Story: Consequences of Love (chapter 3)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 3

Taylor was out on routine traffic duty by herself since Roger had taken a week’s leave. She had finished writing up a ticket for a speeding driver when a call came in about an armed robbery at a nearby pharmacy. Taylor took the call and raced to the shop. When she got there people were crying and cowering behind shelves. Taylor had her gun drawn and she looked around. The pharmacist pointed at the back door.

Taylor tore off after the assailant, just making him off in the distant. She soon was in firing sight "Stop or I will shoot" threatened Taylor

The assailant stopped, but did not turn around.

Taylor's gun pointing “Now put down your weapon and turn around slowly with your hands in the air” she growled

The assailant turned around as instructed and Taylor’s heart sank “Kes” she huffed out.

Taylor moved slowly towards Kes, her gun still drawn.

“It’s only a toy, it’s just plastic” looking down at her pants.

Taylor not taking any risks removes it and immediately realises it was only plastic. She put her gun back in its holster.

Kes could see how disappointed Taylor was and slowly lowered her hands

Taylor didn’t know what to say, then her anger flared “why... why the fuck did you do this, and with a gun of all things”

Kes whined “you don’t want to know Taylor, so arrest me and let’s get it over with”

Taylor had all intentions of arresting her, but first she had to know “tell me Kes” she orders

Kes steps into Taylor’s personal space. “It was the only way I could see you again, for you to notice me. For me to tell you that I have feelings for you.”

Taylor was taken for words. She was now devastated at the actions her job was going to make her do

“Kes.... I have to arrest you” she all but whimpered out

Kes smiled and touched the Taylor’s cheek “I know, and it was worth it just to get a moment with you Taylor.” Kes leaned in and stole a kiss.

Taylor didn’t allow the kiss to end and snatched at Kes’s lips for more. Taylor’s kissing got more insistent; she pushed against Kes’s smaller frame, forcing Kes to the wall. Kes’s hands rubbed up and down Taylor’s body. Taylor then moved to Kes’s neck, kissing and nipping her. Kes’s body wanted to explode from Taylor’s touch; she wrapped her arms around Taylor’s neck holding her tightly.

Taylor then stopped and rested on her shoulder before regaining her composure. Kes turned her head to the side “Taylor”

“Kes I want to let you go, but.... shit the shop had video surveillance. I have no choice” she whines, struggling with the conflict between her duty and feelings

Kes smiled “I know” she turns her back and presents her hands for cuffing “let’s get this over with”

“Kes... they will send you to gaol this time for sure” she cuffs her lightly and walks with her

“Like I said, it was worth that moment to express how I felt. I have no regrets”

Taylor still struggling with herself puts Kes in the car. Kes tried to get conversation from Taylor, but it wasn’t returned.

The car eventually pulled up behind a block of apartments. Taylor got out, opened up Kes’s door and removed her cuffs. Taylor walks off without a word and Kes follows, trusting whatever Taylor was going to do.

After 3 flights of stairs Taylor opens the door to her apartment and ushers Kes inside. Taylor still didn’t really have a plan; she just needed time to think things over. Assess what she was going to do next.

Kes watched her struggle, pacing the floor back and forth. She decided to be bold and make the first move, grabbing Taylor’s hand and tugging her.

Taylor stopped as Kes kissed her, her tongue exploring. Their kissing ignited Taylor’s desire once again. Kes had already unbuttoned Taylor’s uniform and was removing her shirt. Hands feeling and fondling Taylor’s chest, then started on her utility belt. Taylor grabbed that from her and put it on the table. She turned back to Kes who was removing her clothes until she was standing naked in front of Taylor

Taylor mouth went dry as she stared at her, she was beautiful... she put out her hand and touched Kes’s body, stroking, feeling. Kes closes her eyes and dropped her head back, she grabbed onto her as she felt Taylor‘s finger slipped between her lips of her pussy rubbing back and forth

Taylor now hungered for this criminal who had slowly stolen her heart. In one movement picked up Kes and carried her to the bedroom placing her on the bed. She removed the rest of her uniform and slowly crawled up. Kes put an arm around Taylor’s neck

“I told you how I felt, and I get you are not one for words.” She wrapped her legs around Taylor “then how about you show me why I’m not in cuffs anymore”

Taylor released years of loneliness onto Kes. Kissing, devouring every inch of her body. Her hands touching, feeling, grasping at Kes’s body. Her tongue flicked at Kes’s nipples until they were hard.

Kes had been fantasising about this moment, but had no idea Taylor was this passionate for her. All she could do was hold onto Taylor as her body was starting to shake. She opened wide allowing Taylor to insert her finger, pushing in hard and deep. Kes groaned and panted biting at Taylor’s shoulder as the moment came upon her all too quickly “oh my god, I can’t, I can’t hold back” she screamed out

Taylor captures her lips as her finger thrusts in and out faster, her thumb rubbing hard against her spot. Taylor own body was shaking, Kes sensed that but she had no muscle control to help Taylor as her orgasm commenced

“Oh Taylor.... Taylor” she pushes up into Taylor one last time and collapsed. Taylor remained inside, her hand feeling the strong contractions of this girl. Taylor finally takes a breath, she was groaning quietly and shaking. Kes knew and got enough control to slowly rub in between Taylor’s legs, she was dripping down her hand.

Taylor let out low moan, grunts and came instantly. Taylor rested her head on Kes’s chest afraid to look. Kes kissed top of her head and wrapped arms around Taylor holding her

“It’s alright” Kes soothes

Kes rolls Taylor and lays on top smiling, her hand continuing on from where it finished. Slowly rubs through Taylor’s pubic hair, her finger occasionally disappearing inside.

Taylor caught her breath “I... don’t think I could go again, so soon” unsure of herself

Kes got to thinking that Taylor had not been with many women, and was obviously not aware of what her body was capable of. She smiled “oh I think you can, in fact I know you can and I’m going to prove it right now.” She said mischievously

She slipped down and worked her tongue into Taylor. She felt Taylor immediately tense and grabbed the bed hard. Kes moved up and kissed her, stroking her hair “shhhhh just relax, relax honey”

Taylor had got the message and soon her body was engulfed in sensations she never had felt before. Kes ate her... but was in no hurry to release Taylor’s pleasure. She wanted her to enjoy the experience, betting no one had performed oral sex on her before. She was going to let her enjoy this, because next time she was going to tease the fuck out of her.

“This feels wonderful” moans Taylor. As the sensation gets the better of her, she grabs urgently at Kes’s head and holds it in one place

Kes read that signal and licked and sucked that spot. It was swollen, tight and it produced loud panting and groans. Taylor body convulsed and went rigid, crying out the intensity of her climax that had been building up slowly.

Taylor put a hand over her face as her body twitched again. When Kes heard a muffled whimper quickly scurried up to Taylor. She soothed her

“It’s ok.... it will pass Taylor, I have you” she then rolled Taylor into her.

Taylor kept her face hidden, but Kes knew it was all emotional and just waited for the moment to pass.

Taylor never felt this way, she so was confused. She was elated at what she had just experience and sadden because it all had to end. She sat up and swung her legs out side of the bed huffing. Her head in her hands.

Kes wrapped reassuring arm around her “Stopping fighting it Taylor. We both know what you have to do, I can live with that. What we did this afternoon, what we expressed, it was worth it.”

“I can’t give you up, not know. Not when I’ve finally met someone that.” She pauses and looks over her shoulder “Kes you do like me right, this wasn’t”

Kes bite down hard on Taylor’s shoulder causing her to cry out in pain

“That was for the stupid question. Taylor I deliberately held up the store because I knew you were in the area. Ok I didn’t realize about the video surveillance but I didn’t know how else to get your attention unless it was to do with your job.”

“I still have to take you in. We need to go now it’s been over an hour Kes.”

“hmmmm got another 10 minutes for something else.”

Taylor smiled and melted. “yeh I guess”

“Well what I did to you, you wanna do to me” she grins wickedly

Taylors stomached flipped but held her composure “no.. not really” she said flatly

Kes scoffed “what.”

Taylor then quickly pushed Kes down and held her while she immediately dived between her legs, licking hard, poking at her opening. The more Kes squirmed and moaned, the harder Taylor wanted to do it

Kes grabbed and released Taylor’s head. It was all too quick again, she started to hump Taylor’s face for more “that’s it baby, oh fuck I want it” her moans turn to high pitch wails as Taylor reaches that spot and slowly taps at it until Kes releases in 3 successful waves. “fuuuuuck” was all Kes could cry out.

Later that afternoon Taylor put Kes into the holding cell and Kes faced her with a smirk

“Thank you Officer” and winks

Taylor however allowed her sadness to prevent her from playing along. Kes sat down waiting to be processed.

The next day Kes was in the court waiting for her lawyer. He rocked up next to her catching Kes bye surprised “you’re not legal aid, I can’t afford you” looking at the well dressed man

“Yes that is true, but your friend hired me” points to back of room

Kes looks over to see Taylor nod at her. Kes shook her head “She can’t afford you either.”

“Too late, she’s already paid, she has offered to be your character witness and believe me sweetheart you need all the help you can get. It’s good that she’s an police officer, it should give good creditability to your case.”

Kes felt terrible at all the trouble she had caused Taylor financially and now to testify on her behalf will surely cause her trouble at work.

Taylor sat in the witness box and answered questions. She also explained to the judge that Kes was seeking help and that she would personally see to rehabilitation, help her with getting a job. She felt as part of her job to policing the community was to help people like Kes. She smiled at Kes, her heart wanting to explode her love.

“All she needs is a chance your honour”

In the judge’s ruling he acknowledge and commended Taylor for her efforts in helping out the community but couldn’t ignore that Kes’s behaviour to crime was escalating and although she had used a plastic gun the anguish and fear it had caused to customers couldn’t be ignored. The judge sentenced Kes to two years gaol.

Kes felt gutted by the ruling handed down. Her lawyer shrugged, he wasn’t surprised. Kes looked over to Taylor but she was gone

The court officers were about to load Kes into the bus when Taylor spoke up.

“Can I have a word before she goes” asking Taylor. The court officer nodded

“Kes” whined Taylor

“Taylor I’m so sorry..... I’ve ruined everything for you.”

Taylor didn’t look directly at Kes, afraid she would break “Kes... I can’t visit you in gaol. I am not allowed to have any contact with you.”

“what... so this is it, we are over.” Kes was feeling worse than ever

“It’s the rules of my job, I’m sorry. Look after yourself” Taylor turns and walks away quickly

Kes is pushed into the bus as she watched Taylor get into her car and drives off. Kes drops her head and sobs quietly


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