Story: The Gift (chapter 17)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 17


Han DJ

Chapter 17

Tell me…what is your mission?”

How come he’s not talking?”

Increase power and begin again…”



Now tell me again…what is your mission?!”

It’s either you kill me…or when…when I get out of here…you’ll regret the day…you were born,”

I’d rather kill you then,”

I’m not going to stay and watch you kill this…handsome young man, that’s too much for my liking…”


Do you like looking at this sword?”


You really not talking, aren’t you?”


You son of a bitch!”



I do hope someone finds you here before you bleed to death, this sword is made up from the materials the foundation used in MIYU’s anti-materializing sword. Not one child can stop this blade…just as they failed to stop MIYU back then.”

You…can’t kill…me,”

Let’s see about that…”


I didn’t know that a flaming metal sword hurts more. Pray that you’ll live dear boy!”



You asked immortality to protect me…Mashiro needs to be reborn...

Need to warn HiMEs…”

Accept me…I’ll protect you and you will protect okaasan



Rest well…tousan…


Himeno Fumi was jerked awake from her peaceful slumber; her body was quivering and was bathed with sweat. Her eyes were wide and a hand clutched the front of her night wear. Beside her, Shiho was awakened by her companion’s sudden move and now, the pink haired woman was looking at the older HiME with worried eyes.

“Himeno-san…are you alright?” there was no reply.

The older woman instead looked at the other occupant of the room, she was breathing fast and her vision swirling, and after a few moments Shiho stood up and took a glass of water from their side table to offer the hyperventilating older HiME, Himeno Fumi’s face paled and she collapsed on her bed.



“Ara, what is my Natsuki doing? Aren’t you supposed to be studying for your midterm examination?” Shizuru sat in front of the study table while looking at the piles of documents that concerns the university. Natsuki on the other hand lay sprawled on the floor and reading through her history book. Midori gave the HiME’s review pointers for the upcoming exam which most of them will be taking in a week, but now the blue haired HiME was sprawled on her back and the woman’s green orbs were focused on Shizuru, “Natsuki?”

Natsuki pouted, “Mou, aren’t I allowed to watch my beautiful partner?” Natsuki asked as her eyes trained on Shizuru’s body.

Shizuru stopped what she was doing, put down the papers on the table and faced the blue haired woman, “Ara, I do hope my Natsuki was just looking without any perverted thoughts running around her mind.” Shizuru smiled sweetly at her partner who blushed at the tease, “Ara…is Natsuki still imagining me lying down at the examination table with my legs pulled apart and on a stirrup with Natsuki in between…”

Natsuki bolted up from the floor with wide eyes, “Shizuru!” Natsuki called out with an intense red face.

“…and was still holding that speculum ready to…” Shizuru continued teasing despite hearing Natsuki’s protest.

“Not that image again!” Natsuki yelled and covered her ears while she starts whistling a nameless tune.

“Ara! Natsuki nosebleed for the second time…and to think it was only the second time Dr. Possible-Go came for check up and there was no pap smear involved the last time…”

“SHIZURU!” Natsuki stood up and advanced towards the chestnut haired woman.

“My Natsuki is fuming!” Shizuru said loudly, “Do I need to run out of the room like Mikoto-chan always does now?”

“You better!” Natsuki was advancing fast.

“Ara!” Shizuru hurriedly stood up and in her wish to do it faster, she made the chair fall back causing a loud thud and Natsuki who didn’t anticipate the sudden move tripped forward, “Natsuki!” Shizuru screamed in horror as Natsuki fall face first to the ground. Her larger belly, at six months disabled her to move fast to catch the falling HiME but both pair of eyes widened when Natsuki was suddenly enveloped by a white purple light and the descent was halted.

Natsuki’s eyes were wide as she looked at the ground; she was floating parallel to it as if she was Superman floating in the air.

“Nat…su…ki…” Shizuru mumbled with an amazed look, “You’re floating…does that mean Natsuki could fly…”

And Shizuru’s unfinished question was answered by a soft ‘thud’ caused by the sound of Natsuki’s falling body, “I think that answers your question…our daughters just…”

“In a manner of speaking, our daughters caught you mid-air,” Shizuru finished for Natsuki and the blue haired HiME nodded her head in agreement. Natsuki was still on the floor and Shizuru was still entranced when they heard a scream from another room.

“Fumi-san!” Natsuki and Shizuru said simultaneously, the chestnut haired woman helped the younger one up and the two stepped out of the room to see what caused Shiho to scream.


Fumi’s room was already filled with people who heard the scream. Miyu, Alyssa and Himeko were the first ones to arrive at the scene since Miyu’s super hearing made it possible even before Shiho’s very loud scream echoed inside the mansion. Yukariko with a crying Migami followed the trio and then Shizuru and Natsuki came. Those who were at the second floor were the last to come, and though Nao was at the first floor room, she was too deep in slumber that Miyu didn’t wake her just to see what’s happening, hence she was the last one to arrive.

“What happened?” Nao asked, wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

“I heard Fumi-san scream so I went down here with Alyssa-chan and Himeko-san.” Miyu explained. She held a fan on her hand and was using it on Fumi. The unconscious woman was sweating hard despite the air-conditioned room so Miyu decided to use it.

“I was abruptly awakened by Midori’s incessant shaking and told me that Shiho screamed for me, when I got here, Himeno-san was already in Shiho’s arms, she was paler and sweating.” Yohko explained.

“What could have happened to her?” Shizuru asked.

“I still have no idea, we’ll know when she wakes up, but from Shiho’s recollection, she was startled by Himeno-san’s scream and when she got up, she saw Himeno-san up with wide eyes and she was breathing fast and shallow before she paled and collapsed.” The doctor added, “I could say she suffered from hyperventilation syndrome, but that has got to be triggered by something,”

“Will Himeno-san be alright?” Akira asked worriedly.

“Yes right now, I used a brown bag on her that’s why some color returned to her face. We have to know what caused this, it’s not everyday Himeno-san becomes this agitated, not even when there were two monsters who attacked us, so there must be something deeper.” The doctor explained once again.

“Mai…” Mikoto looked at Mai with worry in her eyes, “You think that Freddie came to get Himeno-san?” her serious look and her question caught everyone in surprised and most of the HiMEs and the protectors tried hard to contain themselves from laughing.

The fiery haired woman looked at her partner exasperatedly, “Who’s Freddie?” Mai asked.

Chie who was able to collect herself replied in Mikoto’s stead, “Freddie Kruger, the monster who kills people in their dreams.” Chie said.

“We watched The Nightmare on Elm Street last night, all of it!” Aoi added.

“Mikoto,” Mai sighed deeply, “This is no time to joke like that, we should be thankful to Miyu she was fast in responding to Fumi-san’s scream.” Mai chastised the girl.

Mikoto frowned, “But I’m not joking Mai. Fumi-chan must have a nightmare for her to scream like that! I usually have them when I dream of Mai not being able to cook me ramen!” she reasoned and was rewarded by a soft pat on her back by the good doctor.

“I think Mikoto here has a point, though it couldn’t be Freddie that could have caused her to react like this.”

The discussion was halted by a light moan coming from the awaking administrator.

“Fumi-chan,” Mikoto called out and walked closer to her ward, “Fumi-chan…”


Everyone looked at each other in bewilderment, and their eyes widened more when Fumi bolted out of her bed once again, “Kanzaki-san!” Fumi screamed and blinked when her hazy mind cleared, “Kami-sama!” she blurted out as she looked at everyone.


“Ara, what is it about Reito-kun?” Shizuru asked a bit worried, after all it was Reito who saved her from her very sad and bad experience, and it was him who brought Natsuki back to her.

Fumi shook her head, “A bad dream, very bad…”

“Maybe we should not talk about it until Himeno-san feels alright,” Yukino suggested.

Fumi shook her head no, “No, I…I need to say it…need to tell you…”

“You can tell us about it later Fumi.” Midori said trying to calm the pink haired woman.

“No,” Fumi said sternly, “In my dream…in my dream Reito-san was…he was caught, tied and tortured…”

Mikoto’s eyes widened at the information and this was not left unnoticed by her partner so Mai pulled the younger girl into a tight hug as Fumi continued recollecting her dream.

“He was being electrocuted, he was screaming, blood were gushing out of wounds all over his body. Three men…three men were doing all this horrible things to him,”

“Mai…we need to save Ani-ue,” Mikoto said loud enough to be heard by the others.

Natsuki smiled at the girl, “It’s just a dream Mikoto. We can’t go save someone inside a dream.”

“Ara Mikoto-chan, you’re brother is a very good swordsman and he’s very strong too so I’m sure nothing like that could happen to him.”

The conversation was cut once more by Fumi’s now trembling voice, “There was a man instructing the others what to do and when Reito-san didn’t said anything about his mission…he took a sword…the woman that was with the man left them, the man with the sword said it was the same sword that was used in MIYU…” Himeno Fumi then looked at the half-human, “…he stabbed Reito-san again and again until he passed out from bleeding…he killed Reito-san!” Fumi said before she burst out in tears.

Shiho, Akira and Akane who were sitting beside Fumi hugged the crying woman.

Silence except for Fumi’s continued crying. Yohko stepped closer, in her hand was a disposable syringe and once close, she injected the drug inside intramuscularly, “Everyone out now except for Shiho, we can let Fumi-san rest.”

“What was it?” Midori asked.

“I injected a tranquilizer, Diazepam to be exact so she can relax.” Yohko replied.

“Isn’t that bad for her?” Nao asked worried, she had her arms wound around Miyu’s neck who was sitting on a chair near Fumi. Miyu’s back was on Nao.

“Contrary to common belief, you can use diazepam for pregnant women. (1)”

“Can I stay here to keep Himeno-san company?” Miyu offered.

Yohko smiled at the half-human Miyu is showing her human side more and more, Nao-san must have done so much for this woman…

“I’ll stay; it’s my job to look after Fumi-chan!” Mikoto said with finality.

Shiho looked at Mai and the fiery haired girl looked at the young HiME who nodded her head to Mai, telling the older girl silently to let her. Mai smiled and nodded her head in agreement then she turned her focus on Shiho, “Shiho-chan? Why don’t you share my room for tonight and let Mikoto watched over Fumi-chan, it’ll be bad for you to be put under pressure right now.” Mai told the younger pink haired HiME.

The other regular occupant of the room nodded her head and stood up to go out of the room with Mai, Miyu and Nao…

Then it was just Mikoto and a now sleeping Fumi


Natsuki and Shizuru lay in bed. Shizuru had half of her body draped over Natsuki and her head at the younger woman’s neck while the younger woman was on her back, one arm served as Shizuru’s pillow, her eyes were focused at the table beside the older woman and her free hand caressed Shizuru’s enlarged abdomen.

“It was a horrible dream…” Shizuru suddenly blurted out breaking the silence between them.

“Yeah, and to think the dream was about Kanzaki-san.” Natsuki agreed, “I owe him so much,”

“Yes, not only you Natsuki, he did so much for me too.” The blue haired woman looked down at her, then silence overcomes them once again, “Ne Shizuru…”


“You think it was really just a dream? It was unlikely of Himeno-san to react that way if it was just a dream.” The emerald eyed HiME asked.

“Ara, I have no idea Natsuki. It’s not unusual for us to see something that is really happening since we are HiME and we are conceiving our Childs who have the capacity to do so.” Shizuru explained, “So it is possible that it might be happening to Kanzaki-san.”


“So it’s like a warning of some sort or a premonition?” the blue haired girl asked again.

“Maybe both Natsuki,” Shizuru looked up, her crimson orbs met her emerald ones, “Or maybe more on our powers reaching out…”

“Reaching out?”

“Yes…like…” Shizuru smiled, “Did you by any chance felt something different before…before Kanzaki-san told you about me?” Natsuki frowned to think and then she nodded her head, “Ara, tell me what you’ve felt.”

“That time?” Natsuki sighed, “I think it was two days before I found you, there’s this sudden heavy feeling inside me and it reminds me of you,” Natsuki stopped.

“Go on…”

“Then, that day I found you through Kanzaki, I was sleeping at the grass with Mikoto and Mai when suddenly I heard you calling me in my dream, you called my name and I was awoken by Mikoto.” Natsuki leaned forward and placed a kiss on Shizuru’s forehead, “…when the three of us passed by the special medical bay, there was this force telling me to look into that building, as if something important was there for me to see, then Kanzaki and I had that talk and…the rest was history.’

Shizuru was speechless…at first, “Couldn’t it be the same with Fumi-san?” Shizuru asked as the chestnut haired woman cuddled closer to Natsuki.

“But it happened because you’re my most important person for me and vice versa right?” Natsuki asked in bewilderment.

“Yes…and I did call for you that time…”

“So if what we are thinking is true…then, why would Reito-san call for Fumi not Mikoto?”


“So you think Kanzaki-san is in trouble?” Shizuru asked.

“I’d like to think he was in trouble rather than him being a cold bodied corpse somewhere.”

Shizuru shivered, “We can’t think that…” Shizuru sighed, “Can’t we do anything?”

Natsuki smiled, pushed Shizuru so that the pregnant woman was now on her back and she hovered above her, her elbows supporting her weight, “I can always contact Yamada and I’m sure Suzushiro will gladly help us find Kanzaki.” The blue haired woman said and then she leaned forward to capture Shizuru’s lips.

Whatever is happening, this must have something to do with him uncovering SEARRs’ plans against us…I do hope Smith hasn’t found out about HiMEs’ getting pregnant with their Childs…cause I swear, I’m going to kill anyone who lays a hand on my Shizuru and my children.


Morning at the mansion was strained, what with Fumi getting up earlier; she let Mikoto sleep in as the young sword wielder stayed up all night to watch over her. She called Hanagano and Sakomizu to not come at the mansion and gave the HiMEs some rest before the mid-term week and even explained to the worried ex-First District dog what happened to her last night.

Except for Mikoto, everyone was at the dining room for breakfast and though everyone was there, silence filled the room. Each one deep into thinking:

Was this another problem they all need to overcome?

Was this another sign that the protectors need to step up once again for their protected?

What is happening to Kanzaki Reito and if it wasn’t just a dream, who will do such a vile thing on the most adorable vice-Kaichou?

“Suzushiro,” Natsuki broke the silence.

“Hm?” Haruka has bread on her mouth when Natsuki called her attention.

“I need to talk to you in private,” then the blue haired woman looked at Chie, “You too.”

Chie’s eyes widened, “Why me?”

“Yeah, can’t you just say what it is here so everyone can hear?” Haruka asked.

Natsuki scowled at the two, “If I want everyone to hear, do you think I’ll ask you to talk to me in private?” she added.

“Ara!” Shizuru sent her lover a knowing look, “I hope my Natsuki is not planning on doing anything kinky.” The ex-Kaichou teased.

“Wha-“ Natsuki’s eyes widened as her face burned red.

“You…you probably want to know my secrets Kuga!” Haruka said indignantly as she stood up and pointed a finger on Natsuki’s face, “You even want to know Harada’s secret!” she even added with a disgusted look.

Natsuki’s scowl deepened, “What the hell are you talking about?!”

“Don’t you dare pretend to be innocent Kuga! You want to know how I make my Yukino scream at night because you can’t make Fujino!” Haruka demanded, “Admit it!”

“Ha…Haruka-chaaaannn…” Yukino was flaming red with that claim.

“BAKA!” Natsuki screamed as she stood up to match Haruka, “I don’t need advise from a novice!” the blue haired woman’s face was red not from embarrassment but from anger this time.

“Hah! So you want to know Chie’s because she’s an expert then!” Haruka said causing the usually unresponsive reporter to blush.

“Ara…Is Chie-chan really that good in bed?” Shizuru was looking at Aoi and the brunette woman answered the ex-Kaichou with a knowing grin.

“BAKA! I want to talk to you about KANZAKI!” Natsuki screamed.

And then there was silence as Fumi Himeno’s smile dropped and she flinched at the sound of Kanzaki’s name.

The sudden silence pulled the two bantering women from their own world and they both looked at everyone’s face, “Gomen!” the two said simultaneously as they both bowed down their heads.

Fumi looked at Natsuki, “Can you tell all of us what you have in mind Kuga-san?” it was obvious that the woman was trying hard to control her trembling voice.


Natsuki and Haruka sat beside their partner.

“Hurry up Kuga, I didn’t like your idea leaving us all blind with your plan.” Nao said.

“Nao is right, I thought it’s all for one, one for all now?” Mai added.


“Well…I…we, Shizuru and I got worried so we decided to make a move to look for him.” Natsuki explained.

Midori eyed the blue haired woman, “I think it is safe for me to say that we all thought the same, so why the sudden need to talk to Haruka and Chie in private?”

“I don’t want to put Fumi-san under more stress so I thought of planning it in private and just tell you all when we already had a clear lead to his whereabouts.” Natsuki looked at the two others, “I was planning on contacting my information source since I became a HiME…”

“Yamada?” Nao asked and Natsuki nodded her head in agreement.

“And I thought Haruka could use some influence to mobilize a few number of men to look for him and as for Harada, she’s the best source of information here plus she has connections with people we don’t know about.” Natsuki reasoned.


“I think Kuga-san has a point.” Yukariko interjected, “The best way to alleviate all our worries is to find him,” she said and looked at the woman beside her.

“I’m willing to help, I could call someone from the office to look for Kanzaki.” Haruka said before putting another piece of bread in her mouth.

“And I’ll be glad to mobilize my network for possible information on Reito-san.” Chie added.

“Hey, I have a good informant too!” Nao exclaimed after harrumphing.

Yohko smiled, “We know you do, but you’re pregnant and you can’t go out in your state.” She explained.


“Nao could just tell me who her informants and I’ll speak to them and ask them to look for Kanzaki-san.” Miyu interrupted Nao, “Don’t argue Nao, you’re not putting yourself and Little Miyu in danger.”

“I agree with Miyu!” Himeko said grinning at her daughter.

Shiho frowned at the half human, “From what I know, Nao’s informants are the hooligans roaming around Fuuka, how are you going to make them believe you that you were sent by Nao and how are you going to make them do what you want?” she asked skeptically.

Miyu did not answer instead she raised a hand and transformed it into a dagger.

“That is one heck of an incentive!” Akane said laughing.

Miyu turned her attention at Nao, “You agree?” and Nao nodded her head before leaning forward to give Miyu a peck on her cheek causing the half human to blush.

“Ara, Nao has been doing that for so long and Miyu-san hasn’t learned how to get use to it?” Shizuru said smiling.

“Hey Kuga is the same!” Nao interjected defending Miyu and this brought Natsuki’s face to turn red.

“My father has a lot of ninja’s that could be disposed to look for Kanzaki-san. I’m sure otousan will be delighted to help after all the help Kanzaki-san gave not only to me and Takumi-kun, but to all of us.” Akira said.

Midori stood up, “Very well then, I see we have a big group ready to look for Reito, perhaps we all should relax first and try not to think much about this, Reito is a fighter and a strong one at that, he was the obsidian lord and we should have faith in him. We will find him…alive.” She said and the others nodded their head in agreement.

The solemnity was suddenly broken by…

“What the hell is that smell?!” Natsuki shouted as she stood up and pinched her nose, the rest followed suit except for Shizuru who just winced, Miyu who didn’t care, Fumi who looked at Yukariko who smiled and looked at her daughter Migami who was seated at the high chair in between her and Fumi.

“Migami…you didn’t tell mama…”

“Sowee…” The toddler pouted when she realized that everyone was now looking at her with a frown, “Sowee…” her eyes started to water, hey…toddler could be embarrassed too you know!

“It’s okay…” And before Shizuru could finish her sentence the toddler started crying out loud and didn’t stop, not even when Yukariko took her in her arms and hurriedly brought her to the rest room to be cleaned.

Shizuru gave Natsuki a death glare after Yukariko and Migami was out of sight, “What did I do?” Natsuki asked.

“You don’t have to make such a fuss over it…don’t tell me you’ll make the same reaction with our children when it’s them who does that?” Shizuru asked with an evil glare on her eyes.

Nao and the other pregnant mothers, except for Fumi who did not made any reaction understood and got embarrassed with what they did…

“I think it’s time for the mothers and their co-parents to undergo baby training, along with the breathing exercises…” Yohko suggested.

“That’s a very good idea Sagisawa-san.” Fumi said smiling, “Perhaps we could start with that after the exams, and after all the problems here are resolve?”

“I agree.” Shizuru said and then nodded her head.

“Shizuru…Gomen…” Natsuki pouted.

“You’ll get your punishment later, Nat. su. ki.” Shizuru’s tone of voice made the blue haired shiver.


“How did this happen?” the skinny man asked one of the guards who was supposed to keep an eye on their prisoner but when he returned and found out that their prisoner didn’t die, instead the man ran off from the warehouse ad escaped, “He should’ve been dead! Didn’t I tell you to make sure of it?!” He screamed.

“We did! We stabbed him again and again, he wasn’t moving when we left!” One of the guards defended their action.

“Then how did this happen?” The woman beside the skinny man asked with a frown, “We can’t let him divulge to anyone our project, there’s no other way to silence him than to kill him!” she said irritated.

“We killed him!” the leader of the guards screams when the woman took the gun from the skinny man’s side and pointed it at his forehead.



“The camera! The security camera!” the leader said and this made the woman put her gun down.

“Show us…”

The leader went inside the security room of the warehouse and looked for the tape that recorded what happened after the three men killed their prey. Once he found the tape, he took it and took it to them and the five people proceeded to the viewing room, he inserted the v8 tape and looked for the right video.

“Here…” he said once he saw it.

The video feed show the man on his knees after the skinny man stabbed him three times with a sword that went through and through. The blood was seen to be dripping out of his battered body before he collapsed to the ground. The skinny man left after giving instructions to the three guards and it can be seen through the footages that the leader stabbed the man at his back; he stabbed him on the part where he could have hit the heart that will kill any one.

“You did make sure of it.” The woman said.

Then the video feed showed the man coughing out blood, but he looks like he’s talking to someone, there was no one in the video feed except for a light beside the collapsed man that seemed to be descending on him.

“What was he doing…who was he talking too?” the skinny man asked.

“Could it be that he was in the state of delirium?” the woman replied.

“A normal human would die instantly with those wounds…” but the man’s words were cut when he saw the light descended to the collapsed man and there before their eyes, the man stood up and dragged himself until he was able to get out of the door.


The woman looked at the guards and asked, “Did you check outside and trace where the blood is?” the three men shook their heads no, “What the hell are you waiting for?! Get out and find him, bring him back here!” she yelled and the three ran out of the warehouse to do what was asked.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” The man asked the woman.

“Could it be that we finally found the elixir of life?”

“That’s one point…but the light…if I processed that video, do you think that light will lead us to what we were really looking for?” the skinny man said.

“You mean…the one you refer to as the…”

“HiME power…”

The two grinned evilly.


I panted as I kept on running away from the warehouse, I need to get away so I can warn the HiMEs, and I cannot make them suffer again. Not when I’ve already started a way to defeat the obsidian lord in the future without sacrificing anyone…not when I’m so close to fulfilling that revenge.




I can’t let them down again…I’m immortal, I’m stronger than this.




I need to protect all of them in my own way…

I smiled when I saw the road out to this hell I called SEARRs. I was on the verge of collapsing when a bright light hits my eyes.

That light was the last thing I saw before I once again succumbed to that empty space of darkness.



So this is the reason you chose stupidity.” The obsidian lord in the guise of Anakin Gendoh, Fuuka’s Kaichou was laughing at the man in front of him, “And you really believed that the HiMEs could actually defeat me without sacrificing anyone?”

I didn’t spend 300 years training them just to succumb to your evil needs.” Reito said, he has his sword in his hands.

They haven’t lived that long Kanzaki, you know that.” The obsidian lord said smiling.

I know, but I did train with their ancestors and they’ve handed down what it was that they’ve learned along with me from generations to generations.” Reito returned the smile.


Then if you’re confident that your generation of HiMEs could defeat me, why are you here? For distraction?”

Reito grinned and looked at the crystal bearing the woman who have helped him and his generation of HiMEs to conquer the obsidian lord, “There’s a wish to be granted when you’re defeated, isn’t it?” he asked.


You think you can kill me?” the obsidian lord asked Reito mockingly.

The 300 year old man faced the immortal, “Your human body yes, the soul…probably, if you get no pillar.” He said.

The obsidian lord laughed out loud, “Let’s say your HiMEs doesn’t kill each other, you know that I always come prepared don’t you?” The powerful man waved his hand and the vision of the newest batch of HiMEs appeared before their eyes, “If you think you’ve outsmarted me Kanzaki, you’re wrong…”

And before their eyes, 6 humanoids that are very much different from the humanoid he once knew appeared before the HiMEs who was still at the Fuuka Gakuen Academy’s grounds and started attacking them.

All of these humanoids can wield an anti-materializing sword, one that can kill a child with a slash…the one the original MIYU used to kill Karauchi Akane’s Child…Harry,”

Reito and the princess watched intently as to what the HiMEs course of action.

One of them humanoids killing any of the HiMEs will rattle them, then they will turn on each other and I will win this war…” he then looked at the caged princess, “And you shall be mine, body and soul.”

The Carnival hasn’t ended yet…”

As soon as the words were out, the obsidian lord’s eyes widened at the sight before him. There he could see the HiMEs working together to defeat the six deadly humanoids.

This can’t be…they are supposed to be depressed, they are supposed to turn against each other! NAGI!” he screamed but the little man didn’t come out, “YOU BRAT!”

The princess started laughing, “I’m sure Nagi is hiding somewhere my lord.”

How could this happen,”

Simple…” The princess replied, “You underestimated human emotions too much, especially that one called love.”

Humans are weak! They can’t…”

Survival of the fittest…human’s are the strongest species, they have survived despite all diversities and adversities in life, they will survive and learn as the world revolves around them.” The princess reasoned.

Reito smiled and looked at the obsidian lord, “And from the looks of it, you’re not getting any pillar,” he said stepping closer.

NO! Get out of here!” the body screamed and the soul decided to leave it but Reito was fast, as soon as the soul detached itself from Gendoh’s body, the 300 year old man tossed a box near it and the box sucked the soul and after a while, the boxed closed itself.

Miroku’s gift, she infused that box with a spell that could seal the obsidian lord’s power for good.” Reito said as he stepped closer to the crystal.

I can read your mind Kanzaki, and you know what will happen to you if you wished it don’t you?” Reito nodded and watched the now tired HiMEs.

The obsidian lord will not be back anymore, the kids don’t need their Uncle Reito anymore.” He said smiling, “And I’m tired, it’s hard living for 300 years, it’s hard to see your love ones come and go and you’re still here, alive, eating, fighting…”

Loving and caring, don’t underestimate all the works you’ve done, all the efforts.”

Reito closed his eyes and made his wish, he opened his eyes and smiled when he saw the crystals around the princess slowly break down, along with his body disintegrating into that green light of energy, “Please tell the kids how much their uncle loved them…and how their uncle will miss them.” He said, “I’m taking the box with me…”

I will…” The princess raised her palm towards the disintegrating man, Reito raised his palms and pressed it against the princess’, “Goodbye Kanzaki Reito…we will see each other again…”

And the place now enveloped with darkness as tears fell from the princess’ eyes, “We will see each other…soon…”

-end chapter 17

Note: I don’t have names for the HiMEs of 300 years in the future, and the last part was planned. So that was the answer to why Reito chose immortality. I think the last scene was a bit emo, but the Carnival is always an emotional ride ne? this is not the end…the last scene was a glimpse of what could have happen in 300 years…in chapter 15, the obsidian lord and the trapped princess was talking and made a bet…and Reito was the key for the princess to win. How…that was explained by the short ending scene and if you connect that with what is happening in the present hence once this is finish, you could go back to this chapter if you still can’t get this little scene.

(1) Most reproductive studies on BZDs involve diazepam, and its reproductive risks are well reviewed (McElhatton, 1994). As previously discussed, several early case controlled studies on diazepam showed an increased risk of oral clefts, with relative risks of approximately 3-4 times the baseline risks (Aarskog, 1975; Safra and Oakley, 1975; Saxen, 1974). These early studies were criticized for their study design and other confounding factors. Studies since that time have contradicted these results, showing no increase in clefting (Rosenberg et al., 1983; Shiono and Mills, 1984; Czeizel, 1988). Prospective studies of 43 and 89 women exposed to diazepam did not show any increased risk for malformations, specifically for oral clefts (Pastuszak et al., 1994; Ornoy et al., 1998). Thus, it appears that if there is a risk of oral clefting after exposure to diazepam, it is likely to be a insignificant.

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