Story: Consequences of Love (chapter 5)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 5

One morning Taylor was a wake early and just watched Kes sleep. She looked so peaceful, and relaxed. Taylor reached over and switched off the alarm before it would go off, not wanting to disturbed her. Taylor carefully rolled away and tried to leave the bed, but Kes had other ideas and trapped her

“hmmmm where do you think you are going” kisses her cheek


“Well.... you haven’t made love to me yet” she nuzzles in, while running her hand over Taylor’s body indicating what she desired.

“I know, just I have to get ready early because Roger is picking me up.”

“So you wasted part of the morning watching me sleep.”

“I like watching you sleep.”

Kes bites her chin “Well I would rather have made love, but it’s your loss.”

Taylor laughed “no... not my loss.... yours, watching you is my gain”

Kes went to go for Taylor but she escaped to the bathroom and yelled back “sucked in”

Kes eyes narrow “I’ll get you” but falls back to sleep

Taylor was half dressed, she just needed to put her shirt on and as she walk passed the bed, a hand reached out grabbing her by the back of her pants pulling her hard to the bed.

Taylor landed on her back with Kes trapping her with one leg. Her mouth over Taylor’s, tongue deep inside. Hand stroking over her breast, squeezing then slowly moves down and begins to unzip Taylor’s pants

Taylor breaks the kiss and starts to sit “hey…I don’t have time, he will be here in 15 minutes” she whines helplessly

Kes’s hand disappears into Taylor.

As predicted Taylor gave in easily and it wasn’t long before Kes had her squirming and crying out her orgasm.

Taylor redresses shaking her head but grinning

Kes laughs “see, you never take long”

Taylor blushes then sits on the bed “today, you know”

Kes stops smiling “yeh, I have to see my probation officer, I don’t need reminding” she growled then apologies

Taylor wrapped her arms around, instantly forgiving her. She goes back to dressing

“Taylor.... I am starting my second job today. It’s only for 2 or so hours.”

Taylor reached for her utility belt “you didn’t have to Kes”

Kes found it frustrating that none of her predicaments annoyed Taylor as much as it did her.

Well I wanted to. I told you I want to make it up to you, contribute more. We can’t survive on love alone Taylor”

Taylor frowns “why not, it’s enough for me.... isn’t it enough for you.”

Kes didn’t say anything, but upon seeing Taylor’s reaction to her hesitation “honey don’t get like that. I just want to help out more, please....”

“ok, so what is this job” showing more interest since Kes wasn’t going to back down

Kes eyes widened “ummm, driver.... umm”

Taylor shook her head “Hang on…you can’t drive.... you don’t have a licence. Jeez Kes it’s illegal and you are on probation.”

“Yes... I mean I deliver and collect packages, someone else is doing the driving.”

Taylor felt a pang of uneasiness “Promise me you are not going to do something illegal. Please” she sat on the bed fearing Kes was going to do something stupid

A horn sounds outside the apartment window. Kes kisses and hugs her “go on, off to work Officer Jones.

“Kes” pushed Taylor, using her authoritarian tone

“I promise” she smiles, playful pushing her off the bed “now go and arrest some bad guys, but be careful too.”

later in the morning Taylor sat in the driver’s side while Roger was getting them coffees. Her thoughts disturbed when Roger came back in and hands over a coffee and muffin.

“You alright, you seem a little distracted today”

“Na I’m alright Rog. Thought your wife put you on a diet” she laughed as he shoved a muffin into his mouth

“She did, at home but not at work”

“Really, so if I was to tell her”

“You even think about it and I’ll”

Taylor laughs and finishes his sentence “shoot me with your gun. You should be careful what you say in jest old man”

“Oi I’ll put you over my knee you little sprat” he played “Seriously, you ok. If you want to talk”


“Well if you want to get something off your chest”

Taylor laughs “you need to stop going to those police counselling courses. It’s turning you soft old man” presses at his stomach.

Their radio crackles announcing a bank robbery in progress. Taylor sped off with sirens while Roger calls in confirmation of their attendance to the call. They arrive in a short while and both run towards the bank entrance but were sent diving to the ground. A volley of high powered gun fire blew through the glass sending both officers diving for cover. They crawled back behind their vehicle, just as two more cars arrived.

Taylor panted heavily looking over at her partner “Rog, are you ok”

Roger nodded “That was too close, you TJ”

Taylor laughed “I nearly shit my pants” she laughs nervously “what do we do now?”

Roger stands up brushing down his uniform “We let the negotiators deal with it. So you want another coffee and muffin”

Taylor laughs while shaking her head in disbelief at his 'it's outta my hands' attitude

Two hours passed by, Taylor paced near the negotiators trying to get an understanding on the situation. Paramedics had turned up on the latest information that hostages had been injured but they not going to be released. The bank robbers demanded a medic be sent in.

One of the paramedics wasn’t too keen on going in so Taylor spoke up.

“I’ve had some medical training, let me go in. You can wire me up and get an idea on the situation inside” offered Taylor

Roger butted in “TJ are you out of your fucking mind” Roger then faced his chief “You are not sending in my partner.” He said firmly

The chief ignored Roger, and agreed to Taylor’s offer. Her gave her strict instructions to administer first aid and gather information.

The chief spoke to Taylor “We want a peaceful outcome Taylor, don’t try and be a hero.”

The SWAT team was now deployed to various positions around the bank. Their technician put a tiny microphone just above her bra while she changed into the paramedic’s uniform. Before she left, Roger came over and opened up the medical kit. He pulled out the false bottom where the paramedics would hide the narcotic medication and placed her gun in it. He put the lid back and covered it with bandages and other medical items.

“You know if they find it, I’m dead” she says to Roger in a matter of fact tone

He pats her back “be careful and don’t do anything that could get yourself killed. If you die, my wife will kill me.”

She looked at him “oh and you putting a gun in there isn’t going to help that along” winks and pats him on the shoulder. “I’ll be back for lunch” she jokes trying to hide her uneasiness

She nervously moved under the blockade when she heard someone call to her.

“We got your back TJ” she nodded and walked over the broken glass and up to the door. It was opened and she was grabbed and pulled inside.

She was grabbed again and thrown to the wall hard and frisked head to toe. She kept her hands up as there was a high power assault weapon in her face.

“Gee, that’s some pretty heavy fire power.” She got nervous while the guy with the ski masked looked through her medical kit. She looked around the room gauging dozen hostages. She then saw a security guy on the ground dead. She counted 3 armed robbers, 1 on the ground dead.

“ok, she’s clean, git over ere” he barked, grabbing her roughly and pushing her

“ok ok, don’t all three of you get on my case, which one of the dozen or so is injured.”

She was smacked in the side of the head and fell down, a gun back in her face. Some of the hostages screamed, the guy yelled for everyone to shut up.

Taylor got up and the masked guy got in her face “You say one more word and I will put a bullet through your skull bitch.”

Someone stepped forward catching Taylor’s eye. Another masked person she had not accounted for, smaller than the others with only a sawn off shot gun. This robber was bleeding from the arm

The gunman pointed to the smaller robber. As Taylor moved towards him, the smaller one stepped back quickly and pointed to someone on the ground. Taylor immediately grabbed her kit and knelt beside the man. He had a wound side of his stomach that was bleeding profusely. She put a pad over the wound and fixed it down.

Taylor was worried for the man who was looking deathly pale “We need to get him out, right now” she said to them all

“No...” said leader of the masked group

“c’mon, please….it’s just one person” pleads Taylor. Her answer was a gun put in her face “You tend to my man first” points to the smaller masked person

Taylor made her way towards the masked fellow when he faltered and fell to one knee. Taylor stepped up and caught him and helped him to sit down.

His head dropped looked away

“it’s ok, let me have a look” spoke Taylor softly

The masked robber looked up and Taylor paused for a moment, and then smiled. She opens up the sleeve to see the gash and grimaces.

“I need to clean this up. I need to run water over this wound right away.” Calls out Taylor

Taylor helps the robber to his feet and grabs her kit. The dominant robber gets in her face “If she tries anything, cap her”

The injured robber nodded and they headed into the bathroom. Taylor put her kit down on the bench and opened it up

“I will need you to put your gun down, so I can dress that wound please.” not paying any real attention to the robber at this point.

He puts his gun down and flinches from the sudden pain.

Taylor quick as a flash puts a hand over his mouth and rams him to the opposite wall hard. The robber winded for a moment groans but the sound was muzzled. Taylor reaches inside her own shirt and pulls off the microphone tossing it to one side.

Her eyes glaring into the robber’s eyes. Taylor leans in, trying to control her breathing.

“You think I wouldn’t recognise you. I can’t believe you are doing this.” She then pulls off the mask to see Kes looking back, her eyes drop immediately.

“You fucking look at me” hissed Taylor “I trusted you, I believed in you, and this is what I get in return.”

Kes flinches, tries unsuccessfully to remove Taylor’s hand from her mouth.

“What, I let you go and you call your buddies in to gun me down too.”

Kes shook her head, tears flowing, she whimpered. Taylor remembers her arm and gently released her. Kes caught her breath and held her arm.

“Taylor, please.”

Taylor went to work on bandaging her wound, ignoring Kes for the time being.

Kes seeing Taylor’s anger mixed with pain, felt ashamed for not thinking through her actions.

“I know you’re upset, but I did it for us, I did it”

Taylor's eyes lock back with Kes's, she snarled “You did it for yourself Kes, and I was a fucking fool for ever believing you would change your ways.”

She remembers Roger berating her and telling her to be smarter. “I couldn’t see it, but Roger did and he warned me, but no I wouldn’t listen.” Taylor babbled on

Taylor” whines Kes “I’m sorry, please believe me.” she tried to reach for her, Taylor pushed her hand away.

Taylor walked away trying to gather her thoughts on what she was going to do next. She looked back at her wounded girlfriend and stormed back to her.

Kes closed her eyes waiting for Taylor to hit her, but she didn’t.

“It’s done, we are done…..”

Kes whined “Taylor no…… please don't say that, I’m sorry”

Taylor unleashed her frustration and thumped the wall next to Kes, causing her to jump.

“It’s over Kes, you’re on your own.” Taylor furiously rummages through her medical kit and pulls out her revolver. She then puts it in the back of her pants and covers it over with her shirt.

Kes gasps “Taylor, what are you doing… if they find it, they will kill you.” She grabs Taylor but she is shoved back against the wall.

“Well that depends on if you tell them. Either way it doesn’t matter anymore. One of us has already lost everything.”

Kes tears falling “Taylor…. Please…. I love” trying to reach her

Don’t…. don’t use something you have no idea about. Now lets go, out.” She ordered

Kes went to leave but Taylor grabbed her and pulled her back.

Kes relieved Taylor had changed her mind.

“Put your mask back on and pick up your gun you stupid bitch” growls Taylor.

Taylor didn’t even recognise her own voice, and she had no idea what she was going to do next. She just knew that nothing from here on was going to be the same. She wanted this over one way or another, and for Kes to be out of her life for good.

Taylor left the washroom with a masked Kes behind. Taylor attention diverted to the bleeding hostage and moved towards him but was cut off.

“He needs help. You need to let him go before someone else dies.” Taylor more urgent

“Well, we want out, so unless they give us transport right now he is going to die.”

Taylor swallowed, trying to figure out her next move.

“Ummm look if you show the negotiators some compassion, ummmm cooperation, then they will give you what you want. If not it’s going to be a stalemate for a long time.”

Kes stepped forward bravely and in a deep voice “she’s right, let’s get rid of him. We still got all of them and the threat we will shoot them.” She says confidently

Taylor glanced over to Kes and nodded

The leader thought about it “fine get him out”

Taylor nodded and he gets to his feet. He starts to shuffle to the door

“You go with him” growled Kes staring at Taylor

Taylor stiffened and faced her “no….. I will stay. You still need my medical assistance and I will also need to monitor the other hostages.

NO” she said firmly

Taylor scoffed at her, ignoring her efforts at intimidation “yeh…. I’m staying” she said defiantly

Taylor suddenly found herself on the ground holding the side of her face. She looked up shocked that Kes had hit her with the butt of her gun.

“I…. we…. don’t need you” growls Kes, “let her leave with the hostage”

The others agreed, but Taylor remained on the ground, still stunned that Kes had struck her.

Kes nodded at her “get out now” she ordered

Taylor looked around at the other guys wondering how she was going to persuade them to let her stay when everything changed dramatically

Red dots started appearing on the robber’s chests. Taylor realised that they were all in clear view to the SWAT snipers. She looked over to Kes who also had a red dot marking at her heart.

Taylor swore loudly, sprang up and just as she tackled Kes bringing her to the ground, the windows of the bank exploded from gun fire. Taylor lay completely over the top of Kes shielding her from from the glass that was flying everywhere, canisters of tear gas were now filling the bank. Taylor yelled at the hostages to stay down. She could hear Kes crying, shaking from fear.

“Kes…. Shhhhh stay down and say nothing.” She said quietly in her ear

“Taylor” she cried

Taylor listened to the yelling as police had moved in. Taylor slowly grabbed Kes’s hands putting them behind her back and they got up. Taylor leant in and whispered “don’t say anything to anyone.”

An officer walked over to take Kes but Taylor just took his cuffs. “This one has to be taken to hospital. I’ll take care of him.”

She gently cuffs Kes and marches her out with the others and quietly slips beyond the police barrier towards her patrol car. She rested Kes against the car still unsure what she was going to do.

Kes shaking her head “my eyes sting”

Taylor grabbed water bottle from the car and washed out Kes’s eyes. She decided to leave her ski mask on for the time being.

“Your wound is only a graze, it’s not” Taylor caught her stutter trying to focus, trying not to think of what just happened.

Kes leaned in “I only hit you to make a point to the others. That I wanted to get you out before you got hurt or worse killed. I’m sorry, I know I stuffed up and I will face my consequences, but.”

Taylor rested her hand on Kes’s hip and leaned in “They will put you away for 10 years” tears started fall, her voice stutters “I can’t go through this again, I couldn’t cope 10 minutes without you in my life, I don’t know what to do.” Her breathing erratic as she started to panic

Roger looked about for his partner since the commotion. Nobody could say where she was. His eyes find her in the distance against their car with one of the masked assailants. He thought that was particularly unusual, and her whole body language was disturbing him. He started to make his way through the numerous police cars towards them.

“Kes…. I need you. I’m so in love with you. I don’t want to be alone again.”

“I know Taylor. I just wanna hug you, and take your pain away baby. ….” Kes went to kiss her only to notice Roger coming towards them. She also could see the distraught state her girlfriend was in.

“Pull yourself together now” she ordered quietly

“Kes.. don’t”

“Roger is almost here….. get it together.”

Taylor grabbed Kes and quickly put her into the back of the patrol vehicle. She heard Roger call out but ignored him as she got into the driver’s seat. Before she turned the car on Roger stood in front, then came around to her side.

“What’s going on TJ…” he looks at the person in the back “is everything alright” Concerned that she may be a hostage somehow.

“No I’m good, he is injured so I will take him to the hospital for treatment before he gets processed.”

Roger wasn’t convinced, he knew something was up with his partner but went along with it.

“awwwright, well I’m coming with you” quickly gets in the passenger side before Taylor could object.

“I can handle this” said Taylor but not looking at her partner

“Well after all you’ve been through. I think we will follow procedure on this one. Two armed officers to escort, isn’t that right.”

Roger looked over his shoulder to the masked person, but the person wouldn’t look back.

Taylor drove off

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