Story: The Gift (chapter 25)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 25



Chapter 25

Green eyes scanned the room, a grin was plastered on one beautiful face as pairs of eyes of different colors met her piercing gaze. Test of will started, as each person involved did not want to relinquish their hold.

Youko sighed as she watched her partner, Midori battle it out with Nao, Shiho, Natsuki and surprisingly Akira. It has been 5 minutes since they stepped foot inside Shizuru’s main room with Helena, and the said HiMEs were still at it, no one speaking, silently daring each other to back up so that ‘one’ could start grinding Shizuru’s mother.

“Youko-sama,” Miyu who was watching as well stepped closer to the doctor, leaned and whispered, “Are we going to do something about this glaring contest?”

Youko’s purple colored eyes met Erstin’s green and Miyu’s red. The younger blonde nodded her head and looked at Youko, begging.

Helena on the other hand is becoming more anxious as time goes by. She was watching the exchange and could feel the ‘odd’ pressure so she decided to just look at her daughter who was watching the interchange with a smile. Her daughter’s eyes she noticed though was more focused on the cobalt haired woman, and she could see the love radiating from those crimson orbs so much like hers, so much like my gaze once upon a time…when Tome was just Tome and not the Fujino head.

“Eto…Fujino-sama,” Erstin started looking at the older version of Shizuru who now has her eyes focused on the young blonde woman, “We are very sorry for our rude behavior earlier, the others were just tired and scared of Shizuru-san’s condition…”

5 pairs of eyes suddenly focused on Erstin, all whom where frowning but only one voiced out: “ERSTIN!” it was Natsuki

“Ara, finally the staring contest is done and it seemed Ers-chan won.” Shizuru said smiling, “Then everyone can leave us now right?” crimson orbs landed on Natsuki’s emerald ones

“But…” Natsuki

“I think we all had a deal, whoever gets the first say will stay with me and my mother while we talk.” Shizuru said smiling her usual ‘kaicho’ smile.

“WHAT?!” Nao shouted, “Erstin is not included!!!”

Four heads nodded in agreement with Nao

“I believe the agreement was between everyone in this room Nao-chan…” Miyu tried to explain but was stopped by a glare coming from Nao, Miyu’s voice becomes uncertain for a humanoid, her artificial heart jumps at the thought of her Nao going commando on her. She looked at Youko’s way as if asking for help,

“Well then, Erstin-chan seemed to be the winner, I think we all should leave them now…” Youko said smiling brightly

“Youko!” Midori whined as her green eyes met Youko’s, “I can’t let Erstin referee for them! I’m the oldest one here…”

“AHA!” Nao said grinning at Midori, “Finally, you admit that you’re an old hag!” Nao said laughing

“I’M NOT! I’M ONLY 17!!!” Midori shouted, glaring daggers at Nao

“Oh?” Youko said grinning, “So, since I’m the oldest one here aside from Fujino-sama of course, then all of you…” she said pointing at everyone except Erstin, “Chu!” she waved her hand to dismiss all of them

“Well I’m sure Ers-chan will let me stay here with her,” Shiho sad grinning like a cat that got the canary

Erstin looked at Shiho nervously, “Well…”

“Hm?” Shiho said tapping one foot on the floor

Erstin bowed, “Gomen Shiho-chin! But that would be unfair for the others…”

“WHAAAAT?!” Shiho shouted faking hurt, “You wound me Ers-chan!”


“Now, now children!” Shizuru said, “Leave us now and I’m sure Ers-chan will give you the complete report.”

“But Shizuru! I can’t leave you alone with her!” Natsuki said pointing a finger at Helena

“Natsuki, my mother will not kill me besides I’m letting Youko-sensei stay.”

Midori’s shoulders dropped, “How come you’ll let Youko stay and not me? Aren’t we Sentai buddies Shizuru-chan?” the red headed teacher said as if she was a little girl who was played at by her friend

Youko sighed in exasperation, “Will you cut that out Midori! Be a good example to your students and leave us alone!” Youko shook her head, “Helena-sama needs to hear everything and I’m sure I could relate to Helena-sama what’s really happening, to Shizuru, to all of us!”

“I’m the HiME remember? I know everything!” Midori argued

“And I’m sure, Mashiro-chan knows more and I was there when everything was explained, so be a good 17 year old woman and lead those students out of here!” Youko counter.


Natsuki stood up frowning, “Leave it Midori-sensei! We’re not going to win; it seemed they don’t need us here anymore!” Natsuki said in her usual icy attitude.

Nobody spoke as the others started walking out of the main room one by one. Then Shizuru got the shocked of her life when Natsuki hurriedly returned and on her knees begged, “Let me stay Shizuru! Let me…”

Helena’s eyes grew wide at the sudden change in the icy demeanor of her daughter’s partner.

“OI! Let go of Shizuru KUGA!” Nao shouted as Miyu and Midori dragged Natsuki out of the room, the cobalt hair woman still holding on the end of Shizuru’s clothes.

“You’re over doing it KUGA!” It was Midori’s voice that resonated in the room before Youko stepped closer to the wooden blind and closed it, locking the people outside from the main room.

Youko smiled at Helena then at Erstin, “I think it’s time for business,” she said before stepping beside Shizuru who was sitting on her bed. She then looked at Helena, “I’m Dr. Sagisawa Youko Fujino-sama. I was Shizuru’s attending doctor after she was found by Kanzaki-san…”

Helena’s eyes widened, “Kanzaki-san…Kanzaki Reito-san?” the doctor nodded, “What is he doing then? Why...he was supposed to be Shizuru’s omiai…”

“It’s hard to explain Fujino-sama, if you will please let me tell you about what really is happening here, from almost two years ago up to now.” Youko said interrupting the bewildered mother. At Helena’s nod, Youko started, “Almost two years ago, a phenomenon called ‘the carnival’ started inside Fuuka Gakuen University…”


Mai, Mikoto, Aoi and Chie were busy chatting. The four women found a nearby ramen house and with Mikoto’s insistence, they all went there to have a fill and then decided to buy the others food as well.

“It’s good that Kanzaki-san intervened, sometimes it’s really cool when you know people at the right places and positions!” Chie said grinning

“Hai-hai!” Aoi agreed

Mai and Mikoto were laughing along with Chie and Aoi when Mikoto suddenly stopped. She then looked outside, her face now with a frown.

“Mikoto?” Mai asked the suddenly quiet HiME

“Oi Mikoto, what’s happening?” Chie asked before following where Mikoto was looking then looked at the quiet girl, “What are you looking at?”

“HiME star…” Mikoto whispered

Mai frowned and decided to look outside where Mikoto was looking and her eyes widened, “The HiME star, it re-appeared…” Mai said

“What?” Aoi can’t understand what’s happening with the two, “What HiME star are you talking about?” she then looked outside then at Chie who was also looking out. Chie and Aoi eyed each other.

“We don’t see anything Mai.” Chie

The fiery haired woman smiled at Chie, “It is there right now, glowing at us…” she looked at Mikoto who was eyeing her back,

“Only HiMEs could see that star…as well as ani-ue.” Mikoto explained

“What does that mean then?” Chie asked worried

“It signifies the carnival that happened almost two years ago, but the next carnival will not be after 300 years.” Mai said worried as well.


“You know there are lots of things that happened that was not according to that Obsidian Lord’s plan, so it could be a warning or something?” Aoi said that earned her nods from three other heads,

“Then what?” Mai mumbled to herself, she was in deep thinking

Another moment of silence

“Oh Kami…” Mai stood up, “The pregnant HiMEs!” she said

“You mean they could be under attack right now?” Chie

“We would feel it if it was that, but I don’t feel anything dangerous,” Mikoto said seriously

The fire blowing HiME looked at Mikoto, “As Chie said, it doesn’t always work that way…”

“Call on Miroku and Kagutsuchi then, they could be at the hospital to stop the attackers!” Aoi

“Good idea, then we all could just hurry up there.” Chie

The four scampered out of the ramen house after leaving some money on the table. Once outside, Mikoto and Mai simultaneously called on their CHILD.



Normally, once the HiMEs called forth their CHILDS, it won’t take a minute for them to appear or materialize, but at the moment, nothing happened.


“So are they alright?” Yuuki Himeko asked

“Everyone’s doing okay. Shizuru-san is on bed rest.” Fumi gladly informed the worried mother


“She’s alright Alyssa-chan, she had a hard fight but you know Miyu, she’ll still get out of difficult situations no matter what.” Yukariko explained to the small blonde child. Alyssa just nodded.

It was at that moment that Kanzaki Reito entered the living room of his mansion, “The red HiME star have re-appeared!” he said with a frown

“What?” Fumi and Yukariko exclaimed. Alyssa scoot closer to Himeko.

“What is that?” Himeko asked after seeing Reito’s worried facial expression.

“It’s the star that started the carnival,” Alyssa explained and snuggled closer to the older woman.

“But why? The carnival is to take place in 300 years…” Fumi tried to figure what Kanzaki had seen when she felt it, “Kami…”

“Fumi-chan!” Reito hurriedly went to Fumi’s side

“Fumi…” Yukariko who was about to do the same stopped when she too felt it…”

“Yukariko-sama!” Himeko said standing from the couch and hurried beside the ex-nun

“Oh God…”


It’s not yet time, there’s still 2 months for them to prepare.”

They don’t have that much time, I can’t let these pure blooded HiMEs die.”

They have their protectors…”

They’re not enough; the protectors can’t protect them any longer. I need the HiMEs to do their jobs.”

They are,”

A head shook, “They need to step up once again; they need to protect once again rather than be protected.”


Those hybrids cannot find them…they are not yet ready.”

They will be and it’s just a matter of time.”


Helena’s eyes were wide as the story continues. She wasn’t listening anymore; she was stunned to know that her own daughter had slaughtered men working for the First District.

“Fujino-sama?” Erstin’s voice broke her reverie

Shizuru was emotionless. She watched her mother’s expression change as the story was told, “It was something I’ve still been paying mother.” Shizuru said taking her mother’s focus from Erstin, “That’s the truth about me mother, do you still want to be here?”

The blonde haired woman touched Helena’s cold hands, “It wasn’t only Shizuru-san Fujino-sama, every HiME committed the same mistake, and it was erased when they defeated the Obsidian Lord.”

“Why?” was all Helena could say.

“Fujino-sama, please remember that they are but high school students who were lured to be given powers to protect the most important person in their lives. They were tricked…”

Helena looked at her daughter, “Why didn’t you say no?” she asked softly

“I can’t mother, I wanted Natsuki to be safe so I accepted.” Shizuru answered


“Wouldn’t you be doing the same Fujino-sama? If Fujino-san is threatened, wouldn’t you do anything to protect him?” Youko asked

Helena was just looking at her daughter.


“What did she say?” Kazuya asked

Miyu looked at all the expectant faces of the other’s that were situated at the anteroom, “We really are not supposed to eavesdrop…”

Nao glared, “You tell us now Miyu!”

“I should have been there if you did not agree with Shizuru in making Erstin-chan the referee!” Midori whined


“Don’t but Miyu! You don’t want little Miyu to look ugly don’t you?” Nao said frowning

Miyu raised her arm in surrender, “Fujino-sama is not answering yet.”

Everyone frowned

“She must still be thinking!” Miyu exclaimed

There was silence

“Takumi-kun…” Takumi looked at Akira and his eyes widened at Akira’s wincing face


“Kazu-kun!” Akane shouted and grimace, “I…I think somethings happening!” she said

Kazuya hurried beside Akane, “What?”

“Ahhhh!” they turned their heads on the sudden opening of the door, “MY YUKINO IS HAVING OUR BABY!!!” Hatuka shouted, she had the grimacing Yukino on her arm

“What? I thought…” Midori was to remind them about their theory that they all should go into labor simultaneously, “Kami…I think I am too…”

“WHAT?!” Natsuki shouted and stood up to go to Shizuru’s side


“NAO! Language!” Miyu said as she support the red headed HiME when she collapsed on the floor

“The hell! You have no idea!” Nao shouted back

Shiho who was sitting felt the pain as well, in between breathing she said, “Someone huhuhu should call huhuhu Dr. Possible…”

“And Natsuko get my Youko!” Midori shouted to the disappearing cobalt haired HiME


“Mother…” Shizuru was about to stand when she felt first a dull pain that originates from her lumbar area, she had been feeling the odd sensation earlier but was not minding it. Then the pain progresses and she felt her distended abdomen to harden a little, “Youko-sensei!” she called wincing

“Shizuru-sama!” Erstin called out when she saw the sudden change in Shizuru’s expression

“Shizuru!” Helena and Youko both ran towards the pregnant woman’s side

“What’s happening?” Youko asked worried

“I…” Shizuru breathed a lungful of air when the pain subsides, “I think the babies are coming…”

“What?” Youko paled, this means every HiME would be giving birth…Kami…

“It can’t be, you’re just seven months pregnant right?” Helena said as she held her daughter’s hand in hers

“We…we…” Shizuru winced when the pain starts again

“SHIZURU!” mother and daughter looked at the sudden opening of the divider and Natsuki’s worried face

“Natsuki… I think…”

“Everyone’s giving birth!” Natsuki said and watched Youko and Erstin ran for their partners

“Someone needs to call Dr. Possible…” Shizuru said then looked at her mother

Helena smiled and squeezed her daughter’s hand, “I’ll call her and inform her about this.” She said then looked at Natsuki, “Hold my daughter Kuga-san,” she said before turning to ask Youko about this doctor

Natsuki interrupted her escape, “Shizuru did all of those things for me Fujino-san, if there’s anyone you should blame for it, it should be me.” She said in her serious voice.

Helena looked back and smiled, “I got into thinking that if I were in Shizuru’s place, I wouldn’t do the same thing…” she bowed down, “Maybe because there’s no one I could claim as important to me, but maybe, if I had someone like you Kuga-san, then probably, I would have committed the same crime.” She looked up and smiled, “Then I would have been a better mother. My daughter is lucky to have you, and you’re lucky to receive her love in return.”


“Everything will be alright Shizuru…” Helena said before returning to the task at hand


Chie, Aoi, Mai and Mikoto were heaving as they arrived in front of the hospital. They were about to go to the elevator to go back to their friends when they over heard the commotion inside the Emergency Room Obstetric and Gynecology department.

“Nani? Shichi? We only have 5 delivery table!” The nurse in charge at the department said, “By order? How on earth could we…Hai! I’ll phone the delivery room!”

The four young women eyed each other

“The babies are coming!” Mikoto said smiling

Chie frowned, “They’re only seven months pregnant,”

Mikoto shrugged her shoulders, “Maybe the obsidian lord wants the babies born already, who knows!”

“Then let’s see them.” Aoi said running towards the elevator followed by the other three.

The four were stunned at the chaos they found their friends in.



Emerald eyes opened at the sound of the offending tone of her wife’s communicator that also serves as her mobile phone. She hurriedly took it to not disturb her napping daughter. “Hello?”

Hello, is this Dr. Possible?”

“Who is this?”

This is Fujino Helena, I’m Shizuru’s mother…”

“Oh, Shizuru? The HiME girl with twins?”

Yes, is this Dr. Possible?”

“No this is her wife, Kimmie is currently doing a c-section, but she must be finish now…”

Oh, will you please tell her that my her patients are in labor?”

“Oh, okay I’ll tell her…” Shego frowned, “Patients?”

Yes, I was told that she’s handling all of them right?”

Shego’s eyes widened, “Fuck Princess!”


Fujino Helena looked at the mobile phone with a stunned expression. Ibiki and Rebecca who were beside the chestnut haired mother were listening and were sporting the same expression and the three heard the beeping tone of the phone.

“Does that mean she’s coming?” Ibiki asked

Rebecca shook her head, “I don’t have any idea how one doctor could deliver all these babies at once.”


Kim Possible is a hard working doctor; she knew how valuable her service is. Her motto is that anything is possible with a Possible, but now…there was no doubt, this case is something out of her league.

“How the hell are you going to deliver all of that babies Kimmie?!” Shego was a nervous wreck. She was driving their car towards the hospital where Fujino and the rest were located, “And two of them are in that mansion! What are you going to do? Slice yourself in half?!”

Kim looked at her wrecked wife, “Perhaps I should slice myself in 9 portions! How come they are giving birth all at the same time?!” she said then sighed.


“Just drive honey, we’ll figure this out once we get there.”

-End Chapter 25-

Next: Last chapter. The HiMEs are giving birth. One of the 9 birthing mother would have a problem that would need C-Section, who? Who will help KP in assisting all of these births?

Okay…I have a list of baby names and I used some of them at my CHIBI story.

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