Story: Consequences of Love (chapter 7)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 7

She woke to voices, opened her eyes to see people looking down “Officer Jones, stay with us.”

Taylor tried to talk through the oxygen mask, she struggled with them “Roger…..”

“Relax, we are getting you to a hospital” said the paramedic “you are going to be alright”

Taylor’s eyes rolled back as she passed out again. She felt herself being roughed up, yelled at and woke to the brightness of fluorescent lights and more people working around her. She felt cold, numb. Her eyes could not get a clear fix on anything.

“Taylor...Taylor….come on stay with us honey, you made it this far sweetie” came a soft voice next to her

Taylor finally found her lungs and let out a cry “my partner….. Roger… he’s “ she felt like she was slipping.

The doctor looked down at the fading life of the officer “fuck, get her into surgery now or else she will be joining her partner.”


Taylor slowly opened her eyes, the room was dark and she could hear the sounds of machines. She tried to remove the oxygen but felt too weak, plus sharp pain. Her arm was in a sling.

“Kes” she murmured quietly to herself.

Her senses cleared and she burst into tears, screaming. A nurse came in and tried to sooth her but Taylor just lashed out. A doctor eventually joined in and sedated her.

Few weeks had passed; some of her colleagues had visited as did her supervisor. He warned her that Internal Affairs was looking into the shooting. He advised her not to say anything until she had union representation. He smiled down at her and told her to get better and not to blame herself.

Taylor grimaced at his sentiments and looked away ashamed

Another week had slowly gone by, Taylor was still in hospital watching TV when someone stood in the door way looking in.

Taylor looked at her and broke down into uncontrollable sobs. The woman sat on the bed and held her. “Shhhhhh it’s ok, I know….. I know you’re still hurting.”

“I miss him so much, I’m sorry, I am so sorry” cries Taylor, trying to catch her breath

“I miss him too and you need to stop blaming yourself.” admits Roger’s wife. She held Taylor until she stopped crying

Taylor was eventually interviewed by the police Internal Affairs division. She told them that her and Roger agreed to take the injured robber to hospital because he had been shot. She admitted cuffing the assailant and putting him in the back of the patrol car. She reluctantly admitted that maybe the restraints were not tight enough. She admitted that in the haze of the gun battled and commotion she wasn’t sure on much. She accounted that a scuffled had broken out in the car between Roger and the assailant. She pulled off the road and got out to open the door, but the assailant attacked and disarmed her, firstly shooting her and only knew her partner was shot when she saw him on the ground and watched him die.

She broke down in tears because she couldn’t identify the assailant due to him still wearing his mask. The guys that were sitting in front of Taylor waited for her to gain composure before firing more questions. Taylor started to feel light headed and her union representative called off the rest.

No more questions were asked of Taylor and after 4 months of sick leave she was allowed to return to work on light duties such as answering phones, paperwork and lunches. Her shoulder wasn’t healing completely and already had two operations to try and set the bones in place.

She walked into the office with coffees and lunches to the delight of her colleague. Jake spoke up

“You know… I liked it when the other office chick brought our lunches…. Only because she was better looking” laughed Jake. The rest of the group either groaned or chuckled with no real sentiment to his jibe

Taylor chuckled as well “Well you should be glad it’s me getting your lunch Jake, because the office chick used to spit in yours before giving it to you.”

The guys roared with laughed at Jake looking ill. All their attention is turned to the heated discussion going on in the supervisor’s office.

She looks to one of her colleagues “what’s going on”

“TJ, the IA rats have been snooping around. Been asking questions….. about you and about your relationships. They have been going through your arrest files.”

What the fuck for” she growled but feeling apprehensive on what they may be after or what they have already found

He shrugged

The door to her supervisor’s office opens, then two detectives and the Internal Affairs investigator moved towards Taylor.

One detective stood in front of her then other went behind

“Taylor Jones you are under arrest for the murder of Roger Scanlon, conspiracy and helping a known felon to escape.” He continued to read her rights.

“What… what are you on about, I’ve done nothing wrong. I am innocent.” She pleads

The detective in front sneers “We have evidence that says otherwise Officer Jones”

She was escorted out, her colleagues stunned by the events, but also growling at them.

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