Story: Consequences of Love (all chapters)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: This story has not been beta-read and corrected so I apologise for all the mistakes. Also I think this story sucks, I don't know why I wrote it, just wouldn't leave me alone. So if i have to suffer this, so do my readers... ha]

Taylor Jones was sitting in her police car along with her older partner Roger Scanlon. Taylor was 25 and had been in the force since she was 20. They had worked together since Taylor was a rookie. She looked up to Roger and ignored his sometimes sexist, arrogant remarks.

Taylor sitting in the passenger side was drinking her sports drink. Roger spoke up in his usual gruff tone

“So you made up your mind if you are coming around this weekend TJ”

TJ didn’t answer just looked at him

“It’s just.... well my wife’s sister is down and....”

TJ groaned and dropped head back “I don’t need you to fix me up with your sister-in law thank you very much. I can handle my own personal affairs.”

Roger laughed “really….. well from where I sit you don’t seem to be doing to good in that area”

“I’m fine…. so drop it”

“Hey, what about that new office bird, she seems keen”

TJ dropped head in her hand “Roger…”

But they both stopped when a call came over the radio about a robbery in the next street, describing someone in a green hooded top had robbed a deli and was on foot. Roger pulled out in search for the thief when TJ spotted someone running down a side street, but no room to chase down in the patrol car.

“Stop, I’ll take him on foot” says TJ opening up the door

TJ jumps from the car and chases after the person. The hooded figure looked back when TJ yelled to stop. TJ kept in chase and although didn’t have the foot-speed, her stamina kept her in the pursuit.

The hooded character continued to run, through a crowded mall and down an alley behind a chinese shop. The hooded person doubled over panting and pleased the officer had given up the chase. All of a sudden the door behind flew open and before the thief could react was grabbed and slammed to the wall.

“You might be quick, but you ain’t that smart kid” gloated TJ as she cuffed the assailant.

Roger pulled up and they lent the person against the car going through the pockets. TJ pulled the hood back, and to her surprise revealing a young woman

Roger pulled out bag of chips, cola and chocolate bars. “What else wench?”

“I got nothing more…. I was hungry” she pleaded her case to them both

Roger groaned “hours of paper work to report this, minor theft.”

“You could let me go” she whined

TJ ignored her “well we could go back to the shop and return the items. Maybe they won’t want to press charges.” She too didn’t like the paper work involved in reporting minor incidents.

Roger came back to the car after trying to return what the young girl stole. He shook his head “no they want her prosecuted”

A voice from the backseat spoke up “well if it’s such a nuisance why don’t you let me go” spoke the girl enthusiastically. “We can pretend it didn’t happen”

TJ looked back and laughed “in your dreams sunshine”

Once back at the police precinct they put the girl in a holding cell. Roger got out the papers and handed it to TJ

“Hey it’s your turn” and tries to give them back

“Ok, but as long as you come over on the weekend and meet Janice” he smiled

TJ gritted her teeth “fine… I’ll do the fucking paperwork”

Roger laughed and pats her on the back, he then left.

TJ retrieved the young girl from the cell and made her sit down opposite her

“Right… what’s your name” grumbled Taylor head down

“Kes Williams……” she spelt it out

“Is that short for something?”

“No…. it’s just Kes”

“Age” TJ waiting for a reply. When nothing was said, looked up to see Kes smiling, her head to the side.

“I told you mine, will you tell me yours Officer” she asked politely

“Your age Kes” insisted Taylor

“c’mon.... tell me”

Taylor getting agitated bangs the table as a little intimidation tactic

“alright keep your pants on….. 20”

“Address….. where do you reside?” when it was met with a pause Taylor sat back about to growl but noticed Kes demeanour had changed

“Kes…. Where do you live” softening her tone

“ummm well mainly under the Southend bridge…. Unless some of the locals want to do more than sleep then I take off. Sometimes a bus, they have shelter from the rain.”

Taylor put her pen down “Are you saying you’re homeless?”

Kes shrugged

Taylor prompted about her parents but got no information. She encouraged her to women’s shelter and soup kitchens but it was now Kes getting agitated

“Can we just get this outta the way”

Once all the paper work had been completed, she was then charged and as predicted hours of paperwork produced no penalty and just a warning.

Kes left and Taylor went home finally.

Taylor entered her small single bedroom apartment. She started to fix her dinner and grabbed herself another sports drink. She sat down in front of the TV watching nothing in particular.

She eventually went to bed and just looked up at the ceiling, she was tired but there something more on her mind than sleep. It was the same feeling every time she came home. Taylor felt lonely, not for friendship but companionship. She was never any good at picking up women, and when she felt someone may be coming on to her, would get cold feet and leave.

She rolled over groaning at the thought of taking up Roger’s offer of meeting his sister-in-law. She realized that it would be even worse if she did take to this Janice, Roger would never let her forget it. It wasn’t worth the embarrassment.

A few weeks later Taylor finished her shift and sat down at her shared desk. She took some headache tablets and began her paper work. She felt someone watching her and looked up at the holding cell. The person says nothing just waves

Taylor gets up and goes over

“Kes.... you didn’t steal again”

Kes shrugged

“How long you been in this cell?”

Kes shuffled “well I watched you and your partner head off to work this morning”

Taylor swore. It was common procedure to book and process a perpetrator with 2 hours of incarceration “I’ll look into it” and gave a slight smile

“Thanks....... and this is the part you tell me your name Officer”

Taylor thought about it and couldn’t see the harm “Taylor.....”

Taylor walks over to a group of fellow officers and Kes watches the animated discussion. Kes watches Taylor’s body language, noticing she was upset and they all kept looking over to her.

“Look TJ if you want to process her, go for it. I’m sick of her fucking yapping.”

“It’s not my responsibility Jake.... you picked her up, you book her. It’s procedure.” Taylor growled back at her colleague

“When I’m good and ready.”

Taylor huffed “It’s been nearly 10 hours.... if she decides to complain”

Jake laughs and looks at Kes “She’s too stupid for that. Like I said, I’ll do to it when I’m good and ready, so mind your damn business TJ” he storms off.

Taylor used the vending machine to get herself a cola and just as she was about to leave, returned to the machine.

Kes watches Taylor come back into the room walking up next to her cell. Through the bars she handed Kes a can of soft drink and a chocolate bar.

“Thanks.... is he going to book me now?”

Taylor shrugs “It’s not my problem Kes, sorry”

After an hour Taylor closed up her files and checks the roster for her next shift. Kes was sleeping in the cell and Taylor knew Jake had done a runner on the paperwork.

Kes was woken with a start as the cell door opened. Taylor beckoned her out and pointed to the seat.

Taylor gets out the forms

“Thank you Officer Taylor for my drink”

“Jones..... it’s Taylor Jones” she groaned when she realized she had reveal her full name to this petty criminal.

“Thank you, I’ll try not to keep you too long.” She said

Taylor smiled and filled out the usual personal details.

“Ok what did you steal Kes?”


Taylor looked at her “batteries, just batteries”

“No....but needed batteries, I couldn’t afford them.”

Taylor kinda laughed “what could you possibly want with batteries” becoming intrigued

Kes blushed “I’d rather not say”

Taylor wrote down batteries “what else did you steal?”

Kes blushed and coughed as she spoke “vibrator”

Taylor dropped her head onto the desk and laughed until her stomach hurt. She looked up at Kes “you stole a vibrator, you are kidding me?”

“No it’s true, now you can see why I stole batteries, cos it doesn’t work without them.”

“I’m going to kill Jake. This is why he wouldn’t write you up.”

Kes leaned in to whisper and Taylor obliged “he couldn’t catch me, not like you”


“I tripped..... then he got me. He didn’t out smart me like you”

“really, well good for him.” Taylor perceived it as a compliment, getting one up on Jake was always a good thing. “Anything else Kes”

“hmmm no that’s it. Do you want another laugh? I stole the wrong batteries. I only got caught out because I tried to return the wrong ones and take the right ones and well yeh”

“stop ok.... enough” Taylor laughs “Kes you need to stop doing this, you just can’t take.... things”

“But I needed it” she whines

“We all need things; you just can’t go around and steal them. And don’t use the excuse you were hungry this time.”

“Can we just get this over with; soup kitchen closes in 2 hours”

A conviction was recorded but she was only fined and released. Kes left the court and walked over to Taylor

“Kes try and stay out of trouble”

“I missed the soup kitchen and I’m hungry. Could you loan me some money? That way you won’t have to arrest me for stealing food again.”

Taylor goes to her wallet and had only a $10 and $50. Taylor hands her the $10.00, Kes eyes the money

“You know for $50.00 you could get a lot more from me” she offers

Taylor frowned “are you saying you have change” in disbelief

“Well not monetary terms, but I’m sure you and I could come to some other arrangement”

Taylor stepped back “whoa.... no way... I’m not like that and I’m not into that Kes. Take the $10 and scram.”

Kes didn’t know if she was offended or relieved by the rejection “well ok but it’s your loss”

“I can live with that, now stay outta trouble ” sends back Taylor

They stop and look at each other for a moment longer when Roger walked up.

“Don’t tell me you are throwing money at the strays TJ, thought I taught you better than that.” He tries to take the money back but Kes runs off

“I was just helping her out Rog”

“And I thought you were smarter than that. Mark my words that will not be the last time we see of her thanks to you. Shit Taylor.... you’re not a fucking rookie anymore.”

She just shrugs at Roger’s lecture

“Hey if I give you my hard luck story will you help me out.” He berates

“So you want to show your wife what a good time really is. Will that help you” she jokes.

“ooohhhh Taylor, don’t make me beat that out of you. C’mon the first round of drinks is on you. I’ll tell you a fucking hard luck story, so piss weak woman.”

That night in bed Taylor thought about the events before drifting off to sleep. She felt genuinely bad for Kes. She didn’t look like a drug addict, and she obviously had a hard luck story but wasn’t willing to share it. She was sweet, and Taylor closes her eyes to that thought and drifted away.

Chapter 2

One night after work Taylor was doing her grocery shopping at her small local store. She had a few items in hand and was on her way to the front when she heard yelling

“You little thief, I’m going to thrash you into next week” came the shop keepers voice

Let me go, you are hurting me” squealed the voice

Taylor rolled her eyes, she just wanted to take her groceries and go home, but now she has to play off duty cop.

“What’s up Joe” looks at the person he has grabbed

“This little bitch”

Their eyes met

“KES..... not again” groaned Taylor

“I’m going to call the police TJ, I’m sick and tired of these fucking punks stealing my stuff.”

Kes struggled but the guy yanked her hard and she yelped

“I’ll pay for the stuff Joe. Then I’ll get her out of here”

Kes waited until Taylor paid for the goods she was trying to steal. She kept her head bowed in shame

Taylor had nothing to say, just handed over the items. Taylor started to walk away looked over her shoulder to see Kes leaning against the wall looking sad.

Taylor closed her eyes and could hear Roger’s voice nagging her, but ignored it.

“Kes.... you wanna get something to eat with me”

Kes brighten right up “yeh.... that would be great” a smile beamed across her young face. It made Taylor smile as well.

Taylor took her to the local pizza shop. Taylor had a few slices, but was happy to sit back and watch the young girl eat most of the pizza

“For such a small thing, where does all that food go.” Laughs Taylor, amazed at the amount she could eat

“My mum used to say I have hollow legs” she laughs

Taylor sat forward interested “so you have a mum, where is she?”

“I don’t want to talk about it please Taylor. Can we just enjoy this?”

“Kes this can’t keep going on. Sooner or later a judge is going to say enough is enough and you will do time.”

“I know”


“Well what, what can I do” asks Kes, throwing her crust into the empty pizza box

“Let’s see, get a job, find some accommodation”

Kes shrugs and folds her arms across her chest. “I don’t know where to start. Can we talk about something more interesting? Like does your girlfriend know you take thieves out to dinner?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, so...” Taylor dropped her head back

“Your partner must give you such a hard time, for being an open book that is” Kes sniggered

“hmmm yeh well. Come on we are going for a ride.”

They arrive at Taylor’s car “So is this where you want me to.... pay for the dinner.” Kes stepped closer to Taylor

“Are you a hooker?” Taylor asked

“No... not really... just people don’t usually do something for nothing.”

“Well you obviously hang around with the wrong people, I’m not like that Kes.”

Kes kicked the ground “I’m starting to see that, you are not like the other officers. You seem to care about people like me in the community. Or perhaps you just haven’t been on the job long enough”

Taylor was amazed at how Kes could read her “look I believe everyone deserves a chance or two” grinning “Consider this your second and last chance my girl”

Kes felt a warm feeling inside when Taylor referred to as her girl. She liked that.

Taylor drove Kes to the local women’s shelter and talk to one of the counsellors that ran it. She introduced Kes, and discussed her escalating bad habits. She told the woman that she believes all Kes needs is help, encouragement and a place to stay.

Taylor went to leave Kes grabbed her hand “hey... wait”

Taylor turned around “yeh what’s up”

“Can’t you stay for a little while, I don’t know anyone. I’m scared”

The counsellor ushered Taylor off and said she would take care of things from here on

A few months later Taylor and Roger were walking the beat when Taylor was tapped on the shoulder. They both turned around

“Kes.... is that you?”

Kes nodded and handed her a coffee to go “yep I work in there. In fact you walk past me every day. I finally got the courage up to say hi” Kes excited about her achievement in getting her life on track

Taylor admired the girl. She was wearing a waitress uniform, was clean and tidy. She looked beautiful “wow... that’s fantastic, you look…..” she caught her gushing and looked at her partner

Roger rolled his eyes. “What only one coffee” he grumbled

Kes scoffed openly “You weren’t nice to me like Taylor” pokes her tongue out childishly

“First name basis now are we” eyes boring into Taylor “TJ.... lets go.”

Taylor caught between them. She wanted to stay a little longer to find out how Kes was really doing, but listened to her senior partner

“You did good Kes, I’m proud of you. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” Praised Taylor more, patted her on the shoulder.

Kes heart skipped at Taylor’s praise “thanks, I couldn’t have done it without you.... I want to ask you something.”

Taylor went to leave, instead turned to face her “sure, what”

Roger was grumbling

“Can I take you out for pizza or somewhere you like? To return the favour that you did for me the other night and to say thank you”

After hearing that Roger eyes narrowed at his partner

Taylor cringed now that Roger knew about her little secret “ahhhh thanks but I really can’t. Take care of yourself Kes”

Taylor would have taken her up on the offer, only if Roger wasn’t with her. She knew she was going to get an earful

“Hang on.... I’m finally straightening myself out and you no longer want to know me. What’s with that?” She got gruff from being rejected

Taylor stumbled over the answer so Roger stepped in

“Because she has standards, because she doesn’t hang out with criminals. Now be on yer way girlie”

Taylor was caught. She wanted tell Roger off but would never disrespect him in front of known criminals

“Taylor... please, haven’t I proved to you I have changed my ways” Kes pleads

Taylor dropped her eyes knowing what she was about to say was going to be hurtful “My job doesn’t allow me to socialise with criminals, I’m sorry Kes..”

Kes face went red, eyes started to well with tears and she ran back inside

Taylor sat in the car sulking

Roger bit into his sandwich “Did I not tell you what happens when you feed strays”

Taylor says nothing


“Yes Roger, I know.. just... she, changed her ways. She made an effort to change. I admire her”

“Taylor... no, she’s a criminal..... you can’t trust her and you better not tell me you are falling for her because I will pull my gun out and shoot you”

Taylor looked over not laughing “Just drop it Roger”

“Only if you tell me there is nothing between you two”

She looked him in the eye “there is nothing between us, I know the job”

Roger sneered “after today I truly doubt that. Start smartening up TJ.....” Taps her head.

Taylor had trouble sleeping, she couldn’t stop thinking about Kes and seeing her disappointment. She knew that there could be no contemplating anything with Kes, and yet this girl could make her laugh, smile and feel good. The things she was afraid of doing with women, but with Kes it was natural. Taylor rolled over groaning how life was unfair.

Chapter 3

Taylor was out on routine traffic duty by herself since Roger had taken a week’s leave. She had finished writing up a ticket for a speeding driver when a call came in about an armed robbery at a nearby pharmacy. Taylor took the call and raced to the shop. When she got there people were crying and cowering behind shelves. Taylor had her gun drawn and she looked around. The pharmacist pointed at the back door.

Taylor tore off after the assailant, just making him off in the distant. She soon was in firing sight "Stop or I will shoot" threatened Taylor

The assailant stopped, but did not turn around.

Taylor's gun pointing “Now put down your weapon and turn around slowly with your hands in the air” she growled

The assailant turned around as instructed and Taylor’s heart sank “Kes” she huffed out.

Taylor moved slowly towards Kes, her gun still drawn.

“It’s only a toy, it’s just plastic” looking down at her pants.

Taylor not taking any risks removes it and immediately realises it was only plastic. She put her gun back in its holster.

Kes could see how disappointed Taylor was and slowly lowered her hands

Taylor didn’t know what to say, then her anger flared “why... why the fuck did you do this, and with a gun of all things”

Kes whined “you don’t want to know Taylor, so arrest me and let’s get it over with”

Taylor had all intentions of arresting her, but first she had to know “tell me Kes” she orders

Kes steps into Taylor’s personal space. “It was the only way I could see you again, for you to notice me. For me to tell you that I have feelings for you.”

Taylor was taken for words. She was now devastated at the actions her job was going to make her do

“Kes.... I have to arrest you” she all but whimpered out

Kes smiled and touched the Taylor’s cheek “I know, and it was worth it just to get a moment with you Taylor.” Kes leaned in and stole a kiss.

Taylor didn’t allow the kiss to end and snatched at Kes’s lips for more. Taylor’s kissing got more insistent; she pushed against Kes’s smaller frame, forcing Kes to the wall. Kes’s hands rubbed up and down Taylor’s body. Taylor then moved to Kes’s neck, kissing and nipping her. Kes’s body wanted to explode from Taylor’s touch; she wrapped her arms around Taylor’s neck holding her tightly.

Taylor then stopped and rested on her shoulder before regaining her composure. Kes turned her head to the side “Taylor”

“Kes I want to let you go, but.... shit the shop had video surveillance. I have no choice” she whines, struggling with the conflict between her duty and feelings

Kes smiled “I know” she turns her back and presents her hands for cuffing “let’s get this over with”

“Kes... they will send you to gaol this time for sure” she cuffs her lightly and walks with her

“Like I said, it was worth that moment to express how I felt. I have no regrets”

Taylor still struggling with herself puts Kes in the car. Kes tried to get conversation from Taylor, but it wasn’t returned.

The car eventually pulled up behind a block of apartments. Taylor got out, opened up Kes’s door and removed her cuffs. Taylor walks off without a word and Kes follows, trusting whatever Taylor was going to do.

After 3 flights of stairs Taylor opens the door to her apartment and ushers Kes inside. Taylor still didn’t really have a plan; she just needed time to think things over. Assess what she was going to do next.

Kes watched her struggle, pacing the floor back and forth. She decided to be bold and make the first move, grabbing Taylor’s hand and tugging her.

Taylor stopped as Kes kissed her, her tongue exploring. Their kissing ignited Taylor’s desire once again. Kes had already unbuttoned Taylor’s uniform and was removing her shirt. Hands feeling and fondling Taylor’s chest, then started on her utility belt. Taylor grabbed that from her and put it on the table. She turned back to Kes who was removing her clothes until she was standing naked in front of Taylor

Taylor mouth went dry as she stared at her, she was beautiful... she put out her hand and touched Kes’s body, stroking, feeling. Kes closes her eyes and dropped her head back, she grabbed onto her as she felt Taylor‘s finger slipped between her lips of her pussy rubbing back and forth

Taylor now hungered for this criminal who had slowly stolen her heart. In one movement picked up Kes and carried her to the bedroom placing her on the bed. She removed the rest of her uniform and slowly crawled up. Kes put an arm around Taylor’s neck

“I told you how I felt, and I get you are not one for words.” She wrapped her legs around Taylor “then how about you show me why I’m not in cuffs anymore”

Taylor released years of loneliness onto Kes. Kissing, devouring every inch of her body. Her hands touching, feeling, grasping at Kes’s body. Her tongue flicked at Kes’s nipples until they were hard.

Kes had been fantasising about this moment, but had no idea Taylor was this passionate for her. All she could do was hold onto Taylor as her body was starting to shake. She opened wide allowing Taylor to insert her finger, pushing in hard and deep. Kes groaned and panted biting at Taylor’s shoulder as the moment came upon her all too quickly “oh my god, I can’t, I can’t hold back” she screamed out

Taylor captures her lips as her finger thrusts in and out faster, her thumb rubbing hard against her spot. Taylor own body was shaking, Kes sensed that but she had no muscle control to help Taylor as her orgasm commenced

“Oh Taylor.... Taylor” she pushes up into Taylor one last time and collapsed. Taylor remained inside, her hand feeling the strong contractions of this girl. Taylor finally takes a breath, she was groaning quietly and shaking. Kes knew and got enough control to slowly rub in between Taylor’s legs, she was dripping down her hand.

Taylor let out low moan, grunts and came instantly. Taylor rested her head on Kes’s chest afraid to look. Kes kissed top of her head and wrapped arms around Taylor holding her

“It’s alright” Kes soothes

Kes rolls Taylor and lays on top smiling, her hand continuing on from where it finished. Slowly rubs through Taylor’s pubic hair, her finger occasionally disappearing inside.

Taylor caught her breath “I... don’t think I could go again, so soon” unsure of herself

Kes got to thinking that Taylor had not been with many women, and was obviously not aware of what her body was capable of. She smiled “oh I think you can, in fact I know you can and I’m going to prove it right now.” She said mischievously

She slipped down and worked her tongue into Taylor. She felt Taylor immediately tense and grabbed the bed hard. Kes moved up and kissed her, stroking her hair “shhhhh just relax, relax honey”

Taylor had got the message and soon her body was engulfed in sensations she never had felt before. Kes ate her... but was in no hurry to release Taylor’s pleasure. She wanted her to enjoy the experience, betting no one had performed oral sex on her before. She was going to let her enjoy this, because next time she was going to tease the fuck out of her.

“This feels wonderful” moans Taylor. As the sensation gets the better of her, she grabs urgently at Kes’s head and holds it in one place

Kes read that signal and licked and sucked that spot. It was swollen, tight and it produced loud panting and groans. Taylor body convulsed and went rigid, crying out the intensity of her climax that had been building up slowly.

Taylor put a hand over her face as her body twitched again. When Kes heard a muffled whimper quickly scurried up to Taylor. She soothed her

“It’s ok.... it will pass Taylor, I have you” she then rolled Taylor into her.

Taylor kept her face hidden, but Kes knew it was all emotional and just waited for the moment to pass.

Taylor never felt this way, she so was confused. She was elated at what she had just experience and sadden because it all had to end. She sat up and swung her legs out side of the bed huffing. Her head in her hands.

Kes wrapped reassuring arm around her “Stopping fighting it Taylor. We both know what you have to do, I can live with that. What we did this afternoon, what we expressed, it was worth it.”

“I can’t give you up, not know. Not when I’ve finally met someone that.” She pauses and looks over her shoulder “Kes you do like me right, this wasn’t”

Kes bite down hard on Taylor’s shoulder causing her to cry out in pain

“That was for the stupid question. Taylor I deliberately held up the store because I knew you were in the area. Ok I didn’t realize about the video surveillance but I didn’t know how else to get your attention unless it was to do with your job.”

“I still have to take you in. We need to go now it’s been over an hour Kes.”

“hmmmm got another 10 minutes for something else.”

Taylor smiled and melted. “yeh I guess”

“Well what I did to you, you wanna do to me” she grins wickedly

Taylors stomached flipped but held her composure “no.. not really” she said flatly

Kes scoffed “what.”

Taylor then quickly pushed Kes down and held her while she immediately dived between her legs, licking hard, poking at her opening. The more Kes squirmed and moaned, the harder Taylor wanted to do it

Kes grabbed and released Taylor’s head. It was all too quick again, she started to hump Taylor’s face for more “that’s it baby, oh fuck I want it” her moans turn to high pitch wails as Taylor reaches that spot and slowly taps at it until Kes releases in 3 successful waves. “fuuuuuck” was all Kes could cry out.

Later that afternoon Taylor put Kes into the holding cell and Kes faced her with a smirk

“Thank you Officer” and winks

Taylor however allowed her sadness to prevent her from playing along. Kes sat down waiting to be processed.

The next day Kes was in the court waiting for her lawyer. He rocked up next to her catching Kes bye surprised “you’re not legal aid, I can’t afford you” looking at the well dressed man

“Yes that is true, but your friend hired me” points to back of room

Kes looks over to see Taylor nod at her. Kes shook her head “She can’t afford you either.”

“Too late, she’s already paid, she has offered to be your character witness and believe me sweetheart you need all the help you can get. It’s good that she’s an police officer, it should give good creditability to your case.”

Kes felt terrible at all the trouble she had caused Taylor financially and now to testify on her behalf will surely cause her trouble at work.

Taylor sat in the witness box and answered questions. She also explained to the judge that Kes was seeking help and that she would personally see to rehabilitation, help her with getting a job. She felt as part of her job to policing the community was to help people like Kes. She smiled at Kes, her heart wanting to explode her love.

“All she needs is a chance your honour”

In the judge’s ruling he acknowledge and commended Taylor for her efforts in helping out the community but couldn’t ignore that Kes’s behaviour to crime was escalating and although she had used a plastic gun the anguish and fear it had caused to customers couldn’t be ignored. The judge sentenced Kes to two years gaol.

Kes felt gutted by the ruling handed down. Her lawyer shrugged, he wasn’t surprised. Kes looked over to Taylor but she was gone

The court officers were about to load Kes into the bus when Taylor spoke up.

“Can I have a word before she goes” asking Taylor. The court officer nodded

“Kes” whined Taylor

“Taylor I’m so sorry..... I’ve ruined everything for you.”

Taylor didn’t look directly at Kes, afraid she would break “Kes... I can’t visit you in gaol. I am not allowed to have any contact with you.”

“what... so this is it, we are over.” Kes was feeling worse than ever

“It’s the rules of my job, I’m sorry. Look after yourself” Taylor turns and walks away quickly

Kes is pushed into the bus as she watched Taylor get into her car and drives off. Kes drops her head and sobs quietly


Chapter 4

Almost 2 years had passed, and now Kes walked free from the gaol gates. She had got out 2 months earlier for good behaviour. She looked up and down the street with disappointment. She had hoped, but knew deep down Taylor wouldn’t be waiting for her, and headed off down the street to where, she had no idea. She slowly made her way down the street passing park cars. She heard a door of one open up and her name called.

Kes turned in surprised “Taylor, oh my god”

She had changed her appearance. Her hair was short and dyed blonde. She had toned down her body and looked gorgeous in jeans and black shirt.

Kes looked around nervously before stepping forward “Taylor, you shouldn’t be here....”

Taylor shrugged “I know, I wasn’t going to, just” she bit her lip

Kes touched her arm “what”

Taylor hugged Kes and buried her head “It’s been so hard, I’ve missed you so much.” She then grabbed Kes’s face and kissed her

Kes smiled “I’ve missed you too” throwing her arms around her.

Taylor took Kes home finally

Kes sat naked in Taylor’s lap, snatching kisses, touching her face. Kes had just spent the first 2 hours of her new freedom with Taylor making love. Taylor finally had happiness back in her life and never wanted to let that go again.

She pushed Kes down and looked her over “I never got the chance to say how beautiful you are, and I want you to be in my life…… permanently.”

Kes smiled and lifted up and kissed Taylor “I want to be in your life Taylor and I promise..... I will try not to disappoint you.”

Kes lie back down and lifted her hips. Taylor was soon learning Kes’s body language and dropped down and sunk her tongue inside. She licked every inch of her pussy. Moans of a building orgasm were evident, but the moment stopped from a loud knock at the door.

Taylor got up and dressed. She opens the door slightly “Roger

“cmon lets go for a drink”

“what now.... I can’t”

“why not…’re on leave right.... “

Taylor looked behind, hoping that Kes wouldn’t come out

“Look Roger, I can’t I’m in the middle of something.... another time.” She quickly closes the door.

Roger never has known Taylor to brush him aside like she did. He was going to knock again when heard more than one voice in her apartment. He left with a smirk on his face.

Taylor stripped and before Kes got a chance to ask, was down and within her, this time she stepped up the pace until Kes grabbed her to stop. She was satisfied and rolled into Taylor to doze.

Taylor used her two days of leave to helped Kes get a job as a waitress, moved her into her apartment and life.

Taylor packed up the dishes when Kes put her arms around her. “back to work tomorrow”

“ahhh yep” Taylor dropped her a kiss

“Are you going to get into trouble that I’m now living with you.”

Taylor shifted uncomfortably “I can’t tell anyone or else I will lose my job baby. I have to keep you a secret. I’m sorry, but there is no other way for us to be together”

“That’s ok, but what about Roger”

“I doubt he would notice”

Kes didn’t agree, if she was able to read Taylor from the first moment she met the officer, her partner would definitely pick up on something sooner or later.

Only a few weeks out of incarceration Kes was feeling despondent. She had to find money to pay the ten thousand dollar fine and the money she was earning didn’t cover the repayments let alone help contribute much to their living expenses.

Kes grumbled in bed causing Taylor to rolled over “I told you not to let it bother you honey, we are coping.”

“Taylor you are working double shift 3 nights a week, you look so tired. You are paying my debt and most the bills and what I make is shit. It hardly puts food on the table.”

Taylor pinned her lover “stop worrying, I don’t mind. I’m just grateful you allowed me into your life, that you let me love you.” Taylor stole a kiss, before Kes struggled away

“Taylor I need to make more money, and I’m going to get a 2nd job. Then I can buy you things, and not live like this. And another thing I did not allow you in my life, I wanted you in my life there is a difference.”

Taylor rolled her eyes “fine, but things will be ok... stop stressing and sleep”

But Kes couldn’t, her mind churning over at how she was going to make more money and quickly. Then she could give Taylor a better life.

The next day Taylor and Roger was sitting in their police car. Taylor had the radar gun out focusing up the road. Roger looked over at his partner

“So what’s up with you these days” asked Roger

“nothing, I’m fine”

“hmmm, just you seem different”

Taylor ignored

“actually, happy... so I gather you finally met someone”

Taylor dropped the gun “Roger.... stop it. I’m a lot comfortable with myself these days. I have a good job, friends..... so lets talk about something else”

“I notice Kes Williams is out of gaol”

“huh.... who”

Roger getting agitated “don’t play stupid with me you know damn who. You bloody well stood up in court trying to make everyone believe she’s an angel.”

“Well I didn’t know” she growled back and glared at him.

“Don’t fucking well look at me like that TJ. I bloody well hope you are not fooling around with her. It could cost you your career girl”

“Why the fuck do you care so much” spat Taylor

Roger couldn’t believe the iciness of his partner. Someone he had raised 7 years, trusted with his life. “I’m your partner, we look out for each other. Well that’s what I thought. My fucking mistake”

Taylor dropped her head in shame “I’m sorry Roger, you are right. I know Kes is out, but I have not seen or heard from her” she lied “and that’s the end of that.”

Roger nodded “so we still on for poker game this Saturday, your place”

“huh... yeh..” Taylor then focused “no.... I can’t.... I’ve been” pauses finding an excuse “renovating my place, so I can’t have anyone over.”

“oh cmon TJ, your place is what we need to get away from our wives. What am I going to say to the other boys.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just not possible. Whoa, here comes one.... he’s a moving.”

Roger turned the car and sirens on and they chased down the speeding car.

Chapter 5

One morning Taylor was a wake early and just watched Kes sleep. She looked so peaceful, and relaxed. Taylor reached over and switched off the alarm before it would go off, not wanting to disturbed her. Taylor carefully rolled away and tried to leave the bed, but Kes had other ideas and trapped her

“hmmmm where do you think you are going” kisses her cheek


“Well.... you haven’t made love to me yet” she nuzzles in, while running her hand over Taylor’s body indicating what she desired.

“I know, just I have to get ready early because Roger is picking me up.”

“So you wasted part of the morning watching me sleep.”

“I like watching you sleep.”

Kes bites her chin “Well I would rather have made love, but it’s your loss.”

Taylor laughed “no... not my loss.... yours, watching you is my gain”

Kes went to go for Taylor but she escaped to the bathroom and yelled back “sucked in”

Kes eyes narrow “I’ll get you” but falls back to sleep

Taylor was half dressed, she just needed to put her shirt on and as she walk passed the bed, a hand reached out grabbing her by the back of her pants pulling her hard to the bed.

Taylor landed on her back with Kes trapping her with one leg. Her mouth over Taylor’s, tongue deep inside. Hand stroking over her breast, squeezing then slowly moves down and begins to unzip Taylor’s pants

Taylor breaks the kiss and starts to sit “hey…I don’t have time, he will be here in 15 minutes” she whines helplessly

Kes’s hand disappears into Taylor.

As predicted Taylor gave in easily and it wasn’t long before Kes had her squirming and crying out her orgasm.

Taylor redresses shaking her head but grinning

Kes laughs “see, you never take long”

Taylor blushes then sits on the bed “today, you know”

Kes stops smiling “yeh, I have to see my probation officer, I don’t need reminding” she growled then apologies

Taylor wrapped her arms around, instantly forgiving her. She goes back to dressing

“Taylor.... I am starting my second job today. It’s only for 2 or so hours.”

Taylor reached for her utility belt “you didn’t have to Kes”

Kes found it frustrating that none of her predicaments annoyed Taylor as much as it did her.

Well I wanted to. I told you I want to make it up to you, contribute more. We can’t survive on love alone Taylor”

Taylor frowns “why not, it’s enough for me.... isn’t it enough for you.”

Kes didn’t say anything, but upon seeing Taylor’s reaction to her hesitation “honey don’t get like that. I just want to help out more, please....”

“ok, so what is this job” showing more interest since Kes wasn’t going to back down

Kes eyes widened “ummm, driver.... umm”

Taylor shook her head “Hang on…you can’t drive.... you don’t have a licence. Jeez Kes it’s illegal and you are on probation.”

“Yes... I mean I deliver and collect packages, someone else is doing the driving.”

Taylor felt a pang of uneasiness “Promise me you are not going to do something illegal. Please” she sat on the bed fearing Kes was going to do something stupid

A horn sounds outside the apartment window. Kes kisses and hugs her “go on, off to work Officer Jones.

“Kes” pushed Taylor, using her authoritarian tone

“I promise” she smiles, playful pushing her off the bed “now go and arrest some bad guys, but be careful too.”

later in the morning Taylor sat in the driver’s side while Roger was getting them coffees. Her thoughts disturbed when Roger came back in and hands over a coffee and muffin.

“You alright, you seem a little distracted today”

“Na I’m alright Rog. Thought your wife put you on a diet” she laughed as he shoved a muffin into his mouth

“She did, at home but not at work”

“Really, so if I was to tell her”

“You even think about it and I’ll”

Taylor laughs and finishes his sentence “shoot me with your gun. You should be careful what you say in jest old man”

“Oi I’ll put you over my knee you little sprat” he played “Seriously, you ok. If you want to talk”


“Well if you want to get something off your chest”

Taylor laughs “you need to stop going to those police counselling courses. It’s turning you soft old man” presses at his stomach.

Their radio crackles announcing a bank robbery in progress. Taylor sped off with sirens while Roger calls in confirmation of their attendance to the call. They arrive in a short while and both run towards the bank entrance but were sent diving to the ground. A volley of high powered gun fire blew through the glass sending both officers diving for cover. They crawled back behind their vehicle, just as two more cars arrived.

Taylor panted heavily looking over at her partner “Rog, are you ok”

Roger nodded “That was too close, you TJ”

Taylor laughed “I nearly shit my pants” she laughs nervously “what do we do now?”

Roger stands up brushing down his uniform “We let the negotiators deal with it. So you want another coffee and muffin”

Taylor laughs while shaking her head in disbelief at his 'it's outta my hands' attitude

Two hours passed by, Taylor paced near the negotiators trying to get an understanding on the situation. Paramedics had turned up on the latest information that hostages had been injured but they not going to be released. The bank robbers demanded a medic be sent in.

One of the paramedics wasn’t too keen on going in so Taylor spoke up.

“I’ve had some medical training, let me go in. You can wire me up and get an idea on the situation inside” offered Taylor

Roger butted in “TJ are you out of your fucking mind” Roger then faced his chief “You are not sending in my partner.” He said firmly

The chief ignored Roger, and agreed to Taylor’s offer. Her gave her strict instructions to administer first aid and gather information.

The chief spoke to Taylor “We want a peaceful outcome Taylor, don’t try and be a hero.”

The SWAT team was now deployed to various positions around the bank. Their technician put a tiny microphone just above her bra while she changed into the paramedic’s uniform. Before she left, Roger came over and opened up the medical kit. He pulled out the false bottom where the paramedics would hide the narcotic medication and placed her gun in it. He put the lid back and covered it with bandages and other medical items.

“You know if they find it, I’m dead” she says to Roger in a matter of fact tone

He pats her back “be careful and don’t do anything that could get yourself killed. If you die, my wife will kill me.”

She looked at him “oh and you putting a gun in there isn’t going to help that along” winks and pats him on the shoulder. “I’ll be back for lunch” she jokes trying to hide her uneasiness

She nervously moved under the blockade when she heard someone call to her.

“We got your back TJ” she nodded and walked over the broken glass and up to the door. It was opened and she was grabbed and pulled inside.

She was grabbed again and thrown to the wall hard and frisked head to toe. She kept her hands up as there was a high power assault weapon in her face.

“Gee, that’s some pretty heavy fire power.” She got nervous while the guy with the ski masked looked through her medical kit. She looked around the room gauging dozen hostages. She then saw a security guy on the ground dead. She counted 3 armed robbers, 1 on the ground dead.

“ok, she’s clean, git over ere” he barked, grabbing her roughly and pushing her

“ok ok, don’t all three of you get on my case, which one of the dozen or so is injured.”

She was smacked in the side of the head and fell down, a gun back in her face. Some of the hostages screamed, the guy yelled for everyone to shut up.

Taylor got up and the masked guy got in her face “You say one more word and I will put a bullet through your skull bitch.”

Someone stepped forward catching Taylor’s eye. Another masked person she had not accounted for, smaller than the others with only a sawn off shot gun. This robber was bleeding from the arm

The gunman pointed to the smaller robber. As Taylor moved towards him, the smaller one stepped back quickly and pointed to someone on the ground. Taylor immediately grabbed her kit and knelt beside the man. He had a wound side of his stomach that was bleeding profusely. She put a pad over the wound and fixed it down.

Taylor was worried for the man who was looking deathly pale “We need to get him out, right now” she said to them all

“No...” said leader of the masked group

“c’mon, please….it’s just one person” pleads Taylor. Her answer was a gun put in her face “You tend to my man first” points to the smaller masked person

Taylor made her way towards the masked fellow when he faltered and fell to one knee. Taylor stepped up and caught him and helped him to sit down.

His head dropped looked away

“it’s ok, let me have a look” spoke Taylor softly

The masked robber looked up and Taylor paused for a moment, and then smiled. She opens up the sleeve to see the gash and grimaces.

“I need to clean this up. I need to run water over this wound right away.” Calls out Taylor

Taylor helps the robber to his feet and grabs her kit. The dominant robber gets in her face “If she tries anything, cap her”

The injured robber nodded and they headed into the bathroom. Taylor put her kit down on the bench and opened it up

“I will need you to put your gun down, so I can dress that wound please.” not paying any real attention to the robber at this point.

He puts his gun down and flinches from the sudden pain.

Taylor quick as a flash puts a hand over his mouth and rams him to the opposite wall hard. The robber winded for a moment groans but the sound was muzzled. Taylor reaches inside her own shirt and pulls off the microphone tossing it to one side.

Her eyes glaring into the robber’s eyes. Taylor leans in, trying to control her breathing.

“You think I wouldn’t recognise you. I can’t believe you are doing this.” She then pulls off the mask to see Kes looking back, her eyes drop immediately.

“You fucking look at me” hissed Taylor “I trusted you, I believed in you, and this is what I get in return.”

Kes flinches, tries unsuccessfully to remove Taylor’s hand from her mouth.

“What, I let you go and you call your buddies in to gun me down too.”

Kes shook her head, tears flowing, she whimpered. Taylor remembers her arm and gently released her. Kes caught her breath and held her arm.

“Taylor, please.”

Taylor went to work on bandaging her wound, ignoring Kes for the time being.

Kes seeing Taylor’s anger mixed with pain, felt ashamed for not thinking through her actions.

“I know you’re upset, but I did it for us, I did it”

Taylor's eyes lock back with Kes's, she snarled “You did it for yourself Kes, and I was a fucking fool for ever believing you would change your ways.”

She remembers Roger berating her and telling her to be smarter. “I couldn’t see it, but Roger did and he warned me, but no I wouldn’t listen.” Taylor babbled on

Taylor” whines Kes “I’m sorry, please believe me.” she tried to reach for her, Taylor pushed her hand away.

Taylor walked away trying to gather her thoughts on what she was going to do next. She looked back at her wounded girlfriend and stormed back to her.

Kes closed her eyes waiting for Taylor to hit her, but she didn’t.

“It’s done, we are done…..”

Kes whined “Taylor no…… please don't say that, I’m sorry”

Taylor unleashed her frustration and thumped the wall next to Kes, causing her to jump.

“It’s over Kes, you’re on your own.” Taylor furiously rummages through her medical kit and pulls out her revolver. She then puts it in the back of her pants and covers it over with her shirt.

Kes gasps “Taylor, what are you doing… if they find it, they will kill you.” She grabs Taylor but she is shoved back against the wall.

“Well that depends on if you tell them. Either way it doesn’t matter anymore. One of us has already lost everything.”

Kes tears falling “Taylor…. Please…. I love” trying to reach her

Don’t…. don’t use something you have no idea about. Now lets go, out.” She ordered

Kes went to leave but Taylor grabbed her and pulled her back.

Kes relieved Taylor had changed her mind.

“Put your mask back on and pick up your gun you stupid bitch” growls Taylor.

Taylor didn’t even recognise her own voice, and she had no idea what she was going to do next. She just knew that nothing from here on was going to be the same. She wanted this over one way or another, and for Kes to be out of her life for good.

Taylor left the washroom with a masked Kes behind. Taylor attention diverted to the bleeding hostage and moved towards him but was cut off.

“He needs help. You need to let him go before someone else dies.” Taylor more urgent

“Well, we want out, so unless they give us transport right now he is going to die.”

Taylor swallowed, trying to figure out her next move.

“Ummm look if you show the negotiators some compassion, ummmm cooperation, then they will give you what you want. If not it’s going to be a stalemate for a long time.”

Kes stepped forward bravely and in a deep voice “she’s right, let’s get rid of him. We still got all of them and the threat we will shoot them.” She says confidently

Taylor glanced over to Kes and nodded

The leader thought about it “fine get him out”

Taylor nodded and he gets to his feet. He starts to shuffle to the door

“You go with him” growled Kes staring at Taylor

Taylor stiffened and faced her “no….. I will stay. You still need my medical assistance and I will also need to monitor the other hostages.

NO” she said firmly

Taylor scoffed at her, ignoring her efforts at intimidation “yeh…. I’m staying” she said defiantly

Taylor suddenly found herself on the ground holding the side of her face. She looked up shocked that Kes had hit her with the butt of her gun.

“I…. we…. don’t need you” growls Kes, “let her leave with the hostage”

The others agreed, but Taylor remained on the ground, still stunned that Kes had struck her.

Kes nodded at her “get out now” she ordered

Taylor looked around at the other guys wondering how she was going to persuade them to let her stay when everything changed dramatically

Red dots started appearing on the robber’s chests. Taylor realised that they were all in clear view to the SWAT snipers. She looked over to Kes who also had a red dot marking at her heart.

Taylor swore loudly, sprang up and just as she tackled Kes bringing her to the ground, the windows of the bank exploded from gun fire. Taylor lay completely over the top of Kes shielding her from from the glass that was flying everywhere, canisters of tear gas were now filling the bank. Taylor yelled at the hostages to stay down. She could hear Kes crying, shaking from fear.

“Kes…. Shhhhh stay down and say nothing.” She said quietly in her ear

“Taylor” she cried

Taylor listened to the yelling as police had moved in. Taylor slowly grabbed Kes’s hands putting them behind her back and they got up. Taylor leant in and whispered “don’t say anything to anyone.”

An officer walked over to take Kes but Taylor just took his cuffs. “This one has to be taken to hospital. I’ll take care of him.”

She gently cuffs Kes and marches her out with the others and quietly slips beyond the police barrier towards her patrol car. She rested Kes against the car still unsure what she was going to do.

Kes shaking her head “my eyes sting”

Taylor grabbed water bottle from the car and washed out Kes’s eyes. She decided to leave her ski mask on for the time being.

“Your wound is only a graze, it’s not” Taylor caught her stutter trying to focus, trying not to think of what just happened.

Kes leaned in “I only hit you to make a point to the others. That I wanted to get you out before you got hurt or worse killed. I’m sorry, I know I stuffed up and I will face my consequences, but.”

Taylor rested her hand on Kes’s hip and leaned in “They will put you away for 10 years” tears started fall, her voice stutters “I can’t go through this again, I couldn’t cope 10 minutes without you in my life, I don’t know what to do.” Her breathing erratic as she started to panic

Roger looked about for his partner since the commotion. Nobody could say where she was. His eyes find her in the distance against their car with one of the masked assailants. He thought that was particularly unusual, and her whole body language was disturbing him. He started to make his way through the numerous police cars towards them.

“Kes…. I need you. I’m so in love with you. I don’t want to be alone again.”

“I know Taylor. I just wanna hug you, and take your pain away baby. ….” Kes went to kiss her only to notice Roger coming towards them. She also could see the distraught state her girlfriend was in.

“Pull yourself together now” she ordered quietly

“Kes.. don’t”

“Roger is almost here….. get it together.”

Taylor grabbed Kes and quickly put her into the back of the patrol vehicle. She heard Roger call out but ignored him as she got into the driver’s seat. Before she turned the car on Roger stood in front, then came around to her side.

“What’s going on TJ…” he looks at the person in the back “is everything alright” Concerned that she may be a hostage somehow.

“No I’m good, he is injured so I will take him to the hospital for treatment before he gets processed.”

Roger wasn’t convinced, he knew something was up with his partner but went along with it.

“awwwright, well I’m coming with you” quickly gets in the passenger side before Taylor could object.

“I can handle this” said Taylor but not looking at her partner

“Well after all you’ve been through. I think we will follow procedure on this one. Two armed officers to escort, isn’t that right.”

Roger looked over his shoulder to the masked person, but the person wouldn’t look back.

Taylor drove off

Chapter 6

Roger bit his lip, he kept looking at the masked person. “I don’t think you need that on anymore buddy” Roger reaches for the mask

“Roger, just leave it will ya” growls Taylor “deal with that later”

Roger frowned and focussed back on his partner “what’s going on TJ, talk to me”

“Nothing, I just want to get this sorted, so just leave it alright.”

Roger sucked his lip “hmmmm nope.” He leans over trying to grab the masked again. The person tried to shift further into the corner of the car.

Taylor was now yelling at him to sit down. Roger ignored her, reached again and ripped the mask off exposing Kes. She dropped her head

Roger sat back and sneered at his partner “Now why doesn’t this surprise me. You are one stupid, fucking idiot TJ.”

Taylor didn’t say anything just kept driving, her knuckles tightening at the steering wheel.

“What, you were just going to let her escape?….. what in the world has gotten into you. Are you trying to ruin your career?”

She looked over at him finally “It’s not like that” but she knew her words weren’t convincing him

Roger starting to lose his cool “Ever since this little bitch came into your life, you have not had a straight thought in that bloody head of yours.”

Roger looks over at Kes “and as for you” leans over and slaps her.

Kes screams and tries to get away with little success

“Roger stop it, don’t hurt her.”

Roger turns back and bangs the dashboard “stop this car, stop this fucking car right now Taylor.” He orders.

Taylor pulled down a side street, behind a warehouse. Roger was out the car and grabbed the door to Kes’s side. Taylor struggled to get out, but got tangled with her seat belt

Roger grabbed Kes by the hair and grabbed her face, squeezing it hard “you little shit”

Kes tries to break free, but her hands still cuffed so she couldn’t struggle. Roger raised his hand and slapped her hard. He then threw her to the ground. He went for her again.

Taylor raced around the car “Roger… Roger please stop it” she grabs at him to stop

Roger in a full fit of rage fended off Taylor throwing her aside. “I’m doing you a favour.” He turns back to Kes.

Kes kicks her legs to try and get away, she was screaming at him to leave her alone, calling out to Taylor.

He lifts her head and raised his fist but was tackled to the ground by Taylor. They roll around on the ground “stop it Roger, please she won’t say anything….. we love each other.”

Roger had pinned Taylor easily and remained above her “love, she pulls you into a crime and you call this love. Wake up Taylor this is not some fucking Bonnie and Clyde show, this is real. You are in deep shit and the only way I can get you out of this is to make sure she doesn’t say a fucking word, and I no longer believe or trust you anymore.”

He rams Taylor into the ground hard to get across his message then gets off her. He goes back over to Kes

“I won’t say anything Roger, I promise….” She whines

“Yes well unlike my partner, I’m not stupid and don’t believe you either. You are nothing but a lying, manipulative little cunt and I am going to make sure you forget TJ ever existed. He raises his fist and Kes closes her eyes

“Roger.” Called Taylor in a calm voice.

He looks over to her, eyes widen. “TJ”

The sound of a revolver being fired echoes around the abandoned warehouse. Roger drops to the ground, blood pouring from his neck. Taylor watches as if it was someone else who had pulled the trigger. She could hear Kes crying in the distance, but it was the gasping breath of Roger that snapped her back

She drops her gun “oh my god….noooo”

Taylor runs over and drops next to Roger picking him up. He continues to bleed out over Taylor. She tries to stop it, she cries while holding him saying she was sorry over and over again. His body went limp, but Taylor still cradled him crying.

She was nudged by Kes “Taylor….. cmon….snap out of it”

Taylor eventually laid down her dead partner and reached around unlocking Kes’s cuffs. She returned to Roger, her hands shaking as she touched him.

“What am I going to tell his wife, oh god his children…. What have I done” she sobs over him, stroking his face.

Kes grabbed and shakes her trying to get her back “Fucking hell …. What have I done to you.” She pulls Taylor in and holds her while Taylor sobs loudly.

“I killed him, I kill my partner…. I can’t believe this.” Losing all control

Kes taking charge, grabs Taylor’s face to look at her. “This is what we are going to do. You will arrest me, I will confess to it and you will be fine. I’m not going to let you go down for this.”

Kes still held Taylor tightly, trying to calm her down. “I’m going to make it right Taylor. This is all my fault and I’m going to take responsibility for it.”

Taylor finally regained her composure. Taylor looked around for possible witnesses and back at Roger. She had crossed the line and there was no going back. Her attention was now focussed on Kes

“Before I do anything, do you honestly love me Kes.”

Kes gets up, dragging Taylor with her. She clutches her face again “with all my heart. I will fix this, you’ll see.” She snatches a kiss and they hold each other for a moment

Taylor wasn’t going to let Kes fix anything “no…. take Roger’s wallet and his money, do it now” she ordered, still looking around nervously

Kes took out his wallet and gasps “there is nearly $1500”

“Ok get mine, take my cash card and withdraw money from my account. Go to ATM with no camera. I only have $300, but you can over draw the account.”

Kes looks at Taylor “I’m not going to leave you with nothing.”

“It’s fine. I want you to go back to our apartment, go to our wardrobe and at the back you will find a box. In side is $2000.00 and “ she pauses “and your passport.”

Kes trying to take everything in “passport, 2 grand, how… when”

Taylor grabbed Kes “I’ve been saving up to take you overseas. I’ve been putting money aside, the extra shifts. Remember I got you to fill out your probation forms, well I also attached a passport application which is why I made us get extra photos. It was going to be a surprise”


Taylor shakes Kes “Just listen. Take the money, get some gear together and go to the airport. Take the next available flight to Barbados. Whatever happens, they can’t extradite you from there. Then….” She pauses and swallows “wait for me…. please.” Her tone almost asking the question

“You can’t make all this go away Taylor, and I won’t leave you go down for this.” Kes started to cry.

Taylor grabbed her face and took her lips in a passionate kiss. She rested her forehead against Kes “I love you, and I won’t live without you. If you don’t do this, then the next bullet is going to be for me. Then we both lose.” She whimpers.

Kes holds her tightly, snarls at her “don’t you fucking dare threaten me with that. Fine I will go, and I will wait I promise.” Kes stepped back wondering how Taylor was going to explain all this. She watched Taylor pick up her gun and holds it out to Kes.

She takes it “yes I’ll get rid of it”

Taylor closes her eyes and takes a deep breath “before you do that, there is one more thing you need to do. If we are to pull this off you….. you must shoot me”

Kes looked at her in disbelief “what… no I will not shoot you. Are you insane?… fuck after what has happened here I’ve fucking well driven you insane……. No I won’t.”

“If you don’t, then it’s going to look exactly as it does. I argued with my partner and I shot him in cold blood.”

Kes holds the gun and shakes her head, crying. Taylor smiles and kisses her softly then points to her shoulder and then to her stomach, off to the side.

“I’ll be fine, and when this has been sorted out I will come for you. I promise.”

Kes starts to lose her voice, her body shaking “I don’t want to kill you.”

Taylor stepped back next to the car “everything is going to be alright, do it Kes” she says calmly

Kes couldn’t, her hand was shaking badly so she dropped the gun down to her side. “I can’t” she whimpered

Just do it Kes” she says a little firmer

Kes holds the gun up and starts shaking her head

Taylor screamed “DO THE FUCKING THING

The gun went off, the bullet hitting Taylor in the shoulder, driving into the bone. She fell back against the car, by then a second shot was fired and felt the heat and pain of her stomach. She looked down at her stomach and slid down the car collapsing to the ground groaning. She could feel the warmth of her blood

Kes dropped next to her, cradling her…. “Taylor…. Taylor… oh god.”

Taylor trying to remain brave, she holds the wound to her stomach “Go, I need to give you time before I call it in. Just wait for me please”

Kes grabs her hand “I will I promise, just don’t die on me Taylor” she kisses her and runs off….


Taylor groaned, she held her wound and started to rock herself but not from the pain of the wound. She looked over at Roger and started to call to him, apologize over and over. She dropped off for a moment.

She woke feeling thirsty and weak, she had no idea how much time had passed. She tried to sit up and reach for her radio but had no energy, no control… she again felt tired and now realized that things were not going to turn out how she planned. “sorry Kes” she all but whispered as she passed out

Chapter 7

She woke to voices, opened her eyes to see people looking down “Officer Jones, stay with us.”

Taylor tried to talk through the oxygen mask, she struggled with them “Roger…..”

“Relax, we are getting you to a hospital” said the paramedic “you are going to be alright”

Taylor’s eyes rolled back as she passed out again. She felt herself being roughed up, yelled at and woke to the brightness of fluorescent lights and more people working around her. She felt cold, numb. Her eyes could not get a clear fix on anything.

“Taylor...Taylor….come on stay with us honey, you made it this far sweetie” came a soft voice next to her

Taylor finally found her lungs and let out a cry “my partner….. Roger… he’s “ she felt like she was slipping.

The doctor looked down at the fading life of the officer “fuck, get her into surgery now or else she will be joining her partner.”


Taylor slowly opened her eyes, the room was dark and she could hear the sounds of machines. She tried to remove the oxygen but felt too weak, plus sharp pain. Her arm was in a sling.

“Kes” she murmured quietly to herself.

Her senses cleared and she burst into tears, screaming. A nurse came in and tried to sooth her but Taylor just lashed out. A doctor eventually joined in and sedated her.

Few weeks had passed; some of her colleagues had visited as did her supervisor. He warned her that Internal Affairs was looking into the shooting. He advised her not to say anything until she had union representation. He smiled down at her and told her to get better and not to blame herself.

Taylor grimaced at his sentiments and looked away ashamed

Another week had slowly gone by, Taylor was still in hospital watching TV when someone stood in the door way looking in.

Taylor looked at her and broke down into uncontrollable sobs. The woman sat on the bed and held her. “Shhhhhh it’s ok, I know….. I know you’re still hurting.”

“I miss him so much, I’m sorry, I am so sorry” cries Taylor, trying to catch her breath

“I miss him too and you need to stop blaming yourself.” admits Roger’s wife. She held Taylor until she stopped crying

Taylor was eventually interviewed by the police Internal Affairs division. She told them that her and Roger agreed to take the injured robber to hospital because he had been shot. She admitted cuffing the assailant and putting him in the back of the patrol car. She reluctantly admitted that maybe the restraints were not tight enough. She admitted that in the haze of the gun battled and commotion she wasn’t sure on much. She accounted that a scuffled had broken out in the car between Roger and the assailant. She pulled off the road and got out to open the door, but the assailant attacked and disarmed her, firstly shooting her and only knew her partner was shot when she saw him on the ground and watched him die.

She broke down in tears because she couldn’t identify the assailant due to him still wearing his mask. The guys that were sitting in front of Taylor waited for her to gain composure before firing more questions. Taylor started to feel light headed and her union representative called off the rest.

No more questions were asked of Taylor and after 4 months of sick leave she was allowed to return to work on light duties such as answering phones, paperwork and lunches. Her shoulder wasn’t healing completely and already had two operations to try and set the bones in place.

She walked into the office with coffees and lunches to the delight of her colleague. Jake spoke up

“You know… I liked it when the other office chick brought our lunches…. Only because she was better looking” laughed Jake. The rest of the group either groaned or chuckled with no real sentiment to his jibe

Taylor chuckled as well “Well you should be glad it’s me getting your lunch Jake, because the office chick used to spit in yours before giving it to you.”

The guys roared with laughed at Jake looking ill. All their attention is turned to the heated discussion going on in the supervisor’s office.

She looks to one of her colleagues “what’s going on”

“TJ, the IA rats have been snooping around. Been asking questions….. about you and about your relationships. They have been going through your arrest files.”

What the fuck for” she growled but feeling apprehensive on what they may be after or what they have already found

He shrugged

The door to her supervisor’s office opens, then two detectives and the Internal Affairs investigator moved towards Taylor.

One detective stood in front of her then other went behind

“Taylor Jones you are under arrest for the murder of Roger Scanlon, conspiracy and helping a known felon to escape.” He continued to read her rights.

“What… what are you on about, I’ve done nothing wrong. I am innocent.” She pleads

The detective in front sneers “We have evidence that says otherwise Officer Jones”

She was escorted out, her colleagues stunned by the events, but also growling at them.

Chapter 8

Title: Final

Kes looked around at the beachside bar. It was after 5am and most of the customers have either left, or fallen asleep on the beach. Only a few were sitting at tables or against the bar.

Kes stands at the bar “Ok Sam, I’m done….pay me.”

A scruffy, overweight man leaned against the bar.

“Come on sweetie,

“Sam I’ve worked my butt off all night, the bar is clean and I want to go home and get some sleep so pay me.”

“How about I pay for a little jig-jig” he offers

Kes screwed her face up “eeeewww grosse, just give me my money Sam”

“Give it to err” came a voice from the end of the bar. The head was down with a cap covering the person’s face.

“How about you just fuck off back to your hotel room buddy.”

“Sam I have bills …. plus I’ve told you many times, I’m taken” she says

Sam laughs “ha ha ha, I don’t see him and you have been here what nearly two years. Baby he’s left you for someone else. Someone who is more refined and not so trashy. Now how about you come around here and give me some.” He strokes her arm

“Don’t touch me Sam” she growled, pulling her arm back “you filthy pig”

The person at the end of the bar swallowed the last part of the drink and put head down resting on the bar and sniggered “you tell him love”.

Sam came around from behind the bar towards the tourist “you know, think I’ll take it out on you first buddy. I’ve had enough of you tourists.”

“Sam, don’t…. leave him alone” Kes tried to defend

Sam was just about to grab the arm of his patron when he was instead grabbed and thrown face down on the bar , his arm bent half way up his back.

“I will not have anyone touch my girl, buddy” spat Taylor

Kes looked at the person in the baseball cap. “Taylor….. is that”

Taylor looked over and smiled “yes, it’s me….” her eyes were angry but they were aimed at Sam “I’m going to break every fucking bone in your body if I find out you have touched her in a way I find inappropriate.” She hissed into his ear

Sam cried out in pain, helplessly restrained to his bar

Kes smiled

“Honey, has he been making you do things against your will. Things that will make your partner extremely upset and violent.” asked Taylor in a menacing tone

Kes smirked at Sam who was still in great pain.

“I never touched her…. I thought you said you had a boyfriend.” Surprised it was a woman

Kes shrugged “I said I had someone, I never specified which gender Sam. She is a police officer and you don’t want to make her angry.”

“ex….. I quit.”

Kes walked up and stood next to Sam.

“Kes please tell your girlfriend that I never touched you in that way, and if she wants a job as security she can have that too.” He groaned

“Baby he is right, he's never touched me in that way. I think you can let Sam go, now that he has also offered you a job.”

Before she did “Kes Williams is one very refined woman, so you best apologize now”

“ok…. alright I’m sorry…. Come on man you a going to break my arm

Kes touched Taylor “Ok Taylor, let him go.”

Taylor did as she was told. Sam stood up stretching out his arm. “Fine, you start as of tonight 8pm till 4am.”

“Actually Sam we are going to take a few days off, we have some catching up” says Kes and winks at Taylor.

Taylor holds back her smirk, but couldn’t not stop herself from blushing

“Hey, I run this bar woman” he growled but backed away when Taylor moved in on him again.

“Sure sure, take two days off….. fine…. go.”

Taylor walked with Kes outside the bar. Kes faced her and went to say something. Taylor grabbed her, kissing her until they required air.

Kes fell against Taylor, hugging her tightly “for fuck sake Taylor where have you been” she groaned

Taylor kissed top of her head “long story, but I’m here now.”

Kes takes Taylor through the back streets of Barbados. The houses were just mere tin shanties in various states of ruin. Kes continued down a narrow lane way until she stood outside a small shed structure.

Taylor looked at it and at Kes.

“Welcome home honey” smiles Kes

Taylor walks inside and looked around in awe. It was like a tiny box. The kitchen had a stove, a small table that seats two. No TV, only one light in centre of the room. The windows had metal shutters for night privacy. Off to the side was another room. Taylor pushed aside the lightly beaded obstruction and entered. She heard the beads rustle again as Kes followed her in silence.

The bed was a double mattress on the ground, no light only candles on the single side table.

“Look I know it’s not much, but it was all I can afford. Taylor… what are you thinking”

Taylor ran hand through her hair and faced Kes. She smiled and touched her face “It’s perfect.”

Kes grabbed her face and kissed her gently. “So what happened, why did you take so long, please tell me.”

“Well they arrested me for Roger’s murder, it was a battle” Taylor yawns loudly

“So…. What happen… you beat it right, I mean…. What happened?” Kes wanted to hear about the last 2 years that she had missed. “Taylor… how did you get away with it.”

Taylor collapses to the bed in exhaustion. “I’m so tired Kes, it has been a long trip. Can we do this later?”

Kes pulled up the covers and kisses her again “you sleep, then you tell me everything”

“hmmmm deal”

The end

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