Story: The Gift (chapter 5)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 5



The only sound heard inside the room was the soft cry coming from the chestnut haired girl. Shizuru wasn’t able to contain her emotions after learning that she was not only carrying her child but also that of Natsuki’s, a very priceless gift given to her by her most precious person. Natsuki on the other hand had her arms around the crying girl who had her head buried on her shoulder, one hand stroking the older girl’s back to comfort the crying one.

Natsuki, in all the years that she shared with Shizuru have not seen the girl breakdown like this. During the carnival, what she remembered was a scary Shizuru, a Shizuru with dull, lifeless crimson orbs, ready to slay anyone who wanted to hurt her Natsuki. After they were resurrected, Shizuru started rebuilding her mask and then she left. Watching Shizuru like this now tagged at Natsuki’s heart, Shizuru is just a 17 year old girl, a human who cries when hurt, smiles when happy, retaliate when being angered. We’re victims during the Carnival like the others and yet she was the one who suffered the most. Natsuki thought, and then she leaned down and kisses the older girl’s head. She wrapped another arm around Shizuru and pulled the older girl closer to her. She remained silent though and let Shizuru cry out.

Later, Shizuru’s crying stopped as the older girl was put into a deep, peaceful slumber, a rarity in Shizuru’s case. Natsuki noticed this change in Shizuru and smiled when she looked down and saw Shizuru sleeping. She watched Shizuru until Natsuki fell asleep as well.


Natsuki opened her eyes when she heard a familiar buzzing sound and felt vibrations on her chest. She frowned, but then she lifted her head, lifted one arm to take the mobile phone on her chest pocket and read the caller ID MAI! Natsuki screamed inside her head, she turned her head towards the sleeping girl to see if she awakened her when she moved, but she smiled when she saw that Shizuru sleeping peacefully, and then she looked at her wrist watch to see the time, 10 pm. She opened the phone and answered

What took you so long? I’ve been hearing your phone rang for 30 minutes Natsuki!” Mai said, her voice a mix of anger and worry

“Gomen Mai,” Natsuki said softly.

What? I can’t hear you Kuga!”

“Perhaps if you could shut Mikoto’s mouth for a minute, then you could hear me.” Natsuki said irritated. The blue haired girl heard Mai screamed at Mikoto and the younger girl quieted, “Good,”

So where are you? Is Shizuru-san with you?” Mai asked.

“Hai, she’s with me, we were sleeping, I told her about her pregnancy and she broke down.” Natsuki related.

Poor Shizuru-san…”

“Hey, don’t make a wrong impression though, she’s very happy about it, she just didn’t thought of carrying my child.” Natsuki explained, “And I already confessed to her about my feelings.” She added.

Finally!” Natsuki heard Mai screamed, then she heard Mai talking to Mikoto but she wasn’t able to get what it was they were talking about, “So how did Shizuru-san took your confession?”

Natsuki frowned, “She was happy of course, I should have not doubted Shizuru’s feelings for me, and she loves me period. No ifs, no buts, she just loves me and willing to suffer for me.” Natsuki said now smiling.


“Ne, Mai?” Natsuki softly asked, “I was thinking of living with Shizuru once she gets out of here, you see…”

I remember you telling me she was thrown out from her house?” Mai said sadly, “If you’re worried that I may get offended by you leaving us? Absolutely not Kuga.”

Natsuki smiled, “Arigato Mai.” She said, “Another request, I wanted to look for an apartment where we could stay. I don’t care about the price, I just wanted to arrange everything before Shizuru gets out of here.”

So you want me to scout for an apartment?” Natsuki could imagine Mai smiling, “Anyways, where is here?”

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, we are at the special medical bay at Fuuka.”

The building next to the administrator’s office? The one off limits to students?”

“Yes, that’s the one. But Reito said that no one knows that Shizuru is here, so this must be our secret.” Natsuki warned.

Okay, ah…” Natsuki noticed a hint of trepidation in that voice, “I made some sandwiches for you. Do you want me to take it there?”

Natsuki frowned then looked at her stomach when she heard it made a growling sound, “Will that be okay?”

Of course. I’ll have Mikoto come with me.” Natsuki heard Mai talked to Mikoto once again, this time it was clear that Mai was asking the younger girl if she wanted to accompany her to Fuuka’s medical bay.

”We are at the second room on the second floor. This is the only occupied room in the bay.” She said once Mai returned her attention to Natsuki.

Okay, I’ll hang up now, good thing I was able to pack the sandwiches already, and we’re off Natsuki.”

“Be careful.” Natsuki said then she heard the other line went dead. Something’s bothering you Mai, what is it? She asked herself, I’ll ask her once she got here.


Harada Chie opened the door of her dorm room to see Aoi on the other side, “Did Nao see you coming here?” Chie asked after she placed a kiss on the shorter girl’s lips.

“She’s not home yet. I was calling her but I was always diverted to her voice mail.” Aoi said, worry in her feature.

Chie nodded, she side stepped to let Aoi get in “I hope she’s all right.”

“Nao’s a strong girl, she’ll be fine.” Aoi said softly.

“But she’s pregnant.” Chie reminded Aoi. The shorter girl slapped the taller one on her arm

“Don’t say things like that. Nao will be alright.” Aoi then looked around the dorm room, “I saw another pair of shoes outside, do you have someone here?” Aoi asked with a very intimidating tone.

“Oh that?” Chie smiled at her girlfriend, “I found Shiho unconscious at the garden so I took her here.”

“Unconscious?” Aoi asked, her eyes wide.

“I have no idea why Aoi so don’t ask me. But I phoned Mai, I was calling Tate and he wasn’t answering his phone, knowing Tate, I assumed he’ll be coming over at Mai for help, so I called Mai.”

“What did Mai-san said?”

“I didn’t get the full story, but it seems Mai was furious with Tate and she asked me not to give Shiho to Tate if he comes here.” Chie shook her head, “I am guessing Shiho’s current state was caused by that baka head.” She added.

“I don’t know, but it is rare for Mai-san to be like that. She must really have a valid reason for keeping Shiho away from Tate.” Aoi said after her own contemplation.

Chie scrunched her forehead, “Do you think Mai learned that Tate raped Shiho?” she asked, Aoi’s eyes widen

“Harada Chie!”

“What? Then that would explain why Shiho is pregnant and Mai furious with Tate right?”

“Don’t jump to conclusions you moron!” Aoi said then hitting Chie’s head with the back of her hand. Harada Chie grinned at the angry Aoi and pulled her closer and captured Aoi’s lips with her own.

“So…is Shiho staying now with you?” Aoi asked after their lips parted.

“Just for tonight. Mai said she’s going to talk with Himeno-san to ask if Shiho could be transferred to her dorm room.”

Aoi frowned, “But isn’t Kuga-san living there too?”


They stared at each other’s eyes then their lips met once again. The question left unanswered.


Crimson eyes opened to a slightly lit room, it was evident to Shizuru that Natsuki wasn’t on her side and that there were other people in the room. With her vision finally clear, she searched for the voices and smiled when she was greeted by a very happy and enthusiastic Mikoto.

“Kaichou-san!” Mikoto called out then skipped her way to Shizuru’s left side, “You’re up Kaichou-san?” Mikoto asked, she had her face near the crimson eyed girl, her yellow-cat eyes twinkling and focused on Shizuru’s own.

“Ara, what a surprise.” Shizuru exclaimed weakly.

“I came with Mai and we brought food for Natsuki and Kaichou-san!” Mikoto replied happily, like a child who has seen a friend after a long time, “Mou Kaichou-san, you look very sick and thin. Did someone make you like this?” She asked innocently causing Shizuru to smile and shake her head.

“Ara, I am glad you're here Mikoto-chan, you are very energetic and that energy is quite infectious right?” she watched Mikoto as she nodded her head, “I assume Mai is with Natsuki?”

“They are talking outside. Mai punched Tate in his face earlier; I would have done a better job if Mai didn’t stop me.” She said, pouting and with her arms now crossed on her flat chest.

“Ara? Mai-san has become a war freak now?” she asked with a teasing voice.

“What’s a war freak?” Mikoto asked with an innocent look on her face, “Tate deserved it, he hurt Shiho and Mai.” Mikoto added.

Shizuru was quiet, what is happening with everyone, I’ve been gone for quite a while and lots of things had happened already.

“Are you going to live with us when you get out of here?” Mikoto asked with a hopeful expression etched on her face.

Shizuru smiled, “I have no plans for the future yet.” She replied.

Mikoto nodded her head then her eyes shifted to Shizuru’s slightly bulging abdomen, “Mashiro-chan said you have two babies inside you?” Shizuru nodded at the question,” Then they are yours and Natsuki’s?” the crimson eyed girl nodded again, Mikoto pouted at this, “Me and Mai don’t have any. Kaichou-san?”


“Can I hold your babies when they get out of your stomach?” she asked innocently. Shizuru laughed lightly at Mikoto’s request.

“Of course, but you have to asked for Natsuki’s permission too, you see these babies are mine and Natsuki’s, right?” Mikoto nodded her head.


“Kaichou-san?” Shizuru looked at Mikoto, “What will you name your babies?”

“Ara! I think it is too early for that Mikoto-chan.”

“But babies need names!” Mikoto explained, “I’ll name them Miroku and Kagutsuchi!” She said enthusiastically.

Shizuru laughed once again at Mikoto’s antics but before she could make a reply, Natsuki and Mai entered the room. Natsuki who heard Mikoto’s suggestion interrupted the conversation.

“First of all Mikoto, Shizuru was right. It is too early to think of a name for our babies.” Natsuki said calmly. The use of the words our babies was not unnoticed by Mai, the fiery headed girl watched as Shizuru looked at Natsuki with all her love, “And who told you that we’ll be naming them after your child and Mai’s?”

Mikoto frowned, “So you’ll name them Kiyohime and Duran?” she asked pouting.

Natsuki takes a deep breath before replying, “We will not name our children after our child, or any others child. Now zipped it!” Natsuki said making a zipper like action across her mouth .

“Natsuki is cruel.” Mikoto said then looked at Mai. She gave Mai her best smile then she walked towards her.

“Please forgive Mikoto’s outburst Shizuru-san…” Mai said apologetically.

“Shizuru is fine Mai-san, we don’t need to be formal since we all are friends here.” Shizuru corrected, a smile etched on her face, Natsuki was on her side, the younger girl’s hand stroking the swollen hand of Shizuru.

“Then you just call me Mai.” Mai replied.

“Besides there is nothing to apologize for, Mikoto was good and she made me laugh.” Shizuru explained while looking at the now blushing cat-like girl, “She is full of energy and it is very infectious.”

“Well Mikoto being infectious is one worry I need to cut off, I don’t want her infecting my children.” Natsuki said teasing the youngest in the room.

“I am not infecting!” Mikoto wailed then her widened, sad eyes turned to Mai, “Mai? Natsuki is mean!”

“Oi! Don’t make those silly faces in front of Shizuru. I don’t want my children to look like that!” Natsuki teased once again.

Shizuru tapped Natsuki’s hand lightly, “Ikezu Natsuki, Mikoto’s energy is the one infectious. Besides even if Mikoto does not infect them with her energy, they’ll be inheriting yours so there’s no difference.” She said smiling then looked at Mikoto and winked at her.

“Shizuru!” Natsuki said her face turning red.

“Ara! I missed that red face of my Natsuki!” Shizuru teased making Natsuki redder.

Mikoto stopped pouting and smiled at the lying girl and then she stepped closer to Mai. Mai in turn raised her arms and wrapped it around Mikoto.

“Shizuru, Natsuki, I think we better get back. I don’t want Mikoto sleeping late since it’s hard to wake her up in the morning and it’s not even a week end tomorrow.” She said looking at the two girls.

“Arigato Mai! Just call me if any problem comes up?” Natsuki said giving Mai a knowing smile.

“Of course.” Mai replied returning the look. “Midori-sensei will be our teacher tomorrow, and Yukariko-sensei will be filling in for Hanagano-sensei, Sakumizu-sensei will be our last teacher, so I think I could handle them if ever they looked for you.” Mai said and Natsuki nodded her head, “I’ll bring some clothes for you tomorrow morning before we go to school okay?”

“Arigato Mai.”

“Mai…” It was Shizuru, the fiery haired girl looked at the ex-Kaichou, “Thank you for taking good care of Natsuki in my absence.”

Mai smiled, “It’s nothing Shizuru, Natsuki’s not hard to please anyway, and mayonnaise and sandwich can already make her smile, so it’s not that hard.”

“But still a thank you is appropriate.” Shizuru insisted.

“You’re welcome then.” Mai replied, she bowed her head at Shizuru then at Natsuki before she turned, pulled Mikoto with her and walked out of the room. Mikoto waved her hand at Shizuru before the two finally disappeared.


“I’m glad Mikoto made you laugh.” Natsuki said then removing her shoes once again. She climbed back on the bed and situated herself beside Shizuru.

“Mikoto told me Mai hurting Tate-kun?”

Natsuki frowned, “Don’t kun that sly dog!” She said angrily then blushed once she realized her tone of voice, “Gomen, I shouldn’t be projecting my anger to you.” She said softly.

“No need to apologize, I understand my Natsuki’s sudden reaction.” Shizuru said trying to pacify her Natsuki, “So what made Mai do it?”

Natsuki sighed, “It seems that Tate told Mai that he’s not taking responsibility on Shiho’s pregnancy since he convinced himself that he isn’t the father of the baby.”

“Technically true.” Shizuru replied.

Natsuki frowned, “Are you siding him?” She asked angrily.

“Ara, Natsuki is angry already. I am just saying that technically, Tate-k…Tate is telling the truth. Biology Natsuki?”

Natsuki sighed once again, “Okay, you know how I hate Biology!” she complained, “But anyways, everyone claimed the babies theirs, even the loud Haruka was happy to know that Yukino’s baby’s is hers as well.”

Shizuru looked at Natsuki, “Really?”

“Heh! I got a text message from Yukino saying Thank you, and she also said that if ever I see you, I should relay the message as well.” Shizuru nodded.

Kikukawa-san finally made Haruka-chan confess. That was great. Shizuru thought.

“So, Mai was disgusted that it was only Tate who acted like an idiot. Mai thought that Tate did that because he doesn’t want to lose Mai, but it made Mai more disgusted at him. He even tried to redeem himself by saying he’ll take care of Shiho but Mikoto already made a decision and told Tate to leave Shiho alone.”

Shizuru was quiet at first, just listening at Natsuki’s story, “So where is Munakata-san right now?”

Natsuki shrugged her shoulders, “Mai didn’t tell me where she is, but she said Shiho is in good hands right now.” Natsuki looked at Shizuru, nod her head. Then she felt the older girl snuggled closer to her, her hand that bore the IV was draped around her waist. Natsuki feeling a bit bolder raised an arm and asked Shizuru to raise her head, once she did, Natsuki slid her arm under Shizuru’s head making her arm a pillow for Shizuru. She had her free hand caressed Shizuru’s draped hand.

“This is a very tiring day Shizuru, I bet a good night sleep is in order.”

“Good night Natsuki.” Shizuru said softly, before she buried her head on the crook of Natsuki’s neck, she felt Natsuki’s hand on her chin forcing her face to look up, when she did, Natsuki leaned down and placed a soft peck on her lips.

“Good night Shizuru.” Natsuki said then her free hand was brought down from Shizuru’s chin to Shizuru’s abdomen, “Good night my babies.”

Shizuru buried her head on Natsuki’s neck before she even felt a tear escaped her eyes .


Dawn was never a good time for curious doctors and nurses to barge inside a patient’s room where an irate daughter is currently resting. A few hours after Nao’s mother, Yuuki Himeko woke up (A/N: I made this up, do not know Nao’s mother’s name.), the attending physician has ordered different sets of work ups, from simple CBC to contrast enhanced brain CT scan and MRI to Brain angiography and venography. The long hours of waiting irritated the young red head since she really wanted her mother to rest. But doctor’s orders were doctor’s orders, so despite her reluctance, (and damn patient’s autonomy!) she relented and satisfied herself from waiting anxiously. Preliminary results of the said work-ups were not available but plates were given to the patient and were instructed to keep it for further reference. Hence at this ungodly time of the day, different doctors had interrupted Nao’s rest just to have a peeked on the patient’s unusual plates. Nao’s last reserved of patience was tested when a male resident along with his intern came in without a care if his loud banging of the door woke the patient and the patient’s family up which causes Nao to be taken away from her slumber rudely. But it wasn’t the reason why Nao right now has her long fingers and nails dug at the resident’s neck, it was because his inappropriate action made her sick mother be awakened with a fright. Pregnant or not, I am going to kill this bastard! Nao screamed inside her head. The resident’s intern finally composed himself and called for security.

An hour later, the doctor was relieved of his post and was asked to see a DA officer for an appropriate penalty for his unprofessional behavior.

“Why the fuck is everyone so interested in my mother’s condition now? No one bothered to see her that much when she was still in coma!” Nao asked furiously at the attending physician who is sitting at a chair opposite Nao at the hospital’s waiting room, “You came to see her, ordered so many tests; you came back and did not even explained to me what the hell is happening! And then I see all these vultures come in and out of my mother’s room even during ungodly hours like this!”

“I deeply apologize for the rude behavior of my staff Yuuki-san, but it was partly my fault (A/N: Curse that physician’s oath! Doctors will never put another doctor in jeopardy as written under Hippocratic oath!) since I wasn’t able to instruct the nursing staff to stop the others from interrupting the patient’s time of rest.” He said apologetically.

“Poor excuse.” Nao said. “I wanted to know what makes them so interested in my mother’s present condition.” Nao asked.

The doctor contemplated in silence then after a while started talking, “You know that you’re mother suffered a severe thrombotic stroke to her MCA (Middle cerebral artery) and it affected almost 60 percent of her brain, that was the reason we told you before that there will be no hope for your mother to wake up again, as a regular human uses 10 or a bit more to function, having Ischemia (A/N: that is the necrosis or death of certain tissues due to lost of blood supply.) of 60 of your brain deems improbable, and can be equated to brain dead. (A/N:I am not a neurologist, this is derived from what I know, not from the book, gomen).

“So?” Nao said irritated, “spare me the science side, what makes my mother different?”

“One, your mother should not wake up from that condition and two…” The doctor took out one plate from the folder and showed it to Nao, “A post-stroke patient will still reveal the lesioned part in a CT or MRI, like a deep wound, an ischemia to the brain after the attack will have a scar and we call it old infarcts, but in your mother’s case,” He raised the plates towards the source of light, “No trace of her ischemia can be seen in her CT and MRI, her angiography and venography is clean, the reason why it took the radiologist a longer time reading the results was because their verbal preliminary result is normal. And you know damn well that she’s not.”

Nao slacked jawed then she remembered, the power of your child is in the form of a human that is within you…My baby did this? Did my baby cure my mother? Nao stood and ran out of the waiting room to her mother’s mama…


Next Day, Early Morning

Himeno Fumi was seated on her chair and in front of her was her desk that was now littered with papers. When Mashiro and Nagi returned to their world, the Fuuka Gakuen University was left under her care. It was easy before since the school’s Student Council president was Fujino Shizuru who has been a great help when it comes to paper works, and since the school is actually a business, Shizuru’s wide knowledge on how to handle this things made the handling of the school lighter. But now that the ex-Kaichou was gone, everything was left to her and it wasn’t easy as she really has no background on how to run a very large business such as Fuuka Gakuen University.

Kikukawa Yukino is a great kaichou but she locks the training and efficiency of Fujino Shizuru when business is the matter at hand. Yukino was a great influence to the students and can manage student affairs well, but other than that? Yukino was just another student and needs more training to reach what Fujino has accomplished.

Himeno Fumi’s seething was interrupted by a soft knock on her door. Straightening her posture, she granted the knocking person the permission to enter. She smiled when she saw that it was Mashiro. The shorter woman entered the office with a sweet smile pasted on her innocent face and then she situated herself on the chair that is in front of Fumi’s table, “Ohayoo Mashiro-sama.” Fumi greeted the woman.

“Fumi-chan,” Mashiro said in her soft, sweet voice, “Please drop the sama, we have been together for too long and formality is not necessary anymore as I treat you as my only relative here.” She said smiling.

“Okay Mashiro-sa…Mashiro-chan.” Fumi smiled at the woman who nodded at her. Fumi shifted her gaze at her unruly table and shyly smiled, “Sorry for the mess Mashiro-chan, but I am having a hard time sorting all these things out.” Fumi sighed, “These used to be easier with Fujino-san around.” She added.

Mashiro nodded her head, “I understand. Fujino Shizuru was trained to handle things like this even in her earlier years. It must be hard on you now that you have to take care of these things on your own?”

“Very Mashiro-chan, very.” She replied while nodding her head.


“You realized that today is the first full moon after the second month of the HIME’s pregnancy right?” Mashiro asked, her eyes focused on the large window behind the taller woman.

Fumi looked at the Chinese calendar at the side of her desk then she nodded, “It must have slipped my mind, thank you for reminding me Mashiro-chan.” Mashiro returned her focus on Fumi and nodded.

Mashiro was silent after that announcement. The shorter woman then took an envelope from a pouch she was holding and handed it to Fumi, the taller woman looked at Mashiro with a quizzical expression, “I received that letter this morning, it was at my door when I woke up. It was actually addressed to you but curiosity got me so I opened and read it already.” Mashiro related, “Gomen for that Fumi-chan.”

“You know that there was no secret between us, so it’s fine.” Fumi said smiling; she then looked at the envelope in her hand, “Should I be nervous or scared?”

Mashiro shook her head no, “That letter was from Kanzaki-san, please read it.” She urged the taller woman, and so Fumi did.

The letter:

Himeno Fumi-san,

Gokegenyou! I know that it’s a bit odd that I addressed this letter to you and yet this letter ends up in Mashiro-san’s bedroom, but I’m not going to explain that circumstance to you. The reason for me writing this letter is important not only to me but to all the HIMEs especially now that they’ll be receiving back their elements. It came to my attention that the remains of First District, the one Fujino-san destroyed and was resurrected after the Carnival was destroyed once again, and all my leads points out to a new branch of Searrs foundation. I still have no idea if the foundation has the knowledge that the HIMEs will be regaining their powers again, but I still wanted to be sure, hence I am on my way to investigate on the matter personally.

Noting this sudden turn of events, I presumed that you already deduced that the HIMEs are once again in danger. And knowing that except for the three original HIMEs and Alyssa, everyone is incapable of protecting themselves, not even if they regained their element. I’m not sure if these powers are transferable, perhaps Mashiro-san could enlighten you with it. I am therefore advising that the HIMEs should be put in one place together. (I have left the Kanzaki mansion well maintained and it could house our HIMEs, including their beloveds) My house have a large and decent dojo where our HIMEs could train, and if ever Mashiro-san affirmed that their powers are transferable, then they should start training people who are willing to protect them. I am sure Kuga-san and my sister will have no quirks regarding that.

I hope to send another letter once I’ve gathered substantial proofs about Searr’s latest project. Be well.

Kanzaki Reito


The key to the mansion is hidden at Mikoto’s necklace. I am sure she’ll figure it out if needed be.

Himeno Fumi raised her head to looked at the woman in front of her, her eyes bearing the question Kanzaki Reito raised in the letter she has are HIMEs power transferable?

Mashiro smiled at Fumi, “I was informed by the obsidian lord that the new powers granted to the HIMEs are transferable. If you remember, I did say that the power comes from the human forms inside their body right?” Mashiro looked at Fumi nods her head, “Then that was a clear indication that the fetuses are actually transferring their powers to their mothers. Hence it is possible for the mothers to transfer these powers to others, but that will not take place until the full moon is reach.”

“And tonight the full moon will appear on our second month of pregnancy…”

“And the obsidian lord’s power will be stronger and greater, and this power will be the one to unlock the second key to releasing the HIMEs power.” Mashiro smiled, “Include the fact that the full moon landed on a Friday.” (A/N: In the Philippines, there was a belief that magical powers, evil or good are far stronger during Fridays and Tuesdays, but more on Fridays, hence here, herbularios, witches, aswangs, mananangals, fortune tellers usually do their biddings during Fridays and they are more stronger during full moons that lands on a Fridays. The black Nazarene who is believed to have caused numbers of miracles has Friday as its official day. I got this information personally from them but not from the manananggals and aswangs!)

“And the powers will increase threefold.” Fumi deduced.


“Kanzaki-san’s offer could actually solve many problems for the HIMEs, as we both know that Fujino-san is homeless right now, although I got this impression that Kuga-san is taking care of it already, but still having a house without Kuga-san spending might help.” Mashiro-san said breaking the silence.

“Ah yes, from how I see Fujino-san’s character, it will be a great blow on her principle if she let’s Kuga-san spend her money on her, but still it is Kuga-san and we know how important she is to Fujino-san.” Fumi said shaking her head, “But still, I am sure Fujino-san will not rest easy and this will bring her more stress and is not good for her children, as the stress is also not good for me and my child.” Fumi said smiling.

Mashiro smiled, “I heard Fujino-san will be looking for a job once she gets out of the medical bay.” She informed the taller woman. The meaning of Mashiro’s information wasn’t clear to Fumi until after a while of contemplation.

“Oh!” she smiled excitedly, “And I could offer her a scholarship grant aside from a monthly salary! Oh that was brilliant Mashiro-chan. Thank you for your help.”

“I didn’t do anything, so no need to thank me.” The shorter girl said.

Fumi stood and walked around to be closer to the shorter woman, she leaned down and engulfed Mashiro with her arms, “Is this your way of saying goodbye Mashiro-chan?” she asked softly.

“A very informative way of exiting right?” Mashiro joked and Fumi laughed softly, “We shall meet again Fumi-chan, don’t you worry, and probably I’ll be meeting your descendants in the future.” She said.

There was no more words exchange as they parted. They looked at each other’s eyes reassuring each other of their presence. Fumi’s eyes teared up just like before Mashiro left after the carnival. Her eyes though bear the promise to take care of the school and the HIMEs and Mashiro’s eyes bear the assurance of them seeing again in the future.

Before the sun starts to set, Himeno Fumi lead Mashiro to the door she dreaded opening, and Mashiro embraced the taller woman tight before she turned around and disappear.

“Arigato Mashiro-chan.” Fumi whispered in the air as the door closed by itself.


At a distance a red fire was visible at the sky, the red fire intermingling with the blue painted sky and slightly covering the bright full moon. The peaceful night at the forest was disturbed by the sudden shaking of the ground and a sudden appearance of black spikes, these was followed by a loud howling of a white wolf

Natsuki and Shizuru were lying on the hospital bed the way they did the day before, both peacefully sleeping…


“Duran…” she whispered in her sleep

- end chapter 5 -

A/N: I kind’a noticed that my chapters are getting longer as I progress with this story (just as my beta noticed the same thing). Anyways, I know you like long chapters anyways. Since I’ve mentioned here already mythical creatures in the Philippine folklore, I like to inform you that I’ll be using the “aswang’s” ability as a basis for the new project of Searrs. So to Filipino readers, I am sure you know how the aswang works, but to those who don’t, perhaps you can search for it at WIKI if there is an article about this creature, but rest assure that this story will not have too many encounters with them as I like to give them a peaceful life here. They will replace the orphans but they will not be as numerous as them, as to why, I’ll let you in the secret, no not on the next chapter, perhaps the one after that, or the one after the after? Hehehehe. Wingweaver betaed this hence, Salamat weaver.

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