Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 7)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 7

Title: 7.Su's Horny Concoction-Mutsumi

[Author's notes: you guessed it, Mutsumi's next]

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina or any of it's characters, this is
just a work of fiction.


"I'll see you guys later..." stated Su standing up. "It's on to my
final subject, Mutsumi!"

"Heh, good luck with that." replied Motoko as she sat up and began to
run her right hand through Shinobu's hair.

Su left her two friends on the patio and Su headed to her room, where
she spotted Kuro walking down the hall from her room.

"Huh? Kanako's kitty-cat..." stated Su lowly as she saw Kuro turn the
corner and out of view.

Su quickly ignored seeing Kuro and headed into her room.

"Huh? The bottle is gone..." states Su upon looking to her dresser and
not seeing her bottle.

Then she thought of seeing Kuro...

"Did Kanako take it? But what would she need it for? Oh well, good
thing I made a second bottle of it..." states Su opening her bottom
dresser drawer to remove a second full bottle.

Su took the bottle and went down to the living room, where she met
Mutsumi leaving the kitchen, still dressed in the robe she slept in.

"Oh, good morning Su." greets Mutsumi.

"Morning, what'cha going to doing in a few minutes?" replies Su.

"I just cut up this great looking watermelon in the kitchen, but I have
to go to the bathroom real quick." states Mutsumi smiling.

"Oh, I won't stop you then." replies Su stepping aside.

"Thanks, I'll be right back."

Mutsumi walks past Su, who walks into the kitchen and spots the plate
with four large slices of watermelons lying on it.

"Hmm..." thinks Su. "Mutsumi likes watermelons, and I want her to drink
the juice... Oh! I got it!"

Su then walked to the plate and saw that, of course, some of the water
from the watermelon slices had collected in a small pool on the plate.
So Su got some paper towel and had it soak up as much of the water
without her having to physically touch any of the watermelon. Once that
was done, Su threw the paper towel away and twisted the cap off her
bottle to carefully pour some of the juice on the watermelons. Since
the juice had a clear appearance, it looked like Su hadn't messed with
Mutsumi's snack.

Su smiled with joy from her simple plan and replaced the cap to her
bottle and made for the kitchen exit, where she met Haruka walking in.

"Su? What are you doing?" asked the woman.


Just then Mutsumi came back and walked into the kitchen to get her
watermelon and left.

"Hey, Mutsumi, wait a sec..." stated Su following Mutsumi.

"Huh? What is it?" replied the older girl turning around.

"Can I join you eating some of that?"

"Oh, of course." smiles Mutsumi. "I'm headed to my room."


Su then follows Mutsumi to her room, but before they enter, Naru calls
to them from up the hall.

"Hey you two, wait a sec!" calls Naru heading towards them.

Su and Mutsumi wait for Naru to reach them.

"Have you two seen Kanako at all this morning?"

The other two think for a moment before replying, 'uh-uh', shaking
there head at the same time. Su then gasped.

"Oh, I saw Kuro near my room earlier."

Mutsumi then began eating one of the watermelon slices and left into
her room.

"Kuro? That's the name of Kanako's cat right?" replies Naru.


"So what about it?"

"When I went in my room, the that bottle of juice I had you try a
little while ago was gone, I think Kanako took it."

"What would she want with that?"

"Well, I did use that juice on her too..."

"That means she knows what it does... -gasp- it only works on girls

"Um, I don't know."

"DA*NMIT! She's going to use that juice on Keitaro!"

"You really think she would?" asked Su.

"Why wouldn't she!? That stuff you made is just the thing she needs

Naru didn't bother to finish her statement and quickly ran from Su to
try and find Kanako and/or Keitaro.

Su then turned to her right and gasped in surprise as Mutsumi wasn't
near her, she didn't notice her leaving into her room. Su quickly
entered Mutsumi's room to see her sitting on the floor with her third
slice of the watermelon in her hands.

"Oh, Su, good thing you came." states Mutsumi noticing Su entering. "I
don't think I'd be able to resist not saving some for you."

Mutsumi then picked up the last slice of the watermelon from the plate
and offered it to Su.

"Thanks." replies Su closing the door behind her and taking the melon
slice from Mutsumi and sitting in front of her and the two of them
began eating the Watermelon.

After a few moments, and Mutsumi was about half-way done with her slice
of watermelon, she stated, "You know Su, this watermelon is really
sweet for some reason." smiling.

"Hehe, yeah, I know what you mean. Almost as if something sweet was
poured on it." replies Su smiling.

"Oh, but do you think someone would do that though? Everyone here knows
I love Watermelons."

"It's possible..."

Su then noticed that Mutsumi was breathing at an accelerated pace, and
her cheeks were redder than normal. Su smiled at this and placed her
watermelon on the plate and pushed it out of the way to the left of her
as she crawled the short distance to Mutsumi, stating, "Yanno, there
are many things about a girl's body that amaze me."

"U-Um, really?" replies Mutsumi looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Yeah, and you know what?" asks Su grinning.


Su then suddenly kisses Mutsumi, shocking and causing her to fall on
her back as her piece of the watermelon was tossed behind her. Su then
loomed over Mutsumi smiling.

"S-Su!? What-"

Mutsumi wasn't able to finish as Su quickly kissed her again. She
closed her eyes and suddenly began returning the kiss, even moaning
into it.

When Su ended the kiss, Mutsumi was breathing very quickly, almost
panting. Mutsumi then slowly opened her eyes to look at Su, who smiled.

"You want me to do more?"

Mutsumi nodded a silent yes and Su gladly placed her tongue to her neck
and slowly licked the middle of her neck vertically. Mutsumi gasped
quickly from moderate pleasure this action gave. Su slowly trailed the
tip of her tongue down from Mutsumi's neck to the valley between her
breasts. Su used her hands to pull away the robe covering Mutsumi's

Mutsumi gasped once again when she felt Su's tongue on the nipple of
her right breast. A few moments after Su began flicking her tongue over
Mutsumi's erect right nipple, she felt Mutsumi's hands on her head,
then going through her blonde hair.

After giving some attention to Mutsumi's left nipple, Su resumed the
southern, undoing the 'belt' on Mutsumi's robe and continuing, but
since the older girl still had her hands to her head, Mutsumi
accidentally snapped the thin rubber-band holding Su's hair in a pony-
tail. So Su's hair was freed and tickled Mutsumi's ski as Su traveled
down to the area between Mutsumi's legs.

"AH!" gasped Mutsumi as she felt Su's tongue licking at her the area
between her legs, covered only by her cotton white panties.

Su continued to lick the crotch of her panties until they were nice and
wet and she might as well had removed the article of clothing. But Su
decided not to remove Mutsumi's panties and continued to lick at her
lower lips through her panties.

"Ohhhh, Su..." moaned Mutsumi lightly squirming.

Su then used her left hand to clear her hair from her face before
placing her mouth to Mutsumi's covered labia and sucking lightly.

"Ohh, yea, that feels so good. Just a little more..."

A few moments later, Su stopped the sucking actin and removed her
mouth, then noticed Mutsumi's clit through the somewhat transparent wet
fabric. Su then proceeded to flick the tip of her tongue over small nub
through the fabric.

Su was surprised herself when she did this because she heard a gasp
from Mutsumi and her thighs suddenly clamped down on her head. She
didn't stop her tongue, but she managed to wedge her hands between her
head and Mutsumi's inner thighs and relive the squeezing... until
Mutsumi gasped loudly and her thighs went lax and Su's pressing on her
legs quickly pushed them flat on the floor.

Su could feel the contractions of Mutsumi's vaginal muscles as they
spasmed wildly in pleasurable bliss for Mutsumi as her body was arched
up slightly. She was locked in this position for the duration of her
climax before it's peak quickly dropped, and so did her body to the
floor. Before she was taken by several 'jolt's' of the aftershocks of
her orgasm running through her body.

Su then sat up smiling as she watched the fall of Mutsumi's climax
rumble through her body.

"And that's the last one!"

Su then thought to herself, 'Hmmm, but it's not the last girl here...
there's Haruka...'

End ^_^

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