Story: The Gift (chapter 6)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 6




Not far from where the white wolf howls, an eight headed snake monster with a body of a hydra appeared, the said monster started crawling slowly towards the howling wolf. At a distance, a black shadow that looks like a giant crow started flying along with a white dragon with a knife pierced on its mouth. From a lake in the distance, a giant frog leaps out and lands on a dry land, where green giant grass like tentacles extends, small, numerous white flower like shapes starts flying, these coming from the giant grass. On the wide forest where the giant spikes appeared, the sound of running (like stampeding) animals can be heard, a giant tiger like creature runs ahead of the pack, followed by a black horse and a giant armadillo with a lion’s limbs. At its back rests an eight legged spider with a female’s body.

All creatures gravitating to one area…

Beside the howling wolf was a human like shadow, one of its shadow hands resting on the wolf’s neck, caressing the beast. The shadow’s focus was on the plain area before it, a shadow of a smile visible in its shadow face. The quaking of the ground halted, the howling stopped and then there stood before the shadow ten mighty beasts, glowing with their distinctive light under the full moon. The shadow raised one of its arms to the sky and a giant crystal that bears a woman’s figure inside appeared.

The shadow turned it’s head on the giant crystal; the shadow leaned over and place a soft kiss on it. It returned its focus on the beasts then the shadow held out its hand to them…

The moon’s brightness seemed to increase, the moon’s light starts to engulf each of the beasts and then the mighty beasts became one with the light surrounding a dark center. At the sudden raised of one shadowed arm, balls of lights dispersed with a blinding speed towards their targets.

Be well children, fulfill your destiny.

The shadow disappeared.


The room was dark with the occasional sparks of light coming from a broken bulb hanging from the room’s ceiling. The large machine that was spared from the havoc that seemed to devastate the room was covered with crimson blood; a bright blinking red light is visible. At the corner of the room hangs a security camera, each with a blinking red light on its corner.


Afternoon, Fuuka Gakuen University

First full moon marking the second month of the HIME’s pregnancy

The fiery haired girl along with the spiked haired one marched into the Fuuka Gakuen’s administrative office, they were about to knock on the office door when the smaller girl spotted the woman they were looking for at the garden, the woman’s back was on them, her neck bent upward as she watched the reddening skies.

With a leisurely walk, the two headed to where the University Director was, Mai quietly stepped closer leaving the younger HIME a bit farther back and then softly she called out, “Himeno Fumi-san?”

The older woman turned around to find the fiery haired girl looking at her with a smile very usual to the older Tokiha, “Mai-san, what a surprise!” The older woman greeted cheerfully then turning around completely to face the younger girl, “To how do I owe this surprise Mai-san?” she asked.

“Ammm…” Mai shyly smiled at the older woman, “Ano Himeno-san,”

“Oh please Mai-san, Fumi is enough, we both are HIMEs aren’t we?” Fumi said enthusiastically, walking towards the blushing HIME, “Maybe this will be easier if we take this conversation in the office?” She asked.

“Hai!” Mai replied at once, following the older woman who in turn nodded at Mikoto once she passed by the youngest HIME.

Once the three were secured inside the administrator’s office, Fumi seated at her chair while the two girls seated at the chairs in front of Fumi’s table, “So again, what is it that Mai-san wants to address me with?”

“Ah, Fumi-san, it’s about Shiho…” Mai started.

Fumi’s eyes widen, “Is something wrong with Munakata-san?” She asked apprehensively.

Mai and Mikoto both shook their heads, “Not really Fumi-san…” Mai replied but was cut by Mikoto.

“We want Shiho to stay with us at the dorm!” Mikoto said cheerfully and then she looked at Mai smiling, “Right Mai?” Mai just looked at Mikoto then at Fumi before she nodded her head.

“Oh my!” Fumi exclaimed her hands clasped in front of her, “Whatever happened to Munakata-san that you have to ask this of me?”

Mai looked at Mikoto and then she made a swallowing gesture before looking at Fumi with a shy smile, “Actually she had a misunderstanding with Tate and we thought that it is best for her to spend her time with us especially now that she is pregnant.” Mai explained.

Mikoto frowned at Mai’s declaration and this does not go unnoticed by the school administrator, “I see Minagi-san doesn’t approved of your reason Mai-san.” Fumi laughed softly, “So Minagi-san, do you have anything to say?”


Mikoto and Mai stared at each other’s eyes; the action amused the older woman, “Minagi-san?” Fumi called the younger girl’s attention.

“Tate wants Mai not Shiho.” That was all Mikoto said, she spoke without taking her eyes off Mai.

Fumi’s smile dropped and was transformed into a serious, emphatic emotion, “I see.” She said nodding her head, “Have you talked to Kikukawa-san and Suzushiro-san about this? These things are under the student council I hope you understand that?” Fumi explained.

Mai broke her stare from Mikoto and looked at Fumi before she nodded her head, “Yukino said that it won’t be a problem so long as you give us the permission.”

“Oh!” Fumi exclaimed, “Then if Kikukawa-san approves of it, then there is no reason for me not to is it not?” she asked smiling, “It is also a good thing that you opened up that topic Mai-san,” Fumi added, “If it is possible, I wanted to talk with all of you again HIMEs about something important.” She watched Mai nod her head, “But if it is also possible, I want all of you to take your beloveds with you as this meeting will also involve them.”

“Beloveds?” Mikoto and Mai asked at the same time.

“Yes, you’re most important person that is.” Fumi explained.


“I don’t see any reason why this meeting would involve them…”

“Please bear in mind Mai-san that the carnival actually happened because of them.” The director explained, she watched as Mai nodded her head in understanding.

“Then we should be going if we wanted to catch the others and inform them about this meeting.” Mai said who looked at Fumi nod, “When will this meeting be Fumi-san?” she asked.

Fumi looked at the sky outside her window, the redness of it intensified signaling the near eruption of darkness, “Maybe tomorrow morning,” She said still looking up at the sky and then she shifted her gaze at the two HIMEs, “With that, we could hit two birds with one stone.” She said smiling, “The Fuuka special medical bay has a very big room, and I do not want to leave out Fujino-san in this meeting again.”

Mai nodded understanding what the older woman meant. They both said their farewells and headed back to their building, hoping they could still catch their friends.


“Your condition has improved greatly Shizuru-san.” She said giving the girl on the bed her best smile, “It seems that we could already skip the soft diet and proceed to limited solids.” She then eyed the dark haired girl sleeping by Shizuru’s side; the sleeping HIME had her arm around Shizuru’s waist, her head buried on the older girl’s shoulder. She shook her head at the sight, “It is good that the medical bay uses this wide spaced bed, Kuga-san seems so out of it.” She said her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“My Natsuki wasn’t able to sleep last night I think.” She said and then looked at Natsuki’s face, “Isn’t she cute?” she asked the older woman while smiling at the sleeping girl.

“I like to agree with you Shizuru-san but as you can see my idea of who… will be bias.” She replied with a smile, then she shifted her gaze to the IV bottle on Shizuru’s right side, “This will be your last bottle, I already set that to KVO (keep vein open) and expect it to be finished tomorrow morning when I return here.” She looked at Shizuru again, “After this, all your medicines will be given to you orally.” Shizuru nodded at the doctor, “Please try to take in any food, but please start with something lighter, you have my number so please let Kuga-san contact me if you start feeling nauseated again after eating. More so if you start vomiting again, am I clear Fujino-san?” Shizuru smiled and nodded in understanding.

Before she gave her last instruction to the chestnut haired girl, her mobile phone started ringing, she excused herself and answered her phone outside the room. It was a very short call as the older doctor came back not 3 minutes after the phone rang. She was smiling widely when she returned, her eyes twinkling…

“I’ll assume from your look Youko-sensei that the call was from Suguira-sensei?” Shizuru asked smiling at her doctor, the older woman nodded, “Already looking for her tenshi?”

Youko looked at the girl, “I don’t think Midori regards me as her tenshi Shizuru-san, but that doesn’t matter anymore, she called to inform me and to asked me to relay this message to you : Himeno Fumi-san called for another HIME meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m., here at your receiving room.” She said smiling. Shizuru looked at her doctor quizzically, the older woman reading the younger one’s expression added, “The HIME’s special people were also invited.”

Shizuru gave the older woman a knowing look, “Ara, does that mean you were invited by Suguira-sensei?” Youko nodded, “Ara? So what happened to the professor?” Shizuru asked smiling wickedly.

Youko frowned, “Just because you’re my patient means that I cannot hurt you Shizuru-san!” she threatened though it was obvious that it was nothing but an empty one, she then laughed when she saw Shizuru not falling on her joke, “The professor is gay so Midori says.” She added, Shizuru nodded, “I wasn’t aware of what happened a year ago, but Midori explained it to me though not everything, so I assume it is Natsuki-san that is your most important person and vice versa?” Shizuru nodded.

What made you leave then Fujino? She asked though she decided not to verbalize the said question, she smiled at the two girls on the bed, “I better leave the both of you. You should rest Shizuru, and if your condition persisted I might sign your release so you could rest on a homier environment.” She said making a slight bow which was returned by the smiling ex-kaichou, she turned around and walks out of the room.

Shizuru looked at Natsuki’s sleeping face, she raised her hand and caressed the younger girl’s exposed cheek, Ara, my Natsuki really is cute this way she thought I’ll never tire watching her while she sleeps. She continued on caressing Natsuki’s cheek reveling on the young girl’s closeness. Natsuki’s breathe sending waves of sensations on her neck that was exposed. She would have continued on doing this if her stomach did not make a growling sound, Ara, how embarrassing? Good thing my Natsuki is still sleeping… she smiled when a thought enter her head I saw men act stupidly on soaps every time their pregnant wives asked for something…would my Natsuki do the same when I asked for food? Ara? She stopped her ministrations and just looked at the younger girl with a mischievous smile on her face what’s the harm in trying?

“Ara!” Shizuru exclaimed a bit louder and she jerked her shoulder that has Natsuki’s head, “How awful…Ara!”

The action and sound caused the younger woman to stir from her sleep. Slowly Natsuki opened her eyes revealing her emerald orbs. Her dazed state was changed into a concern one when she found Shizuru wincing, “Shi…Shizuru!” Natsuki called out in panic as she hurriedly pulled herself up and faced the older girl, “What happened? What did Youko-sensei did? Are you alright? Can I get you anything? Shizuru…” Natsuki bombarded the older girl with her relentless questions not giving the older woman time to reply.

“Ara Natsuki,” Shizuru said feigning pain, “I don’t think I can answer you if you keep on asking that way.” She said wincing, this though to prevent her self from laughing due to Natsuki’s expression, that is a mixed expression of distress, worry, apprehension, fear…all emotions that was so unusual to her Natsuki, her ice princess.

“Gomen, gomen!” Natsuki replied abruptly, her arms on the older girl’s back trying to support the pregnant girl, “Come on Shizuru! Tell me what’s bothering you! Tell me where it hurts! Come on!” the younger girl said

“Ara, my stomach is painful…”

“What?! I’ll call Youko-sen…” Natsuki suddenly bolted out of the bed and ran towards the room door

“Ara Natsuki! What will you tell Youko-sensei?” Shizuru asked a bit louder for Natsuki to hear

“I’ll tell her your stomach is aching!” She replied screaming.

“And if she asked why?”

There was no answer. Seconds later, a blue haired head appeared behind the wall separating the bed from the receiving room, the younger girl’s face red, “I…so…What…”

Shizuru’s face brightened at the sight of her Natsuki blushing from embarrassment, “Ara, Youko-sensei told me that I could start eating but with light foods, I think I am just hungry as I have not eaten any solid foods yet for almost a week now.” Shizuru explained. The explanation diffused Natsuki’s wary emotions.

“So…you’re hungry? That’s it? Nothing’s wrong with our babies?” she asked, her face still had a worried look though.

“Natsuki’s babies were fine, but Natsuki’s Shizuru is not. I am hungry.” She said smiling. Natsuki’s blush intensified at Shizuru’s pertaining to herself as Natsuki’s Kawaii my Natsuki! I wish our babies will turn out to be as cute as you! Shizuru said to herself, “I wouldn’t have awakened you if I have an apple at least, but there was none…”

Natsuki’s face now with normal shade looked at the older girl smiling, “So you want apples? Just apples?” she asked.

“Yes but…”

Without finishing Shizuru’s words, the happy blue haired girl said, “I’ll go and buy you apples then! I’ll be gone for just a short while Shizuru so just stay here okay!” Natsuki said without breathing then she turned around and dashed out.

“Natsuki…” The older girl called out but she heard the door opened and closed already, that eager to buy? My Natsuki never failed to amaze me she thought, then her thought was interrupted by the sudden opening and closing of her door once again, the blue haired HIME came barging inside the room running to her side, and then she leaned forwards and placed a soft kiss on Shizuru’s lips.

“Gomen, I forgot to give you a kiss before I go, I’m going to buy now!” she said hurriedly once again, turned around and dashed out of the room for the second time.

Shizuru was not able to call out on Natsuki as before as she was dazed from what the younger girl did. She was sitting still, two fingers resting on her lips, her face hot and reddish My Natsuki never failed to amaze me…


Shiho walked slowly, she was trailing behind Mai and Mikoto who walked hand in hand to their dorm room. Shiho was awfully quiet and this was noticed by the older HIME, she looked back at the girl and smiled, “Shiho? I hope it’s just alright that you’ll be living with us for the meantime?” Mai asked the sad girl, Shiho nodded. Mai stopped making the other middle schooler stop on her tracks as well, “Shiho,” Mai called softly.

“I’m fine living with Harada-san, she said she don’t mind me staying there.”

Mai sighed, “But you know that Chie is not a HIME like us, we…”

“Most of the people who knew what happened last year weren’t HIMEs.” Shiho reasoned.

“Yes, but they were involved directly, Chie wasn’t part of the carnival.”

“You’ll like living with us!” Mikoto cheerfully said.

Shiho mumbled something that the fiery haired girl did not understand, “I did not understand you Shiho?” Mai asked.

Shiho looked at Mai, pouting, “I don’t want to look like a third wheel, and I don’t want to interfere with you and Mikoto…”

At Mai’s understanding of Shiho’s point, she felt her face become hot.

Mikoto’s eyes widen when she looked at Mai, “Mai! Your face is so red! You look like a tomato!” Mikoto exclaimed, she had a finger pointing at Mai’s face.

“MIKOTO!!” Mai screamed at the cat-like girl.

Mikoto frowned and then looked at Shiho who is now laughing, “You’re no third wheel Shiho!” Mikoto said excitedly. Mai looked at Mikoto with a proud smile, “You’re going to be the fourth! Mai the first wheel, me the second, Natsuki the third! That makes you the fourth!” Mikoto explained while counting with her fingers.

Mai slacked jawed and almost fell face first on the ground. She looked at Mikoto with a frown and then at Shiho. Shiho still laughing, “Natsuki is staying with Shizuru-san right now so you can use her bed for now.” Mai said.

“Is…is…Is Mikoto always like this?” she asked once she have regained composure, Mai smiled at Shiho and nodded, “So I’ll be the fourth wheel?” She said laughing again, Mikoto nodding her head fast.

Shiho smiled, “So when Natsuki-san comes back, then I’ll just ask Harada-san…”

“Don’t worry about Natsuki, Shiho. I am sure she won’t mind giving you her bed. Just like us, she isn’t pregnant anyways.” Shiho nodded I cannot tell Shiho that Natsuki won’t be returning with us, she would feel like a third wheel again if she knows

The three continued their walked in silence

“Shiho,” Mai called out


“Himeno-san wants to talk to us tomorrow morning.” She said softly, looking at the girl who is now walking together with them. Shiho was on her left, Mikoto on her right.

“Again?” Shiho asked looking at the older girl, “But?”

Mai looked at Shiho smiling, she inhaled deeply then exhaled before answering, “She wants our special person to come with.”


“I won’t say anything if you want to ask Tate to…”

Shiho frowned then she shook her head, “I don’t need to bring anyone tomorrow. I’ll get by.” She said sternly, though Mai knew that deep within, the younger girl is breaking.

“Hey! I can be your important person too! Just like I am Mai’s important person!” Mikoto said happily.

Shiho looked at the young Minagi and smiled, “Thank you.” She said softly then she bowed her head.

There was no more words exchange between them as they continued their trek to their dorm room.


“WHAT!!” Natsuki screamed.

Shizuru’s face pouted and her eyes began to tear, “Ara, my Natsuki is shouting at me already and our babies haven’t been born yet! Ikezu!” the older girl started to sniff.

Natsuki panicked thinking that she made Shizuru cry, “Oi! I am not…” Natsuki said stepping closer to the older girl’s bed.

“Yes you are screaming.” Shizuru said softly, lifting her palms on her face as her shoulder starts to shake.

“Oi Shizuru! Gomen…please? I didn’t mean it!” Natsuki said grabbing the older girl’s wrist, she has a very worried expression, “Don’t cry please!” she begged but the older girl did not stopped, “Shizuru, come on, where on earth can I find a purple apple? Come on? Even if I am the strongest HIME, I don’t think I could find one with that color! Shizuru! Please?” she begged more, her face desperate, “Please stop crying, I promise I’ll get you anything!”

Shizuru’s shaking shoulders stopped, her palms brought down and she looked at Natsuki, her eyes wet with tears Ara…I did cry for real? “Really?” Natsuki nodded, “So where…”

“But not the purple apple Shizuru! I will never find an apple like that!”

“Ikezuuu!” Shizuru wailed again, “Then my Natsuki is lying to me!” The older girl covered her face with her palms once again and her shoulders resumed its shaking.

“NO!” Natsuki squealed, jumping on the bed to pacify the crying girl, “I’m not lying Shizuru!” Natsuki’s face becoming redder, more panicked, “Please Shizuru, I won’t lie to you! It’s just what you’re asking is impossible. I am no God.” Natsuki said sadly, “If I could only make this apple purple, I’ll do it. I love you so much to even think of lying to you.” She added, her voice laced with hopelessness.

Shizuru removed her palms from her face, her eyes still wet with tears, “Natsuki…Kannin na…” she watched Natsuki shake her head no.

“I am sorry. I cannot do even just a simple thing like this. You’ve been doing so much for me, you’re carrying our child and suffering and this is all I could do and yet I am powerless to give you what you want.” Natsuki said, her head bowed down, her eyes focused on her palms that is facing her.

Shizuru scooted closer to the younger girl and wound her arms around Natsuki, “Kannin na Natsuki. I am making this hard for my Natsuki am I?” Shizuru asked, Natsuki shook her head, “I am just over reacting Natsuki, I wanted to see if what I saw from the soaps I watched happens in reality, Kannin na.” Shizuru said, tears falling from her eyes once again.

Natsuki looked up to see Shizuru’s crying face, she raised her hands to wipe the tears away from Shizuru’s face, “And Then I guess you’ve already proved that it does happen in reality?” Natsuki asked Shizuru softly, the younger girl continued on wiping Shizuru’s tears, Shizuru nodded, “Don’t say sorry for that. It’s your right for being pregnant. And no matter how you over react about things, I’ll understand Shizuru.” Natsuki said then leaning closer to kiss the older girl’s wet cheeks, over and over.

The two girls laughed when they both heard Shizuru’s growling stomach, “Ara, I think your babies are really hungry now.” Shizuru joked.

“Yeah, my babies and my Shizuru.” Natsuki said smiling, and then sealing that problem with a sweet kiss on their lips. Natsuki climbed off the bed and took an apple, peeled it, cut it into smaller pieces and offered it to Shizuru, “Here, at least you won’t see the red skin.” Natsuki said smiling

Shizuru picked one and started nibbling on it, “This is the most delicious apple I’ve eaten in my whole life.” She said causing the blue haired girl’s face to darken once again, “Kawaii my Natsuki,” and this made it redder.

“Stop making me blush Shizuru, I might faint from too much blushing.” She warned.

“Ara! My Natsuki should not worry, I am expert with mouth to mouth resuscitation!” Shizuru retorted.

“SHIZURU!” Natsuki screamed as she felt her face become hotter.

“Ara! My Natsuki is screaming at me again?!” Shizuru said pouting.


And the cycle continues.


Same day

12 A.M. Minus 1 hour

The dorm rooms shared by the students of Fuuka have two beds separated by a center drawer big enough to be used by the two students. Above each drawer stands a lamp courtesy of the school. This was the arrangement of the room shared by Suzushiro Haruka and Kikukawa Yukino. But as the author wrote, that arrangement was the original.

Kikukawa Yukino was startled from her sleep by the screeching sound of the center drawer being pulled. She opened her eyes and squinted as her eyes were attacked by the bright lights made by the bulbs hanging from the ceiling. She turned her body to faced the area where the sound was coming and saw her friend turned girlfriend and room mate dragging the heavy drawer from its usual place and bringing it to the side of her bed away from hers, “Haruka-chan? What are you doing?” she asked softly, perhaps too softly the blond girl wasn’t able to hear hence Haruka kept on dragging the drawer, Yukino cringed from the sound and sighed when the sound finally stopped.

She watched as Haruka stretched her body after the hard work, and when the smaller, younger girl thought that Haruka was finished, her ears was once again assaulted by a screeching sound, now made by Haruka’s bed being pushed towards her bed, “Haruka-chan? What are you doing?!” She asked again, her voice now a bit louder to make sure that the larger girl can hear her. But despite it all, the blond girl did not reply instead she continued on pushing the bed and stopped when her bed was already attached to that of Yukino’s. Haruka then straightened her body and stretched once again. She smiled at Yukino once she’s done doing her stretching

“I didn’t think that that drawer and this bed are too heavy!” She said smiling while still standing, “I was thinking of lifting it so I don’t have to wake you like this but…” She shook her head, “It’s too heavy, I am afraid I might suffer from ship diskette if I force myself.” She explained and then she seated at the edge of the bed and started crawling towards the center

“It’s slipped disc Haruka-chan…” Yukino said softly, trying to correct the other girl.

Haruka smiled mischievously (Okay…I think this is OOC for Haruka, but I like to make it cute!) “Isn’t that what I’ve said?” she replied softly not stopping her action.

Yukino’s eyes were now as large as saucers as she watched Haruka crawled farther from the edge and closer to her, “Haruka-chan?”

“Isn’t this setting more intrusive for late night romance?” Haruka said trying hard to flirt with the younger woman.

Yukino blushed, “Set- up…. Conducive Haruka-ch…” her words were halted by Haruka’s lips meetings hers once the older, taller girl closed the gap between them. The younger girl kissed back and moaned when the taller girl deepened the kiss. Haruka’s tongue darted from her mouth and started licking Yukino’s lips, Haruka’s tongue seeking entrance to Yukino’s own, the moaning of Yukino gave Haruka that chance and her tongue sank deep within Yukino’s mouth causing the younger girl to gasp with surprise. A few moments later, Yukino’s tongue started moving on its own and dueled with the older one’s tongue.

Their lips separated after a while to take a breath, Haruka’s arm resting on the younger girl’s abdomen, Yukino lying on her back with the older girl hovering above her. Their face mere inch away from each other and both girls now breathing heavily, “You know Yukino,” Haruka said after each pants, “One of my best subject was,” she inspired a lungful of air then slowly breaths it out then smiled at the younger girl beneath her, “Sex Ed.” She said, at this Yukino blushed profusely. Haruka’s free hand was lifted and caressed the younger girl’s cheeks. “I don’t know if you still remember, but I know that it will hurt you more if you give birth a virgin.” She said smirking.

“Haruka-chan!” Yukino squealed and then slapping the arm that rest on her abdomen, “Naughty…”

“I want to make love to you Yukino.” Haruka said her eyes serious and focused on the girl underneath her; she leaned forward and captured Yukino’s lips again. The two were locked in a passionate kiss once more.

Haruka broke the kiss prematurely causing the younger girl to moan, she pulled away and kneeled before the lying Yukino. The older girl looked at Yukino, her eyes asking the younger one for permission to make love to her…

This is really happening, my Haruka-chan wants to make love to me, I am not dreaming… She thought, she looked at the older girl above her and nods her head. Her eyes widen when the older girl smiled and pulled her night shirt off then Haruka sat on the edge bed and started maneuvering to remove her pajama pants leaving her only in black underwear. The older girl once again hovered over Yukino, her eyes trailing the younger girl’s body, she leaned down to capture Yukino’s lips again. As the two tongues battled, Haruka’s hand started unbuttoning Yukino’s Pajama top, slowly. The older girl’s hand shaking a bit as she opens button after button. The younger girl sensing this raised her hand to join that of Haruka’s and helped the older girl in her mission.

They broke the kiss once all buttons were done and Yukino’s top half was open revealing a white lacey bra. Yukino’s skin was red from blushing as Haruka pinned her body with her gaze, “You are very beautiful Yukino.” Haruka whispered. Leaning down, Yukino gasp when instead of their usual lip lock, the older girl’s lips made their way to Yukino’s exposed neck. She closed her eyes when Haruka started sucking gently on that smooth, exposed part.

Haruka’s arm that used to rest at Yukino’s abdomen traveled down, finding Yukino’s pajama pant’s elastic band, she hooked her thumb to it and started tugging it from Yukino’s body. The younger girl raised her hips to let Haruka slid the pajama off her. Helping out Haruka, Yukino finally kicked the pajama from her feet and the pajama bottom flew out of the bed.

The older girl showered Yukino’s neck with kisses and intermittently sucked on them harder when the younger girl showed some positive reaction, Haruka’s lips traveled farther south inching her way to Yukino’s covered breast, and then she stopped. Yukino opened her eyes to see why the powerful electrical sensation suddenly ceased, she smiled when she saw the older girl looking at her almost naked body, her eyes lingering on those covered treasure. They made eye contact when Haruka looked up, Yukino raised her hand and placed it at the older girl’s cheek and caressed it. Haruka smiled, she leaned once again to capture Yukino’s lips while her hand traveled to Yukino’s back and started unclasping the younger girl’s bra.

After a while, both heard a snap and Yukino’s chest was suddenly freed from its confines. Haruka broke the kiss once again and started pulling it off from the girl under her. Her face blushing once Yukino’s breast was exposed whereas the younger girl felt her body burned as she blushed from Haruka’s stare once more, “Beautiful…just…beautiful.” Haruka said, not able to contain herself any longer, she leaned down and took one erect nipple into her mouth, causing the younger girl to close her eyes once more, moan and arch her back to push her chest towards the older girl’s working mouth. Yukino raised both arms and wound it around Haruka’s neck pulling the older girl closer.

“Haru…ka – chan…” she called out in her raspy voice. This made the older girl pay homage to that breast earnestly. One free hand raised up to massage the other mound. The sensation almost puts the younger girl into overdrive…almost…


Yukino’s eyes snapped open when she heard it, “Haruka-chan…”

“hm?” Haruka replied without stopping her action

“Did you hear…that?’ she gasps as the sensation did not stop.

“hrrumm muf?” (hear what)


“That…Ah!” She gasped and arched a bit more when the older girl bit on her nipple gently, “Ha...ruka, di...did you…Ahhh…” she made another sound as Haruka started sucking harder, “Ahhnnn…”

Haruka released Yukino’s breast to give the other one the same attention, “Hear what Yukino? I do not hear anything except your Haruka and Ah and Ahhhnnn…” Haruka said before ducking and taking Yukino’s other breast

“But I di…Uhnn…” She moaned once again on the more intense sensation Haruka’s mouth is giving her. Haruka’s roaming hand found a hotter place to stay and play, “Haruka…chan…”

The sound stopped? Kami-sama…Haruka’s mouth is so…so

“Ahhhh….” Yukino moaned a bit louder as she felt Haruka’s finger caressed her center still covered with her underwear. Then she felt a sudden wetness to here nether region. A bit later, she felt Haruka tugging off her underwear, the howling sound no longer audible. It seems in her eagerness to prove that there really was a howling sound, she didn’t noticed that the older girl was able to free her from her underwear. She made a very audible gasped when she felt Haruka’s finger slowly slid within her wet center, she opened her eyes to looked at Haruka whose eyes were focused on her face, she looked down at her parted legs and Haruka’s hand in between it. She looked up again to meet her girlfriend’s loving gaze. She jerked her hips when she felt Haruka’s finger on her most sensitive bundle causing her to lean forward, Haruka supporting her body, she placed her chin on the older girl’s shoulder as she opened her legs farther apart, and then she froze…

Haruka sensed Yukino’s body stiffened so she pulled the younger girl away from her, “Yukino! I haven’t even gone deeper, why are you…” she stopped when she saw the younger girl’s eyes open wider.


Haruka frowned, deciding to release her hand from its confines, she turn around to look at what got Yukino’s attention.

Haruka’s eyes widen like that of Yukino when she saw multiple mirrors surrounding their bed.

“Diana…” Yukino mumbled

-end chapter 6-

A/N: Reader’s might asked, “How come the beast’s appearance is on the second month of pregnancy and not on the very day that the fetuses were conceived?” My answer to this is: During the second chapter, I did mention there that the pregnancy was the start, I think it was Akane who deduced that, and that idea stands, then last chapter, Mashiro did say that the full moon is the second key, the beasts here being transformed into a source of power and that power is like an incremental power so that the fetuses can enable their parents to summon or materialize their elements once again. Anyways, originally, this chapter should contain what happened to all HIMEs as they received their powers again, but I think I got so occupied with Yukino and Haruka’s attempted sex scene so I’ll put the other’s reaction next chapter. I wanted to end this with a shiznat but seeing that Yukino and Haruka’s scene here was longer than I originally planned so I end it with them, anyways, shiznat moments will come more sooner, plus I enjoyed writing the shiznat and Harukino part of this chapter, their actions were so vivid in my head. I’ll be posting the next chapter at once, hoping my beta will not kill me for another super long chapter.

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