Story: Consequences of Love (chapter 2)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 2

One night after work Taylor was doing her grocery shopping at her small local store. She had a few items in hand and was on her way to the front when she heard yelling

“You little thief, I’m going to thrash you into next week” came the shop keepers voice

Let me go, you are hurting me” squealed the voice

Taylor rolled her eyes, she just wanted to take her groceries and go home, but now she has to play off duty cop.

“What’s up Joe” looks at the person he has grabbed

“This little bitch”

Their eyes met

“KES..... not again” groaned Taylor

“I’m going to call the police TJ, I’m sick and tired of these fucking punks stealing my stuff.”

Kes struggled but the guy yanked her hard and she yelped

“I’ll pay for the stuff Joe. Then I’ll get her out of here”

Kes waited until Taylor paid for the goods she was trying to steal. She kept her head bowed in shame

Taylor had nothing to say, just handed over the items. Taylor started to walk away looked over her shoulder to see Kes leaning against the wall looking sad.

Taylor closed her eyes and could hear Roger’s voice nagging her, but ignored it.

“Kes.... you wanna get something to eat with me”

Kes brighten right up “yeh.... that would be great” a smile beamed across her young face. It made Taylor smile as well.

Taylor took her to the local pizza shop. Taylor had a few slices, but was happy to sit back and watch the young girl eat most of the pizza

“For such a small thing, where does all that food go.” Laughs Taylor, amazed at the amount she could eat

“My mum used to say I have hollow legs” she laughs

Taylor sat forward interested “so you have a mum, where is she?”

“I don’t want to talk about it please Taylor. Can we just enjoy this?”

“Kes this can’t keep going on. Sooner or later a judge is going to say enough is enough and you will do time.”

“I know”


“Well what, what can I do” asks Kes, throwing her crust into the empty pizza box

“Let’s see, get a job, find some accommodation”

Kes shrugs and folds her arms across her chest. “I don’t know where to start. Can we talk about something more interesting? Like does your girlfriend know you take thieves out to dinner?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, so...” Taylor dropped her head back

“Your partner must give you such a hard time, for being an open book that is” Kes sniggered

“hmmm yeh well. Come on we are going for a ride.”

They arrive at Taylor’s car “So is this where you want me to.... pay for the dinner.” Kes stepped closer to Taylor

“Are you a hooker?” Taylor asked

“No... not really... just people don’t usually do something for nothing.”

“Well you obviously hang around with the wrong people, I’m not like that Kes.”

Kes kicked the ground “I’m starting to see that, you are not like the other officers. You seem to care about people like me in the community. Or perhaps you just haven’t been on the job long enough”

Taylor was amazed at how Kes could read her “look I believe everyone deserves a chance or two” grinning “Consider this your second and last chance my girl”

Kes felt a warm feeling inside when Taylor referred to as her girl. She liked that.

Taylor drove Kes to the local women’s shelter and talk to one of the counsellors that ran it. She introduced Kes, and discussed her escalating bad habits. She told the woman that she believes all Kes needs is help, encouragement and a place to stay.

Taylor went to leave Kes grabbed her hand “hey... wait”

Taylor turned around “yeh what’s up”

“Can’t you stay for a little while, I don’t know anyone. I’m scared”

The counsellor ushered Taylor off and said she would take care of things from here on

A few months later Taylor and Roger were walking the beat when Taylor was tapped on the shoulder. They both turned around

“Kes.... is that you?”

Kes nodded and handed her a coffee to go “yep I work in there. In fact you walk past me every day. I finally got the courage up to say hi” Kes excited about her achievement in getting her life on track

Taylor admired the girl. She was wearing a waitress uniform, was clean and tidy. She looked beautiful “wow... that’s fantastic, you look…..” she caught her gushing and looked at her partner

Roger rolled his eyes. “What only one coffee” he grumbled

Kes scoffed openly “You weren’t nice to me like Taylor” pokes her tongue out childishly

“First name basis now are we” eyes boring into Taylor “TJ.... lets go.”

Taylor caught between them. She wanted to stay a little longer to find out how Kes was really doing, but listened to her senior partner

“You did good Kes, I’m proud of you. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” Praised Taylor more, patted her on the shoulder.

Kes heart skipped at Taylor’s praise “thanks, I couldn’t have done it without you.... I want to ask you something.”

Taylor went to leave, instead turned to face her “sure, what”

Roger was grumbling

“Can I take you out for pizza or somewhere you like? To return the favour that you did for me the other night and to say thank you”

After hearing that Roger eyes narrowed at his partner

Taylor cringed now that Roger knew about her little secret “ahhhh thanks but I really can’t. Take care of yourself Kes”

Taylor would have taken her up on the offer, only if Roger wasn’t with her. She knew she was going to get an earful

“Hang on.... I’m finally straightening myself out and you no longer want to know me. What’s with that?” She got gruff from being rejected

Taylor stumbled over the answer so Roger stepped in

“Because she has standards, because she doesn’t hang out with criminals. Now be on yer way girlie”

Taylor was caught. She wanted tell Roger off but would never disrespect him in front of known criminals

“Taylor... please, haven’t I proved to you I have changed my ways” Kes pleads

Taylor dropped her eyes knowing what she was about to say was going to be hurtful “My job doesn’t allow me to socialise with criminals, I’m sorry Kes..”

Kes face went red, eyes started to well with tears and she ran back inside

Taylor sat in the car sulking

Roger bit into his sandwich “Did I not tell you what happens when you feed strays”

Taylor says nothing


“Yes Roger, I know.. just... she, changed her ways. She made an effort to change. I admire her”

“Taylor... no, she’s a criminal..... you can’t trust her and you better not tell me you are falling for her because I will pull my gun out and shoot you”

Taylor looked over not laughing “Just drop it Roger”

“Only if you tell me there is nothing between you two”

She looked him in the eye “there is nothing between us, I know the job”

Roger sneered “after today I truly doubt that. Start smartening up TJ.....” Taps her head.

Taylor had trouble sleeping, she couldn’t stop thinking about Kes and seeing her disappointment. She knew that there could be no contemplating anything with Kes, and yet this girl could make her laugh, smile and feel good. The things she was afraid of doing with women, but with Kes it was natural. Taylor rolled over groaning how life was unfair.

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