Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 8)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 8

Title: 8.Su's Horny Concoction-Keitaro

[Author's notes: no shoujo-ai or yuri,]

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina or any of it's characters, this is
just a work of fiction.


Kanako was standing outside her brother's door smiling at what she was
going to attempt, a blush also clear as day on her cheeks. and the
bottle she stole from Su's room earlier in her right hand.

"Brother?" called Kanako.

"Huh? Kanako?" comes Keitaro's voice through the door.

"May I come in?"

"Uh, sure, of course you can come in."

Kanako gladly does so, quickly closing the door behind her. Keitaro
just wears tan pants and a blue T-shirt and is also standing near

"Is there something you want Kanako?" asks Keitaro.

"Yes, there is..." Kanako then places the bottle in her right hand in
front of Keitaro. "I'd like you to drink this."

"Um, why, and what is it?"

"It's just some juice, I still feel kinda bad about that Annex thing."

"Oh, I told you before, it's ok." replies Keitaro smiling.

"I know, but still, I'll like to do something to show that I'm sorry."

"Heh, well, ok." replies Keitaro taking the bottle from Kanako, then
starting to drink the juice, much to Kanako's excitement, evident by
her large grin. "Wow! This stuff it really good!" adds Keitaro before
quickly beginning to drink the entire bottle.

Kanako then began to quickly undress, dropping her clothes to the floor
to reveal her black strapless bra and underwear.

"Ahhh! That's good stuff..." states Keitaro as he finishes off the
bottle. "AH! Kanako!?" gasps Keitaro upon opening his eyes and seeing

"Brother..." sighs Kanako stepping to Keitaro.

"Kanako what are you doing!? Put your clothes back on!" quickly states
a blushing Keitaro backing away.

But Kanako quickly wrapped her arms around her brother. But a moment

"Keitaro! Kanako! Where are you!?" Came Naru's voice.

"Oh no!" gasps Keitaro. "Kanako let go of me, I don't want to get the
Naru Punch."

"Don't worry brother, I have an idea." states Kanako releasing Keitaro
but grabbing his right hand and rushing to the closet.

Kanako opened the door to the closet and quickly pulled Keitaro into
it, and promptly followed him into it and closing the door.

Not a moment too soon did Kanako close the door, In came Naru.

"Kanako! Where are you!? Keitaro!?"

As Kanako and Keitaro heard Naru searching around, Keitaro began
sweating bullets as his half-naked step-sister's back was pressed
against his chest.

'Oh no! Not now!' thought Keitaro as a familiar action was suddenly
occurring. 'What's wrong with me!? She's my sister! Ok, just calm down,
I just need to think about something else...'

The two then heard Naru's footsteps nearing the closet they were in and
Keitaro felt Kanako press against him, Keitaro felt Kanako's rear press
against his pelvis and saw her flinch and a small gasp of surprise.

'Oh, brother...' sighs Kanako.

The two then heard Naru's voice, "Oh this is hopeless, I'm just wasting
time here..." then heard the quick padding of her feet on the floor as
she ran out of the room.

Keitaro breathed a sigh of relief at Naru's departure, but then heard a
sigh from Kanako as he felt her panty'd rear pressing a little more on

"Kanako! What do you think you doing!?" stated Keitaro before feeling
himself getting lightheaded.

"It's working quicker than I thought..." replied Kanako as she managed
to remove her bra and turn around to face Keitaro.

"W-What are you talking about?" asks Keitaro before thinking, 'This is
bad, why did I suddenly become so horny, If I don't get out of here,
and she keeps coming onto me like this...'

Kanako also began to think, 'It shouldn't take long for Keitaro to
become so horny he just has to do something about it, and when that
happens, hehe...'

"Brother, I'm just as horny as you are, feel it..." states Kanako
taking Keitaro's left hand in her right and placing it to her crotch.

Keitaro couldn't deny what he felt, the crotch of Kanako's panties were
quite wet, but seconds later, Keitaro quickly snatched her hand from
touching Kanako.

"Kanako this is wrong, We're brother and sister for cry'in out loud!"

"Not by blood."

"B-But still!"

If Keitaro was going to say something else, Kanako didn't let him as
she quickly kissed him. During the kiss, Kanako could sense Keitaro's
resistance fading as he slowly began to return the kiss.

But just moments later, was suddenly struck by realization of what he
was doing and quickly pushed Kanako away only the few inches that was
allowed in the small room that was full of clothing. But as soon as
Kanako recovered from the push, she quickly reapplied the kiss.

Just a few more seconds of this action and Kanako felt Keitaro's
resistance finally fade to nothing, evident by Kanako feeling the full
return of the kiss and his arms wrapping around her waist.

'Finally!' thought Kanako. 'Brother's all mind now!'

Kanako slowly ended the kiss and looked into her brother's eyes.

"Brother, let's gets out of this cramped closet." states Kanako

"I was thinking the same thing." replies Keitaro smiling also.

Kanako reached behind her and opened the door, upon stepping back,
Kanako purposely tripped and held onto Keitaro, caring him with her to
the floor, where she felt her brothers bulging lump in his pants
pressing against her crotch.

"Ah, brother."

"You did that on purpose, didn't you?" asks Keitaro lifting himself up
a bit with his hands.

"Hehe, maybe.' replies Kanako smiling.

Keitaro simply smirked before lowering his mouth to Kanako's right
breast and beginning a light sucking on her nipple, promptly drawing a
delighted gasp from his sister.

"Ohhh... brother, go lower..." moans out Kanako as she feels her
brother pleasurably sucking on her right nipple.

Keitaro obliges Kanako's request and stopped his light sucking to trail
his tongue down Kanako's chest, to her belly, stopping at her navel,
just seconds from the waistband of her panties.

At the feeling of Keitaro's tongue dipping into the small depression of
her navel, Kanako was caused to finch and giggle lightly from the
pleasant and quite ticklish sensation.

"Just a little lower..." states Kanako squirming a bit.

Once again, Keitaro fulfills his sister's request, but rather than also
removing her panties, Keitaro leaves them be for now, but still places
his tongue fully over the crotch of Kanako's panties. This caused
Kanako momentarily seize up at the shot of pleasure.

"Your so wet I can taste it through the fabric..." states Keitaro as he
starts to pull Kanako's panties down her legs, quickly revealing
Kanako's most secret area to full view. "Wow, look how wet your panties
are." adds Keitaro as her panties are completely removed and he lifts
them to his eye level to see the drenched crotch.

"... I want you brother." states Kanako lowly while a deep blush
quickly appeared on her cheeks.

"Well then, it's rude to keep a girl waiting..." states Keitaro placing
Kanako's panties on her stomach.

Keitaro then began to unzip his pants to pull his pants down and Kanako
drew in a quick breath from anticipation.

As Keitaro began to pull down his pants, he leaned over Kanako and
looked into her eyes. Kanako could feel something fleshy touching her
lower lips and simply moaned from the slight tingle of pleasure it
gave. Keitaro then quickly thrusted into her once and Kanako
immediately flinched strongly.


"I'm sorry Kanako..." states Keitaro. "I didn't know you-"

"N-No, don't worry," replies Kanako looking up at Keitaro through
slightly teary eyes. "It's ok, I've wanted this to happen."

"Oh, well, how does it feel?"

"It feels wonderful, better than i thought it would, and it's only
going to get better." replies Kanako.

About 15 minute later...

Keitaro's door opened and Kanako peeked her head out, after seeing that
the hallway was clear, she quietly stepped out, her clothes back on.
Kanako carefully closed the door as to not make a sound, but her
stealth-like actions were totally blown when she turned around and the
piss was nearly scared from her upon seeing Tama floating behind her.

After collecting herself, Kanako walked passed the floating turtle down
the hall.

"I wonder if Naru's still looking for me..."

Kanako quickly got an answer to that as she saw Naru coming down the

"Kanako!" exclaimed Naru upon seeing the other girl.

"Tch, well there's my answer..." groaned Kanako before quickly turning
and running from Naru.

"Hey! Get back here!" called Naru as she quickly began to chase her.


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