Story: Consequences of Love (chapter 6)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 6

Roger bit his lip, he kept looking at the masked person. “I don’t think you need that on anymore buddy” Roger reaches for the mask

“Roger, just leave it will ya” growls Taylor “deal with that later”

Roger frowned and focussed back on his partner “what’s going on TJ, talk to me”

“Nothing, I just want to get this sorted, so just leave it alright.”

Roger sucked his lip “hmmmm nope.” He leans over trying to grab the masked again. The person tried to shift further into the corner of the car.

Taylor was now yelling at him to sit down. Roger ignored her, reached again and ripped the mask off exposing Kes. She dropped her head

Roger sat back and sneered at his partner “Now why doesn’t this surprise me. You are one stupid, fucking idiot TJ.”

Taylor didn’t say anything just kept driving, her knuckles tightening at the steering wheel.

“What, you were just going to let her escape?….. what in the world has gotten into you. Are you trying to ruin your career?”

She looked over at him finally “It’s not like that” but she knew her words weren’t convincing him

Roger starting to lose his cool “Ever since this little bitch came into your life, you have not had a straight thought in that bloody head of yours.”

Roger looks over at Kes “and as for you” leans over and slaps her.

Kes screams and tries to get away with little success

“Roger stop it, don’t hurt her.”

Roger turns back and bangs the dashboard “stop this car, stop this fucking car right now Taylor.” He orders.

Taylor pulled down a side street, behind a warehouse. Roger was out the car and grabbed the door to Kes’s side. Taylor struggled to get out, but got tangled with her seat belt

Roger grabbed Kes by the hair and grabbed her face, squeezing it hard “you little shit”

Kes tries to break free, but her hands still cuffed so she couldn’t struggle. Roger raised his hand and slapped her hard. He then threw her to the ground. He went for her again.

Taylor raced around the car “Roger… Roger please stop it” she grabs at him to stop

Roger in a full fit of rage fended off Taylor throwing her aside. “I’m doing you a favour.” He turns back to Kes.

Kes kicks her legs to try and get away, she was screaming at him to leave her alone, calling out to Taylor.

He lifts her head and raised his fist but was tackled to the ground by Taylor. They roll around on the ground “stop it Roger, please she won’t say anything….. we love each other.”

Roger had pinned Taylor easily and remained above her “love, she pulls you into a crime and you call this love. Wake up Taylor this is not some fucking Bonnie and Clyde show, this is real. You are in deep shit and the only way I can get you out of this is to make sure she doesn’t say a fucking word, and I no longer believe or trust you anymore.”

He rams Taylor into the ground hard to get across his message then gets off her. He goes back over to Kes

“I won’t say anything Roger, I promise….” She whines

“Yes well unlike my partner, I’m not stupid and don’t believe you either. You are nothing but a lying, manipulative little cunt and I am going to make sure you forget TJ ever existed. He raises his fist and Kes closes her eyes

“Roger.” Called Taylor in a calm voice.

He looks over to her, eyes widen. “TJ”

The sound of a revolver being fired echoes around the abandoned warehouse. Roger drops to the ground, blood pouring from his neck. Taylor watches as if it was someone else who had pulled the trigger. She could hear Kes crying in the distance, but it was the gasping breath of Roger that snapped her back

She drops her gun “oh my god….noooo”

Taylor runs over and drops next to Roger picking him up. He continues to bleed out over Taylor. She tries to stop it, she cries while holding him saying she was sorry over and over again. His body went limp, but Taylor still cradled him crying.

She was nudged by Kes “Taylor….. cmon….snap out of it”

Taylor eventually laid down her dead partner and reached around unlocking Kes’s cuffs. She returned to Roger, her hands shaking as she touched him.

“What am I going to tell his wife, oh god his children…. What have I done” she sobs over him, stroking his face.

Kes grabbed and shakes her trying to get her back “Fucking hell …. What have I done to you.” She pulls Taylor in and holds her while Taylor sobs loudly.

“I killed him, I kill my partner…. I can’t believe this.” Losing all control

Kes taking charge, grabs Taylor’s face to look at her. “This is what we are going to do. You will arrest me, I will confess to it and you will be fine. I’m not going to let you go down for this.”

Kes still held Taylor tightly, trying to calm her down. “I’m going to make it right Taylor. This is all my fault and I’m going to take responsibility for it.”

Taylor finally regained her composure. Taylor looked around for possible witnesses and back at Roger. She had crossed the line and there was no going back. Her attention was now focussed on Kes

“Before I do anything, do you honestly love me Kes.”

Kes gets up, dragging Taylor with her. She clutches her face again “with all my heart. I will fix this, you’ll see.” She snatches a kiss and they hold each other for a moment

Taylor wasn’t going to let Kes fix anything “no…. take Roger’s wallet and his money, do it now” she ordered, still looking around nervously

Kes took out his wallet and gasps “there is nearly $1500”

“Ok get mine, take my cash card and withdraw money from my account. Go to ATM with no camera. I only have $300, but you can over draw the account.”

Kes looks at Taylor “I’m not going to leave you with nothing.”

“It’s fine. I want you to go back to our apartment, go to our wardrobe and at the back you will find a box. In side is $2000.00 and “ she pauses “and your passport.”

Kes trying to take everything in “passport, 2 grand, how… when”

Taylor grabbed Kes “I’ve been saving up to take you overseas. I’ve been putting money aside, the extra shifts. Remember I got you to fill out your probation forms, well I also attached a passport application which is why I made us get extra photos. It was going to be a surprise”


Taylor shakes Kes “Just listen. Take the money, get some gear together and go to the airport. Take the next available flight to Barbados. Whatever happens, they can’t extradite you from there. Then….” She pauses and swallows “wait for me…. please.” Her tone almost asking the question

“You can’t make all this go away Taylor, and I won’t leave you go down for this.” Kes started to cry.

Taylor grabbed her face and took her lips in a passionate kiss. She rested her forehead against Kes “I love you, and I won’t live without you. If you don’t do this, then the next bullet is going to be for me. Then we both lose.” She whimpers.

Kes holds her tightly, snarls at her “don’t you fucking dare threaten me with that. Fine I will go, and I will wait I promise.” Kes stepped back wondering how Taylor was going to explain all this. She watched Taylor pick up her gun and holds it out to Kes.

She takes it “yes I’ll get rid of it”

Taylor closes her eyes and takes a deep breath “before you do that, there is one more thing you need to do. If we are to pull this off you….. you must shoot me”

Kes looked at her in disbelief “what… no I will not shoot you. Are you insane?… fuck after what has happened here I’ve fucking well driven you insane……. No I won’t.”

“If you don’t, then it’s going to look exactly as it does. I argued with my partner and I shot him in cold blood.”

Kes holds the gun and shakes her head, crying. Taylor smiles and kisses her softly then points to her shoulder and then to her stomach, off to the side.

“I’ll be fine, and when this has been sorted out I will come for you. I promise.”

Kes starts to lose her voice, her body shaking “I don’t want to kill you.”

Taylor stepped back next to the car “everything is going to be alright, do it Kes” she says calmly

Kes couldn’t, her hand was shaking badly so she dropped the gun down to her side. “I can’t” she whimpered

Just do it Kes” she says a little firmer

Kes holds the gun up and starts shaking her head

Taylor screamed “DO THE FUCKING THING

The gun went off, the bullet hitting Taylor in the shoulder, driving into the bone. She fell back against the car, by then a second shot was fired and felt the heat and pain of her stomach. She looked down at her stomach and slid down the car collapsing to the ground groaning. She could feel the warmth of her blood

Kes dropped next to her, cradling her…. “Taylor…. Taylor… oh god.”

Taylor trying to remain brave, she holds the wound to her stomach “Go, I need to give you time before I call it in. Just wait for me please”

Kes grabs her hand “I will I promise, just don’t die on me Taylor” she kisses her and runs off….


Taylor groaned, she held her wound and started to rock herself but not from the pain of the wound. She looked over at Roger and started to call to him, apologize over and over. She dropped off for a moment.

She woke feeling thirsty and weak, she had no idea how much time had passed. She tried to sit up and reach for her radio but had no energy, no control… she again felt tired and now realized that things were not going to turn out how she planned. “sorry Kes” she all but whispered as she passed out

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