Story: The Gift (chapter 22)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 22


Previously on The Gift…

Kazuya and Chie joined Natsuki in fighting while Yohko joined Miyu. The one that attacked Mikoto, the leader of the four men was nowhere to be seen but Mikoto and Haruka who decided to join the small woman kept their eyes open for the attack.

It was at this moment that Reito passed them by and the attacker took the opportunity

The leader was to attack the unsuspecting Reito…

“Reito-san!!!” Miyu shouted, her eyes suddenly on Reito and not on her opponent

“NO!!!” Mikoto shouted

“MIYU!” Haruka called out when she saw the android pushing off Yohko and was about to hit Miyu

“Miroku!!!” Mikoto yelled



Chapter 22



“Congratulations Ibiki.” The low toned voice of one Saotome Fujino said, his low monotonous voice was accompanied by his well known smile.

“Arigato Tome-kun.” The purple eyed man with light brown hair replied, giving his old friend a nod of his head. He then looked at her blond haired wife who also greeted the Fujino business tycoon with a nod of her own head.

“Omedatou gozaimasu.” Helena Fujino, wife to Saotome Fujino greeted the blond woman clinging to Ibiki Suzushiro’s arms.

“Arigato-arigato!” The blond woman, Rebecca Suzushiro replied smiling back at the stiff chestnut haired woman

Ibiki and Saotome were very good friends. They grew up together and though Ibiki Suzushiro was not as well off as Fujino, he never made that stop him from his dreams. They both went to a foreign land to study, Fujino using his money while Suzushiro using his brain and both found their wives at the said foreign land, marrying them and begetting daughters for themselves.

The two friends has no idea why they almost shared the same fate, both having only one heir though it wasn’t that tough for Ibiki as he was not as rich and as famous as the Fujino heir. Saotome wanted a male heir to his dynasty but was not given any while Ibiki wanted the same, though he wasn’t as rich, he still need someone he could turn over his business to…

What’s the difference between the two?

It was open mindedness. Perhaps because Ibiki started with nothing but brain made him more relaxed and accepting when the news of her daughter having a relationship with another woman gets to him. He was ecstatic when he learned that his daughter has gotten Yukino pregnant. It was perhaps impossible but nowadays science could do so much. Besides he thought…isn’t it what he actually wanted when he wished for a male heir? To propagate his genetic trait and to make sure that he’ll have a grandchild that will carry his name? Perhaps if I could convince Yukino-san to have my surname then everything will be well!

And Saotome…raised by class and money was everything but…

“I’m glad you finally realized your dream my friend.” Saotome said as he was led to a table by Ibiki along with their wives

“Oh you have no idea how happy I am Tome-kun!” Ibiki said before pulling the chair for his wife. At this gesture, Helena looked at her husband so that Saotome could do the same, but she bowed her head when instead of her husband, it was the matre d’ that pulled out the chair for her, “As a matter of fact I am going to see Haruka and Yukino to ask them what my granddaughter’s name will be…”

Saotome frowned, “You’ll really accept that abomination you called daughter?”

Ibiki was slow to anger, but this he cannot accept, “She is my daughter, the realization of my love to my wife, my own flesh and blood and I cannot accept that you will call my daughter an abomination…”

Saotome was stunned into silence

“Nor will you address Shizuru, my God Child, her partner and her daughters as such. I don’t owe you anything Tome-kun, so I can break our bond of friendship anytime.”

Saotome narrowed his eyes on Ibiki, “Are you threatening me?”

“No, I’m telling you what I’ll do and may I remind you…vultures surrounds you, it was only through Shizuru’s careful planning and action that your business is still standing. I know you Tome-kun, you won’t last this long with your business skill and who knows? I’ll probably hire Shizuru once she finishes her studies, I heard she was doing great again with my Haruka-chan, what with Shizuru being my new company’s brain while my Haruka the muscles and directives? My friend, I might just get the edge this time.”

Saotome’s face was red, “I know where my daughter’s loyalty lies.”

Ibiki laughed out loud catching the others’ attention, “You still think that way? After leaving her hungry, weak and dying outside? After disowning her? You think you still have her loyalty?” Ibiki shook his head, “If I might say this Tome-kun, I think Shizuru’s loyalty is not with you but with her partner, Natsuki Kuga. You might do lots of things to get your daughter’s trust back…Oh…you’ll be kissing asses Tome-kun! I tell you!” Ibiki said laughing now joined by his wife Rebecca

It wasn’t amusing to the Fujino head as he frowned more and decided to be the educated fool and ignore his friend’s words but not after thinking: He’ll never get Shizuru to work for him, she won’t work for someone like Suzushiro, someone beneath me.



Multiple scythes erupted from under the ground, making a slashing motion and stopping the two android that were to attack Miyu and Reito. Haruka who was watching saw an opportunity and transformed Diana’s protective shield into two energy filled balls and hurled them on the two androids.

The energy balls hits the androids that flew back, hitting the wall and the balls then opened to engulfed the two androids inside paralyzing them. It was then that they heard Natsuki’s cry of pain

“NATSUKI!!!” Everyone present at that floor shouted. Yohko who was fighting alongside Miyu ran for Natsuki at once

“Kuga!” Yohko called out while entering the ruined room where Natsuki, Kazuya and Chie were fighting the one android that was now hovering above the ground inside Chie’s raging tornado. Yohko’s purple orbs looked for the blue haired woman and found Natsuki sitting on the ground, clutching her abdomen, blood flowing slowly from her hand that was covering her wound, “Natsuki!”

Natsuki looked at Yohko, “SHIZURU!” she called out her partner’s name with a trembling voice


Mai was all fired up along with Takumi as they faced the android that has Cynthia Mariano in his hands. The doctor was held in her neck and her body was dangling when Kagutsuchi landed on that floor with the two Tokihas at its back.

“HiME…” Cynthia Mariano grumbled, “Is…is…is that the power…”

“RELEASE HER!” Mai shouted, her four rings glowed brighter while Takumi readied his large kunai

The android looked at Mai and her dragon, “Impressive display of power, but will you use that on me while this woman is in my hands?” he asked.

Mai could clearly hear the grin in his voice

“You want something from her that’s why you and your friends are here.” The android said again, “You wouldn’t risk burning this building down when your friends are clearly fighting below us.”

Mai scowled and flew Takumi down Kagutsuchi. At this action, the fire beast disappeared. The two Tokihas looked at each other, silently communicating as to what action they’ll do and at Mai’s nod, Takumi released five kunais, three of which was wrapped into exploding papers,

Mai on the other hand materialized Vlas and engulfed Vlas’ with Kagutsuchi’s fire power and started firing on the android that released the female doctor to be able to dodge the fast incoming arrows and kunais.

Mariano’s eyes were wide as she watched the power that Smith called the HiME unfolds before her. But then, no matter how powerful the two humans are, the android was faster and in a blink of an eye, the android took the position at the back of the fiery haired woman, with its hand transformed into his anti-materializing sword, he was ready to put an end to the fiery haired woman’s life…

It was thanks to Dr. Mariano’s sudden widening of eyes that Mai turned her head to see the attacking android…but it was too fast for her and it will hit before Mai or Takumi could make a move…

Mai closed her eyes

“ONEE-CHAN!!!” Takumi was trying to close the gap between him and his sister, trying hard to get in between and block the sword with his large kunai…but the android was too fast for him and when they thought there was no hope…


And metal meets metal

Mai opened her eyes to see Reito in between her and the android, Reito’s sword against the Android’s sword…

Dr. Cynthia Mariano’s eyes widened more after seeing the man she knew as Kanzaki Reito, alive, fighting as if nothing happened to him almost a week ago.

Mai smiled at Reito who nodded his head before pushing the android off him, “Get the doctor out!” Reito said

Mai shook her head, “I’ll fight with you…” she looked at her brother who nodded and started making a move towards the weakened geneticist, “Let’s fight Kagutsuchi!!!” Mai materialized her rings once again as she and Reito simultaneously attacked the android, pushing the android away from Takumi and Dr. Mariano.


The van was in silence, except for the occasional questions asked by Aoi who decided to keep an eye on the pregnant HiMEs. The HiMEs were all concentrating as they could feel their protectors fighting. Their children moved constantly inside their enlarged abdomens. It was running pretty smoothly until…

“Natsuki!!!” Shizuru called out before wincing and grasping her large abdomen, a flicker of light emanated from her and she starts breathing hard, “My Natsuki…” she called out again

“Shizuru!” every HiME’s concentration was broken, eyes wide in fear that Shizuru might turn into dust of green light once again…

“Hang on!” Nao shouted, hurrying beside the now convulsing former seito-kaichou, “Give me a warm towel Aoi fast!” Nao was helped by Fumi who came to Shizuru’s aide

“Natsuki…” Shizuru called out again, her body convulsing while one hand clutched her distended abdomen

“That Kuga must have been hurt!” Nao shouted

“We need Yohko-sama! Yohko-sama!” Shiho shouted after Nao

“But we can’t get out of here; we’ll get the others into panic mode if we show ourselves!”Akira

“That Natsuki must just be hurt a little or I myself will kill her!” Midori said frowning, “Someone call Himeko-sama at home and call Doctor Possible-Go!” she added

“Hai!” Aoi brought out her mobile phone and dialed the mansion’s number


“SHIZURU!!!” Natsuki wailed and her green eyes focused on the android that was floating inside Chie’s tornado. The blue haired woman shoved the fussing doctor out of her and hurriedly came close to the tornado

“NOOO!” everyone shouted

The others would have tried to stop Natsuki if not for the explosion behind them, and the two trapped androids making their appearance, one ready to pierce a sword at Miyu’s back and one aiming a bazooka at the group

Miyu sensing the impending doom turned around and materialized Julia, “You’re not touching anyone of them.” She said flatly before she meets the attacking android, she threw her web and trapped him while she held the web with her hands, “Destroy his power source.” Miyu said loudly as she tried to stop the male android from escaping, “Julia can’t hold on much longer.”

Haruka on the other hand activated Diana covering the others with her shield, protecting everyone including the trapped androids from the explosion

“MIROKU!!!” Mikoto called out her sword and hurriedly attacked the android trapped by Julia’s web while Yohko materialized Gakotenou’s element and attacked along side the female kendoka

“Duran…” Natsuki called out, her element magnified and fired on the floating android, “Release that Chie!” And Chie called back Ytagarasu


The android looked at Reito and Mai who were breathing hard when they all heard the explosion made below them

“It seems my comrades have eliminated yours.” The android said turning his hand into a machine gun, “And I shall destroy all of you here.”

Mai smiled, “You think so low of us HiME.” She said intensifying her fire, “Since I could still feel my friends, then they survive that explosion…the question now is if you could survive the wrath of Kagutsuchi?” Mai asked and looked at Reito who nodded.

Kanzaki slowly moved away from Mai and this didn’t go unnoticed by the android, the android aimed his gun on the retreating man and fired


The fire dragon appeared in between Mai, Reito and the firing android. The dragon breathed fire that melted the bullets that could as well kill it. And while this was happening, Takumi who was at the back with the weakened doctor saw his opportunity and with all power threw his kunai aiming for the androids chest…to where the android’s power source was located

Gennai embedded itself deep into the android’s chest severing the line that supplies power to its body.

The firing stopped but Kagutsuchi continued his assault and engulfed the unmoving android with his fire until the android was nothing but some melted metal.

Takumi, Reito and Mai breathed out a sigh of relief before they remember the people below them. Reito carried the now unconscious doctor as they traveled down the building.


Miroku’s sword and Gakotenous’s labrys were both piercing the android’s chest that was still trapped inside Julia’s web, the web that was being held firmly by Miyu. The android’s eyes were focused on Mikoto whose amber orbs were locked on him

“Abort mission…abort mission…” he said before his eyes died down and he stopped moving

Kazuya was the first one to see through the smoke created by the explosion and saw the android that caused the explosion walking away, “Oh no!” he ran fast towards the retreating android with Harry

“Kazuya!” the others shouted while Natsuki slumped down on the ground after seeing her work. The Floating android could be seen unmoving, his body pierced on different parts by ice-spikes made by Duran. One large spike piercing his chest.

The others ran after Kazuya except Yohko who decided to remain with the blue haired woman to inspect her wounds. The others found Kazuya engaging the android who was using his anti-materializing sword, Akane’s protector using Harry’s tonfa to deflect each attack. Their attention was caught by the presence of Mai, Takumi and Reito by the stairs.

The lone android looked at the three, focusing his attention to the doctor on Reito’s shoulder, “Override new command…primary objective…annihilate Doctor Mariano at all cost.” The computer in his head sends the message. Getting his new order, the android shifted his attack and vanished before Kazuya’s eyes

“He’s after Reito-san!” Miyu said following the form of the android

“Reito!” Mai shouted before materializing a fiery Vlas. Her eyes focused on the android coming at Reito fast, “Vlas, Kagutsuchi!” Mai called out then released the arrow. Everyone held their breath, hoping that the arrow will hit the android not Reito.

The arrow was destined to hit the android but not after the android snatched the doctor in Reito’s grasp, “Annihilate target.” The android said before materializing his sword and piercing it inside the doctor’s chest.

No sound was heard from the doctor as it happened while she was still unconscious

“NOOOO!!!” Reito shouted, his hopes to find Smith was already in his hand and now…Cynthia Mariano was held against the wall, her chest pierced by the android’s sword.

The android unmoving

Blood was flowing freely from the doctor’s breathless, lifeless body.

The HiMEs and the protectors present were suddenly thrown into silence which was broken by…



The rest of the HiMEs were frantically looking after one convulsing Shizuru. Nao puts the chestnut haired woman’s head on her lap while Fumi and Midori tried inspecting Shizuru. Aoi came back at them with worry in her eyes

“Himeko-sama was able to contact Dr. Possible-Go, too bad her hands were full, she has an emergency C-section at the hospital but she instructed Himeko-sama to bring Shizuru-san to the nearest hospital and she’ll come wherever it is!” Aoi reported

“Damn! Did mama told the doctor that we are on the battle field?!” Nao asked angrily

“Oi, don’t put your anger on Aoi!” Akira said

“Probably your mother was also in panic she forgot! All we need to do is bring her to the hospital ne?” Akane

“How?” Midori asked, “And we cannot leave until we are sure that the rest are safe!” she added

Then they were shook by the explosion and the succeeding fire

“Mai is using Kagutsuchi while fighting! This must be serious!” Shiho said

Shizuru kept on convulsing, her eyes rolling upward and she kept on calling out Natsuki’s name, “We need Natsuki here now! Shizuru is still here which means Natsuki is still alive, hurt but must be alive.” Yukariko

“We have to contact them!”


“SHIT!!!” Nao exclaimed, “Shizuru is bleeding! She must be losing her babies!!! Fuck! Call Yohko-sensei now!!!”

“Oh yes…mobile phone, Yohko has one on her right now! Let’s just hope it wasn’t destroyed yet!” Midori offered

“Hai!” Aoi dialed the doctor’s phone


“We are finish here…drive the damn van and get us so we can move her to a hospital! Now!” Yohko shouted then turned off her mobile, before looking at Natsuki’s bandaged abdomen, “The van is coming here…”

Natsuki looked at Yohko’s purple eyes, “What happened?”

The doctor took a deep breath, “It seems Shizuru suffered from severe eclampsia Natsuki…”(1)

“Ec…ec what?”

“Severe eclampsia, I’m not sure yet, it might just be stress when you were hit but…”


“She’s bleeding right now, we have to take her to the hospital to make sure that Shizuru and your children are alright…”

“No…” Natsuki mumbled, shook her head before shouting, “SHIZURU!!!”


Helena Fujino never had problems with sleeping. 10 years after being married to Saotome Fujino, Helena decided to sleep on a separate room as the man she married wasn’t the same anymore and she wasn’t the same woman she was before. She was dragged by her husband into this mess he fondly calls dynasty to the point of disowning her own child without even hearing her explanations out.

It was her meeting with the Suzushiro this morning that left her bothered, what kind of a parent was she to leave her only daughter in time of need when her parents didn’t abandoned her despite them not liking her choice of husband? How a couple regarded as someone beneath them could grasped the idea of supporting their only child and not them?

Add to that realization was the sudden feeling of danger, perhaps it was her conscience or perhaps her motherly instinct…no one might noticed her concern as she became cold to Shizuru since her own husband became cold to her when she cannot deliver a male heir to him anymore, but she carried Shizuru in her womb for 9 months and she was the happiest mother on earth when she first saw her daughter…hair and eyes just like her, everything about her reminds her of her youth…so what has she done? And now this feeling of dread…where is Shizuru and what is happening to her daughter now?

She will know…she have to know.

-End Chapter 22-

Next: What happens to Shizuru and its effect on other HiMEs.

I finally made up my mind. I’m finishing this on arc two and will post arc three as another story (sequel like) and will be entitled Gift: Arc III. That will be post nativity!

(1)Eclampsia is a medical condition of pregnancy that is mainly characterized by the patient’s convulsion, high blood pressure and fetal distress. If the symptoms were just fetal distress and high blood pressure, we call that pre-eclampsia. There are other criteria for this but they are laboratory findings already and I’m not dealing with them anymore. What happened to Shizuru will be explained next chapter.

Arigato Minna-san

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