Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 6)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 6

Title: 6.Su's Horny Concoction-Motoko

[Author's notes: Motoko's next, and Shinobu joins Su. Su also learns some shocking info about Shinobu, much to the blue-haired girl's embarrassment...]

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina or any of it's characters, this is
just a work of fiction.


"See ya later Su!" states Naru smiling as she left Su's room.

"Hey wait! You haven't told me who watches you." replies Su following
Naru out of her room.

But when Su left her room, Naru was no where to be seen, just Sara
standing by the door.

"Hey, how'd it go?"

"Huh? Oh, it went great, thanks for sending Naru to me. I couldn't have
done it better myself." replies Su turning to face her friend.

"So, who you got next in line?"

"Um, I think I'll try Motoko next."

"Great, she's up on the patio playing with her sword." states Sara.

"That's good... hey, I need to ask you something." replies Su.

"Yeah? What is it?"

"Naru told me that one of two people likes to watch her wet herself-"

"Eww! Are you serious!? Naru likes to wet herself!?" exclaimed Sara

"So, I take it your not the one?" asks Su.

"Of course not! That's just disgusting, who was the other person?"

Almost on queue, Shinobu appears walking down the hall to the two.

"Good morning you two." greets Shinobu.

From the stare Sara saw Su give Shinobu, she instantly knew and gasped
as she covered her mouth with her right hand.

"You can't be serious, Shinobu!?"

Shinobu quickly looked puzzled, "Huh? What's going on?"

Su gave Shinobu a shocked smirk as she replied, "Shinobu, I never would
have guessed..."

"Huh? What are you talking about? And why are you two looking at me
like that?"

Sara then stated, "You watch Naru wet herself!?" removing her hand over
her mouth.

Shinobu instantly turned completely red from head to toe.

"Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-What!?" stutters out Shinobu supremely embarrassed.
"Who told you that!?"

"So it's true!?" asks Su.

"N-N-N-N-NO! Of course not! I'd n-n-never do anything like that!"
quickly replies Shinobu shaking in embarrassment.

Sara simply shock her head in disgust and left the hall.

"Do you really watch Naru wet herself Shinobu? you can tell me the
truth, I like watersports too." states Su.

"No, I don't do that!"

"Heh, deny, deny, deny huh? Well, I'm about to go have some fun with
Motoko, you wanna join me?"

"Um... ok."


Su and Shinobu soon walk up to the patio, Su carrying a small cup of
'water', where they see Motoko training with her sword.

"Hey Motoko!" greets Su.

Motoko, who's slightly sweaty, pauses in her training to turn to Su and

"Good morning you two."

"Good morning Motoko." replies Shinobu.

"Hey Motoko..." begins Su. "you look like you could use some water."

Su then offers the cup to Motoko, who smiles and gladly takes the water
after sheathing her sword.

"Thanks Su, It's only morning but it's already getting hot, I have to
be careful not to dehydrate myself."

Motoko then drinks the water and both Su and Shinobu smile.

"Mmm, this water tastes funny, it's sweet." states Motoko.

"I know, I mixed something with it." replies Su smiling.

"Mixed something with it? Like what?"

"It's nothing bad, but if you really want to know, your just going to
have to catch me!" replies Su before quickly running along the patio.

"Hey, get back here!" exclaims Motoko as she proceeds to chase Su
around the patio and soon, around Shinobu.

Shinobu was also smiling, Su's plan was working perfectly. Su only
mixed a small amount of her special drink with the water so it would
take a bit longer for it to take effect, So Su planned to get Motoko's
body worked up, hoping the effect would take effect much quicker.

Motoko only chased Su for about 30 seconds before suddenly gasping an
"Ah!" as she fell to her knees, holding herself with her right hand and
blushing deeply.

Su came to a stop and turned to face Motoko.

"What's wrong Motoko, anything we should know about?" asks Su smiling.

Then, Motoko did something that surprised both, Su and Shinobu. Motoko
laid on her back and began rubbing her crotch and grasping her left
breast with her right hand.

"No fair Motoko, your starting the fun without us!" exclaimed Su as she
walked to the older girl.

"Yeah Motoko, no fair!" added Shinobu following Su.

Both girl's lower themselves to Motoko, Shinobu at her legs pulling off
the older girls pants and Su near her chest pulling open her shirt to
completely expose the bandage-like covering over Motoko's breast.


Back in Su's room, the girl left her door slightly opened and in walked
Kanako. She soon spotted the object she was looking for, Su's bottle on
the dresser.

"Heh, Big Brother will be all mine..."


Back to Su and the others...

Shinobu now had Motoko's pants completely off her body while she placed
her right hand to the older girl's crotch. Su meanwhile, had completely
exposed Motoko's breasts and began licking at her nipples, closing her
eyes. Motoko was of course moaning from the stimulation as she
willingly let her two friends do this to her body, placing her hands
away from her to the deck of the patio.

'Heh, who would've guessed Motoko would just let us do this to her...'
thought Su.

Su then heard Motoko suddenly gasp and quickly flinch, she opened her
eyes and noticed Shinobu had now removed Motoko's panties and was
licking at the area between her legs.

"Heh, you go Shinobu." smiles Su.

Although Shinobu heard Su's words, she choose not to reply and continue
licking at Motoko's labia.

Who then moaned out, "Ohhh, Shinobu, your little tongue always feels so

Su was descending her mouth back to Motoko's right breast but
immediately stopped and replied with, "What!? Motoko too!?"

Shinobu quickly stopped and lifted her head, her face beat red.


"What?" asks Motoko. "Naru's taught you well."


"Whoa, whoa, whoa, time out!" states Su. "Shinobu, so you've done this
with Motoko before?"

"N-No! I don't know what she's talking about!" claims Shinobu.

"Yes you do..." states Motoko. "Just two days ago, me and Naru gave you
two powerful orgasms AND made you pee your panties."

"Oh really?" asks Su smiling. "So your a trio huh?"

"Ok fine, I admit it." replies Shinobu red in the face. "I watch Naru
wet herself and I like it, and I do this with Motoko too!"

"Your just full of surprises Shinobu." states Su smiling.

"Now that this is out in the open, would mind continuing Shinobu?" asks

Shinobu nodded and descended her head back in-between Motoko's legs,
soon drawing a moan from her.

"Hey, Su..." states Motoko. "Sit over me, I wanna, give you an orgasm."

"Sorry, I'm gonna have to decline on that offer."

"Decli-AH!" gasps Motoko as she feels Shinobu's tongue starting to
focus on her clit. "D-Decline, on someone giving you an orgasm? Why?"

"Well, I'm a little sore in that area." replies Su blushing.

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that... AH!" Motoko quickly places a hand on
Shinobu's head and closes her eyes in pleasure. "Tell me Su, have
Shinobu ever did this to you?"

"No... I mean yeah, just once. Why?"

"Heh, she knows how to use that tongue huh?" smiles Motoko.

Shinobu silently groaned in embarrassment but continued her action.

"Now that I think about it, yeah, she does." smiles Su.

"All those sessions with Naru really helped... I kinda miss the
nervousness of her tongue though, it had a certain something that I

"Well, seems like you don't need my help, I'll just sit and watch if
that's ok with you." states Su sitting with her legs crossed.

"I don't mind, but make sure you watch me come ok?"

"Sure thing."

"Good, cause I'm almost there...Ohhh, Shinobu just a bit more..."

It was only a few moments later before Motoko gasped loudly and grasped
Shinobu's head in her hand tightly as she climaxed strongly. Her body
stiff for just over 5 seconds before immediately beginning to tremble
vigorously, a few moments after that, she twitched and number of times
before calming down.

"Ohhhh... Shinobu, that was great."

"I'm glad you liked it Motoko." replies Shinobu lifting her head from
between the older girl's legs.

Su meanwhile simply smiled at Shinobu.


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