Story: The Gift (chapter 27)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 27

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Chapter 26.2 (27)

Natsuki was beyond herself when the resident OB found her. The blue haired HiME was pacing to and fro on the waiting hall of the delivery room and she was trying to eat her fingers out. Dr. Reece smiled at the woman her patient was requesting. "Are you Kuga Natsuki?" she asked which caused the blue haired woman to stop her pacing.

"Hai!" Natsuki said nervously. Her eyes widened when the doctor handed her a clean, sterile smelling hospital gown, a blue surgical cap and two white surgical shoe covers. Natsuki knew where to put the first two but not the last one. She held it between her pointing finger and thumb and showed it to the doctor who responded by looking down at her own feet. Natsuki's brows rose up and she nodded her head and mouthed, "Ohhhh…" and soon the blue haired woman suited up. After a while she went back out of the female dressing room and saw the doctor still standing in front of the nurse station clearly waiting for her. "Why am I wearing these?" she asked.

"Oh, aren't you Miss Fujino's partner?" Dr. Reece asked smiling

"Yes I am…so?"

"She asked you to come in and accompany her inside the delivery room." The doctor said and Natsuki nodded in agreement even if she only gets the last two words of the sentence.

"How's Shizuru?"

"She's at 9 cm," the doctor smiled, "Good thing your babies are smaller than the rest and they remained in cephalic position…"


"Cephalic, your babies' heads are the one presented at the canal so it would be easier for Miss Fujino to deliver the babies normally." The doctor explained.

"I see…"

"I told Miss Fujino that I'll want you to catch the second baby, since we lack one pediatric intern so the one we have can't catch the both of them."

Natsuki's eyes widened, "What?"

The doctor patted Natsuki at her back, "Don't worry Kuga-san, it'll be a breeze!"

The blue haired woman paled, "I think I'm going to be sick…"

Doctor Reece shook her head at Natsuki, "Think about the good it'll do your baby, and then you won't feel sick anymore." She said.

Natsuki frowned, "You're talking as if you have undergone the same thing already!"

The doctor's smile widened, "Aside from delivering other mother's babies? Yes, I got a one year old and 6 months, and you have no idea how wonderful it felt for me that I was the one who caught her."

Natsuki looked at the doctor this time with a different light, "Will you guide me then?"

Dr. Reece nodded, "All the way Kuga-san, all the way."

Their conversation was halted when the medical clerk monitoring Shizuru came out, "Miss Fujino reached 10 cm doc!" the clerk shouted.

Dr. Reece turned to go to the labor room, "I'll look at Miss Fujino," she said to the clerk, "Please help Kuga-san in scrubbing, make sure she scrub well, she'll be catching her second baby."

"Yes Doc," the clerk answered, then she went to lead Natsuki to the sink and then showed the blue haired HiME the art of scrubbing.


The time Natsuki went into the labor room, her face and covered head were already drenched in sweat and she could feel her heart beat out of her chest, "got to do this for Shizuru…for Shizuru and our babies…baka Natsuki what are you afraid of!" she chanted-chastised herself while slowly walking into the labor room to stopped midway at the sight of Shizuru straining and most definitely in pain, "Shizuru…"

"Okay Fujino –san, I could see your daughter's head from here, another push and she'll be out…" The doctor said smiling behind the surgical mask. And then she looked up at Natsuki who was stunned still to her place, "Come on Kuga-san, you should see your eldest…" she said before she felt another contraction on Shizuru's abdomen

"Kami…" Shizuru groaned causing Natsuki to look at the chestnut haired woman and she hurriedly came to the older woman's side,

"I'm here Shizuru…" Natsuki smiled and held Shizuru's hand who squeezed tight once against Natsuki's, "Ittttaaaaaiiiiiiii!" The blue haired HiME screamed

And the baby's cry echoed

"Oh…we have a blue haired baby girl!" The doctor happily announced

Shizuru smiled and let go of Natsuki's hand, the blue haired HiME had tears in her eyes when she walked towards the doctor to see her eldest daughter, "Oh my Natsuki had tears of happiness!"

Natsuki frowned and looked at Shizuru, "Baka, you almost tore every bone in my hand! That's what the tears are for!"

Shizuru looked chastised, "Kanin na Natsuki…I didn't…"

And that caused Natsuki to feel like an ass, "No…no Shizuru It's…"

And before Shizuru could utter another word, another tearing pain attacked her and her abdomen contracted once again, "Kami…I think she's coming…"

"Interval?" The doctor asked the nurse beside her.

"Three minutes and 4 seconds doc," The nurse replied

Natsuki was to get beside Shizuru again when she was stopped by the doctor, "Please Kuga-san, you'll be catching your youngest so come here beside me." Natsuki swallowed hard before she slowly stepped beside the doctor, "You ready both your hands here, " the doctor instructed Natsuki, putting her hands just on the opening of Shizuru's canal, "You know how to play American Football?" she asked


"You are going to catch your baby as if you're catching a ball from that league, get me?"

"What? You likened my baby to a football?"

The doctor smiled, "Well, your youngest is much smaller than your oldest daughter, and since they are premature, sometimes they popped out like a ball due to pressure…"

"Ahhhhh…I think she's coming, can you just follow the doctor Natsuki!" Shizuru screamed causing Natsuki's eyes to bulge, "jeez she really is in pain…never talked to me in that voice ever!" "NATSUKI!"

"Here she comes Kuga-san…" The doctor looked at Shizuru, "One last push Fujino-san and make it more forceful this time

Gasping sound followed Shizuru's push as the baby sailed from the canal to Natsuki's waiting arms followed by blood…

Natsuki's face paled despite the warm feeling she's getting as she cradled her crying daughter in her arm. The child has chestnut hair just like her mother… "You're beautiful…" she whispered before the nurse beside Natsuki screamed

"The baby is going to fall!" she said that alerted other nurses in the room, hurriedly coming to the baby's aid as the falling Natsuki lose consciousness. The doctor was stunned, her hands occupied with two clamps.

Shizuru weakly lifted her head to see Natsuki's body on the floor, unconscious but with a smile on her lips, "My Natsuki…" she whispered before she returned to her lying position and close her eyes.


Youko was on the phone when Midori was brought in the room. The doctor was talking to Reito who was with Yukariko and Fumi. The good news that Fumi and Yukariko gave birth without any unwanted incident brought a relief breath out of her. Then seeing Midori looking good despite her being asleep was also a relief to the happy co-mother. "We shall see you soon Reito-kun, Dr. Possible-Go will be going there to check on Fumi and Yukariko,"

"Okay, the two new mothers are sleeping well right now and Makoto sensei is looking after the babies, I'm sure she'll be glad to have Dr. Possible-Go here, you know we are at the special medical bay right?"

"Of course, I send her that way."

"Good, see you and the rest soon."

Youko just ended her phone conversation when she felt Midori's eyes focused on her, "That darn Epidural didn't work," the red head teacher said.

Youko smiled, leaned forward and kissed Midori's forehead, "It did, it just didn't make the pain go away but it lessened the feeling." She said before she took hold of Midori's hands.

"Did you see our little baby?" Midori

"Yes, she's an angel." Youko said, "I think she'll grow up to look like me."

Midori frowned, "That's unfair, I suffered all these pains and she'll grow up like you? I disagree."

Youko smiled and leaned forward again, her face meeting Midori's face, "The others will be entering the room soon…I won't be able to do this…"


Youko finally leaned and captured Midori's lips stopping the red head's complain. And as soon as their lips parted the door to the room opened with a blag and an over pumped Haruka barged in followed by Yukino on a stretcher being pushed by an orderly, Ibiki and Rebecca. The two women smiled at each other and Youko stood up to help transfer Yukino to her bed.

Ibiki looked at the large room with seven beds, "Wow…this room will be filled with people soon."

Rebecca smiled and held on her husband's arm, "Aren't we lucky to be present here today? I won't trade today for anything."

The two older couple nodded their head.

Haruka on the other hand was keeping vigil beside Yukino causing the younger woman to blush, "Haruka-chan, you should go and see our daughter…"

Haruka frowned and waved her hand, "Done that already, our Hayumi is as beautiful as ever, just like her mommy!" Haruka said her chest huffing with pride.

"Oh yeah…" Ibiki said grinning, "We will leave all of you for now, we're going to see our granddaughter!" he said excitedly

"Otou-san! Don't you look at Hayumi too much she could get bed sore!" Haruka yelled at her departing parents.

Youko, Midori and Yukino laughed at Haruka who pouted. And before anyone could speak again the door opened and Kazuya, Takumi and Miyu entered followed by the stretchers where Akane, Akira and Nao were laid. The three women were sleeping.

The two male grinned and Miyu's eyes sparkled when they met the other in the room, "They were sedated while their doctors were suturing them. I guess they were so young and they needed more rest." Takumi said smiling

"The children were perfect." Kazuya said dreamily, "Our Konoka already looked like me, ne Takumi?" he said and the younger man nodded his head.

"You already gave your children names?" Midori asked

"Why haven't you?" Miyu asked the older red head.

"Well…" Midori said sheepishly and then looked at Youko. "What do you want to name our daughter?"

"You're asking me?"

"Yes, you're the other mother and my head's still fuzzy so you think of a name."

"Well…" Youko smiled

Midori frowned, "You already had a name don't you?" Midori rolled her eyes at Youko's nod, "So?"

"Yurian, Yuri for short."


"That's a nice name." Miyu said looking at Midori then at Nao after she was transferred to her bed. The humanoid removed hairs from Nao's face, "If Nao allows me to name her child…I'll name her Naoki." She said then looked at Takumi and Kazuya who were grinning at her.

"If that's what you're going to name our baby I'm going to kick your ass to the moon." Nao said weakly. Miyu turned her focus to Nao who was slowly regaining awareness.

"You're supposed to be sleeping," Miyu

"Well the name you thought pulled me from sleep…" and before Nao could say more, the humanoid leaned down and caught Nao's lips in hers.

Yukino and Youko watched happily while Haruka rolled her eyes, "Oi Miyu, your circuitry is burning!" Haruka said frowning.


"Hehehe…with that kiss, I'm sure there's another baby Nao coming up!" Midori said smiling

And that's when the two parted and Miyu looked at Takumi and Kazuya, "Do you two have anything to add to their remarks?" She said it while transforming one hand into a dagger.

Takumi and Kazuya shook their head no with wide eyes.

"Good…" Miyu looked at a smiling Nao, "So if you were to name our baby? What would you name her?"

Nao smiled, "Miyuki is nice…"

Miyu smiled, "Miyuki…"

The people in the room then looked at the two unoccupied bed, "What do you think is taking those two long?"



Natsuki was standing still outside the viewing room, a cold compress pressed on her head. Beside her was Helena Fujino and the older version of Shizuru was looking at Natsuki with amazement in her eyes.

"I don't know what to say Kuga-san…"

Natsuki glared dagger at the older woman, "There's too much blood…I just…" she said sheepishly.

Helena smiled and nodded her head in understanding, "I never experienced that, I undergone ceasearian section when I had Shizuru…I can't stand the pain." She said before looking down as if embarrassed.

Natsuki smiled and shook her head lightly, "If It was me I'd rather have Shizuru undergo CS section…but…well…" She looked at the older woman, "I guess that's where the difference between you two, Shizuru is a lot stronger and she'd endure pain to make sure that our babies were safe." She then looked at the window at the two nurses carrying her babies, "I don't know but…I think both my children looked very much like Shizuru, our eldest might have my hair but in my eyes and heart, they will always look like their mother."

Helena became silent, "Do you think…will you be able…to forgive me?" she asked without looking at the younger woman beside her.

Natsuki took a deep breath, "Look," she looked at the older woman, "We both hurt Shizuru maybe in different way but still…" Natsuki smiled, "I'm not saying that I'm going to forgive you when you asked me. For me forgiveness is something you must earn. Shizuru will forgive you automatically but that's because she's your daughter but I'm not so I have to see with my own eyes and feel that you really are sorry before I could give you my forgiveness."

Helena smiled, "That's already a great deal Kuga-san…"

"Maybe you could start by calling me Natsuki instead of Kuga-san, I'm going to marry your daughter you know." She smiled when the nurses laid their babies to their cribs, "With or without your blessing."

Helena waved her hand at the two crying babies in front of them, "After these? You'll have my blessing Kug…" she looked at Natsuki and smiled, "Natsuki,"

"Good…" Natsuki said before she pushed her face unto the glass and make silly expressions on her face.

"Have you thought of the name for the two?" Helena

Natsuki straightened herself, "Well I and Shizuru decided about the names, we chose Kione and Natsumi but we didn't know who will get what…and from the looks of it…"

Helena watched the proud face of the young woman beside her, "I don't know if it was the gods way of answering my prayers…but I was lucky to be here at the right moment."

Natsuki smiled and nodded her head, "Yeah…that you are."


The HiMEs stayed at the hospital for exactly three days, except for Shiho who stayed two days longer since she had a C-section. The girls who get to go back to the mansion earlier together with Yukariko and Fumi were in heaven. Everyone was excited about the babies and also would like to find out what happened to Shiho and Erstin who were left at the hospital. Reito, Mai, Mikoto, Chie and Aoi visits the two as well as Arika and Nina who unexpectedly were taking care of Fuuka and supports their friend Erstin at the same time.

Shiho and Erstin who was carrying little Shizune and wearing a very large smile entered the mansion. Both women bowed and thanked Benford before they were shown to the mansion's receiving area. The two women were not surprised that there was no one in there but a little sadness gripped on Shiho's chest, but the look in Erstin's face erased it immediately. Benford who was still at the back of the girls smiled and looked up.

The signal was given and as soon as Benford made a coughing sound, the room went into chaos as banners and confetti were released and the shouts from their friends from above and from the adjacent rooms caused Shiho to cry.

"Welcome back Shiho!" The banner says and the HiMEs stepped closer to the smaller woman and each gave the still weak Shiho a pat on a shoulder, some embraced and Erstin gave Shiho a kiss on a cheek.

"Wow…" Shiho could only say

"You think we forgotten about you?" Reito said his eyes smiling. He was carrying his and Fumi's little bundle of joy. "Welcome back Shiho." He added.

Akira who was standing on Shiho's other side showed an envelope to Shiho, "Came from your nii-san, well we don't like him but Takeda thinks that he has the right to know that you delivered your baby and that you and you're baby were fine…"

"We all know he did you a lot of wrong and hurt you, but with the arrival of our babies…" Takumi said holding little Aiko in his arms

"Let bigots be bigots!" Haruka said proud, She was standing beside Yukino who has Hayumi in her arms.


"It's bygone be bygone…" Yukino and Erstin said together

"Oi you two are killing me," Haruka.

"Don't worry Shiho, we didn't read it…" Akane

"Well I tried to tell this big lady to read it without opening it but no one sides with me!" nao said elbowing Miyu who was carrying Miyuki.

"I can't do that Nao. That's not right."

"Why don't we all go the dining area now?" Mai said, "Me, Aoi-chan and Himeko-sama made something special for this occasion." She said

"Yeah Mai made special Ramen!" Mikoto chimed in, "The babies will love it!"

"Sorry Mikoto, but the babies will only have milk until they could eat solids." Fumi said smiling at the small HiME when the said girl pouted.

"What are we waiting for? I'm hungry!" Chie said as she patted her gurgling belly.

Everyone except for Shizuru, Natsuki and Reito turned towards the dining room,

"This mansion will be sad when we all decided to leave and have our own homes." Shizuru said smiling at her partner who was cooing at the small chestnut haired baby bundled in her arms while she carried the blue haired one in hers.

"Perhaps," Reito said smiling, "Benford and the others will be devastated, the mansion was never this lively before…now," he said sighing.

Natsuki looked at the two, "Well the Kanzaki lot is so spacious, could put the whole Fuuka Gakuen inside."

Reito and Shizuru looked at Natsuki.


"What are you driving at?"

"Well…if Kanzaki here is amenable, we could all buy a portion of the land and build our homes there. This will be like a HiME compound, you get what I mean?"

"That's a brilliant idea but there's no need to buy…"

"Well in my case, I'm not taking no for an answer, it's either that or we could just find a lot somewhere to buy and build our home…"

"Hey I like that idea! You can just give us discounts!" Nao said upon entering the receiving area again, "You three should stop talking and celebrate with us."

The three smiled and nodded their heads.

(at the dining Area)

Everyone was enjoying their meal when Reito stood up and took everyone's attention. He explained what Natsuki said earlier and everyone was amenable to it.

"That makes sense to me."Midori said, "Our Problem with SEARRS isn't finish yet. They are missing right now and we all know that they have something up their sleeves."

"Yeah, strength in numbers!" Mikoto said causing the others to look at her as if she grew another head, "What?"

"Just as Mikoto said, like before we defeated these monsters because we work together," Mai

"United we stand, divided we fall!" Haruka said grinning

"But most of all…we have each other." Shizuru said, "No matter how many mistakes we make, as long as we are bound together by friendship…"

"…and love…" Natsuki said looking at Shizuru romantically

"You two get a room!" Nao said after throwing green pea on Natsuki


"As long as we have each other, there's no mountain we can't climb." Alyssa said smiling at Himeko-sama who was carrying her granddaughter this time.

"For the safety of our babies," Takumi said an raised his glass of juice

"For our babies," the other followed

"For the HiMEs and their most important people," Fumi cheered

"For all of us…"


"You know if they are like these, in 300 years you won't be able to attain that world you were trying to build."

"We'll see about that…300 years is still a long time."

"Well…don't tell me I didn't warn you if the time comes."



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