Story: Consequences of Love (chapter 8)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 8

Title: Final

Kes looked around at the beachside bar. It was after 5am and most of the customers have either left, or fallen asleep on the beach. Only a few were sitting at tables or against the bar.

Kes stands at the bar “Ok Sam, I’m done….pay me.”

A scruffy, overweight man leaned against the bar.

“Come on sweetie,

“Sam I’ve worked my butt off all night, the bar is clean and I want to go home and get some sleep so pay me.”

“How about I pay for a little jig-jig” he offers

Kes screwed her face up “eeeewww grosse, just give me my money Sam”

“Give it to err” came a voice from the end of the bar. The head was down with a cap covering the person’s face.

“How about you just fuck off back to your hotel room buddy.”

“Sam I have bills …. plus I’ve told you many times, I’m taken” she says

Sam laughs “ha ha ha, I don’t see him and you have been here what nearly two years. Baby he’s left you for someone else. Someone who is more refined and not so trashy. Now how about you come around here and give me some.” He strokes her arm

“Don’t touch me Sam” she growled, pulling her arm back “you filthy pig”

The person at the end of the bar swallowed the last part of the drink and put head down resting on the bar and sniggered “you tell him love”.

Sam came around from behind the bar towards the tourist “you know, think I’ll take it out on you first buddy. I’ve had enough of you tourists.”

“Sam, don’t…. leave him alone” Kes tried to defend

Sam was just about to grab the arm of his patron when he was instead grabbed and thrown face down on the bar , his arm bent half way up his back.

“I will not have anyone touch my girl, buddy” spat Taylor

Kes looked at the person in the baseball cap. “Taylor….. is that”

Taylor looked over and smiled “yes, it’s me….” her eyes were angry but they were aimed at Sam “I’m going to break every fucking bone in your body if I find out you have touched her in a way I find inappropriate.” She hissed into his ear

Sam cried out in pain, helplessly restrained to his bar

Kes smiled

“Honey, has he been making you do things against your will. Things that will make your partner extremely upset and violent.” asked Taylor in a menacing tone

Kes smirked at Sam who was still in great pain.

“I never touched her…. I thought you said you had a boyfriend.” Surprised it was a woman

Kes shrugged “I said I had someone, I never specified which gender Sam. She is a police officer and you don’t want to make her angry.”

“ex….. I quit.”

Kes walked up and stood next to Sam.

“Kes please tell your girlfriend that I never touched you in that way, and if she wants a job as security she can have that too.” He groaned

“Baby he is right, he's never touched me in that way. I think you can let Sam go, now that he has also offered you a job.”

Before she did “Kes Williams is one very refined woman, so you best apologize now”

“ok…. alright I’m sorry…. Come on man you a going to break my arm

Kes touched Taylor “Ok Taylor, let him go.”

Taylor did as she was told. Sam stood up stretching out his arm. “Fine, you start as of tonight 8pm till 4am.”

“Actually Sam we are going to take a few days off, we have some catching up” says Kes and winks at Taylor.

Taylor holds back her smirk, but couldn’t not stop herself from blushing

“Hey, I run this bar woman” he growled but backed away when Taylor moved in on him again.

“Sure sure, take two days off….. fine…. go.”

Taylor walked with Kes outside the bar. Kes faced her and went to say something. Taylor grabbed her, kissing her until they required air.

Kes fell against Taylor, hugging her tightly “for fuck sake Taylor where have you been” she groaned

Taylor kissed top of her head “long story, but I’m here now.”

Kes takes Taylor through the back streets of Barbados. The houses were just mere tin shanties in various states of ruin. Kes continued down a narrow lane way until she stood outside a small shed structure.

Taylor looked at it and at Kes.

“Welcome home honey” smiles Kes

Taylor walks inside and looked around in awe. It was like a tiny box. The kitchen had a stove, a small table that seats two. No TV, only one light in centre of the room. The windows had metal shutters for night privacy. Off to the side was another room. Taylor pushed aside the lightly beaded obstruction and entered. She heard the beads rustle again as Kes followed her in silence.

The bed was a double mattress on the ground, no light only candles on the single side table.

“Look I know it’s not much, but it was all I can afford. Taylor… what are you thinking”

Taylor ran hand through her hair and faced Kes. She smiled and touched her face “It’s perfect.”

Kes grabbed her face and kissed her gently. “So what happened, why did you take so long, please tell me.”

“Well they arrested me for Roger’s murder, it was a battle” Taylor yawns loudly

“So…. What happen… you beat it right, I mean…. What happened?” Kes wanted to hear about the last 2 years that she had missed. “Taylor… how did you get away with it.”

Taylor collapses to the bed in exhaustion. “I’m so tired Kes, it has been a long trip. Can we do this later?”

Kes pulled up the covers and kisses her again “you sleep, then you tell me everything”

“hmmmm deal”

The end

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