Story: The Gift (chapter 13)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 13



Chapter 13 (13.1)

It has been more than a month since the “HiME Congregation” started living at the Kanzaki mansion, their base of operation. Fuuka-Gakuen’s professors Sakomizu and Hanagano come during Saturdays to conduct their lessons. Sakomizu has their mornings and Hanagano the afternoon. During weekdays, Yukariko and Midori conduct their classes during Tuesdays and Thursdays, two hours for every subject. Wednesdays and Fridays were time for the HiMEs “self learning module”, All the teacher’s gave them a syllabus of the topics to be finished on that said subject and with the help of their text books they need to learn the topics by themselves and the HiME’s will be tested via a weekly long quizzes, and then the professor in charge will come to the mansion for their major exams. This schedule was very much appreciated by the high school students, while the middle school students has a pure “self learning module” from Tuesdays thru Fridays and of all the middle schoolers, it was Mikoto having a hard time coping up…well, Mikoto had a hard time catching up even when she was at school due to her lack of interest.

Shiho had helped every Saturdays courtesy of Erstin who made it her routine to come to the mansion during week ends. The first time she came back at the mansion, she was bearing so much baby goodies which she distributed to all the pregnant HiMEs, Mikoto frowned at the blond girl because she doesn’t received anything, so the next time she came back, she was bearing gift for Shiho’s baby and Mikoto. Natsuki was happy about the idea of shopping for her children so she asked Erstin to shop for her. Yuuki Himeko and Senoh Aoi volunteered to do the same and Erstin accepted the offer with open arms, hence the HiMEs started on buying things for their unborn children.

Fumi hired Shizuru as her assistant and as promised, she offered the HiME a scholarship, but Shizuru decided to start her college study a year after, after she gave birth to her and Natsuki’s twins which was a sane decision, in Fumi’s mind that is. Aside from this, the mellow head mistress with the school’s Kaichou Yukino and the Executive Head of school affair Haruka also investigated Shiho’s case, it seems that Shiho’s late grandfather did left a trust fund to Shiho and has Yuuichi Tate as her legal guardian, the trust fund according to the Suzushiro’s lawyer will be turned over to Shiho once she reach the age of 16, but Shiho is just 14 so all her money will come from Tate, the one who can legally withdraw any amount of money to the trust fund

(Recollection three weeks prior to present time)

“So is there anyway for us to divert or change Shiho’s guardianship?” Haruka asked her lawyer over the phone. Fumi, Yukino and Haruka was at the library and was talking over a speaker phone

Unless the present guardian willingly turns over his duty as Miss Munakata’s guardian, there is no other way.” The lawyer replied

Haruka frowned and then she looked at Yukino, “So Yuuichi just needs to turn over his guardianship?”



“I want you to make me a letter of transfer, authorization letter and power of attorney stating that Yuuichi Tate is relinquishing his guardianship to Himeno Fumi.” Haruka ordered

But Suzushiro-san…”

“Do it. I don’t want to hear any complaints. I’ll take care of Yuuichi.”

(Two weeks prior to present time)

Along with Mikoto and Miyu, Haruka, bringing with her all the legal files sent by her lawyers went to pay Yuuichi Tate a visit

“Suzushiro-san!” Tate called out, his eyes widened when he found not only Haruka but also a frowning Mikoto and a flat affect Miyu, “Ohayoo…”

He wasn’t able to finish his greeting when Haruka shoved him hard off the side and the three girls walked passed him to enter his dorm room, “You’re alone?” Haruka asked

Tate nodded his head and swallowed nervously, “Masashi is at school, it was his team’s time to watch over.” He replied

Haruka nodded her head, “Sit!” she commanded which the younger man obeyed. Tate sat at the chair in front of his study table. He jerked on his seat when Haruka harshly laid down a set of documents in front of him, “Sign these papers.” She commanded

Tate looked at Haruka in bewilderment, “Wha…what are these?” He asked nervously

“Documents idiot!” Haruka replied harshly

“I…I shall read it first…”

Haruka frowned, “Mikoto, Miyu?” Haruka looked at the two girls at Tate’s back

“Miroku…” Mikoto called out materializing her sword. Miyu on the other hand transformed her arm into her anti-materializing sword, her other hand gathered Tate’s shirt and pulled him harshly towards her. Both girls pointed their swords on Tate’s cheeks. The blond man started sweating

“You…you know this is illegal?” Tate nervously asked

“These papers are legal documents stating that you are relinquishing all your responsibilities to Shiho to Himeno-san.” Haruka explained

Tate smiled though it was obvious that his smile has a nervous undertone with it, “You know that if I don’t sign this then this papers are useless right?” He said a bit smug

“We know that, but if you die then that will leave Shiho without a guardian and as the university’s head mistress, Himeno-san will automatically resume your duty.” Haruka explained

Yuuichi’s eyes widened in horror but still he said, “But you will kill Shiho if you kill me.” He smiled smugly again

Mikoto leaned the sword more when she saw Haruka falter in her masked calm composure, “That is true but if and only if you are still Shiho’s most important person.” Mikoto said growling

“And from my analysis, Shiho has outgrown you Tate-san, Shiho is currently making her way to liking and making someone else her most important person.” Miyu said flatly

Tate sweated more, “You’re lying.” Tate said

“I wasn’t programmed to lie. My circuitry will malfunction if I lie.” Miyu reasoned

Haruka realizing Tate in a very sticky, compromising situation smiled evilly, “Very well then, I see that you’re not interested in signing these documents.” Haruka gathered the documents again, “I’ll leave everything to you Mikoto, Miyu, just make sure that there will be no traces of us being here.”

“I’ll make sure of it Haruka-san.” Miyu said

Mikoto looked at Tate, her eyes narrowed and she grinned evilly, then she called out once again, “Miroku…”

Just before Haruka could get out of the room, Miroku’s spikes went out of the ground, the spike piercing through the chair where Tate was sitting. The blond kendoka screamed when the spike pierced his chair. He was about to stand and run away when Miyu suddenly appeared before him, her sword on his throat, “Suzushiro-sama! Please…I…I’ll sign the papers! Please!”

Haruka stopped walking and grinned evilly before she turned around and walked back. She then gently placed the documents on top of the now spiked study table, “Sign here…”

(End recollection)

And so that’s how Tate relinquished his duty to Shiho over Himeno.

The protectors were getting the hung of their elements, Haruka became more attached to Yukino’s element, strengthening Diana’s protective barrier that could now be used to protect the whole of the mansion. Chie Harada was able to command and used Shiho’s wind element the way she wanted it. Mai became accustomed with her power and Yukariko’s power intermingling at times, and though she finds it hard to control Kagatsuchi from mingling, she was able to do it. Mikoto was trying hard to mix her element with that of Himeno and almost quitted when nothing comes up. Natsuki too was trying her best to mix her ice element with Shizuru’s naginata but all she does was freeze the whole dojo and still, her pistol won’t mix with the naginata.

Natsuki was lying on the bed; she was staring at the ceiling. Shizuru just walked out of the bathroom, her hair and body was covered by a towel, her exposed skin glistens with droplets of water. She has her eyes focused on Natsuki who haven’t blushed because the younger girl was busy counting lizards on their room ceiling, “Ara, Natsuki seemed too preoccupied to notice me in my most daring state!” Shizuru teased

Natsuki let her eyes look down at Shizuru and it widens when she saw Shizuru’s state of dress (or undress), her mouth opened wide, her brain tried to tell her to close it but her muscles weren’t reacting on her afferent nerves so it remained open

“Natsuki should close her mouth now, I am afraid that the lizards may find their way on my Natsuki’s mouth, I wouldn’t want to fight with lizards over my Natsuki’s mmmffff…” Shizuru’s eyes widened when all of a sudden there were lips attached to her own. Natsuki looked like someone who kissed a goddess with the way her face made a dreamy expression, her eyes rolled up and a goofy smile on her lips when she pulled away from Shizuru’s mouth, “Ara…”

“I don’t think I can have enough of that…” Natsuki said dreamily

“I thought Natsuki was thinking of something important that’s why she didn’t notice me, so my Natsuki was actually thinking about kissing me?” Shizuru asked before she smiled and pushed the younger woman back to the bed

Natsuki smiled at Shizuru once her normal smiling face was restored, “Oh I was thinking of you but not in that context.” Natsuki said. She gasps when Shizuru crawled and hover over her

“Then at what context does Natsuki thought of me?” she smiled and then she knelt after she placed herself in between Natsuki’s now spread legs and pulled the towel off…

Her head

Natsuki’s eyes were wide in anticipation and huffed when it wasn’t what she was expecting, “Ara…is my Natsuki expecting me to remove a towel but not the one I removed?” At this tease Natsuki reddened more, “Natsuki, chikan!”

“Oi!” the younger girl squealed, “I’m not!” Shizuru didn’t reply but she gave Natsuki a very sweet smile, “I… I was thinking about how I can mix my pistol with your naginata that was what I’m thinking!”

Shizuru smiled at Natsuki, her head bent sideward, “Really now?” Natsuki nods her head dumbly. The two then decided to just stare at each other’s eyes in


“Ne, Shizuru…” Natsuki broke the silence, “How are you dealing with your work with Himeno-san while you’re pregnant? Isn’t it a lot of work?” Natsuki asked, she raised her hand and started rubbing Shizuru’s arms that was beside her

“Well school papers and business weren't as hard as those I’ve handled way back in Kyoto. Himeno-san’s school problem was not even one fourth of Fujino Corp’s own.” Shizuru explained and then she tried to crawl off Natsuki but was halted by the younger girl’s hold on her arms, “Ara, does my Natsuki want me in this position?” Shizuru teased once again causing Natsuki’s face to flush

“Mou Shizuru!” Natsuki said with an embarrassed expression, “You really need to tease me to complete your day ne?”

Shizuru nodded her head, “I feel happier when I see my Natsuki’s blushing face.” She reasoned, “But do you want me to stop?”

Natsuki shook her head no, “Maybe it’s alright when we are alone, but maybe you can tone it down when we are with the others?”

Shizuru nodded her head in understanding then leaned forward and kiss Natsuki’s lips. Natsuki smiled into the kiss and wound her arms around Shizuru’s neck.

“Don’t force yourself too much working on school problems, I don’t want you suffering from unwanted pregnancy conditions again, you’ve just got your health back recently.” Natsuki said once their lips parted

“Then my Natsuki should not worry herself about it, my work with Himeno-san is very light, I just guide her regarding economic problems of the school, those easy to understand of course, and those complicated ones I have to deal with by myself, but there aren’t much complicated cases.”

“So everything’s running smoothly?”

“Yes.” Shizuru then turned so that she now has her back on Natsuki and she was sitting at the bed’s side and facing the vanity mirror. She took a brush from the cabinet and started brushing her hair. Natsuki smiled as she watch her Shizuru’s slow movement and then she turned her body and scooted closer to the older girl, winding one of her arms around the sitting girl, “Natsuki is very clingy today.”

“I wanted to be close to you, we’ve been busy with exercises lately that we almost never get to do this thing often.” Natsuki said leaning forward and giving Shizuru’s exposed back skin a kiss

“Ara, isn’t every night often to you?” Shizuru turned her head to look at the young girl caressing her back and giving her goose bumps

“Well taking in the fact that we’d only been together like this for more than a month now, then my answer to that question of yours is a definite yes. Every night is not as often as I like.” Natsuki reasoned without stopping her ministrations on Shizuru’s back, interchanging kisses and soft, sensual touches on her back.

“How does Natsuki define often then?” Shizuru asked smiling at the younger girl’s action

“If it was me, I would say every hour of the day.” She replied and then placing another kiss on Shizuru’s back near the older girl’s nape

“Then that would mean me never leaving your side…”

“And we never leave this room.” Natsuki added and smiled at Shizuru mischievously

“Ara!” Shizuru pulled away slightly from Natsuki and turned her body to face the younger one, “That will be bad on my condition.” Shizuru said smiling, her face a bit flushed

“Shizuru!” Natsuki squealed and then she smiled, she wound her arm around Shizuru’s body, her hand ending on Shizuru’s larger belly, “I can’t wait for these two to come out.” She sad massaging the said body part

“I don’t want to think about that for now.” Shizuru said her face dropping the smile


“Ne Shizuru, if the school problem was not complicated, why does Himeno-san have to hire you for work?”

Shizuru smiled and caressed Natsuki’s face with her hand, “Well, Himeno-san wasn’t trained to handle things like this, so she needs help. Besides, this will also help me, I earn my own money and I get to have a scholarship. That will put less strain on me especially when I am eager to study for our future.” Shizuru explained

“But you know you can still study even without working, I can afford to send you and I to school you know.” Natsuki said pouting a bit. This caused Shizuru to laugh

“I know that, but I don’t want to deplete Natsuki of her money, plus I can’t just rely on you right? I want to be able to stand on my own feet just in case…”

Natsuki frowned, “Don’t you dare finish that sentence!” Natsuki growled, “There’s no way I am leaving you and my children behind. I will not be my father.” Natsuki said angrily

“Kanin na Natsuki, I was just being realistic, you know I have done so much bad in the past…”

“And as you’ve said, it was in the past.” Natsuki ended Shizuru’s tirade, “We are living in the present and will be looking forward for the future; the past has no room for any of us here in this house right now.” Natsuki said, “All of us made mistakes and it wasn’t only you who did something bad during the carnival. Even Yukino did something no one thought she could.” She added


“Ne Shizuru,” Natsuki said raising her hand and lifting Shizuru’s chin, “You know I love you right?” Shizuru nodded in response, “And you know that I was a fool when I let you passed me by without doing anything?” Shizuru shook her head no, “Don’t you dare say I did the right thing back then, because here in my heart I know it wasn’t right, I should have ran after you and spare you from all this stupid drama.”

Shizuru looked at Natsuki, her eyes a bit watery

“Look at Shiho, out of all of us, she was the one who did the vilest thing…”

“I killed the whole first district Natsuki, I killed Haruka and Nao’s mother.”

“But that was all in defense of me, and you did it because of me! Shiho did what she did because she blindly fell in love with Tate who has taken her for granted. She tried hurting her friends unprovoked. She even hurt Aoi-chan!”


“She has forgotten about it because we have accepted her. She is happy right now. Can’t you be like that? Everyone has accepted you and has forgiven your deeds, I not only forgive you but I wanted to be with you because I love you, and I don’t think I would like to spend even a single day without you.”

Shizuru nodded her head and leaned forward and embraced the younger HiME in her arms, “Then I will try, as long as my Natsuki is here…”

“I’ll never leave you. I promise.”


“Did you know that Himeno-san was having problem with Shiho’s trust fund from her grandfather?” Shizuru asked out of nowhere

“I heard about it from Chie.” Natsuki snorted

Shizuru chuckled, “Haruka-chan solved that problem. I think she used HiME force to make Tate relinquish his responsibility to Himeno-san.”

“Really?” Natsuki asked smiling. Then slowly her hands traveled Shizuru’s back, the older girl was lying prone over her. Her hands then trailed on the towel’s edge that is keeping Shizuru’s naked body from her, “Then that’s good that Shiho is going to be taken care of.”

“Well Ers-chan is also making good progress with Shiho.” She added then smiled when she felt Natsuki’s hand drifted to the front of the towel, “Ara…” Shizuru pulled away from the blue haired girl, “Natsuki’s hands are quite feisty today!”

Natsuki pouted and Shizuru laughed at this. Then slowly Shizuru undid the knot in her towel and let the towel dropped to the floor. Natsuki looked at her lover in awe, “You’re very beautiful Shizuru.” She said then leaning forward to kiss Shizuru’s cheeks, then her lips went down on the older girl’s neck, “And you smell divine, you’re intoxicating and I’m addicted.” She whispered

“Ara…Natsuki still sees me as that despite this?” Shizuru said pointing at her larger belly, “I feel ugly and fat as a matter of fact.” Shizuru said

Natsuki smiled and shook her head no, “Of course not, you’re the most beautiful and sexy woman I’ve ever seen. You make me want to devour you…”

“Oh…that’s so out of character for my Natsuki…”

“And it’s all because of you…” Natsuki whispered as she pushed the older girl to her back. The young blue hair now hovering above the giggling girl,


Natsuki blushed but she did not relent, instead she leaned more and caught Shizuru’s lips. It was about a minute into the kiss when Shizuru pushed Natsuki away, “Ara…I think I should get ready, it’s Saturday, Sakomizu-sensei will be coming in a few minutes for your morning class Natsuki, while I need to be at the library with Himeno-san.”

Natsuki pouted once she pulled away, “Can’t we just skip them?”

“Then we will be too obvious, as it will just be you who will not attend the class, then I will not be joining Himeno-san…”

“So what?! Everyone do it anyway!”

“Yes, Natsuki is right, but they don’t do it when there’s a class coming up.” Shizuru reasoned

“Mou! Shizuru…ikezu…” Natsuki said trying hard to imitate Shizuru’s Kyoto-ben

“Ara, my Natsuki is cute when she says that.” Shizuru said before pinching Natsuki’s cheeks and hurriedly stood up and went to the closet to get some clothes to wear

“Shizuru…ikezu…” Natsuki repeated causing the older girl to laugh


Nao was naked and was facing the full body mirror in the room she shared with her mother. Himeko was cooking something for the visitors who will be arriving today, and Alyssa was as usual being clingy to her mother. In truth, Nao has no problem with Alyssa being too close with her mother, she’d passed the stage in her life where she wanted to be that close with her, and being alone for a long time also caused that feeling to be abandoned. It was enough for her that her mother is now alive and well, and she is very happy that her mother is enjoying Alyssa’s company. Himeko missed the opportunity to pamper Nao in a very young age because of the tragedy that struck her, and Alyssa is a cute child, it isn’t bad to have Alyssa as her sister, if you ask her.

The red headed teen was inspecting her belly, at 3 months, it still wasn’t obvious, but if you knew your body well, you could tell if something changes or not, and she could visualize the small protrusion of her lower abdomen. She brought up a hand and placed it over the very small protrusion, “Ne, your mama will try to be a very good one when you get out, so don’t make it hard for mama okay?” she said to no one, we…actually she was saying it to the unborn child in her belly. She smiled and then she shook her head. She turned around abruptly when she heard her door opened

Her eyes widened when Miyu suddenly walked in

Miyu who wasn’t aware of Nao’s state of undress stopped on her track, her face reddened and it was as If Nao saw steam came out of Miyu’s orifices. The cyan haired half human had her mouth open wide, and her almond eyes became rounded, her light crimson orb a bit narrowed

“You’re drooling Miyu.” Nao said after a hearty laugh, she decided not to put on anything just to see Miyu’s reaction, and she liked it

“Na…Nao-san…” Miyu stutter, but her voice was still monotonous as a robot

“Oh come on Miyu, don’t tell me you haven’t seen any naked woman yet? You’ve been in a laboratory so you must have your fill of naked bodies!” Nao said laughing, and then she turned around to face the full body mirror again and resumed her massaging of her belly

Have I seen naked bodies before? Oh yes I did…but why does seeing Nao-san’s naked body made me feel this way? Miyu thought, then her body moved forward and stepped closer to the red head why am I stepping closer…my circuit is telling me to turn around and leave…so why am I stepping closer?

Before Miyu could formulate an answer on her own query, she was already standing behind Nao. She was looking at Nao massaging her slightly protruded belly, her green eyes were locked on her crimson orbs, “Do you find me fat? I think I am getting fat.” Nao asked

“It is normal for pregnant woman to get fat.” Miyu said, but you are beautiful Nao-san, the pregnancy looks good on you she thought

“Oh…then I look ugly then.” Nao said sighing sadly, “I never know what’s in that obsidian lord’s mind to put us into such a situation.” She added with the same sad tone

“Nao-san is beautiful. The pregnancy looks good on you.” She voiced out her thought I am not supposed to say that…I think something is wrong in my circuitry, I need to have it checked by Yohko-san

Nao smiled, “You really think I’m beautiful? You can’t lie right?” Nao added

Miyu nodded her head, “I wasn’t program to lie.”

Nao’s smile widened, “Good!” she said relieved

“Himeko-san wanted you to know that breakfast is ready and that Sakomizu-san has arrived.”

Nao frowned, “I already told my mother that I don’t take Sakomizu-sensei’s classes, I’m on a self learning module!” Nao exclaimed

Miyu nodded again, “Sakomizu-san said he has the long quiz question for the middle school.”


“And you are not supposed to cursed when you’re pregnant, little Nao can hear you.”

Nao turned around and this caused Miyu’s permanent face blush to deepen, “Can you stop calling my unborn child little Nao?”

“Then what will I call her?”


Nao made a mischievous look on her face, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Little Himeko or Little Miyu, you choose…” she said

At this, Miyu’s dark face even darkened, Nao couldn’t get the hang of it and loving every minute she saw Miyu blush, “I know why Shizuru-san loved teasing Kuga and making her blush.” And even before Miyu could make a retort, Nao jumped into Miyu’s arms. Leaned and gave Miyu’s lips a peck, “Can you help me dress now?” Miyu just nodded her head at that request


Sakomizu was happy that he was able to shut down the power source Searrs used to create their orphans during carnival just in time.

Masashi Takeda was the one assigned to watch over the school ground today Saturday, exactly one month from the day the young Fuukan student was seen catatonic in an alley near the university. He was leading 10 other kendoka’s who volunteered along with him. Takeda wasn’t a hot headed fighter, he also has a good intuition and knew if he has to run away from a fight or go on. Just like his fight over Kuga Natsuki, after receiving a simple note from the blue haired ice princess saying thank you and forgive me, he decided that there is no use pining over the girl, he needs to step up and move on, and volunteering to guard his alma mater is one good way of doing that…

Well, he would have said it was a good way if he didn’t saw two shadows lurking on the ground. He frowned, looked around to call on whoever amongst his fellow kendoka is available, but surprisingly, there was no one in sight so he readied his shinai and headed to where he found the two shadows.

He was confident at first, until he finally went inside the chapel, what the hell these men wants from a chapel he asked himself and he followed courageously. His courage faltered though when upon descending a set of stairs that probably leads to an unknown dungeon, he spotted not men, but monsters. Their appearances was far from being human, yes, they may have two arms, but their hands were webbed, he wasn’t able to see their faces yet, but by the way they stand and walks, he was very sure that he wasn’t seeing humans anymore. As if Kami-sama was pouring over good luck on him, he ducked on a pile of boxes at the corner before the two monstrous shadows turned around to look back arigato Kami-sama! He silently spattered. When he can’t hear their heavy footsteps any longer, Takeda decided to follow them again, stealthily as possible. His eyes widened in shock when the two monsters stopped just in front of a metal box that contained the school’s high voltage power source. The usual work of two large men was done easily by a simple pull by one of the monsters. Takeda could feel the electromagnetic force created by the high voltage source. He ducked once again waiting for the right time to escape the dungeon

He was again relieved when he heard a sudden banging noise and when he peeked through the hole made by piled boxes, he saw the two monsters fighting over the power source, there was already a severed line from the main trunk and the line was crackling with power. To whatever purpose these monsters have, he don’t care, this is the opportunity he was waiting, so the kendoka hurriedly stand on his feet and ran as fast as he could out of the dungeon, and once out, he pulled out his mobile phone and called Arika Yumemiya and Nina Wang first, the two acting head executives then dialed Sakomizu’s mobile phone to inform him of what’s happening in the room.

They were on the mid of discussion when the lights in the university grounds died


“Himeno-san!” Sakomizu was panting when he opened the library door, “Emergency at school!” he added, he was hunched forward, his hands were resting on his knees and he was breathing hard

“Sakomizu-sensei, calm down please,” Shizuru said, she stood and lead the fat teacher on the couch that was placed in the library, and then she went to her table and poured a cold water in a glass, returned to her teacher and offered the glass to him

“Arigato Fujino-san,” he said after taking the offered glass and drinking from it. Himeno Fumi was already on her feet and was standing in front of the professor, “I…I got a call from Yumemiya and Wang, and it’s not good…”

“Please tell us…”

“Masashi Takeda saw our monsters at the underground dungeon, and it seemed they made their way to the main power source of the school.” He explained

“Kami-sama.” Both Shizuru and Fumi exclaimed, “How was Takeda-san?” Fumi asked

“I think the boy was able to escape when the two monsters started fighting each other for the power cord.” He said, “Before we end our discussion, the power supply at the university died down, I already informed Yukino and Haruka about it and glad that Erstin was here,” he said


“The two acting executive heads were just waiting for instructions from us, I think Yukino was already coordinating through phone.”

Fumi nodded her head and then she looked at Shizuru. Shizuru who has been good with reading gestures knew what is on Himeno Fumi’s mind, “I think they should just calm the students down and made no action in reporting this.” Fumi said


“We must lure the monsters away from the school. There are lots of innocent students that might be hurt if they remain there to look for a very powerful source.” She explained

“Maybe once the monsters are out, then that’s the time for them to report about the power incident to the right agency.” Shizuru added

“But how can we lure them out, there’s nothing more powerful than those electrical circuits!” Sakomizu said

“There are sensei, there are…” Shizuru said


“Are you sure this will work?” Chie Harada asked Himeno Fumi,

“We are quite far from the university!” Takumi added

The HiMEs and their protectors were lined outside the mansion, protected facing their protectors.

“If they were made from an orphan, they would feel the HiME’s powers, no matter how far.” Fumi said

“Then how come they only appeared now?” Kazuya asked

“No, they were from another place do you remember? If they didn’t feel the power, then how come they chose to go here at Fuuka rather than lets say…Tokyo, were power sources are much concentrated?” Yukariko added

“But why were there only two?” Aoi asked, “From the security tape we watched, there were five.”

“We have no idea yet, but if what Masashi saw was true, then it is probable that they could have fought between each other to survive.” Sakomizu reasoned

“Survival of the fittest.” Natsuki mumbled

“Hai.” Shizuru said, “Are we ready to lure the monsters out of Fuuka?”

“HAI!” everyone involved replied

Then they all closed their eyes and concentrated

“What will they do?” Sakomizu whispered in Himeko’s ears, the beautiful woman smiled at the professor

“Watch closely sensei.” She replied and then turned her eyes on the girls and boys at the garden

As if in rhythm, the protectors stepped closer in synch, and together, their lips met the lips of the protected

The blinding light caused the fat teacher to cover his eyes. He slumps his shoulders when he turned to the other uninvolved people and saw them wearing dark glasses. “Nobody cared to remind me.” He mumbles


The fighting suddenly stopped when they suddenly felt the enormous amount of concentrated power near them. And like a lightning, the two monsters disappeared from the dungeon, and ran like a tornado towards their goal


Migami, Alyssa, Aoi, Erstin, Himeko and Sakomizu were instructed to wait inside. The uninvolved were watching at the mansion’s window, they could have watch through the surveillance camera, but they wanted to see the battle in the real world. Sakomizu and Erstin were perspiring from nervousness, while the others were relaxed and smiling.

The pregnant HiMEs were pushed at the back of their protectors. Takumi was holding onto a large double edge kunai (refer to Sasuke’s kunai in Naruto), Kazuya was holding Akane’s red tonfa, Yohko has the labrys across her back, ready to be pulled when needed, Chie has her hands on the side, one hand holding onto Shiho’s flute, Yukariko’s bow was slung over Mai's back, Fumi’s scythe was being held by Mikoto in a dragging manner, just like the way Mikoto dragged Miroku around in combat, Natsuki held on to the naginata whose handle was resting on the ground, Yukino’s mirrors surrounds Haruka, Miyu was just had her hands down, both hands covered with Nao’s metal claw

“Don’t take them by yourself Miyu, don’t forget.” Nao whispered after leaning forward to the half human fighter wherein Miyu just nodded her head in agreement

They’ve waited in silence

“I could feel them getting closer.” Miyu said loudly for others to hear



Mai and Mikoto shouted at the same time calling on their Childs, Out of nowhere, the dragon Kagutsuchi appeared and flew off the sky, followed by Miroku

“Good thinking Mai! Mikoto! They need to pass thru Kagutsuchi and Miroku before they can come to us!” Natsuki exclaimed smiling at her friend

“Yeah!” The others agreed

So they waited again, it was after about 10 minutes of waiting when they heard commotions outside and it seemed like Kagutsuchi and Miroku was fighting the monsters,

“Haruka!” Yukariko called out, “Use Diana so we can see what’s happening!”

Haruka nodded and activated Diana’s power. The mirror began multiplying and releasing its small counterparts into the air, flew out to where the commotion can be heard. Then images started popping out of the mirrors in front of Haruka, “Kagutsuchi are blasting the monsters…” Haruka said

The others gathered around her to look

“The monsters are too fast, Miroku’s spikes and Kagutsuchi’s balls of fire can’t hit them!” Mikoto said

“I can’t even see them!” Takumi complained

“They passed through Kagutsuchi and Miroku.” Miyu said flatly, “I suggest Haruka-san to deploy Diana’s barrier, it could slow them down, and so the others would not be taken by surprise.” Haruka nodded

“How come Mikoto can see them?” Kazuya asked

“Actually we all can see them, they are one of the HiMEs natural power, we are fast, strong and we can see thru fast moving object. That’s the reason why we can fight orphans.” Akane explained

Shizuru interrupted, “Since we will be dealing with two monsters, I suggest we should scatter ourselves, it will be easier for them if we are concentrated in one place.” Everyone nodded, “Haruka, you will stay here at the middle and activate the barrier, while we secure other positions.”

“How about Yukino?”

“We have to ask her to go inside the house.” Natsuki said

“No, I will not leave Haruka here alone.” Yukino said with finality

“Yukino-chan…” Haruka

“No Haruka! I am not going inside and leave you here, we are in this together!”

“But I cannot protect you if I am concentrating on this barrier…”

“Then we’ll have your back Haruka!” Mai said, “Isn’t that what this training is all about? There’s no me, no you anymore. There will only be us in this fight!”

Everyone looked at each other, nodded their heads and smiled

“And in the future fights as well.” Kazuya added


“Then let’s do this!” Mikoto said seriously

At Mikoto’s word, Haruka concentrated and activated Diana’s barrier; the barrier so big that it covered all of them and the mansion at the back

“It’s coming!” Mikoto and Miyu screamed

“Mai! Call back Kagutsuchi! We don’t want him bombarding us!” Akira shouted

Mikoto and Mai called their Childs

“This is our fight now!” Chie screamed and that’s when they saw the monsters slowly descending on Haruka’s barrier

“They are pounding on my barrier!” Haruka screamed

“Materialize!” Mai shouted, Yukariko’s arrow materialized, her hands and ankles now have her rings, the rings on her hand ignited the arrow. Yukariko who’s at the back of Mai guided the fiery haired girl’s arms, then Mai shot at the target

Blazing arrow flew out in a speed that would equal that of a bullet, they were sure that it would hit one of the monsters, but their eyes widened when that monster was able to dodged the speeding flaming arrow

“Fuck!” Nao screamed

Their eyes widened more when the monsters started covering their hands with powers, their hands were crackling now,

“Electromagnetic powers, they are using high voltage powers to pound on Haruka-san’s barrier.” Miyu said after her analysis

Haruka on the other hand could feel the force being sent her way, “Their getting stronger!” Haruka screamed

“Kami-sama!” Fumi screamed, “They must be absorbing the power from your barrier Suzushiro-san!” Fumi screamed again

“No!” Yukino screamed

Takumi frowned and he fanned out the Kunai, “I am not letting those two harm Suzushiro-san then!” he said, getting ready and then he threw his kunai, “Gennai! Hit the mark!” he shouted, the Kunai flew to the air in blinding speed targeting one of the monsters, just like how the monsters dodged the flaming arrow, they dodged the kunai too, “I’m not finish yet!” Takumi screamed as he ran forward, and like a soccer kick the returning Kunai on another part where the monster ran too

“Materialize!” Mai screamed again and made another flaming arrow and shot it at her intended target, but unlike earlier, she shot multiple flaming arrows at a time.

The sudden surge of arrows and kunai stopped the monsters from pounding on the barrier because they were now dodging it

“Drop the barrier Haruka! We know where they are and we can fight one on one.” Mikoto screamed

Haruka nodded her head and dropped the barrier

At that exact moment the monsters attacked

Yohko and Miyu engaged one, while Natsuki and Mikoto the other one

The monsters were stronger this time, probably from absorbing power from Haruka’s barrier, so they were able to dodge and hit more. Though the fighting protectors were keeping up. It was hard on Yohko’s part though as unlike Miyu, Natsuki and Mikoto, she wasn’t a HiME and has no power to see them. Shiho saw the sudden disappearance of the monster they were fighting at re appeared at Yohko's back

“Chie-san! Yohko-sensei’s back!” Chie turned and saw the monster transformed his arm into a sword and ready to pierced Yohko’s back

“YOHKO!” Midori screamed

“Sensei!” Chie screamed and activated her tornado, pointing the flute on the unsuspecting monster. The tornado hit the monster hard and it flew away from Yohko but not after giving Yohko as shallow cut on her shoulder blade, causing the doctor to bleed

“YOHKO!” Midori screamed as she came close to the wounded doctor

“Sensei…” Miyu said as she held on to the shocked doctor

“I…I’m fine..” She finally said, the others continued on fighting, “I think it’s just a shallow cut.” She said to pacify the woman now embracing her, “Get far from here Midori I need to…”

“No!” Midori said, her eyes filled with tears

“I’ll take care of this Sensei.” Miyu said, then Kazuya stepped in

“We can take this monster down.”

As this was happening, Mai, Natsuki and Mikoto was trying hard to defeat their own monster


Inside the mansion

“Yohko-sensei is hurt!” Alyssa said then ran away from the group

“Alyssa-chan! Get back here!” Himeko screamed as she followed the running child

“Kami! You are not supposed to be there!” Sakomizu screamed but was unheard when Alyssa opened the door and ran outside


At the garden, Miyu resumed her fighting, along with Kazuya and Takumi. Haruka who seemed to have depleted her power from being sucked in by the monsters was sitting on the ground watching with wide eyes at the commotion

“I need to get up!” Haruka screamed as she tried to stand but her weakened and shaking knees won’t let her

“Haruka-chan, please…”

“Yohko-sensei is hurt and I’m not doing anything!” Haruka said angrily

“But If you try to join in your state, you’ll end up hurt like sensei!” Yukino reasoned

Haruka cried for the first time, “But I feel so useless! They are all fighting and I’m sitting here!”

“You made them see the monster, you’re not useless Haruka-chan!” Yukino said crying along with her lover, she embraced the sitting HiME

That’s when they heard Alyssa screaming for Yohko

“Alyssa-chan!” Yukino said, she turned her head to the now running child, her eyes wide, “Alyssa-chan! No!” Yukino screamed

The scream was heard by Nao and Miyu

“Ojou-sama!” Miyu screamed, then she turned to face the running girl and to run to her ojou-sama

It seemed that it was only Miyu who guided Kazuya and Takumi to see where the Monster is heading, so when Miyu turned around, Kazuya and Takumi lost sight of the monster

And it was Nao who saw where the monster is going

The monster’s arm transformed into a knife, it headed straight to Miyu whose back was on them and has no visual of the attacking monster

“MIYU!!” Nao screamed before she ran as fast as she could to prevent the impact

The other’s heard the commotion and Natsuki saw what is going about to happen

“Materialize!” She screamed as she wanted to call out her pistols too, but the pistols didn’t materialize, “Fuck!” she ran fast towards the attacking monster then a thought hit her, “Harada! Give me a boost with your tornado!” she screamed

Chie nodded and activated her tornado, letting it hit Natsuki

Natsuki readied her naginata in an attacking position as Chie’s tornado flew her fast towards the scene

“Natsuki…” Shizuru whispered



The half human heard Nao’s scream so she look back to see the monster, descending on her with its transformed arm. She frowned and waited for the hit to come…

end 13.1 –

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