Story: The Gift (chapter 16)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 16



Chapter 16

Are you sure this is where we are supposed to go?”

Yes, my friend gave me this address…wait I’ll get it from my bag…here…”

Doy! This is even bigger than your mother’s hospital!”


See? Even this little one knew that.”

Excuse me, that wasn’t my mother’s hospital, but yeah…seeing the size of this mansion? We could fit in my parents and our house inside.”


Your friend did say Kanzaki Mansion right?”

Yes that she did, and she even included a warning on her last note.”


Yeah, something about angry partners and IE,”


I think we better go in, the sooner we start the sooner we could get out.”

We are staying here overnight.”

What? How come you didn’t tell me that?”

I forgot?”

You and your daughter are going to be the death of me someday…princess!”

Please…she’s our daughter hon!”

Yadda – yadda!”



It was a sunny day, except for Himneno Fumi and Sagisawa Yohko, the HiMEs, their protectors and partners, including Himeko and Migami decided to spend their morning at the garden, Himeko, Aoi and Mai prepared a big basket full of food as the group decided to have their breakfast outside. Chie, Natsuki and Haruka took care of the place where they will have their picnic. Mikoto, Alyssa and Migami on the other hand played hide and seek while waiting, well…of course it was just Alyssa and Mikoto playing as Migami tags along with whoever was not the ‘it’ in the play.

So everyone was enjoying their breakfast though Midori has a pout on her face as her partner was not with them at that moment. It came to their attention that the Obstetrician came early in the day and that Himeno Fumi and Sagisawa Yohko were the one entertaining them hence the two wasn’t able to come with.

“Ne Fujino,” Midori was lying on her side as she chewed her sandwich. The protectors and the non-pregnant HiMEs decided to play volleyball leaving the pregnant women on the mat along with Erstin.

“Midori-sensei?” Shizuru looked at her teacher.

“Aren’t you nervous?” The older red head asked the smiling ex-Kaichou.

“Nervous about what?” Shizuru asked back.

“About this hullabaloo thing, you know…the check up thing?” she clarified.

“Ara…I have undergone a check up already.” Shizuru said and that caused the others to look at her.

“When?” Nao asked with widened eyes.

Shizuru sighed deeply, “Just before Reito found me at Kyoto’s busy city…collapsing,” she replied sadly.

“What? You mean…Kanzaki found you? Not Natsuki?” Akane asked and Shizuru replied with a nod, “Wow, Kanzaki-san did seem to have a change of heart ne?” she added.

“He was my vice-Kiachou, and Kanzaki-san wasn’t really a bad person…” Shizuru smiled, “If you look pass that playful boy-next door aura he’s projecting around.” The chest nut haired woman added.


“Why did you go for a check up?” Akira asked huskily.

Silence which was later broken by Shizuru’s sad tone, “Himeno-san called me to inform me of everyone’s predicament, so I took the liberty to see if I am pregnant like you…and…well, as you can see…” she then smiled and patted her slightly protruded belly.

“Did it hurt?” It was Shiho who asked.

“That time?” Shizuru stalled, “Yeah…it hurts…I mean…the check up was uncomfortable, and I bled that day for the first time…”

“Natsuki wasn’t your first?” Shiho’s eyes widened.

Shizuru laughed softly, “Ara! The ultrasound machine was my first!” everyone laughed at that, then Shizuru’s melancholic voice returned, “But it wasn’t the check up that hurts, it’s…”

“You don’t have to tell us if you don’t feel like it Kaichou-san,” Yukino said smiling.

“No…I think I need to clear up everything,” Shizuru said then she bowed her head at Yukino and smiled, “These two here will have Kuga as their last name,”

Midori and Nao scrunched their forehead.

“Haruka-chan told me that your parents disowned you?” Yukino asked but she really wanted to supply that information as it seemed that the matter was hard for Shizuru to say. Shizuru nodded her head.

“The hell! You have no way to tell that The Stupid Obsidian Lord did this! Did you even reasoned out to them?!” Nao spat angrily.

“My parents didn’t give me time to do that…”

“So who told your parents that you’re Pregnant?” Erstin who didn’t join the protectors asked.

“Our family Obstet…”

“Fuck that OB!” Nao screamed, “Doctors have that confidentiality things right?”

“Yes, that was what I know…”

“Then we must kill that Obstetrician too!” Akira said angrily .


“So how come Reito found you?” Midori asked, “I believe you were at the special medical bay when we learned about you coming back to Fuuka, so what happened? Will it be okay for you to tell us?”

“Well, I really haven’t told anyone what really happened then, I mean…my Natsuki knew that I was disowned, that’s it and it seemed the information came from Kanzaki-san…”

“So you can’t tell us?” Midori asked.

“I don’t want to make my parents look bad in this…”

“But they are!” Yukino exclaimed, “What kind of parents will leave their only child hungry, pregnant, sick and roofless on the street?” the brown haired girl supplied.

“Ara, Kikukawa-san knew?”

“Sorry Kaichou-san, when I told my parents about my condition, they told me about what happened to you. Haruka-chan’s parents were your family’s friend right?” At that Shizuru nodded, “Well, it was Mr. Suzushiro who told my parents, he didn’t like what your mother and father did to you…not even one bit.”


“Ara…” Shizuru’s masked seemed to lose its hold for a while, and her eyes became misty, “I think I should thank Haruka-chan…”

“I think she called her parents and explained what really happened and told them that she and I will be having our baby.” Yukino said.

“Really?” The others except for Midori and Shizuru asked excitedly.

“So what did Suzushiro ojii-san said?” Shizuru asked.

“He was so elated that he’s going to have a grand child. He went to your parents house after that and gloated I think.”


Though almost everyone had that smile on their faces except for Akira.

“What’s the problem Akira?” Midori asked.

Akira looked at her teacher, “I haven’t told otousan about my pregnancy yet, I’m afraid of what he would do to Takumi-kun.” She said sadly.

“Ara! I’m sure Genai will not let anyone harm Takumi-kun, Genai accepted him as the protector and father.” Shizuru said.

Akira nodded her head, “Maybe I’ll try telling otousan when the break ends next week.” The others nodded.

Before the discussion lengthened out, Yohko came and with her was a red headed female. Her hair almost the same as that of Mai but she looked like someone at Yohko’s age

“Ara! Too many red heads in this story!” Shizuru said as she shook her head.

“Blame that HanDj-san, I think that idiot has a fetish for red heads!” Nao exclaimed.

“She should be aware though…Miyu might cut her head off if she learns about it.” Shiho supplied.

Yohko and her companion stepped closer and Midori stood up to greet her partner, “I didn’t enjoy breakfast!” the red headed HiME exclaimed.

“Sorry about that,” Yohko said smiling and then she smiled at her companion, “Oh by the way, I like you all to meet my friend, the one I told you about yesterday?”

At this, the others who were playing chose to get closer to where the two doctors were standing.

“This is Kimberly Anne Possible-Go, and she will be your Obstetrician for your entire pregnancy period.” Yohko said smiling, but her smile became one that is laced with nervousness as she saw Nao, Akira, Shiho, Akane and Yukino’s angry stare.

This didn’t go unnoticed by the red headed doctor as well, “Hi?” Kim greeted with a smile, her face has a look of calmness on it, “I will be you’re…”

“She looks like MAI!” Mikoto screamed then she looked down at the doctor’s chest before looking at her red headed partner, “Ne Mai!” the fiery haired HiME smiled at Mikoto, “Why is her breast not as big as yours?”

“Huh?” Kim.

“MIKOTO!’ Mai yelled before she slapped the younger HiME hard on her arm.

“Anyway, since I’ll be staying the day here, we could start a bit later for your examinations…”

“Are you going to break that confidentiality clause?” Yukino suddenly asked.

“What are…” Kim was thrown off by the question.

“Are you going to squeal to my father that I am pregnant too?” Akira didn’t even let Kim finished a sentence.

“I don’t…”

“Or maybe you’ll get us all thrown out of this house?” Shiho added, she has a frown on her face.

This outburst caused the others who were listening to make their own comments…all together; hence they are once again in a very chaotic situation.

Kimberly Anne Possible-Go, a well known Obstetrician haven’t seen a very wild and overprotective partners in her entire career as a doctor…well maybe except for now. The red head leaned closer to Yohko and whispered, “I think I know now what you mean…” and she wasn’t even finished with her sentence when Yohko was suddenly pulled away from her.

“No touchy my Yohko!” Midori exclaimed.

“Midori!” Yohko’s eyes widened.

The chaos lasted for about 5 minutes and that was thanks to Yukariko and Fumi who intervened.


Every HiME and their partners, as well as those who are not involved were gathered at the Kanzaki’s living room, they were all seated quietly while Kim stood in front of them, Shego and their daughter Kish was seated at a solo couch a bit away from the HiMEs.

“I see that something brought about the commotion earlier, I am glad that these things were brought up at once so that you can all clarify it to me and I can explain myself.” Kim started

Haruka raised her hand and Kim nodded at her to go on, “I think I know what Yukino is braving at…”

“Braving?” Kim asked

“Haruka-chan, driving at…”

Haruka glared at Kim, “Are you deaf? What braving are you talking about? I said driving at!” she exclaimed

“Oh…” Kim smiled and then nodded her head, Shego snickered softly as possible.

“To continue, I think there was an instance I knew of that an Obstetrician broke that confidentiality clause, and this caused the patient so much trouble and was even disowned by her family.” Haruka explained.

“Disowned?” Natsuki asked frowning then she looked at Shizuru who was at her side.

“She was thrown out of her house, was left hungry, sick, pregnant and that is all because of a bumbling idiot…a doctor, an Obstetrician.” Nao added. Everyone’s attention suddenly focused on Miyu who clapped her hands at Nao, and the web-weaving HiME bowed down.

“I see…” Kim sighed.

“Shizuru…you didn’t tell me…” Natsuki was frowning.

“Ara, I didn’t tell a soul Natsuki, Haruka-san knew it form her parents…”

“You should have told me! I am going to hire a goon and have your parents be shot!” Natsuki exclaimed.

“Natsuki…” Shizuru tried to calm down the blue haired girl.

“Hey…you can just ask me to do that; I’ll kill her parents for you…free of charge!” Shego said loudly.

Kim turned her attention to her wife suddenly and said, “SHEGO!” indignantly.

“IGO!” Kish imitated.

“IGO!” Migami copied.

“Wow…I think these two understands each other pretty well!” Shego commented.


“So is that the only concerns for you?” Kim asked, “Because I tell you now, Yohko as a friend puts her trust in me, so there is no way that I am going to do anything that will violate that patient’s right, that can lead to Yohko’s distrust.” The red headed doctor added.


“Can I be allowed to be at Nao’s side when it’s her turn?” Miyu asked suddenly.

“Yeah!” the other protectors yelled in agreement.

“Mikoto! Why the hell are you being so concerned again? Mai is not pregnant!” Midori yelled at the yelling Mikoto.

“But I can stay beside Fumi-chan!” Mikoto replied.

“Oh…” Midori then nodded her head.

“Well it wouldn’t be a problem with me, are your partners okay with you there beside them at the consultation bed?” Kim asked.

“I wouldn’t mind my Natsuki being there; it’s not as if she hasn’t seen…”

“SHIZURU!” Natsuki wailed her face as red as a tomato.

“Hah! I think someone here has manage to outdone you on the blushing department pumpkin!” Shego said laughing, causing the red head doctor to match Natsuki’s face.

“You’re not helping at all Shego-dear…” The way Kim said it made everyone cringed.

“I…I think I should just be with Mai and try to taste her ramen?” Mikoto suddenly said after seeing Kim’s evil glare.

“Heh…I forgot I have a job interview today!” Takumi seconded.

“Job interview? Why didn’t you tell me about it Takumi-kun?” Akira asked smiling.

“Hey Takumi, you’re not the only one who have a job interview today!” Kazuya agreed with the younger boy.

“Ara? Suddenly the boys have job interviews?” Shizuru said smiling mischievously.

“Heh! I’ll definitely pass watching Shiho’s consultation.” Chie said, “But maybe if I get to do Aoi’s IE…”

“HARADA!” Aoi slapped Chie’s nape a bit harder.

“Ow…that should hurt!” Nao said.

“I’m not changing my mind, you cannot use that face to threaten me.” Miyu said.

“I second the motion!” Natsuki yelled.

“I third in motion!” Haruka added. All the others looked at Haruka with slacked jaw, “What? I can’t second since Kuga seconded already!”

“I’ll be glad to accompany Shiho…” Erstin shyly offered.

“That’s sweet Ers-chan, and yes, I think I need someone to accompany me inside, this consultation is making me nervous.” Shiho said smiling.

“Okay, so whoever wants to accompany their partners just have to go in with them, but I will not tolerate anything that will disrupt my work, is that understood?” Kim told the people in front of her.

“Hai-Hai!” everyone replied happily.


“Since we’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon and there are 9 of you, I will divide your group into two. I will look at 4 patients today so that everyone could rest early, then I will start early tomorrow with the remaining five.” Kim said, she was standing in front of the door to a room that will served as the clinic for her, “I wanted to assign who’s who, but then I thought that you might want to assign yourselves. So who will be the first four to enter that clinic?” she asked smiling.


The HiMEs except for Shizuru were trying to gauge each other as to who has the bravest soul to be the first one to go in, their staring match was ended by Yohko.

“Midori will go first Kim, I’ll accompany her inside!” The general doctor volunteered the red head.

Midori’s eyes widened, “Yohko! I didn’t volunteer!”

“Oh yes I know that, but I did.” Yohko said sternly, “Come on! What happened to the strong justice fighter I knew?”

“You’re just trying to make fun of me…” Midori had a pout on her face.

“Okay, so…” the OB looked down at her index card to read in the profile, “…Suguira Midori, 2…”

“Oi! I’m only 17 years old!”

Kim looked at the wailing red head and shook her head, “Okay, so the other three should just come to my wife and tell her your name so that she could find your papers.” At that words, the red headed doctor turned her back to the others and went inside the clinic followed by Midori and Yohko.

“Okay! Whose next? And you better not mess with me or else!” Shego yelled and then she ignited one hand with her signature plasma.

“Wow! She can call out a fire even without HiME powers!” Mikoto said in awe, “…and it’s green like her!”

“Okay whose next?” Shego asked

“Ara…” Shizuru stood and walked forward, “My Natsuki hate to wake up early in the morning right?” she asked.

“Oh yeah!” Natsuki smiled and then she walked after Shizuru then she placed a hand closer to Shego’s ignited one…

Shego’s eyes widened and Kish excitedly jumped on the couch, “How the hell…”

Shego’s plasma was now encased inside a solid ice crystal.

“Heh! The Ice Princess…Kuga Natsuki.” Nao said as she stood following Shizuru, “I hate mornings too!” she said and she walked closer to the sitting green skinned woman, raised her hand and weaved a colorless web around the ice with green fire as the center, a long red strand was left for someone to hold on to, “That’ll be a great gift for your daughter.” She told Shego.

“The fuck!”

“Hey! No cursing in front of Kish!” Kim yelled from the inside.

“Sorry honey!” Shego yelled back, “Wow…how did you do it?”

Natsuki and Nao shrugged their shoulders as their reply.

“I tell you, your powers are much much useful than my brothers’ powers.”

The rest who were just watching snickered at the event.

35 minutes later

The waiting room now has the three next patients and their companions while the others decided to make other plans rather than wait for the tedious check up to end.

Midori and Yohko went out of the room with different expressions on their faces. Yohko was all smiles while Midori was frowning and she kept her legs together hence the awkward walk.

“Ara, Midori-sensei, you look like someone who has undergone a bikini wax!” Shizuru asked smiling.

“Bikini wax? Worst! Bikini wax doesn’t involve your whole vagina and a lot more!” Midori exclaimed.

“Ara…there’s a kid here sensei!” Shizuru was teasing though, it was clear.

“Was it that painful?” Natsuki asked her face pale.

Midori frowned at the blue haired girl, “Why are you the one so concern, you’re not the one whose going to undergo check up?”

“Baka! Of course I am concern…Shizuru will be the next!” Natsuki yelled.

“Ara, if Natsuki doesn’t feel good coming along, I’ll be okay to go in there alone…”

“No! I am not leaving you remember?” Natsuki said with a frown, the color returning to her face.

“Hai, but this is you not leaving me like the way we’ve talked about…”

“No and that’s final, I am going in with you!”

“Ara…” Shizuru looked at her lover and smiled, “Ookini my Natsuki.”

“Fujino Shizuru!” Kim called out and the chest nut haired girl stood up and entered the room followed by Natsuki.


Natsuki was smiling for the first part of the check up, upon coming in, Shizuru was asked to stand on the bathroom scale, “You’re a bit heavy than Midori,”

“We’ll be having twins!” Natsuki declared happily.

“Oh?” Kim then signaled for Shizuru to get off the scale and asked the chest nut haired girl to sit in front of her desk, “How did you know you’ll be having twin pregnancy?”

“I had a complete check up at Kyoto General Hospital, my family’s obstetrician did a…I think she called it Trans V?”

“Oh, so you already had an ultrasound, would you want me to repeat the Trans V? But I need your baseline ultrasound for comparison.”

Shizuru was silent but nodded her head.

“I left all my papers in my OB’s office in Kyoto; well it didn’t turn out well and…”

“Her parents disowned her because that doctor told her parents about the pregnancy when she gave her word to Shizuru that she’ll not say anything before Shizuru did!”


“That’s not good, though I can’t say more since we too had this moral ethics and obligations towards our colleagues, but rest assured that I won’t say a word to anyone without your permission.” Kim smiled and the two HiMEs who nodded their heads, “If you could give me your OB’s name and clinic number at Kyoto Gen, I’ll personally handle this case.” She offered.

“Ara…that will be a relief for me, Ookini,”


“Oh, arigato!” Shizuru supplied.

“I had your papers that were supplied by Yohko, so you had Hyperemesis Gravidarum?” Shizuru nodded, “So, I think I shall ask for a complete blood work up for you? We will include blood chem. So I can see whether your chemistry has been corrected already, will that be alright?”

“Of course,”

“You can now please lie on the bed.” Kim instructed after writing some things on the paper, “All your laboratory request will be given to Himeno-san, she said the school will pay for everything.”

“Himeno-san really is a good friend and administrator.” Shizuru said, she then lifted herself to the examination bed and lied down

Kim started doing her work seriously, she took a tape measure and measured Shizuru’s abdomen along the linea alba, “Your abdominal size is right for gestational age, and for a twin pregnancy.” She declared smiling; this caused Natsuki to smile too. Then Kim started placing her hands on both sides of the abdomen, she started doing the Leopold’s maneuver (1), “I think one of your baby is lying transversely, I suggest you massage your abdomen once in a while, it can make right the position at this age,” she said then she took a stethoscope and a portable machine. She put the bell of the stet on Shizuru’s abdomen as if she was locating for something, she had a frown on her face while doing it and smiled, she let Natsuki hold on to the stet while she readied he machine, “This is a portable sound Doppler, usually, your babies heart could be heard at 14 to 16 weeks, though at 14 it will still be faint and hard to be recognize with the use of stethoscope, so we could use this to amplify the sound…” Kim put a generous mount of KY jelly on the part where Natsuki has the bell of the stethoscope and then she put the machine’s moving part there,

“It’s so fast!” Natsuki exclaimed, her eyes wide in excitement.

“Yes, fetal heart rates are faster than maternal, hear this…” she maneuvered the machine and the heart sound slowed down, “This is the maternal heart rate. Normal fetal heart rate is at 140-160 beats per minute while maternal heart rate should be at 80-100, an athlete has a 60-80 normal.” She then moved the machine to another part and Natsuki and Shizuru heard another fast heart beat, “The second heart beat, from your second baby.”

“Wow!” Natsuki was all smiles.

“Okay…” Kim sighed, “We’ll go to the hard part of the check up, I’ll be doing your pap smear first, then I’ll get some samples for KOH test and for Gram staining, then I’ll do another transvaginal ultrasound.”

“What?” Natsuki asked, “Does it really have to be Transvaginal?”

“Yes, at this point, since the babies are still small, we do trans V to visualize them well, we can do trans abdominal but usually we do them at 6 months since everything will become an abdominal content during that period, I mean the uterus and its content will be big enough and be placed inside the abdominal wall.”

Natsuki nodded her head.

“Okay I’ll do an IE first, just take a deep breath when it becomes uncomfortable okay?” Shizuru nodded.

Natsuki was able to contain her red face while watching the doctor do an IE. Shizuru was holding on to Natsuki’s hands for support, and then the doctor took a speculum and readied herself when Natsuki stopped her.

“Wait!” Natsuki screamed and Kim looked at her, “You…are you going to insert that…that big metal thing inside…”

“Of course, I cannot do a pap smear without inserting this…”

Natsuki’s face paled, “That must have hurt…”

“Ara…Natsuki, your face looks so pale…” Shizuru propped herself from the bed to looked at her partner.


Kim shrugged her shoulder and continued, she warned Shizuru who rested her back on the bed, winced upon entrance of the speculum…and then the two heard a loud thud.

“Natsuki?!” Shizuru screamed when she propped her head to see Natsuki on the floor…unconscious…with bleeding nose, “Ara…I think my Natsuki has a very active imagination!”

“SHEGO!” Kim yelled for her wife.


The examination ended without much hassle, during Nao and Miyu’s turn, the half human seriously checked on Kim. She will give the red head a death glare during the entire examination. Kim flinched when Miyu decided to change one hand into her anti-materializing sword when she took the speculum to do a pap smear on Nao. Yohko has to be called upon at once for Kim to finish her examination on Nao.

So when it was Shiho’s time, Kim asked Erstin just one thing, “Can you change your hands or any part of your body into something lethal as well?”

And at Erstin shaking of her head, the red head doctor continued, though much careful this time as Shiho was a very small girl, and too young as well.

The examination the next day was more comical than pressured, what with Mikoto and Mai going in with Fumi Himeno. The spiked haired girl kept on interrupting and she even stepped closer to Fumi’s opened legs to look intently. Kim was too tired to stop the energetic HiME and if not for Mai’s warning that she will not have a ramen for a month, the spiked haired girl would not leave the doctor alone. But there was one thing Mikoto learned that day.

“So this is vagina!” Mikoto yelled as she looked at Kim do the transvaginal ultrasound, “Ne Doctor?”


“How come we can eat Vaginas?”

Kim’s faced reddened and it was matched by Mai, “Mikoto! Get out of here now!” Mai screamed and called forth her rings.

“Mai?...No Mai!” Mikoto then ran out of the room.


Later in the afternoon saw Kim, Shego and Kish who had the greatest time amongst the three on a limousine, courtesy of the Kanzaki Master and headed out of the mansion.

So how was it?”

You’re asking me how was the check up? I’ve never had a very tiring day in my entire career, and to think I’ve just saw 9 patients.”

They’re a cool bunch.”

Yeah….have someone change their hand into a sword and threaten you to slice your hand if I put in a speculum inside, then tell me that’s a cool bunch!”

Hey it’s cool! It’s not everyday that Kim Possible, the girl…I mean woman who can do anything can be scared like that!”


Then I really can do anything…who would have thought I’ll be getting a chance to look on special patients like that.”

I think Kish here enjoyed playing with Migami.”


Oh, did I tell you that…that Mikoto approached me?”


Secret…I’ll let you in the secret in the future.”

Come on Shego!”

Ah-ah, you didn’t tell me that we are staying overnight, so no can do!”



-End chapter 16-

A/N: Before my Omake…Information number 1. Leopold’s maneuver, from experience and previous readings, Leopold’s maneuver is a technique used for the doctor to learn the following: a. the position of the head, this is important ‘cause it will tell you if the pregnancy is breach or not, b. the position of the spine, this is important because the spine is the mark where you can put your stethoscope/Doppler so you can hear the fetal heart rate, c. the location of the fetal small parts, that is the feet and the hands, this is important because parallel to that is the spine! Hehehehe and finally, d. it tells the doctor if the baby is still floating or is engage! (And amongst these four, I have a hard time finding out the fourth! Silly me!)


Mikoto: Hi

Shego: Hi there…you are…

Mikoto: Mikoto-desu!

Shego: Hello Mikoto, how may I help you? (Shego put down the index card she was reading)

Mikoto: I have a question

Shego: Shoot, ask away!

Mikoto: Is Kish your and Doctor’s daughter? (Shego nodded her head), does Kish have a father? (Shego shook her head no) So she is purely yours and the Doctor’s? (Shego nodded her head


Mikoto: You’re not a HiME is it not?

Shego: We’re not, but I call my wife princess. So what’s this all about?

Mikoto: I want a baby like the others. Can you help me?


Shego: My Friend Dr. Hall is the one who helped us. But she is in America, at Middleton.


Mikoto: How much do I need to get there?

Shego: (frowned at Mikoto) you’re serious? (Mikoto nodded her head), I think you should talked about this with your group, I don’t think the states will let you in without the supervision of an older one

Mikoto: (Smiled) Okay, if we go there then I will look for you so you can help me? And Aoi-chan and Chi-chan too!

Shego: (Smiled and handed Mikoto a card) Kimmie and I will be staying here in Japan until next year, so expect us to be here until that time so I cannot help

Mikoto: Mai and I are not in a hurry!

Shego: Okay

Mikoto: Okay…Arigato Shego-san!

Not a funny Omake but expect me to write The Gift in America! Hehehehe... Next chapter, Reito will be returning in the story not in the mansion, just like the first arc, the HiMEs will be dealing with another trouble...what trouble? That you should see next chapter!

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