Story: Return to Life: A Journey of Sex (chapter 2)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: WARNING: LOLI (YURI)]

Ren reappears in a similar dark environment and the door of light
immediately disappears. She then walks a short distance before seeing a
nude, female figure appear in front of her a short distance. It takes
just a moment for the figure to appear, revealing a tall, dark skinned
girl. Her breasts a nice C-cup, her long black hair reaches just above
her rear. She also has brown eyes and long pointed ears.

"Hello there." greets the older girl walking to Ren.

"Whoa, cool, your an elf!" exclaims Ren happily.

"You know, not everyone with long pointed ears are elves." replies the
girl frowning at Ren.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

"That's alright."

"Anyway, apparently, I died freakishly and I'm trying to-"

"Your trying to get revived, I know, and you need to go through a
number of trials to do so." interrupt's the girl.

"Y-Yeah, How'd you know?"

"Heh, that doesn't matter, but are you going to introduce yourself or
get straight to the fu*king."

"Oh, uh, My name is Ren." states Ren smiling and extending her right

"And I'm Kimberly Starr, you can call me Kim though." replies Kim
taking Ren's right hand.

The two shook hands for a moment then Kim suddenly pulled on Ren's
hand, quickly bringing her into a lustful kiss.

Ren was of course, surprised by this sudden action before beginning to
return the kiss. As this continued for a few moments, Ren was surprised
again when she felt herself getting wet between her legs VERY rapidly,
too rapidly and she felt herself suddenly getting turned on as her
cheeks started to redden.

The kiss ended just 15 seconds after it started, leaving Ren shocked
that she was panting as though she was in the middle of an hour long
sex session.

"S-Something's wrong... I'm so hot and horny that I feel like I'm about
to come just from that kiss." pants Ren as a trial of her vaginal
fluids flow down her legs.

"Well, I guess I better finish then..."


Kim then repeated the kiss. Ren quickly closed her eyes and began
trembling, then moaning soon after. After a short 20 seconds, Ren broke
the kiss as she moaned loudly as her climax arrived, sending a massive
jolt of pleasure through her body... before she suddenly vanished.


Ren reappeared in another black environment in a flash of light,
moaning still from her climax. She couldn't stand so she dropped to her
hands and knees as she rode out her orgasm.

Moments later...

"...H-Huh? W-What, happened?" asks Ren as she tiredly sits up on her

"You failed the first Trial." came the familiar voice.

"Failed? How?" Questions Ren.

"By Reaching your climax."

"I failed just because I came!? That's totally fu*ked up."

"It was your own fault, you wanted to leave so quickly, but you can
retry the trial."

"...Ok." sighs Ren. "Explain please."

"Very well, The trials you will undergo have a basic goal that must be
met to pass it, Also, as you know, it is possible to fail."

"Ok, so what is the basic goal of the trials?" asks Ren.

"The goals vary from trial to trial, in one, like the one you just
failed, you must make your opponent climax before you do. This holds
true for the condition to fail the trial as well, the failure goal will
differ with each trial."

"And the condition to fail the one I just did was to reach climax."


Ren the stands.

"Oh yeah, why did I come so quick anyway?"

"I'll put this in a way you'll understand..."

"You trying to say I'm stupid?"

"... You play video games correct?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Are you familiar with RPG's?"


"So think of this like an RPG, you start off at level 1 and work your
way up."

"Are you fu*king serious? So each trial I complete, I get stronger at
resisting orgasms?"


"That's totally fu*ked up, it's a double-edged sword."

"Indeed, there may be a trial where you must climax before your

"... Fu*k... well open up that trial again."

"Very well..."

The door of light then appears in front of Ren again.


"Well, welcome back Ren." greets Kim to Ren upon seeing her reappear in
front of her.

Ren didn't bother replying as she walked to Kim and quickly began
licking at the girl's neck, while her left hand grasps Kim's right
breast and places her right hand to the spot between Kim's legs and
rubs her lower lips.

"Oh!" gasps Kim. "Getting right to it huh?" adds Kim smiling in

Kim then lightly wraps her hands around Ren's slim waist and caresses
her lower back with her right hand while her left slides down to the
right cheek of Ren's rear.

Ren's facial cheeks quickly redden from arousal as she stops the
licking of Kim's neck to moan softly from the other girl's rubbing, her
own vaginal area becoming wet again.

Kim's left hand then slipped in-between Ren's lower cheeks and found
the tight, hot hole residing in the crevice. Ren let out a quick gasp
of pleasure as she felt Kim second most personal hole.

'What am I doing?' thought Ren. 'If I don't start doing something, I'm
going to fail this again.'

Ren realized that she was edging closer and closer to her climax from
Kim's simple touches and stopped her actions she had started doing to

Ren then felt Kim's middle finger rubbing her tightest hole and she
cringed in pleasure.

'Oh, I can't help it... it feels too good.' thinks Ren.

"Heh, your like putty in my hands." smiles Kim. "Your shaking in
pleasure reminds me of another girl I know."

Then, Ren felt Kim's finger pushing into her hole and with a pleasure
filled gasp, felt the finger into her slightly. Ren had wrapped her
left arm around Kim's neck and held on to her tightly in pleasure,
feeling her orgasm speeding to her, it wouldn't be long now.

As Ren felt the finger pull out slowly, she raised her left hand from
around Kim's neck to her head, and ran her finger's along Kim's left
ear, Causing her to gasp and suddenly tense up, removing her left hand
from Ren's rear.

"H-Huh?" stated Ren as she opened her eyes and looked at Kim.

Her pleasure hadn't totally flooded her thinking yet and she realized
that she had touched Kim's ear and smiled. Ren then took her left hand
and pinched the tip of Kim's left ear and started to gently roll it
between her index and thumb. Seeing Kim gasp and emit a low but long
moan from her open mouth while she now had her eyes closed in pleasure.

'Heh, I might be able to do this after all.' thought Ren smiling.

Ren brought up her right hand from in-between Kim and her body and
wrapped her behind Kim's neck in a criss-cross fashion and applied the
same action to the tip of Kim's right ear. Causing her moaning to
increase in volume and intensity.

"Hehe, now it's you whose putty in my hands." states Ren smiling.

It didn't take long from Ren's actions for Kim to suddenly moan out
loudly and stiffen up as her orgasm claimed her, causing her to
ejaculate her cum from between the lips of her labia in a hard, strong
stream to the black 'floor' the two were standing on.

After Kim's initial squirt, she fell from Ren's hold to her knees then
to her butt as her orgasm continued to course through her body.

"Ohhhh... n-nice." moaned out Kim as she sat, before vanishing.

"Yay, I did it!" cheers Ren.

But a few moments later, Ren suddenly feel her ears burning and places
her hands over them quickly.

"What the hell!?"

It soon passes seconds after it begins and Ren then feels her bladder
tingling, almost as if she has to urinate.

"What's going on?"

Ren then suddenly disappears.


...and reappears once more.

"Congratulations on completing the first trial." states the familiar

"Um, thanks, but I got a question." replies Ren.


"Something weird happened after I passed it." states Ren as she drops
her left hand to her crotch and begins to obviously masturbate. "My
ears started burning and I had a sudden urge to piss."

"Ah, Yes, I nearly forgot. Depending on the opponent, there may be an
opportunity for you to acquire certain 'abilities' from them."

"Acquire? Heh, this is really reminding me... of those Megaman games.
So, what did I get?" replies Ren as she increases the pace of her
rubbing her crotch.

"Your ears now are very sensitive to touch..."

"Cool, like the girl's I just beat right?"

Correct, but you also gained her weak bladder control."

"Are you serious? She had a weak bladder?" asks Ren as she then begins
to moan.


"Well, Ok, if you don't mind... I'd like to orgasm before my next
trial, that first one... really worked me up." states Ren now rubbing
at her clit.

"You are free to do so."


Just moments after Ren's reply, you climax hit, causing her to tense up
tightly as her body trembled vigorously from the pleasurable spasms of
her vaginal muscles emanating from her crotch throughout the rest of
her body. After the peak came and went, Ren dropped to her knees then
sat on her legs panting from the ripples of pleasure washing over her
trembling body.

"Mmmmmmmm... that really hit the spot." sighs Ren smiling in the warm
afterglow of her orgasm.


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