Story: The Gift (chapter 14)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 14

Takumi’s kunai was from Naruto, and my idea on Natsuki’s combination was inspired by Tokiya Mikagami from flame of Recca. Harharhar…



Previously on The Gift

The scream was heard by Nao and Miyu

“Ojou-sama!” Miyu screamed, then she turned to face the running girl and to run to her ojou-sama

It seemed that it was only Miyu who guided Kazuya and Takumi to see where the Monster is heading, so when Miyu turned around, Kazuya and Takumi lost sight of the monster

And it was Nao who saw where the monster is going

The monster’s arm transformed into a knife, it headed straight to Miyu whose back was on them and has no visual of the attacking monster

“MIYU!!” Nao screamed before she ran as fast as she could to prevent the impact

The other’s heard the commotion and Natsuki saw what is going about to happen

“Materialize!” She screamed as she wanted to call out her pistols too, but the pistols didn’t materialize, “Fuck!” she ran fast towards the attacking monster then a thought hit her, “Harada! Give me a boost with your tornado!” she screamed

Chie nodded and activated her tornado, letting it hit Natsuki

Natsuki readied her naginata in an attacking position as Chie’s tornado flew her fast towards the scene

“Natsuki…” Shizuru whispered



The half human heard Nao’s scream so she look back to see the monster, descending on her with its transformed arm. She frowned and waited for the hit to come…

Chapter 14 (13. 2)

Miyu frowned when the attack didn’t come but instead it was Nao’s warm arms that descended upon her

“NAO!!” Natsuki screamed

Kuga Natsuki was flying towards them fast, her naginata in a position to cut through the monster’s arm, Chie exerted more effort to let Natsuki flew faster and get to Nao just in time…

“Nao-san…” Miyu whispered as she felt something wet and sticky poured over her shoulder

At that moment Natsuki was able to get to the monster who has embedded it’s sword on Nao’s right shoulder blade, she frowned in anger at the sight of blood pouring out of the red head’s wound, “NAO!!” she screamed in tears as she made a direct, straight cut to the monster’s arm, the naginata cutting through and hits the ground, severing the monster’s arm

The monster suddenly withdrew from the action, and stood in front of them, it wasn’t making an attack as it raised its arm

“That monster could regenerate!” Himeno screamed, “Mai!” Mai materialized her bow and arrow

The monster looked puzzled as she tried to regenerate its severed arm; it looked at its arm and made an expression as if it was frowning when it saw its arm’s end covered with ice, making it unable to regenerate

“It can’t regenerate! Hit it!” Akane screamed

Shizuru was so angry that she closed her eyes lend me your power Duran… she thought and felt something surge inside her. She opened her crimson eyes, her gaze was freezing and she whispered materialize, and there at her hands were Natsuki’s pistols, she raised her arms, aimed at the stunned monster and shoot

No one knew that Shizuru was an able gun shooter, one of the quirks being a Fujino is to learn the art of fighting, the classical and modern way.

It was at that moment that the unsuspecting monster realized its compromising situation, the ice bullets hits even before it was able to dodge, Shizuru’s attack was followed by Mai’s flaming arrow, and the arrow shattered the frozen monster into pieces.

And if everyone thought that the suspense was through

The other monster decided to just attack the others as it can’t hit the fast Mikoto

Shizuru saw the sudden shift of the other monster and began shooting at it, but the monster was fast so it dodged the ice bullets

Haruka frowned, “Oh no! You are going down!” she screamed then she activated Diana’s barrier and engulfed the speeding monster with it and letting it float above the ground

Mikoto who saw Nao and Yohko’s bleeding body becomes angry and screamed “Now!”

As if there was an earthquake; the ground shook and multiple scythes came out flying from the ground, as if Miroku decided to change its spike to a scythe, the scythes concentrated on the floating monster and it hit the monster on every part of its body.

Haruka dropped the barrier causing the monster to fall down on the ground

“It’s not dead yet!” Himeno screamed

Natsuki approached the monster who was removing the scythe one by one from its bleeding body, “Die monster!” Natsuki growled as she pierced the monster’s chest with her naginata

Eyes widened when the monster was slowly engulfed by an ice

“Sugoi…” Takumi whispered

Seeing this, Mai stepped closer, materialized her element and threw a concentrated fireball on the now frozen monster.

The action shattered the monster into pieces

And then the elements dematerialize


Miyu was supporting Nao who had slid down, taking with her Miyu, “Nao-san…” Miyu’s voice was the same monotonous one but her face was drained of color. Himeko and Alyssa who saw what happened ran towards the bleeding Nao

“Nao!” Himeko screamed as she ran towards her daughter and then knelt before the woman

“Nao-san…Gomen!” Alyssa said while crying

“He-he, this isn’t life threatening mama, so don’t you dare cry.” Nao said weakly, trying to lighten the mood

“Nao needs more medical attention than me, bring her to her room, and get me something to patch her up!” Yohko said as she tried standing up

“But you can’t do it Yohko, don’t jeopardize Nao’s condition by trying to heal someone when you yourself can’t get up!” Yukariko chastised the struggling doctor

“I called Dr. Marco already; she will be here in a moment!” Sakomizu interjected after he saw everything, “I instructed Erstin to get a first aid kit, and I’m sure Miyu could give Nao a first aid…” the teacher said

The others were still in shock as to what happened

Miyu included, the half human was not replying, she just have her arms around the injured red head, cradling her in her embrace

“Take me to my room Miyu…” Nao whispered before darkness claimed her

“Nao-san…” Miyu looked at Nao’s pale face, “Her heart beat is slowing down. Too much blood loss, Nao-san is going into hypovolemic shock.”

“Then get up and take her somewhere where she could be cured!” Natsuki yelled at the shocked half human

Good thing Yohko was already standing, being supported by Midori, “Miyu-san, please bring Nao-san on her room…”

Alyssa looked at her guardian and frowned when the half human was still not moving, “MIYU!” Alyssa screamed, the blond girl stood up and shook the cyan-haired half human, “MIYU!” she screamed again and slapped the half human in her face. This caused the cyborg to looked at her ojou-sama,

“Alyssa ojou-sama?”

“Please, take her to her room, she needed medical attention.” Alyssa said calmly. The cyborg nodded and then she stood while carrying the unconscious Nao inside the house.


Everyone was relieved when they’ve learn that Erstin has a back ground on first aid; the blond girl started dressing Nao’s wound first. The red head was lying on her bed, her mattress soaked with her own blood. Miyu was sitting beside the sleeping girl watching. Himeko and Alyssa were taken to Alyssa’s room where the older woman was given a light sedative by Yohko.

The other HiMEs were keeping watch on the mansion, just in case another of those monsters suddenly came, though it was Haruka, Natsuki, Mai and Mikoto who decided to keep watch. The others were given time to rest

Sakomizu was offered to stay the night, but he wanted to go back to the university to see what had become of the school, Erstin of course stayed and was resting on her room, although now, Shiho would sleep in that room every week ends with her. Fumi, Shizuru, Yukariko and Yukino were gathered together to discuss the matter at school, and at the mansion. They were at the middle of their meeting when the phone rang and Reito jumped in.

Yohko’s wound was dressed by Erstin too, and was glad that it really was a shallow one; it seemed that her collapse was due to her first time fighting and with a very strong opponent at that, a monster with no qualms in killing its prey. Once she found her self able to do what she does best again, she came to Nao’s room and inspected the wound

“Miyu-san…” Yohko called out the half human keeping vigil at Nao, the cyan haired woman looked at the doctor, “I’ve got a call from Dr. Marco and I told her about Nao’s condition, they need to do an emergency exploratory surgery on her wound to see of there were major vessels and nerves hit.” Miyu did not reply but she nodded her head, “She’s loosing a lot of blood and she might need a transfusion so can you please tell Himeko-san about it?” Miyu nodded

She then stood and was about to make her way out of the room when she stopped, “Will Nao-san be okay?”

“She will once she got the proper medical attention. It’s not good for her baby for her to lose so much blood.” Yohko replied, “Dr. Marco will be here in an ambulance in five minutes

“I’m not leaving her side.” Miyu said flatly

“We don’t want you to.” Yohko said smiling

Then Miyu walked out of the room


In five minutes, they heard the siren at the Kanzaki mansion, and then Miyu could be seen carrying Nao hurriedly unto the ambulance. The red head was hooked at once to an LRS (lactated ringer solution), then she was also hooked to an oxygen, a pulse oximeter was clipped on her thumb, as heart monitors were hooked on her chest. Before the red head was totally put inside the ambulance, one of the medics took an arterial blood via her radial artery that could be found on her wrist for ABG (arterial blood gas), CBC and ABO cross matching. After all these were taken, the red head along wit Miyu and Himeko boarded the ambulance and soon after they heard the siren blur into the night.


The mansion has been quiet in the following week

Nao and her baby were pronounced out of danger after 24 hours, post-surgery. This was good news for everyone and Himeno was so happy she celebrated with the others by buying ice cream for everyone. On the 48th post-op day, complication sets in; it seemed that Nao’s body was rejecting the blood transfused to her that came from her mother. 460 cc of whole blood, fully cross matched and inspected was taken from Himeko for emergency transfusion, it seemed that the sword hit a major artery and it bled profusely during the exploratory surgery. The vascular surgeon was so thankful that the brachial plexus wasn’t hit at all. Nao responded well on the first 24 hours, but the rejection happened on the 48th, so they decided to look for another donor, and it seemed Miyu’s blood can be transfused.

The doctors were so amazed that the successful blood transfusion was from a humanoid, and they were even more intrigued by the fact that Miyu regenerated blood cells in the course of one hour to replaced the two 460 cc bag of blood taken from her

You know, the likes of you would benefit the medical studies.” One resident said to Miyu while the humanoid was lying down, 16 gauge needle bore inside her antecubital area. The resident was massaging the arm and it made Miyu frown 'no one does this to me'

In irritation, Miyu transformed that same arm the resident was massaging into a sword. The resident jerked back and suddenly removed his hands from Miyu’s arm, “The next time you try to do that again, I will not hesitate to cut your hand.” She said flatly, “I don’t want to see you doing that to Nao-san as well.” She added looking at the resident fiercely. The resident wasn’t able to formulate any reply but his head nodded successively to state that he understood.

Nao slept for two days, and on her 4th hospital day, the red head awakened to the light of the sun kissing her cold, pale cheeks. She turned her head to see Miyu looking out of the glass window

Miyu, where is my mother?” Nao asked hoarsely

Miyu turned around to looked at Nao’s pale face, “I am glad Nao-san is already awake.” She said flatly, “I sent Himeko-sama home, she has been watching over you the entire time.” She said

Nao frowned, “And you’re not?” she asked smiling

Miyu shook her head, “I was here with Himeko-sama.”

Then why did you let my mother rest at home while you stayed here?” This was followed by Nao coughing and wincing from the sudden pain brought about by her newly operated wound

Because unlike Himeko-sama, I need just a little rest. Besides, Alyssa ojou-sama will miss her, the both of us weren’t with her and she is not allowed to come here to visit.” Miyu reasoned, then she walked over the side table and poured water on a glass, “Here, water will be good to alleviate your dry throat.” Miyu said offering a glass with a straw and Nao sipped on it

Thanks.” Nao said and then she closed her eyes to will the pain away

Miyu sat at the side of the hospital bed, “You shouldn’t have done that. I could take that attack Nao-san, and this will not happen.” Miyu said flatly

Nao opened her emerald eyes and looked at Miyu, “The least you could say is thank you Miyu…”

I am supposed to protect you, not you protect me.” She said


I’m alright now Miyu.” Nao said sadly

But you gave us all a fright. I thought you’ll die.” She said flatly, but her face was blushing

Nao smiled, she then moved her hand without the intravenous line and rest it over Miyu’s hand, “Gomen Miyu fo…”

Miyu didn’t let her finish that sentence as she leaned forward and kissed Nao on her lips, chastely, “You will not do that again. I am not going to lose you and little Miyu.”

Nao was shocked by Miyu’s sudden action, but the shock passed faster and she smiled at the half human for using little Miyu instead of little Nao, so the red head nodded her head in agreement, then she raised her clean hand and pulled the half human forward and gave Miyu a proper kiss

Well proper in Nao’s dictionary

So after one week of being held in the hospital. Nao came home to the mansion with Miyu.

Himeko and Alyssa was the first to greet the come backing HiME. Alyssa with a happy smile on her face as she embraced the red head then shifted her embrace to Miyu. Himeko was teary eyed while receiving her daughter in her arms. When all the drama was done, the other occupants of the room happily welcomed Nao.

Himeno and Shizuru even made streamers for the red head, causing the web weaver to cry. Though Miyu was there to pacify her. Her crying brought the other pregnant girls to cry as well

Lunch and dinner was especially made, this time Tokiha Mai joined Senoh Aoi and Yuuki Himeko in preparing their dishes. Their teacher’s decided to let them off the hook with the quiz, while Sakomizu and Hanagano decided to forgo their lesson for that Saturday. So everything was okay

“Was there news from Kanzaki?” Natsuki asked, the table was a bit rowdy than before and Nao appreciates the normality of it all

“Well, aside from his report last week about him finding dead monster’s body, nothing yet.” Shizuru replied

“We were hoping that Kanzaki-san could find something about Mr. Smith.” Fumi added, “But it seemed the man was just too slippery.”

“He was the one who sold Searrs foundation, to whom we have no idea.” Miyu added

Everyone looked at Miyu, “You knew?” Himeno asked

“Hidden files after they recovered me from the lake.” She said flatly, and then she started putting vegetables on Nao’s vegetable less plate

“Miyu…you’re doing it again.” Nao said when she noticed Miyu’s action

“That is good for you Nao since you’re recovering.” Miyu said flatly, “It’s also good for little Miyu.” She added

At these everyone looked at the two

“No san anymore? What the hell happened at the hospital?” Natsuki asked with a grin

When Nao realized that they were no longer at the private room of the hospital, she blushed

“And what’s with little Miyu ne?” Chie added to the teased causing the recuperating girl to glare at Chie

Miyu looked at the two inquirers flatly, “Nao recovered from her injury of course,” she said flatly which caused Nao to sigh in relief, “And then she taught me how to kiss.” Nao almost choked on her food because Miyu added that information after she have put a mouthful of rice in her mouth, “And Nao told me to stop calling her daughter little Nao, and asked me choose between little Himeko or little Miyu.”

The others were grinning widely at the sudden information

“Ara, then Miyu-san preferred to call Nao-san’s daughter little Miyu?”

Miyu nodded, “She liked it.”

Nao growled, glared at the half human beside her and decided to leave the table when the rest of the occupants started laughing

“Did I say something wrong?” Miyu asked the others innocently

“Miyu-san, I think you should follow Nao to her room.” Yohko said grinning which earned a nod from the half human

“Oh, and Miyu, I think I shall sleep at your room, Alyssa-chan will want me there tonight.” Himeko said and then looking at Alyssa who nodded in agreement, Miyu nodded her head once again before she stood and follow the irritated red head.


Nao was pacing back and forth, seething in anger when the door suddenly unlocked from the outside. Knowing that no one could do that except Miyu, the red head stopped pacing and took a pillow from her bed, and threw it at the cyan haired woman who entered noiselessly at her room

“From that action, I could deduce that I did something wrong. Sorry.” Miyu said flatly without dodging the pillow

“Baka!” Nao screamed, “You are not supposed to divulge everything! You should at least keep something just between us! Miyu no Baka!”

“Then I shall go back and tell them that it will just be a secret between us.” She said turning around to walk out

“Baka!” Nao screamed again and walked fast towards Miyu before pulling the half human back, “You’ll just make things worst if you do that.” She calmly said and then she sighed deeply

Miyu faced the red head, “I’m sorry if I caused you and little Miyu any trouble.” She said, there was no emotion in her face but her eyes tells Nao another thing though

Nao smiled and raised her arm and wound them around Miyu’s neck, “Well, little Miyu like what you did.”

And Miyu’s sad eyes turn into a happy one

“Did you know that your eyes changes mood?” Nao asked as she caressed Miyu’s soft face, “And your face is soft for a robot.”

“My body is of human Nao. I am half a robot. A humanoid.”

“So you can feel everything I do to you right?” Miyu nodded her head and then Nao leaned forward to kiss Miyu’s lips, “What can you say about that?” Nao asked


“You probably need another dose to say something?” Nao said then leaning again to kiss Miyu’s lips, “There…so?”

Miyu did not reply

So Nao made another move, but this time, she included her tongue

“Nao, you are…” Miyu wasn’t able to finish her sentence when her moving tongue was sucked by Nao

They lip locked for long and Nao was panting when they parted, “Carry me to my bed?” Nao whispered at Miyu’s ear. Miyu did not made any reply but she carried Nao to her bed bridal style

“Your mother said she’ll be sleeping in with me and Alyssa ojou-sama at our room.” Miyu informed the red head

Nao grinned when the stronger woman put her down gently on her bed. Miyu was about to stand when Nao pulled Miyu to her and once again kissed the cyan haired woman.

“You shouldn’t do that, I might fall on you hard and hurt little Miyu.” The half human said flatly

“You won’t hurt little Miyu, I’m sure of it.” She said pushing Miyu to her back, Nao maneuvering her body so she’s now hovering above Miyu, “Make love with me Miyu?” Nao said almost pleading

“Huh?” Miyu’s eyes told Nao that she didn’t understand

So straddling Miyu’s waist, Nao started removing her clothes

“Nao…you’re undressing in front of me, do you want me to get your night wear on your cabinet?” Miyu asked, her face blushing, her eyes were filled with anticipation

Nao didn’t reply, instead she stand and started removing her pants along with her underwear

“Nao…you should get dress, you will catch a cold…” I should be stopping her, I should be pushing her out of the way to get her night wear

“No, I won’t Miyu.” Nao replied and then she reached back for the clasp of her bra and unclasped it, revealing her engorged, yet beautiful breast

“Nao…” Miyu’s eyes narrowed at the sight, and anymore protestations were cut off by Nao’s mouth plundering that of Miyu’s. They lip locked, Miyu’s human side overriding her yggdrasil unit. Miyu pushed Nao gently when she felt a very pleasurable feeling run down her peripheral nerve, looked down and saw Nao’s hands underneath her shirt and massaging her breast

“Did you feel that?” Nao asked, she smiled when she saw the intense darkening of Miyu’s face as the half human nodded her head, “Do you like me to continue or do you want me to stop?” Miyu did not reply with words, but she nodded her head. Nao frowned, “Stop…” Miyu shook her head no and this caused the red head to smile more, she stopped what she was doing causing Miyu’s eyes to widen in protest and then pulled Miyu’s shirt off of her. The woman underneath leaned forward to let the shirt slipped off her, revealing uncovered mounds. Then Nao’s hands traveled south to pull Miyu’s pants and everything under it…which is none, “Oh… going commando ne?” she asked thrilled

“I have no plan serving the army.” Miyu replied which caused the red head to laugh

And before Miyu could say another inconsequential words, Nao leaned and caught one of Miyu’s nipple in her mouth

Miyu closed her eyes, she was resting her hands on Nao’s back lightly circuit overloading, reboot, reboot… but no matter what her microchip unit commands, her human nerves wouldn’t react what power does Nao has over me…she is overriding my circuitry

Nao stopped her action and looked at her work, she smiled when she saw Miyu’s once soft, floppy nipple hardened, oh…I’m getting through you… she thought before she took the other nipple in her mouth, her hand replaced her mouth on the other one

Miyu opened her eyes to see Nao working on her other breast, she raised her hand and slowly touched Nao’s engorged breast circuit command…abort action, abort action…danger…abort action that was the command but her hands did end up on Nao’s breast. Steady, unmoving, “Touch me Miyu…” Nao whispered once she pulled away from Miyu’s breast and leaned forward to whisper, and then she started trailing kisses on Miyu’s exposed neck causing the cyan haired woman to close her eyes once again. Miyu felt Nao took her hands and place it on her breast, then Nao guided her thumb over her erect, hard nipple and move them in circular motion, pressing the thumb harder towards her, “Press harder Miyu…”

And Miyu did causing the red head to gasp. The red head forgotten about her work on the woman’s breast underneath her

“Do you like the feeling of doing that?” Nao asked panting

“Yes.” Miyu said flatly I love doing this she thought

Nao leaned her body forward, “Miyu…please….put one inside your mouth…I want you to…” No further command was needed, Miyu leaned to put one nipple in her mouth, her other hand continued on her ministration. This almost made Nao scream, the red head breathing more rapidly

Miyu stopped sucking, “Nao, your vital signs are increasing, we should stop…”

Nao frowned, “Stop now and I shall not talk to you ever again!” she screamed before she kissed the cyan-haired woman on her lips again

And the action resumed

Nao was getting hotter, and Miyu could sense something wet in between her legs and on her lap where Nao was straddling her circuit rebooting…failed Miyu knew her body wanted something but what? She has no idea, “Nao…I think I should go and try to pee…”

“No… you don’t need….” Nao said after every pant, “I need you inside me Miyu…”

“Inside?” Miyu asked

Nao pulled Miyu’s index and middle finger, “Be gentle…this is my first time…” Nao said as she raised her hips up, spread her legs and guide Miyu’s fingers inside her

“Nao…” Miyu’s attempted speech were silenced by Nao kissing her lips, the red head then slowly went down on Miyu’s inexperienced, but strong fingers

“God!” she screamed when Miyu’s fingers jarred her virginal organ, she stop from coming down as she felt the pain, she held onto Miyu tightly, she bit on Miyu’s shoulder hard to prevent herself from screaming, and tears began forming in her eyes

“Nao…you should…” Miyu wanted to say they should stop, but her body wanted to go on…what to do… it seems like she’s hurting Nao with what she is doing, “I’m hurting you…”

She looked at Nao’s hidden face when the red head shook her head no and continued to come down on her, “Please Miyu…I want this…please…”

Miyu nodded

And as the pain faded and was replaced by pleasure, Nao started grinding her hips against Miyu’s finger, “God…”Nao moaned, “Oh Miyu, please harder…please…”


“Thrust…harder…” Nao panted the words and Miyu did what she was told

The rhythm of Nao’s hips becomes faster, and as if she knew what she was doing, Miyu quickened her pace too. Miyu then felt Nao’s walls contract around her fingers before Nao screamed her name, stiffened and then collapsed on her. She removed her fingers once the muscles relaxed and lied down, bringing with her Nao who was lying prone on top of her.

Nao raised her head to look at Miyu’s dazed eyes, “Cover us?” she asked, and Miyu nodded and pulled the blanket over them. Nao kissed Miyu’s lips and before the red head drifted off to sleep, “I think I’m in love with you Miyu.” Nao said softly before sleep claimed her

Nao…in love with me…

She has no idea what Nao was talking about, but if Nao being in love with her means more of this, then who is she to deny Nao. She gave Nao’s exposed forehead a kiss before she enveloped the red head with her embrace

-end chapter 13.2-

A/N: Nothing to say…but next chapter will be a month after

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