Story: The Gift (chapter 11)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 11

Disclaimer: I do not own Simoun and I forgot who owned them.



Chapter 11

“I want to make love to you Shizuru,”

Flashbacks of those horrible nights came, the night I took advantage of my Natsuki’s weakness that was due to her mother’s betrayal, I who made a promised to protect my most important person, I who should have been her strength in times of her weakness became one of the people who betrayed her trust…she has forgiven me but can I forgive myself? Do I deserve this gift my Natsuki is offering?

Natsuki pulled away when she felt Shizuru’s body stiffened, “Shizuru?” she asked while inspecting the stunned face of Shizuru, “Are you okay? Did I say something wrong?” she asked meekly, her hands rubbing Shizuru’s arms gently. She watched Shizuru close her eyes and shook her head no, “Then tell me what’s wrong.”


“Why?” Shizuru whispered, when she opened her eyes to look at Natsuki tears began to flow, “Ara,” she smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes, “…my hormones are acting up again!” She joked and then she captured Natsuki’s caressing hands with hers.

“Why what?” Natsuki asked frowning, Natsuki was saddened that her declaration of her wanting to meld with Shizuru caused the older girl to cry does Shizuru hate me and all this time that we share was just an act?

“Why is Natsuki so kind?” Shizuru replied, she was holding the younger girl’s hand that now traveled to her face and started wiping out her tears.


“My Natsuki is so kind for her to offer such a gift…that I…”

What is Shizuru talking about? Natsuki looked intently at Shizuru who was biting her lower lip trying hard not to cry again and then she frowned when she realized what is wrong with her Shizuru it is about the carnival ne? You’re still thinking that you’re undeserving of all my attention? Natsuki’s face softened and she smiled at Shizuru, gomen Shizuru, if there is anyone to be blamed for what happened, it would have been me. Natsuki put a finger across Shizuru’s lips, “Do you love me Shizuru?” she asked gomen for being such a coward, I knew I have a special feelings for you and yet I tried hard to pushed you away, If I had been stronger and accepted all of you way back then, you wouldn’t be in this situation right now…we could have been happier…

“Natsuki doesn’t have to ask me that, you know I love you since the first time I saw you and I will always love my Natsuki.”

Right now, let me make up for all those time I’ve wasted, let me love you the way you want me to…For I wanted it too, “Then let me make you happy Shizuru, let me love you.” Natsuki asked without her knowing that tears ran down her face. Shizuru smiled and lifted a hand to wiped away Natsuki’s tears.

“My Natsuki is really kind.”

“I wasn’t, you made me kind, it was you Shizuru.” Natsuki said and then leaned down and captured Shizuru’s lips. She could taste Shizuru’s tears through their kiss as she deepened it. All emotions barred at this moment for the two HiMEs, “I want to spend all my life with my Shizuru.” Natsuki whispered after their lips parted.

Shizuru cried once more and she buried her face at Natsuki’s neck, “Gomen Natsuki, Gomen ne.” she whispered again and again. Natsuki embraced the older girl in her arms as she tried to pacify her, one hand massaging Shizuru’s back lightly, just like how mothers pacify their children when they’re crying because someone hurt them.

“Shh,” Natsuki then kissed Shizuru’s temple, “There’s nothing to apologize for, whether you accept this reason or not, I tell you that I am to be blamed for everything Shizuru.” Natsuki sighed when she felt Shizuru shook her head no, “Yes it is Shizuru, you need to accept the fact that I am to be blamed for all the actions you took part during the carnival.”

Shizuru pulled away from Natsuki, “How can my Natsuki claim that it was her fault when all I did was solely my idea and mine alone?” Shizuru asked, her voice a bit raw.

“It’s because I pushed you away for so long despite me being in love with you.”


“I have forgiven myself Shizuru when I found you in that medical bay, can’t you forgive yourself? If not for yourself then can you do it for me?” Natsuki pleaded.

Shizuru was staring at Natsuki’s somber face and nodded.

“Then…can I at least see a real smile on this beautiful face?” Natsuki asked smiling and then she lifted a hand to trace Shizuru’s lips and facial structures.

“I love you very much my Natsuki.” Shizuru said and she smiled just like the way Natsuki wanted.

“And I love my Shizuru…” Natsuki once again leaned down and captured Shizuru’s lips.

(A/N: What the heck is this drama all about? I am supposed to write a titillating scene…dammit! Focus and get on with it dufus!)

The kiss deepened and their tongue met. Natsuki’s hands roamed Shizuru’s body, touching every curve that is covered by Shizuru’s night wear, her hands traveled southward to trace Shizuru’s long, slender and soft legs. When their lips parted, Natsuki’s lips found the older girl’s neck and decided to taste that delicate part, kissing, licking and biting. The successive and forceful actions elicited soft moans from the girl underneath which made Natsuki work harder.

“Natsuki…” Shizuru whispered.

The blue haired girl stopped what she was doing and pulled away, “Will you make love to me Shizuru?” the chestnut haired girl nodded her head instead of replying with words. Natsuki smiled.

She kneeled before Shizuru and started unbuttoning her pajama top as fast as she could. Once her torso was liberated, she began unbuttoning the other half but then she was stopped by Shizuru’s hand. Shizuru leaned forward and looked up at Natsuki’s eyes, “Please let me?” she asked and was rewarded with a nod. And so Shizuru continued to where Natsuki stopped, placing soft kisses on parts that were slowly exposed upon unbuttoning the pajama pants, the slow, sensual movement of Shizuru caused Natsuki to close her eyes and purr. The older girl stopped once all buttons were unfastened, she looked at Natsuki’s face again. Natsuki who felt the sudden termination of Shizuru’s action opened her eyes, she looked down at Shizuru worriedly, “Shizuru…”

“I wanted to see how beautiful my Natsuki is,” Shizuru said and then she smiled, “Shall I continue?”

Relief washed over Natsuki, she returned Shizuru’s smile and nodded, once the older girl started to pull the pajama bottom down, Natsuki leaned forward, she grabbed Shizuru’s night wear at the back and started pulling them up. Shizuru smiled at Natsuki’s action and pulled the pants along with Natsuki’s underwear fast, “Ara I think I’ve spoiled Natsuki’s surprise!” Shizuru teased as she pulls away from the younger girl. She smiled when she saw Natsuki’s tainted face.

“Heh…That’s not my surprise and I won’t give you your surprise yet!” Natsuki though blushing replied, she pulled on the night wear up after Shizuru raised her arm to let the clothing slipped off her. Natsuki smiled and lowered her body, they were just staring at each other’s half nakedness (for Natsuki), Natsuki feeling bolder leaned forward and caught Shizuru’s at the center, where the clasp was located and using her teeth, Natsuki unfastened it to reveal Shizuru’s scrumptious breast.

“Ara, my Natsuki is that eager?” Shizuru teased but whether Shizuru has something to add, it was silenced by Natsuki pushing her on her back and Natsuki’s lips making its way to one of Shizuru’s erect nipple, her mouth clamped on it causing the older girl to moan and arched her back, “…suki…”

The older girl tried hard to lift her arms and wound it around Natsuki, finding Natsuki’s bra clasp, she unfastened it to liberate Natsuki’s firm and beautiful mounds, sliding her hands down, she took both mounds in her hands and lightly squeezed on them. Natsuki moaned releasing Shizuru’s nipple for a while but returned now with great fervor. It wasn’t clear who’s moaning or not, for the sound of ecstasy hanged through the air. Shizuru continued to knead Natsuki’s mounds and Natsuki paying homage to one mound with her mouth, the other with her unskillful fingers.

“God…Natsuki,” Shizuru called out when Natsuki left the mound and shifted to the other, biting and licking erect nipples with her tongue while her hand replaced her mouth and caressed the other nipple with her finger, slightly tagging and pinching it. The feeling of a tight pressure build up in Shizuru gut caused her to moan Natsuki’s name a bit louder. Natsuki decided she had enough of those luscious mounds pushed her body up, removing Shizuru’s hands on her chest she raised it up and pinned it over her head.

“I love you Shizuru…I need you…” Natsuki whispered then leaned down and caught the older girl’s lips with her own. One hand holding Shizuru’s wrists prisoner and the other hand traveled southward until it made contact with Shizuru’s wet underwear. Their kiss was luxurious; there was no lust as there was only love. Without words, Natsuki tugged on the underwear, the older girl elevated her hips to help Natsuki rid of the last piece of cloth that hindered Natsuki to see all of her. The younger girl pulled away from their kiss and started kissing down: neck, chest, and then she came to Shizuru’s slightly rounded lower abdomen. Looking up at Shizuru’s crimson orbs that was intently watching her actions, she smiled and kissed it. She gave special attention to that part to the point Natsuki mumbles words not intended for Shizuru but to the temporary residents of that part.

Shizuru put a hand on Natsuki’s head as the younger girl’s lips went further south. The younger girl’s hands were in between her thighs caressing them and then finally those same hands parted Shizuru’s legs my Shizuru wants me Natsuki thought as she was assaulted by the smell of Shizuru’s needs, without further prompting, she dipped her head down kissed Shizuru’s wet lower lips and then slid her tongue inside. The action caused the older girl to close her eyes, moan, raised her hips and held onto Natsuki’s hair, pushing the younger girl’s head closer so as to deepen the penetration. With this reaction, Natsuki licked and slid her tongue deeper, round and round her tongue made contact with Shizuru’s outer walls, the older girl’s moans became louder and her hips bucks frequently towards Natsuki’s face. While one of Shizuru’s hands were on Natsuki’s head, the other one was holding on to her own pillow, her hands balled into a fist as she tried not to scream with pleasure, but her attempt was unsuccessful and she scream Natsuki’s name when the younger girl found her sensitive bundle and worked with it, ending it with a light bite, Natsuki pulled her head away, her face and mouth wet with Shizuru’s essence (A/N: So that’s the essence of a woman! Cheers to Sushmita Zen Miss Universe of I forgot what year…that was the question for her, what is the essence of a woman? Right? Ok…going back to the scene…jeez I need to cool off its getting hot in here!)

“Nat…Natsuki?” Shizuru asked after pants, instead of replying, Natsuki pushed herself upward and lip locked with Shizuru, the older girl tasting herself in Natsuki’s lips and tongue. She gasped when Natsuki pressed her hand to her heated sex and started rubbing it, Shizuru bucked her hips towards Natsuki’s hands and she felt the pressure intensified, she could also feel her juices leaking out to Natsuki’s hands, “Na…suki…please…please…” Shizuru begged when she pulled away from Natsuki’s kiss.

Natsuki’s lips found Shizuru’s breast once again and taking it in her mouth, her free hand grabbed Shizuru’s hand that was holding on to the pillow and intertwined them and without further prodding, she slid a finger inside Shizuru’s slippery lower lips, the sensation brought Shizuru to tears, her hips bucking towards the invading finger. Natsuki pulled away from the mound and watched Shizuru’s face, the older girl’s eyes were closed, she was biting her lower lip, her face wet with tears and perspiration; she leaned forward and whispered to Shizuru’s ear, “Ready?” Shizuru nodded, with that Natsuki added a finger and pushed them a bit harder and her fingers crashed that barrier that makes Shizuru a girl.

Shizuru stiffened when she felt the sudden sensation of pain, she bite harder causing her lips to bleed, but her hips regain its motion later when the pain was replaced by waves and waves of pleasure brought about by Natsuki’s fingers. She bucked her hips, her hand tightened at Natsuki’s hand. She could feel the pressure rising and knew that soon she’ll have her first climax. Their movements became fast, and so was their breathing. The older girl moaned Natsuki’s name over and over as if it was the only word Shizuru knew at that moment…and a final scream before Shizuru stiffened and then gradually relax. Natsuki pulled out her finger, brought it to her mouth and licked it before lying next to Shizuru. She pulled the older girl who was crying closer and embraced her as she pulled the blanket over them.

“I love you Natsuki…” Shizuru said as she buried her head in Natsuki’s chest.

“I love you too Shizuru…” Natsuki watched Shizuru’s body trembles as she cried, “Mou Shizuru stop crying now, you won’t be able to return the favor if you fall asleep from crying.” Natsuki joked then smiled when she heard Shizuru made a muffled laugh.


Morning at Kanzaki’s was the usual, except for the absence of a loud sound that served as the HiME’s wake up call; everything went just like the days before. Everyone was present at the dining table and they were happily exchanging stories, some teased, and the others asked questions.

“I noticed that Shizuru-san’s face glowed today?” Midori asked grinning well let’s see how kaichou-san answers this, I know that look and Midori’s eyes shifted at the face of the girl next to Shizuru, Natsuki Kuga who suddenly turned red if that Kuga-blush doesn’t confirm my suspicion then nothing will.

“Ara my face is glowing just like that of Youko-sensei!” Shizuru replied causing Youko to spit out her coffee at Midori.

“Why am I suddenly involved in your discussion?” Youko asked, her face blushing too.

Midori grinned and wound an arm around the doctor, “Because I think Kaichou-san followed our footsteps!”

Mikoto frowned, “Shizuru-san followed what footstep?” she looked down at her feet that was on the floor, “The floor is not making any?”

Midori grinned when Mai’s face reddened, “Well I think Shizuru-san discovered ours!”

“Ara, it is just right to follow your instructions right? As you are our beloved teacher?” Shizuru said calmly as she drank her milk, (A/N: There’s a milk for pregnant women their different from usual milk since it has more folic acid which is needed by a pregnant mothers to help their children’s neurological development during the first trimester)

Chie and Aoi got the subtext and grinned. Chie decided to take out her mobile phone with camera and flipped it open, “So tell me Kaichou-san, how was it?”

Natsuki’s reddened face intensified, “Oi…”

“Ara I had the most wonderful dream last night.” Shizuru replied smiling when she saw her lover’s reddened face, “I think my Natsuki learned many things last night, right?” she faced Natsuki whose eyes widened in horror.


The others laughed, “So Kaichou-sama, which one of you is the screamer?”

“Harada!” Natsuki screamed at the grinning girl.

“Ara I am not sure if Natsuki’s scream was louder than mine…let me think?” Shizuru said playing along with Chie.

“Yukino was definitely a screamer!” Haruka interjected suddenly.

“Haruka-chan!” Yukino screamed and her face suddenly felt hot.

“What? I’m just telling the truth! All I hear from you is ahh and uhn and Haruka and a scream in the end!” Haruka defended. If Yukino could only disappear from embarrassment, she would have.

“Oh my God, I didn’t know that there’s someone worst than Natsuki when it comes to blushing!” Midori said laughing her heart out.

“I’m glad my Natsuki doesn’t just scream ahh and uhn.” Shizuru added with a smile causing the blue haired girl to blush more.

Haruka looked at Yukino, “See Yukino? Maybe you should ask Kuga what else you could scream at night.” she asked innocently then turned at Natsuki, “Kuga!” Natsuki looked at Haruka’s serious face, “I take it that you could teach my Yukino here! I am sure she’ll learn so much from you!”

“Oh Haruka, I’m sure my Natsuki will gladly help Yukino.”

A different meaning crossed the others causing their face to brightened with mischief, this was not unnoticed by Natsuki.

“Baka! I have no intention of doing what Haruka do to Yukino! Baka!” Natsuki screamed with a steaming face.

“Oi! Can we drop the subject? There are kids here!” Nao interjected, all eyes shifted on her.

“And when did you care about that?” Aoi asked with a raised eyebrow, “I remember you taking Mikoto to guy hunting.”

“Aoi, if you don’t shut your mouth, I’ll make sure to shut it with a web.” Nao warned, her hands were both covering Alyssa’s ear.

“Besides, aside from Alyssa-chan, the others here are okay. Mikoto is young but I don’t think she gets what we are talking about.” Midori explained.

“I get it! I will follow Midori-sensei’s footstep with Mai!” She exclaimed innocently then looked at the fiery haired girl whose face is burning, “Mai? Why is your face red?!”

“MIKOTO!” Mai screamed.

“See what I mean?” Midori pointed out, “As for Akira-chan and Shiho-chan…They need to know this as I am sure they’ll have their chance…” Midori grinned and looked at Takumi, “Right Tokiha-kun?”

Takumi’s reply was just a blushing face.

“A sudden room temperature increased was detected by my circuitry; I suggest lowering the air condition’s temperature.” Miyu interrupted.

“Question…have you seen a robot blush?” Nao asked and everyone’s attention was focused on her, their heads shook. Nao grinned. She released Alyssa’s ears and leaned sideward. Alyssa was in between Miyu and Nao, so when she leaned sideward, she pulled Miyu’s face towards her and kissed Miyu’s lips. Everyone’s eyes widened when Miyu did blush from the kiss, “See?” Nao said after returning to her seat and bowed down as if some performer who ended her show.

“Awesome! Awesome!” Mikoto wailed, “My turn! My turn!” Mikoto jumped out of her chair and ran towards Miyu and prepared herself to kiss the half human.

Miyu faced Mikoto and raised her arm after she transformed it into a small dagger, “If you want this dagger embedded in your throat, try kissing me.” Miyu said flatly, her face now back to its normal color.

Mikoto frown, “It’s unfair! How come Nao can kiss you and I can’t? Mai liked my kisses!” Mikoto wailed, and that made the other occupants of the dining area looked at a very red face Mai.

“Oi! You’ve got some story to tell!” Natsuki said making her evil grin.

“Oh! I forgot, I promise Mikoto that I’ll make her a ramen today!” Mai said standing up.

Mikoto looked at Mai, “You did?” she frown, “But you said Saturday, today is just Friday right?”

Mai’s brows and eyes started twitching as she glare evilly at Mikoto, “MI – KO -” (A/N: Imagine Go-kou calling his power out…)

Mikoto’s eyes widened in fear, “Mai? What did I do now?”

“TO!!” Mai ran after the escaping middle schooler.

“Ara, Mikoto-chan runs out of gatherings frequently no?” Shizuru calmly asked which was seconded by everyone’s nod.


Everyone was at the dojo except for Alyssa and Himeko. The blond child was tired and wanted to take a nap, since Miyu need to be with Nao for the exercise, Yuuki Himeko volunteered to look after the girl which was gladly received by Alyssa.

At the dojo…

“Since Natsuki-san and Shizuru-san unlocked theirs, why don’t you demonstrate again before we start with ours?” Fumi said smiling. Mikoto was standing beside Fumi, she was frowning and she had a large bruise on her right eye courtesy of Mai’s elbow. The young girl looked at Mai who was standing beside Yukariko and looking at her, Mai was pouting as if silently begging for Mikoto’s forgiveness. Mikoto crossed her arms on her chest and looked the other way. This was noticed by Fumi, she smiled and leaned down, “Having problems with Mai-san?”

Mikoto pouted, “She hit me with her elbow.” Mikoto said.

“Really? You think Mai intentionally hit you?” Fumi asked smiling.

Mikoto frown and shook her head no, “She was after me and I got caught on something and fell, then she got caught on my feet, her elbow hit my head before we fell on the floor.”

“Then it was an accident.” Fumi said.

“But still, if she wasn’t after me then I wouldn’t be running.”

“I thought you love Mai-san?” Fumi asked which was answered by a nod, “Do you blame the person you love for something that happened accidentally?” Mikoto looked at Fumi’s smiling face, “If it was you who hits Mai accidentally, do you think Mai-san will blame you?” Mikoto shook her head.

“Mai…” Mikoto looked at Mai again who was now talking with Yukariko.

“Better talk to her after this?” Fumi suggested and Mikoto nodded and then the two returned their attention to Natsuki who was concentrating with her eyes closed.

“Materialize…” Natsuki whispered but nothing happened.

Shizuru frown, “Ara what happened?”

Nao laughed, “Natsuki must be over-sex that’s why!” she said and then laughed harder.

Natsuki growled at Nao, “Yuuki!”

“Alright stop it before this get out of hand, so what is the problem now?” Youko asked.

Everyone started thinking.

“What did you feel yesterday Natsuki-san when you materialize the Naginata?” Akane asked.

“Yesterday? It was as if a different kind of power surge inside my body.”

“I felt that too with Shiho!” Chie said.

“Why don’t you try it Chie?” Akane said. Chie concentrated and when she felt the power whispered materialize but like Natsuki nothing happened, “Did you feel the same power?” Akane asked once Chie opened her eyes.

“Yes, the very same…”

“And Natsuki-san?”

“I did too.”

“So there must be something missing…” Akane said s she paced in front of Kazuya.

Aoi was thinking with the rest and realized something, “Hey! Have you seen the anime Simoun?”

Natsuki glared at Aoi, ‘What does an anime got to do with our powers?” she said angrily

“Well it is obvious that you didn’t see it, well simoun is like a sacred machine that can be maneuvered by two people, the problem is that two people must trust each other to fly it, and that is the same with your transference right? You need trust.” Everyone nodded, “This machine have a heart that to be able to turn it on, the two pilot should kiss it together after the two pilots exchange a kiss.” Everyone’s eyes widened, “What else can measure your trust other than a kiss on the lips?” Aoi asked.

“Senoh-san, you’re actually suggesting that I kissed Harada-san in her lips!” Shiho said, “I don’t want to die on my sleep with a kitchen knife on my belly!” she wailed.

“Oi Shiho! That’s over acting now.” Nao exclaimed.

“I like that idea! I like that idea!” Mikoto chimed in, “Then after I kiss Fumi-chan I can kiss Mai too!” she smiled, “Then I’ll kiss Natsuki, and Shiho, and Akane, and…”

“Hey! Kiss your own partner!” Haruka screamed, “Kiss Tokiha but don’t you dare touch Yukino’s lips! That’s mine!” she added.

“Haruka-chan…I want to disappear now…” Yukino said weakly.

Aoi looked at Shiho, “I’ll give you my blessings Shiho besides its not as if Chie wasn’t kissing others lips when she knew very well that I own her.” Chie’s eyes widened at Aoi’s words.

“Aoi Senoh!” Chie growled.

“Harada Chie!” Aoi growled back causing Chie to slump her shoulders

“I never thought Chie-san is a henpeck.” Yukariko exclaimed laughing, “If Mai-san is fine doing that then I am fine with it also, just make sure Migami didn’t see us or she’ll to rip your lips off Mai-san.” She said teasing the fiery red hair.

Mai winced, “hehe, I am glad Migami-chan is with Himeko-san and Alyssa-chan right now!”

“Okay maybe we could start…” Akane said.

Partners faced each other, the protectors concentrated until they felt the power surge within them. Even Miyu’s body felt Julia’s power enveloped her half human form

Julia-san…I can hear you Miyu talked to the power in her head

Protect my mom Miyu-okaasan

Miyu-oka…asan… Miyu felt a different kind of emotion surge within her, something she only knew when she was still Private Maya Greer is this happiness…I forgotten how it feels to be happy. She opened her eyes that met the green orbs of Nao I will protect your mom, and everyone important to me and Nao and Miyu’s lips connected materialize…

The whole dojo was covered by blinding light and Aoi had to cover her eyes to not hurt it. When the light died down, all the protectors were holding their HiMEs elements (A/N: Everyone was doing this simultaneously, I just focused on Miyu’s side since of all she was the half human and I wanted to show that the power conquers all.)


Heavy breathing assaulted the darkened hallway, then it was followed by a loud banging sound probably coming from Trash cans that were being kicked. It was the darkened hall way in the Fuuka district near the university, and no one was seen gallivanting on these parts although some hard headed teenagers tried their luck in accomplishing something like proving their strength by defying the odds. But they got no idea how dangerous it is to lurk in the dark (A/N: Besides their not the batman!). A group of men is now after a young teen, a student of Fuuka University after witnessing the cruel death of another man.

The gang men were carrying powerful assault weapon ranging from a 45 calibre gun to experimental high energy powered gun (A/N: Imagine the guns used in the movie Eraser, very powerful), they were laughing as they watch the bloodied teen hit every walls, the teen should have died if not for the leader’s urged to be more cruel and played with the young man, and that was their big mistake.

Above one of the walls was a creature, silently watching. The loud sounds from the guns and the power it emits got its attention, it needs to feed on something so it could move on and find the main power source of the city. A major mistake in the part of the gang men was them turning on the experimental high energy powered gun. Like a salivating dog, the creature leapt from the wall and landed in front of the laughing men.

Their eyes widened an in their fearful state started firing rounds after rounds of bullets on the creature which to their surprised passed by the creature’s body without creating any damage. In their desperation, they aimed the high powered gun and pulled the trigger, but they were stunned when the effect was the same. They now decided to run away but before they even could take a step back, the creature attacked with blinding speed, with one swipe of his arm, the man beside it was beheaded, then as if the creature was moving like a wind, it’s hand transformed into a sword and buried it in the chest of two men, two more were left and they too weren’t spared as one was ripped into two halves by two strong hands, the one carrying the high powered gun was spared for a while. The creature stopped his actions and looked at the trembling man, the gun in his hand. That man will never forget the face of the creature that devoured his head…

The high energy powered gun was left unusable, it’s power source drained. The creature walked out of the alley without paying attention to the young boy who was lying bloody on the floor but conscious. The young boy saw everything and he forgotten that he knew how to speak…

He was catatonic when he was found by his friends


Himeno- san?”

“Sakomizu-san? What a surprise for you to call at this hour of the night?”

I think Kanzaki-san’s fear is already near.”

Fumi frowned, “What do you mean?”

Tanaka Shouji was found catatonic in an alley here at Fuuka, near our school, it wasn’t his state of catatonia that worried me, but the alley…the alley was covered with blood, decapitated head, shoulders and the like, two men were seen bleeding from a very large chest wound that looks like a wound made by a very sharp sword.”

“Kami-sama!” Fumi’s heart beat began galloping, “The students?”

Everyone’s fine, I did get in touch with Reito-san and told him what I’ve seen here, he said the creatures were after power, so I guess the students here are safe.”

Fumi sighed, “I don’t think so Sakomizu-san, remember that Searrs foundation made a laboratory under the school, that part has the most energy as it was what they used to create the orphans remember?”

Kami-sama, I forgot about that…” he said then there was silence, “What should I do?”

“I can’t send you Miyu right now as we have no idea what the creatures can do, and Miyu is full of powers, she’ll be a very likely target…”

I still have some connection with the remaining first district, I could gather help to find this out and try to turn off the power source inside Fuuka.” He suggested

“That is a good way to start Sakomizu-san, arigato for taking care of everything in my absence.”

No needs to thank me, we both love this school and we both wanted to protect it and the students in it.” He said smiling, ”I’ll call you again for further development, I’m sending Erstin there tomorrow so she could give my students there my syllabus.”

“Thank you again.” And with that the phone went off.

Himeno Fumi sighed and looked at the girl sleeping on the bed next to her those creatures are after powers, and it is our powers that will put us all in danger, why does the obsidian lord do this things…why does he love playing with the HiMEs.

Before she could even think of anything else, Fumi decided to rest and face tomorrow with a renewed vigor and with a clear perspective…

-end chapter 11-

A/N: Hehe, The shiznat’s love scene was another very long love scene I’ve written (after stupid cupid chapter 3 that is), I was bed ridden for the last two days due to influenza and my only companion was my laptop and internet, so when my head cleared last night I started writing a chapter for one KIGO story and now this. I’ll probably write the next chapter for An affair to remember, hoping that I will not have relapse due to this. Hehehehe. Omake below was thanks to Rain14 for sticking the idea in my head (longest omake I've done so far)

"Mai! Mai!" Mikoto called out while tagging on the girl's clothes, she was looking right and left, "I don't see Natsuki anywhere!"

"Be quiet Mikoto, I don't think we are at Fuuka anymore!" the two girls looked around them

Mikoto's eyes widened when she saw a towering building, "Mai! That must be the obsidian lord's castle! Natsuki must be there!" she screamed and Mai looked

"Lets go Mikoto!"

At the tower

"Kim Possible! You think you're all that? But you're not!" Drakken said before doing his evil laugh, "Shego attack!!"

"yada-yad-yada!" Shego said waiving her hand nonchalantly and walking lazily toward the red head hero, "I'll make this a short one cupcake!" Shego made a plasma ball and threw it at Kim

"Mai! The frog woman is throwing fire!" Mikoto run forward, "Miroku materialize!!" the sword appeared

Mai on the other hand placed herself in between Shego and Kim Possible, "Materialize!" Her four rings appeared and created a large ring of fire that dissipates Shego's plasma

"What the hell?" Shego cursed looking at the girl in front of her and started lighting up again

"Yahhhhhh..." Mikoto turned around swinging her sword then letting it made a mark on the floor before she flew high and tried cutting Shego.

"SHEGO!!" Kim screamed in horror but was relieved to see he green skinned woman alive and unharmed. Mikoto landed in between Mai and Kim

"Who the hell are you?!"

"Shego? Are they new recruits of team Possible?" Drakken asked cowering at the corner of the lair with Ronald stoppable

"I don't know them!" Ron screamed, his voice trembling

Mikoto on the other hand looked at Kim then at Mai then at Kim again, "Mai..." she said looking at Mai, "Another Mai..." she said while looking at Kim

"What are you saying?"

"Two Mais!!" Mikoto wailed but stopped and looked again at the two, then suddenly Mikoto grabbed Mai's large breast and squeezed it. Mai was frozen, stunned at Mikoto's sudden action, "This is Mai!" she said then looked at Kim's chest and made a pose of grabbing Kim's breast

"Dont you dare grab that!" Shego said throwing a light plasma on Mikoto's butt

"Cruel!" Mikoto screamed

"This is mine!" Shego said as she run forward and grabbed Kim's breast

"She...Shego!" Kim screamed

Drakken and Ron can be seen on the corner trying to stop their noses from bleeding (hahaha...that's it!)

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