Story: The Gift (chapter 23)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 23



Chapter 23

The black painted van sped up, Kanzaki Reito took over driving and he used his hazard light to ward off other vehicles on the road, accompanying the vehicle’s continued flashing of light was Reito’s constant pushing of the horn warning pedestrians of an oncoming vehicle.

They were halfway towards the hospital when a police mobile spotted them and signaled for them to stop and this irritated all the passengers of the van. Lucky for them, the police officer was a friend of Aoi and he let them go and even escorted the van to the nearest hospital.

While on their way, Aoi’s mobile phone rang and the brown haired woman was relieved that it was actually Dr. Possible-Go asking where they took the convulsing Shizuru. Aoi flipped off her phone after giving the obstetrician details of what happened and to where they are heading at the moment.

Meanwhile Natsuki was kneeling beside Shizuru whose head was resting on Yuuki Nao’s lap and the blue haired woman was holding on to the chestnut haired woman’s hand. One free hand was caressing Shizuru’s sweat laden hair, while Yuuki and Shiho wipe Shizuru’s sweaty face and body.

Miyu was watching the peaceful woman lying down, occasional convulsion still rocked her body and Miyu used her eye to scan the pregnant woman’s vital signs as well as the gross status of Shizuru’s twin.

“Miyu…” Natsuki called out, Natsuki’s voice was hoarse from crying, her eyes were sunken and a worried expression was etched on her face

“The twins are okay, I don’t see any kind of problem with their biometrics at the moment and they constantly move.” Miyu said flatly, but it was evident in her eyes that she too was worried not for the babies but for Shizuru, “Shizuru-san’s vital signs though are not stable.”

Youko was situated at the foot of Shizuru, “I can’t do I.E. here Natsuki to give you anything to alleviate your worry, but from how I see it, Shizuru’s bleeding decreased from when I saw her earlier.”

Natsuki started crying again, “I’m stupid! I should have not…I should have not let her into this!”

“We all are stupid Natsuki, so don’t blame yourself about this.” Mai said contritely, “But still we needed to do what we did, we have to act to save not only our precious people but our children as well.”

“I agree with Mai-san.” Fumi, “We were all in this fight together. We always succeed when we put our powers together and we have proven that many times, from the carnival against the Obsidian Lord, from the mansion against those horrible monsters, here against those androids and now we are still together in this fight.” Fumi smiled, “This is not just yours and Shizuru’s fight Natsuki, we have been one big family…”

“United we stand divided we fall!” Mikoto shouted smiling then tapped her brother’s arm near her, “Ne Ani-ue?”

“Hai Mikoto-chan.”

Natsuki cried harder, Chie and Akane who were at her back hugged the blue haired woman

“We’re at the hospital’s gate!” Reito said

“Thank God!!!” Yukariko exclaimed. The halting of the van made the non pregnant women and the males to move double-time. Reito stayed behind the steering wheel while Mikoto hurriedly went out and opened all the van’s doors for the others to move out. Miyu who was the closest to the side door went out first and then she leaned forward inside the van to carefully lift Shizuru and carry her towards the hospital’s emergency room.

Miyu was followed by Natsuki and Nao while Youko walked along with Miyu and asked for a gurney. The rest followed. Kazuya and Takumi run ahead of the group to retrieve a gurney and hurriedly brought it to the entrance, just in time for Miyu to put Shizuru on it as soon as she stepped foot at the E.R. room

“I want an Isolated room, bring me sterile gloves and I want someone to put a macro drip on her hooked to an LR ASAP!” Youko bellowed to the nurses behind the triage

“Excuse me, I’m the resident doctor here and I don’t think I received a call…” One male doctor yelled at Youko


Haruka glared at the said doctor after hitting the triage table hard, “Can’t you see this is an Emergency? Just give Dr. Sagisawa what she asked or help me God I’m going to use all my money to close this hospital down!” she shouted

“Who…” the doctor said gulping

“Just get them now!!!” Haruka bellowed causing the said doctor to nod his head to signal the nurse beside him to get what Youko asked,

“The…the isolated room is over there!” The doctor squeaked pointing to a single room at the ER that was isolated from the rest, “I…Is there anything else?”

Haruka raised one brow, “I want your director here.” She said before turning her back on the now pale faced doctor and then followed Miyu, Natsuki and Youko who are now heading to the isolated room

“Tsk tsk,” Reito shook his head at the doctor, “You see doc you should have just let the patient in and do something before asking. Sorry but I don’t think I can vouch for you.”

The doctor’s eyes widened, “Kanzaki-sama…”

“You heard what Suzushiro Haruka-chan said right? She wants to see my uncle here.” He calmly said, smiled his usual smile and then left

The rest of the HiMEs and non HiMEs present couldn’t understand how one man with paper white face, almost devoid of color could still be standing upright.

Mikoto and Shiho who were still looking at the unmoving doctor shrugged their shoulders, “Shiho-chan…”


“You think he’ll still stand if I blow on him?” Mikoto asked innocently

Shiho just looked at the unmoving doctor intently, “I think so. I think he’s fainted.”

Nao who was listening to the two interrupted, “This doctor sure has a talent,” Nao shook her head, “He could faint without falling down ne?” she said before looking at the two HiMEs beside her

The two shorter women shrugged their shoulders

“Oi you three!” Kazuya called, “We’re at the waiting room outside, Mai-san thinks that we won’t be of any help inside. So you three leave that doctor alone and come here!” he added

“Hai-hai!” The three HiMEs in front of the triage desk answered simultaneously


Waiting Room

“How come we are here and not in there with Shizuru kaichou-san?” Mikoto asked as she waited impatiently for the rest

“Mikoto,” Mai start stroking the younger woman’s back, “Shizuru is in the E.R. and it won’t help her if all of us go in there, so Miyu, Natsuki and Youko-sensei are enough.”

Mikoto pouted more, “So okay I understand, but why are Haruka and Ani-ue there?”

Midori shook her head, “Didn’t you hear? Reito knows the director and Haruka could add in to the intimidating factor!”

Yukino who was listening laughed softly, “Haruka-chan sure knows when to use her talents.”

“Ahhhh,” Mikoto nods in understanding


“You know what…” It was Shiho

“What Shiho-chan?” Chie asked

“I’m not really sure but I think my baby is like linked to Shizuru-san’s babies.” The octopus haired woman said, one hand was lying on her distended abdomen

“Really?” Fumi asked smiling, “Why did you say that?”

“Well…my baby didn't move this much until earlier today, after Natsuki-san has been hurt and Shizuru-san starts having those seizures.”

“You felt it too?” Akane asked with wide eyes

Shiho looked at Akane and smiled, “So you too?” Akane nodded her head

“Oh…and I thought I was the only one experiencing it.” Yukino said

“Wow…so the three of you experienced the same thing? Cool!” Chie

“I think it wasn’t just them, I did get the same experience perhaps I just didn’t notice it earlier because I was so worried about Shizuru.” Midori said looking down at her rounded abdomen and then patted them softly

Yukariko smiled, “I’ll bet our Children will be the best of friends when they grow up. They’re all acting up as if they knew something’s happening to the others.”

“I didn’t know that Yukariko loves gambling, won’t God punish you for that?” Midori teased the blushing ex-nun

“Hehe,” Yukino raised a finger and rubbed her nose with it, “Midori-sensei should not tease Sister like that.”

Nao frowned, “Besides, the hell I’m letting my child be best friends with that Kuga!” The red head said

“Nao is frowning again. She’s really having an ugly baby!” Mikoto said laughing softly at the red head who was now glaring at her

“I’m not going to have an ugly baby!” Nao shouted then winced as she felt her baby kicking so she relaxed herself, “This baby keeps on kicking me and she’s been doing it a lot today.” She grumbled

“I’m pretty sure you’re child will get along well with the Kugas.” Midori grinned

“Mikoto stop teasing Nao.” Mai told the small woman beside her then looked at the rest, “So all of you suddenly experience an increase in your babies’ activities?” Every pregnant HiME in the room nodded, “I see…”

“I think Shiho-chan is right, they are linked, besides, they did come to us at the same time, not one at a time ne? So that's got to be a good explanation to Shiho’s discovery.” Fumi explained

Midori scrunched her head, “Wait a minute, with the way you explained it, if Shizuru then loses her babies then we…”

Everyone’s eyes widened at the thought

“Baka!” Nao yelled, stood up and faced Midori, “Fujino will not lose her baby! None of us will lose our babies! This is a gift to us so there’s no way we’re gonna lose them!”

Akira stood up and stepped closer to Nao and stroked the other red head’s back, “Easy Nao, Midori-sensei I think was just deriving a theory from what was happening here.”

“I agree with Akira-san…” Mai, “Shizuru won’t lose the babies as Nao said, but if she gives birth prematurely, does that mean the rest of the babies will follow?”

Fumi shook her head no, “My idea was that, Shizuru will not prematurely give birth, just as this pregnancy was determined by the Obsidian Lord, perhaps it was already planned as to when the babies will be born…”

Yukino looked at Fumi, “Meaning no matter how careful we are if the Obsidian Lord has planned for the baby to come out today then they will come out, no matter what the doctors do to stop it from happening?”

Fumi nodded her head


Their discussion was interrupted by Aoi, Kazuya and Takumi coming in

“Dr. Possible-Go arrived already and I overheard Haruka and Reito talking about getting Shizuru-sama a room.” Aoi announced

“How is she?” Concerned voices from once arguing HiMEs resonated


Natsuki was sitting beside the bed where Shizuru was currently sleeping peacefully. The convulsing pregnant woman was hooked to oxygen and was given Diazepam earlier and Youko was glad that the convulsion ceased after the drug took effect.

So while Natsuki was sitting at a chair, Miyu took some bandages from the nurse and told Natsuki that she’ll be replacing the bandage of her wound since it was already drenched with blood. Miyu inspected the wound as well and was glad that it wasn’t bleeding anymore, so convinced that there’s no need for it to be seen by a doctor in the hospital, she cleaned the wound and dressed it.

Youko on the other hand met Dr. Possible-Go at the room’s entrance to explain her findings, while Haruka and Reito went out with the Hospital’s director to reserve Shizuru a suite room.

“Look Kim, all I did was do an IE and order some lab test, she was bleeding earlier but my IE on her was negative. I ordered an ultrasound and it was alright, the babies are fine though I have not done the stress test yet, but the babies were moving constantly and the amniotic fluid level is at normal.” Youko explained

“So did you do a pap smear to see where the bleeding could be coming from?” Kim asked

“Yes, everything is fine inside Shizuru Kim.” Youko sighed, “But the way Shizuru’s clothes looked earlier means that she bled a lot, as if she was wounded or…” Youko’s eyes widened,


“Why haven’t I thought of that?” Youko then turned and went back in the isolated room.

“Youko!” Kim Possible-Go followed

Natsuki watched the suddenly anxious doctor followed by the red head obstetrician

“So what did you give Shizuru?”

“She’s on LR, I gave her 1 ampoule of diazepam and have her hooked to oxygen and that’s it for me.” Youko said without looking at Kim and situating herself beside the sleeping woman. She then started pulling up Shizuru’s hospital gown

“So Shizuru was having a seizure?” Kim

“Yes.” Youko

“Oi what are you doing Youko?” Natsuki asked frowning. Miyu was stopping the blue haired woman from interrupting Youko’s action

“I found nothing abnormal on Shizuru, I can’t find any cause of bleeding obstetric or gynecologic wise.” Youko said

Kim scrunched her forehead but helped her friend in doing whatever, “So what are you thinking…”

Youko looked up and eyed Kim, “Natsuki was hurt, she was slashed on her abdomen and she was bleeding badly,”

Kim frowned, “So why look on Shizuru? “ Kim asked in bewilderment

Natsuki finally realized what Youko was driving at, “Fuck…”

“Natsuki-san should not swear in front of the babies.” Miyu said flatly

“So?” Kim asked with raised brows

Youko sighed and faced the red headed doctor, “You know about these girls having power right?” Kim nodded her head in understanding, “And I did explain to you the nature of their pregnancy?” Kim nodded again, “Now the HiMEs have this what we call most important person that they swear to protect, “Kim nodded and motioned for Youko to continue, “the children that they are having right now are actually the powers of their Mecha Childs that they used to protect these special people.”

“So let me get this straight, these most important people are actually the ones that are now with the pregnant HiMEs, I believe you have told me about that.” Kim asked

“Well not all.” Natsuki interrupted, “Some of us were not lucky to have our special people return our feelings of affection so the people around the pregnant HiMEs are not 100 percent the same with our most important people during the time of Carnival.”

Silence as Dr. Possible-Go tried to assimilate the information

“Okay, I get it, so there are some who remained and some who turned their backs on the HiMEs?” Miyu, Youko and Natsuki nodded their heads, “So what’s that got to do with what you are doing Youko?”

“Because when a HiME is hurt or if a Child is killed during battle, it is the important person that actually dies not the HiME.” Youko said before going back to what she was doing…inspecting Shizuru’s abdomen. “BINGO!”

“Wait-wait-wait-wait!” Kim said looking at Natsuki, “So if what Youko said is true, and if my deduction is correct, then when you got hurt it was actually Shizuru who got hurt?”

Natsuki frowned, “Well that was supposed to be the case.” Natsuki sighed

“If you knew that Youko why did you not inspect her earlier?” Kim asked

Youko was now handing Kim sterile gloves, a 4-0 chromic cat gut with round, atraumatic needle, “You do the sewing Kim while I inject her the local anesthesia.” The older woman said

Kim sighed, “You haven’t answered my question,” Kim said and looked down at Shizuru’s large abdomen, looking intently at the left lower quadrant where a large slash can be seen that was barely bleeding.

“Natsuki was bleeding too from the slash, she has a wound. If you think about the theory, it should be Shizuru who will have a wound not Natsuki. Since Natsuki has the wound, who would have thought that Shizuru too has one? I mean it doesn’t work that way.” Youko explained then smiled after finishing her task


“Then If I were careful, Shizuru should have not been here at all.” Natsuki mumbled as her eyes shed tears once again

“We were all fighting Natsuki-san, we can’t be sure as to what will happen to us in a fight.” Miyu said stroking the blue haired woman’s back

“I agree with Miyu.” Kim said as she puts on the glove while Youko sterilized the area around the wound. “So how come Natsuki and Shizuru both felt the same thing…I mean how come they both got injured?”


“Can I make an intelligent guess?” Miyu said

“Go on,” Youko

“Didn’t Mashiro-sama say that Natsuki and Shizuru were intertwined unlike the others because both of them are HiMEs and that’s why only one of them got to be pregnant?” Miyu said

“Okay I got you.” Youko said and looked at Kim with the look that promised an explanation later

“So I assume then that their reaction to things like one being hurt is different from the others, if Yukino is hurt, we all know that Haruka will be the one who will physically show that hurting, just like the others, but since Shizuru-san and Natsuki-san are both HiMEs and are each other’s most important person, then both of them will be hurt and both of them will physically show damage or injury even if only one is injured.” Miyu

Youko smiled, “That could be it.” She said looking at Natsuki,

Kim was already stitching the wound on Shizuru’s abdomen, “If that’s the case, then I could safely say that the seizure was brought about by the pain…”

“And stresses Kim, we have been having problems with a certain group for some time now and the stress is piling on us, probably that and the pain brought about the seizure.” Youko explained

“Oh, then after looking at all her lab results and if Shizuru is seizure free within 24 hours, I could already release her.” Kim said smiling

Natsuki smiled despite the tears in her eyes, “Arigato…”

“No thanks needed, it’s no big!” Kim

“I’ll probably inform the others about this.” Miyu said nodding her head to the two busy doctors and Natsuki.

“Go ahead Miyu, I’ll be out with the others once Kim finished everything here.” Youko said returning Miyu’s nod.

Miyu turned her back on the others and walked out of the room


Dr. Possible-Go already has the result of Shizuru’s laboratory in her hands, as well as the printed results of her ultrasound, and the additional EEG that Kim requested. After finding not much problem with Shizuru (except for a little decrease on Shizuru’s hemoglobin count), the obstetrician ordered the patient to be placed to her suite room that was reserved by Reito and Haruka with the instruction of hooking the patient on oxygen while moving.

The rest of the HiMEs and their protectors and friends helped out, Takumi and Kazuya helping the nurse’s aide in pushing the gurney to the desired floor, and Fumi, Yukariko and Aoi helping out in arranging the room. Midori, Nao, Miyu, Mai and Reito on the other hand went out to get everyone food since one Mikoto was whining about her growling stomach already, and everyone agreed that they all need to eat because they had one ‘hell’ of a day.

(At the suite room)

While the rest were busy filling their stomach with food, Natsuki was content in sitting beside Shizuru’s side, watching the woman sleep.

“Ne Shizuru…I did it again.” She said breaking the silence, “I hurt you again and if it wasn’t for our friends, I could have lost you and our babies.” Natsuki sniffed then raised one arm to wipe new tears that are threatening to flow, “Why do I always do this? Why can’t I just make you happy…”


Natsuki suddenly looked at Shizuru’s face and smiled to see two crimson orbs looking at her, “Shizuru…”

“I think I heard my Natsuki say something about her not making me happy?” Shizuru said weakly and then she tried to remove the oxygen tube in her nose

“No, don’t remove that Shizuru, Dr. Possible-Go said you need that right now.” Natsuki said while holding on the other woman’s hand that was about the remove the said device, “Gomen ne Shi-“

A weak hand reached out and held Natsuki’s warm cheek, “No, you don’t have to say sorry Natsuki. It wasn’t your fault, things happen and that’s it.” Shizuru said smiling at the younger woman


Shizuru shook her head, “Please Natsuki, it will hurt me more if I hear you blaming yourself about things that are out of your hands.” Shizuru caressed the cheek she was holding, “I’m okay and our babies are fine, let’s thank kami for that blessing ne?”

Natsuki sniffed once again and nodded her head before taking the hand of Shizuru on her cheek and kissed it, “I love you so much Shizuru, I don’t know what I’d do if I lose you.” Natsuki declared hoarsely

“Then my Natsuki will not lose me, that I promise.” Shizuru said smiling, “If my Natsuki wants me to be with her forever then I will…”

“Baka Shizuru, of course I want you with me and our children forever!” Natsuki said leaning closer to Shizuru and placing a gentle kiss on Shizuru’s lips

The older woman smiled, “I missed that kiss, I was so down when I learned that we have to kiss those gems…” Shizuru stopped, “Where is everyone?”

It was at that moment when a knocked was heard on the door, someone opened the door and the two heard three voices which they were sure came from Nina, Arika and Erstin. Their musing was interrupted by the sudden appearance of Youko and Kim Possible-Go

“Oh, our patient is awake!” Youko announced to the group

Shizuru smiled when she heard the relieved voices of the other HiMEs and their protectors and friends at the background. Her eyes twinkled when she saw Nao Yuuki peeke inside and said loudly, “Oi Fujino, don’t scare the hell out of us again!”

This was followed by Miyu’s voice saying, “Nao, how many times do I have to tell you that you should not swear in front of the babies? They can hear you.”

Then Nao followed with a growl, “I thought you’re my protector not my mother?”

“Hehehe Nao, you’re whipped!” That was Mikoto

Another shout coming from Haruka, “Youko-sensei, tell that bubuzeke that I called my father and he told me that he’s going to visit all of us!”

Natsuki was watching Shizuru’s smiling face as she listens to everyone, then she leaned forward to whisper “See, everyone loves you Shizuru.”

Shizuru looked at Natsuki’s green orbs, “I won’t ask anything more. Ookini Natsuki.” The older woman then leaned closer and kissed Natsuki’s lips.


Ibiki and Rebecca were already dressed up and were on their way outside when their butler came to them, “Mrs. Helena Fujino is at the receiving room.”

The husband and wife eyed each other before Ibiki nodded his thanks and the butler left. After about 5 minutes of silence, the Suzushiro started down and went to see the waiting Helena Fujino at their receiving room,

“Hello Helena,” Ibiki greeted stepping closer to the now standing woman and engulfed the chestnut haired woman in his arms, “How nice of you to drop by.” Ibiki said smiling. He was then replaced by his wife Rebecca who also hugged their guest

“I was surprised when Ryu-san told us that you were here.” Rebecca said smiling, “Please sit!” Rebecca urged Helena to sit down while she sat beside their guest and Ibiki decided to sit at the single couch beside to where their guest and his wife were sitting.

“Thank you for seeing me despite the short notice…”

“Come on Helena, Tome-kun and I are friends, we’re practically family here so there’s no need for such non-sense!” Ibiki said laughing, “You know that you’re always welcome here.”

“Ookini Ibiki-kun.” Helena said smiling


“Does Tome-kun know that you’re here?” Rebecca

Helena shook her head no

“Oh,” Ibiki straightened his posture, “Then this must be something important for you to come here without his knowledge,” Ibiki watched Helena intently and he eyed his wife when Helena nodded her head

“What is it about Helena?” Rebecca asked softly

“I…” Helena took a deep breath, “I want to see my daughter and I can’t think of anyone to help me but you…two…”

-End Chapter 23-

A/N: Hehehe 3 more chapters and this arc will be finished. I’m not going to give a next chapter thingy. Remember after this arc, the story is complete but I will be writing the sequel, The Gift: Arc III.

Omake (based on true to life story):

Scene 1 (During a post duty day, in the Philippines a doctor spent 32 hours in the hospital and that comprises the duty and the post duty status. 24 hours duty plus 8 hours post duty)

HanDj: (Walked inside the watch area inside the delivery room. [This is where the pregnant women who are about to deliver waits until they reach 10 cm] with a smile. She eyed the 10 beds that are all occupied by awaiting pregnant women and two more pregnant women lying on the tiled table since there’s no more beds for them and one more mommy to be lying on a gurney)

Mommy 1: (Looking at the doctor sitting beside her bed, the doctor has the pregnant woman’s file on her lap, one hand was placed on the mother’s enlarged bell and one hand was holding a pen trying to write something on the file) Doc… (She called out pointing a finger on the unmoving doctor

HanDJ: (Scrunched forehead) what is she doing mommy?

Mommy 1: I think she’s sleeping,

HanDJ: Sleeping? But she’s…(Idea hits her head and HanDJ stepped closer to her resident doctor and placed her hand on the doctor’s shoulder) Oh my she is asleep!

Mommy 1 started laughing

Scene 2 (Another post duty day)

Doctor (same doctor as scene 1) Cla-cla! Assist me, we’re going to do a DNC! (Dilatation and Curettage), you prepare the patient while I get the things we need!

HanDJ: Yes doc! (So HanDJ took the patient from the gurney, placed her onto the delivery table, insert a .9NS via gauge 18 abocath needle and ask the nurse in charge to give the patient 1 ampoule of midazolam) Doc the patient is ready!

Doctor: Scrub!

HanDJ: (Scrubbed out and then went back to delivery room to see the doctor ready, her hand gloved and one hand was holding an oval curette. Her arms were resting on the stirrups, carefully so that only her unsterile part touches with the patient’s legs that was brought up) Ready!

Doctor: Okay, (Doctor inserted the curette inside the patient and stopped)

HanDJ: (Watching the procedure while holding on to the woman’s sterile part)

5 minutes later

HanDJ: (Now impatiently watching the still unmoving doctor with the curette inside)

Nurse 1: Doctora, (lady doctor)

HanDJ: (Looked at nurse who was now pointing at the resident doctor) Oh she’s asleep…

-end omake-

Hahahaha…I suddenly remembered these after writing that doctor fainting while standing!

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