Story: The Gift (chapter 4)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 4



Chapter 4

It was a very peaceful night for Akane. She was lying on her back, naked body drenched with sweat, with her boyfriend Karauchi as his head laid on top of her still flat abdomen and Akane rubbing her boyfriend’s black mane.

“Himeno-san met us earlier.” She started, breaking the silence in the room, she lowered her gaze to the man below her and watched as he raised his head to look at her. Karauchi didn’t speak, “The meeting was about…the pregnancy.” She added.

“So she explained how come there’s a bunch of pregnant high school students?” Karauchi asked smiling. Akane nodded.


“Kazu-kun…” she looked at her boyfriend, “I didn’t tell you, but I am two months pregnant already.” Akane’s voice was soft, with a hint of nervousness.

Karauchi raised his body and glided upward so that his face now a mere inches from Akane’s, “So?”

Akane frowned, “You’re not even going to ask how this pregnancy came about? You’re not curious who the father is since the last time we…” she was cut off by a finger across her lips.

“I have no reason to doubt you. I don’t want to ask because these things weren’t unusual for you, I died before and saw you fight, I saw you change, and I saw how you protected me.”


“You’ve never lied to me, you never kept a secret from me and…” Karauchi smiled, he raised his hand and placed it at Akane’s cheek, “…I can feel the connection between me and this child. I know and no doubt that however this came about, this child is completely mine.”

“Kazu-chan!” Akane cried out then her lips was suddenly caught by that of Karauchi

“Marry me Akane.” He asked once their lips parted. Akane wasn’t able to utter a word, but she nodded her head and their lips met once again.


Akira has been walking to and fro in front of Takumi. The younger Tokiha was just looking at his girlfriend talk to herself. He shook his head, a smile visible in his face

Akira stopped phasing when she saw her boyfriend’s expression, “What’s so funny Tokiha?!” She asked sternly.

Takumi met his girlfriend’s gaze and replied, “You.”

Akira frowned, “So being pregnant and having problems is funny to you?!” she screamed

Takumi raised his hand, palms facing Akira and shook his head, “It’s not about you being pregnant or having problems, it’s the way you’re talking to yourself, this is the first time I’ve seen you like this.” He said now giving off a low caliber laugh.

Akira’s anger de-fused and she looked at her boyfriend with a very worried expression, “Takumi-kun, I have no idea how to tell my parents about my condition! Otou-san is going to kill me for sure!”

Takumi’s expression became serious, “You think that telling them I am the father can de-fuse that anger of your father?” he asked, a hand raised on his head and scratching.

Akira shook her head no, “Besides, didn’t you hear what I’ve told you earlier? This pregnancy is caused by the obsidian lord’s transforming our child’s power into a life form!”

“Gennai’s power and the power of your love for me right? Didn’t you say that Gennai’s power was trapped into that pillar that was actually made by my death? That pillar was me right?” Akira nodded on all the questions, “Then that child is mine as well as yours. I am not going to entertain anymore doubts from you, understand?”

Akira’s jaw dropped wow Takumi-kun change, Is it possible for me to be in love again when I am still in love with him? She nods at Takumi

“Besides, if your father gets angry, I’m sure the worst he could do is throw you out. I’m here with you and if that happens, you can always rely on my word that I will take care of you and my little Akira!” He said grinning

Okay, I am totally, crazy and madly in love with my Takumi-kun Akira just nodded. She was stunned when Takumi pulled her and forced her to sit on his lap.

“So you stop pacing and stop worrying. That won’t be good for little Akira!”

Akira looked at Takumi whose face was close to her’s, “Hai.” She replied then lean forward to capture Takumi’s lips, “For someone so dedicated, you still don’t know how to kiss Takumi-kun.” Akira whispered as soon as their lips parted. Akira smiled when she saw Takumi blushed


“Nao-chan…” a whispered, hoarse voice came out off Nao’s mother

“Mama…” and was returned by Nao’s whispered reply, Nao wanted to jump and pull her mother for an embrace, but the thought of hurting her if she does made her reevaluate her intention. So she stood and pressed the “nurse call” button at the top of Nao’s mother’s bed instead. She returned her gaze at her mother who has not taken her eyes from Nao, “Mama,” She said, tears keeps on falling from her eyes, she raised a hand and wiped the tears with her forearm making her look like a little child.

She watched as her mother raised one arm that doesn’t have any machines attached and beckoned her to come close. Nao leaned forward and her cries became louder when she felt that arm wraps around her neck, “…been watching…” she said hoarsely, taking a deep breath after every word or two, “…heard…you…”

“Mama…” Nao cried, no other words escaped her mouth except the word mama. Her shoulders shaking.

“Mama…very proud…” and with that word Nao buried her face in her mother’s shoulder and cried louder, saying sorry repeatedly.

This was how they look like when the head nurse enters the room. The nurse’s eyes widened when she saw Nao’s mother awake and had an arm wrap around her daughter’s neck. In her surprise, she wasn’t able to make her presence known, instead she ran out of the room and looked for the patient’s attending physician, and the nurse kept on screaming “Miracle! It’s a miracle!”

“..shhh…” Nao’s mother said, the hand of the arm that which embraces her started stroking Nao’s back, “no…need to…say…sorry, Nao-chan.”

“I miss you mama, I love you!” Nao said, her voice muffled

Nao’s mother shed tears as well I should be the one to say sorry Nao-chan, I left you all alone to face this world, you suffered so much for me, Gomen Nao-chan, but now I’m here let me take care of you from now on Nao’s mother thought “…Nao-chan…daiski…”

No words were exchange anymore. The doctor came to check on the patient and despite his plead to Nao that she should leave, the red headed teen did not heed him. It was at the patient’s pleading look and shaking of head silently asking the doctor to let her Nao stay made the man stop lecturing the young red head.

That night, Nao did not go back to her dorm room she shared with Aoi.


“So, Kaichou-san is here?” Mikoto asked, the spike haired girl is sitting on a chair waiting for her noodle to cool down.

“Yes, but Shizuru-san isn’t the Kaichou anymore, so you should call her Shizuru-san…” Mai was seated in front of Mikoto and preparing a ham and egg sandwich with lots of mayonnaise. Mai looked at the author with a deathly glare Excuse me, this is called a Mayo sandwich with ham and egg! (Sorry Mai! My bad, my bad! – handj)

“But…I still like to think that she is the Kaichou!” Mikoto wailed.

Mai looked at her younger companion and smiled, “Yukino is the Kaichou now, so you should start calling her that and start calling Shizuru-san with her name aside from Kaichou.”

Mikoto scrunched her forehead as she tried to internalize Mai’s words. Mai just watch her ward fondly Kawaii Mikoto! Mai shook her head as that thought hit her, “I’ll think about it!” Mikoto replied then looked down to see if her noodle is still hot, “Mai! My noodle is still hot!”

“Then wait a little more.” Mai said then returning her focus on the sandwich she’s doing.

Mikoto looked at what Mai’s doing, “Why are you making so many sandwiches? I thought you said Natsuki’s not coming home?”

Mai look up and smile at Mikoto, “Yes, but not because she isn’t coming here means that Natsuki won’t be needing food tonight right?” Mai asked and Mikoto nodded in understanding.

“So where’s Natsuki? Where will she sleep if she won’t come home tonight?” Mikoto asked like the child she is.

Why do you look so innocent Mikoto? And why do I feel this way about you? I have no intention of having any feelings for someone who acts like a child more than my brother does, I had enough being a mother to Takumi and I do not want to fall in love with someone I’ll be babying too, but what is it in you? “Natsuki’s with Shizuru-san right now, she is taking care of her.” Mai answered

“Really?” Mikoto asked with her eyes wide, then she smiled as she focus her gaze on Mai, “Then I will take care of Mai!!” she declared enthusiastically.

Perhaps it’s the innocence in you, that part of you that is never afraid to tell the truth, or perhaps because I have never felt being a child and now I am projecting myself on you? Or maybe because you made me feel vulnerable, loved and wanted? “I am going to call Natsuki later and ask if she needs me to go to where she is, will you accompany me Mikoto?” Mai watched Mikoto smile and nodded several times.

Before the two could start eating, they heard a knock on their door. Mikoto hurriedly stand and walks towards the door and opened it. Mikoto’s excited expression changed into a frown once she saw who was at their door.

“Good evening Mikoto, Is Mai here?” Yuuichi Tate asked, a nervous smile etched on his face.

“What do you want with Mai, Tate?!” Mikoto said sternly..

“heh…” He scratched his head and tried to flatten his unruly hair, “I just wanted to talk Mikoto.” He said after swallowing hard.

Mikoto didn’t move aside making it clear that the young man cannot enter their abode, “MAI! TATE WANTS TO TALK WITH YOU!!” She screamed. Mai can be heard pulling out her chair and stepping close to the door. She looked at the man in front of Mikoto.

“Let him in Mikoto.” Mai said softly to the younger girl.

“I don’t trust him Mai!” Mikoto said frowning.

“I just wanted to talk, promise!” He said gaining some semblance of courage since Mai is already there.

Without words, Mikoto stepped aside then followed Tate and Mai who decided to sit on the chairs at the kitchen. Tate looked at Mikoto silently asking why are you following…scoot, but his gaze was answered by an evil glare from the young HIME.

“What do you want to talk about Tate?” Mai asked flatly, it was obvious in her voice and actions that she wasn’t happy about him being there.

Tate looked at Mikoto first before replying, “Maybe Mikoto could give us some private time to talk?” He asked with a grin, sure that Mai will ask Mikoto to leave the room for a while.

“If you don’t want to talk with Mikoto here, perhaps you should leave Tate. I’m not wasting my time with your senselessness.” Mai said with an irritated voice.

That reply made Tate’s eyes widen and Mikoto’s face to broke into a smile.


“So? If you’re not going to talk, then perhaps you should…”

“Shiho’s child is not mine so I’m not taking any responsibility and shall continue on pursuing you!” He said in one breath.

A creepy silence followed that declaration.

“Mai, I want you not Shiho.” Tate said.

Mikoto never takes time to let herself be pulled in by other people’s problems, not even by the problem of the person most important to her, Mai…that was before now…

Mai suddenly stood and stretch an arm to stop Mikoto from hurting Tate when she launched herself forward to give Tate her version of pain. Mikoto looked up at Mai who has her head bowed down, her eyes shadowed by her fiery hair, “But Mai…”

Whatever Mikoto wanted to say was stopped when she saw Mai’s fisted hand connected with Tate’s face. The young man probably didn’t see that coming but Mikoto being a HIME and the fastest one at that saw it clearly, so the young girl relaxed her posture and grinned at Tate, lying on the floor, broken chair under him, a bloody nose and lips, and a cheek that was starting to swell.

“Of all the people I knew who have been involved in this situation, you Tate Yuuichi disgust me the most.” Mai said shaking her head, “Perhaps, Shiho doesn’t deserve you, but I tell you now Tate, and you better listen and let this words stick in that crazy head of yours…” Mai said panting a bit for trying to repress her anger, “I will never be interested in a man like you! I will never even be associated with you! You’re worthless and I do not want to see your face ever again!” Mai screamed, “I stopped Mikoto now, but the next time I see you come here or even come near me, I won’t stop Mikoto from hurting you and make you wish you remained dead during the carnival!” she ended before she kick Tate in his shin.

“Leave now Tate before Mai loses her temper again!” Mikoto said watching the young man stand with his shaking legs, “I know you’re Shiho’s guardian and that you’ve hurt her more so I shall relieve you of that responsibility…”

Mai turned her head to look at Mikoto. Right now the cat-girl looks more mature, her words sure and dependable, she smiled and turned her gaze back to the retreating form of Tate, “I shall talk with Fumi-san to have Shiho be transferred here.” She said.

Tate stopped from walking, without looking back he said, “I could take care of Shiho.”

“But you wouldn’t if I didn’t reject you. You already lost that right Tate and you lost all the respect I had for you.” Mai said. Tate didn’t reply instead walked out of Mai and Mikoto’s room.

5 minutes after Tate left, Mai received a call from Harada Chie informing her that she found Shiho unconscious at the rose garden of Fuuka university and is with her in her dorm room and is under her care. After Mai thanked the taller woman through the phone and asked her to keep the young HIME with her for the night, she turned the phone off, went back to her chair in the kitchen and contemplated.


My Natsuki loves me? Shizuru thought, she had her eyes close and tears falling from them My Natsuki loves me and I am not dreaming? Is this a joke from Kami-sama? He is giving me my Natsuki despite all the sins I’ve done? Am I deserving of this gift?

Her thoughts was cut short when she felt soft, wet lips pressed on her cheek, “Shizuru? Please open your eyes, look at me Shizuru please?” Natsuki said her voice a bit hoarse from crying. Shizuru slowly opened her eyes, her crimson ones meeting Natsuki’s emeralds once again. More tears flowed from her eyes once they were opened and she felt Natsuki’s shaking hands wiped the tears away.

Natsuki made a shy smile while she wipes Shizuru’s tears, the older girl’s tears keeps on coming and Natsuki continued on wiping them away. All the while, Natsuki’s eyes started tearing up again.

“Ara, my Natsuki keeps wiping my eyes and yet her eyes are wet.” Shizuru said trying to make light of the situation by teasing the girl above her, waiting for Natsuki’s usual response…

“I love you Shizuru.” Natsuki said once again.

Shizuru didn’t smile, she took a deep breath as she tried to stop her tears from falling once again, I’ve dreamt of hearing those words from you Natsuki, and I believed that I’ll hear them only in my dreams and yet, you’ve said it to me twice now? “Are you sure that I am not dreaming?” Shizuru asked dreading to hear the answer.

Natsuki nodded her head, then she leaned forward to kiss her tears away, she kissed the tears again and again and again, the action overwhelming the older girl.

“Ara, I am not dreaming…” Shizuru said looking at Natsuki’s eyes as she gave the younger girl her own smile, then she removed her arms around Natsuki, raised her swollen hand up to wipe Natsuki’s tears, but her hand was caught by Natsuki, the younger girl placed her swollen hand on her cheek, turned her head and pressed her lips on Shizuru’s palm.

“Will a dream do that?” Natsuki asked. The younger girl didn’t bother to wipe her tears, she just wanted to be close to Shizuru and embrace her. I am never going to let go Shizuru, not now, not ever.

Shizuru smiled and shakes her head, “Probably more?” She teased. She almost giggled when she saw Natsuki blushed profusely, “I missed Natsuki’s blushing face so much.” Shizuru said, her voice serious


The two girls was content looking at each other’s eyes.

“I love you Shizuru.” Natsuki said once again.

Shizuru smiled, she let her hand that is on Natsuki’s face to trace the younger girl’s cheek, then her nose then her lips, “Ara, Natsuki had spoken that line 3 times now.” Shizuru said trying to tease the younger HIME once again

“I should have told you I love you a lot more than just three times. I should have told you I love you a long time ago, I should have told you I love you when you confessed your love to me…” Natsuki was cut by Shizuru placing a finger across her lips.

“One I love you is enough for me Natsuki and that would already absolved me from my sins against you.” Shizuru said, “One I love you coming from my Natsuki is like saying countless I love you coming from anyone else.” Shizuru smiled, her tears started drying up.


“I think Natsuki is already uncomfortable with her position, am I right?” Shizuru asked, her swollen hands now placed on Natsuki’s forearm.

“I want to be close to Shizuru.” Natsuki said blushing.

Shizuru made a cute face, “Does Natsuki wants to share this bed with me? This is quite big.” She asked, it is evident that the older girl is teasing Natsuki. But to her surprised, Natsuki pulled away, sat on the chair beside the bed, removed her shoes leaving her socks on and started climbing the bed carefully, “Ara, my Natsuki really wants to share the bed with me?” Shizuru asked, now her face red just like that of Natsuki.

“The chair is uncomfortable, I can’t sleep there.” Natsuki reasoned. She watched as Shizuru moved sideways eliciting a winced from the older girl. Natsuki stopped and looked at Shizuru with concern in her eyes, “Are you alright? Am I hurting you?”

Shizuru shakes her head no, “I’ve been in pain for a while, Youko-sensei said that my muscles are stiff since I am dehydrated, but she also said that this will pass as soon as they corrected it.” (FYI: A dehydrated person also looses Potassium or vit. K which is important in muscle’s activity, this can be explained by the muscles action potential wherein the exchange between sodium and potassium plays a pivotal role. Hence Shizuru’s muscles are stiff and painful when moved. In tagalog Shizuru has PULIKAT) Natsuki nods her head but she still gave Shizuru a worried look, then she continued on crawling until she was able to lay down beside the older girl.

Once settled, Natsuki turned to her side so that she’s facing Shizuru and puts an arm over the older girl’s middle. Then she let her hand rest on Shizuru’s slightly protruding abdomen. Shizuru turned her head to looked at Natsuki.

“You knew?” Shizuru asked pertaining to her pregnancy. She watches Natsuki nod her head, “So…was it Kanzaki-san or Himeno-san who told you?”

Natsuki shook her head, “We had a HIME meeting earlier, and you’re not the only one who is pregnant.” She replied, Shizuru nodded her head since she knew about that already.

“Are they alright?” Shizuru asked.

“Aside from occasional vomiting, they were perfectly fine.” Natsuki said then her eyes focused on Shizuru’s crimson orbs, “What happened to you Shizuru? You look awful and thin and weak and…”

“I think I got the worst. Been having this feeling of emptying my stomach constantly, the sight of food makes me vomit, can’t sleep well for the past 2 months…” Shizuru inhaled as Natsuki snuggled closer to her while she relates her ordeal.

“Gomen Shizuru!” Natsuki said softly. Shizuru puts her right hand over Natsuki’s hand that is placed on her pregnant abdomen.

“Ara, why is my Natsuki apologizing, it’s not your fault I felt that way.” Shizuru said, lightly squeezing Natsuki’s hand. The younger girl squeezed back.

“I should have been there caring for you. But I was stupid and let this fear stop me from taking you back.” Natsuki said sadly.


“Shizuru?” Natsuki pulled her head away slightly and looked up at the older girl who has her eyes on the ceiling, “Is Reito correct when he told me that your parents threw you out?”

Shizuru made a pained smile and takes a deep breath, “They found me an omiai Natsuki, and then suddenly they found out that I am pregnant so it is just normal for them to do that.” Shizuru said.

Natsuki frowned, “Of course not! Your parents were cruel! They shouldn’t throw you out in your condition, they’re parents and they should support you at all cause!” Natsuki said angrily.

Shizuru looked at Natsuki who had a very red faced, not from embarrassment but from anger and she smiled, “Ara, my Natsuki will be a very good and supportive mother.”

At that, Natsuki felt her faced heat up more, “Reito is your omiai?” She said changing topics.

“Faked omiai.” Shizuru replied.

Natsuki raised her head at that, “What?”

“Just as I’ve said a faked omiai. Mashiro-san asked him to post as my omiai so he can take me away from my family. But he doesn’t have to since they’ve disowned me already even before we meet.”


Don’t forget to thank Reito again once you see him Kuga! Natsuki thought. Natsuki returned her head beside Shizuru’s then turned her head to looked at the girl this is right, her lying here beside me feels so right, why didn’t I worked on with this goal before? I really am stupid! “Do you still feel like vomiting Shizuru?” She asked.

Shizuru shook her head, “Since I was brought here, the feeling disappeared thankfully.”

“Good.” Natsuki smiled, relieved. “So what do you want to eat? I could go out for a while and buy you something, like tofu or noodles or…”

“Ara, thank you Natsuki, but Youko-sensei said I cannot eat anything yet. All my food, vitamins and drugs will be put there,” Shizuru pointed a finger on her IV fluid.

“Oh,” Natsuki frowned, “But wouldn’t that make you more thinner?” she asked.

“Perhaps, but then it will correct my condition, and then I could finally eat without vomiting them out.” Natsuki did not answer instead she nodded her head in understanding.


“Shizuru?” Natsuki started massaging Shizuru’s abdomen, “Where will you stay when you’re free from here?”

Shizuru looked at Natsuki, “Maybe I could find a small apartment, but I need to find a job first…”

“I’ll take care of that.” Natsuki suddenly blurted out, “I still have the trust fund my mother and father left me, I haven’t used them so I can pay for the apartment, you don’t need to find a job.” She said seriously

“Ara, my Natsuki is very responsible, but I cannot let you spend that money meant for you…”

Natsuki blow an air to her hair, “That money is mine, and even if I used it, there will still be much money left for us to live comfortably. I don’t know how to spend them.” She said.

“You should just save it for your future…”

“But I want you and our children to be my future!” Natsuki blurted out.

Shizuru’s eye widens then she looked at Natsuki, her eyes bears the question how do you know I’ll behaving more than one child

Natsuki getting the meaning of Shizuru’s stare takes a deep breath, “It’s another reason why I need to say sorry Shizuru.” Shizuru did not reply, she cannot comprehend at the moment, “All I do is hurt you, make you cry and make you suffer, and for that Gomen Shizuru.” Natsuki said sadly.

“Natsuki, what are you talking about?” Shizuru asked.

“At the meeting, Mashiro-san explained why I wasn’t pregnant.” Natsuki said softly, “She said our power merged and they cannot be given to two different HIMEs, she said only one of us will bear both child.”

Shizuru’s world becomes limited to that of Natsuki and her words and I am carrying my Natsuki’s child.

“…the very reason why you should believe me when I say that my love for you is the same as your love for me. I have loved you that way since the start of Carnival, I was just to weak to admit it to you.”

A very special gift…Natsuki’s part inside me to care for, my Natsuki… Shizuru did not say anything; instead, she slowly turned her body to face Natsuki and buries her face in Natsuki’s neck. Shizuru cried once again, “Ookini Natsuki, I love you too.”

-end chapter 4-

A/N: I will make Tate suffer in this saga of mine, I don’t know I just don’t like him. I shed some tears while writing Nao and her mother’s part in this chapter, and question…Nao’s mother has no name in the anime series right? And for shiznat fans, I think SHIZNAT moment here is a bit longer, and expect a more shiznatty part on the next chapters.

She stopped when she finally reached the room number she is about to go “She should have restrained herself from coming closer, and now the chakra is making her sick! I should have drilled more lessons to that large forehead of hers!” she said angrily then sliding the door open.

She stood there dumbfounded.

“Neh…Shizuru? I thought Youko-sensei…”

“She’s not Youko-sensei!” Shizuru screamed while looking at the blond woman by their door.

“Youko?” the blond woman said then turning around, her green over all with a single Kanji written on it (is that kanji?) blown by air and disappeared. Before she disappeared, Shizuru and Natsuki heard, “I am going to send that Yamato to snow city and let him die from cold!”

“She’s not from Fuuka ne Shizuru?”

“No she’s not…” Shizuru smiled evilly, “So where were we before we were rudely interrupted?”

“Shizuru!!” (Very clear…no need to guess ne?)

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