Story: Return to Life: A Journey of Sex (chapter 1)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: WARNING: LOLI, DEATH]

Umm..." Mumbled a young girl as she began to wake.

She was in a totally black environment, lying on her right side. She
looked to be about 17 years old, shoulder-length blonde hair. As she
begun to come to, she sits up on her hands and knee's, then opens her
sky blue eyes.


She looked at her body and quickly got the shock of her life.

"What the hell!?" exclaimed the girl as she discovered she was
completely nude.

She quickly stood and looked at herself.

"Why am I naked!?"

A voice then stated, "Hello."

The girl promptly placed her left hand over her crotch and her right
arm over her chest.

"Ah! Where am I!? Where are my clothes!?" exclaimed the girl to the
voice, which could belong to ether a male or a female.

"Calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down! I just woke up in a strange place bare-a*s
naked, I want answers! Where am I?! And who are you, some sick

"Your dead."

"I'm dead? I'm not dead! I'm standing right here you perv! Give me back
my fu*king clothes!"

"I'm afraid I cannot do that Ren."

"Why the hell not!? And how do you know my name!?"

"I can't give you your clothes because when you die, you don't bring
anything with you."


"I see you require proof..."

"Proof? Proof will be you giving my clothes back and letting me go!"

"Please, turn around."

Ren does so and sees a small fuzzy screen appear in front of her,
showing an image of a purple-haired girl about Ren's age.

"That girl, you know her right?" asks the voice.

"You perv! How did you got Mai's picture!? Have you been stalking us!?"

"Continue watching the screen..."

Ren saw the still image change to a moving one of her and Mai both
naked and Ren on a bed on her back and Mai with two fingers pumping
into her vagina.

"You SICKO!" exclaimed Ren turning around trying to find the voice.

"Watch the screen."

Ren did so angrily, soon seeing her on-screen image climaxing.

"Is this some sick fantasy of yours?!"

"On the screen, your not moving." stated the voice.

"So? I just had an orgasm you perv.... huh?"

Ren then noticed on the screen that a nude, ghost-like image of herself
float out of her body on the screen.

"What's that? What's that coming out of me!?"

"That's your sprit."

"My Sprit!? Are you saying I died having sex with my girlfriend!?"


"Your kidding right!? I can't be dead! You can't just, die like that! I
would have felt SOMETHING! I can't be dead!" exclaims Ren as her eyes
start to water up.

"As hard as it may be to believe, you are in fact dead, even now, that
is not your physical body, but your sprit in your physical likeness."

Ren then uncovered her body as her arms fell to her sides and she fell
to her knees in disbelief.

"I'm... dead?"

"Yes, but because of the nature of your death, there is a possibility
that you can return to life."

"Wha!? Really!? I can live again!?" asks Ren smiling with joy.

"Yes, where your at now, time flows much slower than in your world."

"How slow?"

"A brief moment in time in your world, is about 100 years here."

"Awesome, so I can be revived before Mai even knows I died. So what is
it I gotta do?"

"Since your death was sexual in manner, your trails with also be of a
sexually nature."

"So your saying all I'm required to do is fu*k some stuff and I can
live again?"

"Basically, yes. But-"

"Well I got this in the bag then!" claims Ren quickly standing. "You
might as well revive me now."

"But wait, it will not be as easy as you perceive it to be, the sexual
powers of your opponents will be strong."

"Opponents? you make it sound as though it's dangerous, just take me to
the first trial already."


"I'm tired of waiting! let's get the fu*king trials on already!"

"...As you wish..."

A bright light then appears behind Ren, who turns around to she a door
of light nearly right behind her.

"Let's get this fu*kfest on the road!" exclaims Ren as she runs into
the door of light and disappears.


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