “Kuga-san,” she said shyly, “I know Haruka’s action wasn’t called for and I apologized in behalf of her but please…”

“I just wanted to talk with her.” Natsuki interrupted her.


“Let her in Yukino!” Haruka said flatly. It wasn’t her usual mood. At this Yukino stepped aside to let Natsuki pass, “I got a message that Sakuragi Tomoyo was sent to the detention by Suguira-sensei again, can you please see to her and give her a lecture?” she asked.

“But Haruka?”

“Please Yukino. I am sure Kuga came here to talk and she has no intention of killing me.” Haruka said her lavender eyes focused on Natsuki’s emerald ones.

“Haruka-chan!” Yukino exclaimed.

“Please?” Haruka shifted her gaze at Yukino. The younger girl nodded and quietly walked out of the room. Haruka then looked at Natsuki again who hasn’t taken her eyes off the bigger girl, “Do you want to take a seat?” she asked gesturing for Natsuki to sit before she turned and relax herself on one of the chairs.

“I won’t be long.” Natsuki said.


“What is it that you want to discuss with me?”

“Shizuru.” She replied flatly, “This afternoon we all are going to live together in one roof.” Haruka nodded, “I don’t want a repeat of what happened last Saturday. I have very little patience and I don’t want to hurt you.” Haruka nodded again, “Good.” She said then turned around but was halted mid way by Haruka’s question.

“She did something vile to you and yet you defend her? Why?” Haruka asked, “Are you out of your mind Kuga or you just can’t find anyone to suit your lifestyle so you decided to stick with that bubuzeke?”

Natsuki have to restrain herself more How dare you Suzushiro! She screamed deep within, slowly she turned around to face the blond girl, her face red with anger, “Whatever Shizuru did to me wasn’t your business Suzushiro. I was the one wronged and I am the only one who has the right to judge her, not you, no one has the right but me!” she screamed, “You’re right, there was no one that suits me but Shizuru because she was the only one who looked through my armor, she was the only one who showed me that I am cared for, loved.” She said angrily, “Will you condemn Yukino if it was her who did the thing Shizuru did to me?” she returned the question.

Haruka’s strained face fell, I love Yukino and no matter what she does, there is no way for me to be mad at her, I’ll forgive her seventy times seven she remained silent.

“I love Shizuru. She is the only constant thing in my life…and my children. She suffered so much and was disowned for something she has no control over. I’ve let her suffer before and I won’t stand doing nothing and see her suffer again, especially if she’ll suffer because of you.” Again Haruka’s answer was silence.

Fujino was disowned? Yukino’s parents supported her…We’ve talked about this so why am I still angry at her? Haruka looked at Natsuki who has turned her back on her and continued her trek out of the room, and Fujino never said anything bad against me, she’d been nice to me… Haruka steeled herself then walked towards the departing girl.

“Kuga!” she called out.

Natsuki frowned and turned around again to face Haruka. Both girls was now at the hall way. Haruka was just looking at Natsuki, the smaller girl frowned then she looked down to see Haruka’s hand extended towards her, “I understand how you feel now Kuga and I know Yukino wanted this.” Haruka explained.

Natsuki nodded her head and reached for Haruka’s hand as they end their discussion with a friendly shake of their hands.


After his encounter with Mai and Mikoto, Yuuichi Tate opted to stay out late not wanting to see the girl who has ruined his chance of being with the girl she love. During the time he was at the bar, a man shared a table with him; they found themselves into friendly conversation. Tate being a bit tipsy started narrating about his unlucky love life to the point of sharing the story on how Shiho used her power to try to take down the other girls. He was stunned when the man laughed at him and told him that he was the most stupid man he’d ever met. He even told him that he wasn’t listening to what he was telling him. Why he became what he is and his regret for letting someone pass just because she is not the woman she wants. He even said, ”Tell me kid? What will you lose if you keep that woman with you? If you’ll ask me, my answer will be nothing! I’ll gain a very good and loving wife, a good child and I’ll retain my friends. Isn’t that a lot better than having the woman of my dreams and yet there was just you and her and nobody else?”

Those words were the reason that Yuuichi Tate felt so alone. When he came back, Shiho wasn’t there anymore. He waited knowing that the girl will return, but the weekend passed and still there was no Shiho. Monday after class gave him hope, so he prepared a good meal so that when Shiho comes back he could surprise her with it. But the food was cold now and still there was no Shiho. Even her favorite ice cream melted already.

Perhaps Shiho just wanted me to fetch her. I knew Mai said she’ll talk to Fumi-san so she can stay with her, I am sure I’ll get Mai’s respect back if I take back Shiho. I know now that I can’t be with Mai but at least I can still be friends with her, with the others. He smiled I’ll get you back Shiho.

He was happy cause finally he could do what is right. He went to Mai’s dorm without calling because he wanted to surprise the young pink haired girl. Step by step he traversed the stairs that will lead him to Shiho. He walked the darkened hall way and stood still before Mai’s door If I have to beg for Shiho to come back, I will. He thought. He raised his hand and was about to knock when he noticed the door ajar. So he knocked lightly and pushed the door open slowly.

His eyes widened when he saw a vacant room. He stepped back and looked at the room number. This is the right room, where are they?

It was so that the occupant of the room next to Mai’s went out to dispose their garbage, “Tate-kun!” the girl greeted with a smile, “Mai and the other’s packed their things and said goodbye to us.” She said.

Good bye? “Did Tokiha tell you where they are going?” he asked with a hopeful look on his face. The girl shook her head.

“No one knew actually.” She replied then bowed her head before she walked passed the blond boy.

Is this how it felt to be alone? To have no one? Was this my punishment for being selfish? “I’ll make everything right but please give me back Shiho.” He whispered before he sadly left the building.


The coaster ride to Kanzaki mansion was quiet. The designated driver Mr. Ford told them that the ride will take them at least two and a half hours. Fumi, Midori, Yoko and Yukariko took the first 4 seats in front.

“I don’t think that an everyday ride this long is good for our HIMEs, the travel will add stress to them and that is not good for their babies.” Yoko said, she was looking at Fumi who was seated at the isle seat opposite her.

“I understand.”

“I can continue teaching them while we are at the mansion. I am one of the faculty anyway.” Midori offered.

“Oh, Midori-san, that was a brilliant idea, I can teach them there too.” Yukariko said happily.


“I think that would work, perhaps I could make a change in our HIMEs schedule of classes making Sakomizu’s and Hanagano’s classes at Saturdays.”

“And their week days starts Tuesdays, that is a good schedule.” Midori said smiling, “Wished I had that schedule when I was still studying.” Midori’s lament was followed by a soft laugh from Yoko.

“Your problem Himeno-san will be substitute teachers for Yukariko and Midori. And a substitute doctor for me. I have no plan traveling that far and leave Midori alone.”

“I’m not alone.”

“I’ve thought of that. Aside from that, the student council president and executive head director is also with us.” Fumi calmly said, “As for my part, I can always ask Sakomizu-san to look over the school for me and I could have all my paper works be delivered here. I can manage the school from here.”


“Perhaps we could use the machines that were left by Searrs so Kikukawa-san and Suzushiro-san could still monitor the student’s activity?” Yukariko said.

“How?” Midori asked.

Yukariko turned her head to look for Alyssa or Miyu. Finding the cyborg she waved at her to come forth. Miyu nodded, whispered at Alyssa before she stood and walked towards the four older women.

Miyu stood straight beside Yukariko, “Miyu-san, Searrs computers was still at the basement right?” Miyu nodded, “You used them for surveillance all over school right?” Miyu nodded again, “Can those computers do long distance surveillance?” she asked.

“The computers were hooked to a satellite and it could survey any part of the world as long as the coordinates are fed to the computers.” Miyu explained.

The four women looked at each other, “Are they under working condition?” Fumi asked.

“It wasn’t tested after the foundation left the university premise. But I had the notion that it was left on working condition.” The four women nodded at the information.

“How many coordinates can be fed the computers?” Yoko asked.

“The most I was able to program was 6 different coordinates at once.”

“That’s good.” Yoko said smiling, “We can use that not only to monitor activities at school, but it could be very useful as surveillance for the mansion’s security.” Yoko said.

“Yes, yes.” Fumi said then looked at Miyu, “Will you lead some of the students here to take them from the chapel underground?” she asked and Miyu nodded.

“I could program it too.” Miyu said, “Who’s going to use it?”

“Kikukawa and Suzushiro-san.” Fumi answered, “Perhaps I could use it to communicate with Sakomizu too.” Miyu nodded.

“I’ll go back now.” Miyu respectively bowed and walked away.

“We’ll contact people who can substitute for us Himeno-san, you take care of Sakomizu-san.”

“I’ll ask Kikukawa-san to talk to her vice president and Haruka-san to talk to her right hand about it.”

Three heads nodded.

Kikukawa Yukino wasn’t just an ordinary student. She became the president because of her intelligence and her ability to act before something happens. So after learning about the mansion, she deduced that it might be bad for their situation to travel back and forth. While traveling, she used her lap top and contacted her Vice President Erstin Ho and informed her of the situation. Erstin is a trustworthy student. Like Yukino she is a very perceptive and intelligent student and is Yukino’s trusted friend outside of the HIME circle.

Elle Woods: So you won’t be coming to school? How about your studies?

Diana: I still have no idea. But I overheard Himeno-san discussing the matter with Midori, Yukariko and Yoko-sensei

Elle Woods: It must be fun if they decide to have your classes in that mansion!

Diana: Yes, but we were not in the same year. Shiho, Mikoto, Akira, Nao and Takumi were from middle school

Elle Woods: Just tell me what they come up with okay. I can come by the mansion if you like for weekly reports. How about that?

Diana: That would probably be the best. I still want to know about the school personally. (smile) You’ll be my eyes there.

Elle Woods: I’ll be glad. I may even stay there for the weekend!

Diana: I don’t want Haruka-chan to think that we have something special

Elle Woods: Haruka-sempai will probably kill me. Hahaha

Diana: Can I ask you a favor? But this is just in case,

Elle Woods: sure

Diana: Haruka-chan might not come to school too, so she needed someone to take over her duty and I think Himemiya Arika and Wang Nina will be the best candidate for that.

Elle Woods: LMAO, it’s like having Haruka-sempai here in the flesh with those two! Really, those two will probably kissed Haruka-sempai’s feet if it wasn’t for me stopping them. LOL

Diana: LOL, should I get jealous?

Elle Woods: LMAO Yukino-san, those two idolized Haruka-sempai while others worship Shizuru-sempai. Besides I heard there’s something romantic between those two

Diana: Really? Wow didn’t thought of that. I thought Wang-san has her eyes on you

Elle Woods: We’re best friends, but Nina seems to be in love with Arika-chan, she just don’t want to admit it, (giggles)

Diana: Better sign off now. I’ll tell Haruka-chan about our discussion later. So see you sometime okay?

Elle Woods: Okay, just send me a message if it is possible for me to report to you there personally okay? And don’t forget to send me the address and details of the mansion. I don’t want to get lost if ever it is possible.

Diana: Hai, I’ll do that. Gomen Erst if I suddenly burdened you.

Elle Woods: No need to apologize, what are friends for? Legally blonde out!

Yukino smiled as the java closed. She looked at Haruka who was seated at the isle chair; she has her focus on Fujino who was sleeping. The ex-Kaichou was at the window side in front and opposite them. Shizuru has her head rested on the chair’s back seat but Natsuki who was watching the older girl pulled Shizuru closer to her and moved her head so that Shizuru’s head rest on her shoulder. Yukino smiled as she watched her girlfriend, “Kuga-san is in love with Fujino-san.” She said softly which was answered by Haruka’s simple nod, “You haven’t told me about what happened in the council room after I left this morning.”

Haruka looked at her and smiled, “Kuga and I already had an understanding. There’s no need for you to pet.”

Yukino laugh softly, “Fret Haruka-chan.”

Haruka frowned, “Isn’t that what I’ve said?”

“Hey!” It was Harada Chie, “Don’t you all feel like we were part of this reality show?!” she asked in a very loud voice so that she could be heard by everyone.

Takumi and Kazuya looked at the tall girl, “What reality show?” Kazuya asked.

“Hah!” Chie stood and walked to the isle so she can be seen by everybody, “The reality show I saw on cable TV, it was the fad in America and other parts of the world, that reality show where a group of different people were gathered together and they have to live inside a house where they will be given different task? That show?” No one answer, “The one where the viewers need to vote and one by one the people inside…”

“Oh! I know what you’re talking about!” Kazuya replied, “It’s called Big Brother’s house right?”

“Yeah! That’s it!”

Everyone started buzzing.

“Perhaps we could pretend that we are entering big brother’s house!” Chie said smiling.

“YEAH!” everyone answered in unison. The four older women were just watching, Natsuki was smiling and shaking her head. Shizuru was roused from her sleep by the loud answer.

“Well we really are living under Big Brother’s house, Kanzaki-san is Mikoto’s big brother right?” Takumi said.

Mikoto smiled, “Yeah! Ani-ue!”

“All right!” everyone

The cheering lasted for about 15 minutes before they were interrupted by Himeno Fumi to relay to them what will happen in the mansion. (A/N: Yes, just like big brother!) It was decided that the HIMEs and their companions will be having their classes in the mansion, their schedules will be changed as Sakomizu and Hanagano will come Saturday to teach them. Fumi did not waste time by calling the two teachers about the matter. Fumi and Shizuru will work on the university’s administrative job in the mansion as well as Kikukawa and Suzushiro. Miyu, Mikoto, Mai, Natsuki and Yoko were delegated to go back to Fuuka tomorrow to retrieve the computers at the underground base of the chapel. Yoko will meet her substitute doctor and give instructions. Kikukawa was asked to state her action and she informed them of Erstin Ho as her substitute and Himemiya Arika and Wang Nina were Haruka’s substitute. Everyone agreed to this settlement and soon they arrived at the gate of the Kanzaki mansion.


Mai and Mikoto were the first one to enter the house as soon as the only occupant Mr. Benford ushered them in. He enumerated the rooms and he led the group as they tour the mansion which caused the girls to give out soft oohs and ahhs. They were so excited when they found an Olympic size pool and a Jacuzzi at the room adjacent to where the pool is. The Jacuzzi was so large it could fit at least ten people in it.

They all returned to the entrance hall way after the tour.

“Can I suggest something?” Mai said to the group which caught their attention, “There were four rooms here on the ground floor, I like to suggest that Shizuru-san take one of them and Yukariko another. We all know that Shizuru is still weak and I don’t think it’s good for her to travel up and down the stairs. As for Yukariko-sensei, it is hard to put her and Migami-chan up; we don’t want our cute toddler to go up and down the stairs right?”

Her reasons were accepted without argument. Kazu/Akane, Haruka/Yukino, Midori/Yoko, Miyu/Alyssa, Takumi/Akira, Mikoto/Mai, and Chie/Aoi took the rooms on the second level of the mansion. Nao/Himeko and Fumi took the other two rooms at the ground floor.

Shiho did not voiced her idea where to sleep, she said she could have her own room since there’s lots of rooms anyway, but the others did not allow her so Fumi took Shiho to her room saying that she’s tired of being alone since Mashiro left her.

Everyone started taking their things inside their desired room. Natsuki took her bags and Shizuru’s few belongings. The chest nut haired girl was to follow Natsuki into their room when she was stopped by Haruka. The blonde haired girl held on to Shizuru’s arm and turned the crimson eyes around gently

“Fujino,” Haruka started softly, “…ah…g…gomen ne,” she said.

Shizuru smiled at Haruka, “What for?”

“Heh,” Haruka released Shizuru’s arm and raised it to scratch her head, the blonde girl had a tint of red in her cheeks, “Yukino and I talked about what happened last year, you know?” she said shyly, “She explained everything to me I just don’t get myself why I acted dematurely last Saturday.” She smiled.

“Suzushiro-san, I think the word is immaturely.” Shizuru corrected politely.

“So that wasn’t the word I’ve said?” she asked, “I thought I did say that.” Shizuru laughed softly, “Maybe we can just move on? You know, forget and forgive like that.” Haruka said bowing her head to look at her feet, “Kuga was right. I would have done the same thing if I were on her feet.”

“Natsuki said that?” Shizuru asked bewildered.

“Yeah,” Haruka looked at Shizuru again, “Early this morning, she paid me a visit.” She smiled, “At the school council room that is. Hehe.”

Shizuru took the other girl’s hand, “There’s no need to apologize. We all made mistakes and we learned from them. I am happy to move forward and be friends with you again Suzushiro-san.” Shizuru said smiling, “And it’s if I were on her shoes,” she corrected. Haruka laughed and nodded.

“Then stop calling me by my surname. You used to call me Haruka when we were in elementary.” She said laughing. She watches Shizuru nod her head, “And I think my parents should give your parents a beating for disowning you.” Shizuru looked at Haruka bemused, “Kuga told me that too. I was thinking that if there was a parent who’ll disown their child for something that wasn’t their fault, it would have been Yukino’s or even my parents. I thought your parents were cool and open minded.” She smiled and shook her head “The saying: don’t judge a book by its cover really hits its mark!” she said then looks at Shizuru, “You better rest now Fujino.”

“Thank you Haruka, maybe you should start calling me Shizuru again.” She said before she retracted her hand, turned around and retreated to her room.

Haruka was left at the hallway smiling. Then she too retreated to her room on the second floor.


Tuesday morning.

The females delegated to go back to Fuuka University arrived peacefully. Classes were conducted already so there were no students at the grounds at the moment. Yoko directly went to the school clinic to meet the new school doctor in her absence. Yukino contacted Erstin, Arika and Nina to meet Haruka at the chapel.

Once everything was settled, Miyu and Natsuki separated ways to install the cameras at Fumi’s office which will be used by Sakomizu who will temporarily replaced Fumi and will serve as her eyes in the school and at the school council office. Natsuki will be accompanied by Erstin, Arika and Nina. Fumi granted Erstin the approval so she could report every Saturday to Yukino just as Sakomizu will report to Fumi at the same day after his class with the HIMEs.

Mai and Yoko were left at the chapel to wait while Mikoto accompanied Miyu to Fumi’s office so that the girl could arrange Fumi’s papers and bring it with them. It was at that time while they were waiting when Yuuichi Tate passed by the chapel by chance to see Father Enriquez since the good priest agreed to fill in Yukariko’s place while the good woman was still out, Tate being one of the student council was tasked to give the priest the syllabus so he could prepare for his class. He was surprised to see Mai at the chapel with Yoko.

“Mai-san?” He asked. The fiery haired girl turned her head to see Tate walking closer

“Do you need me to leave Tokiha-san?” Yoko asked.

“No, Please stay Yoko-sensei.” She replied without taking her eyes from the approaching male.

“Good afternoon.” He greeted. There was no reply, “A…no, Mai-san,”

“Don’t waste my time Yuuchi.” Mai said sternly.

“I went to your place last night…” Mai frowned, “I wanted to fetch Shiho so she could return to-”

“I think we made it clear that Shiho will be staying with us from now on.”

“Ah, I already thought about everything and I was stupid for acting that way…”

“So you finally thought of things because you don’t have anyone anymore? Is that it?” Mai interrupted her. Tate winced.

I didn’t know Tokiha-san could be this heartless Yoko thought to herself as she watched the exchanged between the two.

“I’m taking Shiho back.” Tate said.

“If you haven’t noticed, we don’t live in the dorm anymore. You want to get Shiho back? Question: Does Shiho wants you back in her life? You know her number, call her and ask her if she wanted you back.” Mai said then looked away.

Tate was left speechless. It was at that time that Miyu, Mikoto, Natsuki, Erstin, Arika and Nina came back. Natsuki and Mikoto made a formal gesture, the younger one glared at the blond male. Miyu stood behind Tate without saying anything.

From the look he got from the women aside from Yoko and Miyu, he knew that his presence is unwanted there. So he bowed down and left to seek for Father Enriquez.


When they returned to the mansion, the HIMEs were already waiting at the dining hall for lunch. Himeko and Aoi were the one who cooked the food, as they were also the ones who won’t be doing any protection, they made it a point that their role in the house is to make sure that everyone is fed and taken care of. Shiho was a little sad and they’ve learned that Tate did call Shiho and begged her to return. But it seemed that Shiho had been hurt by the blond young man too many times to reconsider his plea. The rest decided then and there to make Shiho’s stay in the mansion with them worth her while.

After reading a short letter from Reito, Fumi showed them the video tape he sent to her, everyone was so focused that when the video ended…

“We need to find a way how to transfer our powers…and I mean ASAP.” Akira exclaimed.

“I’ll open the dojo. Maybe we could do some basic moves while we are thinking about how to do it!” Mikoto suggested.

“Ara, that is a brilliant idea Mikoto-chan, perhaps we could start training you with simple, relax martial art movements?” she said. Everyone’s eyes were on Shizuru, “As you can see, my element is the naginata, and you cannot use it properly if you don’t have any basic movement to go with it. So yes I can teach you those moves, it will be of great help to those who will be using long handled weapons like my naginata, Midori-sensei’s Labrys and Fumi-san’s Scythe.”

Everyone nodded.

“Mikoto-chan I think has a basic knowledge on these kinds of martial art moves so perhaps we could make a demonstration later and start teaching you tomorrow?” Shizuru added.

Everyone nodded.

“Yukariko-sensei and I will be dealing with marksmanship. And I think Miyu could demonstrate basic strategy for defense and stealth.” Natsuki added while looking at Miyu. The cyborg nodded.

“Perhaps special training will be given to those who have special weapons like Arika’s kunai and Akane’s tonfa?” Fumi asked and the two girls nodded their head.

“Then it is settled. Your classes will resume next week, so this week we have other agenda. We will gather at the dojo after your rest, at around four pm and watch the demonstrations.” Fumi summarized, “And we will also try to think on how to transfer our powers to our protectors.”

The group dispersed to their room for their needed rest. This will be a very long week for the HIMEs and their guardian protectors.

-end chapter 8-

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