Story: Return to Life: A Journey of Sex (chapter 4)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 4


"Really? That's a pretty odd name to give a voice."

Ren then gets to her feet smiling.

"Well, I can't tell from your voice if your a guy or a girl, so I
needed to choose a name that can be male or female, you know, a unisex
name." states Ren.

"I see, well, I accept the name."

"Great, from here on out, I will call you Jacky. Ok then, What's the
next trial?"

Again, a door of light appears behind Ren.

"Well, this third trial is different from the last two, you will not be
penalized for any orgasms you experience."

"Cool, then what's the goal then?" replies Ren smiling.

"You must prevent wetting yourself before your opponent."

"Prevent wetting myself? As in, pissing myself?" asks Ren a bit


Ren simply sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"... Nothing." replied Ren turning around and walking into the door.


Ren reappeared on the other side and noticed that she was cleaned of
her previous opponents girl-cum. She then gasped in shock as she
quickly squeezed her thighs together and wrapped her arms around her

"AH! I suddenly gotta piss so fu*king bad!" whined Ren as she shifted
her weight from one foot to the other at a moderate pace.

Ren was performing the universal 'pee-dance' with her eyes squeezed
shut. A moment later, Ren heard a young girl's giggling. She opened her
eyes to see a small nude girl standing in front of her, she looked no
older than 12 (which she was), and she had short brown hair.

"H-Huh?" stated Ren puzzled as she held her urine in. "You're my next
opponent? But you're just, a kid."

"A kid that's well versed in the pleasure of a girl's body!" replied
the child happily. "Hi, I'm Noa."

"Um, well I'm Ren, Ohhh... and I gotta piss bad!" replies Ren

"I do too, but it looks like your not doing so great." comments Noa.

"Ohhh, I'm not..." groans Ren.

She had stopped her dance upon seeing Noa and now her legs were
trembling with uncertainty. A few moments later, Ren groaned out

"I can't... I can't hold it in, any longer... it's, coming out!"

Noa simply looked on in excitement as she saw Ren's hold fade to
nothing on her, seeing a golden fluid trailing down Ren's inner thighs
to the floor. Ren's legs down to her knees were pressed together so the
urine stuck to her lower leg's as it trailed down to her feet and
pooled on the floor.

Ren then began crying as her face was bright red.

"I can't believe I'm pissing myself like I little kid!"

"Hey!" replied Noa frowning.

Ren then dropped to her rear, making a splash in her urine. She simply
sat there as a puddle slowly grew under her. A few moments later, Ren


Reappearing in the main area still sitting.

"That's the second time I've failed!" groaned Ren. "It's that first
trials fault, that stupid girl and her weak bladder!"

The door then appeared in front of Ren.

"Ok, I need to think of a plan... Noa said she already needed to go
bad, but she wasn't squirming like me. Maybe I could just screw taking
my time with her and force her to piss herself right at the start?
Yeah, it might work, besides, little kids aren't my thing."

Ren then stood and entered the door.


Ren reappeared, seeing Noa, she wasted no time and Noa only managed a
smile before Ren quickly got behind her and wrapped her left arm around
the small girl's waist and used her right hand to firmly press in on
her abdomen. Ren was surprised at the feeling of the girl's swollen

"AH! Stop!" exclaimed Noa as she promptly began squirming frantically.

Ren then felt her urge to pee returned and groaned silently.

"Sorry little girl, but I'm at a disadvantage, so I'm trying to end
this as quick as possible." replied Ren.

"No, stop!" repeats Noa's bucking wildly trying to get free while her
thighs pressed firmly together.

"Whoa, calm down, I'm not trying to hurt you, geez." replies Ren
holding on to Noa.

Noa's wild thrashing was aggravating Ren's own weak bladder and she was
forced to clench harder on her urethral muscles.

"But I don't want to pee! I want to see you pee again!" states Noa

"Ah! Stop, moving around, so much." complains Ren.

"But I don't want to pee-pee!" exclaims Noa.

"I don't ether!" replies Ren.

"Let, me, go!" exclaims Noa before suddenly using her left arm to jab
Ren in the gut with her elbow.

"Ah!" gasped Ren releasing Noa and wrapping her arms around her stomach
and dropping to her knee's, trying to hold out the painful spasm from
her bladder. "You little brat!"

Once released, Noa dropped to her knee's also, groaning in desperation,
she couldn't even turn around to look at Ren, to watch as she loss

"You big meanie!" groan the girl.

"I'm not about to lose twice in a row!" stated Ren as she slowly edged
her way right behind Noa.

Once Ren was close enough, she used her right hand to pull the girl
down to her back on the ground by her hair.

"Ah! Stop, what are you doing!?" exclaimed Noa reaching her right hand
up to Ren's which held her hair.

Noa's left hand had meanwhile found a place firmly grabbing her crotch.

"I got, noth'in against you kid..." states Ren. "But I need to make you
piss yourself before I do."

"But I dowanna!" whined Noa.

Ren knew she would need to use her left hand, but since it was wrapped
around her waist tightly, it aided her in holding in her own urine. She
took a deep breath and clenched her pelvic muscles hard and removed her
left hand from her waist and leaned over Noa's squirmng body and placed
her left hand to the small girl's abdomen and pushed in firmly.

"OW! Stop! It hurts!" complains Noa.

"Piss yourself then!" replied Ren.


Noa then realized that since Ren was leaning over her, her lower body
was completely exposed. A smile quickly crossed her face as she
released her right hand from trying to pull Ren's right hand from her

"I said, let me GO!" exclaimed Noa before jabbing her right fist into
Ren's abdomen.

"AH!" exclaimed Ren loudly from the punch before trembling strongly.

Ren could feel the small tube of her urethra filling with fluid, so she
pressed as hard as she could on Noa's bladder.

The small girl moaned in bladder agony as she began the torturous
action of rapidly hitting Ren's abdomen.

Both girl's were basically crying in desperation, Ren had managed to
momentarily stop the flow of her urine in her urethra to right at the
exit, were a small drop was hanging off the tip of Ren's clit.

"I can't hold it anymore!" cried Noa.

A few long moments later, Ren heard the little girl cry out and a gush
of her fluid splashed her hand still covering her crotch. Noa accepted
the fact that she lost and quickly removed her hand, and spread her
legs wide as a strong torrent of her urine jetted from the young lips
of her labia.

Just seconds after Noa's hold broke, so did Ren's as she pelvic muscles
laxed up and forced a thick stream of her urine out of her urethra.
Seconds into her urination, Ren dropped her upper body on the tired
girl under her with her pelvis in the air as they both relived
themselves for nearly a minute.

As both girl's sighed in relief at the end of their urination, Ren was
a bit surprised when Noa disappeared and her head hit the floor. Ren
sat up and sat on her knee's shaking, and placed her right hand over
her crotch, feeling her labia dripping wet in her pee.

"Ohh... so, that's why Mai likes watersports so much... the loss of
control feels so good when the pressure is so built up."

Ren then began rubbing her urine soaked lower lips with both of her
hands, alternating them.


Ren suddenly found herself not sitting in her urine and realized what

"Hey, I wanted to stay for a little while." whined Ren with her hands
still between her urine soaked legs.

"Sorry, but after a certain amount of time has passed, you will return
here. But anything that's on you will stay until your next trial."
states the voice.

"Oh, well that explains why that one girl's cum disappeared then."

Ren then began rubbing her crotch with her right hand while she laid
back onto her back and brought her left hand up to her left breast,
covering it lightly in her urine from her crotch.


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