Story: The Gift (chapter 21)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 21

A/N: Asthma really sucks…finally able to write something after all those busy days. I thought I could just spend my time inside my room and write but no…lots of visitors means lots of work. Had a 3 days vacation at Baguio, Benguet and instead of writing I gallivant then had an asthma attack! Way to have a vacation…so I’ll try to update most of my stories from today January 1, 2009 (Happy New Year to all) until January 4, 2009.

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Chapter 21

The air around the HiMEs was strained. The thought of SEARRS building their own army with HiME’s strength mixed with an orphan is already a stress to each and everyone, and the protectors fighting in HiMEs’ stead adds to that stress, what with the HiMEs entering their seventh month of pregnancy (28 weeks AOG) and their safety being threatened all the more causes these stresses to double every time.

“We can’t let anyone from you come into the laboratory that will be dangerous.” Natsuki said to all the pregnant HiMEs who were sitting at the couches inside the Kanzaki’s living room

“But we can’t let you go there without any powers!” Midori said with a frown, “I could understand Natsuki, Mai and Mikoto going there without their protected but what about our protectors? They don’t have the powers you three have! It’ll be a suicide for them to go there unarmed!”

“I agree!” Akira seconded, “Takumi might have learnt some moves but without Gennai, he will just face his untimely death going there!”


“Can’t we just transfer the powers here and leave the HiMEs afterwards?” Kazuya asked

The HiMEs shook their heads no, “Remember why Shiho wasn’t able to transfer her power to Chie-san when they went to Fuuka Academy to hack on the SEARRS computer?” Yukino said while Kazuya nodded his head, “The powers can’t be away from the babies at a certain distance. By Miyu’s calculations, we should be at the most 10 meters away from our protectors.” Yukino sighed, “Which means, a distance greater than 10 meters will render our power useless for them.”

“That’s a big problem. All we really have then are Natsuki, Mai, Mikoto, Miyu and me.” Kanzaki Reito said

“Why can’t we just come along and hide somewhere?” Shizuru asked

Natsuki frowned at her lover, “Hiding or not it is still dangerous. I’m not allowing you to come along Shizuru!” the blue haired woman’s voice was stern

“Ara…my Natsuki is just thinking about herself, how about the others who wants to protect their important people?” she said with a pout

“Oi! Don’t do that face on me and don’t misinterpret my words. I am only talking about you not the others!” Natsuki reasoned

“Ara…then does that mean it is okay for Natsuki for the rest to put their life in danger because they’re not me?” Shizuru said and grin when Natsuki’s face reddened

“SHIZURU!” Natsuki exclaimed in embarrassment, “Baka…that’s not what I meant!” Natsuki almost flailed her hands in the air

“I think Natsuki means that the capable are the only one who will attack the laboratory.” Miyu explained

“See!” Natsuki looked at Shizuru, “Miyu understands!”

“Baka!” Nao shouted, “That’s because Miyu is Miyu, the rest of us didn’t understand baka!”


“I’m not letting them go alone. I’ll be there to fight.” Takumi said

“Takumi-kun…” Akira looked at Takumi

“We are not sure what we’ll be dealing with at the laboratory Yamada-san found for us, it might not be enough for the four of them to fight. At least with all of us there, we could put our heads and strength together to help.” Takumi reasoned

“I agree with Takumi.” Yohko said

“Yohko!” Midori exclaimed

“I wanted to be a part of this. I want to protect you and little Yui and I’m not sitting on the sideline.” Yohko reasoned

“I’m one with Yohko-sensei.” Haruka said, “I’m here because Yukino is my most important person, she protected me therefore I’m here to protect her. What’s the use of me being here with Yukino when the threats are there outside? At least when I’m there I could see with my own eyes how we will pulverize those bastard’s orphans or whatever they call it and make sure they won’t live to harm Yukino and my kid ever again!”Haruka said

“WOW…” Mikoto was looking at Haruka with surprise in her eyes, “Sugoi! Sugoi!”

Then the silence was broken by multiple clapping hands directed at Haruka

Nao who was sitting beside Yukino leaned sideward to whisper on Yukino’s ear, “You’re sure that is still Haruka-sempai? She doesn’t sound like Haruka.” Nao said seriously

Yukino laughed softly, “I guess the gravity of the situation brings out Haruka-chan’s hidden talents!”

Nao nodded and then straightened out her body

“Well said Haruka! Are you reading an index paper over there?!” Midori shouted

“It’s all me sensei!!!” Haruka growled

“Ara…” Shizuru stood up slowly, “If the protectors want the same thing as Haruka-chan,” she looked around to find the protectors nodding in agreement, “I believe we should look into the problem…how to keep us HiMEs close to our protectors yet unseen by anyone.”

Everyone nodded

Mikoto suddenly jumped at the center, “We could paint Ani-ue’s van with black paint! And then have all the pregnant HiMEs inside then leave the van outside the laboratory!” Mikoto happily said, “Just like in the movies! Those men in black always spy on someone and rode these black vans so no one will notice?”

“MOVIES!” Migami shouted

“Oh my…the world is turning upside down! Mikoto has a point once again!” Shiho said grinning at the small kendoka

“Mikoto is great!” Mai exclaimed jumping the small woman at the center and enfolding Mikoto in her arms

“Matte…” Chie said, “We should see the schematics of the laboratory given to us by Yamada-san. Remember that we only need 10 meters away from the HiMEs.”

Everyone looked at Chie

“Chie is right, if the safe place we could find in the laboratory and the point of attack will have more than 10 meters, then what’s the use in bringing the HiMES along and putting their lives in danger? Better leave them here.” Aoi explained

“Harada-san and Senoh-san is right.” Fumi interjected

Kanzaki Reito then took the blue print of the laboratory where Cynthia Mariano is. He spread it on the table and studied the schematics. He shook his head and then looked at the others, “The only safe place I can see from the blue print is here…” He said pointing on a certain part of the area where there are lots of tall bushes and trees. The rest of the people who were near Reito looked at it

“That’s too far from the attack point.” Akira noticed

The HiMEs eyed each other, “Then what? You’ll be leaving us here?” Midori asked, “I told you I’m not letting Yohko go there without my power!”

“I agree with Midori-sensei.” Akane seconded, “I’m not sitting here restless because I’m too worried that my Kazuya will come back to me dead. I’m not going to let that happen.”


Then suddenly Fumi hunched, clutching her distended abdomen and she started gasping for air

“Fumi-chan!” Reito called out and hurriedly ran beside Fumi


“What happened?” Reito asked

Silence as they let Fumi relaxed more. “Mashiro talked to me…” Fumi said after taking a deep breath, “She told me of these two crystals the shinso left when she crossed the barrier to their world. She said the two crystals could help us with our problem.”


“She’s still helping us HiMEs despite her absence…shinso-sama…” Yukariko said

“How will it help Fumi-san?” Mai asked

The pink haired woman looked at Mai and shook her head no, “Mashiro didn’t tell me.”

“Prism…” Shizuru interrupted them, “They are crystals so they could work like prisms.” Shizuru explained

“What prism?” Mikoto looked at the chestnut haired ex-kaichou. The others followed suit while Shizuru looked at Yukino

“Prism…it is a solid that has two parallel bases joined by three or more lateral surfaces or sides.” Miyu explained catching the other’s attention

“Miyu is right.” Yukino agreed, “If the prism is made up of glass or quartz like the crystals left by the shinso, it could be use to change the direction of light through refraction or reflection. Depending on the shape of the prism, it could then elongate a light beam for easy visibility.” Yukino explained

“So what is it for us?” Nao asked

“The shinso’s crystals are not the usual crystal we can see everywhere, while the simple crystals reflects light…the shinso’s crystals could refract, reflect and absorb powers.” Fumi reasoned, “The very power she used to return the life force in each and one of you who have died during the carnival.”


“Then that means we could use the crystal to absorb our power and let it reflect to our protectors?” Shiho asked

Everyone looked at Fumi, “It would be great if we could do that, but there are only two crystals and to be able to do what Shiho suggested, at least each one of the protectors should have a crystal with them for it to happen.” She explained

“And since there are only two…we could use it for the third effect…elongation of light beam.” Chie said, “We could use the crystal to amplify the HiME’s powers so that the distance between the power and the protectors could be lengthened.” Chie smiled

“Great!” Natsuki said standing, “So how are we going to do this?”

“Someone will have to get the crystals from school first, and then I will try figuring out how to use it.” Miyu said flatly


“If Fumi-san will allow us, I and Arika could get it for you and return them here.” Nina Wang said

The others looked at the other blue haired girl in the room, “I think it will be best that way. Nina-chan here has a bike that could rival my Natsuki’s!” Shizuru said smiling at the younger version of Natsuki

“Oi!” Natsuki said pouting at Shizuru

“Fu-fu-fu…kawaii Natsuki!” Shizuru giggled

Nina shook her head while Arika swooned at the two lovers, “Nina…will we be like them in time?” Arika asked causing the blue haired woman to blush like that of Natsuki

“Arika!” Nina said sternly then looked at the HiMEs, “We better go now and find the crystals so we could get back here ASAP.”

“Good thinking.” Yukariko said smiling at the two women

“I believe the crystals were left at the library. There’s a huge door at the second floor and it is there the shinso left it.” Fumi smiled at Arika and Nina, “Be careful when you get in there and make sure you have something to protect you aside from a light source understand?”

Nao frowned and looked at Fumi, “You sound like these two are going inside a haunted house or something.”

Arika’s eyes widened, “Haunted? I…I don’t like ghost!” Arika said nervously

“Nao baka!” Midori said throwing a shoe on Nao’s way, “You’re scaring the kid!” the other red head added

“Hey…It’s not my fault Arika-chan is such a kid!” Nao grinning

Nina shook her head knowing that the two red heads were just teasing her girlfriend

“I…I’m not a kid!” Arika yelled and looked at Nao, “I’ll prove it!”

“Really?” Nao dared

“Hai!” Arika then looked at Nina and pulled the unsuspecting blue haired into a fiery kiss in front of everyone

Eyes widened

Few noses bled

“Oi!” Nina said after dazedly pulling off from Arika, “What was that for?!”

“I just proved to Nao-chan that I’m no kid. Will a kid do that?!”

Nao and Midori almost face faulted when they didn’t get what they suspect Arika will do to prove her claim.

“Okay!” Mai stood up, “We all know that you’re no longer a kid Arika, so aside from giving Nina-chan here that kiss, can you go inside that library to obtain the crystal?”

Arika smiled nervously and looked at Nina who nods her head, “As long as I’m with Nina-chan…I…I can do…do anything?”

The sudden slap on her back made Arika jerk forward, “That’s the spirit!” Midori said then looking down at the smaller woman and grinned, “Don’t let us down Arika!” she added

Nina sighed and held onto Arika’s hand, “We better move now sensei.” She said before walking fast out of the room, dragging with her Arika.


“We’ll wait for the crystals then plan our attack.” Midori said and the others nodded their heads


The man was pacing to and fro in front of the large computer monitor. The computer showing the files that were downloaded by the hackers three days ago at the SEARRS main frame located at the basement of the Fuuka Academy Chapel. His musing was cut short by the voice of their head Mr. Smith

“I see my vacation has come to a halt because of your incompetence.” Smith said in his irritating voice

“I…” the man turned around to face the grinning man, “I have no idea the main frame at Fuuka still works Smith-san!” he said nervously

Smith smiled but said nothing. He then stepped closer to the console and looked at the files shown, “I see…now someone knows about our project, as to who they are…” Smith looked at the scared looking man, “I have no idea as the perpetrators are unknown to me.”

“I could look into it!” The man offered hurriedly

Smith shook his head, “No need…three days…now I’m sure whoever got wind of this has something planned and they already knew that it was the new SEARRS who developed this project.” He said smiling


“We’re relocating the girls in a more secluded place.” Smith said before entering some numbers and letters and soon, the files that were shown on the computer were being deleted…one by one. Smith looked at the man beside him, “I believe there’s no use keeping these files when someone has it already.” Smith smiled at the man when he nodded, “And I want all traces of the projects be erased.”


“ Erase.” Smith echoed then he pulled a gun, pointed it at the man



“Starting with you.” Smith said before dropping the gun on top of the now dead man, he turned to the people around him then at the man he came in with, “Lock all of them here and burn this building.” He whispered to the man

“Yes Smith-san.” His right hand nodded and let Smith passed him by. He turned to look at everyone and bowed his head which was returned by the others.

He turned around and walked out of the room, but instead of just leaving the door lock, he smashed it with his own hands. He then joined three other men and the four faced the well secured door

“Annihilate.” He said to the other three and all four men changed their hands into rocket launchers and started bombarding the building.

No cries of pain or wailing were heard…only the sound of blasting metals and the fire consuming everything around. The crackling of electricity and the sound of glasses breaking…all of these noises drowned the pitiful sound due to their baking flesh.

“Annihilation complete.” One of the men aside from the first one said

The four replaced their hands and started walking away

Not far from the building was a black limousine carrying a grinning Smith

“How about Cynthia? They knew everything about her, they might get her and she might talk and all these will be…” The woman beside Smith said

“They’ll take care of her. We have our OTOMEs, we don’t need her anymore.” Smith said facing the woman, then pulled the woman close catching her lips with his, “To my penthouse.” He ordered the driver after pulling away from the woman and before closing his window.


Natsuki opened the library door with force causing the people inside to jerk away from what they were doing. Shizuru and Fumi who were discussing about something about school looked at Natsuki, while Reito and Miyu who were studying the blue print did the same.

“Have you figured out how to use the crystals?” Natsuki asked Miyu

“Yes.” Miyu answered flatly

“What’s the matter?” Shizuru asked after standing up and stepping closer to the heavily breathing HiME

“I got a call from Yamada, he said the laboratory he told us that is directly linked to the old main frame was destroyed. He has no idea if there were casualties but from the look of it, he said there must be dozens. He has no idea but he guessed that the laboratory houses the OTOME they have and that Smith must have relocated the girls.” Natsuki reported

“Then that Mariano doctor is not in here?” Reito asked pointing at the blue print

Natsuki shook her head no, “I think that blue print is different from the laboratory Yamada was talking about, but if the laboratory and all the people inside were killed, then it is possible that Smith has already made an action to kill Cynthia Mariano. She’s no use to him now that he has already obtained his plaything!”

Everyone eyed each other, “Then we must act at once. If we can’t get Dr. Mariano, then we will have no clue as to where we could find the girls and Dr. Possible’s help will be for naught.” Shizuru said

“The crystal is ready…” Miyu announced

“I’ll inform the other HiMEs and their protectors.” Fumi said

“We need at least two more people who will hold on to the second crystal Fumi-san.” Miyu told the retreating form of Fumi

“Hai!” Fumi replied without looking back


The black van was securely hidden behind a large bush, far from where the laboratory stood. The people inside the van could see people in military uniforms loitering around the vicinity, something they didn’t expect…

“It seems SEARRS has pulled out more money to take out one woman.” Reito said

“Cynthia Mariano is not just one woman. She was the reason Smith created the monsters and she was also the reason Smith has his own army of HiMEs he calls OTOME.” Yohko said, “Smith I think is a very intelligent person, he must have assumed that Cynthia is keeping something from him…perhaps something she could use to kill him or to take over SEARRS.”

“So Smith got scared of the beast he himself created.” Yukariko supplied

“Himeko-sama and Alyssa ojou-sama were left at the mansion, they will be our connection there if needed. Erstin-san returned to the university to make sure nothing will happen there. I already informed Takeda-san and he is willing to support Erstin-san there.” Miyu reported

“Good.” Reito said

Natsuki’s mobile phone vibrated on her pocket, she took it, flipped it open and answered, “Yamada-san?”

News flash Kuga-san…” The almond eyed informant spoke “Smith hired two dozens of armed men from Hiroshi. I have no idea why but I called to let you know, I just felt that it’s important.”

Natsuki smiled, “Yeah, thank you Yamada-san I owe you a lot already.” Natsuki said

Just be well and don’t get yourself killed, it’s hard to find good customers these days.” Yamada replied followed by a soft laugh

“Arigato.” Natsuki smiled, “I think I know where Smith is bringing that two dozen men…did you find out if he bought two dozens of military uniforms as well?” she asked the man on the other side of the phone

No…I didn’t go deeper. Do you want me to look into it?”

“No…We could see those men from where we are.” Natsuki replied, “Thank you again, I better turn the phone off now.”

Kami bless you Kuga-san!” Yamada said before the line went dead

Natsuki then looked at Miyu, “Could you please scan the building Miyu and see how many of these uniformed men are?”

The cyan haired humanoid nodded and began her scan. “24 from the outside to the third floor, there were four on the top floor.” Miyu said

The protectors looked at each other, “Uniformed men…no monsters which means this will be an easy task.” Kazuya said smiling

“I agree.” Takumi said

The HiMEs shook their heads no, “I don’t think it will be that simple.” Yukino said

“Why?” Chie asked and Haruka nodded in agreement

“Smith never makes a simple attack. He’s always ready for the worst.” Natsuki replied looking at the non HiME fighters

“And our CHILDs could feel it…hence we could feel the danger too.” Akane said, “Kazu-kun, please don’t take this lightly.” She said leaning her head on Kazuya’s shoulder

“I’m one with Akane-chan.” Akira said looking sternly at Takumi, “I want you to come back alive, or else I’ll hunt you down wherever you are and kill you for the second time!” the ninja said but her face was pouting and Takumi could already see tears forming at the ninja’s eyes

“I’ll be good and come back to you in one piece, I promise Akira-chan!” Takumi said smiling at his fiancée

“Good!” Midori said in her enthusiastic manner, “We better start moving…”

“Wait.” Reito stopped the others, “We need the second crystal by the door right?” he asked and Miyu nodded, “How many men are there at the ground Miyu?” he asked again

“Five.” Miyu replied

Reito smiled, “You all get your instructions from Miyu, and I’ll take care of the five men out there so that Arika and Nina could place the second crystal by the entrance.” He said before turning the knob on the van and was about to open it

“Ani-ue…I can come with you!” Mikoto said

“No…you need to know what to do…you’re Fumi-chan’s protector remember?” Reito said to his sister and Mikoto nodded

Mai was there beside Mikoto at once, stroking the younger girl’s back, “Don’t worry Mikoto, your brother is a very strong man, he could incapacitate 5 men without even looking.” Mai said

Reito shook his head at Mai, “That much confidence in me ne Mai-san?” He said

Mai smiled and nodded her head, “We’re counting on you.”

Reito nodded one last time then looked at Fumi, gave the older woman his best smile and left.

“So now how do we do this?” Nao asked Miyu


The four men in black “SWAT” like uniform marched into the door that said “For Employees Only” and below that sign is a red cross mark. One of the four men was carrying a small man that is wearing a white lab coat and it seemed that the man was the one leading them to the said door.

“Is this the place?” The other man asked the small one

“Ye…yess! Dr. Mariano is inside!” He screamed when the man carrying him threw him high in the air before leaving. The man fell head first causing his head to crack…and pool of blood could be seen coloring the tiled floor.

One of the four men decided to take the doctor the fast way, he turned one arm into a rocket launcher and bombarded the door…

It’s not usual to surprise androids when they attack…but the four men back tracked when two monsters suddenly attacked the man who fired his rocket launcher

“Surprise?” Dr. Mariano was grinning from ear to ear after seeing the androids sudden incapacity, “I think I’m not that slow to not know that Smith-san has no use of me anymore…and that he’ll be giving me my sentence already.” She said, her grin still etched on her face

“Just two?” One of the men asked the doctor

Dr. Mariano’s grin faltered, “Kill them!” Mariano ordered

But instead of moving, the two men who were attacked held both monsters in place. Four swords started protruding from the monster’s chest while the monsters created a horrible shrieking sound that sends shivers down Dr. Mariano’s spine

Then there were cracking sounds…

And black blood bathed the two attacked men


“So we cannot pass our powers here, but the protectors should be beyond the second crystal?” Akane asked

“Yes.” Miyu replied

“Wait-wait-wait…I don’t get it, if the Protected can’t pass their powers here then how could they pass the power when we are that far?” Natsuki asked

“I tried it with Nao…how to use this crystal.” Miyu explained

“Please enlighten us.” Yukariko said

“Nao transferred her power to the crystal. The power then travels from the first crystal to the second crystal and when it passes the second crystal, it refracts the power and hit me. From there I could already summon Julia’s claws. The barrier eliminated.” Miyu explained


“So we kiss the first crystal to transfer our power?” Shizuru asked and pouted when Miyu nodded, “It’s not fun transferring our powers anymore.” She added

“SHIZURU!” Natsuki exclaimed blushing

Shiho was the only one who didn’t nod in agreement, “I’m sure Chie-san is relieved!” she said huffing

Chie looked at Shiho with a smile, “I’m sure you’d agree with them if it was Erstin-san who is your protector!” Chie said causing the octopus haired woman to frown more

“And she’s not even here.” Shiho said

“Oi…” Nao looked at Shiho, “Your most important person is keeping the school on their toes. She’s doing a lot more than what you think. Besides it is better for her to be there than risked her life coming here without proper training.” Nao explained

“Wow!” Shiho looked at Nao, her sentiments forgotten, “The world has really turned upside down…imagine that coming from Nao?” Shiho said in bewilderment

“Oi! Baka Shiho…”

Nao’s advance was halted by Miyu’s arms around the red head, “Let’s start this so we could go home early and rest?” she said beside Nao’s ears that noticeably reddens at the touch of the cyan haired woman. Nao just nodded her head in agreement.

“Let’s do this!”

Arika and Nina were the first ones to come out of the van. They looked for a sign from Reito that the coast is clear before proceeding. When they saw Reito waving them to come forward, the two women dashed to where the entrance is, took some big stone that could support the lower part of the prism. When ready, they signaled the protectors to come forward and the 9 protectors ran forth and passed the second crystal.

Aoi who was the one holding on to the first crystal looked out for a signal from Arika and Nina. When the two women made the sign she was looking for, she let the HiMEs gather around, making sure that the 9 protectors were at the other end of the second crystal, Aoi motioned for the HiMEs to start transferring their powers

The HiMEs transferred their power to the first crystal

Before the powers could reach the protectors…everyone inside the laboratory including Arika, Nina and Reito heard the shrieking sound made by the monsters that were coming from the top floor

“Monsters!” Reito said loudly

“Someone is fighting them…or killing them, I remember that sound!” Haruka said

“We have to go there now…the one killing the monsters are either on our side or Smith side.” Kazuya said

“And I’ll bet my life…they’re from Smith side!” Natsuki

All the protectors closed their eyes when they felt the presence of the powers of the HiMEs



The sudden brightening of the surrounding and the sudden increase in energy reading caused the one of the four men who was holding the doctor by her neck to drop the geneticist.

“Power source…” One of the men said

“Much powerful than the beasts we’ve killed…what are they?” Another asked

“We have no idea.” The man that acts as their leader replied, “It is better for us to look into it and annihilate that source. They might be hindrances to Smith-san’s cause.” He added then looked at the man who dropped the doctor, “Make sure to get the information Smith-san wanted from her then annihilate her.”

“Yes.” The man said

The other three men turned their backs on one and marched out of the room


“Mai, Mikoto, Miyu, Natsuki,” Reito called out, “Since you four has more fighting experience, you proceed to the top floor, and the rest of us will clean the second and third floor then come to your aide once we’re done!” Reito instructed

The four women nodded their heads and started climbing the stairs to the top floor while the others spread themselves out to hunt for the easier preys.

“I don’t like the feel of this.” Mikoto said seriously

“Hai.” Natsuki said, “I’m not sure what we will be dealing here…”

“I cannot sense any power readings…the one at the top floor could hid their powers well or…”

Mai and Natsuki looked at the cyan haired woman, “What is it?”

“The men on the top floor could be like me…an android.”

That stopped the four’s advance

“Then it is possible that they too could use anti-materializing swords and could kill our CHILDs?” Mai asked

Miyu nodded

“Fuck!” Natsuki cursed


“What’s the plan then?” Mai asked

Mikoto frowned, “Fight!”

Mai slumped her shoulders, “Yes we fight but if they are androids then they will not die!” Mai reasoned

“The main core. All of us android has a main core that supplies energy to us…it is like a heart to us.” Miyu said

Natsuki and Mai looked at Miyu, “If you knew that then they too will know?” Mai asked the humanoid

Miyu nodded, “But unlike them, I still have a human component. I am the only humanoid made by SEARRS.”

“You’ll die still if that core is hit right?” Mikoto is the one who asked and frowned when Miyu nodded, “Make sure that they will not hit you there understand? Nao will be sad if you die and her baby will be very ugly!” Mikoto added

Miyu’s eyes smiled at Mikoto and nodded

“Nothing to worry…we are all into this. We will have each others’ back!” The four looked back to see Takumi and Kazuya coming

“Where’s the rest?”

“They are still cleaning up the second floor.” The two men grinned

They all nodded and was about to get back on track when they were stopped by the presence of the three men looking down at them

“Dr. Mariano is still at the top floor.” Miyu said

Mai grinned, “Takumi…you come with me and we will leave this three to them!”

Takumi smiled at his sister, “Hai nee-chan!”

“Take cover!” Mai shouted then called out, “KAGUTSUCHI!”

Four rings becomes visible on her wrists and ankles, she took Takumi by his hand and flew fast. The three androids were taken aback when Kagutsuchi’s humongous form suddenly appeared out of nowhere to meet with the flying Mai and Takumi. The siblings landing on Kagutsuchi’s head

“To the top floor Kagutsuchi!” Mai commanded

The three men looked up and was about to follow

“You three will face us!” Mikoto who now has Miroku on her hands were above the three men. She jumped while the three were still taken by the sight of the dragon. She swung Miroku to hit the three but the men suddenly vanished

And one re-appeared behind her

“Annihilate!” he said before he swung an arm hitting Mikoto’s back

“MIKOTO!” Kazuya and Natsuki shouted

Before the two could attack, the other two androids appeared before them and hit the two on their abdomen

The attackers stepped back when a sword swipe at them almost severing their arms. They looked to see Miyu who has transformed an arm into her anti-materializing sword

The cyan haired woman locked eyes with the two androids.

Unbeknown to Miyu, the one that attacked Mikoto was already on her back ready to strike

“MIYU!” Natsuki and Kazuya looked at the source of the sound, “Blazing tornado!” Chie shouted and swayed Ytagarasu’s flute towards the attacking android. The whirlwind hit the android causing it to fly off clearing Miyu’s back

One of the two androids in front of Miyu transformed his arm into a sword and attacked Miyu. The exchange between the two started and the remaining android was about to step in when a long naginata stopped the decent of the sword by the second attacker

“You will fight me!” Natsuki said, and she swung her naginata wider causing the android to lose his balance, “Mai and Takumi is on the top floor, go to her!” Natsuki shouted

It was then that Reito, Haruka and Yohko joined them

“I’ll get Mai!” Reito said running and dodging bodies that were fighting.

Kazuya, and Chie joined Natsuki in fighting while Yohko joined Miyu. The one that attacked Mikoto, the leader of the four men was nowhere to be seen but Mikoto and Haruka who decided to join the small woman kept their eyes open for the attack.

It was at this moment that Reito passed them by and the attacker took the opportunity

The leader was to attack the unsuspecting Reito…

“Reito-san!!!” Miyu shouted, her eyes suddenly on Reito and not on her opponent

“NO!!!” Mikoto shouted

“MIYU!” Haruka called out when she saw the android pushing off Yohko and was about to hit Miyu

“Miroku!!!” Mikoto yelled

-End Chapter 21-

Next…Continuation of the fight and someone will be taken to the hospital ASAP

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