Story: The Gift (chapter 7)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 7



It was almost twelve midnight. The occupants of the hospital room were still up, the younger one was busy packing things: her mother’s used clothing, some of the complementary things from the hospital, get-well cards from her mother’s previous co-workers and nurses that took care of her while she was under their care. Nao was so busy and intent with her work when she found her mobile phone inside the drawer that was on the side of her mother’s bed. She frowned when she realized that she forgot to turn on her mobile phone No wonder I wasn’t able to received any messages from anyone…and I’ve been out for three days, I do hope nothing bad is happening at Fuuka. She thought then she shook her head

“Nao-chan,” Yuuki Himeko called out her daughter’s name, “It’s getting late, why don’t you rest and leave the packing to me?” She asked but in reality Himeko was suggesting that idea to her hard headed daughter, “You haven’t had a peaceful sleep since you’ve got here.”

Nao turned her head to look at her mother, “I’m fine mama, and you should be the one getting rest since you’ve just got out of coma.” She replied then returned her focus on the work at hand.

“But the doctors said that I’m as good as new and that I don’t have to worry about my condition as if I was never really sick.” The older woman who despite in her early 40’s still looked young said smiling, “I’ve been resting for so long and my body’s tired of it already Nao-chan.” She looked at her daughter’s red mane that is so different from her golden ones, her own eyes like that of her daughters. Nao is a spitting image of her mother aside from her red hair which she got from her father.

“Still…I don’t want you to exert so much effort at once. Besides I have lots of time to rest when we return to Fuuka.” Nao frowned then looked at her mother, “You’re coming with me at Fuuka right? I could ask Himeno-san to give you permission to stay with me and Aoi until I could find an apartment where we could live.” She said while looking at her mother intently.

“Don’t fret Nao-chan, I’ll go with you anywhere you want.” Himeko replied assuring her daughter, “And don’t you worry about working Nao-chan, since I’m well now, I’m going to find a good job for the both of us.” She added, her eyes still had that sad look though let me take care of you Nao-chan, onegai…

“I can work for the both of us mama, I’m sure we’ll be spending less. I was able to get by with you here in the hospital; I was able to take care of all the bills. Now that we don’t have many bills to worry about, I’m sure I can take care of it. So don’t worry mama.” Nao said, her back still on her mother.

As Nao was giving her litany of reasons to her mother, she didn’t notice her stepping closer. She stiffened when she felt her mother’s arms wound around her and pulled her in embrace, “Onegai Nao-chan, please let mama take care of you this time, please?” Nao’s body relaxed in her mother’s embrace.

“But mama-”

“You’re pregnant Nao-chan, so please let me take care of you and my grandchild. I don’t want anything to happen to you and little Nao.” Himeko said softly, “Daiski…”

“I love you too mama.” Nao raised her hands and touched her mother’s arms that surround her.




“Mama…” Nao’s voice suddenly got this tone of nervousness.

“Is something wrong?” Himeko asked when she noticed her daughter’s posture stiffened once again.

“Did you hear that mama?”


“Hear what? I did not hear anything.” Himeko replied scrunching her forehead, “Are you alright Nao-chan?”

Nao nodded when the howling sound stopped, she still had a dazed look on her face. “I heard a howling sound.” She said flatly then turned her head, tilted it a little and looked at her mother, “You didn’t hear that howling sound? It was so loud I’m sure even the nurses outside heard it.” She said to her mother, her dazed look was superimposed with a worry. Himeko shook her head no.

It was at that moment that the nurse in charge during that time entered the room to deliver something…

“Mako-chan…” Himeko called on the nurse’s name softly, “Did you by any chance hear any howling sound outside?” The nurse scrunched her forehead and shook her head no. Himeko looked down at her daughter who still had a worried look, “Come on Nao…”

Himeko’s words were interrupted when she saw her daughter’s hand, “Nao-chan…you…your… hands…” Himeko said her eyes widened. Nao looked down at her hands.

“Fuck!” she cursed when she found her hands and fingers covered with her metal claws, “Julia!” she screamed, “I am calling that damn Fumi!” she screamed as she walked out of her mother’s room mumbling profanities in the air.


Akira and Takumi were peacefully sleeping inside their room, the curtain divider long gone and their beds were joined together. Takumi was lying on his side, one arm draped over Akira’s body. The black haired girl opened her eyes as she felt her throat a bit dry and her stomach growling from hunger. She stretched and slowly climbed off of the bed but her actions roused Takumi from sleep. “Akira?” he asked.

“Go back to sleep Takumi-kun, I’ll just get some water and prepare something to eat.” She said while she looked around for her slippers.

“Oh, so you and little Akira are hungry?” Takumi asked with a mischievous smile on his face, Akira turned her head to look at her boyfriend.

“Yes we are, so go back to sleep!” she said irritated.

Takumi shook his head and soon followed the girl to their little kitchen, “You get whatever it is you wanted to drink and I’ll prepare a special sandwich for you, how about that?” Takumi said, behind Akira.

Akira looked at him and nodded, “Your sandwich will be more edible than what I could come up I’m sure anyways.” She said then she shrugged her shoulders. She bent down to look inside the small refrigerator for something delicious and nutritious to drink aside from orange juice when she heard a loud howling sound, she stiffened and stopped moving, “Takumi-kun…”


“Did you hear that?”

Takumi stopped whatever he was doing and faced the refrigerator where Akira was hidden, “Hear what?”

Akira heard another howl, and another. The howling sound was so loud it is impossible not to be heard by anyone, “That howling sound? I’m sure it comes from a very large dog or a very large wolf!” She said irritated once again. She straightened herself when the howling sound stopped, “Takumi-kun!”

Takumi looked at her red faced girlfriend, “I didn’t hear anything. I may have had a heart problem but I am no deaf Akira.” He reasoned, and then he walked towards a cabinet to get something for the sandwich when…

“Takumi-kun!!” Akira screamed when the black haired girl saw a large double bladed kunai flew out from nowhere and headed straight towards Takumi. She was too late to push Takumi away though. The Kunai went straight and buried itself on the now opened cabinet door. Takumi stood frozen from where he was his eyes wide and focused on the said kunai. Akira stood still, she was looking at her boyfriend’s stunned state, and then she shifted her gaze on the buried kunai, “Gennai.” Before she even got the chance to get closer to the buried kunai, Takumi whose face paled, dropped on the ground. “Takumi-kun!” Akira screamed as she catched her boyfriend.


Fumi was not spared from hearing the repeated howls of the wolf. But unlike the others, there was no one with her and she already knew what to expect. She was at her room’s balcony watching the full moon brightly glowing against the darkened sky. When the howling stopped, she smiled, “So we see each other again Mashiro-san…” she whispered in the air, and then she turned around to enter her room to see her scythe laid across her bed. She smiled. (A/N: Since I didn’t saw Fumi called on any beast, I researched if she has a child, from Wiki, it states that Fumi’s child was Mashiro herself and is called a suisho which is a form of a crystal or something then I remembered the crystal at the lair when the obsidian lord was resurrected already, the crystal fumi was guarding and that crystal bears a woman which was the real mashiro right? Not sure though, but I still take this from wiki)


The three girls sharing the dorm room was pulled from their peaceful slumber by the same loud howling sound.

“Mai?” Mikoto asked, the younger girl was clutching Mai’s chest tightly, her eyes widened, “I think there’s a ghost!” she wailed.

“What?!” Shiho screamed and jumped from her bed to get closer to the other two, “I hate ghost Mai-san!” she screamed.

“There is no ghost!” Mai screamed at the two younger HIMEs, and then there was the howling sound again.

The three screamed together especially when the howling continued, “MAI!!” Shiho and Mikoto wailed together.

“Baka!” she screamed though her heart rate was speeding just like that of Shiho and Mikoto

“I’m sure Natsuki will take on that ghost if she was here!” Mikoto said her eyes tearing up, “I’m scared Mai!”

“Baka!” Mai screamed again, she sighed, “Okay let’s all go outside and see it for ourselves.” She said with determination on her voice.

“I am not going out there to look for that ghost!” Shiho protested, Mikoto nodded in agreement with Shiho.

“What? You two expect me to go out there alone?” She asked looking at the two who nodded together, she frowned, “Fine! But don’t you two come to me when that ghost appeared here instead of appearing outside!” she dared, and then she removed Mikoto’s hands from her chest and stomped outside.

Shiho and Mikoto looked at each other, “MAI!!” they both screamed and the two girls bolted out of the bed and hurriedly followed the older one.

They were looking around for about 5 minutes when the howling sound stopped. Mikoto looked at Mai, “It stopped Mai? Do you think we scared the ghost off?” she asked a bit relieved.

“Perhaps, there’s no way for the sound to stop if the ghost is still here right?” Mai replied. Shiho and Mikoto nodded in agreement, “I think we better get back before we get sick.” Mai said. She led the two younger HIME to their room. They were happily chatting and Mai, who was the oldest of the three went ahead to open the door

“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mai screamed before she fainted. Shiho and Mikoto ran to see what made Mai faint Mai; Mikoto frowned when she saw what was behind the door. Shiho on the other hand slacked jawed. There stood before them was an astral projection of Shiho with a flute on her mouth (She was the only one who has the power to astral project.)


Mikoto looked at the shocked Shiho and then looked down at Mai peacefully lying on the floor. Her focused was taken by a very familiar metal… “Miroku!!” she squealed and let go of Mai and ran towards the sword that was resting on their wall

The loud thud woke Mai and her eyes widened when on her wrists and ankles appeared 4 glowing rings, she sat up and raised her hands to her face to inspect it, “Kagutsuchi…” she turned around after she stood up to face the sky. She was joined by Mikoto after a while.


Karauchi Kazuya finished cleaning himself. After another night of passionate and sweaty love making with his girlfriend turned fiancée Akane. A naughty thought entered his usually kind mind and the thought placed a grin on his lovely face. Without drying his naked body, he opened the door and stand just inside the confines of the door’s frame.

Akane who has regained her strength turned her head to the bathroom door when she heard it open and was given a shocked of her life. There in their bathroom door stood Kazuya, still wet and naked. Her boyfriend had this grin plastered on his face as he started making different poses, (A/N: Okay imagine the contestants for the Mr. Universe competition!) “Kazu-kun!!” she squealed then she started laughing out loud, one hand supporting her pregnant belly as her laughter became more intense. Kazuya was trying to move his chest muscles like those men seen in a body building contest, but nothing from his chest moved and no matter how hard he strained to make that flat chest move still nothing happens.

Akane’s laughed move a scale higher when in Kazuya’s straining, the young man suddenly released unwanted air from his behind, “You farted! Kazu-kun! Eww!” Akane laughed. The situation made the young man blush and regain his sanity. He stepped back into the bathroom and closed the door abruptly, “Kawaii Kazu-kun!” Akane squealed.

“Akane!” Kazu screamed from the bathroom. Then suddenly, the laughter stopped as Akane heard the loud Howling sound. “Akane?” Karauchi asked bewildered as to why his fiancée stopped laughing abruptly which was unusual to the girl, “Oi Akane?!” He called out.

“Kazu-kun?” Akane asked, “Did you hear that howling sound?” She added as the howling kept on going, “Did you?”

Karauchi scrunched his forehead trying to hear what Akane was hearing, “I don’t hear anything Akane!” he said as he finished dressing up.

Akane did not reply as the howling sound stopped. Karauchi opened the door to go out and let Akane used it when before he even closed the door, something hard hit him on his face.

“Kazu…” Akane was interrupted when she saw something, “Kami-sama…Harry…” Akane’s tonfa flew out of nowhere and hit the young man straight on his face. Karauchi’s nose was bleeding when the tonfa slid off his face. Akane looked at her fiancée; she took a roll of tissue and approached him, “That was Harry Kazu-kun.” She said as she handed the tissue to the man kneeling on the floor.

“Ally…” Karauchi said without looking up at his fiancée. He was pinching his nose to stop the bleeding, but he nodded when he understood what Akane said.


Though Alyssa Searrs’ origin was different from the other HIMEs, her well trained ears didn’t miss the sound of a howling wolf. She stood up from her bed and walked out of her room. She was greeted by the presence of Miyu and Yukariko who was just outside her room door.

“I heard a wolf howling.” She said. Miyu looked down at her and smiled.

“I felt the obsidian lord’s power earlier. I haven’t felt this way for more than a year now Alyssa-sama. The last time I felt this great power was after I destroyed those pillars during the carnival.”


“Are you hearing it too Yukariko-sensei?” Alyssa asked the older HIME. Yukariko nodded.

“I don’t know what is happening or why is this happening Alyssa-chan, but I’m nervous right now.” Yukariko admitted.

“I’m here Yukariko-sensei, Alyssa-sama, I’ll protect the both of you.”

The howling sound stopped. There was silence at the hall just outside Alyssa’s room.

“If something’s going to happen, then everyone has someone to protect them right?” Alyssa asked.


“Nao…” Miyu whispered. Before Alyssa and Yukariko asked Miyu as to why she suddenly blurted out Nao’s name was interrupted by Miyu’s sudden turning movement facing the distant area of the hallway and her arm suddenly changed into a shield. (A/N: I’ve only seen her transform her hand to a sword but I’d like to think she can do more.)

The sound of an air being cut by a very fast moving object was heard before the sound of a sharp metal hitting a block of thick metal followed. Three sets of eyes followed the arrow now lying on the floor.

“Vlas!” Yukariko exclaimed, but before she bent down to take it, Miyu stopped her and the girl started scanning the area.

“It is safe now.” She said then she looked at Yukariko who bent down to take the arrow, then out of nowhere, the bow appeared. This too was taken by the older HIME. “The power is no longer that intense.” Miyu said as she returned her arm to its normal appearance.

The three went back to their rooms.


Crimson eyes opened to two distinct sounds, one the constant loud howling of a wolf and two, Natsuki’s constant calling of her pet wolf Duran. She scrunched her forehead and tried to sit up. Of course it was deemed impossible as Natsuki has her arms around her torso, the younger girl also has her head on her shoulder. So there was no other way for Shizuru to sit up and looked outside of their window to see what is happening except to wake the sleeping girl beside her.

“Natsuki,” she called out, she was answered by a mumbled Shizuru, she smiled at the thought that her Natsuki was thinking of her and Duran during her sleep. “Natsuki.” She called a bit louder. Her word were accompanied by hands caressing Natsuki’s exposed cheek, “Natsuki, please wake up.” She said again. This time, her pleading was heard as emerald orbs started peeking out of its confines.

“Do you want me to buy you another purple apple?” she asked sleepily.

Kawaii my Natsuki, “No, don’t you hear the howling sound Natsuki?” she asked.

At this, Natsuki’s eyes opened fully. There it was the howling sound. Natsuki heard it but then it stopped suddenly. “Okay I heard it but it’s gone now.” She said.

“I’ve heard it many times before I woke you up Natsuki.” She said. Natsuki sat up then she started rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, my Natsuki looks so cute. She looks adorable in everything she does Shizuru smiled as she watched the younger girl do this.

“Do you want me to check on it?” she asked and then she gave out a very loud yawn.

“Ara, no need Nats…” Shizuru’s words were cut when her eyes noticed something lying on the movable table at the foot of the bed, “Ara, Isn’t that Natsuki’s pistols?” She asked.

Natsuki who heard Shizuru suddenly turned her head to where Shizuru’s eyes was and saw her pistols on the table, “Oh!” she exclaimed as she hurriedly come to it and excitedly held it in her hand. At the side of the table that was out of Shizuru’s view, Natsuki noticed another one, “Shizuru! Your naginata is here too!” she said, placing the pistols down on the table and excitedly leaped out of the bed and took the naginata to show it to Shizuru.

“Ara? Our elements…how did it get here?” Shizuru asked bewildered.

Natsuki frowned, “Oh, didn’t I tell you about our elements that can materialize again on the full moon of the second month of the HIME’s pregnancy?”

“My Natsuki failed to tell me about that! Did my Natsuki planned on leaving me out on these facts?” Shizuru asked, it was obvious she was teasing the younger girl again.

Natsuki’s eyes widened Oh no not again! Please don’t cry Shizuru I just forgot about it because I was so happy to finally see you! Natsuki thought. Her thought was so obvious on her face though.

“Ara, my Natsuki must be so happy to see me she forgot to tell me.” Shizuru said smiling. Natsuki raised her head to looked at her smiling chestnut haired goddess.

“Yeah! That’s it Shizuru, you’re right!” Natsuki happily replied. She put the naginata on top of the table where the pistols were before she climbed the bed again and crawled back to Shizuru’s side.

They returned to their position and decided to return to sleep…

Just like their elements dematerializing after some time after use, their returned elements will do the same. But before these elements dematerialize, the elements started glowing brightly and they form into shapes of light that resembled the HIME’s protector beast before they morphed into the shape of a human fetus and finally explodes into tiny lights that engulfed every pregnant HIME.

All of these happened right before the eyes of our HIMEs. Except for Kagutsuchi and Miroku who retained their beast form and was now gallantly presented before Mai and Mikoto

The beasts as large as they were floating in the sky. The HIMEs who were still up has their eyes focused on the two giant beasts. The same beasts that battled to the end and the same beasts that led the downfall of the obsidian lord during the carnival.

The sudden feeling of reconnection, betrayal, sadness, joy but most of all the feeling of love resurfaced. Despite all these feelings, it was love that holds the strongest bond amongst the HIMEs at this point. They have proven and will prove time and again that nothing can break that bond anymore. Not even the obsidian lord himself.

“If there was anything that I’ve learned during the carnival, it was that I cannot live alone, because I need you to survive…” Natsuki looked at the girl beside her, “My Shizuru.”

Their lips met once again before the light glowed and disappeared.

“I love you.” Both said as their lips parted.


Last night’s showcase almost took sleep from the HIMEs. After Kagutsuchi and Miroku’s disappearance, the HIMEs who were able to witness it wasn’t able to return to sleep at once, hence at 10:00 a.m., when the time for the second HIME meeting arrived only Youko and Midori was there along with the medical bay’s patient Shizuru and her companion Natsuki.

Though Natsuki was there physically, the younger HIME was so lost into the dreamland. Natsuki lying on her side, half of her body draped over the older girl, her face peaceful and a hint of drool was evident on Shizuru’s shoulder where the younger HIME’s face was rested.

Shizuru was content just watching the younger girl sleep.

“I would guess that you haven’t informed Kuga-san about the meeting today at 10 am here in your room?” Youko asked the smiling HIME.

“Ara, I was so engrossed with what happened yesterday I forgot about telling her.” She smiled, “I wonder why even Himeno-san was late for these meeting?” Shizuru asked which was answered by two shoulders shrugging.

“So what happened yesterday?” Midori asked, scratching her head.

Shizuru smiled, “You haven’t received your element last night Suguira-sensei?” Shizuru asked bewildered.

“Oh, that? I woke up in a middle of a dream when I felt something heavy on my chest. When I opened my eyes I saw my Labrys there.”

“You didn’t hear the howling wolf?” Shizuru asked again

“I did, but I asked Youko and she said she didn’t hear anything, so I thought I was just dreaming so I ignored it.”

Youko was looking at the two while they exchanged stories.

“You mean the labrys should change form to gakotenou and then to human form before it finally dematerialize?” Midori asked wide eyed. Shizuru nodded, “Men!” Midori stomped a foot on the ground, “I didn’t saw that. And you saw Kagatsuchi and Miroku in their beast form floating in the sky?” she asked again and Shizuru nodded. Midori then shrugged her shoulder, “Well, it happened and I wasn’t there, but I tried materializing my labrys and I did.”


Shizuru turned her head to look at her sleeping angel again before raising her right arm to looked at her now free hand. “Ara, I am glad the IV’s out now, and I do feel fine.” Shizuru looked at the doctor, “Arigato sensei.” She said smiling.

“I told you no thanks needed. This is my duty and I’m just doing it.”

“I still wanted to thank you.”

The conversation was interrupted by the sudden noise at the receiving area and then the appearance of Mikoto, Shiho and Mai.

“Midori-chan! Youko-sensei!” Mikoto called out a bit loudly. Since the two older women were standing at the foot of the bed while conversing with Shizuru, the three girls stepped closer to Shizuru’s right side of the bed.

“Ara, we see each other again Mikoto-chan, Mai,” Shizuru greeted with a smile and bowing her head slightly to acknowledge their presence, she shifted her focus on Shiho who was trying her best to look happy, “How do you do Munakata-san?”

Before Shiho could greet the ex-Kaichou, Mikoto blurted out, “Mai! Natsuki is sleeping on Kaichou-san’s…” and Mikoto’s loud words was stopped by Shiho placing her hand over Mikoto’s mouth

“Mikoto!” Mai called out shyly.

“But Natsuki is sleeping on Kaichou’s chest Mai!” She said softer this time, she had a frown on her face.

“You sleep on Mai’s chest all the time Mikoto!” Shiho said slapping Mikoto’s back softly

Mikoto looked at Shiho and smiled, “But Mai is mine.” She reasoned, then she scrunched her forehead, “So that means Kaichou-san is Natsuki’s like Mai is mine?” she asked innocently.

The women present there had their eyes on Mai who was now sporting a deep blush on her face, “Mikoto shut up.” Mai said trying to stop the girl from blurting out more embarrassing information.

“Ara, I didn’t know that Mai was already tagged.” Shizuru teased then looked at Mikoto smiling, “Do you not like me being Natsuki’s Mikoto-chan?” Shizuru asked smiling.

Mikoto’s eyes widened and she shook her head, “Natsuki should have Kaichou. She keeps on saying Shizuru when she sleeps!” Mikoto reasoned out. It was a good thing that Natsuki was still asleep despite all the noises around her.

“She’s a heavy sleeper isn’t she?” Youko asked while shaking her head in bewilderment.

“You could burn the dorm down and she won’t even fidget in her bed.” Mai offered, the information caused the others to laugh.

A bit later, the group was joined by Karauchi and Akane. Everyone was looking at the first male occupant of the room, “Ohayoo Kaichou-san.” Greeted Kazuya and Akane together.

“Ara, what happened to your face Karauchi-san?” Shizuru asked.

“Did Akane sucker punch you?” It was Midori who asked trying to stop herself from laughing.

“Gomen,” Akane replied instead of Kazuya, “My Tonfa flew out of nowhere last night and it hit Kazu-kun’s face.” She reasoned which amazed the other occupants of the room. Their amazement was halted by a deep voice at the back of Akane though.

“Your tonfa did that too?” and everyone looked at Akira and Takumi walking in hand in hand, “My Kunai did the same thing, I was so relieved it didn’t hit Takumi-kun, just the door of the opened cabinet.” Akira relayed.

Mai’s eyes widened in horror, “Your kunai almost killed Takumi?” She asked looking a little pale.

“Onee-chan!” Takumi squealed with a blush, “Gennai didn’t target me besides I’m fine. Kazu-kun is much more unlucky.” He defended.

Akira looked at Takumi and frowned, “But you fainted!” She said which caused the young man to blush.


“Mai fainted too!” Mikoto said laughing. Now everyone’s attention was on the fiery haired girl.

“You’re not allowed to eat any of my noodles Mikoto!” she said at the now pouting Mikoto, “I opened the door to our room and was surprised to see Shiho’s astral body there with her flute! Who wouldn’t faint when all these two could talk about were ghosts!” she defended herself.

Now everyone was standing surrounding the bed, all discussing simple things that happened the night they received their elements. They were joined later by a frowning Nao and her mother. Everyone was so delighted to meet Nao’s mother for the first time and they started to join in the conversation. Nao locked her eyes on the sleeping Kuga then stepped closer to Midori and leaned sideways to whisper, “Kuga didn’t know that we will have a meeting here didn’t she?” she asked smirking.

“I think Shizuru forgot to inform her about the meeting and the place of the meeting.”

Nao smiled evilly then she shifted her gaze at Shizuru who was looking at her. She bowed her head slightly to acknowledge the ex-Kaichou and Shizuru returned the action.

Not soon after Nao, Yukariko with Miyu and Alyssa entered the room followed by a smiling Fumi. Seeing that the others were surrounding the bed the four new arrivals joined in.

Ara, if Natsuki were awake, I am sure she will feel like a fish being viewed from its tank. Shizuru thought as she looked at all the faces staring at her Natsuki.

“It’s one in a million times that we will be able to see Kuga-san in her most vulnerable state.” Takumi said softly then shifting his gaze to Shizuru who just smiled at him.

“I think we should wake her up already!” Nao said eagerly.

“Ara, Yuuki-san wanted to embarrassed my Natsuki? I think it is best to wake her when all of you have settled at the receiving room. I don’t think you would like to see what my Natsuki will do if she found all of you standing and looking at her sleeping form, right?” she said smiling.

“I agree with Shizuru-san in that.” Karauchi said nodding her head, “My nose still hurts and I don’t want Kuga-san to add anymore pain to it.”

Everyone laughed.

“Then if we are all here, perhaps we could retreat to the couches at the receiving room to start?” Fumi asked the others.

“I think it is better to received Yukino Kaichou-san there than here.” Akane said smiling. Every head nodded in agreement except Nao.

But before they could even gather themselves and leave the two girls alone for a while, Haruka and Yukino barged in. Not finding anyone at the receiving room caused Haruka to march inside the room to find everyone looking at them.

“Ohayoo...” greeted Yukino shyly, “Sorry we’re late...”

“Don’t apologized Yukino!” Haruka screamed on top of her voice, her usual voice, “What does that bubuzuke onna doing here?” she asked as she looked at the chestnut haired girl who was lying on the bed

“Ara! Good morning to you too Suzushiro-san.” Shizuru greeted the blond girl with a smile.

Haruka’s face scrunched when she saw Natsuki sleeping beside Shizuru, her body draped over the said girl, “What did you do with Kuga?!” she asked angrily then she advanced towards the girl.

“Haruka-chan…” Yukino called out trying to pacify the older girl.

“Ara? Whatever have I done to my Natsuki now?” Shizuru returned the question.

“Don’t play stupid you bubuzuke! Unhand Kuga and stopped unfiling her!” she screamed again.

“Haruka-chan!” Yukino said a bit louder, her face red from embarrassment. “Gomen nasai Kaichou-san-”

“I told you not to apologize to that woman!” Haruka screamed, “She is taking advantage of Kuga again! Look! What did you give Kuga now to make her like that?!” she screamed again.

Shizuru remained silent. Though deep inside, the chestnut haired girl wanted to materialize her naginata and cut the bumbling girl’s tongue. But she cannot fault Haruka for thinking that. They have a long way to go before they could patch up their friendship…if they were even friends back then.

Everyone was so surprised to the sudden turn of events that no one was able to make a move to correct or reprimand the student’s head executive. Everyone was stunned that they did not notice the blue haired girl rouse from the dream world and make her way towards Haruka, her element on her hand and pointed at the taller girl’s head. Not even Shizuru who was lost in her thoughts noticed the absence of the girl at her side…

“Another word Haruka and I won’t mind blasting your brain out of your head.” Natsuki said icily, a finger straining on the trigger of her pistol. Haruka stopped ranting and slowly turned her head to the girl who had a pistol on her head.

Everyone’s gazed was shifted to the very cold glare Natsuki was giving Haruka.

“You don’t have any right to talk to Shizuru that way. You don’t know what happened; you were just a bystander brought in because you’re someone’s important person. But aside from that, you’re nothing Suzushiro. Nothing.” She said flatly not removing the pistol on Haruka’s head.

“Natsuki, please…” Shizuru begged. Natsuki’s attention was taken from Haruka when she noticed Shizuru doubled up as a sudden painful contraction hit her, “Shizuru!” Natsuki screamed, dematerializing her pistol and then ran towards the older girl, “Are you alright?” Natsuki asked as she supported the older girl. Shizuru nodded while she made a deep breathing action. Youko was on Shizuru’s side as well, her hands on Shizuru’s wrist trying to inspect the girl’s pulse pressure.

“I’ll be alright Natsuki.” Shizuru smiled as she looked at the blue haired girl, “Ara, everyone should head to the receiving room for the meeting, I’ll be out in a while.” She said smiling at everyone.

Everyone nodded their head, even Nao who had felt indifference towards the ex-kaichou, everyone except for Haruka who was still dazed from what happened earlier. Yukino tagged at Haruka and led the older girl out of the room to the receiving area.


The lively and cheerful gathering had become a silent meeting. The gathered HIMEs and their beloveds were at the receiving room and no one has dared to break the silence. Himeno Fumi was standing in front of them and was silent as well. The silence has been going on for about ten minutes when Natsuki joined them, forehead scrunched.

“Is this a meeting or what?” She asked in her usual voice when she was angry. It seemed that Kuga Natsuki during the carnival suddenly returned, “If there is no particular reason for us to be here, then maybe we can just call this a morning and all of you can leave me and Shizuru alone.” She added. She was about to add some more angry retorts when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning her head to looked back she saw Shizuru smiling at her.

“Ara, I think Himeno-san has something to say?” she said smiling at the school director.

The steely silence was broken a bit and everyone was spared some good air to breath. Fumi looked at Shizuru and bowed her head to silently thank the chestnut haired girl.

Shizuru has paled a bit compared to her appearance before Haruka came. The words thrown by Haruka at her reopened wounds that was carefully and lovingly sewn by Natsuki, though it is true that when her Natsuki found her and admitted to share the same feelings for her, that wound was forgotten, it was even sewn when she learned that she is carrying Natsuki’s child. But the scars made by this wound caused by her sins didn’t vanish, they were just hidden and being suppressed by Natsuki’s unconditional love.

“First of all,” Fumi began, “I didn’t call for this meeting so that we could drag the past up. We are here because we need to talk about the future, our future and our children’s future.” She said smiling, “You might all be wondering why I have to ask your loved ones to come along with, and this is because this might involve the HIMEs.” Fumi looked at Yuuki Himeko, “I believe that Yuuki Himeko-sama was the most blinded on these particulars?” she asked and the older Yuuki nodded.

“More than a year ago, twelve teenaged girls were chosen by one obsidian lord to obtain powers. They were given their own beast to protect…” she looked around her eyes locking with the non HIME occupants, “You, their most important person. But as consequences to obtaining such powers, the 12 girls were to kill each other so that only one of them will remain, be labeled as the strongest and remake the world with the obsidian lord. They accepted with the notion that if they lose, they will die. But they were tricked because once they have accepted, they’ve learn that it’s not their lives that they would lose but the lives of their love ones.” She smiled, “Yuuki-sama, everyone during that period acted according to the will of the obsidian lord. The girls were never given their own free will.”

Everyone was saying that. But I knew what I did to my Natsuki. Shizuru thought but was interrupted by a gentle squeezed on her hand. Natsuki looked at her with a soft smile on her face and eyes that radiates love for her. She smiled back, but my Natsuki have forgiven me and I know that the best way to atone for my sins to her is to return her love and more. Shizuru shifted her gaze to Yukino who was looking at her; the younger Kaichou’s face bore an apologetic look. Shizuru nodded at her acknowledging her intent and smiled. She returned her focus on Himeno Fumi who was still explaining the carnival.

“So what is the real intention why we are here Fumi-san?” Mai asked her face serious.

“Mashiro-san did say before that the reason why you regained your ability to summon your element was to protect you from a probable threat didn’t she?” The HIMEs nodded except for Shizuru who was not present during the first meeting, “Kanzaki-san addressed a letter to me stating that he found a clue regarding this problem and was on his way to investigate on the matter.”

“Ara, Kanzaki-san is a busy man I see.” Shizuru exclaimed, “I do hope the danger is not that immediate as you can see, we probably cannot fight considering our very sensitive conditions?”

Fumi smiled, “That was one of the concerns. It seemed that Searrs managed to build another branch and is currently undergoing some experimental research. The first District,” Fumi looked at Shizuru, “Was found to be destroyed once again. Kanzaki-san didn’t mention if there were casualties in the destruction of the First district but he did note that he had evidence linking that branch of Sears to be responsible.” She said, “Noting that there was really no way for us to tell whether they will attack or not, or if they will, when and where, he proposed that HIMEs should be housed together in one roof, if possible with their beloveds.”


“Wouldn’t that be more dangerous? One house with all the HIMEs inside will mean that all Searrs need to do is to locate that certain house and…poofed!” Midori made an exaggerated explosive action with her hands, “…Searrs gets all the HIMEs.”

Fumi nodded, “That’s a good point, but one reason here is that not all of us are pregnant. Hence there will be those who are capable of fighting with their own powers. With everyone aware where each one is, then an attack to one can be easily prevented or an attacked HIME can be saved at once.”


“I get the point Fumi-san is making.” Mai said. “If Natsuki, Mikoto and I be housed with the others, it will be easier for us to look after them in that kind of situation, rather than with them out of our sight or reach when an attack is made.”

Everyone nodded.

Fumi smiled, “Another concern of Kanzaki was the use of the HIMEs powers by another person, the transfer of HIMEs power.”

Everyone’s eyes were on her now. “Mashiro affirmed that the power can be transferred. She didn’t mention how this can be made possible though.” She looked at everyone, “So you should find the person who is willing to fight for you.”


“I am willing to fight for Akira.” Takumi said softly. Mai’s eyes widened.

“But-” Mai.

“I have a good working heart now onee-chan, let me do this as I wanted to protect the person who has protected me.” He said smiling then looked at Akira who returned his smile and nodded. Mai looked at the two and smiled, then she nodded to give her brother her consent.

“I don’t think that there is anyone from us who has been protected has the gall to back out on this. It is them now who needs to be protected and it is our time to act as their protector.” Karauchi backed up Takumi’s declaration.

The HIME’s beloveds nodded their heads.

“No.” Everyone looked at Nao, “I can’t let my mother be drag into this, I know she would risk her life for me but I won’t let her, she has no experienced in things like this.” Nao protested.


“And how about those who has no one to protect them? Like you Fumi-san? Like Yukariko-sensei, Shiho,” Nao continued then she looked at Midori, “Will you allow Youko-sensei to fight for you?”

Youko’s brows was raised up, “I may be a doctor, but I can fight.” She said.

“I’ll protect Fumi-san!” Mikoto shouted then she looked at Mai and smiled, “Mai can protect herself, she has kagutsuchi! And Natsuki can protect Kaichou-san, so I’ll protect Fumi-san!”

Everyone looked at everyone, Shiho bowed down sadly knowing that no one from the group would offer their protection for her.

“I’ll fight for Shiho-chan.” Everyone’s attention was on the two girls who entered the room

“Harada-san? Senoh-san?” Shiho looked at the two with wide eyes.

“What are you two doing here? You’re not invited!” Haruka said sternly at the two new arrivals.

“Gomen mi na, I heard Nao came here with her mother and I was so excited I can’t wait for her to return to our room to see her.” Aoi explained while shyly smiling.

“I know we were not part of what happened a year ago, but Shiho is still a friend, and though you may not believe me, I am willing and competent to fight.” Everyone smiled at the tall girl except for Haruka who still have a frown in her face.

“Welcome to the group Harada-san.” Fumi said smiling.

Alyssa looked at Yukariko and then at Miyu, but the blue haired protector was looking at the red haired girl. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Mai though.

“Then I’ll lend my service to Yukariko-sensei. Wataru-san isn’t here to protect her, so let me protect you Yukariko-sensei.” Mai offered. Yukariko smiled and was on the verge of declining Mai when Miyu spoke.

“If Nao doesn’t want to involve her mother, then I’ll have her on my watch.” Miyu was still looking at the red headed girl.

“I can take care of myself.” Nao said frowning.

“For now. You won’t be in the near future.” Miyu replied.

“Ara, that is nice to hear. That means everyone has someone to protect them. Is Yukariko-sensei alright with Mai’s protection?”

“It is a privilege to be protected by the bearer of Kagutsuchi.” Yukariko replied and then she looked at the fiery haired girl and bowed her head which was returned in kind.

“That means our problem will be whose house, how to transfer the power and who will train the untrained right?” Midori asked.

“Kanzaki informed me that his mansion can be of use. He said it could house all of us.” Fumi said.

“Hai! Ani’s house is very big, and there are lots of room and lots of food and there’s a large television and there’s a play station and there’s a large dojo with many weapons!” Mikoto said.

“It seems Mikoto-chan knows the house by heart.” Akane said smiling.

“I believe you have the key Mikoto-chan?” Fumi asked the excited girl. Mikoto looked at Fumi with a quizzical look, “Kanzaki-said the key to the mansion was in your necklace…”

“Oh!” Mikoto smiled, “I put that necklace on Gama-chan!” she said happily


“Gama-chan?” everyone asked.

“Aha.” She smiled, “He’s the stray cat I always play with when I’m at the school grounds!”


“Ara! Aren’t we supposed to look for it?”

At these they began to run out of the medical bay to look for the stray cat.

-end chapter 7-

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