Story: The Gift (chapter 12)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 12



Chapter 12

Erstin Ho’s mouth dropped once she entered the regal garden of the Kanzaki mansion. She wasn’t fazed when she heard the sound of security cameras focusing on her as she trekked the long path towards the large house, around her was a beautifully designed landscape, probably made by the most talented and most sought after landscapist. She was awed by the symmetrical placement of a wide variety of flowering plants, and that most of these she only knew from the books back when she was taking Botany as her science based elective class.

The blond haired, emerald eyed girl reached the mansion. She was bearing Sakomizu’s syllabus for his students in this mansion, she also has the summarized report for Yukino as she was tasked to perform all of Yukino’s work in her absence, she being the vice-president succeeding Kanzaki Reito. Thanks to Searrs’ old computers, she was able to get a hold of Yukino, if needed, through it. Kuga Natsuki and Miyu installed camera’s in the student council room and Himeno’s office which were directed to the computers located inside the mansion. So right now she was bearing her report on Student’s activities, and the incoming University fair which they decided to open to other schools.

Erstin raised her hand and was on the verge of pushing the doorbell when the door opened and an old man greeted her.

“Ohayoo ojou-sama, Kikukawa-san is waiting for you, will you please follow me?” Benford said, he was smiling when he bowed his head towards Erstin which was returned. Erstin followed the old man and she was brought to the mansion’s spacious and elegant receiving room, “Please make yourself at home ojou-sama. Is there anything I can offer you? Juice, milk or perhaps wine?”

Erstin sweat dropped and looked at Benford smiling, “I…I don’t think I am at the right age to drink any alcoholic drinks sir.” Erstin politely replied.

“Oh I am very sorry, that was rude of me, then juice, coffee…”

“Ice cold water will be much appreciated sir.” Erstin replied.

“Ice cold water it is then.” Benford said and then he bowed and turned around to get Erstin her order.

Erstin on the other hand decided to sit on one of the lazy boy chairs in the room. She put her things down on the side table near the chair and rested her back.

Erstin didn’t wait long for Yukino and Haruka to meet her. Yukino took the papers and started scanning them one by one.

“So how was my doubles working?” Haruka asked grinning at Erstin.

“Oh, Arika and Nina are making sure that students are behaving well at school.” Erstin answered.

“That’s good then.” Haruka answered smiling.

“Oh, and have you heard about what happened to one of the students, Tanaka?” Erstin Supplied.

Yukino’s attention was aroused by the sudden information, “Tanaka? You mean Tanaka Shouji?” Yukino asked which was answered by a nod of Erstin head.

“That’s the delinquent one right?” Haruka added.

“Yes he is.” Erstin agreed.

“What happened?”

“I don’t have the full story yet but I was informed last night that Tanaka was found catatonic in an alley near our school.”

“Catsuptonic?” Haruka asked in bewilderment.

“Catatonic Haruka-chan.” Yukino corrected.

Haruka huffed, “That’s what I said, you need to clean your ears often Yukino, you seem to dishear me often, probably that is due to your pregnancy.” Haruka said pouting, Erstin was trying to prevent herself from giggling at the two’s bickering.

“I don’t think I need to clean my ears Haruka-chan, and it’s misheard.”

Haruka looked at Erstin, “See what I have to get through everyday? My Yukino never admits defeat!” she said trying to sound indignant.

“Suzushiro-sama must be really having a hard time keeping up with Kaichou-san.” Erstin said while laughing.

Silence from Yukino.

“So did they tell you why he was in that state?” Yukino asked suddenly.

Erstin shrugged, “Aside from being catatonic, he was also covered with blood, and it seemed that he was tortured.”

Haruka frowned, “Who would hurt a teenager like that?” she asked.

“But Haruka-chan, he wasn’t supposed to go out and roam around that alley at night. We already made a law about that right?” Yukino stated and Haruka nodded in agreement.

“But that’s not all that scared the students,” Erstin said and then she looked at Yukino and then at Haruka’s face, “There were also reports that decapitated human parts were seen littered at the same alley where Tanaka was found. There were heads rolling out of the alley and the alley looks like someone bathed it with human blood!” Erstin excitedly report.

Yukino’s face paled and she started making gagging sounds as her skin started showing goose bumps, Haruka on the other hand started making worried glances at Yukino.

“Are you alright Kaichou-san?” Erstin asked Yukino.

“I think I’m going to be sick with that report!” Yukino said, “But who would do such a horrible thing?”

“We have no idea Yukino, but I think we should stop the discussion on that matter.” Haruka said glaring at Erstin.

Erstin winced and bowed her head, “Gomen Suzushiro-sama.”

Haruka waved her hand, “Is there anymore unconventional things that happened at school?” Haruka asked and Erstin shook her head.

“Oh, you know Yuuichi Tate right?” Haruka and Yukino nodded, “He volunteered to watch the school at night along with half of the kendo class.”

Haruka frowned, “That was brave of him.” She said then her eyes widened when a thought hit her, “I hope you didn’t mean to tell us that because he asked you to do it, and I do hope that you didn’t tell him that you’re coming over here?” she asked sternly.

“Oh I didn’t tell him about me coming here since Yukino-chan told me that no one in the school except me should know about this place.” Haruka frowned.

“And when did you start calling my Yukino-chan?” she asked.

Erstin suddenly had a tachycardia, beads of sweat started pouring out of her face, “Go… gomen… it was just a slip of the tongue!” Erstin said nervously.

“So?” Haruka said with an evil smile.

Yukino looked at her friend who was profusely sweating and then looked at Haruka’s evil glare, she patted Haruka’s arm lightly, “Haruka-chan, there’s no need to scare Erstin-chan.”

Haruka slowly turned her head to Yukino and glared, “And – when – did – you – start – calling – her – chan?”

“Hehehe, since we’ve met four years ago at class?” Yukino replied without batting an eyelash.

Haruka frowned and then she smiled, “Oh, so I see!” She said cheerfully and then she returned her focus on Erstin with a smile, “So continue with Yuuichi please.”

Erstin sighed in relief and continued, “He came to me when he learned that I have access with Yukino-c…Yukino-san, and he told me to tell you about it and also he asked me to ask you about Shiho-chan.”

“Just as I thought.” Haruka said frowning, “That cow head wanted to take Shiho back after ditching her and denouncing his responsibility, and now he’s making all this heroic acts to get to us so he could have his way with poor Shiho again.”

Erstin eyes widened, “He…he did that?” she asked amusedly and was answered by the two girls nod of their heads, “I never thought Yuuichi would be that irresponsible.”

“We really have no knowledge of what happened, but Mai-san and Mikoto-chan was so furious at him, it was Harada-san who told us that she found Shiho unconscious at the garden of the university.”

“I didn’t realize that it was that serious, Shiho-chan adored his onii-san so much from what I can tell.”

“Oh she does, but perhaps Tate has hurt Shiho quite often that Shiho decided that it’s time for her to stop pining over that idiot and live her own life with her daughter.” Haruka said.

“So no one will help Shiho-chan? She’s an orphan right?” Erstin asked with a sad expression, Yukino and Haruka nodded their heads.

“But we decided to help out Shiho-chan, out of all of us here she was the only one who has no one to turn on to. So we decided to help out. Right Haruka-chan?” Yukino said smiling at her Haruka.

“That we will.”


“Is there anymore concerns?” Yukino asked Erstin and the small blond girl shook her head no, “Okay, then you should stay Ers-chan, Himeko-san and Aoi-san cook’s delicious food, so you should stay here and have lunch with us, and if you wanted to spend your weekend here, we’ll gladly asked Benford-san to assign you your own room.”

Erstin’s eyes widened with glee, “I can really stay here for the weekends?”

Haruka frowned, “Oi! You seemed to plan on staying here every weekend!”

Erstin just smiled.


Did Sakomizu-sensei inform you about what happened yesterday?” It was Reito Kanzaki on the phone talking with Himeno Fumi.

“Yes he did, last night actually. So have you found other things about those beasts?”

I wouldn’t call them beasts Himeno-san.” Kanzaki said, there was a hint of laughter in his voice.

“I don’t have any idea what to call them except that.” Fumi was actually seated at her chair at the Kanzaki’s library which she was using as her temporary office.

You have a point Himeno-san, but I like to think of them as monsters, powerful one at that.” Reito answered, “Anyways, I’ve been at the laboratory and it seemed that Searrs was experimenting on five monsters, I tracked one active Searrs member and had to use force before he spoke about the project.”

“So what is it?” Fumi tried to not let Reito heard her trembling voice.

They wanted to create a powerful orphan so they started cloning a sleeping orphan with tissue samples they used to clone Alyssa-chan.”


The problem was that they have no idea as to what the orphan can do because it was Father Greer who has the complete data of the orphans, and we all knew that Searrs killed him. Smith was the one behind this anomalous work Himeno-san.”

Fumi frowned, we need to get rid of this Smith, I got a bad feeling that he knew about the awakening of the HiME powers “Does Smith know about the powers being re-awakened?”

I have no idea Himeno-san, but I’m not stopping from finding out more. I do hope to get back there before those monsters get their hands on any powerful source.”

“Sakomizu is going to try to ask help from his former friends at the first district, and I told him to shut down the power source inside Fuuka Gakuen’s ground, the power source used by Searrs in making their orphans.”

That was good thinking Himeno-san, I should probably call Sakomizu-sensei to tell him of all the details I’ve gathered?” Reito asked.

“I think that will be a great idea.”

Himeno Fumi and Reito chatted some more before they said their goodbyes. Himeno then went to the dining area as lunch was served


“Ara!” Shizuru exclaimed upon entering the dining area, Erstin was already sitting at one of the chair and having a happy discussion with Yukino and Mai, “Erstin-san is here, so how was school?” She asked, Erstin had been one of the student Council’s supporter during her time as Kaichou.

“Hello Kaichou-sama!” Erstin stood and made a bowing gesture to greet Shizuru.

“Ara, I am no longer the Kaichou, Kikukawa-san replaced me already and you’re the vice Kaichou so no need for this kind of formality Ers-chan.” Shizuru smiled.

Erstin was smiling widely, it wasn’t unknown to the school that she was one of Shizuru’s fangirls, although she wasn’t as violent as the others nor was she very showy about it, “It’s been a long time Kaichou-san, nice to see you again.” Erstin said smiling.

“Shizuru is fine Erstin-chan!” Shizuru happily said before sitting on her own chair. Shizuru was then followed by streams of girls for their lunch.

The lunch was lively, with Natsuki and Nao bickering once again, Mikoto trying to get Mai’s attention from Erstin. Alyssa being so sweet and snuggly with Yuuki Himeko, Akane and Akira was being silent as their boyfriends kept on moping about why were they the only guys in the group. Shiho was trying to stop Mikoto from dragging Mai’s arm, Midori was unlikely being silent which everyone thinks must come from her being out of alcohol for quite some time now. Yohko was trying to cheer the red headed teacher, Fumi was playing with Migami who was seated in between her and Yukariko, the ex-nun was happily watching her daughter and the others with their interactions, Miyu was busy placing vegetables on Nao’s plate which the bickering red head was returning on Miyu’s plate. Shizuru was overly engrossed with Erstin and her stories about the campus along with Yukino and Mai. So everyone seems livelier and happier, so Erstin observed.

“Yukino!” Haruka suddenly blurted which caught everyone’s attention, “I don’t get it!” she said, the large blond girl was now sporting a pout which caused Natsuki and Nao to laugh. She shifted her attention to the two laughing girls and frowned, “What are you laughing about Yuuki, Kuga?!” she asked sternly.

“You’re asking?” Nao said laughing hard, she was holding onto her stomach and didn’t notice Miyu putting her vegetables on her plate once again, “I have no idea that you can pout!” Nao explained and then she followed it with a laugh.

“Nao-san…” Alyssa and Erstin both called out meekly with their eyes wide with mirth.

“Oh, and I thought Kuga here was the worst!” Nao added which caused Natsuki to shift her focus on the laughing red head and scowl. No one knew what happened as they felt the air become chilled at once.

“Ara Natsuki, you better check your temper often, you’re chilling the air.” Shizuru said smiling.

Erstin frowned, “Kuga-san can do that?” she asked and then she shivered from cold.

“Can’t you feel the sudden temperature drop?” Shiho asked bewildered, “She’s the ice princess so it’s no wonder she can do that.”

Mikoto nodded her head excitedly.

“And if Nao-san doesn’t stop laughing, I think her jaw will freeze in that position!” Akira said smiling and pointing at Nao’s widened jaw from laughing.

“Miyu can unfreeze it anyway!” Kazuya was the one who said that causing him to receive a death glare from the now stunned Nao, and Miyu to blush.

“Oi! Miyu is blushing again!” Mikoto said when she noticed the cyborg’s face redden, Miyu automatically raised her arm and transform it into her anti materializing sword and looked at Mikoto.

“I will have no qualms in burying this in your chest Mikoto-san if you stand and try to kiss me.” Miyu said causing Nao to laugh once again.

“Ara, I think Nao-san is the expert when it comes to Miyu-san. And what does Alyssa-chan thought of this?” Shizuru asked the still snuggling child. Alyssa just looked at Miyu who was seated beside Nao, smiled and shrugged her shoulders before she opened her mouth to receive the spoonful of food being offered by Himeko.

“I think I finally found my lost daughter!” Himeko said cheerfully.

“Oi! Who do you think I am?” Nao asked faking a frown.

Himeko looked at her red headed daughter and smiled, “You’re my ‘not lost’ daughter then!” this caused Yukariko and Himeno to laugh.

“WAIT!” Haruka screamed, “How come my simple tirade came to this?” she asked.

“Ara, I think it’s because Haruka-chan is slow in pointing out her problem!” Shizuru answered and Yukino nodded her head in agreement.

“Haruka-chan, what is it?” Yukino asked meekly, everyone’s attention was on the two again.

Haruka frown, “I’ve seen everyone use their elements Yukino! I don’t see what’s the use of your element, how am I going to use that mirror of yours? Will I use it to play keeping tom with all your enemies? Ewww Yukino!” she asked and made a face that says gross.

Nao and Natsuki laughed hard once again, “Oh my God Suzushiro! You’re going to make me pee from laughing!” Nao said.

“You have no idea how to use Diana?” Natsuki added.

Haruka harrumphed and stood up placing her arms akimbo, “Will I be asking if I knew?! Idiots!” she chastised.

“Ahm…Haruka –chan, first of all its peeping tom and yes, you kind’ a do that sort of thing…”

Haruka’s eyes widened in horror, “You…you expect me to secretly watch your enemies while they undress?! I AM NOT A PREVENT!” she sternly said causing the others to laugh again.

“Haruka-chan…” Yukino’s face could be likened to a very ripe tomato now, “Its pervert and it’s not like that…” Yukino said meekly.

Erstin was shaking her head, she had no idea what the lot was talking about being an outsider herself, her confused face wasn’t unnoticed by Shiho who was watching her. It seems that it was only Shiho who wasn’t laughing at Haruka.

Chie frowned and looked at Yukino, “Then what was the mirrors for?” she asked, she was grinning before when she realized what Haruka was talking about, if she got a hold of that element that means information from this bunch of people will be as easy as saying ABC. Aoi was making the same expression as she thought of it too.

“So you have no idea what Yukino’s mirrors do as well Harada-san?” Midori asked calmly but her eyes were teasing. Chie shook her head, “It would have been useful in your kind of endeavor Harada-san!” she added.

“Yukino’s mirrors are good source of information. Diana could propagate multiple mirrors on different areas at the same time, and they will reflect what they see to Diana’s central mirror…” Yukariko explained while holding her daughter’s flailing hand.

“Just like how Yukino-san used computer to gather information.” Himeno added.

“COOL!” Chie and Aoi both exclaimed and then looked at each other before they giggled.

“Oi!” Natsuki looked at the two and frown, “Don’t you two try using that to get information from me!”

Nao grinned evilly, “I wanted to know what Kaichou-san here do to her pup in the evening!” she said and then she turned her head and her eyes widened when she saw her plate full of vegetables, then she looked at Miyu, “What the hell did you do to my plate?”

Miyu looked at Nao flatly, “Vegetables are good for Nao-san and little Nao.” She replied.

“Isn’t Miyu sweet?” Himeko said giving the cyborg her sweetest smile, “I am so lucky to have an in-law like Miyu.” She even added.

“Then Nao will be my onee-chan?” Alyssa asked as she looked up at Himeko’s face, the older Yuuki nodded her head.

“In-law your ass!” Nao screamed.

“Nao-san should not talk to her mother like that.”

Chie grinned, “And she’ll be a very good mother too!” the others snickered at Chie’s comment.

Natsuki smiled, “Doesn’t Miyu talk like my Shizuru?”

Shizuru turned her focus on Natsuki, “What does my Natsuki mean by that?”

“Look, Miyu talks as if Nao wasn’t here, she always call Nao’s name in the third person, just like you!”

“Ara…” Shizuru began sniffing, “Doesn’t my Natsuki like being called by her name? But I love how my Natsuki’s name rolls off my tongue! Ikezu…”

“Oi! I don’t…Shizuru!” Natsuki suddenly hugged the sniffing girl, her face turned from the others. Shizuru’s face suddenly shifted into a lecherous grin as she wounds her arm across Natsuki’s body.

“I like how Nao’s name rolls of my tongue.” Miyu said flatly but her face turned red.

Nao’s eyes widened as she turned her head towards Miyu, “You…”

“Oi Shizuru!” Midori said, “Stop feeling up Kuga-san, you’ve won the best actress award already!” Midori said and everyone cheered except for Erstin who was blushing from being embarrassed by what she is seeing, Midori noticed this, “And your embarrassing Ers-chan!”

Natsuki yelped and jerked out of Shizuru’s embrace, pouting. “That’s cruel Shizuru.” She said

“I think my Natsuki did enjoy that hug.”

“I will enjoy such a hug too!” Yohko said and then looked at Midori.

Silence as if an angel passed them by.

“Is your power Shiho only includes astral projection?” Chie suddenly asked.

Shiho made a thinking pose, “I haven’t tried my powers to its fullest.”

Chie grinned, “Well Astral projection is cool I can be in different places at the same time…”

“And can be with different girls at the same time!” Takumi added.

“Harada!” Aoi called out giving Chie an angry look.

“Hey! That was Takumi’s idea not mine!”

“I am sure my brother won’t be looking at another girl ever again, except of course the lot of us!” Mai said smiling.

“Akira will probably burry a kunai in his heart if he did that.” Mikoto innocently supplied.

“Mikoto!” The two Tokiha exclaimed together.

“Ers-chan, since you decided to stay for the weekend, why don’t you come with us later to watch our exercise?”

“That is a great idea Yukino-cha…Yukino-san…” Erstin swallowed hard after almost slipping with the ‘chan’ thing with Yukino.

“We could probably explain to you everything; we can trust you not to tell things outside the mansion ne?” Shiho said.

Erstin’s eyes widened with glee, “Of course Shiho-chan! I won’t tell a single soul! Promise!”


The HiME’s along with Yuuki Himeko, Senoh Aoi, Searrs Alyssa, Sanada Migami and Ho Erstin were at the Dojo. The HiMEs and their protectors were again facing each other, though this time they weren’t in a circular formation, each partners took a place in the dojo randomly.

Erstin who has been inside the dojo and was a first timer in watching the said exercise has her heart beating rapidly. She has no idea why, but she could sense something in the air… something she is not ignorant with but not familiar with (Did you get that? She knows but haven’t felt… something like that… well whatever), her eyes widened when, as if someone was keeping count, each pair stepped closer to each other and their lips met…

Migami was cheering loudly due to the bright light that the action emitted, Alyssa has her cheeks reddened just like that of Aoi. Himeko was smiling proudly and Erstin has her jaw dropped, her eyes wide (and Alyssa thought she saw drool from the side of her mouth!). Erstin was speechless, “…tha…that….that was…awe….awesome!” she finally vocalized after the light died down and every protector held an element in their hand, except for Haruka who has Yukino’s mirrors floating around her.

If Erstin was awed from the display of power, she was now reeling from excitement as each protectors started doing their simple katas, Natsuki who has Shizuru at her back guiding her caught her attention the most, followed by Shiho who was making comedic actions to tell Chie if she was doing it right or not. She smiled while watching at Shiho, who would have thought Shiho-chan was abandoned by her onii-san? She looks happy and content where she is. I wonder what will be her plan for her and her daughter. Then her eyes shifted to Miyu and Nao who was quietly doing the katas, and Miyu-san is really into doing this dance they are doing…

Her musing was interrupted by Alyssa, “They were doing a Kata, it’s a sort of dance but it’s actually a martial art exercise,” Alyssa said before she turned her attention at Erstin, “They needed it to protect us HiMEs.”

“HiME?” Erstin asked.

“Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment.” Alyssa replied.

Erstin’s eyes widened when she realized that she haven’t said a word and yet Alyssa was answering her.

“I am one of them, although I am not a natural born HiME,” she smiled at Erstin, “And yes, I can read your mind.” Erstin just nodded, “Miyu and Nao-san are getting along pretty well aren’t they?” she asked which Erstin answered with a nod.

“Why…why are they doing this? Why are they here?” Erstin asked again.

“There’s another threat in their life, they are all pregnant right?” Alyssa said and Erstin nodded, “And that wasn’t accidental, it was planned by the power that made them a HiME.”

“Planned?” Alyssa nodded, “So the children they are bearing aren’t humans?”

Alyssa shook her head no, “They are pure HiME’s in human form. I think Shiho-chan can enlighten you more how it came to be. I am not in the position to tell that part of the story.”

Erstin nodded her head, “Do you think Shiho-chan will tell me?”

Alyssa nodded, “She’s changed so much from the time of the carnival to now. She will I’m sure.” Erstin smiled and turned her head to focus on the HiME’s exercise

Before the exercise ended, something new happened…

Mai who was practicing her bow and arrow with the help of Yukariko-sensei suddenly felt Kagatsuchi’s power engulfing her hand, her element appeared out of nowhere and the fire ran to the bow, engulfing the bow and arrow in flame. With wide eyes, Mai shot the bow and it hit the target, the target exploded from the intense power.

“SUGOI!!” Alyssa, Migami and Erstin screamed at the show. The others became frantic.

“I want that too!” Mikoto screamed and was rewarded by Himeno patting her shoulder.

“You don’t have fire power Mikoto-chan.” She said lightly which caused Mikoto to pout.

And if you think that was all that happened, when the explosion came and shredded the target, the debris flew everywhere, each protector shielding their protected, Himeko used her own body to shield Alyssa and Migami from them, Erstin and Aoi put their back on them to shield their faces. The most exciting thing happened to Yukino and Haruka who was the closest to the explosion, when the smoke died down, Haruka has built a force field around them, the debris (that was from a metal target) was all floating in front of them… (Please refer to Matrix 1 when Neo deflected the bullets for the first time)

“Awesome…” Natsuki said in awe.

And it wasn’t only Haruka who presented a new power, Chie has her own trick, when the explosion died down, Chie and Shiho was surrounded by a whirl of wind that had stopped the debris from coming to them, it was as if Chie has spewed a tornado from Shiho’s flute (note that flute is a wind instrument, I am not sure if Raija from flame of recca uses the same technique.)

“And that was awesome-awesome!” Natsuki said again when they turned their focus on her.

To sum everything up, this incident brought a sense of calm to everyone, especially to Fumi Himeno at least now we know that each protectors are doing their best to make the most of the HiME’s powers and they can faced those monsters if ever it make its way here…


Shiho was on the garden alone when Erstin came out to look into the beautiful garden. The older girl smiled when she heard Shiho singing a lullaby usually sang by mothers to their babies.

“You have a very beautiful voice Shiho-chan.” Erstin said as a greeting.

Shiho frowned, “Baka! Who told you to spy on me?” she said angrily, she was now standing with her arms akimbo.

Erstin raised her palms towards Shiho, she was smiling, “Whoa, no one sent me to spy on you. I was here to watch the garden.”

Shiho just frowned, “No one sent you? Not even Nao?” Erstin shook her head.

“Nao was busy fighting with Miyu.” She said and then she sat at the space beside where Shiho was sitting earlier, she patted that space and looked up at Shiho, “Come on sit with me I don’t bite Shiho-chan.”

Shiho’s face brighten and she nodded before she sat beside Erstin, “So you came here to report on Kaichou?” Erstin nodded, “Something happened at school?”

“The usual, some interesting thing but aside from that, nothing much to report.” She replied.


“This is a very beautiful garden.” Erstin said breaking the comfortable silence.

“Oh it is, this is my favorite part of the place. When I really wanted to be alone to think, I come here often.” Shiho explained. Both girls were looking at the landscape before them, they had their legs extended, their arms leaning back supporting their body, “The air is fresh too.”

Erstin turned her head sideward to look at Shiho, “Aha, the air is good for your baby.” Shiho turned her head to look back at Erstin and smiled.

“So you’re really staying over for the week end?” Erstin nodded her head, “I didn’t see you bring any clothes for you to change into.

“Heh!” Erstin straightened her body and raised an arm to scratch her head, “I wasn’t planning on staying but Yukino-san’s offer was too tempting.” She said with a reddened face, “Don’t you like me staying over?” she asked worriedly.

Shiho shook her head no, “Oh, I really have no problem with you staying over. It’s a good thing that I could see a fresh face even just for the week end. I’m getting tired of seeing Nao’s face everyday.”

Erstin laughed, “Your like in Big Brother’s house!”

Shiho laughed as well, “That was what Harada-san said before, while we were on the trip on the way here.” Erstin nodded.

Silence again.

“Tate volunteered to watch over the campus at night along with half of the Kendo team.” Erstin broke the silence again. Shiho just looked at Erstin and smiled.

“You’re trying to bait me to saying something about us don’t you?” Shiho teased.

Erstin smiled and looked at Shiho sweetly, “Am I that transparent?”

Shiho nodded, “But Arika-san is much-much more transparent than you.” The two girls laughed.

“Oh, no one will beat Arika in that regards!” Erstin supplied. Then their laughter died down, “Shiho…I don’t want to sound intrusive, but I just want to ask you about your plan, in the future when your baby is born.”

Shiho was silent for a while, “I really don’t want to think about it yet.”

Erstin nodded then she smiled when a thought hit her, “Ne, Alyssa-chan said that you’ll be having a baby girl?”

Shiho looked at Erstin quizzically, “All of us will have baby girls.”

“Really?” Shiho nodded, “Are you allowed to go out and shop?”

Shiho scrunched her forehead, “I don’t think we should right now, Himeno-san warned us about our tormentor lurking around, just outside the mansion so unless that problem is taken cared of fast, then we can’t go out to shop. Why did you ask?”

“You know I could do the shopping for you! For your baby!” Erstin excitedly said.

Shiho’s eyes widened and she smiled, “Oh that’s great!” she said happily but then her happy face died down.

“What’s the matter?” Erstin asked.

“I can’t shop…I…”

Erstin tapped Shiho’s shoulder near her lightly, “I’ve been getting much from my parents and I have no use for the money, I can shop for you Shiho.”

Shiho’s eyes widened, “You’re going to use your money for me?” Shiho shook her head and waved her hands no, “That’s not right, you don’t…”

“Whether you agree or not, I’m going to do the same anyway, it’s my money and I can do anything with it!”

“But Erstin-san…”

“No buts!” Erstin said with finality and Shiho wasn’t able to say anything anymore.


“Then…if you’ve made up your mind…perhaps I could offer you a change of cloth? I think we’re the same size?” Shiho said with a flushed face.

Erstin looked at Shiho and nodded, “I am going to take you up on that!” She said before getting up and reaching her hand out for Shiho to take, “Come on!”

Shiho took the hand and the two girls ran out of the garden and into the mansion.


The dinner was a bit festive but everyone was happy about it. The group watched some horror movies after dinner and retired to their room once the movie ended. Erstin was given a solo room at the second floor, she changed into a pair of pink Pajamas courtesy if Shiho, and after talking about everything Erstin wanted to know, it was already late so Shiho decided to go down to her room which she shared with Fumi.

At Haruka and Yukino’s room

Haruka was happily soaking herself on the bath tub, she felt accomplished after finding out what Yukino’s mirrors could do, she was happy that it could be of great use in protecting her Yukino against almost anything. She had her back leaning on the tub’s edge and her head was leaning back. Her eyes were closed and her imagination was running fast, her mind was conjuring up scenarios where she and Yukino were in a dangerous situation and she was protecting the smaller girl using the mirrors. The dream put a smile on her face. She was at this state when she felt a movement inside the tub and heard the sudden splashing sound of the water. She hurriedly opened her eyes to see who intruded in her happy thoughts and her face reddened when she saw Yukino’s behind in front of her face.

“Yu…Yukino…what are you doing?”!” she screamed.

Yukino sat beside Haruka before she replied, “Isn’t it obvious? I am sharing the bath with you.”

Haruka’s red face deflated and she nodded, “That I see.”



“It was amazing Haruka-chan.” Yukino said looking at the taller girl beside her.

“What is amazing?” the blond girl asked after swallowing some pooled saliva.

“That…force field you drew up from the mirrors…” Yukino replied smiling sweetly and making Haruka uncomfortable, Yukino scooted closer to the older girl.

“Wha…What are you doing?” Haruka asked nervously.

Yukino sighed and shook her head, “You’ve seen me naked many times Haruka-chan, you’ve touched every part of my body and you’re still acting as if this will be the first time!” Yukino said frowning.

“Hai! But all of those times I was the one making the move! Not you!” Haruka reasoned before she once again swallowed hard.

“So I’ve noticed.” Yukino said before she shifted her position so that she’s facing Haruka and she was straddling the older girl’s legs, she also wounded her arms around Haruka’s stiff neck, “So would it be bad if I am the one to made a move right now?” she whispered as she leaned over Haruka’s ear and then placed a soft, wet kiss on that ear.

“Bu…but Yuki…no…”

Whatever Haruka’s protest was silenced by Yukino’s lips on Haruka’s. They started with Yukino kissing Haruka, probing the older girl’s lips with her tongue. Haruka was stiff as a rock at first, the constant probing of Yukino seemed to melt that rock and Haruka put her arms around Yukino as she finally returned Yukino’s kiss. Haruka’s tongue slipping inside Yukino’s mouth, tasting the younger woman there. Her hands roamed Yukino’s body until both hands rested on Yukino’s shapely butt and Haruka started massaging it causing the young girl to moan.

Yukino pulled away from the kiss as she felt a wave of pleasure run through her body from Haruka’s massaging hands, “Uhn…Haruka…chan…” and her moan was silenced by Haruka leaning forward and catching Yukino’s lips once again.

This went on for a longer period of time compared to their previous love making sessions. It seemed that Haruka and Yukino were too engrossed with what they are doing with their mouth, Yukino then brought her arms from Haruka’s neck down and she cupped Haruka’s rounded and larger breast with her hand causing the older girl to growl. She then placed her thumbs on Haruka’s erect and hardened nipples and started making circular movements and pressed hard on it, Haruka’s growl was louder this time.

“Yukino…harder…please…” Haruka almost begged and then she leaned forward and nipped on Yukino’s exposed neck, she bit and licked causing the younger girl to moan louder and her fingers pinched Haruka’s nipples causing the older girl to pull away and moan.

Yukino’s unrelenting actions caused Haruka to breathe faster and decided to get back at Yukino by kissing down and taking one of Yukino’s nipples in her mouth, she started sucking hard and nipping on the hardened, erect bud. The younger girl moaned louder, calling Haruka’s name and she started grinding her hips on Haruka’s thigh. She stopped her ministrations on Haruka’s nipples causing the older girl to lean more and sucked more. Haruka brought one of her hands up and let it cupped Yukino’s other breast.

“Haruka-chan…” Yukino called out, she has her eyes closed and she was biting her lower lip, “God…oh please Haruka-chan…” she said as her hips ground faster against Haruka’s thighs, “Haruka…chan…”

The older girl pulled away from Yukino’s breast and looked at Yukino’s flushed face, closed eyes and sexy bitten lips, “Please what?” Haruka asked teasing.

“Please…ahhh…” Yukino tried hard to gather her thoughts despite the pleasure surging inside her body, “Please…touch me…”

“I am touching you…”

“I need you inside me Haruka-chan…please…”

Haruka grinned and leaned forward once again to put Yukino’s other breast on her mouth while her hand that wasn’t massaging Yukino’s ass traveled down to Yukino’s wet center, “Yukino-chan is quite ready…”

“Uhn…” Yukino closed her eyes tight when she felt two of Haruka’s fingers slipped inside her, “Ahhh…” she moaned as she felt Haruka slide in deeper, and then she wound her arms around the older girl’s neck once again as she bucked her hips against Haruka’s invading finger. The blond woman’s thumb sought that little nub that could make her Yukino scream more, and not a few seconds she found it and she let her thumb play with it causing the younger girl to scream Haruka’s name then leaned forward and bite on Haruka’s shoulder to prevent herself from screaming so loud that she could wake everyone up from it, “Haruka…” she moaned, her voice muffled. Her bucking became faster and wilder and Haruka have to hold on to the younger girl to support as Yukino rode waves after waves of ecstasy.

“God Yukino!” Haruka moaned as she felt herself getting to where Yukino was heading, “Yukino…”

“Ahhh…” Yukino moved harder against Haruka as the older girls thrust faster and harder against Yukino’s center, “Harukaaaaa…chaaaaannnn…” Yukino called out before she stiffened. Haruka felt Yukino’s muscles clamped on her fingers as the younger girl reached her climax.

Then slowly the ebbed died down and Yukino slumped her body against Haruka. Haruka didn’t removed her fingers yet as she kissed the younger girl’s lips, “I think we should do this more often.” Haruka said after every pant.

Yukino’s lidded eyes opened and looked at Haruka, she smiled and nodded and then she leaned forward to kiss the older girl in her lips once again, “You knew that you still have your fingers inside me Haruka chan?” Yukino asked after she kissed the older girl.

Haruka nodded and then she smiled. Yukino screamed when Haruka pinched her clit without warning…

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