Story: Consequences of Love (chapter 4)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 4

Almost 2 years had passed, and now Kes walked free from the gaol gates. She had got out 2 months earlier for good behaviour. She looked up and down the street with disappointment. She had hoped, but knew deep down Taylor wouldn’t be waiting for her, and headed off down the street to where, she had no idea. She slowly made her way down the street passing park cars. She heard a door of one open up and her name called.

Kes turned in surprised “Taylor, oh my god”

She had changed her appearance. Her hair was short and dyed blonde. She had toned down her body and looked gorgeous in jeans and black shirt.

Kes looked around nervously before stepping forward “Taylor, you shouldn’t be here....”

Taylor shrugged “I know, I wasn’t going to, just” she bit her lip

Kes touched her arm “what”

Taylor hugged Kes and buried her head “It’s been so hard, I’ve missed you so much.” She then grabbed Kes’s face and kissed her

Kes smiled “I’ve missed you too” throwing her arms around her.

Taylor took Kes home finally

Kes sat naked in Taylor’s lap, snatching kisses, touching her face. Kes had just spent the first 2 hours of her new freedom with Taylor making love. Taylor finally had happiness back in her life and never wanted to let that go again.

She pushed Kes down and looked her over “I never got the chance to say how beautiful you are, and I want you to be in my life…… permanently.”

Kes smiled and lifted up and kissed Taylor “I want to be in your life Taylor and I promise..... I will try not to disappoint you.”

Kes lie back down and lifted her hips. Taylor was soon learning Kes’s body language and dropped down and sunk her tongue inside. She licked every inch of her pussy. Moans of a building orgasm were evident, but the moment stopped from a loud knock at the door.

Taylor got up and dressed. She opens the door slightly “Roger

“cmon lets go for a drink”

“what now.... I can’t”

“why not…’re on leave right.... “

Taylor looked behind, hoping that Kes wouldn’t come out

“Look Roger, I can’t I’m in the middle of something.... another time.” She quickly closes the door.

Roger never has known Taylor to brush him aside like she did. He was going to knock again when heard more than one voice in her apartment. He left with a smirk on his face.

Taylor stripped and before Kes got a chance to ask, was down and within her, this time she stepped up the pace until Kes grabbed her to stop. She was satisfied and rolled into Taylor to doze.

Taylor used her two days of leave to helped Kes get a job as a waitress, moved her into her apartment and life.

Taylor packed up the dishes when Kes put her arms around her. “back to work tomorrow”

“ahhh yep” Taylor dropped her a kiss

“Are you going to get into trouble that I’m now living with you.”

Taylor shifted uncomfortably “I can’t tell anyone or else I will lose my job baby. I have to keep you a secret. I’m sorry, but there is no other way for us to be together”

“That’s ok, but what about Roger”

“I doubt he would notice”

Kes didn’t agree, if she was able to read Taylor from the first moment she met the officer, her partner would definitely pick up on something sooner or later.

Only a few weeks out of incarceration Kes was feeling despondent. She had to find money to pay the ten thousand dollar fine and the money she was earning didn’t cover the repayments let alone help contribute much to their living expenses.

Kes grumbled in bed causing Taylor to rolled over “I told you not to let it bother you honey, we are coping.”

“Taylor you are working double shift 3 nights a week, you look so tired. You are paying my debt and most the bills and what I make is shit. It hardly puts food on the table.”

Taylor pinned her lover “stop worrying, I don’t mind. I’m just grateful you allowed me into your life, that you let me love you.” Taylor stole a kiss, before Kes struggled away

“Taylor I need to make more money, and I’m going to get a 2nd job. Then I can buy you things, and not live like this. And another thing I did not allow you in my life, I wanted you in my life there is a difference.”

Taylor rolled her eyes “fine, but things will be ok... stop stressing and sleep”

But Kes couldn’t, her mind churning over at how she was going to make more money and quickly. Then she could give Taylor a better life.

The next day Taylor and Roger was sitting in their police car. Taylor had the radar gun out focusing up the road. Roger looked over at his partner

“So what’s up with you these days” asked Roger

“nothing, I’m fine”

“hmmm, just you seem different”

Taylor ignored

“actually, happy... so I gather you finally met someone”

Taylor dropped the gun “Roger.... stop it. I’m a lot comfortable with myself these days. I have a good job, friends..... so lets talk about something else”

“I notice Kes Williams is out of gaol”

“huh.... who”

Roger getting agitated “don’t play stupid with me you know damn who. You bloody well stood up in court trying to make everyone believe she’s an angel.”

“Well I didn’t know” she growled back and glared at him.

“Don’t fucking well look at me like that TJ. I bloody well hope you are not fooling around with her. It could cost you your career girl”

“Why the fuck do you care so much” spat Taylor

Roger couldn’t believe the iciness of his partner. Someone he had raised 7 years, trusted with his life. “I’m your partner, we look out for each other. Well that’s what I thought. My fucking mistake”

Taylor dropped her head in shame “I’m sorry Roger, you are right. I know Kes is out, but I have not seen or heard from her” she lied “and that’s the end of that.”

Roger nodded “so we still on for poker game this Saturday, your place”

“huh... yeh..” Taylor then focused “no.... I can’t.... I’ve been” pauses finding an excuse “renovating my place, so I can’t have anyone over.”

“oh cmon TJ, your place is what we need to get away from our wives. What am I going to say to the other boys.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just not possible. Whoa, here comes one.... he’s a moving.”

Roger turned the car and sirens on and they chased down the speeding car.

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