Story: The Craziness of Love Hina! (chapter 5)

Authors: Anime Lover

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Chapter 5

Title: 5.Su's Horny Concoction-Naru

[Author's notes: It's Naru's turn to try the juice, and Su finds out some interesting info from Naru...]

Disclaimer: I don't own Love Hina or any of it's characters, this is
just a work of fiction.


"Ohhh... I'm still so sore..." stated Su standing with her left hand
pressed lightly between her legs, through her blue skirt.

Su is also in her room.

"But I think I kinda had that coming yesterday, I can't expect
everybody to react the same way to my juice."

"I'll just have to avoid my next target trying to touch me there...
hmm, there's 3 left, Naru, Motoko, and Mutsumi..."

Just then, Naru suddenly opened her door and entered, which caused Su
to quickly remove her hand from her crotch.

"Hey Su, good morning!" greeted Naru cheerfully.

"Huh? Um, good morning." replied Su mildly puzzled at Naru's sudden

Naru hadn't closed the door and Su noticed Sara walking past the
doorway and gave a thumbs-up gesture and quickly removed herself from

"Su? Did you hear me?" asks Naru.

"H-Huh?" replied Su focusing back to Naru.

"I said, Sara told me you wanted to see me about a drink or something."

"A drink?" questioned Su before catching on. "Oh! A drink! Yeah, I want
you to try a little something I made; Shinobu, Sara, Kanako and Mitsune
all tried it. Except Kanako, they all liked it, I want your opinion
too." replied Su taking said drink off a nearby dresser top.

"Oh, ok, I'll try it." stated Naru extending her right hand.

"Great, don't drink too much though, it's a little concentrated."
replied Su as she handed the bottle to Naru.


Naru took a moderate sip of the juice.

"Hey, that's really good! It's so sweet it's like liquid candy." states

Su then walks past Naru and closes her door completely.

"Hey, what are you closing the door for?" asks Naru.

Su turned to look at Naru and didn't say anything, appearing to wait
for something.

"What are you just standing there for? You're starting to creep me

"It shouldn't take too much longer..." replied Su.

"For what?"

A few seconds later, Naru gasped and quickly grabbed her crotch with
her left hand and pushed her legs together. Su quickly walked to Naru
and took the bottle from her right hand and replaced it to the dresser.

"Ah! What the!? I knew I had to go, but not this bad!" groaned Naru.

"You should've went before you came here." states Su smiling.

Naru took a small step forward but quickly stopped and dropped to the
floor groaning loudly.

"Ah! I don't think I'm going to make it to the bathroom, Su do have
anything I could use to go in?"

"Nope, noth'in." replies Su.

As Naru tried to ride out the urge, she was shock to feel Su's hands go
under her arms to cup her hands over her breasts.

"Su!? What are you doing!?"

"I'm going to make you scream in pleasure." replied Su.

This brought an immediate blush to Naru's cheeks, a moment later, Naru
looked to be quite dazed and Su could feel her body un-stiffen just a

'Heh, she must feeling the second effect now.'

Su then moved her hands from Naru's breasts to her crotch, where Naru
made no resistance to Su placing her hands under hers, then under her
skirt to her panties, where Su felt a small wet spot on Naru's
underwear through her stockings.

"Your getting incredibly horny now aren't you Naru?"

"Yes..." replied Naru in an almost relaxed tone as she removed her
hands from her crotch and placed then at her sides. "Please, move your
hands more, or I'll wet myself."

'Great, she's in my control now...' thought Su as she began rubbing her
right hand in a vertical motion over Naru's crotch while her left moved
up slightly to her abdomen and started to gently caress the skin there.

"Oohhh, keep doing that, it feels great..." moaned Naru.

'Hmm, i wonder...'

"Hey Naru, have you ever wet yourself on purpose before?" asked Su.

"Mmmm, yes, I do it all the time."

Su's eyes widen slightly at this.

"Really? All the time? Would you be willing to wet yourself right in-
front of me."

"Sure, I'd love to, I like it when someone watches."

Su now looked surprise at Naru's reply.

'This is getting good...'

"Who else have seen you wet yourself, is it Keitaro?"

"Hehe, no, it's not Keitaro, it's one of the girl's here."

"Who is it?" asks Su really wanting to know.

"I thought you wanted to see me wet myself?" stated Naru as she removed
Su's hands from her and turned around and sat up on her knees as she
lifted her skirt, exposing her stocking covered panties.

"You can tell me who watches you wet yourself too though."

"I'll give you a hint, she's one of the three shortest girl's here."

"One of the three? That's me, Shinobu and Sara. It's Shinobu or Sara?!
Come on, tell me!"

"Nope, now are you going to watch me totally drench my panties and

"Ok fine, let'r rip."

Naru then sighed and almost immediately, urine began quickly spreading
up her panties before trailing down her inner thighs and wetting her
brown stockings. About 5 seconds in, the urine reached the floor and
began pooling on the floor and her pee then began to waterfall from her
crotch to the floor.

Ahhhhhh... That feels SO much better!" moans Naru.

'Hehe, Naru's so different when she's horny.' thinks Su smiling.

"Mmm, all done..." sighed Naru.

"Can I make you come now?" asks Su.

"Sure, but lay on your back."

"Ok." Su does so and lays on her back.

Naru stands and removes her drenched stockings and panties. and
suddenly positions herself in a 69 position with Su, who's eyes widened
that the position.

"Naru wait, don't-"

"Don't worry Su, I'll be gentle." states Naru as she lifts Su's skirt
and pulls down the girl's panties. Naru's own eyes widen at the sight
of Su's crotch. "Oh, you look so swollen... I'll make sure I'm extra
gently." replied Naru as she gently began licking at Su's reddened

Su quickly gasped at the slight stinging burning sensation that Naru's
tongue caused. But a few moments later, Su felt the warmth from Naru's
tongue and the stinging pain began to fade and be replaced with

"Ah, that feels good..." moans Su.

"Good, now can you start licking me?"

Su happily does so, licking at Naru lightly urine coated labia. Naru
smiled and restarted licking at Su's lower lips gently. Su was still
extra sensitive though and because of it, came very quickly, as she
suddenly moaned out loud, stopping her licking at Naru pussy. Su's
white creamy cum slowly oozed out between her labia and Naru gladly
licked much of it as she could.

"So, something comes out when you come." states Naru smiling. "I do
too, make she you get it all..."

Naru then moved her left hand down her body and used her middle finger
to vigorously rub at her throbbing and enlarged clit, quickly
increasing her body's urge to climax, she did so till her orgasm broke
through her hold, and her own creamy white girl-cum leaving her vagina.
However, Su was still recovering from her orgasm and wasn't paying
attention until she felt Naru's cum quickly cover the upper area of her
face, focused mainly around her eye area then her forehead.

Naru sat up in the middle of her orgasm and as it began to die out,
looked down and quickly smiled.

"Oh my! Part of your face is covered in my cum! "Let me help you
out..." states Naru as she moves from above Su's head.

Naru then bent over and grasped Su's head lightly in her hands and
began licking her own cum from Su's face, starting with the cum in the
left dip of Su's face where her left eye lay hidden under the creamy
fluid and her closed eyelid.

Once her left eyelid was cleaned, Su opened her eye to see Naru smiling
at her before lowering to her face and starting on her right eye. Su
also smiled as well.


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