Story: The Gift (chapter 19)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 19


Han dj

Chapter 19

Before the day ended, Reito, Haruka, Mikoto and Miyu returned to the Kanzaki mansion. Reito was surprised to see the HiMEs and their protectors welcoming him with warm, open arms. They even made a banner for him. Everyone hugged and patted Reito’s shoulder and wished him well. In his happiness, he almost forgot that he had a mission for the HiMEs that’s why he decided to return at the mansion instead of pursuing Smith and his cohorts once out of danger.

It was Fumi who hugged him last and Reito hugged back. He then pulled the pregnant administrator somewhere where the two of them could talk.

“Kanzaki-san?” Fumi asked once they were alone in the library.

“Mashiro saved me. You’re child came, I don’t know how but I’m afraid that gave Smith and his partner…” Kanzaki frowned, “I forgot her name…anyway Mashiro’s visit might have alarmed them that HiME’s powers were revived.” He said hurriedly.

Fumi laughed, “Kanzaki-san, this mansion is not bugged, so you don’t have to whisper and talk so fast…”

Kanzaki rolled his eyes, “Sorry…four months of covert talking and it was already ingrained in me…made it a habit, sorry…”

“No need to apologize.” Fumi said and then she stepped closer and hugged the man in front of her and Reito returned the hug.

“Mikoto told me what happened. I didn’t know that I’d cause you so much problems…”

Fumi pulled away and looked at Kanzaki with a smile, “You didn’t, I just can’t understand why Mashiro have to act up during that time, but in a way I’m glad since we got a hint that something has happened to you.” Fumi said smiling, “We’re also glad that Arika-chan and Nina-chan were there to aid you.”

Kanzaki laughed, “I think I scared the two that night. And I do hope I didn’t scar them for life!” he said happily.

Fumi scrunched her forehead, “How so?”

“They found me naked.” Reito said flatly and smiled when he saw Fumi blush at the scene in her head, “I see…Fumi-san isn’t so innocent at all.” He teased the pregnant administrator


“I’m kidding Himeno-san,”

“Just Fumi. After all the things you’ve done for us HiMEs, it is just right that we drop all the formalities around here.” The pink haired woman said smiling, though her blush haven’t left her face yet.

“Then, I’ll only answer to Reito from now on.” He said smiling at the older woman.


“What are we supposed to do now that we have a lead on whose behind the monsters’ creation?” Fumi asked.

“I don’t know, but that’s not what alarmed me the most right now. It’s the probability that they have known about the HiME powers being revived.”

“We’ve discussed about it this morning…”

Reito’s single brow rose “This morning?”

Fumi grinned, “We used the computer Miyu installed at the school. The one run via satellite?”

Reito nodded in understanding, “I see…”

“Midori-san proposed a HiME Sentai II to investigate.”

“And who are they?”

“We’ve voted for Takumi, Kazuya, Aoi and Chie. They are the likely candidates since Mr. Smith has no knowledge about them.”

“Good choice.”

“Nao-san decided to mobilize her sources as well.” Fumi smiled at the recollection, “Miyu decided to pay them a visit, I have no idea when but she’s really stepping up for Nao.”

“That’s good to hear.” He said.


Then Fumi noticed Reito looking at her as if he was actually inspecting her, “Is there a problem Kanzaki…I mean Reito-san?’ she asked.

Reito smiled, “I told you I won’t answer to anything but Reito. We are dropping the formality already, yes?”

Fumi nodded with a smile, “So what’s the problem?”

Reito shook his head, “No problem at all Fumi. I’m just glad to finally see you…I mean the HiMEs, it’s been four months and the last time I saw you, you all hasn’t shown up yet...” He said then he looked at Fumi’s enlarged abdomen.

Fumi blushed, “Yes, we all bloated up so fast and…”

“You are all beautiful.” He cut interrupting Fumi’s tirade.

Fumi’s blush intensified, “Thank…you,”

“No need to thank me, I’m just telling you what my eyes could see anyways.” He smiled, “Shall we join the others already so that I could be updated to what the others intend to do?” at that Fumi nodded and walked passed him. But before the older woman could move out of the library, Reito pulled her back and turned her around, then Reito leaned forward and caught Fumi’s lips with his.

Fumi’s eyes widened in shock at first, but the sudden feeling of relief washed over her and she returned the kiss, her arms snaking its way around Kanzaki’s neck as the two deepened their kiss. They slowly pulled away after sometime, Fumi’s eyes looking intently at Kanzaki Reito’s own.

“Mashiro-chan called me otousan…” he whispered before he leaned again and caught Fumi’s lips .


Their intimate situation was halted by the sound of Mai’s voice.

“Mai-san?” Reito called out. He was relaxed compared to Fumi who was obviously stressed out and embarrassed.

“I know you two are in bliss at the moment, but dinner is served and we can’t start unless you two join us and Mikoto is whining already because she’s too hungry.” Mai said, smiled and shook her head, “I really have no idea where Mikoto brings all those food she ate.”

Reito who despite aware of Fumi’s embarrassment did not remove his arms from Fumi’s waist smiled at Mai, “Mikoto’s a growing girl, she needs constant nourishment.” He said, “Thank you very much Mai-san for taking care of my sister in my absence.”

Mai smiled “I told you before; you don’t have to thank me for doing something I love.”

Reito nodded, then he escorted Fumi towards the dining hall for their dinner, they were followed by Mai and sat at their places once they arrived at the dining hall. Reito sat beside Fumi and was in between Fumi and Mikoto.

“Okay!” Midori started, “First, I would like to welcome back Kanzaki Reito!” she said and raised a glass of water.

Everyone raises a glass of water and said loudly “Welcome Back!”

“Now…the agenda for HiME Sentai II is open. The first in our agenda…”

Haruka frowned and leaned towards Yukino, “What is Midori-sensei talking about? What is this Hentai?”

Yukino looked at her lover and smiled, “Sentai Haruka-chan, and you better listen. She’ll explain.”


It was an unusually dark night at the notorious alley of the Fuuka district. During this time, people on all walks of life tend to deviate from this part of town…but not tonight, as a cyan haired woman decided to grace this part of the city with her presence.

Wearing her usual clothes for fighting, Miyu inspected her surroundings using her highly sensitive senses. A communication port was open that was unseen by naked eyes (of course for normal human eyes) and her form ready for a possible fight.

She walked into a bar not far from the entrance of the dark alley and all eyes turned on her. “Give me visuals Miyu.” The voice in her communication port said.

“Visual transfer commences.” Miyu whispered as video feed of the bar starts downloading on the computer at the opposite side. The computer on the mansion could see what Miyu could see from her own eyes, they could hear what Miyu can hear from her own ears.

This is cool.” Miyu’s eyes smiled at the sound of Nao inside her ear, “Miyu-chan, can you see that black curtain at the far end of the bar?”

Miyu focused her eyes on the said curtain, “Affirmative.”

That’s where my informant usually goes. That’s a private part of the place and the most dangerous. Look for Hiroshi and tell him that I sent you…red spider sent you.”

“It will be done.” Miyu then started walking towards her intended location.

Be careful…” and that caused Miyu to feel giddier…as giddy as a humanoid can be anyways

Shoving people on her way, Miyu has a mission and in her head no one can stop me. And yet, two huge men tried to stop her “Sorry Miss. You might be beautiful, sexy and all, but this part of the club is private and you are not allowed inside.” The bald huge man said grinning at Miyu

“I am here to see Hiroshi.” Miyu replied flatly.

“He’s not here babe.” The huge, blond haired man that was standing next to the bald man said, “But we’re here, why look for Hiroshi?” he said suggestively.

Miyu looked at the blond man, “I have no business with any of you. I will go inside.” Miyu said and started walking again but was stopped by a hand on her arm. Miyu slowly turned around to face the blond man who was holding her arm, “Please release me, I have no intention of hurting you.” She said.

“Wow man,” the blond said to the bald, “This chick is sure hot, cool and unique! I like you!” he said and pulled Miyu hard towards him.

But then there’s a problem…Miyu didn’t even moved from where she was standing despite the forceful pull.

The blond man looked at Miyu, “The hell?!”

“Why?” Baldy asked.

“She’s not budging from my pull!”

Baldy shook his head, “You’re slacking on your exercise, here let me do it.” So Baldy pulled Miyu and to his surprise, the delectable female didn’t budge, instead she squinted her eyes and grab both men with each hand and pulled the two towards two marble pillars.

“I bet you…that isn’t human.” Blondie said before he rested on the floor. No response could be heard from Baldy as the bald man passed out even before the blond one.

Miyu decided to continue and look for Hiroshi.

She opened the door on the far end of the dimly lit corridor and all heads turned her way. Different expressions mar their faces, males and females alike and most of them has this annoyed expression rather than surprised one.

“I am looking for a man named Hiroshi.” Miyu said clearly but no one answered.

They’re making it hard!” Nao’s voice echoed in her ear, “Careful Miyu okay? Remember, you heal but still you bleed. If I find even a single scratch in that body of yours, I and little Miyu will not forgive you. Understand?”

If Miyu could only smile or laugh, she would have “Loud and clear captain.”

Okay, resume mission!” Static… “Eh…see that guy with black beret and striped black and white shirt? That’s Hiroshi’s boyfriend. If he won’t come out, he could help…you know what I mean.” Nao explained.

“I’ve got lessons from Suzushiro-san.”


So slowly and carefully she strode towards the man Nao pointed out, men blocking her way made way and she stopped just in front of the man. The man looked up at her with a frown, “What do you want?” he asked sarcastically.


“He’s not here so get out.” He said ignoring Miyu and the humanoid didn’t like that. The man’s eyes almost bugged out of its socket when Miyu suddenly approached her like a wind and used one hand to lift him off the couch and pinned him on the wall.

Three armed men pointed a gun at her and shouted, “Stop!”

One man said, “Put him down or we will shoot you down lady!”

But Miyu didn’t pay him any attention, instead she raised her free hand at the level of Hiroshi’s boyfriend’s eyes and transformed her hands into her anti-materializing sword, “I don’t have all night to ask.” Miyu said to the man who visibly paled and gulped loudly.

The three armed men frozen on their place.

And the people inside the room scampered on their feet…scared.

“Don’t…don’t hurt me, I’ll take you to him!” The man confesses.

“Good.” Miyu put him down and he led the way.


“Are you sure this is where you found Kanzaki-san?” Tokiha Takumi asked the bubbly girl beside him.

“Hai! Nina and I were driving…Iie, Nina was driving and I was singing, then Nina sung with me. We were singing Old Mac Donald E-I-E-I-O and then we laughed at what we were doing…”

“Arika-chan…” Takumi called out the bumbling girl interrupting her tirade.

“Gomen…” Arika pouted, “You said you wanted to know what happened and asked me if I’m sure this is the place.”

“Hai I did, but I didn’t mean for you to tell me everything in detail, just the important information.”

“But they’re important!”

Takumi sighed deeply as he prepared himself from Arika’s story.

And 15 minutes later…

Takumi was seated at the ground watching the still energetic Arika reenacting everything that had transpired during the night they found Kanzaki Reito. He stood up and made a whistling sound to stop Arika, “Okay! I get it…this is the place.” Takumi said then he looked around, “Look this is what we are going to do, I’ll go this way…” Takumi said pointing to the west side, “And you go that way.” He said then points on the east side.

Arika’s eyes widened, “We’ll go separate ways?” she asked.

“Yes, so we could cover more grounds to inspect.”

“But…but it’s getting dark and I don’t want to be alone!” Arika wailed.

Takumi scratched his head, “But you said you’re willing to help right?”

“Yes!” Arika is crying already, “But you didn’t say anything about leaving me alone! And Nina isn’t here!” she wailed again, “What if there’s a monster like that one Takeda-sempai saw? What will I do?”

Takumi rolled his eyes, “There’s no monster here. The most we’ll encounter here are humans.”


“Really?” Arika asked like a child.

“Have I ever lied before?” Takumi asked and Arika shook her head.

“Okay.” Then Takumi and Arika separate ways as they investigate the whole place.

30 minutes into their investigation.

Takumi and Arika bumped into each other as their eyes locked onto something. They looked at each other and nodded before they walked forward to their new destination…


“You know it’s really amazing how you resembled Natsuki so much and yet you’re not related.” Kazuya said as he and Nina traversed the dim road that will lead them to their destination, using Nina’s motorcycle.

“Many have thought the same.” Nina replied in her usual serious tone that can also be likened to Fuuka Academy’s lone wolf.

Silence except for the roaring sound of the motorcycle engine.

“Do you remember where we’re going and who are we going to talk to?” Kazuya asked.

“Yes. Yamada is the man’s name, and we are heading at the place near the base where the current SEARRs are.” Nina said behind her helmet. Her eyes were focused on the road.

Silence between the two occupants of the said motorcycle.

“I’m glad you asked us to help out.” Nina said, “I was so jealous with Ers-chan because she get to help out the rest and all we do were to make sure the students are well and doing right.” She added.

Kazuya smiled, “Actually, Himeno-san was thankful that they left he students to you and Arika-chan. We can’t think of anyone that can do well with students like Haruka-san could.” He said, “As a matter of fact, you two were doing the hardest thing in this story. You see? You keep the students in line and you’re our eyes and ears inside when something weird happens…” Kazuya trailed off, “Like that time when Takeda-sempai saw those monsters at the chapel’s basement. If it wasn’t for you two’s prompt calling, we would have been surprised by the monsters and who knows what those horrible creatures might do.”

No answer or retort from Nina.


“I still feel privilege that we are asked to help.” She said and soon afterwards, she pulled out on the side of the street. “I think we’re here.” She said then she removed the helmet off her head. Her dark blue hair that was like that of Natsuki and was put into a twin ponytail was revealed. Her brownish-reddish eyes looked around to see if they were spotted by others rather than the man they are to meet.

“There he is.” Kazuya said pointing to man who was hiding on the shadows under a large tree.

Kazuya and Nina climbed off the motorcycle. Slowly and carefully they approached the hidden man and were greeted by a smile. The man’s almond eyes found its focus on Nina.

“If I’m not here right now, I would have called Kuga and told her she’s bluffing me again. But as it is, you do resembled like Kuga and you could really stand as Kuga’s sister. In fact, if I have not known that Kuga Natsuki is currently hiding, I would have mistaken you for her…” he said as he came out of the shadows, he reached one plump hand out at Nina, “Everybody calls me Yamada and I wished for you two to call me as it is.” He said and smiled when Nina held his hand.

“We are here for the information you have for Kuga-san.” Kazuya said smiling, “I got the strict instruction not to hand you any money unless we see that the information is worth it.” He added.

“Kuga is one heck of a negotiator. I understand.” He said then he pulled two suits inside the track van that was beside him and was also hidden in the shadows. “From what I gathered, this part of the foundation was already abandoned, but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the files that the members forgot to gather after they were attacked by the monsters you all knew and got acquainted with.” He said looking at Kazuya.

“So why hide in the dark if this is abandoned?” Nina asked, “And what’s with this suit?” she asked raising the suit in her hand.

“That suit is especially built to withstand a radiation that could normally wipe out the entire city of Fuuka. The only reason that some of the members did survived was because they have to wear this in going inside the complex or they are sealed away.” He grinned, “I am not taking any risk to ire Natsuki by not giving you two any protection.” He added and then he pulled out an attaché case and hands it to Nina, “A former member of the foundation came to me and sold these files out. I bought them and after reading the files, I gathered that these will be more of help to Kuga than me, so I’m just reselling.”

“And these are?” Kazuya asked.

“I better not say, we’re not even sure if this place is safe for us to talk. But either way, I do hope both of you could fight your way?”

“I’m a trained gun shooter.” Nina said.

“Good.” Yamada then handed her a 38mm gun, “Used this when needed.” He then turned his eyes on Kazuya, “And you young man?”

“Don’t worry about me I could fight my way inside.” Kazuya frowned, “What are we going to do inside?”

“Find more files.” Yamada said, “Now suit up.”


Alyssa Searrs did clarify that the SEARRs foundation, the original one where Smith tried hard to reshape into his own needs and desire usually kept their files on the foundations data bank that was located on the foundations main building. She also said that all data found inside their peripheral branches are only a portion of what the foundation have and the only way they could retrieve it, is to hack into the main computer the nearest remote computer…and that remote computer is located at Fuuka University’s basement.

And that’s where Aoi and Chie is right now.

“You think you can really hack this Chie? This computer looks huge and damaged.” Aoi said worriedly, “I don’t even know how to fight just incase someone tried to get to us.”

Chie looked at Aoi as she tinkered on the huge computer’s system. Connecting this to that and the like, “That’s why we have Takeda-sempai man the outside, and Miyu said that this computer was working, they just disconnected the system because that Smith wanted this, and so if I could just connect this to the right ones as Miyu instructed, then we’ll be good.”

A static is suddenly heard over Chie’s ears, then the voice of Yukino can be heard, “Chie-san? Can you hear me?”

“Yes Yukino, loud and clear.” Chie said smiling and then she pointed at something for Aoi to pick up.

Just tell me when your finished connecting the computer and tell me if you need any help okay?”

“I will, just relax there Yukino-kaichou, I can handle this baby so don’t worry.” Chie assured the woman on her ear.

“Okay, that’s the last thing…and we could try if this baby will work.” Chie said grinning. She then pulled a chair after connecting everything and started the computer.

The large computer unit blinked red and then the large flat monitor screen blinked yellow before the word SEARRS in big, bold and red color appeared on it followed by the appearance of SEARRS foundation logo. The screen then went blank and after a minute, a long rectangular box appeared asking for password.

Chie entered ALYSSA all in capital letters and pressed enter

-Password denied-

Chie frowned if I was to put something here, I should put a password that is hard to think of or hard to spell or pronounce no one will think…MIYU… Chie smiled, but what does Miyu stands for? “Aoi, do you have any idea what MIYU stands for?”

Aoi shook her head no

Multiple Intelligential Ygddrasil Unit.” Yukino announced

Chie grinned, “Thank you Yukino-chan,” Chie then starts typing

-Password accepted-

Then the screen showed the databanks the computer has, “I have lots of data here, what do you want me to do with it?”

Can you download it into a disc?”

“I don’t think so…there’s no disc around here and we did not brought anything.” Chie said.

Aoi smiled, “I have a 38GB flash disk?”

Chie looked at her girlfriend and smiled then she gave Aoi a flying kiss, “That’s why I love you Aoi…you’re always ready.”

“Of course I have to since I’m with you.” Aoi said flattering her eyelids.

“Now love, can you look for the USB hub?” Chie asked.

“Sure…I’ll yell when I find it.” Aoi joked and crawled down to look for the USB port to connect her flash disk.

Chie on the other hand started navigating the computer. “Yukino-kaichou, I found a folder here without a name and it needs access code when I clicked on it. This might be what we are looking for.”

Or it could be a virus…”

“What am I going to do?”

Can you open it?”

“I could try, but…the access code is the problem, too many combinations.” Chie said, “It may take me a lifetime to decode it…”

“Unless we have a decoder?” Aoi said grinning again. She was looking up at her girlfriend and had her hand at the back of the computer, “I found the USB port.” She said then after a while she crawled out from under and rejoined her lover, “I met this computer genius through net, his name was Wade and gave me a decoding pattern in exchange of all the nude pictures I gathered of Tomoe.”

Chie looked at her devious girlfriend, “Why don’t I like the look you have in your face?”

Aoi grinned, “Well let’s say I accidentally included two or three of your pictures?”


“What? He won’t give me the decoder wit just Tomoe’s pictures so…I included yours, besides they weren’t really your body. I…used image perfect on it.”

“It’s still me!” Aoi pouted, “Okay…you’re forgiven but you are going to surrender to me that decoder…”

“Hai!” Aoi said leaning forward to kiss her girlfriend’s cheek, “Here.” She handed it to her

“Okay.” Chie looked at the mini disc that was on her hand and puts it inside the computer’s disc reader, “Now we wait…”


“I told you I have nothing on this Smith guy.” Hiroshi said tapping a foot on the floor, “I have been in this business for quite sometime and Red Spider knows that, I got nothing on that Smith and I’m not lying.”

“I could see that you’re not lying.”

Miyu, ask him again, but this time describe Smith to him. All illegal activity in the Fuuka district needs permission from him or if not, at least they got to have something to do with him.” Nao said.

“How about if I describe to you this guy I am looking for, do you think you could identify him and tell something about him?” Miyu asked Hiroshi.

“Depends on your description, red spider knows that if your description matches a man under my protection, then you can kill me but you’re not going to get any from me.” He said sternly.

Miyu nodded when Nao gave her the signal. She then change one hand into a projector of sort and projected Smith’s picture, this to Hiroshi’s amazement.

“You know you’re quite a catch?” He asked, “Don’t you have any plan on working for me?”

Miyu looked at him, “I only take orders from two people and you’re not one of them. Now, do you recognize this guy?” she asked.

Hiroshi focused his eyes on the picture and shook his head but then he stopped Miyu from showing more when a picture of Smith with another agent was shown, “Wait…” Miyu stopped and looked at Hiroshi, “I recognize that man…the one with that Smith you are calling.” He said pointing to a man in black suit, brownish hair, one of his eyes has a patch, “He came here once…”

Miyu looked at the picture, “Go on,”

“He told me that his name is Yokahama and that he is interested in buying a woman from here.” He said

Miyu looked at him again, “A woman?”

“Yes, she was a foreigner who married a local here, but she was left alone after landing in an asylum. When she was released, she came here to seek for employment. She’s a gorgeous lady and told me she’s willing to do anything, so I hired her as one of the GROs here…then that man bought her.”

“The name of the woman?”

“Cynthia. Cynthia Mariano.”


Arika and Takumi crept quietly towards the warehouse that the two saw. Well quietly until Arika tripped on something causing a succession of noise…which alerted the two guards that were manning the warehouse.

“Whose there?” Guard 1 asked loudly.

Takumi winced as he pulled Arika into safety. Arika was about to reply when Takumi put a hand over her mouth and motioned for her to keep quiet. Takumi then took out four kunai’s from his ‘gadget pocket’ and readied himself for a fight. Akira who was not going to just watch looked for something she could use and she found the cover of a metal trash can.

Takumi peeked from where they are to see the position of the guards. He then motioned for Akira to take on the smaller and thinner guard, he also motioned for her to crawl towards the direction of her target and Arika nodded her head. She then lied on her stomach and started crawling. Takumi smiled and he started working his way towards the larger and more bulkier guard…the ninja way.

A little nearer from his target and sure that Arika at a safe distance, Takumi threw one kunai towards his target and the sharp metal missed the man barely and hits the wall just above his head.

The huge guard who was rattled fired his gun nowhere and shouted, “Who threw that? Show yourself!”

The thinner guard was taken from his investigation by the noise his partner’s gun made and turned around, he was about to go to his partner’s aid when a very hard metal hit his head and he lost consciousness.

“Haha!” Arika rejoiced then she looked around, “I better tie you up!” Arika said and smiled when she found a long, sturdy vine. She started pulling it with all her might until it budge then she tied the guard up.

Arika then crept towards where the other guard is standing.

Takumi saw that the guard was off, so he started throwing kunais at him without actually hitting… and when the guard turned around…Arika…

The guard turned around and his eyes widened when in front of him was Arika, a wide smile on her face and she hit the man’s face with the metal cover which sent the man on his ass.

Arika’s eyes widened when the guard just shook his head but focused his eyes on her again. Angrily, the guard was about to point his gun on Arika and shoot when he suddenly felt a sharp metal piercing his skin lightly.

“Drop that gun and stand up without any hassle and I might spare your life.” Takumi whispered behind the man’s ear and the guard complied, “Now open the warehouse and lead us in.”

The guard nodded. He then did what he was told. Once inside, Takumi took the handcuffs from the guard and handcuffed the guard’s hands on one of the large pipes inside the warehouse, and then the two investigated.

15 minutes later…

“Nothing here.” Takumi said as he walked and stopped when he bumped on Arika.

“I think this is security, I watched this movie that found something important in the security area.”

Takumi smile and nodded the two then entered and found nothing but security tapes, “Maybe we can get something from these tapes. Besides the security guard’s uniforms said that they belong to SEARRS foundation.” Takumi said as he gathered the security tapes with him.

“Let’s go then Tokiha-san.” Arika said before helping the younger man with all the tapes he was carrying.

“At least we have something when we get back to the mansion.” Arika said cheerfully.

Takumi looked at Arika, “Were you allowed to go there?”

“Aren’t we supposed to go there together? Besides I helped you out.”

Takumi shook his head and smiled, “Okay, but be sure not to tell anyone about it.”



“Security breach…Someone is hacking on our computer.” The man in front of the wide computer said as the screen turned to life by itself, “its remoting us.”

“Who the hell could it be?” The one which obviously has the higher rank asked, “Can you trace it?”

“15 minutes, tops!”

“Not good…we need to stop this.”

The computer programmer tried, “They are using a very high technology decoder, I can’t stop it.”

“Then trace it and fast! Mr. Smith is going to kill us if he learns about this breach!”

The programmer typed in a speed that wasn’t normal to him.

“Fuuka University…it’s a basement…”

“The SEARRS first base…” He took a two way radio and opened it, “Sent men on Fuuka University, someone is hacking our system from there!”

Static… “Yes sir!”


Aoi and Chie were looking at the computer as the decoder work its magic. Their eyes brightened when the screen was then replaced by different files that were from SEARRS.


Do we have a lead Chie-san?” Yukino asked

“Yes, we hit it and I’m already sorting out files that has something to do with HiMEs…and…Oh God…”

Aoi found what made Chie’s eyes wide, “That’s…weird…”

What is it Chie?”

“It’s SEARRS latest project…”


“Project: Offsprings TO the hiMEs.” Chie read out


Then Chie and Aoi’s focus turned to Takeda who was running towards them. He was panting when he arrived, “5 armed men came, my kohais are engaging them at the moment, do whatever you need to do here and leave!” he said.

Chie frowned and looked at Aoi, “Download that file Aoi…”

Aoi’s eyes widened, “Why? What are you going to do?”

“I’ll stopped them form coming, I have Takeda-sempai and his kohais help, download this Aoi…this is important.” Chie said before he looked at Takeda and the two walked out of the room

“Chie!” but they were out of distance already, “I’ll make this quick…” Aoi said and started downloading.


Yukino came in the living room panting, “YUKINO!” Haruka said with concern in her eyes.

“Chie, Aoi and Takeda…they are fighting at the university…5 armed men came there to stop them!” Yukino shouted.

At this Natsuki, Mai and Mikoto stood up, “We have to get there and help!” Natsuki said.

Shizuru looked at her lover sadly, “But that’s suicidal Natsuki…”

Natsuki glared at Shizuru, “There is no way I’m letting anyone be hurt like Nao. We have to move Shizuru.”

“I agree with Natsuki.” Mai said.

“I could take Miroku with me and they have no way of defeating us.” Mikoto said.

“Wait!” Midori shouted, “This is a covert mission! If those men walked away injured but alive, then Smith will know that HiMEs are on the move again and suspicion will rise more!”

“Midori is right.” Yukariko said.

“So what? We are just leaving them behind to die?” Natsuki asked angrily.

“No.” Fumi interrupted, “We still have the first district’s help.”

“Sakomizu-sensei…” Mai said, “Then what are we waiting for?”

Fumi smiled, “He and his men are already there…they could have been fighting as we speak.”

The news deflated Natsuki, Mai and Mikoto. Shizuru gathered her lover in her arms as they returned from watching a documentary.


“What’s that smell?” Nina asked frowning, “I can’t believe this suit wasn’t able to prevent that smell from permeating my nose!”

“Oi, be glad that all we encountered are these horrible smell and there’s no one here to kill us.” Kazuya said as he shook his head, but smiling.

“I was just saying.” Nina retorted, “Arika would have whined if she was here.”

“But she’s not so stop whining.” Kazuya teased.

Silence as they inspected the inside of the building.

“My informant told me that a special medical bay is located at the basement of this building. Informed me that no one is allowed to go in there except for the higher administrations and some doctor he called Dr. Mariano.” Yamada said after seeing an elevator, “Do you want to go down and see it?”

“I’m game.” Kazuya confirmed, “I don’t think Nina could stand more of this smell though…”

“Oi!” Nina shouted irate, “I’m with you Yamada-san!”

“Kuga’s fighting spirit is also in you…are you sure you two are not related?” Yamada asked.

“Come on, lets go down and stopped comparing me to Kuga-san… she’s too cool to be compared to someone like me.” Nina said then she walked passed the two men and headed to the elevator. Once Yamada and Kazuya boarded, she pressed the letter B and the elevator closed and slowly glides down.

A thick metal door greeted them. No other room was there. The metal door and a short corridor where in 2 doors were located in front of the wall that was guarded by the large metal. The two doors said stock room and it was unlocked. Looking inside, Nina found some cleaning material and some other chemicals she has no knowledge of…like EDTA, lots and lots of EDTA. The second door housed suits and some tubes which Nina suspects to be used most of the time in the hospital. There were needles too…all large gauged needles.

Kazuya and Yamada on the other hand started decoding the lock on the door and after 15 minutes of trying alternating numbers after numbers, they were able to open the door. The two stepped in and the lights went on as soon as the room sensor recognized body heat.

Nina followed the two upon entering the once locked room.

And three sets of eyes widened at what greeted their eyes…

-end chapter 19-

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