Story: Return to Life: A Journey of Sex (chapter 3)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the anime Haibane Renmei


"Are you ready for your next trial?"

"Yep, I sure am..." sighs Ren smiling while she lays on the floor.
"Whoa, wait a sec though."


"Do you have a name?"

"Not really, why?"

"Well, it feels weird that you know my name and can refer to me by
that, but I can't do the same."

"Oh, I see."

Ren then gets to her feet.

"Hey, how about I give you a name?"

"I don't mind."

"Great, now what should I name you..." states Ren thinking.

"What about this; you can think it over during your second trial. That
should give you plenty of time to think of a name."

"k, that sounds good. Alrighty then, give me the info on this next

Again, a door of light appears behind Ren.

"The goal for this Trial is for both you and your opponent to reach
climax within five seconds of each other or quicker. You only get one
chance to get it done correctly or you fail, do you understand the

"Yep, dual climaxes, gotcha!" smiles Ren before walking into the light.


Ren reappears on the other side and walks a bit before once again, a
figure appears in front of her.

This nude girl has creamy white skin, small breasts (A-cup at most) and
brown short hair. But the to things that shocked Ren into silence was
the halo hovering over the girl's head and the small wings protruding
from her back. Ren merely stood there in awe as the girl walked to her.

"Hi, my name is Rakka, what's yours?" greets the girl.

Ren was trying to speak, obvious by her lip movement, but she raised
her right hand to Rakka's halo and poked at it with her index finger,
seeing it shake side to side a little.

"Um, Hello..." stated Rakka, quickly snapping Ren from her awe.

"H-Huh!? Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... um, I'm sorry, your just
the first real angel I've ever seen." quickly states Ren blushing.

"Angel?" questions Rakka. "I'm not an angel, I'm a Haibane."

"Huh, your a... Haibane? "What's a Hai-"

"Heh, don't worry about it, it would take to long to explain. You can
think of me as an angel if you want. But I don't think an angel would
do something like 'this'." interrupts Rakka before she places her left
hand to Ren's neck, closes her eyes, and kisses her on the lips for a
moment before pulling back, blushing a little and smiling.

"I guess not..." replies Ren smiling and blushing redder. "Well, the
name's Ren."

"Well, Ren, shall we get started?" asks Rakka smiling.


Ren saw Rakka move to attempt another kiss but Ren quickly stated,

"Huh? What's wrong?" asks Rakka.

"Can I, look at your back?" asks Ren nervously.

"My back? Oh, you mean you want to see my wings? Here..." replies Rakka
turning around with her back to Ren.

Who slowly raised her hands to Rakka's wings and placed her hands on
the main bone of the wing. Ren smiled like a little kid in a candy
store as she rubbed her hands along Rakka's wings, which, like a cat
arching their back up into a rub, Rakka's extended her wings out slowly
to their full span.

Ren glided her hands along Rakka's wings to the tips and began touching
the feathers.

"Wow, there really soft..." states Ren before she places the right side
of her face to Rakka's right wing.

Rakka herself only smiled at Ren's interest in her wings.

A few moments later, Ren lifted her head from Rakka's wing and raised
her head to look over Rakka's right shoulder and lightly wrapped her
arms around her waist.

"Heh, ready?" asks Rakka smiling as she places her left hand behind her
to Ren left thigh.

"Yep, I'm ready." replies Ren returning the smile as she lowers her
right hand to Rakka's crouch, which has just a small amount of light
brown pubic hair, and begins to lightly rub the brunettes lower lips,
finding them slightly moist already.

Rakka closed her eyes and moaned lowly while she moved her left hand
from Ren's left thigh to her crotch and began doing to Ren, what Ren
was doing to her.

Ren moaned softly as she placed her lips to the right of Rakka's neck
and began to calmly lick her skin. Rakka smiled at the sensation of
Ren's tongue and closed her eyes.

A few moments of this later, Rakka removed her left hand from Ren and
quickly turned around to face Ren, pressing the front of there bodies
against each other along with there small breasts. Shortly after
turning around, Rakka swiftly kissed Ren filly on the lips. Ren was
mildly surprised but quickly began returning the kiss, closing her eyes
and inserting her tongue into Rakka's mouth when she felt her doing it
to her.

The kiss lasted a minute at most before Rakka ended it and slowly began
to lower herself down Ren's body while she lightly licked at Ren's
breasts and nipples, causing her to coo in the light pleasure. Ren then
giggled a little when she felt Rakka licking at her navel, so after
that, she 'Ahh'ed' quickly in warm pleasure as she felt Rakka's tongue
wash over her lower lips between her legs.

Rakka felt Ren's hands on her head running through her hair as she
licked the length of Ren's labia slowly and surely, Rakka flattened out
her tongue to lick as much of Ren's silky lips in one lick as she

"Ohhh... that feels good..." moans Ren.

Rakka only continued licking Ren's labia for a few moments before
stopping and stating, "Get on your back."


Ren gently got to her rear and laid down on her back. Rakka then lifted
Ren's legs up and apart, clearly showing her crotch.

Rakka then asked, "You know what a tribadism; or, trib position is

"Um, I think so... is that the one where we rub our pussies together?"
replies Ren.

"Yeah, it is. Wanna do that?"


"Great..." replies Rakka as she gets to her feet in a squatting
position for a moment to prop Ren's legs onto he own.

Rakka then leaned over Ren's body, with her hands on ether side of
Ren's head to support herself.

By the way Rakka, I'm really limber, so don't be afraid put some
pressure on my legs.

"Ok, I was kinda worried about that." replies Rakka.

She then pushes down onto Ren's legs to get there labia's to touch,
once this happens Rakka begins to slowly move up and down, causing both
of them to moan with great pleasure from the action. Rakka managed to
get a rhythm going with her movement, which aloud her to steadily
increase in speed.

It took a few minutes but Rakka got into a moderate pace, both her and
Ren were moaning loudly in pleasure as there labia were clearly very
wet, which not only aided Rakka's rubbing, but increased the pleasure
for the both of them.

Rakka then moaned out, "Ren, I'm going to come!"

"M-Me too!" replies Ren moaning also.

A few moments later, Rakka froze in pleasure at the peak of her last
forward thrust of her labia into Ren's. Rakka moaned loudly in pleasure
as she immediately felt herself come, forcefully squirting her cum from
her lower lips to Ren's. The feeling of Rakka's ejaculation immediately
brought on Ren's climax as she froze up and moaned loudly in pleasure
as well.

Rakka's cum meeting Ren's crotch caused a large splash to occur,
promptly soaking Ren's neither region, and her stomach area reaching
her breasts.

As they both came down from there orgasms, Rakka fell onto Ren panting.
Rakka could also feel Ren's quick breathing on her stomach. The blonde
saw the brunettes wings twitching and smiled to herself. A moment
later, Ren saw Rakka disappear.

"Hehe, that Rakka can really come..." states Ren smiling. "I wish I
could ejaculate though..."

After a few more moments later, Ren sits up.

"Well, I guess I don't get anything from Rakka."


Ren reappears back in the 'main' area still sitting and covered in
liquid girl-cum.

"Congratulations, you passed the second trial." states the voice.

"It was so cool!" exclaims Ren happily. "She had wings and a halo! And
it felt like she came like water-hose! She covered me in her girl-cum,
it was totally awesome!"

"Well, it's nice to see that you're happy."

"Hey, is it possible for me to do a trial again even though I did it
already? I really liked that girl." asks Ren.

"Yes, it is."

"Great, that's nice to know... oh yeah, your name. Ah, I got it, your


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