Story: The Gift (chapter 1)

Authors: Handj

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Chapter 1



Chapter 1

Three heads turned to where a loud sound could be heard, a sound that is clearly interpreted as a) shock, b) disbelief and c) frustration (A/N can one even make a sound with this entire three component present? But anyways this is fiction so anything can happen!)

“Hey!” the midnight blue haired girl said to get the attention of the red head in front of her, “Aren't you going to see what made your boyfriend scream like that?” Natsuki said, wearing a grin on her face.

“Tate is not Mai's boyfriend!” the black spiky haired girl snarled at the other girl.

“So you said.” Natsuki replied flatly not even turning her head to face Mikoto.

“I don’t think I should Natsuki,” Mai said softly, her face wearing a worried look and she has her head turned so that she’s looking directly at the garden watching Tate and Shiho who is currently talking with each other.

“Don’t tell me the great Mai, bearer of the fire-god kagatsuchi is afraid of little Shiho?” Natsuki teased.

Mai turn her head to face the teasing girl. More than a year past, when Mai transferred to this school she recalled Natsuki as someone who is very cold, she even thought of her being a cold bitch who has the intention of killing Mikoto. Now…

Mai shakes her head, who would have thought Natsuki actually has a playful side in that stoic personality? She thought.

“Mai is not afraid! And Tate is not her boyfriend!” Mikoto whined, “Right Mai?” the wide, teary eyes of Mikoto focused on the red head. Mai just gave Mikoto her sweetest smile.

Well…I never see Mai gave Tate that smile Natsuki thought then the smile on her face vanished, and I used to have someone gave me that kind of smile, maybe even more…

It has been a year since the Hime festival, fondly called Carnival by Nagi, ended. It was during those dark times that Kuga Natsuki, the ice princess learned about the real feelings of her best friend Shizuru. Though she has granted the crimson eyed woman forgiveness for her apparent deceit and advances, the friendship built between the two Hime seemed to crumble. Shizuru started drifting away not only from Natsuki but also from everyone a week after she decided to tell Natsuki about her true feelings for her and Natsuki returning the feelings of love though not in the way the older girl wanted. Natsuki thought that her feelings were received openly and with understanding because nothing seemed to change between them after that.

Well after that week.

Then Shizuru started giving excuses to Natsuki whenever the younger girl would ask the older girl out, or whenever Natsuki decided to have picnic with the ex-kaichou with the help of Mai. At first, it was acceptable, knowing that Shizuru is graduating and as a graduating student council president, she knew that the fair haired girl has lots of responsibility laid upon her shoulders.

It was after graduation that Natsuki knew something was wrong. She continued on declining Natsuki’s invitation to spend her vacant time alone with her. But whenever the HIME Rangers that includes her gave an invite, Shizuru gladly accepts. She accepts invitation to hang out with her if Mai and Mikoto were included, but to hang out with her alone? Natsuki shook her head.

Natsuki tried hard to bridge that gap in their friendship even if she has to drag her new friends along with her. But no matter how hard she tries Shizuru keeps on drifting away. She even contemplated on telling Shizuru that she feels the same way about her, but shook the thought off as it was unfair, not only to Shizuru but to herself since that time, she really has no idea what she feels for the older girl. That time.

For Natsuki, what hurts most was the fact that Shizuru went back to Kyoto to study without even saying goodbye to her personally. She thought her heart was suddenly stricken by something sharp. She wanted to go to Kyoto to take her back but her unreasonable mind won’t let her. And it was too late when she learned that she really did feel the same about Shizuru. She loved Shizuru. No, she is in love with Shizuru.

“What is Natsuki thinking?” Natsuki heard Mikoto asks Mai.

“I don’t know Mikoto,” Mai said, her voice soft and even in those simple words and gestures, Natsuki could feel the love Mai has for the black haired girl.

I feel that same air every time Shizuru says my name. I’ve lost so much and I can’t even move forward. You’re pathetic Natsuki, so pathetic!

The three ex-HIMEs were actually walking towards the entrance of the school, after the carnival Mai invited Natsuki to share dorm with her and Mikoto since Mikoto never used her bed anyway, the younger girl just loves to lie beside Mai or “on” Mai, so the other bed is always empty. With the loneliness Natsuki felt after Shizuru’s departure, she didn’t even give the idea a second thought, she grabbed that opportunity and lived with the two. And now they are entering the school premises together.

“Did you hear?” The three’s attention was caught by a grinning Chie. The school’s official news paper though unlike it, Chie’s news is always fresh, advance even.

“Hear what?” Natsuki ask frowning.

“Something happened to Shiho.” Chie answered nonchalantly

“Oh! I saw Shiho talking with Tate at the garden!” Mikoto said excitedly glad that she can actually share information and be “in” for once.

Chie looks at Mikoto grinning evilly then at Mai, “Really?”

Mai looks at Chie and frown, “I don’t like the way you smile Chie, what happened to Shiho?” Mai said in a stern voice. The red head never uses that voice unless annoyed, and no one wants an annoyed and angry Mai.

Chie’s face suddenly paled as she looks at the frowning face of Mai, “Heh!” Chie started walking forward, “Shihoispregnant!” She said in one breath before she dashed forward, away from the three.

Natsuki’s eye widen, Mikoto rolled her eyes upward and scratch her head trying to decipher the long word, and Mai paled and a loud “thud” followed it. Natsuki looked down at the fainted Mai while Mikoto tried her best to wake her up.


Youko had been in a situation where no one would think it is possible, as a doctor she has faced different kind of adversities and was given lots of difficult cases. Though her expertise does not lie on Obstetrics, a simple test like frog test (Okay, FYI, the test for pregnancy that is called the frog test though not the fad anymore is still reliable, why frog test? Pregnant women’s urine is injected into a frog, when a woman is pregnant; the urine will cause the frog to release eggs as frogs are hermaphrodites. So what made this possible is the level of HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin which is very high in a pregnant woman and much much higher in a woman with an H-mole pregnancy. This is what those home pregnancy kit measures too.) interpretation is not hard for her. But right now, here in front of her is a woman whose laboratory result in her hands clearly states that she is pregnant.

“Are you sure this isn’t a diagnostic error?” Youko ask frowning, her eyes nailed at the blushing face of the woman in front of her.

“I submitted a urine sample 3 times in 3 different laboratories and they all say the same, want to see the other results?” The red headed woman raised her arm and scratches the top of her head, smiling and looking calm.

“You know this isn’t possible unless…”

Midori’s eye widens, “I did not have sex with the professor!” She said a bit loudly.


“But what? You knew you’re my first! I lost my virginity to you!”

“You traveled with him for days! How would I know-“

“I am in love with you Youko!” Midori said, “Nothing happened between us, besides Professor (Forgive me but I cannot recall the name of the professor Midori has a thing for) is not interested with me, he – he is… gay,”

The good doctor walks toward Midori and sit beside her on the examination bed, “But how did this happen?”

“I don’t know.” Midori looks at her friend and lover, “One good point about this is that we can raise the child together as her parents.”

Youko smiled, “Her?”

“I wanted this to be her.” Midori watch Youko nods then her face turns to smile.

“I love that.” Youko said then she wraps her arm around Midori.

“That feels better,” Midori return the embrace.

“I’ll give you the best later when we get back to the apartment.” No answer instead the doctor felt Midori nod her head while it still rest on her shoulder.


“I saw Karauchi outside, he’s quite happy no, ecstatic to me.” Aoi said giving Akane a knowing glance since the girl’s face is melancholic, very much opposite to that of her boyfriend.

“He is?” Akane asked, if not for Aoi being there, Aoi suspects that Akane will start crying.

“What’s the problem?” Aoi ask worriedly.

Akane looks around and moves closer to Aoi, she leaned forward and whisper, “I’m pregnant.”

Aoi’s eye widened then she looks at Akane who straighten herself, she had a faint blush on her cheeks, her eyes almost watery, “So? If Karauchi is that happy, why do you look so glum?” No answer, “You are living together right?” Akane nods, “So what’s the problem?”

“I’m two months pregnant.” Akane did not get a reply instead she got a “so what” kind of look from Aoi, “The last time I made love with Karauchi was a month ago and-“

“So? The impregnation must happen before that.” Aoi’s expression becomes a puzzled one when she saw Aoi shakes her head no, “What do you mean?”

Akane sighed, “Before that, we had contact after the devastating incident here at Fuuka and that was a year ago.” Akane replied

“Seriously?” Aoi watch Akane nods her head, “So you are saying that that is not Karauchi’s?”

“I don’t know. Since we started living together there wasn’t a time I spent alone or in anyone’s company except Mai and that’s during work, or when we’re here in school. Even here, we’re always together.”

“Wha-“ That was really juicy news for Aoi virgin birth? But Akane just admitted having sex with Karauchi, and she knows her friend and knew that there is no other man.

Before Akane could said another word Harada Chie came and sat beside Aoi, she gave Aoi a peck on her cheek and said, “Shiho is pregnant. I am sure it’s Tate’s!”

That news made Aoi’s eye widen more. Akane pregnant and now Shiho?

“I need to go Aoi, I need to see Karauchi.” Akane excused herself, stand up and hurriedly walked out the door.

“What’s with Akane?” Chie ask

“She is pregnant.”

Chie looks at Aoi bewildered, “Seriously?”



Miyu, Alyssa and Yukariko are sitting at the pew just in front of the altar of the school’s chapel. Yukariko is sitting in between the two, Yukariko have a hanky on her hand, puts it on her nose and blows. Her eyes are red and puffy. Miyu have an arm at the ex-nun’s back, rubbing it to soothe the woman’s jumbled feelings. Alyssa who has her arms full with Yukariko’s 1 year old daughter is just looking at the two older women.

“He left me Miyu, I can’t believe he left me!”

“Did you try to explain to him your condition?” Miyu ask, her flat face not showing emotion but her actions clearly shows that she cares for the crying woman.

“I did but he won’t believe me, he really thinks that I am cheating on him!”

“But you’re not.” Alyssa interfered.

“If he loves you he will believe you. He must believe you.” Miyu adds flatly.

This was their state when Nao walked in on them. Miyu whose special sense activated looks at the approaching red head.

“What’s with Yukariko?” Nao ask, she wasn’t wearing her nun uniform. Instead of answering, Miyu looks at her from head to toe and activated her scan system. “What the hell are you doing?” Nao ask angrily at the inhuman Miyu.

“You are pregnant too Nao.” Miyu said after finishing her inspection.

“What the –“ Nao frown and look at Miyu with an angry eyes, “Yeah, you’re a fucking robot who can do body scan. Why? Are you pregnant?” Nao ask sarcastically.

“Yukariko is.” Alyssa answered instead of Miyu.

“Well? She is married so its not as if getting her pregnant is unusual!”

“It’s not Wataru-san’s.” Miyu said.

“What?” Nao then looks at Yukariko, “I really never thought that you could do something like –” She didn’t finish her sentence when she felt a stinging pain in her cheek brought about by Yukariko’s slap.

“There is no one else Nao, no one else.” Yukariko said sternly, her eyes bore anger though red, puffy and wet.

“Then how do you explain that? Nao said also angrily and points to Yukariko’s still flat abdomen.

“I am not like you who whores herself for money. I still have morals in me.” That sentence brought Nao on her knees, she starts shaking, “Nao-”

“Nao-san,” Alyssa said in her melodious voice.

“I may be deceiving men, but I never demean myself by sharing a bed with any of them.” Nao’s declaration is laden with pain, “Like you, I still have morals in me.”

“Then-” Yukariko ask bewildered.

“I myself have no idea how this pregnancy came about.” Nao look up, “I’m a FUCKING VIRGIN!”

“Oh – my – Lord,” was all Yukariko said.

Do I have to console two people now? Miyu thought as she watches Nao break down and Yukariko kneeling down before Nao. The two women cried together.


Mai paced back and forth in front of Tate who is sitting at a bench near the school grounds, beside Tate is Shiho whose eyes are red and puffy. Mikoto and Natsuki decided that this thing should be left between the three concerned party.

“I really can’t recall if something happens between me and Shiho, I am telling the truth Mai.”

Mai stopped pacing and angrily turn around and glare at the blond man, “The fact that Shiho is pregnant and she never shares a room with any men except you is a proof that there is Yuuichi! You took advantage of Shiho’s feelings and now you’re denying it!” Mai screamed.

“Mai,” Shiho said softly, bowing down, “I’m not sure if something happened between us then. We were too drunk –“

“And you let a middle schooler drink an alcoholic beverage! What kind of a man are you!!” Mai got this large, pulsating vessel on her temple, “And you!” She points a finger at Shiho, “You still defend this useless man!” she screamed again.

“I’m just telling the truth.” Shiho answers now frowning, her head still bowed down.


“I am not denying it Mai, I’m just not sure…”

Silence once again.

Mai took a deep breath, let it out, close her eyes, count 1-10, open her eyes and a bit calmly said, “Please stop pursuing me Tate and think about this. This is the time Shiho needs you more than anyone else.”

Tate look up, eyes wide, “But-”

“There’s no choice here Tate. Be a man for once and take some responsibility. If Shiho is my daughter, I might kill you for doing this to her with or without recollection of your action.”

“Mai,” Shiho said looking at the flame color haired girl.

Whatever it is that Mai is about to say was interrupted by a shy voice at her back, “Onee-chan,” Mai turn around to see her brother Takumi approaching her, behind him is Akira. Mai smiled at the two, her anger suddenly dissipating when she saw Takumi’s hand wrapped around Akira’s hand protectively.

“Takumi, Akira,” Mai acknowledge the presence of the two young lovers.

“Ah, Onee-chan, can I have a word with you for a minute?” The look on Takumi’s face screams ‘emergency’ in Mai’s eyes.

“We better get going Mai, I’ll think about what we have discussed and I hope,”

Mai cut Tate, “Do what’s right Tate.” Mai said then smiled at Tate who nods at her then took Shiho by the hand and pull the younger girl to stand.

“Arigato Mai-san.” Shiho said, bowed her head and followed Tate.

Mai watch the two leave and turn her attention to her brother once the two was out of sight. Mai watch her brother who started to sweat then lead Akira to the bench. He asked the younger girl to sit but he remained standing, “What is it you want to talk about?”

“It’s amm…” He reaches up to his nape, rubbing it while one of his hands is tucked inside his pant’s pocket, “You see, it’s about me and Akira…ah-“

“Can you stop stalling and tell me?” Mai said not too sweetly now, Takumi’s stuttering is sending unwanted impulses in her body, something bad.

“Akira has been feeling sick this last 2 months so I took her to a doctor this morning and…”

“And?” Mai watch Takumi look at Akira and Akira flinching

“Akira is 2 months pregnant.”


Natsuki and Mikoto saw Tate and Shiho leave so the two decided to re join Mai, just before they even get to their friend, they saw Mai faint…for the second time.


Suzushiro Haruka should have graduated last year along with Fujino Shizuru and Kanzaki Reito. But since she was busier than the ex-kachou, she missed classes and failed some subjects hence here she is repeating the last year with Yukino. Instead of running for President, she decided to just retain her position that was offered to her last year by Fujino. So Yukino became the president and she the Head Executive.

This year is much peaceful than last year, so Haruka was glad that she was able to balance her duty as the head executive and her studies. Aside from English which is her waterloo (Ahem…that reminds me of…me?) she is doing quite well in the other field.

But right now her mind is not on that matter. Since yesterday she found something was off with Yukino. She wanted to talk with her best friend but it seems she was avoiding her. Right now Yukino is not in the student council room, to where she is Haruka have no idea. Yukino’s change in behavior started about a month ago when she started getting sick, and then yesterday Yukino totally avoided her.

Her musing was interrupted by a knock on the door. Sighing she stood up, approach the sliding door and opened it.

“Ohayo Suzushiro-san.” Greeted the student, it was Harada Chie and Senoh Aoi.

“Good morning. What is it?” Chie looked at Aoi who secretly rolled her eyes, “We came here to have a talk with Kaichou-san and you.”

“Oh.” Haruka just turned around and returned to her seat, leaving the door open for the two students. “Yukino is not here, but you can see I am.” She said without looking back.

“I guess then we have no choice but to talk with you alone.” Chie said once they got in. Aoi who was the last to enter close the door.

“This is about what?” Haruka ask once she takes a seat and faced the taller girl.

“About the student’s welfare, we found out that something unusual is happening around here.” Aoi answers this time

Haruka frowned, “Again?”

“Huh?” Chie scrunch her forehead then shook her head, “We got some alarming news and we know that this should be personal and all, but we thought that we should tell you since it is pretty serious.”

“Will you stop punching around the bush and tell me?” Haruka said with her usual tone when impatient.

Chie and Aoi look at each other, “There are an alarming number of sudden pregnancies with our students…”

Chie’s words were interrupted by a sudden sound of gasp, the three girls look at the source of the sound and saw Yukino at the door

“Yukino…” Haruka said, she stand and went to Yukino’s side when she saw Kaichou losing color on her face, “Yukino!” Haruka scream when the smaller woman suddenly collapsed on her knees, “What is the matter?!”

“Kaichou-san…” Aoi said.

“Wha-what did you say?” Yukino said weakly as she looks at Chie.

“There are an alarming number of sudden pregnancies…” Chie was not able to finish her sentence as Yukino suddenly stand up, puts a hand in front of her mouth, made a gagging sound and ran out of the room.

Haruka, Chie and Aoi was stunned.

“If I didn’t know Yukino, I’ll say she too is pregnant!” Haruka exclaimed out of nowhere.

Haruka’s words made the other two looked at each other, their eyes have a knowing gaze.


It was hard not to think of her especially now that she feels more alone. This must be my karma she thought as she traverse the road, she have been walking since yesterday trying to find a small apartment that will accept a defer payment, funny, things like this was never a problem to me well that was, but then again after yesterday her fate has been change.

It all started a month and a half ago when she started feeling sick. Not wanting to disturb her parent’s peace, she decided to just keep it to herself until she got a phone call from Fuuka’s administrator Fumi-san.

“Fujino Shizuru –“

Shizuru-san?” Shizuru cannot mistake that voice with anyone, it was headmistress Fumi.

“Fumi-san? What pleasant surprise.” She said smiling.

I need to talk to you and this is important.” Fumi’s voice is laced with weakness and urgency.

“Is something wrong?”

Yes, Mashiro-sama came back.”


When the Carnival ended Nagi and his sister Mashiro returned to their world, the carnival will take place 300 years from last year and the two were expected to return that day, what is Mashiro-san doing here right now? A thought Shizuru did voiced out.

I have no idea but she just said that she comes back to relay a message from the obsidian Lord.” The mere mention of that name makes Shizuru cringe, bile seemed to climb her throat, “I’ve not been feeling well this past 2 months and Mashiro-sama told me that it has something to do her message.”

“Is that all she said?” Shizuru ask bewildered. So she is not the only one who is feeling sick.

I was feeling weak so I decided to consult a doctor and I found out I am…” there was a pause as Fumi collected herself, “Fujino-san, I’m pregnant.”

The world seemed too small now for Shizuru, could I be pregnant as well? But how?

I thought of calling you since you’re the only one who is out of reach. Shiho, Nao, Yukino, Midori, Akane and Yukariko are all pregnant Shizuru, I found this out from Suzushiro-san and she found out through Harada-san and Senoh-san.”

Natsuki… Shizuru can’t think of anything else, if this is happening then there is a possibility that her Natsuki is suffering like her, “Natsuki?”

There was no report of Natsuki, Mai and Mikoto being pregnant, but Mai told me this morning that Akira and Takumi approach her saying Akira is pregnant as well.”

Why the hells the Obsidian Lord do these things? Shizuru thought.

You might want to see a doctor if you are feeling some symptoms.” Fumi said, “That is all Shizuru, I do hope you could come by here if ever Mashiro-sama needs to talk to all HIMEs.”

“I am not sure if I could go back…” Shizuru said weakly, “I need to go Fumi-san, I might take you on that doctor thing.” Shizuru said with a smile though deep inside she is dreading that what Fumi and the others might be suffering is the same with hers.

They disconnected the line and then Shizuru decided to pay a visit to their family Obstetrician.

Then it was confirmed, she is pregnant, and she is actually carrying a twin. The ultrasound says she is carrying a dichorionic, diamniotic fetus. (fraternal twins in other words, dizygotic twins is the other term.) Before she even got her feet inside their house, Shizuru was greeted by a slap.

The obstetrician that she trust and promised to keep the pregnancy secret until she gets the courage to tell her parents did disclose her condition immediately. And now no matter what kind of explanation she gives, her parents decided to throw her out. Her parents have arranged an omiai for her, but what man in their right mind will take a pregnant woman for a wife? She can’t be with Natsuki, her one and truly love, and her only way of escaping that loneliness was taken away from her as well. Life is just too cruel.

So now here she is wandering for 2 days finding a shelter for her in a place where almost everyone knew who she was and from what family she came from. She still feels sick, thanks to her sudden pregnancy, hungry and tired. How I wish I was never revived during the carnival Shizuru thought.

Shizuru close her eyes as a sudden attack of nausea hits her, she felt the world revolve around her and knew that she will end up hitting the road hard…but the hard road did not come. When she opens her eyes, she found 2 strong arms supporting her.


The crimson eyed woman looks up to see a beautiful face smiling at her

“Kanzaki…san?” Shizuru’s last word before consciousness left her.

-End chapter 1-

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