Story: The Gift (chapter 10)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 10



Chapter 10

Natsuki’s eyes widened as the bright light died down and Shizuru’s naginata was already in her hand, what is that power? How did I manage to summon Shizuru’s naginata? Natsuki asked herself.

“Natsuki…” Even Shizuru could not believe what was happening. They never intended to call forth the element, what they were doing was just a simple form exercise how did Natsuki do it?

“KUGA!” Nao screamed, she was wearing a frown in her face.

Natsuki was startled and looked at the red headed teen. Shizuru was still standing behind her, her arms still wounded on her waist but aside from that, all contacts made was dropped.

“Tell us how you did it!” Nao added once she got Natsuki’s attention.

With wide eyes, the blue haired girl shook her head, “I have no idea.” She said then shifted her focus from Nao to the naginata in her hand, and then she looked back at Shizuru, “Shizuru?” Natsuki asked hoping her partner have an answer for everyone.

“Ara Natsuki, I don’t have any idea!” Shizuru said knowing what the younger girl was asking.

Yukariko sighed and smiled, “Why don’t we go back to before Kuga-san called out the naginata, Kuga san?”

“Ah Okay!” Natsuki agreed. Shizuru released her hold on Natsuki’s waist as the blue haired girl started to recollect what happened, “I was doing the exercise Mikoto demonstrated,” this was followed by several heads nodding. Natsuki’s index finger was pointed on her temple, (A/N: If you could imagine the form of the statue called the thinker, a bit like that but without the bent body! Hehehehe) “And then I saw Shizuru walk over here and stand behind me.” Another series of nods, “Shizuru said that I had a flaw on my form and started guiding me…”

“Sensically may I add!” Haruka exclaimed.

“Sensuously Haruka chan,” Yukino whispered to the blond haired girl to correct her.

“That’s what I said!” Haruka shook her head as she placed her arms on her side akimbo style, “Go on Kuga!”

“I don’t know, Shizuru was whispering nice things on my ears and then I just felt so relax. I stopped thinking and just trust Shizuru to guide me.”

“Okay?” Youko urged Natsuki.

“And then I felt something strange inside my body…”

“From my reading of the power output from Kuga during the time the two were enveloped by a bright light, the power was different from her usual element.” Miyu interrupted to try to explain the power she picked up from Natsuki.

“You mean the light doesn’t come from Duran?” Mai asked and Miyu nodded her head.

“That is an understatement. We all know that the power must be from Kiyohime as Natsuki ended up summoning the naginata, the question here is how did she do it?” Midori asked a bit perplexed.

“Ara…” Shizuru interjected, “While I was giving instruction to Natsuki, didn’t you said that you stopped thinking and just trust me to lead you?” Natsuki nodded, “Could it be the missing ingredient in all the times we tried transferring our powers to the others? Trust?”

“But I am sure Yukino trust me!” Haruka said a bit agitated, “You do trust me Yukino right?” Haruka asked the smaller girl after turning around to face her.

“Ara Haruka, we know that we trust each other here, my point is…Natsuki opened up herself to me and entrusting me all of her. Then when it happens my Kiyohime might have perceived it and decided to embrace Natsuki!”

“That is a good point.” Akira said, “If you ask me, I trust Takumi-kun, but do I trust him not to hurt himself in protecting me? I’ve been using my power for so long and it’s hard for me to let go especially I know that I am putting Takumi-kun in danger.”

“Then it is not just Natsuki trusting Shizuru, it should also be the other way around!” Akane added.

“Ara! Come to think of it, while giving instruction to Natsuki, I was thinking of perfecting her form so that she could use it to protect not me but my babies.”

“Yes! And when Shizuru asked me to think of a purpose, I was thinking of Shizuru and my children as well!” Natsuki added.

A moment of silence.

“Then if there is something we should work out on, aside from our katas, we should focus on trust as well.” Fumi said smiling then looked at Mikoto, “I have no doubt that Mikoto could protect me and my baby.”

“And there’s no doubt that I am willing to risk my life to protect what is mine.” Kazuya.

“As Kazuya-kun said!” Takumi seconded and looked at Akira, “Can you think like Kaichou? Train me hard Akira so that I can protect you and my little Akira.” He said looking at Akira seriously.

“I guess we should first talk on our own issues before we make the power transference an issue. Trust is not something we can just ignore, it is built with love and understanding.” Youko said.

“As if I have any other option aside from trusting Harada-san,” Shiho said pouting.

“Shiho-chan,” Chie said smiling at the smaller girl, “I know I am not your baka onii-san, but I assure you that when I decided to fight for you, all I had was the intention of keeping you safe. You agreed to be my ward and all I want right now is your trust that no matter what happen, I will never do what Tate did to you.”

“Harada-san!” Shiho wailed and ran towards the taller girl’s open arms. As if by miracle, Chie felt a sudden burst of energy inside her body, she closed her eyes and tried verbalizing materialize, and to Aoi and the other’s surprise, Shiho’s flute materialize in Chie’s hand.

“Arigato Shiho-chan!” Chie said enclosing the crying girl in her embrace. In her happiness, Aoi stepped closer and hugged the two girls.

“I don’t see any reason why I need to materialize Nao-san’s element.” Miyu said flatly.

Nao’s eyebrows started twitching, “What the hell do you mean by that?!” Nao screamed at the half-human Miyu. Miyu remained expressionless; it was Himeko, Alyssa and Yukariko who winced at the sound of Nao’s voice

As an explanation, Miyu raised an arm and transformed it into her anti-materializing sword, the one she used to defeat Akane’s child, “This is more useful than your element Nao-san. I can protect you and little Nao with or without materializing your element.” She explained apathetically.

Nao’s face is now red from anger, “Take that back! My element isn’t useless!” she screamed.

“Please calm down Nao-san, you are making yourself and your baby agitated, and you are making the other babies agitated as well.” She said calmly.

“Nao-chan, Miyu is right.” Himeko seconded Miyu.

“Nao-san…” Alyssa said nervously, the little girl making her way towards Himeko’s back to hide. Himeko on the other hand placed a supportive hand on Alyssa’s head. Miyu looked at Alyssa and if it is possible for her to smile, she would have, seeing that her ojou-sama finally found a mother figure in Yuuki Himeko’s persona

Nao stretched her arm and pointed an accusing finger on Miyu who was happily watching Alyssa, “Then make that robot of yours to take back her words!” Nao screamed.

Alyssa whimpered, “But…she…she is your protector…”

“I DON’T CARE!!” she screamed again.

“Nao!” Yukariko said in a louder voice, “I don’t think that was Miyu’s intention, she did not said that your element is useless.”

“Yes, she said she doesn’t need it. That’s different from being useless right Mai?” Mikoto said and then looked at Mai smiling, the fiery haired girl nodded.

“You should calm down Nao, we don’t want to cause you more problems. Pregnant women should not stress themselves too much.” Youko explained.

“Then leave me alone! I don’t want a protector! I can protect myself! I’ve been protecting myself for long I don’t need anyone!”

At Nao’s declaration, Himeko Yuuki winced and this did not go unnoticed by the girl beside her. Alyssa hurriedly embraced the older Yuuki as she looked at Miyu with worried eyes. Nao turned her back from the others and started running out of the dojo and stopped when…

“I am sorry Nao-san.” Miyu’s flat but clear and loud voice echoed in the silent dojo, “It was mean of me to say those things.”

Mai, Midori and Natsuki’s eyebrows went up after hearing Miyu’s apology what the hell? Since when did Miyu learn how to say sorry? Mai thought.

She’s a fucking robot with no feelings! Midori’s own.

She’s speaking like a real human! What is happening to our world now? Natsuki asked herself and then looked at Shizuru.

“Even a heartless machine can change Natsuki.” Shizuru whispered after leaning closer to the younger girl while Natsuki just nodded her head.

Miyu was still watching Nao who has her back to her, and kept on watching until Nao ran out of the dojo. Before Himeko could stand to follow her daughter, she was stopped by Miyu, “I’ll go after her Yuuki-san, it was my fault she ran off.” Miyu said her focus still on the dojo’s entrance, she shifted her eyes down to look at Himeko’s tear stained face, “I am sure Nao-san didn’t mean to hurt or offend you.” She said then she looked at Alyssa.

“I’ll make sure Yuuki Himeko-san will be fine Miyu-chan, go after Nao-san.” She said then frowned, “And stop stressing her!” she commanded with a stern voice.

Miyu’s lips did not contort to make a smile, but her eyes were saying otherwise. She bowed down and left the dojo. Himeko looked at Alyssa and smiled, “Arigato Alyssa-chan.” She said then embraced the little girl.

“That was something no one should try!” Midori exclaimed, “If one of you…” she said this looking at the two male in the room sternly, “stressed one of your partners the way Miyu did? I will make sure that justice will prevail!” Midori said materializing her labrys and made her usual pose.

“Ne? Why are you looking at me and Takumi only? Isn’t that a bit unfair?” Kazuya asked pouting while Takumi nodded his head to agree with the older male.

“Do you have any objection? This is Mai HiME and female rules!” Midori explained. The others except for Shizuru, Himeko, Fumi and Alyssa suddenly got this large sweat drop on their forehead.

Youko smiled at Midori and asked, “How come you didn’t threaten Miyu-san?”

Midori glared at Youko, “You want me to die before I give birth to little Youko?”

Youko made a sweet smile, “Oh! So she’s little Youko now ne? I love that!”

“Okay!” Fumi shouted, “I suggest everyone to take a rest and ponder on this development. We shall resume our exercise tomorrow. And I want everyone to talk with their partners and resolved issues that could hinder each other’s trust.” She said smiling, “And since Fujino-san seems to have mastered this, I would like to talk to you personally so see me at the Kanzaki library before you head to your room?”

Shizuru smiled, “I’ll follow you Himeno-san.” And then she looked at Natsuki, “My Natsuki better wait for me before she go to sleep.”

“We haven’t had dinner yet. I’m hungry!” Natsuki said pouting.

“Ara! Natsuki’s pouting face is so kawaii!” Shizuru teased and smiled when she elicited a blush from her favorite HiME. She kissed Natsuki’s cheek before turning and following the school director.


Mai and Mikoto’s room

Mai was reading a book; she was sitting on the chair in front of the small study table that was on the corner of the room while Mikoto was laid on the bed, legs and arms spread out as if the younger girl was lying on snow. There was silence in the air, Mikoto not wanting to interrupt Mai’s studying, but then Mikoto’s stomach made a growling sound (A/N: I think the medical term for the hunger sound is burburygmi? I don’t know if the spelling is right or should it be burburigmi. And I am not sure if my memory is right or if this word was used just to make fun of us students!)

“Mai, you haven’t made ramen since we stepped in the mansion.” Mikoto said pouting.

Mai stopped what she was doing and looked at the girl on the bed, “I’m sorry Mikoto, but Aoi and Himeko-san wanted to be able to help out and they said that the only thing they could contribute is to cook our food.” Mai watched as Mikoto nodded her head.

“Their food is oishi Mai!” Mikoto said excitedly, “But Mikoto missed Mai’s ramen.” She added with a sad undertone.

Mai smiled, stood and walked towards the bed. She sat at the corner and pulled Mikoto’s foot that was touching her, she started tickling the younger HiME. “I promise to make one this Saturday Mikoto.” Mai said once she stopped tickling the sword bearer. Mikoto nodded her head and smiled.


“I’m jealous Mai.”

Mai frowned and looked at Mikoto, “Jealous with who and why?” she asked

“Everyone will be having babies! While we won’t have any,” She said sadly, ignoring her stomach.

“You’re jealous because we won’t have babies?” Mikoto nodded, “You want to have a baby?”

Mikoto’s eyes widened and shook her head no, Mai frowned, “I want to have Mai’s baby!” she said excitedly. Mikoto’s eager and innocent response caused the fiery haired girl to blush intensely, “Ne Mai? Do you want to have a baby with me?” she asked though shyly.


“That’s not an answer Mai!” Mikoto wailed and her eyes started to water.

“Mikoto!” Mai squirmed at Mikoto’s sudden reaction, “It’s not that easy to answer!”



“I love Mai! Isn’t that enough reason?”

Mai sighed, “It’s not Mikoto.”

“Then what?”

“You’re still young and inexperienced.”

“Nao, Shiho and Akira is the same age as me!” Mikoto pouts again, “And all of them will have a baby, why can’t I?”

Mai sighed again how am I to explain this?

“Mai doesn’t love me? Is that why you don’t want a baby with me?” Mikoto asked hurt.

“What? Mikoto it’s not…”

“Mai doesn’t love me!” The young HiME wailed and cried out again and again. Mai tried to stop the bawling girl but was unsuccessful, so in her desperate attempt to stop Mikoto from her thought, Mai pulled Mikoto to her and then pressed her lips on Mikoto’s own.

Mai and Mikoto’s first kiss wasn’t the kiss one would expect from a lover, it was chaste…but Mai did send Mikoto the message she wanted to say a long time ago. They stared at each other’s eyes once their lips parted, “Mikoto is not ready for a very big responsibility yet.” Mai said.

Mikoto nodded then raised her arms and wound them around Mai’s neck and then she pulled the older girl down and captured Mai’s lips with her own, “I love Mai.” Mikoto whispered after their lips parted again.

“And Mai loves Mikoto.” Mai said with a smile.

The two decided to lay side by side, their hands intertwined.


Miyu was already on her 50th knocked and the door to Nao’s room remained close. The half human doesn’t want to force her way in but she was getting more anxious and worried for the red headed girl, aside from the fact that it wasn’t usual for her to feel something close to remorse for her earlier actions. She doesn’t want to hurt Nao’s feelings but she was programmed to tell the truth. It wasn’t about Nao’s element being useless, but she was made to counter a HiME, so logically, there’s no element far better than her ability.

“I am coming in Nao-san, whether you like it or not.” She declared through the door.

“Go away! Leave me alone!” Nao screamed from within.

“I cannot do that, I am sorry.” Miyu said and then she transformed her hand into something that mimics a key and opened the door (A/N: Heh, even Shego can’t best Miyu in that regard!). As soon as she entered the door, she was bombarded by pillows, followed by whatever small things Nao could grab and throw. “Nao please calm down.” But the red headed girl instead of calming down used her power on Miyu. Nao threw a web towards Miyu who got caught. Even though the cyborg already calculated the trajectory and speed of the web but opted not to dodge it then she saw Nao, her hand covered with her element came at her and despite the ability to release herself and counter attack, Miyu decided to stand still and take the brunt of it.

“Please calm down Nao-san.” Miyu calmly said. One of Nao’s metal claws was buried in her left shoulder and the other one scraped her right arm. Miyu’s calm voice stopped Nao’s attack.

Nao’s eyes widened when blood started dripping off of Miyu’s shoulder and arm, the blood making its way on the room’s beige carpet my body is made up of human integument and is reinforced with human’s ability to generate heat “Mi…yu…” Nao said, her face paled, Despite being half a robot, I am still anatomically correct Nao-san, my central and peripheral nervous systems are intact though controlled by the ygdrassil micro-compliance chip “What were you thinking…” she said weakly as she dematerialized her element causing Miyu to bleed more on her shoulder. Trembling she slid to the floor and would have hit it hard if not for Miyu grabbing her.

“I apologize Nao-san.” Miyu said flatly.

“W- Why didn’t you stop me? You…you just stood there!” Nao screamed, she started sobbing as fear seeped in and then the image of soldier Miyu rushed back the soldier’s legs were caught in the explosion. Nao was so lost she didn’t know what to do. Miyu was bleeding and yet here she was apologizing to her.

Perhaps it was a miracle that someone came to their room due to the loud noise the two girls made. Shiho screamed her lungs out when she found Miyu bleeding, the bleeding cyborg held a pale Nao in her arms.


“The next time you two try to kill each other, do it outside. The floor is carpeted and blood stains horridly! Understand?” Youko said sternly. She was inside Nao’s room, the now bandaged Miyu was lying on the large bed, Nao was sitting in a chair near the wall and watching. Alyssa was seated beside the cyborg, on the bed. Himeko was standing on the door, “Miyu, it was amazing to see an android bleed like you do but please, make sure that this doesn’t happen again. If Nao-san tried to attack you again -- dodge. She can’t forgive a dead robot.” Youko said smirking.

“My body was made to heal by itself without any external stimuli.” Miyu explained again in her flat monotonous voice.

“You’re bleeding and you need attention and stop analyzing everything!” Nao screamed at the lying female.

“I apologize…”

“And stop apologizing!” Nao added angrily.

Youko looked at the two girls and sighed, “Nao-san? Please stop nagging Miyu if you want her to stop apologizing.” Youko shook her head while smiling and then she looked at Alyssa who had a worried look on her face, “Miyu’s fine, by the time I came here, her blood vessels were regenerating already. I am sure this will not happen again Alyssa-chan so stop moping okay?”

Miyu looked at her blond ward and lifted her hand to caress Alyssa’s sweaty ones, “Alyssa ojou-sama, I’m fine. All I need is a little rest and I will be back in my usual state.” Alyssa nodded and lay beside the cyborg. Miyu looked at Himeko who was still standing by the door and secretly motioned for the older Yuuki to take the child out of the room.

Himeko looked at her daughter who was still sporting an angry look that was directed to the lying female. She tapped Nao’s shoulder and smiled when her daughter looked at her with a face devoid of emotion and then she walked over Alyssa and tapped the girl’s shoulder. Alyssa seeing that Himeko was there to take her stood up and come freely to the older woman.

“Alright, I think we better leave the two of you so you can sort this out.” Youko said standing up and making her way out of the room, but before she left she looked at Nao and smiled, “Since the room is now stained, I think it is better that you move back in your original room. Himeno-san already requested another bed to be placed there so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable.” Youko didn’t wait for any reply, she walked passed the red head and left the room. A soft click was heard when the door was closed once Himeko and Alyssa got out.

“Alyssa-san likes to sleep with Himeko-san, you can use our room if you don’t feel like sleeping on your original room Nao-san.” Miyu said flatly, looking at the red head.


“You’re the soldier in my dream isn’t it?” Nao asked. There was no answer, “Tell me, was it just a dream or was it your memory?” she asked again.

Miyu did not take her gaze from Nao, “I do not have memories Nao-san.”

“You’re lying.” Nao said flatly.

“No I am not. Miyu Greer doesn’t have a memory. Maya Greer does.” Miyu replied then shifted her gaze to the ceiling.


Nao was surprised by Miyu’s sudden movement; the cyborg sat and started moving out of the bed, “You shouldn’t move yet.”

“My body heals fast…”

“You will lie down again if you want me to relax and accept your apology.” Nao said calmly.

Miyu stopped from standing and sat at the bed once again, “I shall ask Mai-san to change place with me.” Miyu informed the red head.


“You don’t want me to be your protector. There’s no trust and I’ll just hinder the group’s growth.”

Nao looked at Miyu seriously, “And you think I’ll trust Mai?” she asked and Miyu did not reply, “I do not trust anyone.”

“Yuuki Himeko-san?”

“She was in coma since I was 10, I never knew If I trusted her or not.”


Miyu watched Nao walked closer to her, “You have entrusted me your memories Miyu.” Nao sat beside the cyborg, “So I’ll accept you as my protector.”

Miyu looked intently at Nao’s face. Nao did not smile nor show any emotion, but the red head pushed the cyborg back causing Miyu to lay on her back as Nao followed and snuggled closer, “I think I had enough of today, I am tired so just be still and let me sleep.” Nao said after resting an arm on Miyu’s chest, “And next time, dodge.”



“Himeko-san was hurt earlier, you need to apologize Nao-san.”

“And you’re my protector not my mother.” Nao said smiling. She leaned forward and placed a soft peck on Miyu’s cheek, “I’ll sleep now, I’ll apologize tomorrow.”

Miyu turned her head to look at Nao who has her eyes closed, She raised her free arm and touch her hot face why does Alyssa ojou-sama’s kiss doesn’t feel this way?


The dinner table was unusually quiet. Mr. Benford the butler had no idea if the silence was because of the noises he heard a while ago at the second level or because of the occupants obvious stress. Everyone’s almost sporting a very tired look, he had no idea what these children were doing in Reito-sama’s dojo but from what he could see right now, it seems they are exerting too much effort perhaps they are training on martial arts, my question is why? Reito-sama didn’t give me any explanation as to why these girls were asked to live here together the butler wondered before excusing himself and left the dining room.

“So how is Nao-san?” Fumi asked Youko who was lazily eating her food.

“Nao’s alright, her reaction probably was half her usual attitude and half due to increase hormones.” Youko explained tiredly.

Natsuki was frowning, “What’s with Miyu apologizing? Do robots apologize?”

Alyssa looked at Natsuki with a frown, “Miyu isn’t just a robot. She is half human. She feels pain like us, she has emotions.”

“So?” Chie asked looking at Alyssa, “How can she morph part of her body into a weapon?”

Alyssa shook her head, “Just her arms. I don’t know what her story is or if Miyu is her real name…”

“I don’t think Miyu is her real name. That stands for Multiple Intelligential Ygdrassil Unit.” Midori interrupted.

Everyone looked at her, “How did you know that?” Yukino asked with wide eyes.

“I was the one who freed her during the carnival right? Mashiro gave me a key to unlock her from the school’s basement. Before the computer that held her exploded from Mikoto’s attack, I was able to read a part of her program.” Everyone nodded, “I was asked if I wanted to reconfigure the command but decided not to.”

“Reconfigure?” Alyssa asked.

“Yes, so when she woke up, she was still looking for you. I think it was Mashiro’s power who told her that you can be found at the basement as one of the pillars.” Alyssa smiled and nodded her head.


“I wonder how Shizuru-san and Natsuki-san figured out how to transfer the power?” Kazuya asked softly.

“Ara! It wasn’t intentional as we’ve explained. I just wanted Natsuki to learn it the right way.”

Mai had her forehead crunched as she thought of something, “Ne Shizuru,” she called out the chestnut haired girl’s attention. Shizuru looked at Mai and smiled, “If Natsuki could materialize your element, doesn’t that mean you could in turn materialized hers?”

Natsuki and Shizuru looked at each other, “That is a possibility!” Natsuki exclaimed, “Besides, my element is a long range weapon which means in cases where the enemies are too strong, Shizuru could protect her and our children by using my element right?”

“Or can it be combined?” Akane asked.

“How?” Yukariko asked bewildered.

“For example your arrow and Mai-san’s fire power. Do you think you could make a flaming arrow just like those they used in Lord of the rings?” Akane asked smiling.

“Lord of the rings! Can you be more realistic Akane?” Kazuya said nudging his girlfriend in her elbow.

“Hey, our girlfriends are wielding weapons out of nowhere, so is there anymore trivial things than that?” Takumi said smiling.

“What we are doing isn’t trivial Takumi-kun.” Akira said.

“I’m just kidding!” Takumi said

“But Mai has a point, for those whose protectors are HiME’s as well, it might be possible.” Youko interjected.

“But maybe we should focus on how to transfer the powers to our partners first.” Himeno Fumi said closing the discussion.

And dinner went on without any complication.


“I am happy.” Natsuki said, the blue haired girl was lying on their shared bed. She was on her back and watching the room ceiling. Shizuru was in front of the mirror combing her wet hair. She was looking at the lying girl through the mirror, “Everything was going well until Nao and Miyu’s encounter.” Natsuki reminisced with a smile on her face. She then lifted her head and looked at the girl in front of the mirror, “How long will it take you to brush your hair Shizuru?”

Shizuru brought down the hair brush on the drawer and turned around to face Natsuki, “Ara, does my Natsuki wants to see an ugly Shizuru?” she asked with a pout.

“Oi!” Natsuki said wide eyes, “You’re not ugly! You’re beautiful Shizuru.”

“But I don’t feel beautiful Natsuki! I am thin and look at these circles in my eyes?”

Natsuki sighed and seated herself, “You are beautiful.” She said smiling, “It is normal for you to look like that, you’ve been under too much stress lately plus you suffered from sickness…”

“I remember Youko-sensei told me what my condition is called,” Shizuru made a thinking pose, “Yes, I remember…she called it a…Hyperemesis gravi…gravidarum?”

“Hyper-hyper whatever it is? I don’t care, you’re out of that condition and all you have to do now is to make up for all that you’ve lost in the past, right?” Natsuki said sweetly. Shizuru looked at Natsuki with a smile, and then she yawned after a while and stretched her limbs to emphasize her sleepy state, “Ne Shizuru!” Natsuki tapped the side of the bed beside her, the chestnut haired girl smiled and walked over the bed, she started crawling towards the patted side and lied down on her side so that she is facing Natsuki who was still sitting on the bed. The younger girl pushed herself up so that she has her back resting at the head board.

The two stared at each other’s eyes, and then Natsuki raised her hand and caressed Shizuru’s cheek that was not hidden, “You are very beautiful Shizuru, always remember that…” Natsuki said softly then leaned down to catch Shizuru’s lips with her own.

“Ara…Natsuki is very sweet,” Shizuru whispered once their lips parted.

Natsuki smiled and she slid down the bed, her arm pushing Shizuru lightly so that the older girl lied on her back. The blue haired girl hovered above the chestnut haired girl, her arm around Shizuru’s torso, she leaned down once again to kiss Shizuru’s lips.

Their kisses were hot and passionate and Natsuki heard a moan when she tried to lick the other’s lips. The moan causing Shizuru’s lips to open was the perfect opportunity for Natsuki to deepen the kiss, and so she does. She reveled in the feeling of Shizuru’s tongue entangled with hers thru their passionate kiss, the older girl’s arm was now raised and wound around the younger girl’s neck pulling her closer to the girl underneath. Moans after moans were heard before they parted their lips, but Natsuki wasn’t done yet, her lips dived on Shizuru’s neck that was exposed to her and started kissing, licking and biting sensitive areas. The older girl bent her head to give the other a better access as she purred, “Nat…su…ki…” Shizuru called out. The way the older girl said her name drove the blue haired HiME to work harder. She showered Shizuru’s neck with kisses and bites not caring if she left a mark on the older girl’s pristine skin, “Na…Natsu…ki, tha…that will leave a…mark,” Shizuru said in between pants.

“You’re mine.” Natsuki replied after releasing her neck for a moment, and when Shizuru thought that Natsuki will return to her neck, the younger girl caught her lips and kissed her with passion and urgency Shizuru never thought was present in Natsuki. The blue haired girl’s hand started roaming around Shizuru’s body, tracing every curve covered with Shizuru’s night wear. Her hand went down to Shizuru’s hips then her thigh, Natsuki’s hand grabbing the cloth and raised it up to exposed Shizuru’s silky thigh and started rubbing it with her hand. The action made the older girl to gasp. Natsuki released Shizuru’s lips and started kissing the older woman’s neck then down to her covered chest, just outside the night wear, “Make love with me Shizuru,” she whispered.

Shizuru stiffened as she looked at Natsuki.

-end chapter 10-

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d Pfft! Tou-san acts like a boy! So it is just right to call her tou-san!d

k You’re just jealous I am hugging okaasan right now.k

d hmmph! I’m not jealous! I hug her all the time! Besides I know she’ll like me calling her tou-san!d

j shut it you two!j

d now that one is definitely jealous because her tou-san will be half a robot! Hahaha!d

j I am not jealous you doofus! Miyu-kasan was a hero! She saved our mothers!j

k hey stop arguing your causing our mothers too much stress.k


d I think its tou-san who’s going to cause okaasan stress!d

j eewww!j

d at least my tou-san is not kissing a robot!d

j Miyu-kasan is half human!j

D hey you three! If you don’t stop yelling I’ll have you three sent to detention!D

J Now that’s executive director junior, no doubt!j

d no doubt,d

k finally something you two agreed on.k

D hey you’re mocking me!D

(Hehehe, just guess who’s who…)

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