Story: The Gift (chapter 15)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 15



Chapter 15

It has been a month and it seemed nothing has changed between them.

It has only been a month.

No, if you include the first time they knew that they were pregnant, then it was more than a month or two. Please remember that they are now entering their second trimester and the children are now at their 14 weeks age of gestation.

They already had problems…”

Which was resolved at once, they are all getting along.

Theyll snap sooner or later. When those bellies begins getting larger, and when the pregnancy becomes too much of a pressure not only for the pregnant but from the one looking after them, theyll snap.

I doubt it.

Dont doubt my ability my dear,

You succumbed to their powers. Theyre not the same HiMEs from before.

And their children will not be them in the future.


Kanzaki-sans wish was granted already.

And I should be threatened?”

Perhaps…he was the one who suggested the HiMEs being roofed under one house. It was his idea that they are bonded right now.”

They’ll falter.”

I doubt it.”

If I don’t love you, I would have killed you right now.”

Not while I am protected by these crystals.”

I’ll make a wager with you.”

And because I know you honor your word, then I will accept your wager.”

Even without knowing what the wager is all about, you’ll accept?”

Yes, because I know I’ll win this one…again.”

You never fail to amaze me. Anyway, here is my proposition, if in 300 years and these HiMEs line can prove that they can duplicate their ancestors strength or even exceeds their ancestors power and they overthrow me like these HiME did, then I will stop trying to overtake the whole world and re-shaping it to my own desire.

And if the future HiMEs of this descent fails?

Then you will not raise a single finger to help them, marry me and reshape the world with our own flesh and blood.

Silencea very long silence

You still accept despite my proposition?

Yes. They will not fail me.

You put your trust on them too much, my love.


Friday evening found the HiMEs and their protectors along with Himeko, Alyssa, Migami, Aoi and Erstin at the Kanzaki’s entertainment room. The second periodical exam has been given to them through internet and the end of the exam marks the culmination of the university’s one week semester break, and because of the good news they received from Kanzaki Reito, they also gave themselves their needed break on their martial art exercises, this gave them time to unwind hence they were now gathered at the said room to watch something everyone will enjoy.

Natsuki and Shizuru were seated at the corner of a very large couch. Shizuru has her back resting on the couch’s backrest while Natsuki sat slouched, her head resting on Shizuru’s shoulder, and one arm draped on Shizuru’s enlarged abdomen. Beside the two were Chie and Aoi, the couple almost mirrored Shizuru and Natsuki’s position except for Chie’s body leaning forward a bit as she scan all the DVD discs that Erstin and Miyu borrowed from a DVD rental somewhere near the Kanzaki’s residence. On the other side of the large couch was Himeno Fumi, who was smiling widely as she watched the younger women around her, and beside her was Yukariko who has Migami seated at her lap. Occasionally, Fumi will pay attention to Migami, the two will play and the little girl will end up in a fit of giggles. Sometimes Alyssa, who was just showing the inner child in her will lean her body on Yukariko’s leg and join in the play. Alyssa was seated at the floor along with Mikoto, Shiho, Erstin and Yuuki Himeko. Alyssa would lean on Himeko’s lap most of the time if she wasn’t playing with Migami. Erstin and Shiho sat side by side and they both have their backs leaning on the large couch’s edge. It was a good thing that Aoi and Natsuki have their legs bent up while they snuggle with their partners. Mikoto was situated in between Mai’s legs, the fiery haired girl was seated on the solo couch and she was busy braiding Mikoto’s long hair-tails. The other solo couch has Midori and Yohko, Midori was actually seated at Yohko’s lap, her legs raised up on one of the couch’s armrest, while her back leaned on Yohko’s right shoulder and she has her head resting on Yohko’s neck.

Everyone was chatting happily when their attention was caught by the sudden opening of the entertainment room door and the appearance of one red head followed by the half human who was carrying a single lime green lazy boy chair

“Why is it that there is only one lazy boy chair in this house?” Nao asked as she entered the room, she was frowning

“I believe that is because this house has only one master? Reito-san?” Midori replied without moving or changing her position, not even a bit

Nao looked at the older red head and shook her head, “If Yohko-sensei puts a pacifier on your mouth, you’ll pass for a giant baby!” she teased the older red head

Midori this time pulled her head away from Yohko’s clavicle and glared at Nao, “Har-har, not funny.” She said before she scoffed and returned her head on its previous place

Nao was about to say something when she was suddenly pulled and before she knows it, she was already sitting on Miyu’s lap, her eyes widened as she looked at the half human, “Miyu!” she squealed

“I think Midori-sensei looks cute like that,” Miyu said flatly as she tried making Nao imitate Midori’s position

“OI! I don’t look cute!” Midori yelled

“Of course my Midori-chan looks cute this way!” Yohko teased and then she leaned forward to give Midori’s exposed cheek a peck

“Ara…” Shizuru exclaimed and then looked at Natsuki who looked back at her

“I know what’s running in that head of yours Shizuru. I am not going to copy Midori’s position!” Natsuki preempted

“Ara, my Natsuki read my mind again!” Shizuru squealed and then giggled, “But Yohko-sensei is right, Midori-sensei looks cute, look at her.” Shizuru said and pointed to Midori and Yohko’s place

“I’m not cute!” Midori yelled her face now turned red as the others looked at her again, “Where are the others? Kazuya, Akane? Takumi and Akira? And the Kaichou is not here along with that Haruka!”

“Don’t change topic Midori. You’re cuteness has been revealed.” Yohko said smiling evilly at the red head on her lap, “And I thought it was only for my eyes…” she followed with a bit of overacting facial expression

“I’m not…”

“You’re busted Midori.” Yukariko said and then she followed it with a laugh

“Takumi and Kazuya were out to look for a job, they said it’s the right time for them to do it since it’s semester break.” Mai offered without stopping her work

“That’s nice for them to be responsible at their very young age.” Fumi said smiling, “And Akane and Akira?”

“Probably comparing notes who got the best work out last night,” Chie said, she wasn’t looking at anyone, her eyes focused on 4 DVD discs she chose amongst so many, so she didn’t see Akira and Akane’s red faces. The two girls just entered the room when Chie made the remark

“We are so not discussing that!” Akane said a bit disgusted

Chie turned around and looked at Akane’s fuming face, “Discussing what?”

“Tha…that!” she said

“I don’t remember saying that,Chie said teasing the red faced girl

“Oi Chie spare the girl!” Natsuki said

“Oh, I saw Haruka-san and Yukino-san outside, the two seemed to be having some argument…” Akira said trying to divert the attention from them. It was at that moment that Haruka and Yukino entered the room

“I told you Yukino that was what I’ve heard!” Haruka said a little bit angry

“Wait!” Yukino called out, “You can’t be sure about that, you can’t just give someone suspension just on the basis of hearsay!” she reasoned

“But it’s not hair spray Yukino!” Haruka yelled, she even has her arms flailing in the air

Yukino slumps her shoulders, “Hearsay Haruka-chan, but you weren’t there…”

“I heard it over the computer, I saw that idiot who scandalized the girl’s restroom and he was even barging about it!” Haruka said

The other occupants of the room were silently watching the two’s exchange

“Vandalized Haruka and you’re not sure if the bragging boy and the vandal are one and the same!” Yukino explained giving stress to the misused words

“I know it’s him, I saw him and have talked to him before, and I have a very pornographic memory Yukino.” Haruka said, “…and you’ve been repeating my words too!”

At Haruka’s last words and before Yukino could correct her once again, Nao who was trying hard to not laugh had it and she burst out laughing, she was clinging on Miyu as she laughs hard. Haruka focused her gaze at the laughing red head, “What are you laughing at Yuuki Nao?!” she asked angrily

“Who…who would not laugh…You…you have por…pornographic memory! Bwahahahahahaha!”

Haruka frowned, “So what are you laughing?!” she demanded

“Haruka-chan,” Yukino said softly, her face red from embarrassment and was now tagging lightly on Haruka’s arm, “It’s photographic memory,”

“What’s the difference? Both of them have por and phic! Same difference!” Haruka reasoned which caused the others to laugh along with Nao, of course except for Miyu, Shizuru and Alyssa

“Ara, my term as the school’s Kaichou wasn’t this exciting…” Shizuru said smiling

“What’s not exciting during your term?” Natsuki asked, the laughter died down, Akane and Akira took a seat on the other couch and was followed by Haruka and Yukino,

“I am not going to label the carnival as exciting Natsuki,” Shizuru said seriously


“You know, we were not involved in that carnival that you were talking about and from what we heard, I think Shizuru-san is correct when she said that it wasn’t exciting at all.” Aoi said

Everyone nodded their head

“I have no idea what happened then, I was just there during the last day of the carnival.” Miyu said flatly. Something changed in Miyu and that was her interaction, instead of her answering questions, now the half human readily says whatever it is that comes into her head

“How come?” Chie asked

“Ojou-sama and I were sleeping during those times.” Miyu said and then she looked at Alyssa who has her head leaning on Himeko’s chest

“I died that time.” Alyssa said softly but still loud enough for others to hear, “Father killed me.” She added without tears


“I thought I was the one who killed you…I killed Artemis…” Mai said sadly, she stopped playing on Mikoto’s hair, while the younger girl held her hand

“Ara, I don’t think Mai killed Alyssa-san. There is no need for her to be sad.” Shizuru said

Erstin, Himeko, Aoi and Chie who have no idea of what really happened during that time were just staring at the others in awe

“I didn’t know you’ve suffered that much.” Erstin said and then she looked at Shiho

Shiho looked at Aoi and smiled, though her eyes silently say sorry to the older girl. Aoi looked back with eyes that asks Shiho what for, “Remember that time when everyone thought that there was a vampire roaming around campus?” Shiho explained

“The one who I thought bit me?” Aoi added and the HiMEs nodded their heads

“The one I shot with my arrow.” Yukariko said

“That was Yatagarasu, my child.”


Aoi unwound herself from Chie and leaned over to Shiho’s body in front of her and hugged her, “As everyone here said, you were all under some spell right?”

“But we still knew what we were doing that time Aoi-san,” Shizuru said her face once again bears a melancholic expression


“I thought the idea was that when a child is killed, the most important person is the one who dies, how come it was Alyssa who died?”

“My Father, the head of Searrs died. Next to my father, Miyu was the next important person in my life that time, and now that father is not here, Miyu is still my most important person and then there’s Himeko-sama, the other HiMEs, Migami-chan. You all became important to me.” Alyssa said smiling, “I felt weak after Artemis was defeated, but my father shot me.”

“Your father?” Himeko asked and held the child closer to her

“Father Greer killed her under the instruction of Mr. Searrs, Alyssa ojou-sama’s father.” Miyu said, “We found out that he was tasked to kill ojou-sama if she failed to kill the real HiMEs and soon Mr. Smith killed all the founding members.” Miyu explained, “I have to die with Ojou-sama, but someone took me from under the frozen lake.” She added

“Why the heck are we talking about such things?” Natsuki yelled

“I agree!” Haruka seconded

“We are all given second chances, and we were given precious gifts! So there’s no room for sadness or for reminiscing here, understand?” Natsuki said and then she looked at Shizuru and smiled

Everyone nodded

“Besides, we all have a movie to watch…” Fumi said and looked at the side to see Migami’s eyes closed and drools were already forming on the side of her mouth, “Well maybe not all.”

Everyone laughed at that.

“This little one is excited to see her little sister already.” Yukariko said

Mikoto and Chie sighed simultaneously, “What’s that sigh for?” Aoi asked Chie while Mai just looked at Mikoto, she having an idea as to the reason for Mikoto’s

“Of all the couple here, we are the only one who will not be having little ones.” Chie reasoned taking her eyes on reading the back cover of the DVD

“Hey we will not have ours too!” Mikoto whined

Everyone looked at Mikoto, “Why, are you two a couple?” Midori asked the young girl and Mikoto nodded her head and this caused Mai to blushed,

“Okay!” Chie screamed to change topic, “I finally chose two out of all of this,” she said and then she looked at Miyu, “So who among Miyu and Erstin borrowed this…” She looked at the title of the two DVD’s again, “Mugen Shima and Strange Animal?” Erstin raised an arm and pointed at Miyu. Chie grinned, “Just as I thought.”

“Nao told me to get those two specifically.” Miyu reasoned

Nao’s eyes widened and looked at the woman underneath her, “You borrowed it? But I told you to borrow it for our eyes only!” Nao exclaimed

“I’ll get it…”

“NOOOOO!” Chie said trying to hide the DVDs from Miyu who wasn’t getting out of the couch and under Nao, “Okay…we cannot see Mugen Shima right now but there is no way you two are going to watch it all by yourself!” she said

“Ara, Chie-san is so adamant, what’s the movie all about?”

“Well…” Chie blushed, “groups of female on vacation on a fantasy island so make a guess…”

Everyone gets the meaning except of course for the dense ones and the young ones. Dense: Natsuki, Miyu, Haruka. Young: Alyssa, Mikoto so except for the people mentioned, the others blushed

“Oi! There is no way that you four will be the only one to watch it!” Midori exclaimed, “Yohko and I will definitely watch it!”

“Why the heck can’t all of us watch it?” Natsuki asked frowning. The rest looked at her as if another head sprouts from her neck, “What?”

“I can’t believe you fell in love with that dense woman!” Nao said shaking her head

“Ara, my Natsuki probably needs to watch that so she’ll know?” several heads nodded, “Okay, so it is official that we will see that once Alyssa-chan and Migami-chan are already at their room.” Shizuru said

“I think I’ll pass.” Yukariko said blushing

“I’ll pass too,” Fumi seconded

Akane and Akira were about to say the same thing when Haruka interrupted them, “I don’t get why Alyssa and Migami are not allowed to see them, but I will allow it, but you two?” she said pointing a finger on the girls beside her, “You will watch with us, and you need to bring Kazuya and Takumi also, this is about bonding time!” she said

“Haruka-chan, I don’t think…”

Nao and Midori grinned, “Oh, the director said her piece, touch move!” Midori exclaimed

“Midori, you’re going to give those two a nosebleed.” Yohko said but she was smiling mischievously

“Then we shall see who will nosebleed first, Natsuki-chan, Haruka-chan or the two guys, so want to bet?” Midori said grinning

“Ara! I bet 100 dollars for my Natsuki!” Shizuru said at once

“SHIZURU!” Natsuki screamed and blushed

“Hah! I’ll bet on Takumi-kun!” Akira said raising her voice

There was laughter at the sudden change of atmosphere in the room

“So I think it is safe to watch Strange Animal then,” Shizuru

“I guess this must be something that resembles National Geographic.” Chie adds

“Not sure? But you’ve been reading the back for a while now Chie-san.” Fumi asked

Chie grinned, “Yeah, but I don’t understand what it says.”

Everyone suddenly developed a very large sweat drop on their foreheads except of course for the well composed ex-Kaichou and Miyu.

So Chie decided to put the DVD into the player, she stood up, walked towards the entertainment set and put the DVD in before she went back to her place.

As everyone waited for the movie to play, they decided to keep quiet. Natsuki again leaned against Shizuru’s shoulder, but instead of just wounding an arm on her belly, the blue haired HiME began making circles on Shizuru’s bulged abdomen. Amongst all the pregnant women it was Shizuru who has the largest tummy, it is justified though as she is the one carrying a twin, the others though compared to last month have still unrecognizable bulges on their abdomens.

Natsuki was making different shapes on Shizuru’s belly now causing the older one to giggle, then Natsuki will whisper something on Shizuru’s ear and the giggling fit will be accompanied by a blush…something new for the well composed ex-Kaichou. The others were watching the two who seemed to not notice that the attention was on them.

Well everyone was just watching except for one cyan haired half human who suddenly put a hand on Nao’s still unrecognizable bulge and she too made some shapes on them. Miyu used her magnifying ability to see the shapes Natsuki made on Shizuru’s belly and copied it. Nao who was intently watching and was waiting for the right moment to tease the blue haired girl was suddenly jerked from her thoughts as she felt Miyu’s hands making shapes on her belly, “What the hell…” she wasn’t able to finish her rant when Miyu cut her

“You are supposed to giggle like Shizuru-san.” She said flatly then Miyu did something on her face that widened Nao’s eyes. Miyu copied Natsuki’s smile, though hers was obviously fake but her eyes twinkles just like that of Natsuki

Nao’s sudden yell made Natsuki and Shizuru pull their eyes off each other and turned their attention to Nao and Miyu, Nao looked at Natsuki and yelled, “Kuga! Stop making out in front of us! You’re infecting Miyu!” Natsuki was about to blurt out a retort after blushing but was stopped when Miyu leaned forward and caught Nao’s earlobe in her mouth causing the red head to blush redder than Natsuki and jumped out of Miyu’s lap, “What the hell was that for?!” she asked, the people inside were laughing

“I was just copying Kuga-san…” Miyu tried to explain

“Miyu! She wasn’t licking Fujino’s ears! She was whispering something!” Nao screamed in embarrassment

“Ara!” Shizuru looked at Natsuki, “How come Miyu-san thought of licking Nao’s ear and you don’t?”

Natsuki’s eyes widened, “Shizuru…” she said exasperatedly

“Hey! There are kids in the room!” Haruka screamed, “We can lick each others ears later after the movie!”

Shizuru and Midori looked at Haruka, “Haruka-san, ecchi…” Shizuru said smiling

“I didn’t know that Haruka had a perv-streak.” Midori added then laughed

“Okay! The movie is starting!” Chie screamed

Miyu pulled Nao back on her lap as everyone becomes quiet. Natsuki and Miyu continued what they were doing on their partners belly while watching

“Ara…doesn’t that woman look like my Natsuki?” Shizuru said and the others nodded, “I think I like this movie.”

Haruka’s eyes widened, “What is Yukino doing in that movie…and…and why is Kuga coming closer to her?!” she asked anxiously

“Haruka-chan, that’s not me.” Yukino said but deep inside she knew that she could have mistaken the actress as her

Natsuki and Haruka’s eyes widened and they both made a coughing sound before Haruka screamed and stood up angrily, “The hell… Kuga is sliding her hands in my Yukino! How dare you!”

“You don’t have to hit me on my head that hard!” Natsuki stood up as well and faced Haruka as she screamed back at the blond woman

“You touched my Yukino!”

“The hell I’m going to touch her! I’ll only touch my Shizuru!”

“But I see it with my own two eyes! You were touching my Yukino!”

“I’m not!”

“Ara…I didn’t know that my Natsuki could be this intense when watching a movie.” Shizuru said smiling as she watched the commotion between the two

“And to think it was Miyu who borrowed this.” Aoi said

“If my parents learned that I am watching this, they’ll probably send me back to Schwarz.” Erstin said but she was amused all the while

“Then I’m coming with you.” Shiho said smiling at the blond girl next to her

“So Miyu needed some more information?” Midori asked

“Nao wants me to watch it.”



Despite the chaos at the start, they finished the movie. Akane and Akira were glad that the two guys came when the movie ended. They were about to go to their room when Haruka stopped them

“You will watch with us, bonding time!” Haruka said

So Chie puts in the second movie Mugen Shima

And the bet was on

Just to find out that neither Akira nor Shizuru won. Haruka was the first one to nosebleed and even fainted after.

The watchers had to get lots of tissue papers during this movie, and Benford-san will probably wonder where the blood on the floor all came from.


The movie ended a little late and it left one Chie Harada all hot and bothered. She was already lying on the bed, and Aoi was beside her, already taken away by the sandman, although the smaller girl will occasionally moan and even called out Chie’s name sensually, and it’s not helping the taller girl to relax and put the movie’s hot scenes out of her mind.

“I won’t be able to sleep like this!” Chie groaned and then she looked at her partner. She grinned when Aoi made a purring sound and it made her hotter. So deciding to take in the plunge, she slowly pulled the blanket that cover’s Aoi’s body, and her eyes glistened when she saw Aoi’s nipple hard and poking out of Aoi’s very thin night wear.

Not able to hold herself, she raised a hand and cupped one breast and massaged them; Aoi’s moan deepened but the girl still has her back flat on the bed. So Chie decided to go further and slowly removed the top revealing Aoi’s naked half, she then leaned forward and caught the nipple in her mouth, her other hand traveled to the other mound and massaged it.

“Chie…” the sleeping girl whimpered but did not wake up

So the taller girl continued her ministrations until she was able to liberate Aoi from her night wear, her hand then traveled downward to land on the sleeping girl’s now wet center, she then pulled Aoi’s limp legs apart and slid two fingers in

Aoi was enjoying her time at the never-never land, Chie was with her teasing her, took her hand and like peter pan flew her away, up-up in the sky, then they floated and Chie magically materialize a single feather and started tickling her…but she was shocked when the tickling become something laden with lust as Chie dove down, laid her on the ground and started undressing her hurriedly, then she leaned down and suckled her breast fervently…its not that she’s complaining…but they were at never never land and this is supposed to be a Rated PG dream, she gasped when Chie suddenly entered her core

And that was when she woke up from her dream Chie’s fingers inside her, thrusting in and out, “Chie…” Aoi’s hazy brain asked but her traitorous body swayed in rhythm with Chie’s thrust

Chie grinned at Aoi like a child who was caught with her hand inside the cookie jar…although Chie’s hand was kind of like that…isn’t it, “I am hot and I can’t sleep?” Chie said smiling and stopped thrusting

Aoi frowned, “Stop that Harada and I’m not going to give you any incentives anymmffff….” Aoi wasn’t able to finish her sentence as Chie leaned and caught her lips with hers, and the taller girl continued thrusting until Aoi screamed her orgasm


Morning at the Kanzaki’s was usual, Himeko and Aoi were in charge of breakfast, but since it was a Saturday, Mai helped instead of Aoi and she was tasked to make the ramen for everyone.

Fumi, Yohko, Yukariko and Midori were gathered early in the morning at the library. Last night, Erstin woke up Yohko reporting that Shiho was complaining of stomach pain, the blond girl was so rattled and almost gave Yohko a heart attack, it was a blessing that Shiho was just suffering from a mild case of MPS or Myofascial Pain Syndrome and a warm compressed alleviates it. This event alarmed the doctor hence, she decided to meet the other administrators especially Fumi.

“As you can see, you are now entering the second trimester, and normally, at the start of pregnancy, there should be a regular visit to an obstetrician. Though I was able to prescribe everyone the right vitamins and supplements, it wasn’t enough.” Yohko explained

“What else should be done?” Fumi asked, not aware of the process since it’s her first pregnancy

“During the time I was pregnant with Migami, I had to go to my obstetrician once a month until 7 months then every two weeks until 8th months, then once a week until I reached my EDC, I forgot what that means.” Yukariko supplied

“Yukariko is right, and EDC is expected date of confinement. The girls needs more laboratories, like KOH test, they need to at least have a baseline ultrasound, blood test is needed also and at this time, they should at least get the right to hear their babies heart beat, and let them know if their babies are positioned right.” Yohko supplied

“So what are we to do?” Fumi asked “Isn’t Dr. Kramer available?”

“Oh…I think Dr. Kramer is not the one we need, yes he is a radiologist, but we need Obstetrician to do that.” Yohko said


“And I am not going to allow any man touch my Midori-chan.” Yohko said looking at her partner and then winked. Her wink was returned but with an additional flying kiss from Midori. Yohko pretended as if to catch the kiss and place it on her lips

Yukariko and Fumi shook their heads from the two’s childish moments

“Don’t worry, I’ll contact a friend, she’s an American Obstetrician who decided to have a clinic here in Japan, I’m sure she’ll help us out.” Yohko said


The late night activity caused Chie and Aoi to wake up late, so they were the last one to go down and head to the dining area. While walking along the corridor, Chie suddenly heard the administrator’s discussion through a slight opening of the door, she overheard about Fumi asking about some Dr. Kramer, she was to stay and try to hear more when Aoi pulled her and the two headed to the dining area

“Finally, you two arrived!” Haruka said and the two new arrivals seated themselves on their proper places

“I over heard Fumi-san talking about hiring a doctor for you,” Chie started

“That’s good!” Erstin replied, “Shiho gave me a fright last night, it is probably right for her to be seen by a doctor.” She added with concern in her voice

Nao frowned, “Why don’t you just get your things from your dorm and just live with us here?” she said

“I can’t do that, I need to attend school and see through the student’s welfare while Kaichou-san is not around.” Erstin reasoned and the others nodded

“But that’s not what bothers me.” Chie added

“What?” Natsuki asked, she was about to drink her morning coffee

“They were hiring Dr. Kramer, that lecherous Dr…” Chie wasn’t able to finish her sentence when 5 types of morning drinks showered her

“That Baka?!” Natsuki screamed, “Oh no-no-no…”

“I am not going to let that boisterous man even lay a single finger on my Yukino!” Haruka screamed

“Haruka-chan, its lecherous.” Yukino corrected

“The hell I’ll let him look at Shizuru!” Natsuki added

“He won’t definitely touch Mai or I’m going to use Miroku to cut off his hand.” Mikoto said

“Mikoto, there is no way he can do that because I’m not pregnant!” Mai said

“Then I’ll use my Kunai.” Takumi said

“And I’ll hit his head with my tonfa!” Kazuya added

Suddenly the dining table was in chaos as the protectors and partners started making out scenarios on how to take the man’s body parts one by one. This was their state when the four adults came in. Their eyes widened

“WAITTTT!” Midori screamed

The noise stopped and the girls looked at their teachers

“What is happening here?” Fumi asked calmly

Haruka raised her hand and Fumi nodded at her so she started, “I am not going to let any man touch my Yukino, and I don’t care if that man is a doctor!” she said angrily, Fumi was about to reply when Miyu suddenly spoke

“No man shall insert a finger inside Nao or I am going to severe any arms where that finger is attached.” Miyu said flatly

At this Nao’s face reddened and the others started laughing

Yukariko was laughing too but was the first to react, “Who said about any man inserting a finger on anyone?” Yukariko asked

The rest except for Shizuru looked at Chie

“Hey! I didn’t say that Dr. Kramer will insert a finger on anyone! I just said that he was hired as the doctor! Miyu was the one who said anything about finger insertion!”

They looked at the cyan haired half human

“That’s what I’ve read from the books.” Miyu reasoned

Yohko have to restrain herself from laughing out loud at Miyu’s chastised expression, well if you could read her eyes not her face, “Okay, what Miyu read was the IE or internal examination and yes, Miyu is right that it’s a must…”

She haven’t finished her explanation yet when the uproar came again from the protectors

“QUIET!!” Midori screamed again, “Another uproar and I tell you, no one will get chocolate cake!” she screamed and then looked at Mikoto, “And why the hell are you so concerned Mikoto? Mai’s not pregnant!”

Mikoto frowned, “But they were all yelling so I should yell too.”

They could almost see smoke comes out from Midori’s ears

“Ara, Midori-sensei is getting frustrated now, can we all sit down and talk about this calmly?” Shizuru asked of the others and they all sat down, including the teachers

“I agree with Shizuru-san,” Yukino said smiling at the chestnut haired girl

“Okay,” Yohko speak, “I’ll clear everything up, Chie-san must have heard wrong…”

“I heard Fumi-san talking about Dr. Kramer.” Chie said

“Yes she did but it was about the ultrasound, and we didn’t agree because he’s a radiologist and not an obstetrician. Besides I won’t let any lecherous man touch Midori, only I have that right…well I can’t do the IE but I’m not letting a man do that.”

That relieved the majority

“So a friend of mine…”

“A man or a woman?” Haruka asked

“Female," Yohko answered exasperatedly, “That female friend of mine agreed to come here during the times of your check ups, and she will be doing the IE. Female will do the IE.”

“Is she straight or lesbian?” Natsuki asked

“What’s her preference got to do with this?” Yukariko asked

“Well if she’s a lesbian then it’s understandable that she too liked…” Natsuki trailed

“Ara, Natsuki thought that lesbians are like that? I am hurt!” Shizuru

“Oi it’s not that but I was just thinking that…”

“Hey, I like vaginas but I surely am not interested in eating Shiho’s vagina!” Nao screamed

“Nao! You…” Shiho yelled her face red

“Okay…that was wrong of me but…”

“If you’re not comfortable with it then you can do Shizuru’s IE!” Midori said

“Ara, if that’s the case I’m afraid the consultation will take hours…”

“Shizuru!” Natsuki exclaimed

Mikoto wasn’t paying attention, she was in deep thought, “Mai!” she called out a bit louder taking everyone’s attention, “Is vagina delicious? Why haven’t I tried eating one yet?” she said then she scratched her head

The other’s laughed. Himeko was actually covering Alyssa’s ear, and Migami’s ears was covered a little late so the girl screamed

“VAGINA!!” before she giggled

“Mikoto!” Mai screamed, her faced red in embarrassment

“He, Mai has one! Why don’t you…” Nao didn’t finished that as a single bread flew through the air and landed in her face

“Mai has a vagina? Mai why didn’t you let me taste it?!”

Mai frowned and glared at Nao, “I’m going to kill you Nao! Mikoto will not stopped whining!” and then she threw another bread

“Hey!” Nao yelled and she too threw bread into Mai

And the discussion was now a full blast food fight

“I can already see how this consultation will go.” Yohko said shaking her head

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a massage after…and I have a gift for you…” Midori whispered before a bread hit her face, “Who threw that?!”

-end 15-

So this arc will deal with the HiMES pregnancy and the problems they’ll encounter until the HiMEs give birth

Next chapter, someone will make a cameo. She’s supposed to appear here but I decided against it.

Strange Animal is a story by ShotgunNeko and Mugen Shima is the story authored by EM Praetorian.

Not meaning to be negative about lesbians, as author is one too, just trying to write something that at least has semblance to reality, and was trying to elicit a conversation that could lead to the last scene.

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