Story: Return to Life: A Journey of Sex (all chapters)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: WARNING: LOLI, DEATH]

Umm..." Mumbled a young girl as she began to wake.

She was in a totally black environment, lying on her right side. She
looked to be about 17 years old, shoulder-length blonde hair. As she
begun to come to, she sits up on her hands and knee's, then opens her
sky blue eyes.


She looked at her body and quickly got the shock of her life.

"What the hell!?" exclaimed the girl as she discovered she was
completely nude.

She quickly stood and looked at herself.

"Why am I naked!?"

A voice then stated, "Hello."

The girl promptly placed her left hand over her crotch and her right
arm over her chest.

"Ah! Where am I!? Where are my clothes!?" exclaimed the girl to the
voice, which could belong to ether a male or a female.

"Calm down."

"Don't tell me to calm down! I just woke up in a strange place bare-a*s
naked, I want answers! Where am I?! And who are you, some sick

"Your dead."

"I'm dead? I'm not dead! I'm standing right here you perv! Give me back
my fu*king clothes!"

"I'm afraid I cannot do that Ren."

"Why the hell not!? And how do you know my name!?"

"I can't give you your clothes because when you die, you don't bring
anything with you."


"I see you require proof..."

"Proof? Proof will be you giving my clothes back and letting me go!"

"Please, turn around."

Ren does so and sees a small fuzzy screen appear in front of her,
showing an image of a purple-haired girl about Ren's age.

"That girl, you know her right?" asks the voice.

"You perv! How did you got Mai's picture!? Have you been stalking us!?"

"Continue watching the screen..."

Ren saw the still image change to a moving one of her and Mai both
naked and Ren on a bed on her back and Mai with two fingers pumping
into her vagina.

"You SICKO!" exclaimed Ren turning around trying to find the voice.

"Watch the screen."

Ren did so angrily, soon seeing her on-screen image climaxing.

"Is this some sick fantasy of yours?!"

"On the screen, your not moving." stated the voice.

"So? I just had an orgasm you perv.... huh?"

Ren then noticed on the screen that a nude, ghost-like image of herself
float out of her body on the screen.

"What's that? What's that coming out of me!?"

"That's your sprit."

"My Sprit!? Are you saying I died having sex with my girlfriend!?"


"Your kidding right!? I can't be dead! You can't just, die like that! I
would have felt SOMETHING! I can't be dead!" exclaims Ren as her eyes
start to water up.

"As hard as it may be to believe, you are in fact dead, even now, that
is not your physical body, but your sprit in your physical likeness."

Ren then uncovered her body as her arms fell to her sides and she fell
to her knees in disbelief.

"I'm... dead?"

"Yes, but because of the nature of your death, there is a possibility
that you can return to life."

"Wha!? Really!? I can live again!?" asks Ren smiling with joy.

"Yes, where your at now, time flows much slower than in your world."

"How slow?"

"A brief moment in time in your world, is about 100 years here."

"Awesome, so I can be revived before Mai even knows I died. So what is
it I gotta do?"

"Since your death was sexual in manner, your trails with also be of a
sexually nature."

"So your saying all I'm required to do is fu*k some stuff and I can
live again?"

"Basically, yes. But-"

"Well I got this in the bag then!" claims Ren quickly standing. "You
might as well revive me now."

"But wait, it will not be as easy as you perceive it to be, the sexual
powers of your opponents will be strong."

"Opponents? you make it sound as though it's dangerous, just take me to
the first trial already."


"I'm tired of waiting! let's get the fu*king trials on already!"

"...As you wish..."

A bright light then appears behind Ren, who turns around to she a door
of light nearly right behind her.

"Let's get this fu*kfest on the road!" exclaims Ren as she runs into
the door of light and disappears.


Chapter 2

[Author's notes: WARNING: LOLI (YURI)]

Ren reappears in a similar dark environment and the door of light
immediately disappears. She then walks a short distance before seeing a
nude, female figure appear in front of her a short distance. It takes
just a moment for the figure to appear, revealing a tall, dark skinned
girl. Her breasts a nice C-cup, her long black hair reaches just above
her rear. She also has brown eyes and long pointed ears.

"Hello there." greets the older girl walking to Ren.

"Whoa, cool, your an elf!" exclaims Ren happily.

"You know, not everyone with long pointed ears are elves." replies the
girl frowning at Ren.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

"That's alright."

"Anyway, apparently, I died freakishly and I'm trying to-"

"Your trying to get revived, I know, and you need to go through a
number of trials to do so." interrupt's the girl.

"Y-Yeah, How'd you know?"

"Heh, that doesn't matter, but are you going to introduce yourself or
get straight to the fu*king."

"Oh, uh, My name is Ren." states Ren smiling and extending her right

"And I'm Kimberly Starr, you can call me Kim though." replies Kim
taking Ren's right hand.

The two shook hands for a moment then Kim suddenly pulled on Ren's
hand, quickly bringing her into a lustful kiss.

Ren was of course, surprised by this sudden action before beginning to
return the kiss. As this continued for a few moments, Ren was surprised
again when she felt herself getting wet between her legs VERY rapidly,
too rapidly and she felt herself suddenly getting turned on as her
cheeks started to redden.

The kiss ended just 15 seconds after it started, leaving Ren shocked
that she was panting as though she was in the middle of an hour long
sex session.

"S-Something's wrong... I'm so hot and horny that I feel like I'm about
to come just from that kiss." pants Ren as a trial of her vaginal
fluids flow down her legs.

"Well, I guess I better finish then..."


Kim then repeated the kiss. Ren quickly closed her eyes and began
trembling, then moaning soon after. After a short 20 seconds, Ren broke
the kiss as she moaned loudly as her climax arrived, sending a massive
jolt of pleasure through her body... before she suddenly vanished.


Ren reappeared in another black environment in a flash of light,
moaning still from her climax. She couldn't stand so she dropped to her
hands and knees as she rode out her orgasm.

Moments later...

"...H-Huh? W-What, happened?" asks Ren as she tiredly sits up on her

"You failed the first Trial." came the familiar voice.

"Failed? How?" Questions Ren.

"By Reaching your climax."

"I failed just because I came!? That's totally fu*ked up."

"It was your own fault, you wanted to leave so quickly, but you can
retry the trial."

"...Ok." sighs Ren. "Explain please."

"Very well, The trials you will undergo have a basic goal that must be
met to pass it, Also, as you know, it is possible to fail."

"Ok, so what is the basic goal of the trials?" asks Ren.

"The goals vary from trial to trial, in one, like the one you just
failed, you must make your opponent climax before you do. This holds
true for the condition to fail the trial as well, the failure goal will
differ with each trial."

"And the condition to fail the one I just did was to reach climax."


Ren the stands.

"Oh yeah, why did I come so quick anyway?"

"I'll put this in a way you'll understand..."

"You trying to say I'm stupid?"

"... You play video games correct?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Are you familiar with RPG's?"


"So think of this like an RPG, you start off at level 1 and work your
way up."

"Are you fu*king serious? So each trial I complete, I get stronger at
resisting orgasms?"


"That's totally fu*ked up, it's a double-edged sword."

"Indeed, there may be a trial where you must climax before your

"... Fu*k... well open up that trial again."

"Very well..."

The door of light then appears in front of Ren again.


"Well, welcome back Ren." greets Kim to Ren upon seeing her reappear in
front of her.

Ren didn't bother replying as she walked to Kim and quickly began
licking at the girl's neck, while her left hand grasps Kim's right
breast and places her right hand to the spot between Kim's legs and
rubs her lower lips.

"Oh!" gasps Kim. "Getting right to it huh?" adds Kim smiling in

Kim then lightly wraps her hands around Ren's slim waist and caresses
her lower back with her right hand while her left slides down to the
right cheek of Ren's rear.

Ren's facial cheeks quickly redden from arousal as she stops the
licking of Kim's neck to moan softly from the other girl's rubbing, her
own vaginal area becoming wet again.

Kim's left hand then slipped in-between Ren's lower cheeks and found
the tight, hot hole residing in the crevice. Ren let out a quick gasp
of pleasure as she felt Kim second most personal hole.

'What am I doing?' thought Ren. 'If I don't start doing something, I'm
going to fail this again.'

Ren realized that she was edging closer and closer to her climax from
Kim's simple touches and stopped her actions she had started doing to

Ren then felt Kim's middle finger rubbing her tightest hole and she
cringed in pleasure.

'Oh, I can't help it... it feels too good.' thinks Ren.

"Heh, your like putty in my hands." smiles Kim. "Your shaking in
pleasure reminds me of another girl I know."

Then, Ren felt Kim's finger pushing into her hole and with a pleasure
filled gasp, felt the finger into her slightly. Ren had wrapped her
left arm around Kim's neck and held on to her tightly in pleasure,
feeling her orgasm speeding to her, it wouldn't be long now.

As Ren felt the finger pull out slowly, she raised her left hand from
around Kim's neck to her head, and ran her finger's along Kim's left
ear, Causing her to gasp and suddenly tense up, removing her left hand
from Ren's rear.

"H-Huh?" stated Ren as she opened her eyes and looked at Kim.

Her pleasure hadn't totally flooded her thinking yet and she realized
that she had touched Kim's ear and smiled. Ren then took her left hand
and pinched the tip of Kim's left ear and started to gently roll it
between her index and thumb. Seeing Kim gasp and emit a low but long
moan from her open mouth while she now had her eyes closed in pleasure.

'Heh, I might be able to do this after all.' thought Ren smiling.

Ren brought up her right hand from in-between Kim and her body and
wrapped her behind Kim's neck in a criss-cross fashion and applied the
same action to the tip of Kim's right ear. Causing her moaning to
increase in volume and intensity.

"Hehe, now it's you whose putty in my hands." states Ren smiling.

It didn't take long from Ren's actions for Kim to suddenly moan out
loudly and stiffen up as her orgasm claimed her, causing her to
ejaculate her cum from between the lips of her labia in a hard, strong
stream to the black 'floor' the two were standing on.

After Kim's initial squirt, she fell from Ren's hold to her knees then
to her butt as her orgasm continued to course through her body.

"Ohhhh... n-nice." moaned out Kim as she sat, before vanishing.

"Yay, I did it!" cheers Ren.

But a few moments later, Ren suddenly feel her ears burning and places
her hands over them quickly.

"What the hell!?"

It soon passes seconds after it begins and Ren then feels her bladder
tingling, almost as if she has to urinate.

"What's going on?"

Ren then suddenly disappears.


...and reappears once more.

"Congratulations on completing the first trial." states the familiar

"Um, thanks, but I got a question." replies Ren.


"Something weird happened after I passed it." states Ren as she drops
her left hand to her crotch and begins to obviously masturbate. "My
ears started burning and I had a sudden urge to piss."

"Ah, Yes, I nearly forgot. Depending on the opponent, there may be an
opportunity for you to acquire certain 'abilities' from them."

"Acquire? Heh, this is really reminding me... of those Megaman games.
So, what did I get?" replies Ren as she increases the pace of her
rubbing her crotch.

"Your ears now are very sensitive to touch..."

"Cool, like the girl's I just beat right?"

Correct, but you also gained her weak bladder control."

"Are you serious? She had a weak bladder?" asks Ren as she then begins
to moan.


"Well, Ok, if you don't mind... I'd like to orgasm before my next
trial, that first one... really worked me up." states Ren now rubbing
at her clit.

"You are free to do so."


Just moments after Ren's reply, you climax hit, causing her to tense up
tightly as her body trembled vigorously from the pleasurable spasms of
her vaginal muscles emanating from her crotch throughout the rest of
her body. After the peak came and went, Ren dropped to her knees then
sat on her legs panting from the ripples of pleasure washing over her
trembling body.

"Mmmmmmmm... that really hit the spot." sighs Ren smiling in the warm
afterglow of her orgasm.


Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Disclaimer: I don't own the anime Haibane Renmei


"Are you ready for your next trial?"

"Yep, I sure am..." sighs Ren smiling while she lays on the floor.
"Whoa, wait a sec though."


"Do you have a name?"

"Not really, why?"

"Well, it feels weird that you know my name and can refer to me by
that, but I can't do the same."

"Oh, I see."

Ren then gets to her feet.

"Hey, how about I give you a name?"

"I don't mind."

"Great, now what should I name you..." states Ren thinking.

"What about this; you can think it over during your second trial. That
should give you plenty of time to think of a name."

"k, that sounds good. Alrighty then, give me the info on this next

Again, a door of light appears behind Ren.

"The goal for this Trial is for both you and your opponent to reach
climax within five seconds of each other or quicker. You only get one
chance to get it done correctly or you fail, do you understand the

"Yep, dual climaxes, gotcha!" smiles Ren before walking into the light.


Ren reappears on the other side and walks a bit before once again, a
figure appears in front of her.

This nude girl has creamy white skin, small breasts (A-cup at most) and
brown short hair. But the to things that shocked Ren into silence was
the halo hovering over the girl's head and the small wings protruding
from her back. Ren merely stood there in awe as the girl walked to her.

"Hi, my name is Rakka, what's yours?" greets the girl.

Ren was trying to speak, obvious by her lip movement, but she raised
her right hand to Rakka's halo and poked at it with her index finger,
seeing it shake side to side a little.

"Um, Hello..." stated Rakka, quickly snapping Ren from her awe.

"H-Huh!? Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... um, I'm sorry, your just
the first real angel I've ever seen." quickly states Ren blushing.

"Angel?" questions Rakka. "I'm not an angel, I'm a Haibane."

"Huh, your a... Haibane? "What's a Hai-"

"Heh, don't worry about it, it would take to long to explain. You can
think of me as an angel if you want. But I don't think an angel would
do something like 'this'." interrupts Rakka before she places her left
hand to Ren's neck, closes her eyes, and kisses her on the lips for a
moment before pulling back, blushing a little and smiling.

"I guess not..." replies Ren smiling and blushing redder. "Well, the
name's Ren."

"Well, Ren, shall we get started?" asks Rakka smiling.


Ren saw Rakka move to attempt another kiss but Ren quickly stated,

"Huh? What's wrong?" asks Rakka.

"Can I, look at your back?" asks Ren nervously.

"My back? Oh, you mean you want to see my wings? Here..." replies Rakka
turning around with her back to Ren.

Who slowly raised her hands to Rakka's wings and placed her hands on
the main bone of the wing. Ren smiled like a little kid in a candy
store as she rubbed her hands along Rakka's wings, which, like a cat
arching their back up into a rub, Rakka's extended her wings out slowly
to their full span.

Ren glided her hands along Rakka's wings to the tips and began touching
the feathers.

"Wow, there really soft..." states Ren before she places the right side
of her face to Rakka's right wing.

Rakka herself only smiled at Ren's interest in her wings.

A few moments later, Ren lifted her head from Rakka's wing and raised
her head to look over Rakka's right shoulder and lightly wrapped her
arms around her waist.

"Heh, ready?" asks Rakka smiling as she places her left hand behind her
to Ren left thigh.

"Yep, I'm ready." replies Ren returning the smile as she lowers her
right hand to Rakka's crouch, which has just a small amount of light
brown pubic hair, and begins to lightly rub the brunettes lower lips,
finding them slightly moist already.

Rakka closed her eyes and moaned lowly while she moved her left hand
from Ren's left thigh to her crotch and began doing to Ren, what Ren
was doing to her.

Ren moaned softly as she placed her lips to the right of Rakka's neck
and began to calmly lick her skin. Rakka smiled at the sensation of
Ren's tongue and closed her eyes.

A few moments of this later, Rakka removed her left hand from Ren and
quickly turned around to face Ren, pressing the front of there bodies
against each other along with there small breasts. Shortly after
turning around, Rakka swiftly kissed Ren filly on the lips. Ren was
mildly surprised but quickly began returning the kiss, closing her eyes
and inserting her tongue into Rakka's mouth when she felt her doing it
to her.

The kiss lasted a minute at most before Rakka ended it and slowly began
to lower herself down Ren's body while she lightly licked at Ren's
breasts and nipples, causing her to coo in the light pleasure. Ren then
giggled a little when she felt Rakka licking at her navel, so after
that, she 'Ahh'ed' quickly in warm pleasure as she felt Rakka's tongue
wash over her lower lips between her legs.

Rakka felt Ren's hands on her head running through her hair as she
licked the length of Ren's labia slowly and surely, Rakka flattened out
her tongue to lick as much of Ren's silky lips in one lick as she

"Ohhh... that feels good..." moans Ren.

Rakka only continued licking Ren's labia for a few moments before
stopping and stating, "Get on your back."


Ren gently got to her rear and laid down on her back. Rakka then lifted
Ren's legs up and apart, clearly showing her crotch.

Rakka then asked, "You know what a tribadism; or, trib position is

"Um, I think so... is that the one where we rub our pussies together?"
replies Ren.

"Yeah, it is. Wanna do that?"


"Great..." replies Rakka as she gets to her feet in a squatting
position for a moment to prop Ren's legs onto he own.

Rakka then leaned over Ren's body, with her hands on ether side of
Ren's head to support herself.

By the way Rakka, I'm really limber, so don't be afraid put some
pressure on my legs.

"Ok, I was kinda worried about that." replies Rakka.

She then pushes down onto Ren's legs to get there labia's to touch,
once this happens Rakka begins to slowly move up and down, causing both
of them to moan with great pleasure from the action. Rakka managed to
get a rhythm going with her movement, which aloud her to steadily
increase in speed.

It took a few minutes but Rakka got into a moderate pace, both her and
Ren were moaning loudly in pleasure as there labia were clearly very
wet, which not only aided Rakka's rubbing, but increased the pleasure
for the both of them.

Rakka then moaned out, "Ren, I'm going to come!"

"M-Me too!" replies Ren moaning also.

A few moments later, Rakka froze in pleasure at the peak of her last
forward thrust of her labia into Ren's. Rakka moaned loudly in pleasure
as she immediately felt herself come, forcefully squirting her cum from
her lower lips to Ren's. The feeling of Rakka's ejaculation immediately
brought on Ren's climax as she froze up and moaned loudly in pleasure
as well.

Rakka's cum meeting Ren's crotch caused a large splash to occur,
promptly soaking Ren's neither region, and her stomach area reaching
her breasts.

As they both came down from there orgasms, Rakka fell onto Ren panting.
Rakka could also feel Ren's quick breathing on her stomach. The blonde
saw the brunettes wings twitching and smiled to herself. A moment
later, Ren saw Rakka disappear.

"Hehe, that Rakka can really come..." states Ren smiling. "I wish I
could ejaculate though..."

After a few more moments later, Ren sits up.

"Well, I guess I don't get anything from Rakka."


Ren reappears back in the 'main' area still sitting and covered in
liquid girl-cum.

"Congratulations, you passed the second trial." states the voice.

"It was so cool!" exclaims Ren happily. "She had wings and a halo! And
it felt like she came like water-hose! She covered me in her girl-cum,
it was totally awesome!"

"Well, it's nice to see that you're happy."

"Hey, is it possible for me to do a trial again even though I did it
already? I really liked that girl." asks Ren.

"Yes, it is."

"Great, that's nice to know... oh yeah, your name. Ah, I got it, your


Chapter 4


"Really? That's a pretty odd name to give a voice."

Ren then gets to her feet smiling.

"Well, I can't tell from your voice if your a guy or a girl, so I
needed to choose a name that can be male or female, you know, a unisex
name." states Ren.

"I see, well, I accept the name."

"Great, from here on out, I will call you Jacky. Ok then, What's the
next trial?"

Again, a door of light appears behind Ren.

"Well, this third trial is different from the last two, you will not be
penalized for any orgasms you experience."

"Cool, then what's the goal then?" replies Ren smiling.

"You must prevent wetting yourself before your opponent."

"Prevent wetting myself? As in, pissing myself?" asks Ren a bit


Ren simply sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"... Nothing." replied Ren turning around and walking into the door.


Ren reappeared on the other side and noticed that she was cleaned of
her previous opponents girl-cum. She then gasped in shock as she
quickly squeezed her thighs together and wrapped her arms around her

"AH! I suddenly gotta piss so fu*king bad!" whined Ren as she shifted
her weight from one foot to the other at a moderate pace.

Ren was performing the universal 'pee-dance' with her eyes squeezed
shut. A moment later, Ren heard a young girl's giggling. She opened her
eyes to see a small nude girl standing in front of her, she looked no
older than 12 (which she was), and she had short brown hair.

"H-Huh?" stated Ren puzzled as she held her urine in. "You're my next
opponent? But you're just, a kid."

"A kid that's well versed in the pleasure of a girl's body!" replied
the child happily. "Hi, I'm Noa."

"Um, well I'm Ren, Ohhh... and I gotta piss bad!" replies Ren

"I do too, but it looks like your not doing so great." comments Noa.

"Ohhh, I'm not..." groans Ren.

She had stopped her dance upon seeing Noa and now her legs were
trembling with uncertainty. A few moments later, Ren groaned out

"I can't... I can't hold it in, any longer... it's, coming out!"

Noa simply looked on in excitement as she saw Ren's hold fade to
nothing on her, seeing a golden fluid trailing down Ren's inner thighs
to the floor. Ren's legs down to her knees were pressed together so the
urine stuck to her lower leg's as it trailed down to her feet and
pooled on the floor.

Ren then began crying as her face was bright red.

"I can't believe I'm pissing myself like I little kid!"

"Hey!" replied Noa frowning.

Ren then dropped to her rear, making a splash in her urine. She simply
sat there as a puddle slowly grew under her. A few moments later, Ren


Reappearing in the main area still sitting.

"That's the second time I've failed!" groaned Ren. "It's that first
trials fault, that stupid girl and her weak bladder!"

The door then appeared in front of Ren.

"Ok, I need to think of a plan... Noa said she already needed to go
bad, but she wasn't squirming like me. Maybe I could just screw taking
my time with her and force her to piss herself right at the start?
Yeah, it might work, besides, little kids aren't my thing."

Ren then stood and entered the door.


Ren reappeared, seeing Noa, she wasted no time and Noa only managed a
smile before Ren quickly got behind her and wrapped her left arm around
the small girl's waist and used her right hand to firmly press in on
her abdomen. Ren was surprised at the feeling of the girl's swollen

"AH! Stop!" exclaimed Noa as she promptly began squirming frantically.

Ren then felt her urge to pee returned and groaned silently.

"Sorry little girl, but I'm at a disadvantage, so I'm trying to end
this as quick as possible." replied Ren.

"No, stop!" repeats Noa's bucking wildly trying to get free while her
thighs pressed firmly together.

"Whoa, calm down, I'm not trying to hurt you, geez." replies Ren
holding on to Noa.

Noa's wild thrashing was aggravating Ren's own weak bladder and she was
forced to clench harder on her urethral muscles.

"But I don't want to pee! I want to see you pee again!" states Noa

"Ah! Stop, moving around, so much." complains Ren.

"But I don't want to pee-pee!" exclaims Noa.

"I don't ether!" replies Ren.

"Let, me, go!" exclaims Noa before suddenly using her left arm to jab
Ren in the gut with her elbow.

"Ah!" gasped Ren releasing Noa and wrapping her arms around her stomach
and dropping to her knee's, trying to hold out the painful spasm from
her bladder. "You little brat!"

Once released, Noa dropped to her knee's also, groaning in desperation,
she couldn't even turn around to look at Ren, to watch as she loss

"You big meanie!" groan the girl.

"I'm not about to lose twice in a row!" stated Ren as she slowly edged
her way right behind Noa.

Once Ren was close enough, she used her right hand to pull the girl
down to her back on the ground by her hair.

"Ah! Stop, what are you doing!?" exclaimed Noa reaching her right hand
up to Ren's which held her hair.

Noa's left hand had meanwhile found a place firmly grabbing her crotch.

"I got, noth'in against you kid..." states Ren. "But I need to make you
piss yourself before I do."

"But I dowanna!" whined Noa.

Ren knew she would need to use her left hand, but since it was wrapped
around her waist tightly, it aided her in holding in her own urine. She
took a deep breath and clenched her pelvic muscles hard and removed her
left hand from her waist and leaned over Noa's squirmng body and placed
her left hand to the small girl's abdomen and pushed in firmly.

"OW! Stop! It hurts!" complains Noa.

"Piss yourself then!" replied Ren.


Noa then realized that since Ren was leaning over her, her lower body
was completely exposed. A smile quickly crossed her face as she
released her right hand from trying to pull Ren's right hand from her

"I said, let me GO!" exclaimed Noa before jabbing her right fist into
Ren's abdomen.

"AH!" exclaimed Ren loudly from the punch before trembling strongly.

Ren could feel the small tube of her urethra filling with fluid, so she
pressed as hard as she could on Noa's bladder.

The small girl moaned in bladder agony as she began the torturous
action of rapidly hitting Ren's abdomen.

Both girl's were basically crying in desperation, Ren had managed to
momentarily stop the flow of her urine in her urethra to right at the
exit, were a small drop was hanging off the tip of Ren's clit.

"I can't hold it anymore!" cried Noa.

A few long moments later, Ren heard the little girl cry out and a gush
of her fluid splashed her hand still covering her crotch. Noa accepted
the fact that she lost and quickly removed her hand, and spread her
legs wide as a strong torrent of her urine jetted from the young lips
of her labia.

Just seconds after Noa's hold broke, so did Ren's as she pelvic muscles
laxed up and forced a thick stream of her urine out of her urethra.
Seconds into her urination, Ren dropped her upper body on the tired
girl under her with her pelvis in the air as they both relived
themselves for nearly a minute.

As both girl's sighed in relief at the end of their urination, Ren was
a bit surprised when Noa disappeared and her head hit the floor. Ren
sat up and sat on her knee's shaking, and placed her right hand over
her crotch, feeling her labia dripping wet in her pee.

"Ohh... so, that's why Mai likes watersports so much... the loss of
control feels so good when the pressure is so built up."

Ren then began rubbing her urine soaked lower lips with both of her
hands, alternating them.


Ren suddenly found herself not sitting in her urine and realized what

"Hey, I wanted to stay for a little while." whined Ren with her hands
still between her urine soaked legs.

"Sorry, but after a certain amount of time has passed, you will return
here. But anything that's on you will stay until your next trial."
states the voice.

"Oh, well that explains why that one girl's cum disappeared then."

Ren then began rubbing her crotch with her right hand while she laid
back onto her back and brought her left hand up to her left breast,
covering it lightly in her urine from her crotch.


Chapter 5

[Author's notes: WARNING: LOLI (YURI), S&M]

As Ren laid on her back masturbating, her right hand rubbing her urine-
soaked crotch and her left hand on her to her left breast. She made a
few faint moans as she sat up a moment later, removing her left hand
from her breast but continuing to rub the area between her legs.

"So, what's the next Trial Jacky?" asked Ren.

"You will be pleased to learn that there is no failure condition for
your fourth Trial." replies the voice.

"Oh, really? What is it I gotta do then?"

"It's very simple, you just participate in what your opponent wishes to

Ren stopped her rubbing at this point but continued to have her right
hand on her pussy.

"Are you serious? That sounds a little too simple, What's the catch?"

"There is no catch, simply participating is all that is required to
pass the Trial."

"Well, ok then." Replies Ren as she stands and restarts to rub her
lower lips.

A door of light then once again appeared behind her, Ren turned around
and walked into it.


Upon walking out of the light, Ren removed her right hand from her
crotch. The girl also saw a young nude girl in front of her. The other
girl had short black hair, an A-cup bust at most and a small patch of
pubic hair.

"Hiya." greets the girl.

"Great..." groaned Ren. "Another little kid."

At this, the other girl frowned.

"Hey! I'm not a little kid! I just look young for my age."

"Well how old are you then?" asked Ren.


"Seventeen? You have to be kidding, you look, maybe fifteen at most."

"I'm not fifteen! I'm seventeen years old da*nmit!"

"Ok, ok, geez, you don't have to get so worked up about it. Your

"I'm tired of strangers always thinking I'm a little girl. This
cuteness can be a curse at times too."

Ren began giggling to herself at the girl's latter half of her

"What?" asks the girl.

"Heh, it's nothing, I'm Ren, and you?" asks Ren extending her right

"Becky Starr." replies the shorter girl extending her right hand to
shake Ren's.

"Starr?" questions Ren as her eyes widen slightly.

"Yeah, what?"

"Do you have a sister?"

"Yeah, Kimberly Starr, I call her Kimmie though."

"Heh, I met your sister here." replies Ren smiling.

"Oh, really? Did you have fun?"

"I sure did, your sister was my first trial and I failed it quick."

This simple made Becky giggle.

"Well, what do you want to do?" asks Ren.

"Before we start, I wanna ask you something."

"Ok, shoot."

"Are you American?"

"Um, yeah, why?"

"No reason really, you just look a bit different from other people."

"Well, what about you? What are you?"

"100% Japanese." replies Becky smiling.

"You know English very well."

"Heh, thanks, well let's start then."

Becky then stepped to Ren and placed her left hand to her right breast
and lowered her head a little to lick at Ren's left nipple.

"Oh..." gasps Ren smiling as she wraps her left arm around Becky's
smaller waist and places her right hand to the smaller girl's left
cheek of her butt.

Ren let Becky lick her nipples for about a minute before stating, "Hey,
stop for a sec."

Becky did so and looked up at Ren.

"What is it?"

"Turn around..." states Ren as she also grabs Becky by the shoulders
and turns her around and seemingly hugs her from behind, her left arm
once again around Becky's waist. Ren then places her right hand on
Becky's right breast and smiles. "Heh, you're so small."

"So? Being short has its advantages." replies Becky smiling.

"Hehe, no, that's not what I was referring to." giggles Ren. "I mean
your chest, it's so small. Don't you want to be bigger?"

"Oh, um, well no, I like my small chest, I hope I never have big
breasts, heh, saves me the strain on my back, yanno?" replies Becky

"Well that does make sense, but, you'd be satisfied if you never have
anything bigger than an A-cup?"

Becky then cupped her left breast with her left hand as she looked down
to them and replied, "I know I most likely won't stay this size, but I
wouldn't mind being a B-cup though."

"Me too, I think that size is the perfect one, not too big, not to

"Hey, can you do me a favor?" asks Becky.


"I'd like you to be rough with me."

"Rough? How so?"

While both girl's face had a slight reddening to it, Becky's deepened a
bit in slight embarrassment as she replied, "Well, I kinda... I really
like pain."

"Pain? Oh! I get it!" gasps Ren understanding. "You're into S&M and
stuff like that huh?"


"Hey, don't be embarrassed, I kinda like it too, I'm into Bondage."

"Well I like it all. Do you have any problems hurting me?"

"As long as you want me too, no. Just tell me when I'm being too


"Now spread your legs." states Ren continuing to hold Becky with her
left arm.

"Ok." replies Becky, parting her feet to about half a yard.

Ren smiled to herself and removed her right hand from Becky's right
breast, extends her arm and quickly sends it down to Becky crotch.
Becky immediately gasped at the stinging pain of Ren smacking her
delicate and also wet labia. This action caused Becky to reflexively
close her thighs, around Ren's hand.

"Wow..." states Ren. "I'm sure that really stung with you being so wet.
Heh, spread your legs again."

Becky did so without question, and Ren gave Becky's labia a quick rub
before lifting her hand again and once again applying a stinging slap
to Becky's tender wet lips. Causing the shorter girl to gasp out once
again from the sting of pain, closing her thighs immediately.

"Are you liking that Becky?" asks Ren smiling.

Becky simply nodded.

"Heh, has that pussy been a bad little pussy?"

"Uh-Huh..." nodded Becky.

"Well, that pussy needs to be disciplined, don't you agree?"


"Ok then, spread your legs and keep them spread until I say you can
close them."


Becky spread her legs, allowing Ren to rub her reddening delicate lips
before applying a quick third slap, causing Becky to gasp out as her
legs immediately flinched.

"Good girl..." states Ren rubbing Becky stinging labia. "Has that pussy
learned it's lesson, or does it need more?"

"It needs more..." replies Becky shaking a bit. "It's been very bad."

"Oh, I see, well then..."

Ren then began a series of continuos and painful slaps to Becky's
reddened labia. Becky cried out at each strike but continued to keep
her legs spread. After each hit and Ren moved her hand out for another
strike, a few strings of Becky's arousal fluid connected the two
together for a second. After about 20 seconds, Ren struck the tender
flesh once more and kept her hand on her aching crotch. Becky legs were
visibly trembling and tears had started to trail her cheeks.

"Oh what's this?" states Ren lifting her right hand from Becky's
stinging labia to there faces. "The pussy likes this."

Ren then lowered her right hand and gave Becky's red lips the hardest
slap yet. This caused Becky to cry out loudly and immediatly close her
thighs and shake hard.

"Hey, I didn't say you could close your legs, open them back up."
states Ren.

Becky slowly did so, and Ren lifted her hand again to reveal the rash-
like reddening of Becky's hurting labia. Ren then applied an even
harder slap to Becky's highly tender lips and Becky cried out much more
loudly as she went completely limp and her climax forcefully struck
her. Ren hadn't really held Becky with her left arm, so when her
shorter girl's legs gave out, she quickly fell her butt as cum streamed
from her between her redden lips.

Becky's sudden limpness surprised Ren as she slipped from her arm and
Ren stepped back a little causing Becky to lay on her back as she
squirted her watery cum about four feet away. After the initial squirt,
a quick, short series of Becky's cum spurted out while she trembled in
orgasmic bliss.

Ren simply watched Becky orgasm for a minute or two before she began to
calm down.

"Ooooohhhhh, that felt great!" sighs Becky. "I bet my pussy is going to
be sore for awhile, hehe."

"Most likely." smiles Ren.

Becky simply smiled at Ren before disappearing.

"Hmm, I guess making her come caused the Trial to end."

Ren then noticed her entire body enveloped in a dim white glow.

"What the hell?" states Ren.

The glow then faded a moment later.

"Hmm, I guess I got something from her."

Ren herself then disappears.


"Congratulations." states the voice.

"Huh!? Oh, I'm back. What did I get, my whole body glowed white for a

"From now on, any pain you feel will be converted to pleasure."

"Oh, well that makes sense, Becky seemed to really like pain."


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